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Legal protection of website
It is imperative that a website have all the legal aspects regarding the websites in place to avoid unwanted litigations & most importantly keeping coping of your website....

# Website Copyright
# Drafting of Terms of Use, Disclaimer, Privacy policy
# Complete assessment of website
# Get a legal penal for your website

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Legal protection of website - Prevent Litigations - Protect Originality of Content

legal protect for your websiteYou have created a wonderful website, you are ready to release it.  Now wait a moment before you do that, are you sure your creative work won't be copied or have you created an illegal website or is your website sufficiently protected from being targets of unnecessary litigations.

Appoint Legal service India as your website's legal Advisor

Secure your website from litigations, fraud and Copyright violation

We have outlined few basic steps most required for your website's legal protection, they are as follows:
Legal protection of Website  Website Copyright:
There is nothing worse for a webmaster than finding out that your website has been copied.

Every time you find out that someone has stolen your intellectual property your blood boils! Our service will copyright your website and prevent copycats from taking your contents away from you without your consent.

Legal protection of Website  Drafting of Terms of Use, Disclaimer, Privacy policy:
Every website should have their Terms of Use, Disclaimer & Privacy policy drafted keeping in mind all legal aspects, specifically suited for your kind or type of website.

Every website has its own uniqueness that needs to be legally protected Our team of experienced legal experts will provide you with just the apt and legally binding Terms of Use, Disclaimer & Privacy policy.

Apart from this your website may require:
(1) Anti-Spam Policy
(2) External Links Policy
(3) Earnings Disclaimer
(4) Affiliate Agreement
(5) Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notice
(6) Health Disclaimers
(7) Refund Policy And
(8) Compensation Disclosure Policy

Legal protection of Website  Complete assessment of your website to point out all the legal flaws:
As a maker of a website you may not be aware of the laws governing websites in India, you may not be aware what you are creating is legal or not or whether your creation is going to be a menace for you in terms of unwanted litigations and countless court cases.

We help you avoid all that with our careful scrutiny of your website

Legal protection of Website  Appoint legal Service India as your legal Team:
Finally you may retain us as your legal experts for your website,

Service Renewable at a yearly basis.

This will require you to put up a link in your website to a designated page in our website authenticating the fact that Legal service India is  your legal team, this itself will keep a lot of unwanted mischievous miscreants away from your website.

example of the link to be put up in your website: (Legal Advisor or legal Team)

Secondly for every changes made to you website you can contact us for assessment.

Thirdly we will advice you best solutions in matters related to disputes arising out of your online business.

Fourthly we will draft all your legal agreements, Contracts and partnership deeds at a 50% discount rates

Fifth in the verification page created for your website you can add upto 5 important links with description of each link, this will provide in helping your search engine ranking tremendeously.


legal protect for your website Do you want your website Legally Safe & Secure
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Legal protection of Website


We GUARANTEE that your website will be safe & secure legally 100% of your money back guarantee

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