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Various aspects on Criminal procedure code Crpc, the evidence act and the Indian penal Code, First information Report (FIR), Bail and Non-Bailable Warrant
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Criminal Law -Crpc - IPC

Law of Evidence:

Criminal Justice System

Criminal Jurisprudence

  1. The Fugitive offenders Bill
  2. Duty of The Public Prosecutor In The Criminal Justice System
  3. Role of Judiciary in Protecting the Rights of Prisoners
  4. Who can adjudicate the Enrica Lexie incident
  5. Double Jeopardy in India
  6. Components of Legal System
  7. Mercy Petition Boon or Bane
  8. Nature and Scope of Plea Bargaining
  9. Intention an Integral Part of Crime
  10. Criminology
  11. Victims, victimization and Victimology
  12. White collar crime and its changing dimensions in India
  13. Feminist Criminology And Integrated Theory
  14. License to kill: An Hour for Amendment
  15. De-Criminalisation of politics
  16. Nothing Honourable in Honour Killing
  17. Applicability of the M
  18. Deterrent effect of Punishment
  19. Plea Bargaining in Indian Legal System
  20. Crime and Violence need an Analysis
  21. Compensation: A Ray of Hope
  22. Framing of a Law or Enforcement of a Law
  23. The Elements and Stages of a Crime
  24. Reformation Would Reduce Pressure
  25. Is rope an answer for crime?
  26. Plea-Bargaining: Present Status in India
  27. Mens Rea in Statutory Offences
  28. Controversies on Euthanasia

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Terrorist laws and Terrorism

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Indian Penal code:

Landmark Judgments on FIR:

Crpc - Criminal Procedure Code

  1. 125 CrPC-Scope of Revision
  2. Analysis of Section 144 of CrPC
  3. Fair Trial under Section 304 of Crpc
  4. Notice Format u/s 41-A Crpc
  5. The Power of The Magistrate Under Section 156 (3) of Cr.P.C
  6. Framing of Charge In Criminal Cases
  7. Section 91(1) CrPc: An analysis of Constitutional Validity
  8. Challenging The Show Cause Notice
  9. The Period of Limitation In Seeds Cases


Arrest, Police and Prison

  1. FIR
  2. Rights of Arrested Person
  3. Illegal Arrest
  4. Police and You
  5. The Problems of Undertrials
  6. Organized Crime In India
  7. Bail Conditions
  8. Unsophisticated Arena of Criminal Investigation
  9. Legal Protection available to accused during criminal trial
  10. Remand should not be made Mechanically
  11. BRD Hospital Tragedy Existence of Res Ipsa Loquitur Over UP Govt Reasonable Justification
  12. Common Intention
  13. Raising the Age of Consent - 1 step forward or 4 steps back?
  14. Release of Vehicles by Magistrate In Excise - Forest Cases
  15. The Gujarat Prohibition Ordinance 2016

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