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Upliftment Of The Under Privileged Children

We live in a society where the number of underprivileged children are enormous. Due to the low income of family or unemployment or some other reason such as in a family there is only one bread winner and in some circumstances of his illness and in some circumstances if the bread winner dies then the whole family has to suffer. Due to which the family has to suffer badly and many other challenges they had to face .

Children's are the most badly affected victims as they are coming from the low family income, family. They face difficulties in submitting the fees and another important challenges that underprivileged children faces is not getting enough to eat. Due to which underprivileged children faces stunted due to malnutrition. Many low income families cannot afford to buy enough food and living with no access of water, sanitization facilities leading to harmful disease.

There are millions of children worldwide who are living in poverty and lack basic necessities like food, clothing, shelter and education. However there are many things through which we can do help underprivileged children such as:
  • By donating or by working as a volunteer for the organisation who are working for the underprivileged children's.
  • Helping the underprivileged children's who are in our near localities, as we can easily access them we can support them by providing education, food, shelter and all other necessities that we can provide them.
  • By educating about the condition of the underprivileged children to ourselves and other.

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