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    Why Register your Creative work?

    Firstly: As copyright is an automatic right proving your claim may be a very difficult matter without proper evidence to back you up. All too often it boils down to a case of ‘their word against yours’. Without proper protection, something you have created could end up making money for someone else.

    Secondly: If your work is later passed off as the work of someone else, how do you prove that it was yours to start with?
    Your friends and family may vouch for you, but their opinion is by nature biased, and the person who copied your work could easily get their friends and family to vouch for them too.

    Finally: Posting a copy to yourself is virtually worthless (though we are amazed how often this urban myth is quoted as a way to prove copyright): As the copy you post remains in your possession, the other party can easily show that you had ample opportunity to tamper with the contents, and of course once opened it could not be used as evidence in any future claim or appeal.

    How Copyright Registration helps?

    Independent proof of your Creative work
    A Copyright registration creates an independently verifiable record of the content of your Creative work as it existed at that point in time.

    Deters infringement and reduces disputes

    One of the advantages of registration is that when the defendant realizes the weight of evidence is against them they will normally seek to come to an amicable arrangement and avoid legal costs. In many cases, simply stating that a work is registered with the Copyright Service may be enough to make a would be infringer think again in the first place.

    Faster resolution of disputes
    Having independent evidence of your claim can greatly speed up decisions that would otherwise tend to be their word against yours. Making the copyright office in India as your evidence provider will help for speedy justice.

    International Copyright protection

    Indian being a Signatory member of Bern Convention, your Copyright Protection is covered in 166 countries you may check the list of Bern Convention member Countries

    Evidence available time after time
    Whenever you need proof of the content of your work, the evidence submitted by you will, be verifiable by the Copyright Office in India from Time to Time whenever required.

    Secure, managed back-ups
    Copyright Registrations are backed-up electronically, and stored in geographically separate locations. This means that your work will never be lost through data corruption, fire, or other problem. All back-ups are also encrypted, to ensure strict confidentiality and security.

    What If your work is infringed / copied?

    If an infringement is made on your work, your Copyright Registration details such as Diary no or Certificate will provide strong evidence of your copyright ownership from the date of registration. as this is issued by government of India hence its value will hold paramount value in the court of law

    When to register your Copyright?

    Generally speaking, the sooner the better. As Registration of Copyright provides evidence of your work from the date of registration, we always recommend that your work is registered before it is available for others to view.

    Copyright Registration of Book, Video, Software,Audio and script

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    Copyright Registration3,29,796 Copyright Registered in India as of 1/01/2021
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