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    Adoption in Islam Prohibited: Adoption is the transplantation of a son/daughter from the family in which he/she is born, into another family by gift made by his/her natural parents to his/her adopting parents.-Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2019/2/19

    The Menace of Deceptive Similarity: Deceptive Similarity is the major threat that looms in the world of Trademark Proprietor, which also infringes his intellectual property rights.-Anjali Sethi- Posted: 2019/2/17

    Scrutiny selection on the basis of AIR transactions under income tax act, 1961: Scrutiny Selection on The Basis of Air (Sft) Information the era of fast changing technology and data analytics, Income Tax Department too empowered itself with one of the most enabling-Pushp Kumar Sahu- Posted: 2019/2/17

    Hostile Witness - Jeremy Bentham: Hostility is the state of bad feeling and ill will. A hostile witness is an unfavourable witness.-Neha Chaudhary- Posted: 2019/2/17

    The Liability of Online Marketplaces under the Consumer Protection Bill, 2018: Globalisation, increase in trade, emergence of new ways of transactions and e-commerce have created new and convenient options for consumers.-Priamvada Surolia- Posted: 2019/2/17

    An In-sight into the PIL to Review Kendriya Vidyalaya Prayer: The writ has been filed under Article 32 of the Constitution of India, and Supreme Court has also referred this matter to the constitutional bench which means that this is a matter of utmost importance that needs to be tackled by the Judiciary.-Varun Singh- Posted: 2019/2/17

    Alibi-A plea of an accused under the indian evidence act: Alibi is a Latin word, which means elsewhere. It is used when the accused takes the plea that when the occurrence took place he was elsewhere.-- Posted: 2019/2/15

    Changing Dynamics in Constitutional Interpretation: Interpretation is the art or process of discovering and expounding the intended signification of the language used in a statute, will, contract, or any other written document, that is, the meaning which the author designed it to convey to others.-Reeya Khanna & Paras Arora- Posted: 2019/2/15

    White Collar Crime: Detail Study: This research article analyzes a critical study on white collar crime in India. And to understand the concept of white collar crime in India.-Parkash Chaudhary- Posted: 2019/2/13

    Transferability of A Mere Right of Re-Entry For The Breach of A Condition Subsequent: The Transfer of Property Act, 1882 contains specific provisions regarding what constitutes transfer and the conditions attached to it.-Aditya Saurabh- Posted: 2019/2/13

    Remix culture: Impact on Copyright owner of musical works: Basically, you have a copyright from the moment you create something and it needs to have two things: it needs to be original and it has to be fixed in a tangible medium of expression as copyright protects your expression and not your idea.-Mayukha Parcha- Posted: 2019/2/13

    FIR Its Evidentiary Value, Consequences on Denial By The Police To Lodge:What is a an FIR? An FIR is the first mechanism which initiates criminal proceedings to punish the offender. However section 154 of the CrPc -Subhajit Chakraborty- Posted: 2019/2/9

    Transferable And Non Transferable Property: The Transfer of Property Act 1882 is an Indian legislation which regulates the transfer of property in India. It contains specific provisions regarding what constitutes a transfer and the conditions attached to it.-Ruth Diya Chattopadhyay- Posted: 2019/2/7

    Corporate Criminal Liability - White Collar Crime: A corporation is considered as a separate legal entity distinct from its shareholders. It can be described to imply as an association of persons for some common object and it has no strictly any legal or technical meaning.-Kumar Saurav and Krupa Savajiyani- Posted: 2019/2/6

    Adultery: A Reason or The Symptom of Broken Marriage: The word ‘adultery’ is derived from the latin word ‘adulterium’. The ideology behind this word is similar to ‘adulteration’ which means ‘the action of making something poorer in quality by the addition of another substance’. -Rama kumari- Posted: 2019/2/4

    Culpable homicide versus Murder: Homicide is unlawful when the death is caused by an intentional act. Whoever causes death by doing an act with the intention of causing death.-Neha Chaudhary- Posted: 2019/2/3

