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Tips for Filling Tax Return

First of all, prepare a statement of computation of income and tax for the previous year, This statement will help you in filling the return directly and it will also avoid cuttings or overwriting in the return
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1) First of all, prepare a statement of computation of income and tax for the previous year, This statement will help you in filling the return directly and it will also avoid cuttings or overwriting in the return. A copy of this statement should also be enclosed with the return.

2) Carefully choose appropriate return Form.

3) Fill in the return form first and thereafter the acknowledgement slips, with the help of the return form.

4) Carefully read the return form and the instructions contained therein.

5) Write the PAN No. and the Ward No. correctly. In case of a new assessee write 'NOT ALLOTTED'.

6) Carefully choose the correct status code number from Notes in the return form.

7) The blocks given for specifying codes should be filled in only with therelevant code number. No other number, letter or word should be written in the blocks.

8) Round off the income under each head to the nearest rupee a ignore paisa. Do not qualify the figures by 'About' or 'Approximately'

9) Incase of any loss under any head of income or in the aggregateindicate it with a (-) minus sign.

10) Total income should be rounded off to the nearest multiple of 10.

11) The verification is to be signed by the assessee himself, or by .the Managing partner/any partner in case of a firm, or by the Karta case of a HUF, or by the Managing Director/any director in case ( company, or in case of an association by any of its members principal officers. In unavoidable circumstances, return may be sigl by a duly authorised person, whose power of attorney should attached with the return.

12) The assessees should furnish their bank account particulars in I return so as to enable the department to send the refund due, if any through, Electronic Clearing System.

Precautions to taken while filing return

1) Write neatly and preferably in block letters. Write in ink prefer. blue. Losses may be highlighted in red ink.
2) All parts of the return and verification should be filled in neatly and properly, so that the form is not rejected by the department.
3) Alterations/cuttings, if any, should be duly authenticated.
4) Do not leave any column blank. Write Nil/Not Applicable (N.A.), wherever necessary and not any mark or symbol.
5) Pay all 'taxes due' before furnishing the return.
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