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    SEBI Strengthens Regulations To Stop Brokers From Misusing Investor Funds: Members of the stock exchange who are registered are stock brokers. -Damini M- Posted: 2022/12/31

    Right Of The Accused Person Under The Prevention Of Money Laundering Act 2002: The Prevention of Money Laundering Act was passed in 2002 -Sreewin k v- Posted: 2022/12/30

    Tracing the Stages of a PMLA Case: The concept of money laundering in India is enough discussed. After the recent judgement of the Supreme Court in Vijay Madanlal Choudhary v. Union of India -Md Tasnimul Hassan- Posted: 2022/12/30

    Analyzing Legal And Security Issues In Cyber Contracts: E-Contracts: The world of the internet has provided convenience in almost all aspects of life -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2022/12/30

    Contributory Negligence whether a Defence in Tort: Contributory Negligence can be said to be a relatively new comer in our legal system -Abhishek Anand- Posted: 2022/12/30

    An Analytical Study of Women's Rights And Status in Islam: Oppressed, inferior, and unequal - for many people, these are the first words -Shaikh Moeen Shaikh Naeem- Posted: 2022/12/29

    Legal Developments To Curb Human Trafficking In India: Human trafficking is a range of crimes that involve the exploitation -Ankita Anil Pawar- Posted: 2022/12/29

    The Emergence Of E-Arbitration And E-Mediation As A Dispute Resolution Mechanism: In India, litigation is the standard method of dispute resolution that has been chosen by the common -Aviral srivastava- Posted: 2022/12/29

    Right to Abortion: Never Avowed Side: The right to abortion is conferred on pregnant women by virtue of whom they can medically terminate -Satveer Rathore- Posted: 2022/12/29

    Credit cards and their impact on Inflation: A credit card is a financial instrument issued by the bank to the customer to make -Rahul shamota- Posted: 2022/12/29

    Case Analysis: MC Mehta v. Union of India (Oleum Gas Leak Gas Case): Economic progress and industrial developments always seem -Shreenidhi Krishnan- Posted: 2022/12/29

    Rajasthan v/s Ms.Vidhyawati: A Case Study: Lokumal worked vehicle operator on a contractual basis in the State of Rajasthan -Anusaya Panda- Posted: 2022/12/29

    Case Brief of Rajpal Singh v/s Saroj (Deceased) Through LR's: Acts referred to- Indian Penal Code- Wherein the Appellant filed a suit against the respondents, but the suit is still pending -Shreya- Posted: 2022/12/29

    NPCI Players To Cap Their Market Shares To Thirty Percent By 1st January, 2023 And The Extension Of The Deadline: The deadline to comply with a 30 percent volume cap on market share has been extended -Shreya- Posted: 2022/12/29

    2022 CERT: In Notification and its effect on Virtual Asset Providers: The Indian Company Emergency Response Team -Shreya- Posted: 2022/12/29

    Framework of Geo-Tagging of Payment System Touchpoint: Geo-tagging refers to the process of adding geographical identification -Shreya- Posted: 2022/12/29

    Digital Lending Guidelines in lines with the 2022 RBI Notification: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued guidelines[1] to all lenders -Shreya- Posted: 2022/12/29

    Data Localization View of Credit and Debit Cards: Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued Master Directions on Credit Card -Shreya- Posted: 2022/12/29

    Comprehensive Car Insurance: What It Is And What It Includes: Proton: Comprehensive car insurance is a policy that covers all risks associated with your car, from theft to accident. -Sayyed Ismail- Posted: 2022/12/28

    Media Trials And Their Legal Consequences: The term "trial by media," which became popular in the late 20th and early 21st centuries -Kiran- Posted: 2022/12/28

    Digital Banking Units under the Syntax Spectrum: A Digital Banking Unit is a specialised fixed point business unit or hub -Shreya- Posted: 2022/12/28

