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    Intellectual Property Forms

    # Trademark Forms form required for Registration of Trademark in India
    # Patent Forms Patent registration forms Now available for free Download
    # Copyright Forms
    # Application for Registration of Copyright
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    Company Registration Forms (ROC Forms):

    Free download of all company law related forms including instruction Kit. Legal Service India ProvidesOnline Company Registration services, kindly submit your details for price quotation ROC Forms

    Election commission forms

    * For inclusion of names - Form 6
    * For any objection on inclusion of names - Form 7
    * For correction of entries in the Electoral Rolls - Form 8
    * For transposition of entry in electoral roll - Form 8A
    * Appointment of proxy by classified service voter to give vote / Revocation of * appointment of proxy or Appointment of substitute proxy by classified service voter to give vote - Form 13F & G
    # Nomination papers for Lok Sabha election: Form 2A
    # Nomination papers for Legislative Assembly election: Form 2B
    # Nomination paper for Election to the Council of States: Form 2C
    # Nomination paper for Election to Legislative Council of a State by the Member of Legislative Assembly / from a Council Constituency: Form 2D & 2E
    # Affidavit regarding criminal cases: Form-26
    # Affidavit regarding assets: Affidavit
    # Format of Maintenance of Accounts of Election Expenses: Expenses
    # Form of Oath Affirmation: Oath

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