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Author Topic: Can I get some help against Continuous monitoring & Cyber Bullying (torture)  (Read 1996 times)

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Monitoring as defined, is the process and technology used to detect compliance and risk issues associated with an organization's financial and operational environment. We all know Facebook and other social networks are used for ‘mining’ for various different goals... They also use some ‘restrictions’ to bar users who have certain kind of ‘itchiness’... And some users who ‘qualify’ after certain types of ‘tests’ for further surveillance... might ‘fail’ to give ‘dividends’ against a certain ‘sponsor’, who would then ‘frame’ the individual by misrepresenting his ‘history’ and compromising his ‘future’...     

I don’t know ‘who’ is after me...   

It all started when I started facebooking and constantly messaged damsels around the globe... I was working for a large corp at that time and I added ‘friends’ unscrupulously while devoting time to my twisted fantasies as well as spiritual callings... And then, a girl ‘broke’ my heart and I gave up ‘some’ of what I was doing and started living a near to bohemian life... which unfortunately, due to my lack of everyday ‘skills’, lasted only about few months... During this period, however, I did consult career as well as psycho counsellors... but the control of subconscious was stronger... Then, as my online existence started to ‘bloom’ again, my ‘real’ life profile took a dip in eyes of online ‘watchers’ and some racist elements in the neighbourhood as well as jealous/spiteful ones from the past...Although some well-wishers ‘did’ try their best to ‘steer’ me back to ‘normalcy’, the opportunistic elements jumped in and pulled several strings to weave a web all around me...I felt as if I was being 'tracked' through my 'mobile' as they ‘jeered’ endlessly, poking fun callously at my ‘un’natural retardation, my every next step came closer and closer to their very ‘designs’...
I was ‘followed’ every time I left the house...and I could ‘sense’ the ‘booby’ traps all around me...  and all my old as well as any ‘new’ accounts that I made, were constantly monitored... Even when I changed the ISPs as well as Laptops, the ‘tracking’ and ‘hacking’ continued... Even the ‘messages’ that I sent were ‘blocked’ as the responses dwindled on Facebook...(yea...I know it aint a dating site...) So I looked elsewhere to sites like OKCUPID, as I wanted to stay far away from shadows of Facebook as well as its connection with Zoosk..but to my ‘astonishment’ this got my OK CUPID account ‘hacked’ along with my Gmail/Yahoo email account attached to it (Is it illegal to have an ‘online’ relationship via video chat etc..? perhaps for a registered ‘offender’ it is...I think I am far away from a seasoned rapist than I am from an incompetent fool who ‘bore’ the brunt of this torture in multitude ways for nearly 2 years)... may be they wanted to make me look like a sexually depraved retarded predator prowling to jump upon a next ‘unsuspecting victim’... or they were trying to ‘lynch’ me for certain ‘behaviour’... or they were trying to implicate me as a in some well created trap or they were waiting for me to finally ‘report’ against already ‘widely reported’ saga... or go ‘psycho’ over the ‘perpetrators’(Now actually I am mentally prepared to ‘kill’ as well & I don’t care if this things are ‘used’ against me under any fracking ‘law’.. )...

Now I am seriously considering a LAW SUIT.. that could fetch me some relief of this endless trauma that is still going on...


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