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Property laws / Flat possession post legal action
« Last post by HVDSOUZA on Today at 11:39:43 AM »
Almost 80 percent flats in a newly constructed building has been occupied by respective owners based on fit out request made to Builder.  These occupants have formed an Action Committee 6 months back.   Builder has not provided water connection, CC and OC.  In spite of all these irregularities, the flats have been occupied.  With the help of the Action Committee water connection has been given on temporary basis.  Can I take possession of my flat too by paying a small amount of the balance due to the builder and then take legal action.
Also, if I take possession, should I pay the maintenance charges to the Builder or Action Committee.
Please advise.
Divorce Laws / Re: Wife is refusing to divorce or stay together
« Last post by stoney on Today at 08:07:17 AM »
Can anyone suggest a good experienced and successful lawyer in the field of divorce/marriage (representing the husband's side) in Mangalore or Bangalore for consultation and taking the case forward?
Property laws / Re: property dispute
« Last post by urbanvertigo on Today at 06:48:57 AM »
Dear Sir,

Certainly the property is ancestral and sisters have right in the property. Please file a suit for partition. Or they will file the suit for partition.


Hello sir, thanks for your reply and for your time,i am a little confused as to what ancestral property is(definition)  is property inherited from grandmother comes under ancestral property ? please confirm.

Many thanks
Criminal laws / No action by police after 156(3)
« Last post by mayank01 on Today at 03:03:57 AM »
A direction was passed on cognizable offence my the court to register an FIR. It has been 5 months since the lodging of FIR under 420/468/471/406/417. The police has enough evidence to convict the accused for fruad and forgery but its sitting silent because the accused has been paying them hefty amounts to not arrest him and find a way to close the case. How can i approach the court to take necessary actions before they file a weak chargesheet to make the case weak. Kindly help
Criminal laws / can i file a criminal defamation case based on whatsapp group chats
« Last post by arason on September 24, 2018, 11:51:00 AM »
We have a parking dispute with a neighbour and we were trying to resolve this issue by official way since last 1.5 years. Recently our neighbour threatened us and also placed stone behind our car in a way which could result in accident if we had not observed it.

We asked Managing committee to take action in both cases but MC support this person based on their relationship.
We realized that whenever our neighbor does something unlawful, Chairman tries to show society in the whatsapp group that we are also doing these unlawful things(threatening/violence) without any proof.

We have all the evidence of whatsapp chats. There is no way MC can justify comments they made against us.

I would like to know if we can file a “Criminal Defamation” case against chairman in this scenario.
Also if someone can hint that how long usually it takes for final judgment considering we have all proofs and Secretary only tried to spread lies in open forum against us?
Criminal laws / Legal Validity of “Verbal Agreement between Builder and someone"
« Last post by arason on September 24, 2018, 11:43:23 AM »
We have a dispute with one of the neighbour who has fully blocked the entrance of our Car parking. In master plan, this space is indicated as “Passage”.  He claims that builder allocated him that passage as his parking but he does not have any proof of this allotment.  But when we contacted builder he did not accept this allotment.
The MC of society is not ready to listen anything, neither they are sharing any legal plans. They just claim the plan shared by us is outdated.  After lot of follow-ups, MC proposed a meeting to resolve this issue with 3 hr notice. We were not in the city on that day which we informed as soon as we got the message.

Still MC did the meeting and to support this neighour’s illegal parking, MC decided on these lines in MOM:
Mr. XYZ was provided the current alternate parking spot by the builder as a honorary arrangement. This allotment decision pre dates the society formation, and cannot be disputed by anyone.

We would like to know can we deal in this situation lawfully. What should be our next step?
I have completed my B-tech Degree recently.My Academic year was from 2009-2013 . I just passed the degree recently since I had several backlogs.
I had been working hard to clear them.A recent advertisement from AAI (Airport Authority of India) for hiring of Junior Executives in Information technology.The qualification was
60% marks in Btech.
I have secured 60.15% marks.There are 2 provisional documents issued by the university
ie: the consolidated mark list and the degree certificate

In the mark list I have scored some 5400 out of 8000 something.
In the second document it is mentioned that I have passed the degree in this subject and stuff and there it is written class:second

There is a common saying that first class degree > 60%
                                             second class degree< 60%

I was wondering if this will affect my eligibility.

Please advice  :(
please file a consumer court case with seeking interim relief for water and electricity.

Criminal laws / Re: Need Further Advice
« Last post by advjaibansal on September 24, 2018, 05:18:59 AM »
it seems you have already compromised and taken money. Now nothing can be done.
Property laws / Re: property dispute
« Last post by advjaibansal on September 24, 2018, 05:16:27 AM »
Dear Sir,

Certainly the property is ancestral and sisters have right in the property. Please file a suit for partition. Or they will file the suit for partition.

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