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    The Lockerbie Incident Cases: The United Nations Security council is presently the most powerful institutional body ever established at the global level. Its existence and powers, as based......By Aditya Krishnamurthy- Posted: 2006/12/30

    CPC, Evidence Law, LBA and Property Law: Under the Hindu Law, a son is under a pious obligation to discharge his father's debts out of his ancestral property even if he had not been benefited by the debts, provided the debts are not avyavaharika......By Ritu Sharma and Priyanka Tiwari - Posted: 2006/12/28

    Diplomatic Immunity In The Context Of International Human Rights: Diplomacy, as a method of communication between various parties, is believed to be one of the few human occupations without which mankind will never be able to live. Hence, rules regulating the conduct of.....By Sangeetha Mugunthan - Posted: 2006/12/27

    Urgent Need For Change In The Hindu Succession Act: The Hindu Succession Act was passed in the year 1956. After Independence, the legislators sought to give right over property to.....By Trayosha Darapuneni - Posted: 2006/12/27

    Indian System Of Bail: he concept of bail, which is an integral part of the criminal jurisprudence, also suffers from the above stated drawbacks. Bail is broadly used to refer to the release of a person.....By Urvashi Saikumar - Posted: 2006/12/21

    Banning Films Or Article 19(1)(A): Few months back, incidents of vociferous protests of many Christian communities against screening of films like The Da Vinci Code have....By Subhradipta Sarkar and Archana Sarma - Posted: 2006/12/21

    Psychology Of Terrorism: Psychology is often described as the science of behaviors. It tries to solve the problems and symptoms individuals encounter because their behavior is in part a science, but in the study of the mind especially the unconscious it often moves away....By Afshan Shamim - Posted: 2006/12/21

    You're Lordship: Control Your Emotions: Mr. Kode, Judge of Special Court, convicted four of the eight members of the Menon family in 1993 Mumbai blasts, while doing so Mr. Kode failed to...By Vikas Garg - Posted: 2006/12/21

    The Protection Of Women From Domestic Violence Act: Indian women have always been considered to be downtrodden section of the society. Men have always treated women....By Bharat Budholia - Posted: 2006/12/21

    Rape law in India and World: Rape is a heinous crime in our world. Now a days all civilized country enacted their own law on this topic. India is not exception of this, it also enacted it's own law under.....By Swagato Paul - Posted: 2006/12/17

    Conspiracy as a Torts: the Quinn v. Leathem type which employs only lawful means but aims at an unlawful end, and the type which employs unlawful means. Thus the tort can take the form of....By Kartikey Mahajan - Posted: 2006/12/15

    Single Colour Mark - It's Register ability in the United States and the United Kingdom: Non-traditional trademark, also known as a non-conventional trademark is any type of trademark which does not belong to.....By Neeti Suri - Posted: 2006/12/15

    Artificial Insemination and In Vitro Fertilization and challenges caused to legal system: Any medical technique that attempts to obtain a pregnancy by means other than by intercourse is....By Vidhya S Shenoy - Posted: 2006/12/3

    Economic Dimensions in Trademark Law: The foundations of the Trademarks Act are based on the safeguarding of the economic rights of the owners of the trademark and also to protect the.....By Mahesh Bissa - Posted: 2006/12/1

    Plea Bargaining: Has been introduced in the Criminal Procedure....By Sourasubha Ghosh - Posted: 2006/11/21

    The Rules To Be Followed By A Court In Applying Appropriate Law In Cases Having A Foreign Party: Private International Law or Conflict of Laws is that branch of law, private in some states, public in others, regulating all lawsuits involving a foreign law element where a....By Jayant Bhatt and Tanvi Kapoor - Posted: 2006/11/21

    Child Trafficking: Role for Judicial Activism: When the judiciary, under the guise of interpreting the law, goes a step beyond, and ends up giving the country new binding law....By Aditi Sambhar and Sudershani Ray - Posted: 2006/11/21

    Irretrievable Breakdown Of Marriage: Marriages, as they define, are made in heaven and solemnized on earth. It is a sacrament for Hindus, a sanctified contract for Muslims and a sacred.......By Pratim Sarkar - Posted: 2006/11/21

