Intellectual theft, Online Defamation, Breach of Confidentiality, Data Protectionon, Copyright Infringement in Cyberspace, Network Security
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Intellectual theft , Online Defamation, Breach of Confidentiality, Data Protection Act, Copyright Infringement in Cyberspace, Network Security

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Data Protection Law In India
Probes into data protection & its Indian perspective ,Data Protection Law In Respect of Information Technology Enabled Services, its significance and challenges citing various instances of the frauds & mishaps - - Swati Sinha - Added Date: 22 Jul 2009

Intellectual theft- an essay on Plagiarism
Plagiarism is an issue of concern among people all around the world. It is a moral, ethical, legal issue which has been plaguing the world for centuries - - Soumo & Suvajit - Added Date: 4 Sep 2009

Online Defamation
The concept of defamation in India is defined under Section 499 of Indian Penal Code. The concept is very old and is backed up by various judicial pronouncements - - Vibhor Verdhan - Added Date: 4 Sep 2009

Does India have a Data Protection law
This article mainly throws light on the absence of Data Protection law in India and its consequences - - Mohammed Nyamathulla Khan - Added Date: 22 Nov 2009

Breach Of Confidentiality & Various Legal Issues
Confidentiality has been defined as the "ensuring that information is accessible only to those authorized to have access" and is one of the cornerstones of information security. - - Vibhor Verdhan - Added Date: 22 Nov 2009

Data Retention Policies
Document retention, especially the retention of electronic data has become a hot topic in the legal industry. In the 21st century business world, companies are creating and storing the electronic document and information at light speed. - - Vibhor Verdhan Verdhan
Added Date: 14 Feb 2010

Data Protection Act
The Data Protection Act of England is an act that was made after the report of Lindop’s Commission that had spoken about the privacy of the citizens of the country of United Kingdom. The data protection act contributes its level best in maintaining the privacy of the citizens of the country - - Shivangi Raman
Added Date: 14 Feb 2010

Copyright Infringement in Cyberspace & Network Security
Information Technology is growing faster than any other communication vehicle in the history mankind. Invention of digital technology was the most important revolution in the last century. The influence of digital technology - - Tabrez Ahmad
Added Date: 24 Feb 2010

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