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    Celebrity Rights: In the contemporary age the media is having growing importance in various sectors of our economy and especially with regard to mobilizing the public opinion. We have regular interface with the media in the form of newspapers, TV, Internet etc........By Baijayanta Banerjee- Posted: 2007/12/28

    State Of Bihar V. Bihar Pensioner Samaj: This article analyze the judgment of the Apex court in this case. Another objective is to highlight any aspect that has been not been dealt by our Honorable Supreme........By Bitadru Sarkar - Posted: 2007/12/23

    Environmental Law: the principle of differentiated but common responsibility in the environmental law which deals about that what are the different measures which states should adopt to help other states.......By Bharat Agarwal - Posted: 2007/12/20

    Circumstantial Evidence: Circumstantial evidence is used in criminal courts to decide the fate of accused by establishing guilt or innocence through reasoning. According to Benthem witnesses are the.......By Sudershani Ray - Posted: 2007/12/20

    International Status the Right to Vote: Significant international treaties, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and regional agreements such as the American.......By Manish Lakhawat - Posted: 2007/12/12

    Is India actually developing: It is true to some extent that India is developing, but it is not so altogether. The Sensex is making new records every day. But what it effects to the poor section of the society.......By Hafiz Gouran - Posted: 2007/12/12

     De Penning v/s Coramandal Indag Products: Case study. Suit filed for infringement of patent by Monsanto Company. One of the 2 patent related cases to ever be moved in the Apex Court......By Nikhil Danak - Posted: 2007/12/12

    Legal Options/ Rights for the Victims of Trafficking: Trafficking in human beings is a global phenomenon, which has gained momentum in recent years. The reasons for the increase......By Puneet Jassal - Posted: 2007/12/12

    Competition Act, 2002: The Author tried to find out the source of the Competition Act, 2002 andhas mainly consulted Halsboury’s books and European Union Regulations on Competition......By Ashutosh Kaushik - Posted: 2007/12/12

    Treatment of Cash Credit under Section 68 of Income Tax Act, 1961: The provision relating to cash credit, as in section 68, was provided for the first time in the Income Tax Act 1961 as there was no......By Monica Sood - Posted: 2007/12/9

    Torts In India: The law of torts in India is mainly inspired by the English law of torts. The application of the English law of torts has however been selective to suit the Indian conditions......By Bhuvana Veeraragavan - Posted: 2007/12/6

    What will you do when police is coming to arrest you: To affect an arrest, a police must simply make clear to a person by what is said and done that he is no longer a free man. There is no fixed.....By Arun Soni and Pankaj - Posted: 2007/12/6

    Evidentiary Value Of E-Contracts: E-Commerce, as the name suggests, is the practice of buying and selling goods and services through online consumer services on the internet......By Kapil Raina - Posted: 2007/12/6

    Disputes Regarding The Title Of Films And Books: The article is about the latest IP issue in India. Students, Professors, and even some lawyers had a misconception that literary and film titles......By Amritesh Mishra - Posted: 2007/12/6

    Transfer of Property by Co-Owner: The term property in common parlance indicates the economic status of a person. Any property is held by an individual to draw out benefit from it......By Mohit and Romit - Posted: 2007/12/6

    A Rear View of the YouTube case: The Delhi High Court recently passed an order of interim injunction against YouTube and its parent company Google against the business practice of Youtube......By Priyanka and Shachi - Posted: 2007/12/6

    Trade Secrets- As an intellectual property and its protection: The article basically deals with trade secrets, their importance and their protection. It defines what a trade secret is......By Kunal Arora - Posted: 2007/12/5

    The Concept of Limited Liability Partnership- Application of the LLP Regime in India and its feasibility: Limited Liability partnership which has features of both a company and a partnership......By Garima and T.Priyadarshini - Posted: 2007/12/2

    Emergence of Knowledge Economy: In an agricultural economy land is the key resource. In an industrial economy natural resources, such as coal and iron ore, and labour are the main resources......By Husain Nazish Irshad - Posted: 2007/12/1

    Euthanasia: A deliberate termination of life on an individual's request, by another, in medical terminology, the active and deliberate termination of life on patient's request, by a doctor......By Surya Bhan Singh Billawria - Posted: 2007/11/27

    Concept of Demat Shares: Dematerialized securities (‘Demat’ in short) are securities that are not on paper and a certificate to that effect do not exist. They exist in the form of entries......By Atul and Garima - Posted: 2007/11/23

    Euthanasia and Human Rights: In our day to day life we often come across terminally ill patients that are bedridden and are totally dependent on others. It actually hurts their sentiments......By Mohita and Aman Chhibber - Posted: 2007/11/22

    Legal System: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was adopted by the UN General Assembly on 10 Dec, 1948, has been proclaimed as a common standard of achievement.......By Sangeeta Chakravarty - Posted: 2007/11/21

    To SEZ or not to SEZ: The emergence of SEZs in a conservative society like India is aimed at changing the Indian outdated thinking and environment. India converted eight of its existing.......By Priyanka Pali - Posted: 2007/11/20

    Prevention Of Corruption Act : Corruption is considered to be one of the greatest impediments on the way towards progress for developing country like India. The economic, social.......By Deboshree Banerji - Posted: 2007/11/18

    Delay and Arrear Reduction in ADR: The mounting arrears in the courts, inordinate delays in the administration of justice and expenses of litigation have resulted in the adoption of ‘Alternative Dispute.......By Jhuma Sen - Posted: 2007/11/17

    Land Acquisition Act: In India the government is empowered by the central law passed by the union legislature, which is known as the Land Acquisition Act, 1894.......By Sowmya Suman - Posted: 2007/11/12

    The Retail Sector In India And FDI: The article gives an overview of the flashback, the present and future of retail trading in India. It also gives an overview of the expected investments in retail sector.......By Amritesh Mishra - Posted: 2007/11/11

    The Predicaments of Enforcing Arbitral Awards: The following article attempts to bring out the simple problems that parties face while enforcing arbitral awards in India, be them local.......By Shubham Yogi - Posted: 2007/11/11

