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By 2019 An Estimated 90% of Lawyers in India will have office online - How To Find Potential Clients Online - How To Enlist Your Firm In The Directory - Showcase your credentials on the Web's largest lawyers directory.
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The determination of the need for legal services and the choice of a lawyer are extremely important decisions. A description or indication of limitation of practice does not mean that any agency or board has certified such lawyer as a specialist or expert in an indicated field of law practice. A designation of a field of practice does not mean that a lawyer is a specialist or expert in a field of law nor does it mean that such lawyer is necessarily any more expert or competent than any other lawyer. When contacting a lawyer via email, do not disclose confidential information on your case. The attorney must be given time to ensure that he or she has no conflict of interest in representing you. Use email contact with the attorney to discuss very preliminary, and general information and to set up appointments.

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Every lawyer in India Pledge to his client the following:

# To Study the appropriate law and provide expert legal advice.
# To ensure that the client receives the benefit of all their rights under the law.
# To protect the interest of the client and not do anything which might jeopardize their client's interest.
# To Conduct the client's case so that it will be decided on the merits.
# To Render the highest fidelity toward the rights of the client.
# To Protect the client's confidentiality.
# To Conduct the case in an orderly and expeditious manner.
# To Obey the law and adhere to professional ethics.