    Foreign Direct Investment in India: The economy of India is the third largest in the world as measured by purchasing power parity (PPP), with a gross domestic product (GDP) of US $3.611 trillion......By Animesh Ballabh - Posted: 2006/11/21

    Counter Measures and Settlement of disputes in International Law: One of the most important tasks today in State responsibility is to establish a satisfactory regime for the settlement of.....By Aashish Srivastava - Posted: 2006/11/15

    Introduction To The World Of Genes And Genetic Adventurism: At 4:30 p.m. on 19th October, 2005, UNESCO’s General Conference, gathered in Paris for its 33rd session, adopted the.....By Rashmi Raman - Posted: 2006/11/15

    Capital Punishment: Unlike animals, human beings in the course of time have upgraded their social standards in which they reside and where they can claim to be proud residents.....By Navod Prasannan - Posted: 2006/11/12

    Domestic Violence Act, 2005-A Bane Or A Boon?: Domestic violence is one of the gravest and the most pervasive human rights violation. For too long now, women have accepted it as their destiny.....By Aparna Das - Posted: 2006/11/7

    Arrest of Fair Sex Fairly: Under Article 14 of Indian constitution men and women are equal but simultaneously Article15 (3) empowers the state to make provisions in favour of women.......By Vikas Garg - Posted: 2006/11/5

    Changes brought in the position of women: The Constitution of India provides that every person is entitled for equality before law and equal protection of the laws and thereby prohibits......By Shelly Saluja and Soumya Saxena - Posted: 2006/11/1

    Criminal Breach Of Trust: Whoever, being in any manner entrusted with property, or with any dominion over property, dishonestly misappropriates or converts to his own use that property,.....By Divi Jain- Posted: 2006/9/17

    Interpretation of Fiscal Statutes: Should courts interpret laws according to a uniform set of rules, or should they use different tools for interpreting different statutes?.....By Aashish Srivastava- Posted: 2006/9/17

    Right To Information Act- An Overview: It has taken India 82 years to transition from an opaque system of governance, legitimized by the colonial Official Secrets Act, to one where citizens can......By Dheeraj Mani- Posted: 2006/9/17

    State Succession In International Law: Since World War II, State succession has become increasingly important as it affects more States and more legal relationships than ever before.......By Divyam Agarwal and Mohit Goel- Posted: 2006/9/13

    Construction Ejusdem Generis: Canons of statutory construction are rules of construction for the interpretation of statute law Canons give common sense guidance to courts in interpreting.....By Jayant Bhatt- Posted: 2006/9/11

    Concept Of Social Justice And The Poor: The term social justice was first used in 1840 by a Sicilian priest, Luigi Taparelli d'Azeglio, and given prominence by Antonio Rosmini Serbati in La Costitutione Civile Secondo la Giustizia Sociale in 1848.....By Anshuman Gupta- Posted: 2006/9/11

    Application of the doctrine of Ejusdem generis: Is a rule of construction. While interpretation or construction of a statute the first thing which is done by the court is to assign literal meaning to the statute.....By Shelly - Posted: 2006/9/11

    Can Women be Karta?: The Karta of a Hindu joint Family in Hindu Law is the senior most member of the family entitled to manage family affairs, in his absence the next eldest male member.....By Manisha Garg and Neha Nagar - Posted: 2006/9/11

    Criminal Liability Of Corporate Bodies: In A company has none of features that characterize a living person, a mind that can have knowledge or intention or be negligent. But company, being a.....By Vikas Garg - Posted: 2006/9/5

    Anti-terrorism laws in India and The need of POTA: After the 9/11 attacks on the world trade center the world's outlook towards the terrorist and terrorist organization has changed the laws have.....By Siddharth - Posted: 2006/9/5

    Property Law: Section 44 of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882: The term property in common parlance indicates the economic status of a person. Any property is held by an individual to draw.....By Manisha Garg - Posted: 2006/9/5

    Right to freedom of Religion vs Religious Conversion: Religious conversion has become the subject of passionate debate in contemporary India. From the early 20th century......By Deepak Miglani and Dinesh Miglani - Posted: 2006/9/4