    Challenges And Rights Of A Person Arrested Without Warrant: A person with accusations and getting arrested doesn't mean that he loses -Rishabh Arya- Posted: 2022/12/28

    Criminalizing of Moral Policing: Moral Policing/Vigilantism is a term used to describe vigilante groups -Bhaswat Prakash- Posted: 2022/12/27

    Critical Analysis On The Evidentiary Value Of Hostile Witness: In a nation like India, where there is no law or plan for the protection of witnesses -Sneha susan thomas- Posted: 2022/12/27

    Flaws And Incompleteness Of Pollution Control Boards Of India In Relation To Dyeing Factories In Salem: pollution control boards which is been established to regulate the factories -Balaji Abishak Srinivasan- Posted: 2022/12/27

    Prohibition Of Women To Enter Temple And Mosque: In this research paper, I'd like to discuss the difficulty that Indian women have getting inside mosques -Balaji Abishak Srinivasan- Posted: 2022/12/27

    Whether Priority Rights Of Secured Creditors Can Over-Ride The Attachment Rights In The PMLA, In Lines With Section 5 And 55: A secured creditor is any creditor or lender associated with an issuance -Shreya- Posted: 2022/12/27

    The Role of Intermediaries in IT Act: IT Act, 2000 is an Act to provide legal recognition for transactions-Shreya- Posted: 2022/12/27

    Overview of the Designs Act, 2000: The industrial design recognizes the creation new and original features of new shape -Shreya- Posted: 2022/12/27

    Overview of Capital Gains Tax under the Income Tax Act of 1961: The government of a nation plays the most vital role in order to raise revenue -Shreya- Posted: 2022/12/27

    Drafting of a Franchise Agreement: In general, franchise agreement is a legally-binding contract between the parties to a franchise relationship -Harshvardhan Karad- Posted: 2022/12/27

    NFTs And Copyright Laws In India: Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are automated assets that establish the worth -Riddhi Chopra- Posted: 2022/12/27

    Law School Students Should Consider Practicing Environmental Law: Recent years events reflect environmental law is a rapidly evolving area of legal practice. -Carl John Kosnar- Posted: 2022/12/26

    The Nuremberg Trial: Its Positive Outcome: The Nuremberg Trials marked the end of the regime responsible for the Holocaust -Abhyuday- Posted: 2022/12/26

    Dowry Related To Domestic Violence: Dowry related viciousness is a difficult issue that influences the existences -Vivek Raj- Posted: 2022/12/26

    Breakdown Of The Janhit Case: EWS Judgment: Reservation as affirmative action or positive discrimination has a history -Paavanta Arya- Posted: 2022/12/26

    How to understand Jurisprudence? Findings and Understanding of Jurisprudence: What is important in law is the understanding of the laws -Chandan Kumar- Posted: 2022/12/26

    Section 143A Of Negotiable Instruments Act Power Of The Court To Direct Interim Compensation: The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2022/12/26

    Analysis: National Human Rights Commission (NHRC): The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) of India is a Statutory public -Mahima Singh- Posted: 2022/12/26

    Exigency of Commercial Court Act, 2015: The government has been debating the plan to allow for quick resolution of high-value -Kaushik Das- Posted: 2022/12/26

    Situation Of Crisis For Migrant Workers: A nation undergoing developmental stage has the workers as the backbone -Lizansha Birla- Posted: 2022/12/25

    Devinder Singh v/s Mangal Singh: A Case Study: On February 23, 1968, at about noon, injured respondent Mangal Singh -Asish Kumar Dhir- Posted: 2022/12/25

    Mistake and Misrepresentation: A Comparison: A mistake is a very common occurrence in our daily lives. -Ali Asghar- Posted: 2022/12/25

    An Analysis In Cruelty Against Married Women In India: Although marriage is one of the main methods for growing a family -Nirmal Siva Ganeshan- Posted: 2022/12/25

    Right To Freedom Of Religion: A Question Of Liberty Vis-a-Vis Practice: When we consider what law is, we try to assert that law should be used to benefit society -Sameer Alam- Posted: 2022/12/25

