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Company laws / Re: Operating Lotteries In India Across The Borders
« Last post by abbasrizvi918 on Today at 05:38:00 AM »
To be more precise, can you operate state regulated legal lottery franchises in India from some other country.
Company laws / Operating Lotteries In India Across The Borders
« Last post by abbasrizvi918 on Today at 05:37:14 AM »
We were thinking about the international lottery regulators such as Megamillions. Although setting up such a company is not allowed in India but can a person who is not a national and resident of india, have an outlet of the Indian state regulated lotteries?
No need to think and work too damn hard. It's just a curiosity, I am not in any sort of trouble.
Thank you so much
No it's not a crime. You can participate in international lotteries subjected to the fact that website is based out of India. Here is the similar thread with alot more details,8914.0.html
one can participate in the international lotteries since they are not regulated by the gambling laws of the India.
Your friend can either bring on the money by the method provided by the lottery website if he wins or keep it onto the website for use in future to buy more lotteries.
It is not illegal to participate in the online lottery from India however if someone who participates in the lottery wins it, then they have to get the tax deducted from the state authorities.
For more international lottery regulatory queries you can read this article
Criminal laws / consumer cheating
« Last post by UZMAGHAZI on Today at 02:39:03 AM »
I and my husband became a member of Country Club Hospitality & Holidays Limited last February.
The representative informed us that
1. We have to pay One-time fee for member ship and no other charges would be levied
2. Their hotels are in most of the countries where I could book free.
3. We can use  Country Clubs across India for gathering parties.
Immediately after paying 1.65000 fee we started receiving calls that Rs.11000 is fee payable annually.
We visited UAE, Turkey and USA and at no places the hotels were available.
We tried to books Club for a gathering of 25 people in Mumbai and the charges quoted were exorbitant.
We want a refund  due to this cheating and mis information.
Uzma Naheed
These content can be considered a good thing that makes us know more.
498A IPC / Re: Actions against false 498a FIR
« Last post by Sinotei on Today at 01:54:53 AM »
We thank you very much for allowing us to get good content in your post.
498A IPC / Re: Actions against false 498a FIR
« Last post by kalaskarkk on January 15, 2019, 11:03:18 PM »
Dear Sir,
Your concern for your family members is appreciable. In fact the provisions of the various enactments being misused by the married women. This tendency can be curtailed to some extent if people like you venture suits for compensation and proceedings for perjury etc. As proposed you may file affidavit in the same Court under Section 345 Cr.P.C read with Section 193 to 196 IPC etc claiming perjury case be registered against her. Further your mother may file a suit for defamation claiming huge amount as compensation towards her mental torture etc.

Criminal laws / Usage of Real Firearms for Film-making Purposes?
« Last post by Gessler on January 15, 2019, 05:11:06 PM »

I'm currently working on a story involving military & police elements which once moves to production would ideally require the on-location usage (and possibly discharge) of real firearms ranging from handguns to fully-automatic rifles. I have been tentatively trying to avoid usage of dummies and/or blank-firing weapons for purposes of authenticity when it comes to accurately depicting elements such as recoil.

So my question here is basically two-pronged:

  a) Is it at all legal to import (most probably leasing) any kind of real firearm for the expressly stated purpose of film-making?

  b) Given that somehow we were able to acquire real firearms for purposes of the production, under what terms might the crew & actors be allowed to handle the firearms on set?

Regarding concern A: I understand that the Customs departments in the country are extremely strict in terms of what equipment can be cleared and what cannot. I have heard of cases in the past where even blank-firing weapons were seized at Customs (does anyone recall the Airsoft Guns India incident?) and the statement given out by the officers present voiced their concerns regarding the possibility of blank guns being converted into real firearms therefore requiring a license which the importer obviously did not have. I haven't followed the case neither intent to at this point given the lack of public information.

Given these prevailing circumstances, would it be possible or legal for one to seek some sort of clearance or all-okay certificate from the Government & the concerned Ministries provided we can pitch and hopefully convince them of our project possibly bringing a positive image of the nation's Armed Forces and Intelligence framework? And provided we managed to convince the concerned Ministries of such, would be legal for them to grant us some sort of waiver for letting the imports through Customs?

Regarding concern B: From what I gathered, the rules & regulations for usage of real firearms on a movie set are well-established in countries like the US. Going from such requirements as the presence of a certified Armorer on set during all shoots involving the firearms used under his instructions & supervision, all the way to any such usage being informed to and subject to clearance by the local Police Department after any required background-checks or otherwise.

How established are such practices in India? And if they are not well-developed (which would lead to any such endeavour standing on shaky ground), then what kind of certification could one possibly need to mitigate any misunderstandings from arising? Such as perhaps the handling of firearms happening under the supervision of personnel from the Police force or the Indian Army and only in secure locations?

Any advice regarding the rules and regulations (and possible ways to approach for acquiring the needed clearances) are welcome!

Thanks in Advance!
Property laws / Re: Wrong survey number in boundary
« Last post by kalaskarkk on January 13, 2019, 11:20:10 PM »
Dear Sir,
My answers are as follows:

1. Does it require registration or can it be done as a correction?
Ans: If vendor or his legal heirs ready to execute rectification deed then it is fine. Failing which approach the Civil Court and get it corrected by filing a civil suit.

2. Should we go through the court for the correction or can it be done through the sub-registrar office? Which one is recommended and cost effective?
Ans: As above.

3. Both parites who signed while selling are not alive. And there is no legal heir documents available with their sons/daughters.
Ans: Please approach Civil Court only.

4. Also one of the boundary mentions name of the person who owned the land before 1990, it changed hands in 1990. Should we correct to reflect the current owner name? Or it is fine to retain the same name as it is in the parent document?
Ans: You may get it changed.
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