    Prevention Of Money Laundering Act: Money laundering involves disguising financial assets so that they can be used without detection of the illegal activity that let to its production.......By Deboshree Banerji - Posted: 2007/11/7

    The Kyoto Dilemma: The Kyoto Protocol’s Provisions on Carbon Trading is an innovative method of controlling emissions using the free market. The system has its limitations......By L.Gopi Krishna - Posted: 2007/11/7

    Unethical Drug Promotion: WHO defines drug promotion as ‘all informational and persuasive activities by manufacturers and distributors to induce/influence the sale......By Shubhang Setlur - Posted: 2007/11/7

    Business Method Patents: Business Method Patents are a special category of patents which are granted for an innovative way of doing business......By Jaideep Kharub - Posted: 2007/11/7

    Becoming An English Solicitor: Many lawyers will agree that it is quite insufficient, in our era, to master only a single legal system, in view of the growing competitiveness among lawyers......By Nick Chain - Posted: 2007/11/7

    Is Illegality an obsolete concept in International Law: To go to war for an idea, if the war is aggressive, not defensive, is as criminal as to for to war for territory or revenue; for it is as little justifiable to force our ideas on.....By Parvathi - Posted: 2007/11/7

    Corporate Criminal Liability - An Analysis: A generous and elevated mind is distinguished by nothing more certainly than an eminent degree of curiosity; nor is that curiosity ever more agreeably or usefully.....By Sowmya Suman - Posted: 2007/11/7

    Intellectual Property and Traditional knowledge: Traditional knowledge is a part of the identity of most indigenous communities. The knowledge systems that comprise traditional knowledge.....By Juhi Chowdhary - Posted: 2007/11/7

    Privilege In Matrimonial Communication And The Abuse Of Its Sanctity: Privileged communications exist because society values the privacy or purpose of certain relationships.....By Yamini and Ritu - Posted: 2007/11/7

    The State of Madras vs. Smt. Champakam Dorairajan: On November 25, 1949, Dr BR Ambedkar sounded a grave warning in the Constituent Assembly: "On January 26, 1950....By Sudhir and Shashank - Posted: 2007/11/3

    Minorities right to establish and administer educational institutions: it focuses on constitutional rights of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions....By Ajay bishnoi - Posted: 2007/10/28

    Right to Information and its implementation through social group work: this articles mainly points out what is the importance of RTI in Indian scenario, what is rti's constitutional importance and social group work....By Ajay and Hemant - Posted: 2007/10/28

    Right To Information - Tool In The Hand Of Public: This information deals with the power given to the public for accountability of Bureaucracies....By S - Posted: 2007/10/27

    Plea Bargaining - A Practical Solution: This Article outlines the concept of plea barging. The basic aim of the author has been to cull the advantages of this concept in criminal justice system....By Sowmya Suman - Posted: 2007/10/26

    Right To Know And Right To Information: In India, the movement for the right to information has been as vibrant in the hearts of marginalized people as it is in the pages of academic....By Vikas and Shashank - Posted: 2007/10/26

    Application of Income: There are certain fundamental concepts which play a very elementary role in the computation of income tax. One such concept is application of income....By Abhishek Singh - Posted: 2007/10/23

    Copyright and The Language Of Property: Does the Language/Philosophy of property fit within the world of intangibles such as knowledge and culture....By Naheed Patel - Posted: 2007/10/23

    498a: The article focuses on the status of women in India, the legal provisions which give protection to women against cruelty and how these provisions are being misused.....By Shashank and Sudhir - Posted: 2007/10/21

    Mergers and Takeovers: Businesses were competitive locally expanded to the national arena. Competitiveness in the national arena is now forcing business to go global.....By Piyush and Daphne - Posted: 2007/10/21

    Police Firing: The conduct of the police is an important indicator of the state of governance, and their performance can significantly shape the social well being of nations....By Pankaj and Jitendra - Posted: 2007/10/21

    Right to Food and Development in India: The Article at the begining presents a brief outline of the origin and development of the Right to Food, the most debated Socio-Economic Right, in the modern legal......By Priyanka Rathi - Posted: 2007/10/20

    Consumerism in the Globalize world: It would be in fitness of the fact to recall the greatest of Arab historians, Ibn Khaldun saying: That in civilization there is a limit that cannot be overstepped.....By Pankaj and Jitendra - Posted: 2007/10/20

    Personal Dignity: Dignity is a universal human concern. Its moral agenda is to attempt a double kind of evaluation of the individual community on the one hand and the entire social formation on the other.....By Himanshu Choudhary - Posted: 2007/10/18

    Domicile Of A Pseudo-Foreign Corporation: Following on the success of the corporate model at a national level, many corporations have become transnational or multinational corporations.....By Ankita Mathur - Posted: 2007/10/18

    Article - 368: The Constitution of India lays down the framework on which Indian polity is run. The Constitution declares India to be a sovereign socialist democratic republic.....By Arun Soni - Posted: 2007/10/18

    Internet Linking: The Web has experienced dramatic growth in recent years, and has transformed the Internet from a primarily passive environment used for email, newsgroups and mailing lists.....By Ankita Mathur - Posted: 2007/10/18

    185th Report of the Law Commission of India: A Review: Unable to consider its 69th Report, the Central Government re-entrusted the task of reviewing the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 to the Law Commission.....By Arun Soni - Posted: 2007/10/18

    Domain Tasting - A Profiteering Venture: Domain Name Tasting (usually called as Domain Tasting) is a profit making practice by systematically exploiting add-grace period.....By Jaideep Kharub - Posted: 2007/10/18

    Causes for Introduction of Article 21 A : Poverty is a social and economic condition which touches men, women, and children throughout the world, in urban areas as well as rural areas.....By Prateek Deol - Posted: 2007/10/18

    Trademark Protection in India: Intellectual Property is the most important part of the modern business. Intellectual property which is a combination of copyright, trademark, design.....By Binita Shahi - Posted: 2007/10/17

