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Protect Yourself From Being Sex Slave

Protect Yourself from Being Sex Slave

The sad truth is that anyone, regardless of their background or confidence level, can become a victim of manipulation. Many women believe they can protect themselves from manipulative people, thinking they'd see the warning signs before falling for someone's tricks. However, a study by the FBI's Behavioural Science Unit, led by Special Agent Roy Hazelwood, showed that even strong, confident women could end up being victims.

Manipulative people, especially sexual sadists, are very good at hiding their true selves. They often come from middle-class backgrounds and take great care in how they look. They aim to seem completely normal and harmless. These individuals usually don't have a history of drug or alcohol problems or a criminal record. They work hard to appear respectable, so their potential victims won't suspect the darker side of their personality.

But these manipulators are far from ordinary. They're experts in the art of manipulation. They can identify vulnerable women who crave companionship and security. It doesn't matter if a woman is recently divorced or has just ended a long-term relationship; these manipulators target them to fulfill their emotional needs.

Once the manipulator has won a woman's affection, he starts isolating her step by step. They gradually cut her off from her friends and family, making her emotionally and practically dependent on them. This isolation is how they maintain control, making the victim rely on them for everything.

As the manipulation continues, the predator uses gifts, attention, and affection to keep the victim trapped. They understand how lonely many women feel and create a strong emotional bond. Even though the victim may start feeling uncomfortable, she continues doing what the manipulator asks because she desperately wants to make him happy. At the same time, she lives in constant fear of losing his affection, which she has come to believe is essential for her emotional well-being.

At this critical point, the victim is in a fragile state, making her vulnerable to more abuse. This can include physical harm, hurtful words, and sexual mistreatment. The manipulator takes full advantage of her vulnerability and gains complete control over her actions. In the worst cases, the manipulator might force the victim to get involved in illegal activities, even pushing her to assist in serious crimes like terrorism.

Once this line is crossed, the victim is no longer just a target; her life is now controlled by the manipulator. Breaking free from this horrifying cycle of abuse and manipulation is extremely tough and scary. It highlights the urgent need for more awareness, strong support systems, and active efforts by law enforcement agencies to fight these terrible crimes and provide comprehensive help to survivors.

In a specific case, the manipulator convinced the woman to stop having lunch with her colleagues. He said they needed to save money for their future home together. Once he saw that she agreed to this, he went further and told her to reduce her phone calls to her family. This made her even more isolated from people who could help her.

A typical manipulator might then manipulate the woman into changing her appearance and doing degrading sexual things. These actions are meant to make her feel bad about herself and create a shared secret that she's too ashamed to share with her friends. The manipulator uses this secret to make sure she keeps doing what he wants.

Even though the victim feels guilty and uncomfortable, she continues doing what the manipulator asks because she desperately wants to make him happy. At the same time, she's scared that he might stop caring about her, which she now thinks is crucial for her emotional well-being.

Now she is completely vulnerable and he can degrade her with physical, verbal and sexual abuse, leaving her with no self-respect. In the end, he can make her do anything, even become an accomplice to murder if she so chooses. Once that line is crossed, she is more than his slave, her life is in his hands.

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Written By: Md. Imran Wahab, IPS, IGP, Provisioning, West Bengal
Email: [email protected], Ph no: 9836576565

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