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The Man Who Could Read Minds: Dr Maximilian Langsner

In moments where traditional scientific methods prove fruitless, it may be prudent to explore unorthodox avenues. Such was the peculiar scenario surrounding a man named Vernon Booher, whose murder case stands as the first on record to be resolved through psychic investigation.

In this enthralling tale, a Viennese physician by the name of Maximilian Langsner, professing to possess extraordinary abilities, guided law enforcement to the very instrument employed in the slaying of two members of the Booher family and two labourers on their agrarian estate.

The ghastly deeds unfolded in an isolated region of Edmonton, Alberta, devoid of any surviving eyewitnesses. Remarkably, this diminutive doctor with wisps of white hair revealed to authorities not only the manner in which the murders were perpetrated, but also the elusive culprit responsible for the heinous acts.

Unexpectedly, Vernon Booher, a person who was not previously suspected, found himself faced with a situation where he could no longer hide the truth and eventually admitted to his wrongdoings. The investigation into the actions of Booher was led by Mike Gier, the chief of police, who later recounted the details of this case in a brief memoir after three decades had passed.

Dr Maximilian Langsner, a Viennese native, was fortunate enough to receive his education in his hometown. As destiny would have it, he had the incredible opportunity to study under the guidance of the renowned Sigmund Freud.

It was during the tumultuous era of the First World War that Dr Langsner witnessed numerous individuals suffering from shell-shock, which further ignited his curiosity about the intricacies of the human mind and its workings. In 1926, he embarked on a journey to India with intentions of a shorter stay; however, fate intervened and extended his time there. It was amidst this captivating experience that Dr. Langsner encountered countless astonishing revelations regarding the mesmerizing phenomenon of intuitive control over one's own mind.

From this particular experience, he gained a great deal of knowledge, learning much of what he knows today. Many individuals were doubtful of his abilities; however, he had no desire to be perceived as a relentless pursuer. Whenever the police sought his assistance or whenever he felt an undeniable urge, like the one he experienced during the Vancouver case, he willingly offered his help.

When inquired about his reason for coming to Canada, he elaborated on his profound interest in exploring the intricacies of the Eskimos' mental faculties. He compared the Melanesians and Polynesians from the South Pacific, who had fallen victim to the pervasive intrusion of Western influences, with the untainted intuitive capabilities possessed by the Eskimos.

With an unmistakable zeal, Dr Langsner expressed his admiration for their ability to perceive changes in weather and anticipate impending danger well before its actual manifestation. He aspired to immerse himself within their community, forging a connection that transcends conventional means of communication, relying solely on the ethereal channels of thought.

Mike Gier, the individual who sought the assistance of Dr Langsner in unravelling the enigma surrounding the Booher case, which entailed the tragic demise of not merely one but four individuals, was well-aware of the triumphs Dr Langsner had achieved in other matters. One such instance occurred in Vancouver, wherein he had confidently entered police headquarters and proclaimed his ability to identify the whereabouts of the stolen jewels in a perplexing robbery case that had left authorities flummoxed, despite their apprehension of a suspect.

Dr Langsner possessed an undeniable charm that seemed to work wonders, as evidenced by the fact that the police, upon his recommendation, granted him access to the suspect's cell. He stood rigidly in a secluded corner for a considerable amount of time, remaining perfectly silent throughout. Eventually, he discreetly motioned to the jailer, conveying that he had completed whatever he came there to do.

"You'll find the stolen jewels hidden behind a picture in a room whose walls are yellow," Dr Langsner had said to the detective in charge of the case.

The jewels were found exactly as depicted by Dr Langsner, but not in the suspect's apartment; they matched the description of his girlfriend's place, according to the detective.

The incident in Vancouver was just one of three instances where Dr Langsner showcased his remarkable abilities. As Mike Gier recalls, the good doctor possessed the uncanny knack of delving into the minds of others, a skill he had been showcasing long before the scientific exploration of extrasensory perception took root in academic circles.

When pressed to elaborate on how he accomplished this seemingly impossible feat, Dr Langsner humbly admitted, "It's quite difficult to put into words what precisely occurs, but it's clear that there are individuals out there who possess this unique capability.

When a person commits an unlawful act, not necessarily involving the taking of another's life, they are aware that they have violated societal norms. However, they strive to shield themselves and their mind becomes engrossed in the intricacies of the offence, crafting a plausible explanation in case it becomes essential to defend themselves.

This predicament intensifies greatly when the act involves the killing of another individual, often causing overwhelming thoughts that become unbearable. Consequently, the perpetrator may feel compelled to confess, as it is only through such admission that they can find solace from an insufferable burden. For instance, I am cognizant of Vernon's deep distress caused by something that may implicate his guilt," expressed Dr Langsner while endeavouring to identify the culprit in the perplexing Booher case.

Dr Maximilian Langsner, who held a PhD from the renowned University of Calcutta, sadly met his demise in a humble abode located on the fringes of Fairbanks, Alaska. Dr Langsner was renowned for his groundbreaking theory on the enigmatic concept of "brain waves" and was celebrated for his uncanny talent of delving into the innermost thoughts of fellow individuals. It is worth noting that he was ardently devoted to advancing his research in this captivating field until his untimely departure from this mortal realm.

Dr Langsner was a person of great renown, celebrated for his undeniable talents that had been sought after by those in positions of power and privilege. His remarkable skills had been employed by royalty, having successfully unravelled perplexing enigmas for the Shah of Persia and the King of Egypt. Additionally, he had lent his invaluable expertise to the British Government in their endeavours within Asia. Furthermore, his name shall forever be etched in the annals of history for the aid he selflessly provided to numerous police departments when confronted with intricate and challenging cases.

  • The Mammoth Book of CSI, Edited by Roger Wilkes, Robinson, London.
Written By: Md.Imran Wahab, IPS, IGP, Provisioning, West Bengal
Email: [email protected], Ph no: 9836576565

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