    Ad Hoc and Institutional Arbitration: Arbitration may be defined as the process by which a dispute or difference between two or more parties as to their mutual legal rights and liabilities is referred to.....By Vasudha and Garima - Posted: 2007/10/17

    Appeals: The expression appeal has not been defined in the Code of Civil Procedure 1908. It is an application or petition to appeal higher Court for are consideration of the decision of appeal......By Vasudha and Garima - Posted: 2007/10/17

    Winding Up of a Company - A different Legal Perspective: Winding-up in literal sense, means to bring to a conclusion or an end by putting in order.[1] It is defined as the process by which the life of......By Vasudha and Pratibha - Posted: 2007/10/17

    Protection against ex-post-facto laws: An ex-post-facto law is a law which imposes penalties retroactively, that is, upon acts already done, or which increases the penalty for the past acts......By Madan Singh Choudhary - Posted: 2007/10/16

    Democracy of Judicial Remedies: THE DAWN of the modern era of human rights culture was signaled by the Proclamation by the General Assembly of the United Nations of the......By Shivam and Shalini - Posted: 2007/10/16

    Brokers: The article relates to the role of stock brokers and sub brokers in the stock exchange market. Their relation with stock exchange and clients is examined, while dealing with sale......By Neha Bahl - Posted: 2007/10/16

    Working of Statute of Legal Aid in India: Article Focuses on working of legal aid through different broad headings including 42nd amendment and supreme court guidelines.......By Ishan V Vyas - Posted: 2007/10/13

    Interpretation of Polluter Pays Principle: This article is about the recent Polluter Pays Principle imbibed in our country by judiciary from international customary law......By Himanshu Choudhary - Posted: 2007/10/13

    Revealing the reality behind the Insurance Companies: Case study under Section 45: Insurance Act came into force on July 1, 1939 to consolidate and amend the law relating to business.....By Akanksha and Akshay Kumar - Posted: 2007/10/12

    Overview of Fringe benefit tax: Fringe Benefit Tax may seem new to India, but it's not a novel concept. This tax is already levied in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada.....By G.Vardini - Posted: 2007/10/12

    Household Savings: Savings is the difference between Income and Expenditure. A high level of savings helps the economy to progress on a continuous growth path since Investment....By Vasudha tamrakar and Anoliba Mani- Posted: 2007/10/12

    Law and Morality- Moore's Concept: Morality has become a complicated issue in the multi-cultural world we live in today. Timeless wisdom explains that there cannot be a complete law.....By Vasudha Tamrakar - Posted: 2007/10/12

    Freedom of Press: The right to freedom of expression is probably the most universally accepted human right.[1]The freedom of the press is considered to be the most important right........By Madan Singh Choudhary - Posted: 2007/10/10

    Law of Evidence: Article focuses on how S.45 of Law of Evidence has been lacking in various aspects. Neither it is according to contemporary needs nor it has been made so to suit the present day need........By Prateek Deol - Posted: 2007/10/10

    The Living Mother of the Dead - Waiting Blindly in Search of Justice: the present article is just an opinion. This artcicle stresses on the human right violations in West Bengal with the help of the 'Rizwanur Case.......By Ashish Goel - Posted: 2007/10/10

    Government Contracts: The article purposes to review and analyze provisions in the Indian Contract Act and the Constitution of India with respect to Government contracts.......By Veena Gopalakrishnan - Posted: 2007/10/9

    Exchange of organs: the article is about how organs are transplanted in India, sometimes illegally, and how the myths stand in the way of these organ transplantations.......By Ashish Goel - Posted: 2007/10/9

    42nd Constitutional Amendment: A Draconian Act Of Parliament: Article stresses on what was 42nd Constitutional Amendment all about? How Parliament ensured through A.368.......By Prateek Deol - Posted: 2007/10/9

    Custody Under Hindu, Muslim, Christian And Parsi Law’s: Child custody is a term used in family law courts to define legal guardianship of a child under the age of 18.......By Mohit Agrawal and Romit Agrawal - Posted: 2007/10/8

    Guardianship Under Hindu, Muslim, Christian And Parsi Laws: The Dharmashastras did not deal with the law of guardianship. During the British regime the law of guardianship.......By Romit Agrawal and Gorang Vashistha - Posted: 2007/10/8

    Power To Tax In Territorial Waters: The power of Sales tax on the sale of goods within state vests in State Govt. subject to Entry 92-A and Art. 286. With regard to this a question.......By Ashish Pahariya - Posted: 2007/10/8

    Waman Rao Vs Union of India: This article aims to explain how this case has settled the uncertainty which arose in the constitutional law immediately after Keshavananda Bharti Case......By Abhirup Ghosh - Posted: 2007/10/7

    Data Protection Law in India: The purpose of this article is to throw light upon the laws that are for the protection of data inh India. A comparative and critical analysis with the foreign laws......By Pankaj Kumar - Posted: 2007/10/7

    Constitutionality of a Constitutional Amendment: The present Article envisages to highlight as to what is the limit of constitutional validity of constitutional amendment......By Prateek Deol - Posted: 2007/10/6

    Special Economic Zone-Myth and Reality: This article tries to give a complete overview about the special economic zones in India and analyses the legal issues related there of......By Abhirup Ghosh - Posted: 2007/10/6

    Motive Preparation and Previous or Subsequent Conduct: the article aims to give a complete understanding about the relevance of motive, preparation and conduct from evidence.....By Abhirup Ghosh - Posted: 2007/10/5.

