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    Analysis of The Case of Avena And Other Mexican Nationals (Mexico V. USA):
    The judgment of the International Court of Justice in Avena and Other Mexican Nationals (Mexico v United States of America) considers the obligations that a state bears towards detained foreign nationals under art 36 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. The VCCR is a multilateral treaty that regulates and defines the activity of the consular post of one state, known as the 'sending state', in the territory of another, known as the 'receiving state'. One aspect of such consular activity is the protection of nationals of the sending state, specifically those detained on criminal charges. Under art 36 of the VCCR, the authorities of the receiving state must permit contact between a detained foreign national and a consul of the sending state, so that the consul may assist the detainee with respect to the charges faced

    Indian Railway Construction Co. Ltd. V. Ajay Kumar:
    Rule of Law requires that government operate within the confines of the law; and that aggrieved citizens, whose interests have been adversely affected, be entitled to approach an independent court.

    Mrinal Kanti Ghosh v UOI: Calcutta High Court Judgment on transfer of a government position

    IPO Scam: With Special Referance To NSDL V. SEBI Case: This case is basically related to IPO scam which came to light during 2003-06. SEBI found number of fake DEMAT holders and alleged NSDL for non performance of their tasks

    Vodafone Case: This recent case which has come to the limelight deals with transfer of shares of an Indian Company held by a foreign company to another foreign company. Transfer of Capital Assets in India and Chargeability of transaction to tax under Income Tax Act.

    LML Piaggio Case: The case study focuses on the breakup of the joint venture agreement between LML Ltd., and the Italian automobile major, Piaggio. The case deals with the various developments that led to the break-up.

    A Misinterpretation & Un-Called Construction Of Section 114 Of Evidence Act: Live-In-Relationship:  it has been mandated that a presumption in favour of marriage.

    His Holiness Keshvananda Bharti vs State Of Kerala with reference to Agrarian Reforms in India: this is about the case of His Holiness Keshvananda Bharti vs State Of Kerala and hoew ot led to agrarian reforms in India

    Open Texture of Law & Hard Cases: Law is a set of rules which governs and guides human conduct. Law is said to have an Open texture. By referring law to have an.

    Workmen Of Dimakuchi Tea Estate V. The Management of Dimakuchi Tea Estate: This case comment helps us understand the scope as to who is a workmen

    Best Bakery Case & Law of Evidence: Hearsay evidence in the Law of Evidence has been introduced in sec.60 which gives the direction that oral evidence should be direct. Any evidence coming.

    KK Modi Vs KN Modi: This case discussed the attributes which are necessary for considering an agreement as an arbitration agreement.

    Company Law Board v. Arbitral Tribunal: The legislature never intends to contradict itself.

    L. C. Golaknath V. State Of Punjab: In the famous case of Golaknath V. State Of Punjab, in the year 1967 the Court ruled that Parliament

    Power of Indian courts to issue Garnishee Order: The word 'Garnish' is derived from an old French word 'garnir' which means to warn or to.

    Supreme Court is the final Pedestal for justice: the supreme is the final and the highest authority for which a person ca go for appeal into.

    Copyright in judgments: It is very important to know certain details about copyrights before analyzing the topic in hand which is copyright in judgments. Some relevant sections.

    Case Comment on SK. Shukla V State of Uttar Pradesh: Conditional legislation is of different types: (i) power to bring an Act

    Bihar Assembly Dissolution Case: The detailed judgment of the Supreme Court in Rameshwar Prasad And Others v. Union of India on January 24, 2006 holding.

    S. R. Bommai v. Union of India: Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar referred Article 356 of the Constitution of India as a dead letter of the Constitution but sadly

    M.C. Mehta v. Union of India: This article deals with the landmark judgment of M.C. Mehta v. Union of India AIR 1987 SC 1086 in which .

    Peter Scott or Scotch: Providing a rigorous independent review of the recent judgment delivered by Supreme Court of India in 'Khoday Distilleries Limited Vs. The Scotch Whisky Association and Ors.

