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Payment Gateway of legal service India offers you to make payment in three easy ways namely credit card, Paytm and Check payment.
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We Offer Three ways of payment

1. Credit Card payment
2. Paytm (Most preferred)
3. Cheque payment

Lawyers MembershipPaytm

Payment by Paytm - Rs 3,900/- Only

For North-East Cities - Rs 2,100/- Only for Paytm payments
PayTm payment

Email the Transaction Id at:

Lawyers Payment

Lawyers MembershipOnline Payment - Listing Fee (Indian) Rs 3900/-Only

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lawyers Payment

Lawyers MembershipOffline Payment - Listing Fee (Indian) Rs 3900/-Only

Lawyers In India Can Make Cheque payment.
Details Given below:

For Payment by By Cheques / Draft
You may deposit a cheque in any HDFC bank nearest to you.

You can deposit a cheque favouring: Legal Service India.Com
Account no: 00032000027753
Bank name: HDFC Bank
Amount: Rs 3900/- only

Once you have deposited the cheque email us the cheque No at:

Note* If you use this option kindly email us notifying the same at:
It is only after we receive your email we shall verify your payment with our bank, once the bank notifies us about your payment we shall display your listing within 24hrs.

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