    Child Witness: The competency of a witness is the condition precedent to the administration of oath or affirmation, and is a question distinct from that of his creditability when.....By Divi Jain - Posted: 2007/10/5

    Summary Court Marital And The Indian Judiciary: The Indian Army is still following the system of military justice it inherited from the British though the law in the UK has changed to....By Divi Jain - Posted: 2007/10/5

    Preamble: A Part Of The Constitution Or Not: Authors have relied on two landmark cases i.e. Berubari case and Kesavananda Bharti case.....By Mohit Agrawal and Romit Agrawal - Posted: 2007/10/5

    Nemo in propria causa judex, esse debet: Nemo in propria causa judex , esse debet, i.e.; no one should be made a judge in his own cause. It is popularly known as the rule against.....By Divi Jain - Posted: 2007/10/5

    Vague and Uncertain Insurance Policy: It has often been found that at the time of claim of insurance made by the insured, the insurance company manipulates that your claim is in .....By Chhoti Shahi - Posted: 2007/10/5

    Insurer and Insured: An Insurance Policy is a combination of protection and savings to meet your future needs. In today’s life the worthiness of insurance can not denied by any one......By Chhoti Shahi - Posted: 2007/10/4

    Commercial Sex Workers: The commercial sex worker has been a universal being throughout civilization as prostitution is the so-called "oldest profession.....By Rohit Anand Das - Posted: 2007/10/4

    Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 On Dishonour Of Security Cheques: Cases of cheque bounce are not uncommon these days. In most of the transactions be it re-payment of loan or payment of fees.....By Adv.surabhi Narula - Posted: 2007/10/4

    Amend ability Of Indian Constitution With Reference To Fundamental Rights: The institutions under which we live are being changed continually by the Parliament, because we are never satisfied.....By Kapil Raina - Posted: 2007/10/4

    Adultery: The dying voices analyzing and criticizing every aspect of the law have risen again. The insistence of the National commission for women and the report of the Madhav Menon.....By Paresh Bihari Lal - Posted: 2007/10/4

    Examination in chief: It's been said, "A good lawyer turns evidence into fact and fact into truth." Because they bear the burden of proving the case beyond a reasonable doubt.....By Harsh Parekh - Posted: 2007/10/4

    Separation Of Powers: There are three distinct activities in every government through which the will of the people are expressed. read more.....By Aman Chhibber - Posted: 2007/10/4

    Is India Geared Up For Business Method Patent: Today technology is changing expeditiously. New technical inventions are taking place in huge number. These new inventions open new field.....By Apoorva Yadav - Posted: 2007/10/4

    Recognition of Equality Marriage: Each individual's journey through life is unique. Some will make this journey alone, others in loving relationships may be in marriage or other forms of....By Suvigya Saxena - Posted: 2007/10/3

    A Study of Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970: In the present day world globalization is increasing at a very high pace and it is resulting in profit oriented....By Shashank Agarwal and Saurabh Tiwari - Posted: 2007/10/3

    Women and Violence: Violence affects the lives of millions of women worldwide, in all socio-economic and educational classes. It cuts across cultural and religious barriers, impeding the.....By Shikha Jhirwal - Posted: 2007/10/3

    Silence Of The Lambs - Article 20(3) In Administrative Proceedings: It is always a good idea in most circumstances to begin at the beginning. And the beginning of the right against.....By Alekhya Prakash- Posted: 2007/9/29 - To Be Rated

    Medical malpractice: Medical malpractice is an act of negligence committed by a medical provider, a physician in most situations. It is defined as doing something a medical provider of ordinary......By Shilpa Goel - Posted: 2007/9/29 - To Be Rated

    "Rape" -Texual or Psychological: The need to change Section 375 of the IPC, 1860: Is ‘Rape’ merely a word described in section 375 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, to be interpreted stricto senso ......By Mishita Jethi - Posted: 2007/9/28 - To Be Rated

    Namesake- Cyber-Squatting An IPR Evil: An address in the cyber-space is imperative in the new e-economy for companies and individuals to be easily traceable by their consumers......By Zoheb Hossain - Posted: 2007/9/21

    Review of Reservation Policy: The reservation policy in India is nothing new, as it had existed in our society from the time of the British rule and the princely states......By Tapan Narayana - Posted: 2007/9/21

    Can Reservations And India Bloom Together: The anomalies created by the Supreme Court Judgment have given the BJP an opportunity to try and get mileage while asking for reservations......By Suvigya Saxena - Posted: 2007/9/21 -

    Deficiency In Telephone Services With A Special Emphasis On Over Billing: Once a status symbol, a telephone has now become a necessity. This is largely due to the.....By B.Jyoti Kiran and Anoliba Mani - Posted: 2007/9/20

    Trade Dress: Trade dress refers to total image of the product. It encompasses the overall image created by the product or package. It includes features such as size, shape, package, colour or colour combinations.....By Vidya Sunderam - Posted: 2007/9/20

    Right to Die - Legal and Moral Aspects: Ours is a democracy which means that it is by the people, of the people and for the people. Constitution locates power that resides.....By B.Jyoti Kiran and Shiladitya Goswami - Posted: 2007/9/16

    Enforcing Right To Food in India: While extreme hunger is always there in India, natural disasters such as floods and droughts bring more hunger because so many of the people are so vulnerable.....By B.Jyoti Kiran - Posted: 2007/9/15

    Comprehensive Analysis of Tort: The word tort is derived from the Latin tortus, meaning twisted. It therefore, includes that conduct which is not straight or lawful.....By Ashish Goel - Posted: 2007/9/14

    Copyright Protection In India: Under section 13 of the Copyright Act 1957, copyright protection is conferred on literary works, dramatic works, musical works, artistic works, cinematograph films.....By Amritesh Mishra - Posted: 2007/9/14

    Admissibility of Interview as Evidence: The role of media in the Indian legal system has been growing in the recent times, to the extent that today media has even started to play the judicial role.....By Akanksha Bhadouria and Shantanoo Saxena - Posted: 2007/9/8 -

    Eve teasing In India And Tortious Liabilities: The term Eve teasing is used to refer to sexual harassment of women in public places such as the streets, public transportation , parks, beaches.....By B.Jyoti Kiran - Posted: 2007/9/8 -

    Is Indian Army Secular: There are no reservations for SC/ST’s in the Indian. Also here I shall point out the duty of Indian Government to protect the fundamental right of its citizens guaranteed.....By Shilpa Bhadoria - Posted: 2007/9/8 -

    Corporate Laws - Political And Charitable contribution: The Board of Directors of a public company, or of a private company which is a subsidiary of a public company.....By Ved Prakash - Posted: 2007/9/8 -

