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Prioritizing People, Products, and Profits: A More Nuanced Approach

As a digital-first house of brands, Honasa Consumer Limited caters to the evolving demands of millennial consumers. It is pioneering a new generation of beauty and personal care brands that prioritize purpose, leverage technology, and adapt to shifting consumer preferences. Its diverse portfolio includes natural personal care products, science-backed skincare, and a contemporary approach to Ayurveda. Each brand boasts a unique value proposition, meticulously designed to resonate with millennials.

Three years ago, a simple mantra guided the journey of Honasa Consumer Ltd. towards its public listing, and it remains as relevant today as it was then. 'Take care of the people, the products, and the profits - in that order,' it states. The rest, it assures, will fall into place. While it might seem obvious, the daily grind can easily make one forget this crucial principle.

This approach continues to work due to a fundamental understanding of the interconnectedness of these three elements. Happy and motivated employees are the bedrock of exceptional products. Investing in people fosters passion, which translates into incredible creations that resonate with customers. These customer-centric products, in turn, attract loyal clientele, ensuring a sustainable business model.

In the past three years, Honasa has witnessed significant milestones, all while staying true to its core values. This commitment to putting people first, nurturing exceptional products, and ultimately generating profits has been the cornerstone of its success.

Analysis of the Honasa's Policy:

While the idea of prioritizing people, products, and profits in that order seems simple and admirable, putting it into practice in the real world is more complex than it first appears. A number of critical considerations must be weighed:
Balancing Priorities:
Prioritizing people is a noble goal, but it requires careful balance. Focusing solely on employee satisfaction without clear performance goals can lead to complacency and decreased productivity. Finding a balance is crucial - employees should feel valued, but they also need to be held accountable for their work.

Aligning Product Quality with Market Demand:

Creating high-quality products with passion is vital, but it's equally important to ensure they meet market needs. A product loved by its creators can still fail if it doesn't resonate with consumers. Continuous market research and adaptation to evolving trends are essential alongside maintaining high product quality.

Navigating Profitability Challenges:
While it's tempting to believe profits will naturally follow from happy employees and great products, the reality is often more complex. Profitability in a competitive market requires strategic planning, efficient processes, and sometimes difficult decisions that might not always align with keeping everyone happy.

Maintaining Core Values:
Maintaining core values over time, especially as a company grows, is a significant challenge. It requires consistent leadership, open communication, and a strong company culture. However, scaling often brings pressures that can test these values. Without vigilance, these values can erode.


Prioritizing the trifecta of people, products, and profits is a time-honoured approach that continues to yield positive results. However, the key to its enduring effectiveness lies in its nuanced execution and adaptability to the ever-changing business environment. Like a delicate dance, businesses must strike a harmonious balance between these three elements, adjusting their steps as the market landscape evolves. Honasa's notable successes stand as a testament to this approach, yet the simplicity of its mantra may belie the strategic complexities that underpin sustained long-term growth.

Sustained growth requires more than a catchy slogan; it demands a deep understanding of the strategic intricacies involved. Businesses must navigate a labyrinth of variables, including market trends, competitive dynamics, and technological advancements. They must constantly reassess their strategies, adapting to new challenges and opportunities with agility. Honasa's future trajectory hinges on its ability to master this strategic complexity, ensuring that its mantra remains not just an aspirational statement but a guiding principle that drives its long-term success.

Written By: Md.Imran Wahab, IPS, IGP, Provisioning, West Bengal
Email: [email protected], Ph no: 9836576565

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