    John Doe Order And Intellectual Property Right: Trademark and Copyright infringement has been rampant throughout the world including in India.-Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2019/2/1

    Changing Dimensions of Hindu Marriage: Marriage as an institution is very old and popular in most parts of the world. Marriage is very well accepted and supported by the society as it involves many religious rituals which strengthen the family system.-Milind Anand- Posted: 2019/2/1

    Marital Rape: Safeguarded by the Constitution of India: Marital rape is an aspect of marriage that is solely not taken care of by the present existing laws.-Sneha Mohanty- Posted: 2019/2/1

    Licensing of Intellectual Property in India: A Detailed Study of its Working: Licensing is a contract between a minimum of 2 parties wherein the licensor agrees to allow the licensee to share the rights enjoyed by the former subject to consideration by the latter.-Manas Mutatkar- Posted: 2019/2/1

    Right to Information Act, 2005: A democratic government is of the people, for the people by the people. People’s involvement in the governmental activities is an important aspect of administration as the government is accountable only to the people.-Manas Mutatkar- Posted: 2019/2/1

    IRAC on Tamil Nadu Film Exhibitors Association v. CCI:This appeal has been combined from two different cases by the High Court of Madras. The appellants through two different writ appeals had approached the High Court, but the court combined both these cases as they arose from the same cause of action.-Pranitha Pai- Posted: 2019/1/31

    Arbitration v. Mediation: Methods of Resolving Business Disputes: Arbitration and mediation are different methods of dispute settlement that can be broadly placed under the category of alternate dispute resolution (ADR) methods-Manas Mutatkar- Posted: 2019/1/31

    Sexual Harassment at the Workplace:unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favours, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature in relation to conditions of employment -Manas Mutatkar- Posted: 2019/1/30

    Effectiveness of Arbitration in Copyright Disputes: Intellectual property rights are the backbone of commerce and allows various brands and companies to thrive in a unique manner.-Manas Mutatkar- Posted: 2019/1/29

    Uniform Civil Code: The Indispensability and the Absurdity: India is a secular state and nation, which means that it does not follow any particular religion or there is no official religion as such for the country.-Ayush Pratap- Posted: 2019/1/29

    Critical Analysis of The Trafficking of Persons (Protection, Prevention and Rehabilitation) Bill, 2018: The Trafficking of Persons (Protection, Prevention and Rehabilitation) Bill, 2018, hereinafter refer as Bill, was introduced by the Minister of Women and Child Development and passed by the Lok Sabha last year. -Amaan Ahmed- Posted: 2019/1/29

    Action For Infringement, Passing off And Third Party Use: When ever a Plaintiff institute a Suit for infringement of Passing off against the Defendant, then normally the Defendant takes the defense of user of same or similar trade mark-Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2019/1/29

    Amendment to Leniency Regulation, Competition Law 2002:The main aim to introduce Competition Act, 2002 was not only to protect the consumers from all sorts of market abuses but also to create consumers by increasing the purchasing power of the people living in poverty.-Arshnit Sandhu- Posted: 2019/1/29

    Res Gestae - A Judicial Analysis: The most complicated area of criminal jurisprudence is the tool of proving, what type of evidence is presented for proving in court of law. Here is one of the principles of law of evidence is Res Gestae.-Sharren.A- Posted: 2019/1/29

    Copyright Registration, No proof of user: In a recent Judgment dated21.01.2019 passed by Hon'ble High Court of Delhi in Writ bearing W.P.(C) 7983/2012 titled as Khushi Ram Behari Lal Vs Jaswant Singh Balwant Singh, the Hon'ble Court has returned the finding that Copyright Registration is no proof of user.-Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2019/1/28

    A Look through the Mist Article 35A of the Constitution: It is more since 2014 that Article 35A of Constitution of India has been under lively discussions and debates since when some pointed questions on the very exitence of this article as being part of Constitution of India -Daya Sagar- Posted: 2019/1/27

