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State Of Bihar V. Bihar Pensioner Samaj
Article: This article is the critical analysis of the case . This article analyze the judgment of the Apex court in this case. Another objective is to highlight any aspect that has been not been dealt by our Honorable Supreme Court as after all the judges who decide the cases are human at the end of the day. - - Bitadru Sarkar
Lenght: 2258 words
Added Date: 23 Dec 2007
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   Avg Rating: 

Danial Latifi v. Union of India
Article: A Muslim is required to maintain his other relations only if he has the means. But a Muslim husband is duty bound to provide maintenance to his wife, even if he is poor, if the marriage is sahih or lawful. - - Paushali De
Lenght: 2578 words
Added Date: 8 Jan 2008
    Views: 2477     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Power of Pardon
Article: The Power of Pardon was historically vested in the British monarch. At common law, a pardon was an act of mercy whereby the king “forgiveth any crime, offence, punishment, execution, right, title, debt, or duty - - Neil Borate
Lenght: 3158 words
Added Date: 2 Feb 2008
    Views: 2384     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Public Policy - Zoroastrian
Article: Posing threat to the unity and integrity of the Nation. - - Adv. A. Patrawala
Lenght: 681 words
Added Date: 8 May 2008
    Views: 779     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Bihar Assembly Dissolution Case
Article: The detailed judgment of the Supreme Court in Rameshwar Prasad And Others v. Union of India on January 24, 2006 holding the dissolution of the Bihar Assembly as illegal - - Avinash Sharma
Lenght: 3878 words
Added Date: 28 Feb 2009
    Views: 99     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

S. R. Bommai v. Union of India
Article: In the constituent assembly debate it was suggested that Article 356 is liable to be abused for political purpose. In reply to this Dr. Ambedkar said that such articles will never be called into operation and they would remain a dead letter - - Jaimin. R. Dave
Lenght: 3356 words
Added Date: 16 Mar 2009
    Views: 216     Reviews: 0  
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Case Comment on SK. Shukla V State of Uttar Pradesh
Article: Conditional legislation is of different types: (i) power to bring an Act into operation; (ii) power to extend the application of any Act in force in one territory to another territory; and to restrict and make modifications in the original legislation to suit the exigencies of the territory under its control; (iii) power to extend the life of an act; and (iv) power to extend or to exempt from the operation of an Act certain categories of subjects or territories. - - T. Bharat Ratna
Lenght: 4027 words
Added Date: 14 Jul 2009
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   Avg Rating: 

I.R. Coelho v. State of Tamil Nadu: A Judicial Challenge
Article: The nine judges' Bench presided by Mr. Justice Y.K. Sabharwal, the then C.J.I. delivered a unanimous verdict on 11.1.2007 in I.R. Coelho (dead) by L.Rs. v. State of Tamil Nadu and others - - Shashwat Agarwal
Lenght: 2573 words
Added Date: 4 Sep 2009
    Views: 57     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Priya Patel Vs State Of M.P
Article: The present case holds its importance for being the only celebrated case in which the question whether a lady may be prosecuted for gang rape has been taken up - - Arunima Jha
Lenght: 721 words
Added Date: 22 Nov 2009
    Views: 58     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Limits Of Judicial Review
Article: Judicial review means the reconsideration of a degree or sentence of an inferior Court, but these days the concept has undergone great changes and the literal meaning of judicial review is no longer valid. - - Ruchita Jain
Lenght: 1421 words
Added Date: 22 Nov 2009
    Views: 65     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Salem Advocates Bar Association v. Union of India

The present case Salem Advocate Bar Association v. Union of India[1] is basically an aftermath of the original case Salem Advocates Bar Association, Tamil Nadu. v. Union of India[2]. - - Vandini Sharma

Lenght: 4055 words
Added Date: 21 Jan 2010
    Views: 8     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

L. C. Golaknath V. State Of Punjab
Article: In the famous case of Golaknath V. State Of Punjab, in the year 1967 the Court ruled that Parliament could not curtail any of the Fundamental Rights in the Constitution. - - Ruchita & Kirti
Lenght: 1538 words
Added Date: 21 Jan 2010
    Views: 6     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Case Of Avena And Other Mexican Nationals
Article: The judgment of the International Court of Justice in Avena and Other Mexican Nationals (Mexico v United States of America) considers the obligations that a state bears towards detained foreign nationals under art 36 - - Abhilasha Bhatnagar
Lenght: 5311 words
Added Date: 14 Feb 2010
    Views: 7     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Indian Railway Construction Co. Ltd. V. Ajay Kumar
Article: Administrative law is the body of law that governs the activities of administrative agencies of government. Government agency action can include rulemaking, adjudication, or the enforcement - - Mansi Trivedi
Lenght: 4781 words
Added Date: 14 Feb 2010
    Views: 6     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

KK Modi Vs KN Modi
Article: This case discussed the attributes which are necessary for considering an agreement as an arbitration agreement. It was held that among the attributes which must be present - - Arunima Jha
Lenght: 364 words
Added Date: 14 Feb 2010
    Views: 5     Reviews: 0  
   Avg Rating: 

Total: 17      Displaying: 1 - 15      Pages:  1 2  

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