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Author Topic: Girlfriend Cheated by taking money  (Read 782 times)

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Girlfriend Cheated by taking money
« on: September 02, 2017, 07:44:14 PM »
I was in relationship with a girl from last 2 years. On Oct 2016 she asked me 30k₹ by saying I will return it within 6 months. Like wise she got another 20k₹ followed by that month. She asked me to give in hand but, my goodness I was not able to give in hand so I transferred to her bank account. I have not get any written doc for giving the cash as bcoz I was in the impression that she is in true relationship with me. Later after 6 month she just started ignoring me over a time I understand she just used me only for cash, physical relationship, for taking her shopping, to buy groceries for her home. On March 2017 I was in angry and asked her you are really in relationship with me or acting. But she took that as an opportunity and started fighting, I was totally angry and I started abusing her in very worst way. But she went to police station and complained against me the ( I am disturbing her for marriage which she is not interested) in that complaint she created story like I am stranger and disturbing her, police not interested to listen my single word as because they are looking for bribe. Later she made (by sending 3 local rowdy guys)me write a apology letter for the complaint which I never done.  After this incedent she just disappeared from my life. She blocked my calls messages everything, changed her home.i was not able to trace her where she is, I contacted her maternal uncle (gaurdian) he knows we was in relationship but he is not interested in me bcoz I am Hindu(SC) she is Muslim, he abused me by saying community and religion name and hang oof the call. Then started researching about her. I got shock info about her. Before me she was in relationship with 5 guys in 3 years. Used them for her shopping and financial need and finally left them like how she left me. But all other boys are not interested in complaining against her because all forgot her and in their new life. But I am not going to leave her repeat the same thing against to any other boy. Kindly advice me for the below questions.
1. For what are all the things I can file a case
  - for cheating me by promising the she is going to marry me
  - In the name of love she got totally 50k₹ and I paid her rental bills worth 20k₹ (all bank transactions)
2.under what sections I can file a case.
3. Is it possible to file a case against her uncle for abusing me by using my community SC, if yes can I?
4.This all things happen in Mumbai. But I am from Jaipur. Can I put a case in Jaipur?(bcoz this is my native place where she cannot send rowdy)
5. Is it possible to file a case against her for sending rowdies for beating me.
Pls advice me under how many things I can file a case and what is the possibility of winning it.

I have a proof for given money and paid bills for her name (bank statement),
I have a proof that she was in relationship with me last 2 years (pics, message's) so she cannot ignore by saying she don't know me

Rest I don't have any proof. Pls advice

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