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Is India's oldest Online legal Resource provider established in the year 2000, Our database has over hundred thousand Legal resource contribution from eminent Legal Thinkers and law students
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    Legal Service India

    Legal Service India is the premier and leading Indian Legal portal focused on law and government. It provides access to an extensive and fast-growing online library of free legal resources for use by Legal Professionals, Students, Consumers and Businesses.
    Our mission is to provide a comprehensive and easy-to-understand legal information to users and make such information easy to find on the Internet. Visitors to Legal Service India. com will find a wide range of features that include lawyers directory, Discussion forum, legal advice, codes and cases, Web search utilities, mailing lists, Articles and more.

    Legal Service India was Setup in 2000 and now our company is located in Greater Noida. The material posted received such positive response that it continues to grow in scope as well as in popularity - locally and worldwide.

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