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Contributions Of Women Entrepreneurs In Nation Building

"Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world" by the Quote of Hilary Clinton I would like to draw attention on how women entrepreneurs can contribute in nation building. The Women entrepreneurs are women who organize and manage an enterprise work or especially a business.

Female entrepreneurship has steadily increased they are contributing day by day and it's growing upward than previous era. Like Falguni Nayar, Indra Nooyi etc. Due to Some good Qualities which women have. They proves that Women are equally helpful to society they are hardworking, Ambitious, Intelligent that help them to grow their business or Ideas. Entrepreneurship is not just about doing business but it is the known as the creative ways or Wonderful ideas of doing any kind of job or business.

Earlier People or society thought was that only Men can help or promote in Nation building but in real sense women are those who help in nation building. As If we Educate one man only one person will be Educated but If we educate one female the generation will be Educated. There are many loop holes which pull back women to grow as self-dependent entrepreneurs one of the factor is lack of Education which now a day's growing because of modernisation or government.

All starts educating their girl child & Many initiative by government like 'Beti Bachao Beti Badhao' inspires society due to this the ratio of female education increased. Second factor is Social barriers the mentality of our previous generation was Male dominated where they only focus on men and thinks that outside works are done by Male i.e., Job and Business. Because of all this women suffer lack of self-confidence and if they have some potential or idea to do business they will not initiate.

We can help women by various ways as we can educate them because in this way they learn many things, we can help them by giving ideas and seminars with successful woman eg; Vandana Luthra -The founder of VLCC, Suchi Mukherjee - Founder & CEO of Lime road. These types of seminars and workshops will help more women to inspire and grow. Once a women got self-confidence and motivated there are chances of development of women as a great thinker in wide term.

Why in India women in spite of having large population not a good success rate? Success rate of female in India is less in comparison to USA,UK,EU etc. To develop India at international level we need to grow our business sector with equal ratio of male and female.

Due to lack of Quality knowledge female are left backward. Government of India should need to develop a platform where free quality education and All things like Machine, Equipment, Raw materials can accessed easily by Women at their level, Some type of Financial help will also inspire them to grow their model for becoming a successful entrepreneurs.

We cannot ignore that Growth of technology in 21st century was very much useful for those women who even can't go outside but they use internet and technology for their business (online business like: teaching on online platform, Selling things using Whatsapp business). In India Social barriers is one of the big factor for Women not to grow we need to start campaign or advertisement for social awareness to promote this. Once this will be shorted out then women participation will increase and they contribute to the GDP of our Nation by Establishing many Small and big Enterprises and producing Goods and Services.

Women Entrepreneurs bring dynamism in market by their self nature of competitiveness as they are known as risk taker and their experience will also helpful for next coming generation.

 Lastly I will conclude that women are much more ambitious than men but It is often difficult for women to grow as individually so Men should need to support women at every weak point and this way they will fight from their fear and problems and grow as great entrepreneurs. And Nation building is not only dependent on men but equally on women. They are the foundations of our developing Nation by contributing to the economy by their hard work.

If People Are Doubting How Far Woman Can Go Go So Far That You Can't Hear Them Anymore
By the line of Michele Ruiz the great woman entrepreneur I will suggest every woman to work hard and stay focused towards your goal and make your nation proud on you.

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