    Maximum Retail Price: In today’s scenario it is usually found that the prices of consumer goods traded in the markets are settled arbitrarily by the manufacturers......By Chhoti Shahi - Posted: 2007/9/8 -

    Are regulatory and compensatory taxes violative of article 301: Article 301 says that trade, commerce and intercourse throughout the territory of India shall be free. And this article should be understood in the context of an orderly society......By Akanksha Bhadouria - Posted: 2007/9/8 -

    Restitution Of Conjugal Rights: After solemnization of marriage if one of the spouses abandons the other, the aggrieved party has a legal right to file a petition in the matrimonial court......By Saloni Tuteja - Posted: 2007/9/8 -

    Freedom of Press vis-a-vis Responsible Journalism: The strength and importance of media in a democracy is well recognized. Article 19(1)(a) of the Indian Constitution, which gives freedom of speech and expression includes within its ambit, freedom of press......By Prabhsahay Kaur - Posted: 2007/9/7 -

    Whether future property may be mortgaged: Transfer of Property as an act by which a living person conveys property, in present or in future, to one or more other living persons, or to himself......By Shubhangi Garg - Posted: 2007/9/7 -

    Environment Justice - Experience Vs. Expectations: The problem of environmental pollution is as old as the evolution of Homo sapiens on this planet. Kautilya the Prime Minister of Magadh ......By Karni Singh - Posted: 2007/9/7 -

    Irretrievable Breakdown Of Marriages: Marriage constitutes the very basis of social organization. Hindu law regards marriage as a sacrament- indissoluble and eternal......By Himani Sharma and Chetan Bagdi - Posted: 2007/9/6 -

    Mergers and Acquisitions in India: The Indian economy has been growing with a rapid pace and has been emerging at the top, be it IT, RandD, pharmaceutical, infrastructure, energy.......By Adv.Navpreet Panjrath - Posted: 2007/8/25 -

    Novartis patent claim: In November 2003, The Controller General of Patents and Trademarks of India granted exclusive marketing right (EMR) of Glivec, the blood cancer drug to Novartis.......By Vidya Sunderam - Posted: 2007/8/24 -

    Higher Education in India: From Socialism to Capitalism: Education has always been and continues to be one of the most important needs of mankind. It helps man indoctrinate values.......By C.Premsai - Posted: 2007/8/23 -

    Domain Name, Cyber squatting and Domain Name Dispute Resolution: The Domain Name System (DNS) serves the central function of facilitating users’ ability to navigate the Internet.......By Shine Joy - Posted: 2007/8/22 -

    Bride burning and Laws in India: The system of dowry is deep rooted in the Indian society since the early days of the history. This system prevailed in ancient Indian society ......By Vijay Pal Singh - Posted: 2007/8/18 -

    Same Sex Marriage: Homosexuality has an ancient history in India. Ancient texts like Rig-Veda which dates back around 1500 BC and sculptures and vestiges depict sexual acts......By Vidhan Maheshwari - Posted: 2007/8/18 -

    Constitutional Check On Obscene Presentation Of Women By Media: The unique position of the Indian women in our Society and the cultural heritage of India has been admitted......By Saloni Tuteja - Posted: 2007/8/18 -

    Prevention of money laundering act, 2002: Money laundering is the process of moving illegally acquired cash through financial systems so that it appears to be legally acquired......By Sanjay Singh Somwanshi - Posted: 2007/8/18 -

    Intellectual Property Valuation: concept: The concept of valuation of intellectual property and other intangible assets of a company is new as compared to other concepts of intellectual property......By Vidya Sunderam - Posted: 2007/8/14 -

    Economic, Social and Cultural Rights - Indian Footprints at the International Level: the right to an adequate standard of living, including food, clothing, and housing; the right to physical and mental.....By Jhuma Sen - Posted: 2007/8/14 -

    Standard Form Contracts: The law of contract has in recent time to face a problem, which is assuming new dimensions. The problem has arisen out of the modern large scale and widespread......By Vidhan Maheshwari - Posted: 2007/8/14 -

    Women's Human Right: More Said Than Done: human rights for women, as for all individuals, are protected in international law. The international community has tried to play a ........By Saloni Tuteja - Posted: 2007/8/13 -

    Effect Of Non-Registration: The section is a long one. Its length is due to the desire of the Legislature to make the adverse effects of non-registration so broad-based and .......By B.Jyoti Kiran- Posted: 2007/8/13 -

    Education: A Fundamental Right in India: According to Pestalozzi, education is a constant process of development of innate powers of man which are natural, harmonious and progressive......By Vijay Pal Singh- Posted: 2007/8/13 -

    Anakapalla Co-Operative Agricultural and Industrial Society V .It's Workmen and Others: The chief object of the industrial relations legislations in general is industrial peace and economic justice......By Neha Bahl- Posted: 2007/8/12 -

    BMW Case- A Massive Judicial Failure: On the evening of 30th May, two senior advocates- I.U. Khan, who was the Special Public Prosecutor in the BMW case and R.K. Anand defending the main accused Sanjeev Nanda, son of former Navy Chief......By Harsh Gagrani - Posted: 2007/8/12 -

    In defence of judicial review: The dividing line between judicial activism and overreach is a thin one, a takeover of the functions of another organ may......By A.S.Srikanth - Posted: 2007/7/27 -

    Demerger or Hiving-Off - the way forward for businesses in India: A demerger is a form of restructure in which owners of interests in the head entity gain direct ownership in an entity......By Adv.Sameer Sagar - Posted: 2007/7/27 -

    Conversion - an Intentional Tort: Conversion as an economic tort has been largely prevalent in the contemporary society and therefore it has given rise to plethora of problems that affect the......By Ayush Sharma - Posted: 2007/7/27 -

    When Is A Trademark A Geographical Indicator and When It Is Not: Coca cola, Peugeot, Marlboro, and Citibank; Cognac, Pislen, Tequila, and Champagne. To a layman all these are brands......By Jyoti Kiran and Pallabi Ghosal - Posted: 2007/7/26 -

