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Privacy Settings to Support Cyber Law by Securing FB Data

Aboard the train of thought and pin yourself as a victim of the Cambridge Analytica (CA) scam.

How is it if someone delivers your email address to an unknown?
Would you ever take this act granted? Matthew Oczkowski, the head product of the aforesaid consulting firm, harvested the data of 50 million Facebook users. However, they got the acknowledgement. But, they permitted to get an easy access to their sensitive information. The information went away under the very nose of the users but, they had no idea about this blunder.

Privacy Settings on Facebook:
It’s true that you can prevent hacking of your FB account. You need to put just a little bit of efforts to adjust privacy settings. Sign in and move to the privacy settings page. Change log in, password and also the profile picture many a times. You can take help from the IT support services of this media. Also, you can enable the two way authentication. If you want that none would read out your messages or chat, the FB platform allows you to encrypt it. Thereby, none would be able to access it in the readable format, except the receiver.

The trending data leakage scam has made users more alert. They need to be more attentive while ticking the Accept/Allow tab of an app during downloading. Bear in your mind that the CA is guilty not because it stole the users’ data. Rather, around 2,70,000 users instinctively allow an access to their information while downloading the Kogan’s app this is your digital life.It was not a breach of the cyber law. But, he proved negative when he passed the downloaders’ data to the Cambridge Analytica. It derived psychological profiles of those users to help Donald Trump win in the presidential elections in the USA.

In this scam, the blindfolded click on theallowtab created a power-packed drama. It’s the bone of contention. The social media magnet FB enables you to catch a sneak peek of that app, audio, phone status, network, location & camera accessibility permission again.

Also, don’t forget cleansing cookies to avoid its access to the third party accidently.

How does the Facebook use an app platform?
If you’ve a game lover or a professional designer, this platform offers an enriching experience of using the contextual app voluntarily. For example, you can download candy crush or canva app to fill the vacuum of that requirement.

Likewise, there are a number of apps available here. This social media connection enables:
1. Delivery of the best app experience on the website/ mobile or any other device that is accessible from this social handle.

2. The FB to analyse the app/website experience and better the user experience through customization.

Proactive Control over Visibility of Apps Platform:
If you don’t intend to show off your visibility on this platform, you can disable visibility of the app. And if you find it the biggest invasion to your sensitive data, you can completely say goodbye to its app platform. Hit the disable button in the settings- how?
Go to the App Settings
Click Edit Apps/website and plugins.

This is how you can get off the potential danger of an unwanted one’s penetration to your data. Delinking or deleting the unused apps would be an idea worth million dollars to avoid a cyber-scam.

Advantages of Disabling the Apps Visibility:
Your friends won’t be able to know your online visibility.
The apps will no longer take away your data unless you’ve wiped off the permission in the app settings.
Your profile will no longer be clogged with deleted apps’ information.

Disadvantages of Disabling the Apps Visibility:
Can’t sign in the app again from the mobile/desktop.
The app would be uninstalled from your device that has an access way through the FB.
Instant personalization button would be turned off.
The apps updates and its posts would be removed automatically.

How can you create robust IT structure to fight ransomware on the FB?
This can happen by adjusting the apps settings on this social network. Thereby, you can secure the sensitive data from hackers. For it, you should adjust the settings as in:

Click the drop down menu at the top right of the FB.
Choose Settings.
Hit the Apps tab to enable or disable.

Hit the vertical three lines of its menu at the top right.
Select settings.
Tap to the apps.

Follow the same steps as mentioned in the Android section.

Apart from these security hacks, Mark Zuckerberg has announced for launching the bug bounty programme. It would be a hard hitting over the apps launchers with malicious instinct. This program will allow an access to the user name and his/her email id. If it requires an exaggerated data of the specific users, the app owner has to get approval from the FB.

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