    Fake Encounters in India: Misuse of Exception 3 to section 300 of IPC: The right to life is protected under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution -Ravi Saraswat- Posted: 2022/12/24

    Artificial Intelligence and Indian Justice System: Due to the backlog of cases, the lack of judges and other court personnel -Shraddha Sharma- Posted: 2022/12/24

    Measures Adopted to Protect Online Consumers Rights Both at UK and EU Levels: Who, in the world does not want to do shopping while sitting in home wearing pyjama -Veidant Prakash- Posted: 2022/12/23

    Article-19 Of The Indian Constitution: Freedom of speech and expression is the most important fundamental right -Harshit Yadav- Posted: 2022/12/23

    Effect of Pandemic on Mergers And Acquisitions: The Covid-19 crisis has had and continues to have a significant -Shivam Narwal- Posted: 2022/12/23

    What Is Liability? Kinds Of Liabilities? Theories Of Punishments? What Are The Exceptions Of Criminal Elements? Analysis Of Criminal Laws: Liability is legal responsibility which binds others to make good for the loss or damages -Chandan Kumar- Posted: 2022/12/23

    Is The Judiciary Really Independent? The Bilkis Bano Case: Article 50 of the Constitution of India which separates the Judiciary -Barira Parvez- Posted: 2022/12/23

    CPC Notes: The object of arrest and detention is to provide relief to a decree holder -Hemant kundu- Posted: 2022/12/23

    An Analysis Of The Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines And Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021: If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter -Aryan Parashar- Posted: 2022/12/23

    Plugging the Loopholes: Establishing a Contemporary Competition Regime in India: For around four decades, India had its competition law in the form of Monopolies -Sanjeevani Midha- Posted: 2022/12/22

    How to write Judgement? Judgment writing for Judiciary. MP Civil Judge Examinations: THE COURT OF CIVIL JUDGE SECOND CLASS -Chandan Kumar- Posted: 2022/12/22

    What is Inquest? Who conducts inquest? Section 174 and Section 176 of Criminal Procedure Code, 1973: Inquest report: Inquest implies an inquiry as to cause of death, which is apparently -Chandan Kumar- Posted: 2022/12/22

    Principles Governing The Share Of Income Tax And Inter-Government Tax Immunities: In a context where many governments have to cope with less revenue -Uday khatri- Posted: 2022/12/22

    Defense Strategies Of Hostile Takeovers: You may have heard about a company merging or taking over another company -Shivam Narwal- Posted: 2022/12/22

    M.B. Sanghi v/s High Court of Punjab: The District & session Judge in turn submitted report to high court & proceedings -Ujjval dhiman- Posted: 2022/12/22

    Analyzing Windfall Tax And Issues Concerning Its Imposition: A windfall tax is an extra levy imposed by a government on a company -Girish Palav- Posted: 2022/12/22

    Can Creditors File An Application Under Section 166 Of The Companies Act To Hold Directors Responsible For The Fiduciary Duty, They Owe Them?: Although directors legally owe their duties to the company -Sayyam Jain- Posted: 2022/12/22

    Administrative action under administrative law: Administrative law was recognized as a separate branch of legal discipline -Prince malik- Posted: 2022/12/22

    Is Hijab Integral Part Of Islam: Since a month after the episode of Mehsa Amin of Iran and Karnataka -Shaikh Moeen Naeem- Posted: 2022/12/22

    Dr.L.P. Mishra v/s UP: AIR1998 SC3337: In this particular case, there is an appeal under sec 19(2) -Prachi rajput- Posted: 2022/12/22

    How Tax Resources Has Been Distributed Between Union And States: The constitution has supreme power it sets the structure that democrats political code -Mohit- Posted: 2022/12/22

    Role Of NGOs In Protection Of Human Rights In India: Globalization has given opportunities to non-governmental organizations -Abhishek Awana- Posted: 2022/12/22

