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National IP Conference, 2022

The Inception
The National IP Conference 2022 was organized by Office of Controller General of Patents, Design and Trade Marks, DPIIT and Capacity Building Commission. The conference aimed on Strengthening IP Ecosystem for catalyzing the growth of Knowledge Economy.

The Conference was paned over two days (14th and 15th October, 2022) with an objective to bring the IP Officers, Creators and Practitioners on one platform to discuss futuristic IP challenges related to developmental issues.

The Conference Format
Day One: 14th October, 2022

Inaugural Session:
Highlights of the Opening Remarks by Prof. (Dr.) Unnat P. Pandit, CGPDTM address:
  • Outperform the goals set by the Prime Minister to be Developed Country by 2047.
  • Get rid of the Challenges country is facing at the Social and Development Level.
  • Out of Box thinking, IP Creation, Innovation can help getting rid of the challenges that the country is facing at the Social and Development Level.
Highlights from Smt. Shruti Singh, JS IPR, DPIIT, MoC&I, address:
  • Most of the start ups are from tier two and three cities which goes to show Innovation is coming from towns, block, villages and that we need to make sure that the rightful owners get there rights, weavers and local community gets there share.
  • We need to Protect and Commercialize the IPR.
  • We need to have a Copyright system in place for the protection of our Songs, Dances, Creative Minds, Our Artists.
  • We need to have greater Enforcement Policies in place.
  • We need to protect our Geographical Indications (GI) and most importantly commercialize them.

Suggestions were asked by Smt.Shruti Singh from the august gathering on:
  • What amendments in the existing law and rule might need?
  • What administrative process that we think need to be changed to meet the timelines?
  • What policies that can be put to place so that young mind who come with new ideas can be protected?
  • How do we make people aware that they need to protect the ideas that they are generating?
Her concluding statement were "Do help us in making India Aatam Nirbhar where we not only manufacture from India but we also create IP from India"

Highlights from Sh. Amitabh Kant, Sherpa G20, Former CEO-NITI Aayog, Former Secretary DIPP address:
  • Massive IP awareness and outreach at grassroots.
  • Streamline the system.
  • Patent office must be treated as a Science and Technology Office.
  • Modified, Flexible, Complementing Scheme which is applicable to Science and Technology Office must be extended to Patent Office
  • Examiners should be abreast to the technology, they must be more advanced than anyone.
  • Recruitment of more Controller will result in greater Revenue and Positive Cash Flow.
  • If need be there the Power of the Controller can be passed to the Examiner as per the Patent Act, so that we can jump a level and move forward.
  • Improvement at greater levels need to be made as we are lagging far behind global peers.
  • Need to procedurally make major dent in the working of the patent office. There should be no pendency in the patent office itself.
  • Fixed timelines for various steps and cumbersome processes need to be digitized.
  • We need to bring in administrative experts if there is a need to improve administrative management.
  • India must become global challenge in the IP sector. IP office must be the most advanced Office in India.

Highlights of Hon'ble MOS-C&I Sh. Som Prakash Ji address:
  • Digital Technologies are being used in many areas.
  • India has made a remarkable progress in terms of its IP activities.
  • The technical staff has increased.
  • Examination Time has been reduced resulting in higher number of registration.

The Conference majorly focused on Increasing the Patent Filings, Commercialization of Geographical Indications, Increasing Manpower in the Department, A Copyright system in place for the protection of our Songs, Dances, Creative Minds, Our Artists, We need to have greater Enforcement Policies in place, Massive IP awareness and outreach at grassroots, Streamline the system, Fixed timelines for various steps and cumbersome processes need to be digitized.

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