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One Child Policy: A Way Forward Or Not

In this article author has discussed about the one child policy as according to United Nation the World population has reached 8 billion people on November 15,2022, Visualizing the gravity and magnitude of the enormous increase in population it becomes important to discuss the one-child policy and its importance. In this article we will understand one-child policy from India's perspective as now India overtakes China as the world's most populous country, so we will try to find out that whether one child policy should be implemented in India or not? We will also try to analyse and evaluate the impact of the policy on Indians.

Only making the laws shall not be the primary work of Parliament. Parliament shall check whether that law can be implemented properly or not? At the time of birth, there can be 3 chances i.e., of a male, female, or transgender. If we're talking about the one-child policy, then I just want to ask, have we achieved the right to equality enshrined in our constitution? Article 14 states about equality before law.

The state shall not deny to any person equality before the law or the equal protection of the laws within the territory of India. Does law treat a male, female and a transgender equally? If not then it is clear that one that is superior will be preferred in the society. There is no doubt that the population has increased massively but one child policy can put the society under pressure.

Right to equality in practice:
We are Indian families and, in our country, children are deeply connected to their parents and have the feeling and tradition to act as the spine of their old age parents, due to this policy all the family burden will come on the shoulders of one child. Another problem is that India has not achieved the Right to Equality in its true sense due to which people will avoid girls and transgender as they are discriminated and it is the reality from this discrimination even High Court advocate Saurabh Kirpal can't escape, government had stated Mr. Kirpal's "intimate relationship" with his Swiss partner, his openness about his sexuality and possibility of bias because of his passionate advocacy for gay rights as his minuses for not appointing Saurabh as a judge whereas The Collegium said the fact that Mr. Kirpal is open about his sexual orientation goes to his credit.

The decision clearly discourages the community from coming forward. State has to ensure equality to each and every person the lawyer's sexual orientation is his constitutionally recognized right. Situation of 3rd gender is extremely poor in the society people uses their name as a slang in the society but still we don't have any law to prevent atrocities and discrimination against them violence against them and this results in economic marginalization and poverty, also their participation in the legislature, executive, judiciary is extremely poor.

Article 21 states about right to life and personal liberty now what type of liberty is it that a person's mind is subjected to continuous sense of fear from the society and state that if the person will be identified as a 3rd gender, then the person has to face consequences from the society and state.

There is no doubt that the status of women has improved in the society but is it sufficient? we hear regularly about a term called Marital rape people against it says that it will ruin the institution of marriage and it is improbable but now just assume a situation with me - There is female named Q she marries to W a male now one day Q was on her periods and her back was in pain so she was lying on her bed now her husband came to home after drinking alcohol and asked Q for sexual intercourse but as she was in pain she denied. Now W gets angry and forced her for sexual intercourse and anyhow completed his desire the girl keeps objecting but W by hook or by crook completed his desire against her will and consent.

Now isn't this rape, only because she is the wife it doesn't mean she has lost her right to choose and decide. Is it her duty to satisfy her husband even against her will? Doesn't it feel now that we need laws to deal with this problem? Now we have an example of Nagaland that in 14 assembly election conducted between 1964 and 2018, Nagaland has not elected 1 woman MLA it's not because they had not won the election it's also because until now only 6 women has contested for the election also In Judiciary, we are still waiting for the first woman chief justice of India.

In India, girls are called or known as Paraya Dhan which means that one day the girl will have to leave their parent's house and she will become part of the other family. These all discussion were to state that if one-child policy will come in India people will prefer Male over other genders due to these reasons female infanticide and foeticide, murders will increase and the sex ratio will also get affected.

Mismanagement Of Resources:
The population has increased and the resources are limited, but the point is India has ample number of resources and the mismanagement of it and growing inequality is the major reason for the crisis, India still lacks specific legislation to address the problem of refugees despite their increasing in-flow. India has the largest number of refugees in the world.

Currently, we have two lakh Refugee from Tibet, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Myanmar and there are also Illegal immigrants, to reduce unemployment reducing the number of people is not good, the need is to make changes in the education system by introducing some new policies as we have the largest number of youths in the world. The need is for proper management and schemes by which the youth will be equipped with the skills needed to survive in this modern world.

Our youth is not luggage on our shoulders, but are our future who will take our country to new heights. State should also promote Adoption among parents. If people are getting birth they are dying too, there are 24.02 million birth in India in 2021 and there are 10.23 million deaths in India in 2021, so anything implemented should be judged based on the society on which it is going to be applied and it should consider the future consequences.

Some simulations predicted that by the year 2050 More than one-third of Chinese citizens will have no sisters and brothers people will become sister less, brotherless and even they will have no uncle, no aunts, no cousins and according to China Population and Development Research Center China's fertility rate dipped to an unprecedented low at 1.09 in 2022. These are the Unintended consequences of the one-child policy that was implemented in China to reduce population.

In India family is a very important aspect of everyone's life particularly in rural areas where we have the concept of a joint family who together carry out agricultural activities. One child policy will be a direct attack on the traditional Indian society system. In India, people are attached to their families heartedly and in this world of stress and pain the policy will snatch their happiness by ruining their family system the policy also creates an issue of the ageing population as by 2050 the proportion of Chinese over retirement age will become 39% of the total population. So, these issues work as a parameter to us in deciding whether the policy will be beneficial or will be hazardous for mankind.

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