    Raghunandan Saran Ashok Saran [HUF] v/s Union of India: This is a writ petition whereby the petitioner primarily challenges the provisions of Sections 4, 6, 9 of Delhi Rent Control Act -Khushi Basoya- Posted: 2022/12/21

    A Short Note On Constitutional Provisions Relating To The Inter-State Trade, Commerce And Intercourse In India: All federations attempt to make and create an economically sound system -Vanshika Sharma- Posted: 2022/12/21

    Copyright Violation In The Indian Music Industry: They can sell and produce it in different formats like CDs, cassettes etc -Kiran- Posted: 2022/12/21

    Collective Bargaining And Labor Benefits: A very famous saying we all have heard, as true as old. -Saloni Gautam- Posted: 2022/12/21

    What is Jurisprudence? Nature and Scope of Jurisprudence: The word 'jurisprudence' is derived from the Latin word "Jurisprudentia"-Chandan Kumar- Posted: 2022/12/21

    HC Judge vs IAS Officer: This is a purely ceremonial ranking that tries to satiate the ego of all the three wings of the Indian state -Shivam Chauhan- Posted: 2022/12/20

    The Need To Decriminalize The Attempt To Suicide, With Special Reference To Indian Context: A Review Of Section 309 Of IPC: Attempt to suicide. This is an act which is considered to be an offence -Chetna Priyam- Posted: 2022/12/20

    Pardoning Powers In India: Mercy pleas, pardons, and all communications for acts of mercy -Anshika parihar- Posted: 2022/12/20

    Tax Distribution In India: There have been many conflicts with regard that whether India -Mukul Pratap Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2022/12/20

    The Effect Of Terrorism On Human Rights: The Clash Between The Human Rights Advocates And Victims Of Terrorism: The human cost of terrorism has been felt in virtually every corner of the globe -Vishal Kumar- Posted: 2022/12/20

    Finance Commission Of India: The Finance Commission of India is a constitutional body that has survived -Aniket Madhu- Posted: 2022/12/20

    Doctrine Of Separation Of Powers: The concept of separation of powers is the rudimentary element for the governance -Suraj Vats- Posted: 2022/12/20

    Executive v/s Judiciary: The Copyright Clash: On the 27th of August 2019, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry -Hrudhyaa Gayathri- Posted: 2022/12/20

    Structure And Role Of The Central Bank: Monetary Policy Tools: A central bank, sometimes known as a monetary authority or a reserve bank -Yashpal Jakhar- Posted: 2022/12/20

    A Brief Study on: Tax Laws in India: The system of taxation is the backbone of a nation's economy which keeps revenue consistent -Sanskar Singhal- Posted: 2022/12/20

    Bilkis Bano: Justice in Jeopardy: India, that is Bharat, has firmly upheld its adherence to 'Secularism' -Aakanksha Bhukan- Posted: 2022/12/20

    Kidnapping: The term Kidnapping means that taking away any person without their will -Nancy- Posted: 2022/12/20

    Constitutional Status of Women in India: Legally, a girl becomes a woman after experiencing her adolescence and childhood -Parth Rastogi- Posted: 2022/12/16

    Addiction Of Drug And Crime: Substance abuse among young people has become a concerning issue in India.-Tanishqa Pandita- Posted: 2022/12/16

    Administrative Law As A Byproduct Of Intensive Form Of Government: The main emphasis of this research study is how an intensive style of government -Shraddha Sharma- Posted: 2022/12/16

    Legal Profession As a Nobel Profession: Aspiring lawyers are welcomed into the prestigious legal fraternity -Rashie Sharma- Posted: 2022/12/16

    Overview Of Wills Under Hindu Law: As the term will indicates, it signifies a wish, desire, choice etc.,-D.priyanka- Posted: 2022/12/16

    Principle Of Resjudicata Under Civil Procedure Code, 1908: Section 11 of the civil procedure code, 1908 states the principle of Res Judicata. -D.priyanka- Posted: 2022/12/16

