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The Pitfalls Of AI In Google Grievance Redressal Management: Lacking Human Touch

Photo Of Bathing Categorized As Explicit Child Abuse:
Neel Shukla a 24 year old computer engineer uploaded his photo to his Google drive, one showed him bath when he was two years old. It was a picture that turned sweet momories into bitter experience with google blocking his account. The reason for blocking was the violation of Google's policy and need to be censored.

The blocking of his account was like the loss of his identity most of his communication through the internet. Shukla added he is unable to use any personal and professional services like Google pay, drive ,docs ,mails and unable to engage with clients and unable to function at the capacity required in this cutthroat competitive market.

He requested Google's faceless grivance redressal to restore his account but it vain . Then he approached to local police and department of science and technology but as authority remained silent . He had no recourse judicial remedy . He finally moved to Gujrat High court, his counsel Dipen Desai submitted the plea and request urgency as he received a notice that all his data will be deleted in April.

To protect his personal and professional information, he has sought quick direction.

After the prilemnary hearing Justice VD Nanavati issued a notice to authorities and Google and sought their reply by March 26 . With this plea Shukla has challenged the:
  • Department of Science and Technology
  • Directorate General of Police
  • State Cyber Crime Cell
  • CID Crime Department
  • Google India Private Limited

But most importantly the Artificial intelligence's limitations in dealing with the issues that requires empathy and understanding and that is the main concern of this case .

The initial content and scanning mechanism is done via AI program and not by human , undoubtedly AI has enhanced efficiency and scalability in addressing complaints but it would not able to deal with the issues that requires empathy and nuanced judgement. Human intervention is essential for handling such issues and ensuring fair and equitable outcomes.

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