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    Supreme Court of England

    The Supreme Court of England: was established to achieve a complete separation between the United Kingdom’s senior Judges and the Upper House of Parliament, emphasising the independence of the Law Lords and increasing the transparency between Parliament and the courts.

    In August 2009 the Justices moved out of the House of Lords (where they sat as the Appellate Committee of the House of Lords) into their own building on the opposite side of Parliament Square. They sat for the first time as a Supreme Court in October 2009.

    The impact of Supreme Court decisions extend far beyond the parties involved in any given case, shaping our society, and directly affecting our everyday lives.

    For instance, in their first legal year, the Justices gave landmark rulings on access to legal advice for Scottish suspects, the rights of gay asylum seekers, and the weight to be given to pre-nuptial agreements.

    Role of The Supreme Court
    The Supreme Court, as well as being the final court of appeal, plays an important role in the development of United Kingdom law.

    As an appeal court, The Supreme Court cannot consider a case unless a relevant order has been made in a lower court.

    The Supreme Court:
    is the final court of appeal for all United Kingdom civil cases, and criminal cases from England, Wales and Northern Ireland
    hears appeals on arguable points of law of general public importance
    concentrates on cases of the greatest public and constitutional importance
    maintains and develops the role of the highest court in the United Kingdom as a leader in the common law world
    The Supreme Court hears appeals from the following courts in each jurisdiction:

    England and Wales
    The Court of Appeal, Civil Division
    The Court of Appeal, Criminal Division
    (in some limited cases) the High Court

    The Court of Session
    Click here to download a factual guide to Scottish Criminal Cases and the UK Supreme Court (PDF).

    Northern Ireland
    The Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland
    (in some limited cases) the High Court
    Please click here to download a full guide to Appealing to The Supreme Court (PDF).

    UK judicial system
    For historical reasons, as a state made up of several separate jurisdictions, the United Kingdom does not have a single unified legal system.

    Instead, there is one system for England and Wales, another for Scotland, and a third for Northern Ireland.

    In most cases, The Supreme Court sits above all of these as the final court of appeal.

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    Law Maxims # Acta exteriora iudicant interiora secreta - Outward acts indicate the inward intent
    # Boni judicis lites dirimere est - It is the duty of a good judge to prevent litigation
    # Conventio et modus vincunt legem - A contract and agreement overcome the law
    Damnum sine injuria - damage without legal injury.
    Ex facie - On the fact of it.
    Faciendum - Something which is to be done.
    Injuria non excusat injuriam - A wrong does not excuse a wrong.

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