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Company laws / Re: Can a partner take loan from the LLP?
« Last post by advjaibansal on Today at 05:45:31 PM »
Dear Sir,

With the consent of other partners in the LLP, loan can be taken in LLP.

Property laws / Re: Can I file a suit to cancel sale deed
« Last post by advjaibansal on Today at 05:44:30 PM »
Dear Sir,

Sale deed cannot be cancelled, you need to implead the new owners in the suit as defendants as now their rights will be affected if any order/s passed in the case filed by you.

Dear Sir,

Please sell the flat without any public notice or something. Legally, you are the absolute owner of the flat for the reasons that 100% share of the property is now in your favour. You don't have to take any permission or no objection or go for any publication. Without giving any notice to anyone, you can sell the property to anyone.

My father has 2 wives.
His first wife (My Step Mother)  expired and has one son and one daughter (which from now I'll state as Step Brother
and Step Sister)
My step sister got married and after my stepom expired, my father and my step brother bought a property(Said Property) .
Then, my father LEGALLY married my mother in 1990 and I'm the only son.
After that, in 1997, my father gifted his share of the flat to my mother. So the share certificate of the Society was in name of my mother and my step brother.
After that, my step brother got married and he lives independently with his wife in his self owned property and I was staying in the said property with my parents.
In 2009, the building went under redevelopment. The new agreement with builder was made in name of my mother and step brother .
In 2011, my step brother made a GIFT DEED giving up all his rights to title which is REGISTERED.
In 2013, we got the possession  of the said flat and the society issued the Share Certificate in SINGLE NAME/SINGLE OWNER of my mother.
In 2015, my mother and father both expired in a period of 2 weeks due to chronic illness.
My mother has nominated me(100%) in the said flat. She also left A WILL in which she gives the flat to me but it is NOT PROBATE[\b]
So the society transferred the share certificate in my name. Thoughy step brother and sister were against it and threw tantrums in the society, the society transferred the share certificate in my name as per nomination.
Now I want to sell the flat.
I have made a public notice and NO CLAIMS were received.
I know that the legal heirs of my mother are me and my father only. But since they both expired in span of two weeks, so the only living legal hier is me. So now how can I be the owner of the property. (As I have only rights of nomination and not the selling rights) 
Property laws / Can I file a suit to cancel sale deed
« Last post by Yasura on Today at 08:23:51 AM »

One of our neighbours did construction by occupying some of our land. There are currently cases going on in the court about that. Meanwhile he has sold his constructed building to someone else.

In this case can we file a suit to cancel that sale deed?

Is there anything that we can do in Sub Registrar Office to get this sale deed cancelled?

Company laws / Re: Can a partner take loan from the LLP?
« Last post by on Today at 04:54:46 AM »
Alike normal Partnership Firm, the LLP can also advance money to its partners in form of Loans. However, it is considerable that the same shall be approved by LLP and the rate of interest cannot be less than the prevailing in market so as to claim the transaction fair and genuine. can help you to incorporate the LLP and for Annual Compliance requirement of LLP at affordable prices in simple, affordable and transparent manner.
Employment laws / Re: falsely implicating by employer
« Last post by advjaibansal on Today at 04:25:23 AM »
Dear Sir,

The only remedy is to file a Writ Petition before the concerned High Court seeking quashing of the show cause notice and enquiry initiated against you.

Dear Sir,

IF the trademark registered in USA is not registered in India under the same class which you wish to register, then it can be registered in India.

Hello Janiabhi,

A trademark registered has a geographical coverage as per the Act of the concerned country. The trademark registered in foreign country cannot provide the protection under same in India. For the protection purpose in India, you shall take a trademark registered as per Indian Trademark Act.

However, if the registration is done as per the procedure prescribed under the Madrid protocol, then one can get the protection in India also.
Can we register a trademark, that is registered in the US, in India?
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