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While listening a Transfer application (TA-Civil) High Court Allahabad allowed the Transfer to another district with the direction that the (lower) Court may proceed to decide the same in accordance with law expeditiously by curtailing all unnecessary adjournments and fixing short and quick dates.
However after the transfer of case, the opposite party which was the applicant in above Transfer case (TA-Civil), delaying the case in lower court by giving multiple adjournments applications showing illness as reason and on one occasion producing medical certificate as well.
I got to know that the applicant was present at his job during many hearing dates on which adjournments granted. So case in lower court is still in trial.
In above situation what I can do for -
1. Expedite the hearing of case in Lower Court  (Civil Proceeding)
2. Punish the opposite party for unnecessary delaying the case. (Criminal Proceeding)

Dear Members,

There is potential fake domicile certificate issued by Haryana Govt. under Distt- Yamnunanagar
Here are my points-
1. This Domicile certificate is issued to a married woman in Year 2012 on basis of her parents have property in Haryana and woman is dependent on parents.
2. Woman married to a person of Uttar Pradesh in year 2011 , one year before getting domicile certificate, but living separately from husband since marriage.
3. Parents of woman living outside Haryana, in a city of Uttar Pradesh from long i.e. 20-30 years, but still hold properties & house in Haryana.
4. For the sake of obtaining domicile certificate woman get voter id in 2012 of Haryana-Yamnunanagar.(Currently that Voter-ID doesn’t exist.)
5. Parents holding voter -id cards of Uttar Pradesh since long.
6. Woman submitted an affidavit in court in Uttar Pradesh in 2015 claiming that she is living with her parents in Uttar Pradesh since 2011.
7. Birth place of woman in Uttar Pradesh.
8. High School & Intermediate attended by women from Uttar Pradesh.
9. Importantly, Passport issued in 2010, have address of Uttar Pradesh, where parents were living.
10. Jurisdication of PAN Card issued to woman belong is same City of Uttar Pradesh.

I have documents related to points 5 (parents voter-ids), 6 (passport), 7, 8, 9 & 10.
Please let me know what your views on that.

If you think there are enough basis to file fake domicile certificate case then, please contact me , I will provide you supported documents.
If you think, still there are some additional documents requirement besides 5-10, then please let me know.

1.   I am trying to obtain previous years (2008-1016) Voters List from both addresses (Haryana & Uttar Pradesh) under consideration.
2.   Also trying to Ration Card (PDS) details of previous years (2008-1016), which certainly make extra evidences as I know woman was using relative address of Haryana prior to 2012.
3.   I am trying to get such cases from same District-Haryana, where candidates issued such Domicile certificate by enrolling only 1 year in constituency.

Please suggest how can I proceed to file the case.
What will be the parties.
Who can become contender.
What will be the court.
Whether any advocate can file PIL for exposing similar cases from same area.
Shall I file only one criminal case against the woman.

What additional documents/proofs I should obtain for this.

Do first I have to prove parents have permanent resident of Uttar Pradesh & then establish that woman is dependent and loving in Uttar Pradesh.
Or I can directly approach court siting Passport as valid ground of evidence of Address. & if person living in 2010 in Uttar Pradesh, how come she get Domicile certificate in 2012 from Haryana.

Also Howcome PAN & Passport issued to person from UP, that means person was somewhere in UP during that time an offcourse there would be documented proof i.e. Voter ID & Ration Card Details. far, Using RTI ,I couldn't get VoterList & Ration Card details for year 2010-16 for both the addresses, although I am trying to get it from some local politicians/links.

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