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Hello Folks,
I had given interview to multiple companies. And I had come across a offer letter which stated:

Company has incurred expanses for recruitment and other connected procedures. Hence, In case if you fail to join the company, company has right to recover the damages incurred by it.

I had received this offer letter through e-mail typed on company's letter head (plain paper). Since, I had another better offer, I declined to join the company after accepting the offer letter. I had informed about this through an e-mail.
After one and half month, I received a legal notice from company's lawyer demanding to pay one month salary as expenses of recruitment or face legal law suit.

So, My question is now what are the options I have?

Thank you sir,

please help to understand "It will continue" meaning and will the stay stop the govt. from taking away the plot for ever.

Property laws / How to make a valid Leave and License agreement
« Last post by swageo on Today at 02:08:55 AM »
Hi Experts,

When renting out properties, Leave and license (L.L.) agreement is viewed as a better document than "lease". But there is a risk of court interpreting it as "lease".  What are all the provisions or statements that can be added to L.L agreement to minimise this risk ?

Thanks in Advance.
Dear Sir,

You can file private complaint and ask the court to get the signatures tested by an hand writing expert.
Lawyers in India / Re: online transfer fraud case
« Last post by kalaskarkk on June 20, 2018, 05:33:06 AM »
Dear Sir,

He can file a civil suit. You can take contention that you have repaid the amount in cash. Moreover it will take
years together to dispose a civil suit, then you can prefer appeal. Nothing to bother.
Dear Sir,

You can immediately rush to the Court and get a stay order. It will continue.
Lawyers in India / Re: online transfer fraud case
« Last post by Prakash11 on June 19, 2018, 04:42:18 AM »
Your On line  prove is best prove ;
We have purchased a plot allotted by government to our seller's seller. Govt. has allotted the plot based on the first sellers land under land pooling scheme and also paid annual rent for 3 years to the farmer till now(1st seller).Later we came to know that the government has orally declared, that the plot allotment will be cancelled as the farmer and the government employees have colluded and fraudulently created a land which did not exist and govt.collected 3/4 of amount paid by us form the farmer.
We confidently bought the plot based on the govt. plot registration done to the farmer(first seller),as our  immediate seller said, land papers are not required as we are buying the plot and not the land,which is allotted by for the land given by the farmer.As we are the bonafide puchasers of the plot,does the govt. has the right to take away the plot registered to us legally.
There is a family partition suit pending in the court for more than 23 years. Properties are on my father name. I am trying to prove it as joint family, joint business (business license is on my name) &joint family properties. While investigating I came to know that my joint family members forged my signatures without my awareness in documents in sub registrar office as an attestor in the documents.  They also did the benami transactions before and after filing the partition suit without registering the property in their name, showing it as someoneís property.   I have evidence against these benami transactions & forgery signatures. One of the attestor also gave a notary affidavit confirming the forgery. These forgery signatures and  benami transactions were done in the year 1980, 1985, 1990,1995 and  2002. Recently I filed a police complaint against these people, but I didnít see any action. Simultaneously can I file a criminal case against these people for the forgery, fraud, benami transactions, etc?
Marriage / Dissolution of Marriage and CAW Cell
« Last post by vij9780 on June 15, 2018, 08:44:51 AM »
Hello Respected Lawyers,
I got married in February 2017 but my wife was interested in consummating the marriage. I filed a dissolution case against my wife in August 2017 with all the proofs. But unfortunately the judge of my court room has been transferred and since then there is no new appointment. Now My wife has filed a case against me in CAW cell. Kindly tell me, can CAW cell officers force me to visit there when I have filed the court case first and I don't want to visit. I mean am I legally bound to go there? Please reply soon.
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