    Human Rights Violation Faced By Women In Unorganised Sector: According to the National Commission for Women, the unorganised sector employs 94 -D.priyanka- Posted: 2022/12/16

    Compulsory Licensing Under Copyright Law: Compulsory licensing under copyright law is necessary for using copyrighted -D.priyanka- Posted: 2022/12/16

    Surrogacy In India: An agreement by a woman (Surrogate mother) to undergo pregnancy -D.priyanka- Posted: 2022/12/16

    Welcome To Nobel Profession: Aspiring lawyers are welcomed into the prestigious legal fraternity -Rashie Sharma- Posted: 2022/12/16

    The constitution and The Rule Book: A critical Analysis of MoA and AoA of Companies in India: Articles of Association can be defines as a rule book within a company. -Drishti kanakia- Posted: 2022/12/16

    Human Rights As An Essential Part Of Societal Structure: Every citizen belonging to their respective countries enjoy some rights -Sanskar Singhal- Posted: 2022/12/16

    Surrogacy: Ethical and Legal Issues: Surrogacy refers to a contract in which a woman carries a pregnancy "for" another couple-Vikas Gosia- Posted: 2022/12/16

    Impact of Globalization on Issues of Human Rights: Globalization is one of the most articulated and experienced phenomenon -Dhankhar- Posted: 2022/12/16

    Principles Of Income And The Understanding Of Income Under The Head Of Income From House property: Many of us dream of building our own house. But unfortunately, the property prices-Rahul Saini- Posted: 2022/12/16

    Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies For Human Rights: Throughout a considerable part of its history, the International Committee of -Sumit chhoker- Posted: 2022/12/16

    Understanding Of Finance Commission And Its Constitution: The Finance Commission of India is a constitutional body that has survived -Aman rawal- Posted: 2022/12/16

    Human Trafficking As Violation Of Human Rights: Trafficking means a trade which is illegal. Human trafficking -Rahul khokhar- Posted: 2022/12/16

    Stages of Civil Trial: To gauge a better understanding of how the courts function -Vaibhav Gautam- Posted: 2022/12/15

    Human Rights Are Essential Part Of Social Structure: Every person has dignity and value. One of the ways that we recognise -Sahil atri- Posted: 2022/12/15

    Foster care system in India: Children who are unable to live with their family are temporarily -Rochak Singh- Posted: 2022/12/15

    Lifting of Corporate Veil?: lifting of corporate veil should be abolished -Ashwarya Verma- Posted: 2022/12/15

    Crime Against Women: Failure Of Implementation Or Is More Law The Answer?: There is no chance for welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved -Rishu Verma- Posted: 2022/12/15

    Evolution Of Rights Of Women: An Indian Perspective:Women's rights are multiracial and transnational. -Ajay Antil- Posted: 2022/12/15

    Law Of Contract: Breach of contract inherent power to terminate the contract without terminate clause -Lisha Thakral- Posted: 2022/12/15

    Nabam Rebia And Bamang Felix v/s Deputy Speaker: Governor's Discretion And Judicial Review: In the 2011 Arunachal Pradesh election, Nabam Tuki won with a full majority -Tripti Srija- Posted: 2022/12/15

    Analysis of Liabilities in Law of Torts (Indian Perspective): Analysis of Liabilities in Law of Torts (Indian Perspective) -Tanisha Bandil- Posted: 2022/12/14

    The Law on Negotiable Instruments in India: Summarized: The Law of Negotiable Instrument is regulated -Mohammad Haris Mir- Posted: 2022/12/14

    Ananda Behera v/s States of Orissa: fishery rights in the Chilka lake which is situated in what was once the estate of the Raja of Parikud. -Janardhana BN- Posted: 2022/12/14

    Rajakannu v/s Tamil Nadu (Jai Bhim Movie case): Rajakannu and his wife Parvathi (hereafter Petitioner) staying in a small village with four children-Janardhana BN- Posted: 2022/12/14