    Position of karta and the effect of amendment of section 6 of HSA, 1956 in 2005: A Hindu joint family consists of the common ancestor and all his lineal male descendants upto any generation together with the wife/ wives (or widows).......By Roopa Gargava - Posted: 2006/9/4

    Whistle-blowers and the law: the process by which employees working in a public or private corporation blow the whistle or disclose claims of malpractices by or within the organizations.....By Abeer Kumar - Posted: 2006/9/1

    A Woman Can't Rape Woman: In State Govt. V. Sheodayal (1956 Cr LJ 83 M.P) M.P High court opined that modesty of a woman can be outraged by another women u/s 354. But apex court recently in Priya Patel V. State Of M.P And Anr......By Vikas Garg - Posted: 2006/9/1

    Res Judicata: means "a thing decided" in Latin. It is a common law doctrine meant to bar re-litigation of cases between the same parties in Court......By Jayant Bhatt - Posted: 2006/9/1

    Environment Protection Laws in the British Era: The problem of environment pollution is as old as the evolution of Homo sapiens on this planet. Man's ambition for limitless enjoyment and comfort has led him towards the exploitation of nature's wealth......By Bharat Budholai - Posted: 2006/8/31

    Bill of Lading: A bill of lading serves as evidence for a contract of affreightment . This usually arises when a ship owner, or other person authorized to act on his behalf employs his vessel as a general ship by advertising......By Pratima Joglekar - Posted: 2006/8/28

    Reservation-Changing Aspect In Modern Time: Reservation as subject in the Indian society is not a new one. It was running even from the pre-independence times. The Britishers for their colonies initially used this concept in the name of welfare purposes......By Rajesh Punia - Posted: 2006/8/27

    Ragging In Educational Institutes: A Human Rights Perspective: It has been rightly said that the end may not always justify the means. Behind the façade of ‘welcoming’ new students to college, ragging, in actuality, is a notorious practice......By Madhavi Chopra - Posted: 2006/8/26

    Public Interest Litigation: In a developing country, the legal process tends to intimidate the litigant, who feels alienated from the system. A poor person, who enters the legal stream......By Geetanjali Jha - Posted: 2006/8/25

    Tenancy Reforms in India: Productivity in agriculture is mainly dependent on two sets of factors, they are techn ological and institutional. Among the technological factors are the uses of agricultural inputs and methods......By Jayant Bhatt - Posted: 2006/8/25

    Justice Delayed- Justice Denied: Notion as theory of law can be defined as a study based on presupposes or ideal which a men seek for its realization through law, called as Theory of Justice......By Bhaskar De - Posted: 2006/8/23

    Origin and Evolution of the Modern Company Law: Gone are the days when sole proprietorship and partnership were the most preferable form of the business wherein the persons use to......By Rahul Kumar Singh - Posted: 2006/8/23

    An introduction to the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987: Legal Aid scheme was first introduced by Justice P.N. Bhagwati under the Legal Aid Committee formed in 1971.......By Divyam Agarwal - Posted: 2006/8/15

    Should India Revamp Its Anti- Terrorism Laws After The July 11 Serial Explosions On Trains In Mumbai: Social interest in individual liberty may well have to be subordinated to other greater social interests......By Aditya Krishnamurthy - Posted: 2006/8/15

    External Commercial Borrowings: The Master Blaster Of Corporate World: Well this topic is not new, but this three letter word ECB contains livelihood till some extent of persons in corporate world. Indian corporate is one of the largest and strongest finance market in world.....By Aditi Sambhar - Posted: 2006/8/11

    Om Prakash v. State of U.P: In the month of May 2006, in the chaos of Reservation debates with speculation of World Cup rounding the airs, the Supreme Court judgment in the case of Om Prakash v. State of Uttar Pradesh.....By Tine Elizabeth Abraham and Stella Joseph - Posted: 2006/8/10

    - Market Ambushing: Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create, exchange, and satisfy individual and organizational objectives.....By Nalin Bawa - Posted: 2006/8/10

    Medical Jurisprudence: An Indian Law Perspective: Medico-legal is the term, which incorporates the basics of two sister professions i.e. Medicine and Law. Everybody talks about the law but few, aside from lawyers, judges and law teachers, have more.....By Sneha Venkataramani - Posted: 2006/8/09

