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Title: State land transfer to individual
Post by: hope on October 08, 2016, 11:55:59 PM

I heard that i can acquire state land legally. I would like to know that our homestead is using a piece of state land as our road or public path way ever since 1947 or before. Can i legally acquire the state land from the government legally?
The said state land is surrounded by  other homestead land and we are the only public using that state land as our path way. when other people looks it, it looks almost our as the it is the only path way of our homestead. But legally it is register as state land. people of the nearby homestead is trying to grab the land.
I heard that i can seek an allotment order from the government to transfer that state to our homestead land by paying a government approved land rate prevailing.

If i can seek an allotment order for the said state land, what is the criteria to get the order and what government look for to genuinely allot the land to me or merge with my homestead land.? What is the procedure to file an application for the allotment?

Please advice!