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Written By: Parthsarathy Pati
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  • Ethics and Morality in Cyber world

    In legal phraseology and prospectus are very wide terms and very much intermingled. These cannot be confined by words. Ethics and morality in different circumstances connotes varied and complex meanings. Each and everything which is opposed to public policy, against public welfare and which may disturb public tranquility may be termed to be immoral and unethical.

    In the past terms such as imperlism, colonialism, apartheid, which were burning issues have given way to cyber crime, hacking, 'cyber-ethics' etc. Today in the present era we need to evolve a 'cyber-jurisprudence' based on which we can evaluate and criticize 'cyber-ethics'.

    With regard to the issue every person might be in two frames of minds. The opinion of every person may be quite diversified as well as dubious. The issue of 'cyber-ethics' with this present case is full of ambiguity. This publication has given birth to a number of issues but one- Whether the floating of this news in cyber-space is ethical or not.

    The has evoked the right to freedom of belief thought and expression which are basic principals envisaged in our constitution. The freedom of press is also a guaranteed right provided by our constitution.

    Further the constitution also guarantees right to information and as such the citizens have the fundamental right to know what is happening around them. But on the other hand our constitution guarantees the right to privacy, though not being an expressed fundamental right the courts in India have taken a lead and have recognized it as a fundamental right. Every man has some penumbral zones of privacy, which cannot be infringed upon even by the State. It can be further contended that the right to life has also been infringed upon as right to life envisages right to life with human dignity. As this publication has damaged the political person of the leaders.

    The tehelka group cannot even rebut this argument charged by them are from political scenario. Further as the thelka group's act has damaged the political image of many leaders this in turn may even prove to be a political death for those leaders

    One may very easily say that the has acted in a very prudent and responsible way by disclosing the whole drama on the e-space. As a matter of principal there is no doubt that a conflicts between a 'personal-interest' and 'national-interest' undoubtedly the national-interest should prevail. Thus the tehelka people were very appropriate in doing so. But on the other hand it can be comprehended that the has tried to create a state of political uncertainty and unstableness there by threatening 'national-interest'.

    Even the evidence produced by the is not conclusive and there might be every possibility that it might be fabricated. I am of the opinion that this act done by the thelka group is the height of irresponsibility which is not expected of a responsible citizen. Further there is a dire need for evolving a code of Ethics on the Cyber-Space and discipline

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