    De Penning v/s Coramandal Indag Products: Case study. Suit filed for infringement of patent by Monsanto Company. One of the

    State Of Bihar V. Bihar Pensioner Samaj: This article analyze the judgment of the Apex court in this case. Another objective is to highlight any

    A Rear View of the YouTube case: The Delhi High Court recently passed an order of interim injunction against and

    The State of Madras vs. Smt. Champakam Dorairajan: On November 25, 1949, Dr BR Ambedkar sounded

    Waman Rao Vs Union of India: This article aims to explain how this case has settled the uncertainty which arose in the constitutional law immediately after Keshavananda Bharti Case

    BMW Case- A Massive Judicial Failure: On the evening of 30th May, two senior advocates- I.U. Khan, who was the Special Public Prosecutor in the BMW case and R.K. Anand defending the main accused Sanjeev Nanda

    Judicial Review of Supreme Court Judgment on IX schedule of the Constitution: Recent Judgment of Supreme Court dated 11.01.2007 rendered in the case in

    I R Coelho (Dead) by LRs Vs. State of Tamil Nadu and Others. I. R. Cohelo Vs. State Of Tamilnadu: In the present study this chapter is of utmost importance as it is the recent case relating to the confrontation

    The Lockerbie Incident Cases: The United Nations Security council is presently the most powerful institutional body ever established at the

    Vishakha Judgement: Vishakha Judgement brought out the problem of sexual harassment at workplace in public glare. Even after the Supreme Court gave the guidelines, harassment is

    Danial Latifi v. Union of India: A Muslim is required to maintain his other relations only if he has the means. But a Muslim husband is.

    Legality Of Foreign Judgments: aims to study the binding nature of the foreign judgments .

    I.R. Coelho v. State of Tamil Nadu -  A Judicial Challenge: The nine judges' Bench presided by Mr. Justice Y.K. Sabharwal,

    Hutch Vodafone Merger - An Issue Of Tax Planning: It is a landmark case that will severely impact the Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) landscape in India. No matter which

    Stellar Vs. Sophia 
    The basic intention of the High Court was to punish the guilty. You cannot punish somebody else where the

    Back log of cases: India has to suffer the scourge of the world's largest backlog of cases. Over three crore cases.

    Historical Facts
    Burke and Hare / A Perfectly Ordinary Little Case 
    Not naughty Enough / A Georgian Gender Bender
    Boiling to Death / Fingers of fate / The Law West Of The Pecos

    The Leopold And Loeb Trial:
    Few trial transcripts are as likely to bring tears to the eyes as that of the 1924 murder trial of Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold

    The Trial of Charles I, 1649
    The King. I would know by what power I am called hither. . .by what Authority, I mean, lawful; there are many unlawful Authorities in the world, Thieves and Robbers by the highways.

    The Eichmann Trial
    Criminal Case No. 40/61. The Attorney General versus Adolf Eichmann, the son of Adolf Karl Eichmann. On behalf of the prosecution, Mr. Gideon Hausner, Attorney General, Dr. Ya'akov Robinson, Assistant to the Attorney General, Mr. Gabriel Bach, Mr. Ya'akov Baror, Mr. Zvi Terlo --Assistant State Attorneys.

    The Trial  Of Louis XVI
    Barere: On January 29, 1792, the Legislative Assembly issued a decree against factious priests, which you suspended. 
    Louis: The constitution left me the right of sanctioning decrees

    The Trials of Oscar Wilde:
    Old Bailey, the main courthouse in London, had never presented a show quite like the three trials that captivated England and much of the literary world in the spring of 1895

    "Scottsboro Trial"
    Tom Robinson's trial bears striking parallels to the "Scottsboro Trial," one of the most famous-or infamous-court cases in American history.

    The Trial of Orenthal James Simpson
    Although the 1995 criminal trial of O. J. Simpson for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman has been called "a great trash novel come to life.

    Steunenberg's assassination
    The day after Steunenberg's assassination, a waitress at the Saratoga Hotel in Caldwell reported that a guest, calling himself Thomas Hogan, had "trembling hands"

    In May, 1868
    the Senate came within a single vote of taking the unprecedented step of removing a president from office. Although the impeachment trial of Andrew Johnson was ostensibly.

    The Chicago Seven Conspiracy Trial
    What did it all mean? Was the Chicago Seven Trial merely, as one commentator suggested, "a monumental non-event"?

    The execution of 38     Sioux
    A framed photograph of the scene depicted on this homepage, the execution of thirty-eight Sioux on December 26, 1862, used to fascinate me when, as a.