    Power of the state, to revoke or cancel the drivers license and to detain or seize: driving license means the license issued by a competent authority under Chapter II......By Anup Koushik - Posted: 2007/7/26 -

    The Marumakkattayam And Aliyasantana System: Marumakkattayam and Aliyasantana system which were followed in Travancore-Cochin and districts of Malabar and South Kanara of India......By Manita Doshi - Posted: 2007/7/25 -

    An overview of Poaching as an Environmental Crime: destruction of wildlife due to human factors is called as ‘Anthropogenic Interventions.’ Today, nearly one-third of the world's wildlife is in danger of extinction and a major cause of which is its illegal smuggling-trade......By Nimish Raja - Posted: 2007/7/23 -

    Freedom of art under seige in India: The erotic i.e. the so called obscene or frankly sexual, as distinct from amorous, sculptures of India are very unique: the erotic art in India is religious.....By Pallabi Ghosal - Posted: 2007/7/23 -

    The Domestic Violence Act: Constitutional Perspectives: Domestic violence is sadly a reality in Indian society, a truism. In the Indian patriarchal setup......By Harini Sudersan and Niruphama Ramakrishnan - Posted: 2007/7/23 -

    The Law, Policy And Practice Of Refugee Protection In India: In 1967, in an effort to give the Convention universal application, a Protocol relating to the Status of Refugees [1967 Protocol] that removed the restrictions of the Convention was......By Isha Bothra - Posted: 2007/7/21 -

    Maintenance Under Hindu, Muslim, Christian And Parsi Laws: Under Hindu Law, the wife has an absolute right to claim maintenance from her husband. But she loses her right if .......By Romit Agrawal - Posted: 2007/7/21 -

    Adoption Under Hindu, Muslim, Christian And Parsi Laws: adoption is legal affiliation of a child, it forms the subject matter of personal law. Muslims, Christians and Parsis have no adoption laws......By Romit Agrawal - Posted: 2007/7/21 -

    Voluntary Intoxication: Even though voluntary intoxication means that someone has consumed intoxicating substances with their own free will, he may still have a defense to the......By Prashant Abhilekh - Posted: 2007/7/20 -

    Information Retrieval and its Legal Impact on the Society: Lawyers both practitioners and academics can all be thought of as wordsmiths, or rather less kindly as wordmongers.......By Meenakshi Sinha - Posted: 2007/7/19 -

    The Gathering Storm Can India Safeguard Itself From The Competes Act: It may seem a very distant threat but India and China are nearing a storm which may slowly and.......By Tanushree Pande and Aditya Bhattacharya - Posted: 2007/7/14 -

    Whether Amendments Made To The Hindu Succession Act Are Achieving Gender Quality: Since time immemorial the framing of all laws have been exclusively for the benefit of man, and woman has been treated as subservient, and dependent on male support.......By Romit Agrawal - Posted: 2007/7/10 -

    Myths that engulf Affirmative Action in Higher Education: Education has always been a great liberating force that has helped individuals elevate themselves both intellectually and spiritually......By C.Premsai - Posted: 2007/6/24 -

    Outsourcing To India - Legal And Tax Considerations: Over the last few years, India has emerged as a leading destination for companies wishing to outsource their software......By Soumya S. Mohapatra - Posted: 2007/6/21 -

    Ban On Futures Trading In Certain Agricultural Commodities: The recent notification of the Forward Market Commission imposing a ban on futures trading in a number of agricultural.....By Deepak Raju - Posted: 2007/6/9 -

    Lok Adalats: The concept of Lok Adalats was pushed back into oblivion in last few centuries before independence and particularly during the British regime.......By Karthyaeni.V and Vidhi Bhatt - Posted: 2007/6/9 -

    Ragging in India : A "Human Rights in Education" Perspective: Ragging in India's educational system is widespread yet Ragging is far from being recognized as an issue under Human......By Anant Kumar Asthana - Posted: 2007/6/8 -

    Unethical Drug Promotion - An Emerging Threat for the Indian Society: Consumers are largely unaware of how their drug consumption choices are being shaped by......By Jaysinh Jadejah - Posted: 2007/6/8 -

    Venture Capital: Is a type of private equity capital typically provided by outside investors to new businesses. Generally made as cash in exchange for shares in the investee company.....By Abhinav Singh - Posted: 2007/6/8 -

    Public Hearing: Public Hearing also known as Jan Sunwai is a meeting of a house committee or subcommittee during which public problems may be heard and formal action.....By Nidhi Singh - Posted: 2007/6/8 -

    Pressumptions Relating To Matrimonial Offences: The term presumption in its large and most comprehensive sense, may be defined as an inference affirmative or.....By Haripriya Vijayan - Posted: 2007/6/8

    Gender justice in India: Women are deprived of economic resources and are dependent on men for their living. Women works are often confined to domestic sphere.....By Vijay Pal Singh - Posted: 2007/6/7

    The Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972: An appraisal: The Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, provides for protection to listed species of flora and fauna and establishes a network of.....By Jofin John - Posted: 2007/6/7

    An Overview of Wills under Hindu Law: The origin and growth of Will amongst the Hindus is unknown. However Wills were well known to the Mohammedans and contact with them during...By Sahil Shah - Posted: 2007/6/7

    Prospective Overruling: The concept of Prospective Overruling, as the title of the project reflects, is a deviation from the principle of retroactive operation of a decision....By M.V. Pratap Kumar - Posted: 2007/6/7

    Changing Face Of The Legal Profession In India In The Era Of Globalization: Globalization must not be viewed from the restrictive sense as it connotes the process of making global....By Adv.Swapnil Joshi - Posted: 2007/6/7 -

    Preamble- A Key To Open The Minds Of The Framers Of The Constitution: The Preamble to a Constitution embodies the fundamental values and the philosophy, on which the Constitution is based, and the aims and objectives...By Romit Agrawal - Posted: 2007/6/7 -

