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Murdoch Law School

The Mission of Murdoch Law School is to provide a rigorous and intellectually challenging legal education to its students. Murdoch Law School strives to combine a tradition of excellence in legal education with new innovative programs which prepare students for the practice of law in a changing world. It seeks to develop the research, writing and advocacy skills of its students in order to prepare them for leadership positions in the legal, business, government and community sectors. Murdoch Law School provides an exciting and vibrant educational environment in order to maintain and enhance its reputation as a leading Australian law school.

Deans message:
I am delighted to welcome you to Murdoch University School of Law. At Murdoch, you can expect to receive an excellent legal education. Murdoch is the natural choice for law students in Western Australia because of its progressive outlook and total commitment to quality outcomes in teaching. Independent surveys have consistently rated Murdoch very highly for excellent teaching.

Murdoch Law School offers its students an intellectually stimulating and socially rewarding educational experience which prepares students for the domestic and international practice of law. Murdoch Law School is Australia’ Global Law School: it offers global opportunities to students to experience a truly international education enabling them to engage in the international practice of law. For example, students have opportunities to study Murdoch law units at the Università di Macerata, Italy. Students may join the School’s International Human Rights program in Geneva, Switzerland, its Chinese program at the City University of Hong Kong, or study Dispute Resolution, Sports Law, and Restorative Justice at Marquette University in Wisconsin, United States. The School maintains a curriculum that meets the expectations of modern society and is adapted to the needs of the legal profession. Our students also obtain practical experience in the School’s community law clinic, SCALES, working directly with clients and dealing with the real-life issues that shape our society. At Murdoch, senior students may apply for membership of the Murdoch Moot Court Bench. The Bench is a student body that promotes excellence in students’ written and oral advocacy skills.

At Murdoch, dedicated students will be eligible to apply for participation in major international mooting competitions, such as the well-known Philip Jessup International Public International Law Moot, the prestigious Willem C Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot, the Foreign Direct Investment Moot, and the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Moot. In August 2010, a Murdoch team won the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Moot in City University of Hong Kong. In October, our students won the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Moot in Pepperdine University, Malibu, California for the second time and were crowned World Champions in the field of Investment Arbitration Law.The School also organises the International Maritime Law Arbitration Moot and conducts specialised courses in dispute resolution and arbitration law and practice. The School’s mooting program and its pursuit of teaching excellence have enhanced its international reputation. The School has also developed a popular Graduate Certificate in Migration Law and Practice, which leads to registration as a Migration Agent, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Construction Law.

In 2010, Murdoch Law School celebrated its 20th Anniversary! During the last two decades, there have been many milestones in the rich history of the Law School. In order to celebrate this joyous Event, the School decided that its 20th Anniversary should be marked with the publication of a commemorative Coffee Table Book, which highlights the achievements of the School and its students since its beginning in 1990. The book contains stories about the history of Murdoch Law School and Reflections written by the people who made it all happen. It contains some 250 pictures and a Foreword by the Hon Chief Justice Robert French of the Australian High Court. The book, entitled Murdoch Law School: The Search for Excellence has been edited by Professor Philip Evans and Dean Gabriël Moens. It is available for purchase at the discounted price of $100. If you would like to obtain your copy, please see any member of our general staff in the Law School Office. It will provide you with many hours of reading and viewing pleasure!

The School maintains close ties with the legal profession and encourages practising lawyers to be involved in our teaching and research programmes. For example, the Hon Justice Michael Kirby of the High Court addressed law students, and the University community, during our Annual Human Rights Forum in October 2009. Murdoch Law School’s superb facilities and dedicated staff ensure that students are able to access an excellent, exciting and intellectually rigorous legal education. Murdoch is proud to offer you the best! The Law School collaborates closely with the Murdoch Student Law Society (MSLS) to ensure that students are satisfied contributors to the School’s educational services and programs. I look forward to working closely with the MSLS in 2011! Welcome to Murdoch Law School, Australia’s Global Law School!

Professor Phil Evans
Dean, Murdoch School of Law

Contact Info:
Telephone no: +61 8 9360 6050

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Law Maxims

# Acta exteriora iudicant interiora secreta - Outward acts indicate the inward intent
# Boni judicis lites dirimere est - It is the duty of a good judge to prevent litigation
# Conventio et modus vincunt legem - A contract and agreement overcome the law
Damnum sine injuria - damage without legal injury.
Ex facie - On the fact of it.
Faciendum - Something which is to be done.
Injuria non excusat injuriam - A wrong does not excuse a wrong.

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