    Government controlled rock music?
    Rock Against Racism sponsored an annual concert in Central Park. After the concert produced complaints about noise, and after several.

    Lieutenant William Calley
    The My Lai courts-martial are the stories of two tragedies growing out of American involvement in Viet Nam. One was the massacre by United States soldiers of as many as 500 unarmed civilians-

    Bartolomeo Vanzetti & Nicola Sacco
    On April 15 year 1920, a guard and a paymaster were killed during a payroll hold-up outside a shoe factory near Boston, the bandits escaped, but.

    Schooner Amistad
    The improbable voyage of the schooner Amistad, and the court proceedings and diplomatic maneuverings that resulted from that voyage, form one of the most significant stories.

    Big Bill
    "War" is not too strong of a term to describe the state of affairs
    existing between the Western Federation of Miners.

    An Account of Events in Salem
    From June through September of 1692, nineteen men and women, all having been convicted of witchcraft, were carted to .

    The Lockerbie Incident Cases: The United Nations Security council is presently the most powerful institutional body ever established at the

    Om Prakash v. State of U.P: In the month of May 2006, in the chaos of Reservation debates.

    The Shah Bano Mandate: The Need For Revival: Long back in 1985 came the landmark judgment of the Supreme Court in the case of Mohd. Ahmed Khan v. Shah Bano Begum .

    Kapila Hingorani v. State of Bihar Judicial Profligacy or Philanthropy: Our constitution, which is arguably the largest written constitution

    Post Decisional Hearing:  Canara Bank v. V.K.Awasthi, 2005 (6) SCC 231: states about post decisional hearing, the concept and its development so far with the help of case laws

    Gagan Kanojia And Anr. Vs. State Of Punjab: This case comment will highlight to us the value of circumstantial evidence in a criminal case

    Case Comment on Priyadarshini Matoo case: This shocking statement of the Additional Sessions Judge, G.P. Thareja in Ms. Priyadarshini Mattoo case, while acquitting

    ONGC v Saw Pipes: The dispute arose out of the failure of the Respondent in supplying the said equipment as per schedule, due to labour problems.

    Bhatia International Vs. Bulk Trading S.A: This Judgment is one of the important judgments of the Supreme Court of India that is bound to attract attention from those

    Salem Advocates Bar Association v. Union of India: The present case Salem Advocate Bar Association v. Union of India is basically an aftermath of the original case Salem Advocates

    Priya Patel Vs State Of M.P: The present case holds its importance for being the only celebrated case.

    Juvenile Supreme Court Judgments: Om Prakash v/s State of Rajasthan - Rape of Minor Girl

    * Transfer of Petition: Sumita Singh vs Kumar Sanjay And Anr | S. Khushboo vs. Kanniammal & Anr - Actress Khusboo allegedly endorsed pre-marital sex

    # Duties of the Police and the Courts - Sheela Barse vs State Of Maharashtra  | Delhi Judicial Service Association, Tis Hazari Court, Delhi vs State of Gujarat

    # Denying sex to spouse a ground for divorce - Smt. Shashi Bala vs Shri Rajiv Arora

    Supreme court Judgments on:
    Landmark judgments on Gift deed  |  Sexual harrasment  | Woman has no right to eye her mother-in-law's property for maintenance | Police and court cannot impound passport but can seize it for at most 4 weeks Quash of 498a filed 10 years after customary divorce and alimony | Husband gets divorce on grounds of cruelty | Quash of 498a citing abuse of court process (NRI) | Customary payments, gifts not dowry Requirements for a Foreign Divorce be valid in India  | Crime against woman Judgments | A.K Kraipak v. Union of India

    Maintenance for wife and children: final and interim: 1) Shail Kumari Devi & Anr vs Kishun B. Pathak

    # Transfer of Petition in favour of Husband - Dipankar Ghosh Vs Moukhi Dutta (Ghosh)

    SC Judgments on IPC- 498a: 1) G. Raj Mallaiah and Another v. State of Andhra Pradesh 2) Smt. Mayadevi Vs. Jagdish Prasad 3) Rajkumar v. State of Madhya Pradesh 4) Ruchi Agarwal vs Amit Kumar Agrawal & Others 5) Satyajit Banerjee and others v. State of West Bengal and others

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