    A Judicial Officer Is Not An Ordinary Government Servant And Must Be Above Suspicion: Sadhna Chaudhary v U.P. has upheld the dismissal of a judicial officer on grounds of misconduct, on the basis of two orders passed by her in land acquisition cases. This has certainly sent shockwaves across Uttar Pradesh especially in judicial circles.-sanjeevsirohimrt- Posted: 2019/1/22

    Evidentiary Value of Accomplice In The Light of Procedural Laws In India: Everything which does not keep pace with the changing needs of the society does not last for a long time and as such law should not be static in nature it should meet the demands of the changing society. -Subhajit Chakraborty- Posted: 2019/1/24

    Real Men Don't Rape: When virtue and modesty enlighten her charms, the lustre of a beautiful woman is brighter than the stars of heaven, and the influence of her power it is in vain to resist.-Rama Kumari- Posted: 2019/1/23

    Lazy Analysis: The ignorance of crucial perspectives in judicial decision making: Criminal Law must just be based on a few principles which I have to memorize and apply so in order to derive the answer.-Shreeja Athota- Posted: 2019/1/22

    Mere Allegations of Harassment Without Proximate Positive Action Not Sufficient For Conviction U/S 306 IPC:Rajesh v State of Haryana conviction under Section 306 of the Indian Penal Code (Abetment of Suicide) is not sustainable on the allegation of harassment without there being any positive action proximate to the time of occurrence on the part of the accused, which led or compelled the person to commit suicide.-Sanjeev Sirohi Advocate- Posted: 2019/1/21

    Rape And Murder of 8 Year Old Girl: SC Commutes Death Sentence To 25 Years Imprisonment Without Remission: Nand Kishore v Madhya Pradesh has commuted to life imprisonment the death sentence which was earlier confirmed by the Madhya Pradesh High Court of a convicted for the rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl.-Sanjeev Sirohi Advocate- Posted: 2019/1/21

    Dying Declaration: Dying Declaration had been a significant instrument of administration of justice since time immemorial. The common principle on which this class of evidence is admitted is that they are declarations made in edge -Arundhati And Shubhangi- Posted: 2019/1/21

    Journey to the Triple Talaq Verdict: The Supreme court in a Landmark verdict of 22nd August 2017 struck down the practice of Triple Talaq. A constitutional bench of five judges, belonging to different faiths – Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, and Zoroastrianism – ruled by a 3:2 majority that there was no constitutional protection for Triple Talaq.-Ali Naqvi- Posted: 2019/1/21

    Injunction and Extra Judicial Remedies under Tort Law:An injunction is an order of a court restraining the commission, repetition or continuance of a wrongful act of the defendant.-Ayushi Singh- Posted: 2019/1/20

    Supreme Court Collegium: Setting the Clock Back?: Independence, impartiality and fearlessness of Judges are not the private rights of the Judges but citizen's rights. Ultimately judicial legitimacy/ power rests on people’s confidence in Courts.-Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2019/1/20

    Powers of Indian President and Its Abuse: Since 1950, India has come under presidential ship of several reputed personalities and now we are at our 14th President, Ram Nath Kovind The president being the head of the nation and First Citizen of the nation. -Pourna Vijay- Posted: 2019/1/18

    Hybrid ADR: With the passage of time , there have been a tremendous increase in the number of cases that came up before the judiciary. -Pourna Vijay- Posted: 2019/1/18

    A Critical Analysis of the Proposed the Consumer Protection Bill, 2018: The technology has changed tremendously the way of our lives especially shopping. To buy all of our basic necessities we usually allocate not only amount-Vana Narayanan- Posted: 2019/1/16

    Case Comment: Raju Thapa vs. State of Uttarakhand: Law does not operate in vacuum. It is not a set of mechanical rules, but requires subtle application and interpretations based on provided situation.-Lakshya Goyal- Posted: 2019/1/16