    Should Right To Information Have Been Granted As A Fundamental Right?: Since June 2005, when Right to Information Act, was passed, it has been hailed as the hallmark of democracy for the reasons that it purports to make, as regards government information......By Vienaya Ganesan - Posted: 2006/8/09

    Rights of Victims under Criminal Justice System: The victim’s rights rests on a kind of social contract theory, perhaps captured in the preamble to Louisiana’s 1985 victim’s rights legislation......By Dharm Veer Singh - Posted: 2006/8/07

    Arbitration and elements of Natural Justice: The Black's Law dictionary, defines arbitration as a method of dispute resolution involving one or more neutral third parties, who are agreed to by the disputing parties and whose decision is binding......By Sambit Swain and Mehak Khanna - Posted: 2006/8/07

    Material Breach: In Commercial Contracts, a provision is normally provided allowing either party to terminate upon the other party’s breach of contract. It is common for contracting parties to include a right for one or both parties to terminate for a material breach.....By Vineet Sharma - Posted: 2006/8/06

    Online Defamation: Communication is an art. An art that has developed immensely over the past few centuries and an art that will continue to reinvent itself to unimaginable technological advance.....By Pritha Jha - Posted: 2006/8/03

    Human Rights Of Mentally ILL Persons: Since the dawn of human civilization, mentally ill patients have received the scant care and concern of the community because of their unproductive value......By Manish Lakhawat - Posted: 2006/8/03

    Patent Enforcement Measures in India: IP laws are extremely important for the scientific development of a country. Strong IP legislations ensure the progress in varied fields and result in the growth of a country's knowledge bank.......By Sneha Venkataramani - Posted: 2006/8/02

    Same Sex Relationship - Time for Legal Recognition in India: It takes great courage to say, I am a homosexual. It needs even greater humbleness to put up with the statement: What did you say? You are a homosexual......By Manish Lakhawat - Posted: 2006/8/01

    An Analysis of Parliamentary Privileges in India: The term "parliamentary privileges" is used in Constitutional writings to denote both these types of rights and immunities.....By Jayant Bhatt - Posted: 2006/8/01

    Role of International Court of Justice: After the Second World War the Permanent Court of International Justice (PCIJ) was replaced by the International Court of Justice (ICJ).....By Prof. Vijay oak - Posted: 2006/7/29

    The Shah Bano Mandate: The Need For Revival: Long back in 1985 came the landmark judgment of the Supreme Court in the case of Mohd. Ahmed Khan v. Shah Bano Begum , which gave way to controversies in the Muslim world.....By Trideep Raj Bhandari - Posted: 2006/7/13

    Tautological Aspect Of English Mortgage In India: Like simple mortgage, an English mortgage can also be enforced by sale, but it bears certain additional features as well.....By Vivek Satyani - Posted: 2006/7/13

    Product Patent for the Indian Pharmaceutical Sector under the TRIPS regime: the Indian Patent Act of 1970 was amended on March 22, 2005, to fulfill its obligation under the TRIPS agreement.....By Sudipta Sarkar - Posted: 2006/7/13

    Anti Superstition Law: The history of the anti superstition bill began in 2003, when the first draft of the anti superstition bill was tabled. It was called the Jadu Tona Andhshradha Virodhi bill of 2003.....By Pritha Jha - Posted: 2006/7/13

    International Law: Although the Rome Statue for the creation of the International Criminal Court repeatedly points out the fact that the court its ratification will create will be an independent body....By Varun Pathak- Posted: 2006/7/13

    Liquidated Damages v. Penalty: Are Causation and Loss Really Required: In a contract, the parties may name a sum to be payable in the event of breach. If such sum is a genuine pre estimate of loss it is termed liquidated damages....By Chetan Gupta- Posted: 2006/7/13

    Article 21 Of The Constitution Of India: The Constitution of India provides Fundamental Rights under Chapter III. These rights are guaranteed by the constitution. One of these rights is provided under article 21 which reads as follows.....By Vidhan Maheshwari- Posted: 2006/7/13 -

    Kapila Hingorani v. State of Bihar Judicial Profligacy or Philanthropy: Our constitution, which is arguably the largest written constitution in the world, expressly provides for the proliferating.....By Abhinav Kardekar- Posted: 2006/7/13

