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    Rajasthan High Court

    The Rajasthan High Court was established on 21 June 1949 under the Rajasthan High Court Ordinance, 1949. The seat of the court is at Jodhpur. The court has a sanctioned judge strength of 40.

    The High Court of Rajasthan was founded in 1949 at Jodhpur, and was inaugurated by the Rajpramukh, Maharaja Sawai Man Singh on 29 August 1949. The first Chief Justice was Kamala Kant Verma. A bench was formed at Jaipur which was dissolved in 1958 and was again formed on 31 January 1977. Currently the sanctioned strength of the judges is 40 and actual strength is 22.

    The Rajasthan High Court as A Class State, started with the strength of only 6 judges. For scrutinizing as to whether the standard of working of all the Judges of the Rajasthan High Court as part B State was as high as that of the Judges of the part A State, the then Chief Justice of India, Honble Mr. Justice S.R. Das came to Rajasthan. He observed that functioning of the High Court by sitting with the Hon'le Judges in the Court and found that all the 6 Judges were fit to be appointed and on his recommendation, the President of India, issued fresh warrants of appointment and once again the Oath taking ceremony took place on 1st Nov., 1956. Four Judges Viz. Justice Bapna, Justice Ranawat, Justice Sharma and Justice Bhandari used to sit in the Jaipur Bench, while Justice Dave and Justice Modi used to sit at Jodhpur, Chief Justice Wanchoo sitting at both places.

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