    Provision of The Selection of Forum - Commercial Contracts: The Indian Contracts Act of 1872 has delineated under section 28, about the conditions when the clause of forum selection can make a contract void, leaving out room for two exceptions explicitly.-Shivam Sharan- Posted: 2019/1/15

    Administrative Direction: A state being a humongous entity comprised of various elements and notions, is circumstantially dynamic and it is quite challenging to deal with such changing scenarios and exigencies.-Pourna Vijay- Posted: 2019/1/15

    Origin and Development of Designs Act, 2000: Designs act was enacted to protect and safeguard the original industrial designs which are applied to particular articles manufactured by industrial process or means.-Pourna Vijay- Posted: 2019/1/15

    A Criminological analysis to the crimes against women: In India, one in every three women faces physical / sexual violence. While 33.5% of the women face domestic violence with 8.5% includes sexual violence.-Shreeja Athota- Posted: 2019/1/14

    Contempt of Court: Analysis: According to the Oxford Dictionary, contempt is the state of being despised or dishonored; disgrace.-Vidhik Kumar- Posted: 2019/1/14

    What Is A Letter Trademark?: This article deals with the Trade Marks, comprised of Letters. Though normally trademarks are comprised of device, colour combination, letters, image etc.-Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2019/1/14

    Sabrimala - Prejudices, Misconceptions and Ignorance: Supreme Court has given a verdict on "unrestricted entry for all regardless of the gender or age or reproductive health", citing Women's rights and gender discrimination against Hindu women, feeling noble to have attempted to establish equality among Hindu men and women.-Akriti Tyagi- Posted: 2019/1/13

    Summoning of Registrar of Trademark To Prove Trademark Registration: In a Civil Suit proceeding pertaining to Intellectual Property Right in India, when ever matter is listed before the Joint Registrar or Court for purpose of evidence of the parties -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2019/1/10

    Declining heinous crime rates in Delhi but at the same time raised 6% theft cases: Amulya Patnaik, Delhi Police commissioner has argued that his force was able to control the heinous crimes such as dacoity, attempt to murder, robberies, rioting and rapes, which showed an overall decline of 11.72% compared to the previous year.-Trilok Singh- Posted: 2019/1/16

    The Economic Reservation Bill: A Political sham under the garb of Public Policy: The Supreme Court in Indira Sawhney (1992) had put a 50% cap on caste based reservations and ruled that no provision of reservation or preference can be so vigorously pursued as to destroy the very concept of equality.-Harsh Singh- Posted: 2019/1/10

    Input tax Credit laundering and parallel economy in GST regime: GST was thought to be the economic integration of the nation with the slogan of one nation one tax. The system of GST taxation has undergone a roller coaster ride since the day of its implementation.-Radhe Krishna- Posted: 2019/1/8

    Operation Creditor under IBC: Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (IBC) defines Operational creditor as a person to whom an operational debt is owed including the debt that has been legally assigned or transferred.-Mandar- Posted: 2019/1/2

    Differential association:an effect of association with criminal: Sutherland advocated theory of differential association which describes the association with criminal how influences behavior of individual.-Prashant Bhimrao Maske- Posted: 2019/1/2

    How Does Criminal Background Check Take Place in India?: You will have to come across this verification to ensure security in the latest government job that you have got. After cracking the government job examination, it should be a primary point of concern.-Lovely Sharma- Posted: 2018/1/2

    The need for review of the caste based reservation system in India: Our Constitution ensures equity and fairness of chance to every one and so it turns into an obligation of state to make a move to accomplish this goal.-Divya Aggarwal- Posted: 2019/1/2

    Eyewitness Testimonies: A Gateway to Wrongful Convictions: This paper is written as a reaction to the judgment delivered by the Supreme Court of India in the case of Daya Singh versus the State of Haryana-Zico bahl- Posted: 2019/1/2

    Inherent Jurisidiction of Civil Courts in India: Jurisdiction means the power and authority conferred by law upon a court, judge or tribunal to decide the disputes and make judgments/orders authorised by law-Moksh Ranawat- Posted: 2019/1/2

