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Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill

Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill, 2016 was passed by Lok Sabha. During the winter session, it has already been passed in Rajya Sabha.

Aim of the bill- Increasing the maternity leave available to the women who are working.

Key Points Of The Bill:
Increasing the time duration of maternity leave means earlier it was 12 weeks now it will be 26 weeks. This would only apply to the first two children

After the first two children, the maternity benefit will be available for 12 weeks

In case a mother is adopting a child who is below the age of three months the duration of maternity leave will be 12 weeks

12 weeks of maternity leave will be given to the commissioning mothers i.e. a biological mother who uses her egg for the creation of an embryo planted in any other woman.

Any establishment whose number of employees exceeds more than 50 there the working mothers will be provided cr�che facilities. Four visits will be allowed by working mothers for feeding the child.

A working mother can also be given the benefit of working from home if possible.

The benefits will be available to the working mother from the very first day of the appointment.

Ministry of Women and Child Development has requested to the Hon'ble Labour Minister for working women to get time for breastfeeding after birth. The time of span will be a regaining period for women once she goes back to work. The Ministry of Women and Child Development has also highlighted the concerns of commissioning and adopting mothers who also require maternity leave.

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