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Copyright Infringement through internet

Internet has become a breeding ground for violation of copyright. This mass misuse require more stringent laws
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This is the technology by which any information containing letters, numerical, words, devices or pictures colour combinations represented two dimensionally can be converted to binary electronic notations of O's and l's and stored in a computer and transferred to any other computer in any part of the world which is connected through a network of cables, or via satellites almost instantly with perfect accuracy.

This has enabled businessmen to communicate information regarding their products and services and advertisement material all over the world and may be picked up and stored by any computer connected to the internet. This has enabled infringers of copyright material to use them in relations to their own products. They can also steal the valuable information and materials like recorded music albums stored in the computers of music recording companies. Infringement of copyright materials stored by genuine owners in their computers connected to the internet is not common in India as the internet is not very common in India. In the U.S.A. and other advanced countries the use of internet use is widespread.

What is internet?

A computer network consists of a group of computers that are wired together so that users can communicate with one another. When computers are hooked together in a network users of those computer can send messages to one another and share computer files and programmes. One computer can be connected to another through wires, or telephone cables or through satellites. A number of small networks hooked together forms an internet work which word is abbreviated to internet.

Businessmen advertise their products and advertisement material through the internet. They also store their valuable informations in their computers. In the USA it is common for music recording companies to store their music albums in their computers or servors (also a computer) in the form of CD's. They allow other owners of computers to access the music albums through a code and play them in their computers but not unload them. This is done by special computer programmes.

The Napster case

In this case a college student by name Napster developed a software called Napsters. Music share software by which any person by using which can access to any computer databases in the network by breaking the secret codes and download music CD's or albums stored their in. This resulted a sudden fall in the sale of music albums and CD's of recording companies. After considerable effort and expenditure of money the music recording companies located the source. In a series of litigation by these companies. Napster was indicated and punished.

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