    Software patentability in India and other countries: Patenting software is a hotly debated topic in the current intellectual property (IP) context because of the expanding nature of software industry which has caused difficulty in classifying as to what kind of IP must be granted to software related inventions. -Nupur Priyadarshi- Posted: 2019/1/2

    The Probation of Offenders Act- An Analysis: The object of Criminal Law is more inclined towards the reformation of the offender than to punish him. Instead of keeping an accused with hardened criminals in a prison, the court -Ayushi Singh- Posted: 2019/1/2

    The Blurry Line Between Defamation And Role Of Media: The scope of this article extends to how media and defamation are connected with each other. This article gives an idea about how any of the information published by media can lead to defamation of the concerned person.-Rutu Mistry- Posted: 2019/1/2

    Health as a part of Fundamental Right under Article 21: A pursuit by India: Health has been much regarded as the basic and fundamental human right by the international community under international human rights law.-Anisha Jhawar- Posted: 2019/1/2

    Start-Ups: Tax or No Tax?:In last week, a controversy was again created when the Revenue Authorities sent notices to start-ups for their income earned from ‘share premium’ or the famous ‘angel tax’. -Priyanshi Joshi- Posted: 2019/1/2

    Woman And Not Wo-Man!:Whenever we see a powerful, strong and independent lady, why we do perceive that she will either be a feminist or there may be a man who has supported her in getting the position where she stands today. Why a lady is subjected to so many questions like her choices, decisions, sexual desire, opinion or for any other matter.-Sahina Mumtaz- Posted: 2019/1/2

    All You Need To Know About NFRA: The National Financial Reporting Authority (NFRA) is a body constituted under the provisions of Section 132 of the Companies Act, 2013.-Monisha. L- Posted: 2019/1/2

    Consumer Protection Bill, 2018 Key Highlights:The new Consumer Protection Bill, 2018("Bill") aiming to replace the present Consumer Protection Act, 1986("Act") is passed by the Lok Sabha on 20th December, 2018.-Neha Priya- Posted: 2019/1/2

    Difference Between Fine and Penalty Companies Act, 2013 and Company Ordinance, 2018: There is always confusion between �Fine and Penalties. Through, this editorial author made an attempt to elaborate the difference and basic meaning of between Fine & Penalties. Lets first see the meaning as -Divesh Goyal- Posted: 2019/1/2

    FAQ on basis of decided case laws - Insolvency Bankruptcy Code, 2016: decided case laws of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016. Author shall endeavor to prepare the analysis of important case laws of IBC, 2016 decide in 2018 in FAQ’s basis.-Divesh Goyal- Posted: 2019/1/2

    Indian Laws Relating To Maintenance: The word maintenance is of wide connotation.-Gursimran Kaur- Posted: 2019/1/2

    Types of Age Discrimination in the Workplace: Employment law in the UK depicts age discrimination as an instance when an individual is subjected to an unfair disadvantage for reasons relating to his or her age, without any objective justification. Age discrimination has been illegal in the UK since 2006. -Tribunal Claim- Posted: 2019/1/2

    Death Penalty and Human Right:Now recent day This debate has been going in the society that whether Death penalty should be abolished or not ? -Rajesh Yadav- Posted: 2019/1/2

    Why blasphemous laws should be abolished?: The word blasphemous laws means law relating to hurting the religious sentiment of the people. In India There is no special law like domestic violence Act 2005.-Rajesh Yadav- Posted: 2019/1/2

    The Surrogacy Bill, 2016: The Surrogacy (regulation) bill, 2016 was introduced in Lok Sabha on 21st November, 2016 and on 12th January, 2017 it was referred to standing committee.-Simran Mehta- Posted: 2019/1/1

    How To Submit Your Article:

    Follow the Procedure Below To Submit Your Articles

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    Note* we only accept Original Articles, we will not accept Articles Already Published in other websites.
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