    Securitisation: A Boon for the Banking Sector: With advent of the Recovery of Debts Due To Banks and Financial Institutions Act, 1993 there was a great hope within the banking circle that most of the Non Performing Assets ...By Soumya S Mohapatra- Posted: 2006/7/13

    Arrears On Judiciary demand for judicial reform: In the Indian democratic society, for protecting and enhancing the rights of the people, judiciary plays an important role besides legislative. ...By Rajesh Punia - Posted: 2006/7/12

    What is patent: Patent, is a legal document granted by the government giving an inventor the exclusive right to make, use, and sell an invention for a specified number of years.By Jayant Bhatt - Posted: 2006/7/12

    Corporate Criminal Liability: Large multinational corporations have come to dominate the national and global economic scene. The scale of their operations is enormous. By Dharm Veer Singh - Posted: 2006/7/12

    Why is NBFC a House Divided unto Itself?: NBFC’s (Non Banking Financial Companies) are reported periodically to be under the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) lens for one reason or the other. Under the circumstances, any effort by RBI By Adv.Arijit Chakraborty - Posted: 2006/7/12

    Consumer Protection Act, 1986: 2002 Amendments- Laurels and Loopholes: Section 2 (d) of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, defines ‘consumer’ as any person.....By Neha Das - Posted: 2006/6/30

    Role of PIL in Environmental Protection In India: The Indian judiciary adopted the technique of public interest litigation for the cause of environmental protection in many cases.....By Vijay Oak - Posted: 2006/6/30

    Taking Prisoner’s Rights Seriously: Less than 200 years ago, the attitude to prisons, prisoners and punishment was brutal and barbaric.....By Saurbh Kothari - Posted: 2006/6/30

    Recognition Of Homosexuality In India-Its Time: The marriage of Wendell Rodericks, one of India’s prominent fashion designers and his French gay partner Jerome was solemnized at ....By Nupur Mukherjee - Posted: 2006/6/29

    Right To Employment Of Disables: A Law Merely On Paper: Human rights are the fundamental or basic rights, which should not be taken away by any individual or government....By Priya Bansal - Posted: 2006/6/29

    Noise Pollution: Sources, Effects and Control: The present generation and the coming generations have to solve three grave problems, namely, population poverty and pollution.....By Deepak Miglani - Posted: 2006/6/29

    Judicial Activism and Environmental Jurisprudence in India: Prior to 1980s, only the aggrieved party could personally knock the doors of justice and seek remedy for.....By Rohan Bagai - Posted: 2006/6/28

    Reservation in Educational Institution: Union HRD Ministry's proposal of 27 per cent reservation for OBC students in Centrally-funded universities has re-ignited the merit vs caste debate.....By Vishal Vora - Posted: 2006/6/28

    Patent Protection in the field of Nanotechnology: Nanotechnology is the design, characterization, production and application of structures, devices and systems by controlling shape and size......By Sneha Venkataramani - Posted: 2006/6/28

    Ethica Arbitrationis: In the business community the term ‘ethics’, nowadays, risks being abused as much as the notion of philosophy......By Anand Shankar Jha - Posted: 2006/6/28

    Trademark Disputes over Domain Names: With the globalization and commercialization of the Internet, domain names have taken on a new significance as business identifiers......By Rohan and Akshat - Posted: 2006/6/28

    Euthanasia- A Theological Approach: is defined as an intentional killing by an act/omission of person whose life is felt is not to be worth living......By Nikhil Agrawal - Posted: 2006/4/28

    Legal Aid: Legal Aid implies giving free legal services to the poor and needy who cannot afford the services of a lawyer for the conduct of a case or a legal proceeding.....By Varun Pathak - Posted: 2006/4/27

    Wild life Protection: Wild life means the plants, animals, and insects etc.,.... In India, a long time back an attempt was made to save wildlife by way of enacting Indian Forest Act, 1927.....By Prof. Vijay Oak - Posted: 2006/4/27

    Economic Torts: The ECONOMIC TORTS, as their name suggests, have as their primary function, the protection of claimant’s economic interests.....By Vivek Satyani - Posted: 2006/4/26