    Nullity of Marriage under Hindu Marriage Act: A socially and religiously recognized union between a man and a woman-Ashu- Posted: 2022/12/14

    Construction of Taxing Statutes and Evasion of Statutes: Government of India is divided into three branches i.e. Legislature -Ashu- Posted: 2022/12/14

    Acid Attacks and related laws in India: A Critical Analysis: In India, acid attacks on women have increased alarmingly during the past ten years -Anas ali- Posted: 2022/12/14

    A Brief Note on: Corporate Civil Liability: A corporation can only do those things that are incidental to the fulfillment -Ranveer Gond- Posted: 2022/12/14

    Is Intermediary Approach The Way: For Direct Effect Of WTO Obligations: The direct effect of law was first discussed in the landmark judgement-Anila Nimber- Posted: 2022/12/14

    A look Into: Corporate Criminal Liability: The criminal liability of corporate bodies in India under the Penal Code -Syed Mohd Ghazi rizvi- Posted: 2022/12/14

    An Analysis:Trademark Law in Music and Film Industry: Nowadays, trademarks have become money makers in the music and film business-Isha Devi- Posted: 2022/12/

    Adultery: According to section 497 of the Indian Penal Code 1860 -Anushika srivastava- Posted: 2022/12/13

    Understanding Legal Interpretation And It's Relationship With Legal Translation: Like instruments are to the medical practitioners, designs are to engineers,-Vaibhav Gautam- Posted: 2022/12/13

    Understanding Medical Negligence through the case of NIMS V. Prasanth Dhananka: The medical profession is considered to be one of the noblest professions-Vaibhav Gautam- Posted: 2022/12/13

    Environmental case landmark judgement : Re noise pollution case in Hindi: इस केस में एक 13 साल की बच्ची का रेप हुआ, वह मदद के लिए चिल्लाती-Jyoti Prajapati- Posted: 2022/12/13

    An Analytical And Critical Study Of The Role Of United Nations In Growing International Conflicts: Two dark chapters of world history in which many countries-Shankar Prajapati- Posted: 2022/12/13

    Balancing The Right To Information With Developing The Right To Privacy: Indian Constitution guarantees six fundamental rights: the right to equality, the right-Maddepally Pragna- Posted: 2022/12/13

    Role Of IPR In Fashion Technology: Indian Perspective: The creative labour of the human mind is what is known as intellectual -Aditya Kumar Rai- Posted: 2022/12/13

    Maintainability Of Article 226 Against Private Parties: Writ petitions under Article 226 are maintainable against private parties-Prakhar- Posted: 2022/12/13

    Satvir Singh v/s Punjab - AIR 2001 SC 2828: A young mother of 2 kids ran infront of a running train to end her miseries once and for all-Aparna- Posted: 2022/12/13

    Female Foeticide and Female Infanticide: In India, primarily in rural communities, individuals do not appreciate the birth-Shreya Patil- Posted: 2022/12/13

    Mustering and Constraining: The Changing Dynamics Of Human Rights: Human Rights are privileges we have just in light of the fact that we exist as people-Vinayak Rastogi- Posted: 2022/12/12

    SC: Interpretation Of Section 23(1) Maintenance And Welfare Of Parents And Senior Citizens Act, 2007 To Send A Wrong Signal To Society: SC recent interpretation of Section 23(1) of the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act-Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2022/12/12

    Emergence of the South Asian Nuclear Weapons Order: Legal Ramifications, Complementarities, and Frameworks: The evolving nuclear-weapons order in South Asia is remarkably striking-Nadiya Ayyan- Posted: 2022/12/11

    An Analysis Of The Three-Generation Constitutions In Africa: There have been three generations of constitutions in Africa-Noor Jahan Yosof Zai- Posted: 2022/12/11

    Unravelling The Spot Panchnama (Inquest Report) Under Section 174 of CrPC: The word panchnama, although not defined anywhere in criminal code-Nirmala Singh- Posted: 2022/12/11

