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Cameroon Law Firm ISIS Attorneys
Off Address: 29 Boulevard du Lamido de Rey Bouba, Mballa 2
Yaoundé, Cameroon
Zip code : 28845
lawyer PhoneUser Tel No: +00237 222207998
Fax no: 00237 222221067
lawyer email Email: contact[email protected]
Court of Practice: High Court, Dubai Lower Court
Firm Description: ISIS Attorneys is one of the largest IP Law in Sub Saharan Africa. We handle Trademark and Patent applications and litigations in various african countries, with our Offices in Cameroon (for OAPI -African Union applications), Ghana, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Djibuti, Uganda and Rwanda. Our Lawyers and IP Attorneys are specialize in all IP matters.
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Cameroon Law Firm The Abeng Law Firm-Cameroon

Address: 60 rue de la motte piquet Bonanjo-Douala
Douala, Littoral, Cameroon
Zipcode: 04155
Phone No: +237 33 42 73 20
Fax: +237 33 43 75 79
Email : [email protected]
Court Of Practice: Supreme Court, High Court, District Court
Firm Desc: The Abeng Law Firm is a firm of lawyers offering a wide spectrum of legal, advisory and litigation services. Established by Barrister Abeng Roland in January 1998 the firm has evolved to become one the foremost Law Firms in Cameroon in the fields of Trade and Investment, Intellectual property law, general commercial law and debt recovery.
Area of Practice: criminal : checked, international, intellectual property, aviation, contract, banking, insurance, business litigation, civil rights, environmental, finance, franchise law
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Cameroon Law Firm Ngu and co law firm
Address: 573 Rue Bébé Elame, (2nd floor, Cam-Cameroon Building - l'immeuble en carreau), BP 2250
Douala, Cameroon
Zipcode: BP 2250
lawyer Phone Phone No: +(237)33431273
Fax: +(237)33431273
lawyer email Email : [email protected]
Court Of Practice: Supreme Court, High Court, District Court
Firm Description: We are registered Patent and Trademark Attorneys of the OAPI (African Intellectual Property Organization) undertaking Intellectual Property practice covering all the 16 Member Countries of the OAPI. We are also Barristers and Solicitors of the Supreme Court of Cameroon and members of the Cameroonian Bar Association. Our legal practice covers Cameroon and all OHADA member states.
Area of Practice: adoption, bankruptcy creditors, bankruptcy debtors, criminal, contract, consumer law, creditors rights, collection creditors, construction, civil rights, general practice, entertainment, intellectual property, labor employers, land use, patent trademark, employment, environmental, personal injury plaintiffs, personal injury defense, traffic, aviation, sports law, tax, banking, computer, insurance, not for profit, copyright, labor workers, pension profit-sharing, business litigation, family law, landlord tenant, real-estate, civil litigation, corporation partnership, finance, foreclosure, securities arbitration, securities, immigration, social security, products liability, workers compensation
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Cameroon Law Firm Henry, Samuelson and Co
Address: P. O. Box 15805 Akwa
Douala, Littoral, Cameroon
lawyer Phone Phone No: (237) 343 87 63
Fax: (237) 343 87 91
lawyer email Email : [email protected]
Court Of Practice: Supreme Court, High Court, District Court
Firm Description: Law firm with acknowledged skills in international business and corporate matters serving clients in several countries on all five continents
Area of Practice: administrative law, admiralty maritime, adoption, appellate practice, arbitration mediation, aviation, banking, bankruptcy creditors, bankruptcy debtors, business litigation, civil litigation, collection creditors, computer, consumer law, contract, copyright, corporation partnership, education, employment, entertainment, environmental, finance, general practice, health care law, immigration, insurance, intellectual property, international, labour employers, labour workers, land use, landlord tenant, libel slander, patent trademark, probate, products liability, real estate, securities arbitration, securities, sports law, tax, traffic, wills trusts estates, workers compensation
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The Right to Non-discrimination and the Protection of Foreigners Status within the CEMAC Sub-region:
Problems faced by migrants despite the availability of local laws on foreigners’ protection have instigated the posing of questions in order to ascertain the adequacy of the lawful protection of foreigners in Cameroon, Chad, and Gabon.-Nana Charles Nguindip

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