    Taxation Of Software: Traditionally, sales/use tax has applied only to the sale of tangible personal property...By Romit Agrawal - Posted: 2007/6/7 -

    International Criminal Court - Jurisdictional Issues: The International Criminal Court (ICC) was established in 2002 as the first permanent international criminal court for investigation and prosecution of individuals for genocide....By Leoni Mahanta - Posted: 2007/6/7 -

    Green Belt As A Mode Of Maintaining Ecological Balance: Green Belt in India refers to a buffer zone created beyond which industrial activity may not be carried on. This concept has....By Sangeetha Mugunthan - Posted: 2007/5/28 -

    Valuation of Excisable Goods for the Purpose of Charging Excise Duty: Valuation of excisable goods is relevant in the context of goods, which are chargeable to ad valorem levies....By Aashish Srivastava - Posted: 2007/5/28 -

    Right of Abortion v. Child in Mother's Womb: Abortion means deliberate ending of a pregnancy at an early stage. Abortion is the subject of strong public debate, especially in the US....By Vikas Garg - Posted: 2007/5/28 -

    Media And Political Culture: The media is often known as the ‘watchdog’ of the country; one which will ensure that the democratic society is always alert and knows all the.....By Sharmila Nair - Posted: 2007/5/27 -

    Law And Medicine With Special Reference To Genetic Engineering And Gene Therapy: A gene is a locatable region of genomic sequence, corresponding to a unit of inheritance, which is associated with regulatory regions, transcribed regions and/or other functional sequence regions.....By Sayantani Chatterjee - Posted: 2007/5/20 -

    Public Trust Doctrine: The Public Trust Doctrine primarily rests on the principle that certain resources like air, sea, waters and the forests have such a great importance to the people as a whole that,....By Tanvi Kapoor - Posted: 2007/4/10 -

    Article 21 Of The Constitution: Indian democracy wedded to rule of law aims not only to protect fundamental rights of its citizens but also to establish an egalitarian order,....By Aakriti Agrawal - Posted: 2007/4/3 -

    The Interim Order In Ashoka Kumar Thakur Case An Eye Opener: Parliament had effected an amendment to Art. 15 adding cl.(5) which seeks to promote,....By Sangeetha Mugunthan - Posted: 2007/4/3 -

    Birth Of The Right To Environment In India: Indian judiciary has fostered an extensive and innovative approach to environmental rights in the country....By Sangeetha Mugunthan - Posted: 2007/4/30 -

    Purchaser for Commercial Purpose: Still a Consumer: definition of the term consumer makes it clear the Parliament wanted to exclude from the scope of the definition the persons who....By Adv.N.Chandrashekharayya - Posted: 2007/4/23 -

    Judgment v. Decree: historically, there was the distinction between judgment and decree. Common Law adheres to the judgment while the Equity Court of Law deals with the decree.......By Anand Srivastava- Posted: 2007/4/23 -

    The State Commission Under Consumer Protection Act: The year 1986 is a Magna Carta in the history of Consumerism. It was this year that witnessed the enactment of the Consumer Protection Act.......By Jofin- Posted: 2007/4/21 -

    The Power Of Delegation : delegation of legislative function or delegated legislation is indeed formidably an integral and necessary aspect for smooth and easy functioning of any country.....By Raunak Jain - Posted: 2007/4/21 -

    E-Contracts and Its Legality: Today with the recent advancement in the areas of computer technology, telecommunications technology, software and information technology.....By Vasudha Tamrakar and Pratibha Pal - Posted: 2007/4/10 -

    Ninth Schedule: The first case challenging the land law was Kameshwar Singh V State of Bihar , in this case the Bihar Land Reforms Act 1950 was challenged on the ground that the classification of....By Vijay Pal Singh - Posted: 2007/4/10 -

    Res Ipsa Loquitor: But what did the thing say?: The maxim Res Ipsa Loquitor is a Latin phrase, which means, The thing speaks for itself. It allows the claimant to succeed in action for negligence.....By Mishita Jethi - Posted: 2007/4/8 -

    Preserving Residence as a US Green Card Holder While Residing in India: With what is perceived as the reverse brain drain, there are several foreign nationals of Indian origin returning to India to take part in India’s current economic boom......By Poorvi Chothani - Posted: 2007/4/8 -

    Certain US Immigrant and Nonimmigrant Visa Processes: The US Embassy in India, which has a visa section, is located in New Delhi. There are three additional consular posts at Mumbai (Bombay), Kolkata (Calcutta) and Chennai (Madras).....By Poorvi Chothani - Posted: 2007/4/4 -

    Want to Experience the India Story Firsthand?- Get the Appropriate Visa: Growing interest in doing business in India has seen a rise in the number of foreigners travelling to India.....By Poorvi Chothani - Posted: 2007/4/4 -

    Grab the EOU Advantage: Conversion of Existing Manufacturing Units into Export Oriented Units (EOU’s): The Export Oriented Unit (EOU) scheme was introduced in the year 1980.....By Rohan Bagai - Posted: 2007/4/4 -

    Constitutional Documents of a Company: From the Deed of Settlement present in the 1844 Joint Stock Companies Act, the constitutional document of the company.....By Anand Srivastava- Posted: 2007/4/4 -

    Human Rights - Right To Employment Of Persons Living With Hiv/Aids: The worse kind of discrimination face by Persons Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) has......By Chandrika Bhattacharyya and Himanie Katoch- Posted: 2007/4/4 -

    Problem Of Hostile Witnesses: Given the importance of witnesses in the trial process, any law, aimed at redressing the problem of "hostile witness", should be comprehensive.......By Mamta Chatterjee- Posted: 2007/4/4 -

    Economic Growth vis-a-vis Environmental Conservation: A study of Sustainability in Asia-Pacific: Water, Energy, Health, Agriculture and Biodiversity---these are the areas in which progress.........By Anindhya Tiwari - Posted: 2007/3/31 -

    Terrorism (Understanding the Incomprehensible): Since time immemorial, terrorist acts have included assassination, seizing hostages and a variety of atrocities that only fiendish minds......By Ashok Nayak - Posted: 2007/3/12 -

