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Written by: Siddharth Chitturi - Currently is perusing final year [5th] BBMLLB from The ICFAI Law School at Dehradun.
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  • Legal Information Technology points out at the Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO). The business process outsourcing is root cause and that has shown the legal framework a route into the ever fast growing cyber space. It is through this business network that the back office operations have been made possible or it can be said to be the off shoring of tasks to the law firms. The ventures relating to LPO's has taken it way up to the sky in the recent times. LPO's line work is classified into four basic stream lines, which can be categorized as Legal Transcription (LT), Legal Research (LR), Legal Coding (LC) & Legal Billing (LB).

    The fore most LT is much evolved and is highly in use by the professional in this field of law. In LT, voice files regarding the case or the client made during the client interaction session is transformed into data files by transcribers, who on such completion proof read the files to check the accurate conversion of the voice files to data files.

    The task of LR is self explanatory it is inclusive of research tasks that are outsourced to the LPO's, which in return submit a thesis report on the same. LC is concept wherein the all statues, codes, sections, orders and others are provided relevant codes so that they can be helpful to maintain confidentiality in context to their respective cases with the concerned lawyers. LB is the process wherein the invoice or the bill of the lawyers is generated as per the LC given to each of the legal situations.

    The concept of LT & LR are high evolved and much into practice by the LPO's as a business objective. In India the success of such LPO's is evident with the successful establishment of companies like Foxmandal little, QuixLex Legal Services and Pangea3.

    At this very juncture a major factor has to be decided, regarding the selection of India for the back office operations of the law firm abroad. The answer to this query can be classified upon factors such as turn around times & cost effectiveness. India is globally situated at GMT + 05:30 hrs, which itself is an added advantage for the LPO's here. Under this concept back office operations are successfully handled and are putting forth favorable results.

    When the law firms aboard close due to day off, it is same time when we here India start to do our work. At the day end here, the work done by us is sent back to the law firms abroad which are received by them the next day when they come for work. In such way the work of the law firms is carried out through out the day due to the concept of turn around times. India on the hand provided cost effective labor to get a work done. The cost labor abroad being high is also one of the major factors that contribute heavily to the growth the LPO sector.

    Based on these factors law firms, based in USA and U.K prefer outsource their tasks at hand to the LPO's in India. It due to this reason that even many instances of alliances between law firms abroad and in India are taking place in order to diversify their lines of business.

    ** Siddharth Chitturi - I am 22years old, resident of Hyderabad, currently is perusing final year [5th] BBMLLB from The ICFAI Law School at Dehradun. My hobbies are reading and surfing the net. I have great interest in Information technology and mobile technology and at leisure I write articles on law topics, some of them have been published online. I participate in essay contests and have won them at 1st and 2nd positions. I have a PG diploma in Mergers and Acquisitions from Asian Law School, Pune. Iam undergoing my internship at H&B Law Firm, Hyderabad.

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