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How To Search Indian Patent

What Is Patent Search?

The legal meaning of the term patent is an exclusive right granted regarding an invention, a product, a process of doing something in a new manner or a new technical solution to an existing problem. A patent is a form of protection for the owner over an intention - marketing, selling, manufacturing and making a profit out of it.

However, obtaining patent registration is not a straight jacket formula; the product must be novel and pass the test of uniqueness. Patent search improves the clarity regarding the patentability chances.

Indian Patent Search is an important "prior art" about a patent publication for finding anything in the public domain that is patented or not patented that determines the novelty of the concerned invention.

How Can I Do A Patent Search In India?

The patent search report lists the patents related to your invention in the order of relevancy. The Indian patent search is free of cost and conducted under either two publication types - published or granted.

You need to enter either the title, description, applicant name, inventor name or application ID of the patent application and get the list of relevant patents along with their status, application ID, application year and invention field.

You can also download the PDF file of the patent search and analysis report for further reference.

What Are The Three Types Of Patents In India?

Depending on the eligibility requirements and particular type of invention or discovery, there are three types of patents in India:

Utility Patent

Covering the possession, machine, composition of matter and manufacture in a new and helpful manner, a utility patent is the most common type. The utility patent can be filed based on the following criteria:
  • Any act or method of conducting any work, generally involving the technical or industrial process;
  • Chemical composition or a mixture of ingredients of the concerned product for the patent,
  • Mechanical products such as computers or other similar things are manufactured or created.

Design Patents

Design is the appearance of an object, which can be a shape or configuration of the concerned entity. For obtaining design patent protection, the design should be identifiable with the thing and protect only the object's appearance.

However, if you want to protect only the object's appearance, utility patent registration has to be filed.

Plant Patent

The patent protection for any new and distinctive plant can be protected under the plant patents, provided that it is not
  • A tuber propagated plant
  • Found in an uncultivated state
However, the plants asexually reproduced are eligible for plant patent protection.

How Long Does A Patent Search Take To Complete?

You can get a patent search report immediately on your screen to justify and ensure the novelty and uniqueness of your invention. The patent search procedure is followed by a patent registration application, which is processed in 7 days if it is a provisional patent and ten days if it is a non-provisional patent.


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