    Right To Health: A Fundamental Right: The dismal situation of the health infrastructure in India stands exposed owing to the- Shubhanjali Kushwaha- Posted: 2022/12/11

    Theories of Punishment: Punishment is a term which is inherent to criminal justice-Rounak Sharma- Posted: 2022/12/10

    Abuse of 498A: The present paper claims to throw light on section 498-A of the Indian Penal -Harshit Jaiswal- Posted: 2022/12/10

    Custodial Death: Violation Of Human Rights: Prisoners sometimes die in prison, either due to natural illness, violence -Palak Jain- Posted: 2022/12/10

    Parliamentary Privileges Vis-a-Vis Right Of Publication Of Proceedings: A Critical Analysis: The term parliamentary privileges mean when Members of the two houses of parliament-Aishwarya Lakhe- Posted: 2022/12/10

    Case Analysis Of Employee State Insurance Corporation v/s A.K. Abdul Samad, 2016 In Context Of Employee State Insurance Act, 1948: As the number of industries is increasing in the country, the risk of workers and employers-Aishwarya Lakhe- Posted: 2022/12/10

    Role Of Realism In Application Of International Environmental Law Principles In India: A Jurisprudential Analysis: Realism is one of the main theories to approach international principles -Aishwarya Lakhe- Posted: 2022/12/10

    Doctrine of Hot pursuit: International law: International law recognizes "The Doctrine of Hot Pursuit" as a state's legal-Damini M- Posted: 2022/12/10

    Uniform Civil Code: Recent Developments And Their Background: Recently, the Uttarakhand government extended the term of the panel headed-Preeti Pant- Posted: 2022/12/10

    The Motor Vehicles Act: The Motor Vehicles Act (MVA) 2019, came into effect on 1 September-Rochak Singh- Posted: 2022/12/10

    Legitimation as a Concept of Recognition: All around the world, the status of a child as to whether they-K.P. Manish- Posted: 2022/12/10

    The Status Of Wife And Children In A Marriage Not Properly Solemnized: The term "solemnization" of a marriage refers to completing all formalities -GUNGUN SINGH- Posted: 2022/12/10

    Rural Electrification in India: When is a village considered to be "Electrified"?Before October 1997, a village had to be classified as -SATULURI TRIVENI KRISHNA PRIYA- Posted: 2022/12/10

    Domestic Violence With Men: As someone talks about Domestic violence, the first word-Amulya Parashar- Posted: 2022/12/10

    Order-IX: Appearance and non-appearance of the parties is an important part of the suit-Shefali Goel- Posted: 2022/12/10

    Laws Governing Conservation of Land in Kerala: During most of our lifetimes, we have seen large changes in the environment around-Chandhana K U- Posted: 2022/12/9

    The Legitimacy Of Children Under Void And Voidable Marriages With Cases: The concept of nullity of marriage has its origin in the early English Law -Chandhana K U- Posted: 2022/12/9

    Framing Of Issues: "Issues are the backbone of a suit."-Chandhana K U- Posted: 2022/12/9

    Evolution Of Adalat System In India: The Adalat System was introduced by Warren Hastings in Calcutta- Divya aggarwal- Posted: 2022/12/9

    Inconsistency Of Recent Judicial Decisions With The PCMA and POCSO Act: Secularity, Consent, and Crime: Inconsistency of Recent Judicial Decisions-sakshi suresh sutar- Posted: 2022/12/9

    Prison system in India: Development and Problems: The term prison is derived from the Latin term which means to seize- Ashu- Posted: 2022/12/9

    Leading Questions: The hidden Answers: The evidence plays a role of greater importance in the city as well- Shreya Patil- Posted: 2022/12/9

    Arbitral Award: The Final Award: An arbitration award is an award granted by the arbitrator in their decision-Shreya Patil- Posted: 2022/12/9

