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Role Of UN In Soviet Invasion Of Afghanistan:Law
As the world began to see peace initiative after the end of the catastrophic Second World War, the new power blocs started to polarize the Mother Earth into spheres of influence
Villains Of The Millennium ..............

Osama Bin ladenLaw
America's enemy No 1 - A complete Biography

Tamerlane (Timur)
Tamerlane's life (c. 1336-1405) was spent conquering the inhabitants of Asia. A Turkik Mongol, his goal was to...

Ivan the Terrible (Ivan IV)
On January 16, 1547, Ivan became the first czar of Russia, ruling until 1584....

Maximillien Robespierre
 Robespierre was the mastermind of the Reign of Terror (1793-1794), the dark underside of theStalin French Revolution....

Joseph Stalin
Totalitarian leader of the U.S.S.R. from
1929-53, Stalin crushed the Soviet peoples with his ...

Mao Zedong (Mao Tse-tung)
A despotic ideologue who controlled China from 1949-76, Mao subjected the Chinese

Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier
Up to 60,000 Haitians died under the 1957-71 reign of Duvalier, and millions were ...

Nicolae Ceausescu
Running a neo-Stalinist police state from 1967
-89, Nicolae Ceausescu wound the iron ...

Idi Amin
Brutally authoritarian president of Uganda from 1971
-79, Idi Amin oversaw the torture and murder of an estimated 300,000 of his own people....

Pol Pot
Radical Marxist leader of Cambodia from 1975
-79, who butchered his own people. The four years of nightmarish....

World History (1910-1929) ..............

Boy Scouts of America incorporated. Angel Island........

First use of aircraft as offensive weapon in Turkish-Italian War.......

Balkan Wars (1912-1913) resulting from territorial disputes.......

Suffragettes demonstrate in London. Garment workers strike in New York and Boston........

World War I begins: Austrian Archduke Francis Ferdinand and wife Sophie are assassinated.....

Lusitania sunk by German submarine. Second Battle of Ypres. U.S. banks lend $500......

Congress expands armed forces. Battle of Verdun. Battle of the Somme.......

League of Nations holds first meeting at Geneva, Switzerland. U.S. Dept. of Justice red hunt nets thousands of radicals........

Reparations Commission fixes German liability at 132 billion gold marks........

Mussolini marches on Rome; forms Fascist government. Irish Free State, a self-governing dominion of British Empire.......

Adolf Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch in Munich fails; in 1924 he is sentenced to five years........

Death of Lenin; Stalin wins power struggle, rules as Soviet dictator until death in 1953..... 

Nellie Tayloe Ross elected governor of Wyoming; first woman governor elected in U.S. 

General strike in Britain brings nation's activities to standstill. U.S. marines dispatched to Nicaragua during revolt.....

German economy collapses. Socialists riot in Vienna; general strike follows acquittal of Nazis for political murder....

Kellogg-Briand Pact, outlawing war, signed in Paris by 65 nations. Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin....

Trotsky expelled from U.S.S.R. Lateran Treaty establishes independent Vatican City...

Britain, U.S., Japan, France, and Italy sign naval disarmament treaty......

Spain becomes a republic with overthrow of King Alfonso XIII......

Nazis lead in German elections with 230 Reichstag seats. Famine in U.S.S.R

Hitler appointed German chancellor, gets dictatorial powers. Reichstag fire in Berlin

Chancellor Dollfuss of Austria assassinated by Nazis. Hitler becomes führer

World History - Click Here

Famous Saying - QuotesLaw / Historical Facts

World Leaders.......................

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869 in Porbandar ... - by Ms Mahalakshmi G.S.

Washington, George
1st President of the United States (1789-97), commander in chief of the Continental army in the American Revolution.....

Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13 (April 2, old style), 1743, at Shadwell in Goochland........  drafted the Declaration of Independence ...
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln was born in Hardin.... he worked in a store, managed a mill, surveyed, and split rails......
Theodore Roosevelt
was born in New York City on Oct. 27, 1858. A Harvard graduate......He was elected governor of New York in 1898....

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born in Hyde Park, N.Y., on Jan. 30, 1882.....  nomination for vice president as James M. Cox's running mate.....

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
He was born in Brookline, Mass., on May 29, 1917. Son of, Joseph P. Kennedy, how was  the Ambassador to Great Britain from 1937 to 1940...
Richard Milhous Nixon
After five years as a lawyer, Nixon joined the Navy in August 1942. He was an air transport officer in the South Pacific and a legal officer stateside before his discharge in 1946 as a lieutenant commander.....
James Earl Carter,
James Earl Carter, Jr., was born in the tiny village of Plains, Ga., Oct. 1, 1924, and grew up on the family farm at nearby Archery........

Ronald Wilson Reagan
Ronald Wilson Reagan rode to the presidency in 1980 on a tide of resurgent right-wing ,sentiment among an electorate battered by winds of unwanted change, longing for a distant, simpler era.clinton

William Jefferson Clinton
William Jefferson Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe III in Hope, Ark., on Aug. 19, 1946. He was named for his father, who was killed in an automobile accident before Clinton's birth. Virginia Kelley, his mother, eventually married Roger Clinton, a car dealer, whose surname the future president later adopted.

World History (1930-1949) ...............

Saar incorporated into Germany after plebiscite. Nazis repudiate Versailles Treaty,

Germans occupy Rhineland. Italy annexes Ethiopia. Rome-Berlin Axis proclaimed (Japan to join in 1940)

Hitler repudiates war guilt clause of Versailles Treaty; continues to build German power

Hitler marches into Austria; political and geographical union of Germany and Austria 

Germany invades Poland; occupies Bohemia and Moravia; renounces pact with England and concludes 10-year non-aggression pact with U.S.S.R

Hitler invades Norway, Denmark (April 9), the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg (May 10), and France (May 12). Churchill becomes Britain's prime minister.

Germany attacks the Balkans and Russia. Japanese surprise attack on U.S. fleet at Pearl Harbor brings U.S. into World War II

Declaration of United Nations signed in Washington (Jan. 1). Nazi leaders attend Wannsee Conference to coordinate the final solution

Churchill and Roosevelt hold Casablanca Conference (Jan. 14-23). Mussolini deposed

Allies invade Normandy on D-Day (June 6). G.I. Bill of Rights enacted. Bretton Woods Conference creates International Monetary Fund and World Bank

Yalta Conference (Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin) plans final defeat of Germany

First meeting of UN General Assembly opens in London (Jan. 10). Winston Churchill's Iron Curtain speech warns of Soviet expansion

Britain nationalizes coal mines (Jan. 1). Peace treaties for Italy,

Gandhi assassinated in New Delhi by Hindu fanatic (Jan. 30)

Cease-fire in Palestine (Jan. 7). Truman proposes Point Four Program to help world's less developed areas (Jan. 20)......

World History - Click Here

Unsung Heroes ...........................
Kishan Lal
who saved hundreds by defusing bombs ,dies unheard, unsung

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