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External Commercial Borrowings
Article: It provides quite a few advantages to the borrower as well as the lender. But, uncontrolled influx of funds into the country may have certain adverse macro-economic effects namely, inflation, acceleration of domestic interest rates and uneconomic augmentation in foreign exchange reserves of the country among many others. - - Debomita Ghosh
Lenght: 1736 words
Added Date: 17 Jul 2009
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Corporate Social Responsibility
Article: - - Dr. P. Sri Sudha
Lenght: 4984 words
Added Date: 22 Jul 2009
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Article: Developing countries have raised a range of different concerns with the TRIPS agreement. - - Gayatri U Avasak
Lenght: 7201 words
Added Date: 2 Sep 2009
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From GATT to WTO
Article: In the article I have discussed how WTO has emerged. The World Trade Organisation, the primary international body regulating trade throughout the world, with majority of the countries as it's memeber, following its guidelines has a long history attached to it's establishment.- - Safia Gupta
Lenght: 2711 words
Added Date: 4 Sep 2009
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Mergers and Acquisitions
Article: Merger is defined as combination of two or more companies into a single company where one survives and the others lose their corporate existence. - - Lubna Yusuf
Lenght: 1405 words
Added Date: 4 Sep 2009
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Incorporation of companies
Article: A Private Limited Company is a Company limited by shares in which there can be maximum 50 shareholders, no invitation can be made to the public for subscription of shares or debentures. - - Roohina Dua
Lenght: 1439 words
Added Date: 22 Nov 2009
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Lacunae of Operational Risk
Article: The scenario of banking all across the world has experienced a dynamic increase in its complexities and in its working. With the increasing number of transactions and increasing amount of human computer interaction, the world experiences a large amount of risk in case of combating the problems of operational risk. - - Ms.Shivangi Raman
Lenght: 1242 words
Added Date: 22 Nov 2009
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Companies Bill, 2009
Article: The Companies Act, 1956 is the principal landmark legislation that governs companies in India. The Act prescribes provisions for protection of the interests of the investors, creditors and public at large but at the same time permits the management to utilize its resources for optimum results and prosperity - - Sharada T.R.
Lenght: 3595 words
Added Date: 22 Nov 2009
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Odious Debt
Article: It seems there are not too many lawyers who have an understanding of or about the technical meaning of “odious debts.” Nevertheless, this highly dubious concept has the potential of almost explosive power for many lender states in this world. “Odious debts” are now understood as a legal institution which by force of law, make certain debts automatically null and void. - - Ankita Manav
Lenght: 3730 words
Added Date: 22 Nov 2009
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Changing Sovereignty In The Light Of WTO
Article: Sovereignty means the right of the nations to govern them. This concept has fostered world order by establishing legal protections against external intervention and by offering a diplomatic foundation for the negotiation of international treaties - - Rittika Chhetri
Lenght: 2135 words
Added Date: 22 Nov 2009
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WTO & Development In Developing Countries Perspective
Article: The problem of our age is growing economic disparity between developed and industrialized country on the one hand, and the developing world on the other.- - Swapneshwar Goutam
Lenght: 11480 words
Added Date: 21 Jan 2010
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Mergers In Pharma Sector
Article: Takeovers in the Pharmaceutical industry are the current rage ll over the world. The last decade has seen the Indian Pharma ndustry undergo a complete makeover.It has managed to create a distinct position in the Global scenario - - Ankita & Kalyani
Lenght: 3926 words
Added Date: 14 Feb 2010
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Operational Risk Management under Basel II in the light of COSO—ERM& Maturity Model
Article: Operational risk in today’s tech savvy organization is of great concern which emphasizes of shield mechanism to mitigate the loss at adverse instances. Looking to this very concept the Banking Sector, - - Shuchi Chandra
Lenght: 1577 words
Added Date: 14 Feb 2010
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Strikes and Lockouts
Article: In any Industrial endeavour co-operation of labour and capitalis quite essential for its success, although they have interests contrary to each other. They have different strategies and weapons to ventilate their grievances and safeguard their interests. - - Sonakshi Verma
Lenght: 2464 words
Added Date: 14 Feb 2010
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Vicarious Liability Of Directors And Officers On Bouncing Of Cheques
Article: This Article attempts to examine, a few questions in the light of decisions of the Apex Court, the provisions relating to section 141(1) for the purpose of determining the persons who shall be responsible and can be made liable for an offence done by a company. - - G.P.Sahi
Lenght: 3517 words
Added Date: 14 Feb 2010
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Total: 46      Displaying: 31 - 45      Pages:  1 2 3 4  

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