    Can Sales Tax be levied on sale of Lottery Tickets: the question of levying of sales tax on sale of lottery tickets has been raised time and again.....By Poonam Singhi - Posted: 2007/3/8 -

    The Narmada Dispute: No project has stirred up such widespread controversy as the largest Sardar Sarovar Project on Narmada River.....By Neha Bahl - Posted: 2007/3/8 -

    Nature And Scope Of Law Of Torts: Law is any rule of human conduct accepted by the society and enforced by the state for the betterment of human life.....By Lakshmi Somanathan - Posted: 2007/3/7 -

    Analysis of Section 300 (3) of IPC: Section 300 (3) of The Indian Penal Code has been a very interesting provision of the Indian Criminal Law. It is very fascinating to see the development of the....By Pratishtha Bhatnagar - Posted: 2007/3/3 -

    Exporter's Interest Protection And Multi Modal Transportation Of Goods Act: United Nations multimodal transport convention was drafted as a result of development of maritime....By Satya Prakash- Posted: 2007/3/3 -

    India-Pakistan State Succession Scenario: International law defines a succession of States as the replacement of one State by another in the responsibility for the international relations of territory....By Divyam Agarwal - Posted: 2007/3/3 -

    Fight between Right to Privacy and Right to Know: Who should win?: A constitutional right is a right granted by a country's constitution, and cannot be legally denied by the government. Civil rights....By Adv.Vishal K Vora - Posted: 2007/3/1 -

    Secularism under the Constitutional Framework of India: In fact every civilization has also been a mirror of way of life as well as reflecting movement of human spirit. Religion in each civilizastion has indicated about the faith of human beings in absolute values....By Tarun Arora - Posted: 2007/2/25 -

    Restraint Of Trade And Post Employment Covenants: restraint of trade is summarized in Halsbury’s Laws of England (1), where it is opined that it is a general principle of the Common Law....By Divyam Agarwal - Posted: 2007/2/25 -

    Supreme Court On Contempt By Advocates: The foundation of the Judiciary is the trust and confidence of the people in its ability to deliver fearless and impartial justice....By Amrinder Singh - Posted: 2007/2/22 -

    Options Available For A Foreign Entity To Invest In India: Foreign Direct Investment has emerged as an eminent source of economic development and employment generation for,....By Loree Sonchhatra - Posted: 2007/2/21 -

    Geographical Indications: Geographical indications means any indications which define the goods as originating in the territory of a country or a region or locality in that territory....By Aakarsh Kamra - Posted: 2007/2/18 -

    Jurisdiction in International Letter of Credits: The standard letter of credit is not very common in purely domestic transaction as a form of payment. The cost and the lengthy process make the letter....By Adv.Vishal K Vora - Posted: 2007/2/18 -

    Judge's burden in Trial at Indian Courts: Indian Civil Procedural Laws and Evidence Laws need to be changed. Indian procedural laws are more like civil legal system and requirement of ...By Adv.Vishal K Vora - Posted: 2007/2/18 -

    Trafficking in Women and Children: Trafficking in Women and Children is the gravest form of abuse and exploitation of human beings. Thousands of Indians are trafficked everyday....By Malavika Kumar - Posted: 2007/2/18

    Judicial Review of Supreme Court Judgment on IX schedule of the Constitution: Recent Judgment of Supreme Court dated 11.01.2007 rendered in the case in I R Coelho (Dead) by LRs Vs. State of Tamil Nadu and Others...By M. Sundara Rami Reddy - Posted: 2007/2/12 -

    False Imprisonment as a tort: False Imprisonment may be defined as an act of the defendant which causes the unlawful confinement of the plaintiff. To constitute false imprisonment....By Kartikey Mahajan - Posted: 2007/2/10 - To Be Rated

    Family law-son's pious obligation: Under the Hindu Law, a son is under a pious obligation to discharge his father's debts out of his ancestral property even if he had not....ByPriyanka Tiwari and Ritu Sharma - Posted: 2007/2/10 -

    Capital Punishment: Revisiting the Abolition-Retention Debate: The Indian jurisprudence is a blend of reformative and deterrent theories. While the punishments are to be....By Shantanu Jugtawat and Hirdesh Singh - Posted: 2007/2/10 -

    The Rights Of Mentally Retarded People: The question under consideration is that the population of India is crossing the figure of 10 million and 5% of the population is afflicted of mentally....By Tarun Arora - Posted: 2007/2/10 -

    Cruelty as a Matrimonial offence under Muslim Law: The general notion of cruelty is very subjective- depending on time, place, persons and other factors also. The legal concept of....By Pratim Sarkar - Posted: 2007/1/3 -

    Human Rights Courts in India: One of the objects of the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993 as stated in the preamble of the Act, is the establishment of human rights courts at district level....By Adv.N.Chandrashekharayya - Posted: 2007/1/3 -

    Law and Morality: Law and morality are too vague to understand. It must be added here that the notions of law and justice can't be captured and presented before us within a few sentences.......By Sourav Mandal - Posted: 2007/1/11 -

    Right to Abortion: Human Rights are those rights, which should be available to every individual without any discrimination of any kind. Recognition of the inherent dignity and......By Manisha Garg - Posted: 2007/1/11 -

    Industrial Disputes: In all the countries, over a period of time, the state has assumed power to regulate industrial relations. It is the state which is now the most significant element in determining......By Deepak Miglani - Posted: 2007/1/7 -

    Probation: The earlier penological approach held imprisonment, that is, custodial measures to be the only way to curb crime. But the modern penological......By Trayosha Darapuneni - Posted: 2007/1/7 -

    Reservation- Solution To The Problem: In 1979, the Mandal Commission was established to assess the situation of the socially and educationally backward......By Abeer Kumar and Divyam Agarwal- Posted: 2007/1/7 -

    What Is Globalization?: The International Monetary Fund defines globalization as the growing economic interdependence of countries worldwide through increasing volume......By Sayantani Chatterjee- Posted: 2007/1/6

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