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The Connection Between Crime And Drugs: How Different Laws Can Help

Drugs !!! Generally familiar as a Social Evil or discerned as something with great adversity. One of the neglected pieces from the past. But are these so called Drugs justified in not being part of the community at large? Or does it manifest some considerable edge that has or has not yet been contemplated?

Philosophically every object has some positives as well as some negatives, Many times the bleak ends may play an edgy role but to let slip the plus ends should not be an affair to deal with. In the bulk of the instances, it's seen that the illicit applications are part of the lion's share which makes this sector of the economy a sceptical one.

Distinct countries have different laws, specific modes of sights and different applications but it is foremost to understand the case sensitively and metamorphose the plus and the minus from the insight of law.

From The Insight Of India
The Laws:
  • The Poison Act, 1919
  • The Drugs and Magic Remedies Act, 1954
  • The Drugs Act, 1940
  • The Drugs Control Act, 1950
  • The Indian Evidence Act, 1872
  • The Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substance Act, 1950
  • The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940
  • CrPC, 1973
  • The Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945
  • The Indian Penal Code (IPC), 1860
  • The Pharmacy Act, 1948 [1]

Crime and Drugs: Connection:
There seems to be a close correspondence betwixt the increasing crime rate and the illicit drugs. People many a time under the ascendancy of several drugs commit various crimes even unintentionally and involuntarily and cause severe damage to society at large. There in 2010 a research was conducted in the United States. The research distinctly depicted the presence of a correlation between drug abuse and crime committed.

With the larger part supporting the argument. Distinctly the growth in the graph for the same is found to be increasing exponentially. With this comes the keynote: Addiction, the genesis of drug-related crimes arises due to the unavoidable addiction with receptor dominating drugs. It takes you to the stage where it's not you who speaks, it's this addiction to drugs which makes you speak and then this factor further vigours you to be studied as insane or deranged and at most cadence a criminal.

Different types of drugs can affect your body differently, and the effects associated with drugs can vary from person to person. Drugs generate psychological imbalances in the brain, hence reducing decision-making power and the ability to plump for the correct. This way this addictive organism produces the so-called criminals.

This cross-sectional descriptive-analytical study was designed and carried out to determine the relationship between crime and drug-addicted prisoners. Tested over 923 addicted male prisoners. The subjects were subjected to a series of test questionnaires and interviews. A report was formulated keeping in mind the past addictiveness of mental health and was investigated over the data presented.

According to the report, the average age of prisoners on tests was premeditated to be 33.84 years while output also displayed the average age of addiction to be around 20.77 years. In the test, 69 % were found to be married while 31% were single. Abused drugs allocated were mainly opium, heroin and cannabis. Understandably it was established that the crimes committed by these prisoners may be voluntary or involuntarily due to being under the effect of receptor controllers or simply drugs.

Further, it was reported that among the positive tested samples, 71% of them were obsessed with a heavy addiction to psychotropic substances while 57% were under moderate addiction obsession. The report of 2010 was a clear indication of inclining drug and co-related crime factors.[2] But bitterly even after dozens of such reports, there is still an enduring upward figure of the graph.

It's not like there are no drug-related rules or regulations or the government acting to be blindfolded but the commencement of such acts illicitly under heavy corruption plays the drums on the doors, It's not only about the rulers but imperatively to the masses to adhere to the regulations precisely and look for the betterment of all at a scale larger.

The report finalized a presence of a directly proportional relationship between the crimes committed and drug abuse. With the increase in abuse, the increase in errantness also showed up. Many times these addicts are coerced to commit crimes for this receptor dominating.As an outcome there income left is not even basic for a person's basic needs. The dearth of resources transforms these people into criminals. Thus the cycle of poverty, addiction, and crime is repeated. The necessity of developing preventive strategies is felt more than before

The Way Forward
The Way Forward may not be a complete boycott but utilization under strict law guidelines for the interest of large may work out. Certain drugs are convenient for an assured category of certainties, just to outlaw them can be a defeatist at a scale larger. Imperative options like Insulin, Penicillin, Ether, Morphine, Aspirin and whatnot still fall under the bracket of drugs and it's a bit rigid to spot the evolution of medical science without them being utilized. So the most imperative charge is to follow a certain set of narcotics laws and pragmatically use drugs for the betterment. Herewith it will be feasible to reduce crimes connected with illicit drugs.

Various general treatments are providing a comprehensive review of the relationship. The expanding scale of crimes with time bleeps the red alert. The psychopharmacological effect due to the heavy intake of mind controllers often led to the chances of not thinking.

Drugs are classified in the direction of various categories relying on their deportment over psychological changes.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)has schemed drugs into 5 categories according to their medical use and addictive or dependence potential.

Schedule 1 Drugs:

  • Not for use in the medical field
  • Have high addiction levels

Schedule 2 Drugs:

  • Have the potential to be misused

Schedule 3 Drugs:

  • Moderate potential for dependency
  • Addiction level lesser than list 1 and list 2

Schedule 4 Drugs:

  • Low potential for misuse or dependency

Schedule 5 Drugs:

  • Used as counter medications
  • Lower potential and dependency than list 4
Again as a matter of fact, "Prevention is better than cure". prevention and precaution even in this case bats foremost. Relatively it's seen for drug addicts to be more slow-paced and lesser productive than a normal co-worker or partner.[3]

It is definitely for sure the rapid up fluctuations in crime rates due to drug abuse, As a matter of fact, "A coin has two faces" likewise each event accommodates dual ends positives and negatives. The imperative study is not to downright proscribe but to configure an unerring set of laws pronounced for the safety and security of people at a scale larger.

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