    Objectives of Criminal Justice System: Criminal Justice refers to the agencies of government charged with enforcing law, adjudicating crime, and correcting criminal conduct.....By Rahul Kumar Singh - Posted: 2006/4/26

    Theories Of Punishment-A Socio-Legal View: Each society has its own way of social control for which it frames certain laws and also mentions the sanctions with them......By Shaswata Dutta - Posted: 2006/4/26

    Conditional Access System: In this era of technological superiority, law has to keep pace with the technological advancements in order to survive the risk of being termed outdated....By Archana and Richa - Posted: 2006/4/26

    Death Sentence: Death penalty has been a mode of punishment since time immemorial. The arguments for and against has not changed much over the years.....By Prof. Satish Kumar - Posted: 2006/4/25

    Laws Governing Extradition: ...Abu Salem's extradition: Extradition may be briefly described as the surrender of an alleged or convicted criminal by one State to another.....By Puneet Vyas - Posted: 2006/4/25

    Are Phase I Clinical Trials of Foreign Drugs Permitted in India?: The Indian Clinical Research Outsourcing (CRO) industry is growing rapidly and brings with it attendant regulatory concerns....By Arijit Chakraborty - Posted: 2006/4/25

    Caveat Emptor or Caveat Venditor: ‘Let the buyer beware’ is not a phrase that judges use very often nowadays. The age-old rule of caveat emptor rule....By Trideep Raj Bhandari - Posted: 2006/4/22

    Competition Act, 2002 And Its Relevance: Since attaining Independence in 1947,India, for the better part of half a century thereafter, adopted and followed policies comprising what are known as.....By Surabhi Singhi - Posted: 2006/4/21

    The Right To Information Act: if secrecy were to be observed in the functioning of government and the processes of government were to be kept hidden from public scrutiny......By Nishant Gaurav Gupta - Posted: 2006/4/19

    Copyright Protection for Graphical User Interface: Considering the importance of user interface in a software program, the issue of providing legal protection for user interfaces......By Abhishek Joshi and Sudip Mahapatara - Posted: 2006/4/19

    Lost Reverence: Law as a profession has undergone sea change. A revered and honoured profession has become synonymous with immorality and corruption......By Osama Suhail - Posted: 2006/4/16

    Impact Of Information Technology On Corporate Social Responsibility: Corporate management and governance has, as its primary objective......By Abeera Kohli and Jasmeet Singh - Posted: 2006/4/16

    Virtual Cheques - A Distant Reality: It was reported in Economic Times on the 20th February 2002 that the Reserve bank of India is setting up a task force to......By Jayeeta Ray and Prashant Singh - Posted: 2006/4/15

    Sale Of Goodwill After Dissolution Of A Partnership Firm: Dissolution of a firm implies dissolution of the partnership between all partners of a firm. It may be by agreement, compulsory......By Vanshaja Shukla- Posted: 2006/4/15

    Swiss Challenge System: is a new bidding process to help private sector initiative in core sector projects.....By Roopam Verma - Posted: 2006/4/14 -

    Justice Delayed is Justice Denied: A sense of confidence in the courts is essential to maintain the fabric....By Deepak Miglani - Posted: 2006/4/14 -

    Urgent Need of Amendment in Indian Evidence Act: Section 112 of Indian Evidence Act starts, stating, "Birth during marriage, conclusive proof of legitimacy"....By Dharm Veer Singh - Posted: 2006/4/14

    Mere Semantic Jujitsu:Not An Apocalyptic Outcome For Technology Sector: In October 2001, the major media entertainment and communications companies (hereinafter referred to as MGM)...By Sunita Tripathy - Posted: 2006/4/5

    The Paradox Of Inter Country Adoption: Inter-country adoption can be defined as adoption..By Mohit Aggarwal - Posted: 2006/4/4 -

    Rights Of The Child and The Juvenile Justice (Care And Protection Of Children) ACT, 2000: Human rights are those rights which are essential to live as human beings' basic....By Mohit Aggarwal - Posted: 2006/4/3

