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Written By: Ashutosh Anand, B.S.L. IIIrd Yr
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  • The Times of INDIA NEWS Service: - Mr. X caught red handed taking bribe.

    Indian Express: - ACB nab a government servant, accepting money.

    HINDUSTAN TIMES: - Staff dupes office and public; absconds with money

    The list is endless
    These are some of the common features, which decorate the news item in today's newspaper. Such dirty events that we have named ‘Corruption’ is found each and everywhere, and is the highlight of a general public talk. All around us at each and every place whether be it a railway compartment, office, a queue (you name it), people are talking and cursing others for becoming corrupt. Corruption has earmarked every nook and corner of our life right from a child's birth, till his education, profession and even at his deathbed, corruption is there and we easily fall prey to it.

    However does any one realize how do we become puppets at the devilish hands of corruption. It is nothing but our own Needs, which give rise to corruption.
    Just visualize these two examples: -

    1. You are traveling in a train with a waiting class ticket. During night you will feel sleepy, you could easily sleep on the floor which would quite be inconvenient to you. You therefore by giving some additional amount (isn't it bribe) to the TC and secure a berth and your copartner who is in RAC class has to somehow cope with the situation.

    2. You are in a long queue waiting for your turn to get a document, however you don't have time. You can either find an acquaintance in the office and get your work done or by just warming the hands of the person concerned get your thing done, while others suffer in the line.

    Well, isn't the TC and office staff corrupt in these cases? Not exactly so. It was your Need to be comfortable, or save time and his Need for money, which ultimately gave rise to the devil of Corruption. It's not a one-way thing, both, the corrupt and for whom they are corrupt are equally responsible for Corruption and it arises because of one's Need.

    So in order to curb the rising monster of Corruption one should not let the seed of Need grow into a Black hole sucking up every thing, but instead limit it to the seedling, which would be beneficial to the society. Just like a tree, planted beside the road for clean air, has to be trimmed regularly least it may be injurious to travelers; so should the seed of Need be checked and curbed when it decides to go out of control and overthrow the barrier of a clean and corrupt less society.

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