Article 20(3), Separation of Powers, Amendability, Rule Against Bias, Preamble, 42nd Amendment, Freedom of Press, ex-post-facto laws, Article 21A
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Constitutional Amendment in India

Constitution discussed herein: Article 20(3) In Administrative Proceedings, Separation of Powers, Amendability of Indian Constitution, The rule Against Bias, Preamble, 42nd Amendment, Freedom of Press, ex-post-facto laws, Article 21A, Article 368, Personal Dignity, Right to Food

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Constitutional Law

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Silence of The Lambs - Article 20(3) In Administrative Proceedings:
It is always a good idea in most circumstances to begin at the beginning. And the beginning of the right against self-incrimination lies in the seventeenth-century trial of John Lilburne, a Puritan agitator - - Alekhya Prakash - Added Date: 29 Sep 2007

Separation of Powers:
There are three distinct activities in every government through which the will of the people are expressed.- Added Date: 4 Oct 2007

Amendability of Indian Constitution:
The institutions under which we live are being changed continually by the Parliament, because we are never satisfied with them. Sometimes they are - - Kapil Raina - Added Date: 4 Oct 2007

Nemo in propria causa judex, esse debet :THE RULE AGAINST BIAS:
Nemo in propria causa judex , esse debet, i.e.; no one should be made a judge in his own cause. It is popularly known as the rule against bias. - - Divi Jain - Added Date: 4 Oct 2007

Preamble: A part of the Constitution or not:
Authors have discussed the vexed question that whether preamble is a part of constitution or not. In this,, Authors have relied on two landmark cases i.e. Berubari case & Kesavananda Bharti case. Authors have concluded this brief comment by stating that Preamble is a part of Constitution. - -Mohit Agrawal & Romit Agrawal - Added Date: 4 Oct 2007

Constitutionality of a Constitutional Amendment:
The present Article envisages to highlight as to what is the limit of constitutional validity of constitutional amendment - - Prateek Deol - Added Date: 6 Oct 2007

Waman Rao Vs Union of India:
This article aims to explain how this case has settled the uncertainty which arose in the constitutional law immediately after Keshavananda Bharti Case. - - Abhirup Ghosh - Added Date: 6 Oct 2007

42nd Constitutional Amendment:
Article stresses on what was 42nd Constitutional Amendment all about? How Parliament ensured through A.368 that they grow unfettered in their power? - - Prateek Deol - Added Date: 8 Oct 2007

Freedom of Press:
The right to freedom of expression is probably the most universally accepted human right.[1]The freedom of the press is considered to be the most important right which must be protected in a democratic society - - Madan Singh Choudhary - Added Date: 9 Oct 2007

Protection against ex-post-facto laws:
An ex-post-facto law is a law which imposes penalties retroactively, that is, upon acts already done, or which increases the penalty for the past acts - - Madan Singh Choudhary - Added Date: 14 Oct 2007

Causes for Introduction of Article 21 A:
Author in this Article has tried to portray a unique link between Poverty and Education. And, how Indian Judiciary made the Parliament to amend the constitution and make right to education as a Fundamental right under Article 21 A by 82nd Constitutional Amendment - - Prateek Deol - Added Date: 16 Oct 2007

Article 368:
The Constitution of India lays down the framework on which Indian polity is run. The Constitution declares India to be a sovereign socialist democratic republic - - Arun Soni - Added Date: 17 Oct 2007

Personal Dignity:
Inculcation of various international conventions and declarations in our domestic laws has been elaborately dealt. Finally, its presents that its only judiciary who can play the role of savior of human dignity, when such terms cant be codified. - -Himanshu Choudhary - Added Date: 17 Oct 2007

Right to Food and Development in India:
The Article at the begining presents a brief outline of the origin and development of the Right to Food, the most debated Socio-Economic Right, in the modern legal system. - - Priyanka Rathi - Added Date: 19 Oct 2007

Police Firing:
The conduct of the police is an important indicator of the state of governance, and their performance can significantly shape the social well being of nations - - Pankaj Bansiwal & Jitendra Bansiwal - Added Date: 20 Oct 2007


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