    Do the Judges make or declare law with reference to Hart and Dworkin’s Principle in Indian legal System: the rule-making authority must exercise discretion, and there is no possibility of treating the question raised by the various cases as if there were one uniquely correct answer to be found, as...By Aashish Srivastava - Posted: 2006/4/3 -

    Electronic Records In Share Market - Stamping It Or Stumping It?: GAIL has signed an agreement with the NSDL for providing this facility to the shareholders of GAIL....By Roopam Verma and Kanupriya Bhargava - Posted: 2006/4/3

    Right To Separate Residence Of Hindu Woman: Divorce is the final and legal termination of marriage. It is often seen as one kind of mechanism for dealing with the pressures caused by marriage... By Shaswata Dutta - Posted: 2006/4/2

    Public Servants Vis-À-Vis Penal Laws: During the Mauryan Era (313 BC), in the ancient India (200 BC - 1000 AD), the Civil Servants performed the role of Personal Servants..... By Vivek Satyani - Posted: 2006/3/14

    Mortgagees Right To Sell: The power of the mortgagee to sell without intervention of the court, before the incorporation of such right under Section 69 of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882.... By Rahul Kumar Singh - Posted 2006/3/14

    Right To Food As A Human Right: The replacement of exclusive dependence upon hunting, fishing, and gathering by the beginnings of agriculture was the first great step-in human development... By Anirban Sarkar - Posted 2006/3/3

    Analysis of value added chain (Value Added Tax): VAT or Value Added Tax is, perhaps, one of the most important fiscal innovations of the 20th century. First it was introduced in France in 1954.... By Parikshit - Posted 2006/3/3

    Intellectual Property: Having ownership of intellectual property rights in a product gives one certain exclusive rights to do things with the product. Generally.... By Samiksha - Posted 2006/3/3

    Patent Amendment Act, 2005- An Over View: intellectual property in India is important at all levels of statutory, administrative and judiciary. India ratified the agreement establishing... By Parikshit - Posted 2006/2/25

    Occupational Health Laws in India: Working conditions and the nature of employment tend to have major repercussions on the health of a workman. The concept of ‘Occupational health..... By Seetha Sriraman - Posted 2006/2/15

    Corporate Crimes: Much of our lives and daily routines are affected by corporate activities. To a great extent, companies provide the food we eat, the water we drink.... By Kunal Mehta - Posted Year 2006/2/3

    Selecting Judge: Hurculean Task: The method by which judges are selected has become a matter of considerable concern for the citizens of our state....By Aditi Sambhar - Posted Year 2006/2/3

    Democracy And The Law: Democracy is not a mere form of government. It is a type of state as well as an order of society. Some tried to define democracy... By Pankaj Kumar Dua - Posted Year 2006/2/3

    New competition regime in India: The UK White Paper on competition published in July 2001 interalia observed that vigorous Competition is vital to...By Debashree Dutta - Posted Year 2006/2/3

    Stopped Payment Of Cheque: A stopped payment is usually requested if the cheque has been declared missing or lost. But many a times....By Naresh Pareek - Posted Year 2006/2/2

    Redefining the Rape Laws in India: Rape is a crime of violence; it is not sex. At common law, rape was defined as the unlawful carnal knowledge of a woman, without her consent..... By D.S. Krishnawat - Posted Year 2006/1/30

    Accident Claims in India: With the development of civilization, act of negligence have become actionable wrong. In the English Law any person or the legal representative of....By Kunal Mehta - Posted Year 2006/1/30

    Prisoners- The Castaways of Society: Rousseaus warning Man is free, but is everywhere in chains, has predictably metamorphosed into reality...By Spiti Sarkar - Posted Year 2006/1/30

    Problems facing Public Interest Litigation in India: At the time of independence , court procedure was drawn from the Anglo-Saxon system of jurisprudence...By Geetanjali Jha - Posted Year 2006/1/13

    Right To Strike- A Legitimate Illegality: Widely known for patronizing democratic human rights and upholding their sacrosanct position, the apex court seems to be...By Srinivas medisetty - Posted Year 2006/1/13

    Compulsory Voting In India a Step Towards Real Democracy: The constitution sets up in India a "Democratic Republic". It means government by the people. Democracy may properly be defined as that form - Babita Pabbi - Posted: 2014/10/03

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