    Extradition: The right of requesting state: A person who committed or allegedly committed an offence is usually tried-Shreya Patil- Posted: 2022/12/9

    Frequently Asked Questions: On Cheque Bounce Cases: What legal action can be adopted in response to a bounced or dishonoured cheque-Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2022/12/9

    Offences Relating To Religion: Section 295A: The state has to ensure that religion faith of people does not become a-MAdhav Singh Dhakad- Posted: 2022/12/8

    National Institute Of Mental Health And Neuro Sciences V C Parameshwara 2004- Case Analysis: Facts of the case:C Parameshwara was employed as senior pharmacist in the National institute of mental health -Pallavi Tripathi- Posted: 2022/12/8

    Marital Rape; Offence Or Right?: 'Rape' in Indian Penal Code 1860 is defined as sexual intercourse with a female- Pallavi Tripathi- Posted: 2022/12/8

    Provisions Relating To Maintenance Of Wives, Children And Parents Under Crpc, 1973: Chapter IX: Maintenance Of Wives, Children And Parents The provision relating to maintenance of Wife, Children-Chandan Kumar- Posted: 2022/12/8

    Need Of Sui-Generis Systems In IP Protection: A huge number of indigenous people live in India. India has the world's largest -Aishwarya Lakhe- Posted: 2022/12/8

    Access To Legal Aid: Way Ahead: Our constitution has the pride of being the lengthiest constitution of the world-Saloni Gautam- Posted: 2022/12/8

    Armed Conflict And Humanitarian Law: Laws are silent amidst the clash of arms.- Saloni Gautam- Posted: 2022/12/8

    Indian Trade Policy: An Analysis: The evolution of humankind has been a much-layered process-Saloni Gautam- Posted: 2022/12/8

    Domestic Violance Act And Current Position Of Domestic Violance: The nature is "she". This quote shows the importance of women-Saloni Gautam- Posted: 2022/12/8

    A Detailed Description of Child Trafficking In India: In a civilized society, the welfare of the entire community depends upon-Yuvraj singh- Posted: 2022/12/8

    Are Privacy Protected Services Leaving IPR Holders Unprotected?: Through the present case in the Delhi High Court, the plaintiff Dabur India -Yugandhara Wakde- Posted: 2022/12/8

    Juvenile Delinquency: Children are the future of our country. It is the responsibility of everyone-Diksha- Posted: 2022/12/8

    Gender Inequality: When a boy is born, we proud Indians of the 21st century celebrate-UJJWAL- Posted: 2022/12/8

    Prison System In India: Development And Problems: Term prison is derived from the Latin term which means to seize-Ashu- Posted: 2022/12/8

    A Case Study Of The Struggle Over South China Sea Territory Under The UN Convention On The Law Of The Sea's Principle For Joint Maritime Exploitation: The southern seas of Taiwan, the western seas of the Philippine islands-Anshu Kumar Rai- Posted: 2022/12/8

    Current Judicial Approach Towards Defense Of Act Of God: Act of god refers to serious and unforeseen natural phenomena for which no one-Simran Trivedi- Posted: 2022/12/7

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    Judicial Activism: Tool to Protect Human Rights or Tool for Overreach?: The judiciary acts as a watchdog for our democracy-Sanskar Singhal- Posted: 2022/12/6

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    Legislative Trends Towards The Protection Of Human Rights Of Women In India: Human rights are those rights concerning the world wide progress of every individual.-Muskan Upadhyay- Posted: 2022/12/6

    Right of Foreclosure: Modern mortgage law has its roots in both Roman law and in Anglo-Saxon-Raj Karn- Posted: 2022/12/6

    Transgenders in Police: The Supreme Court of India has said that We direct the Centre and the State -Harshvardhan Karad- Posted: 2022/12/5

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    Hussainbhai, Calicut vs. Alath Factory Thozhilali Union, Kozhikode: Supreme Court: The petitioner in this case is the owner of factory producing ropes- Palash Bhargav- Posted: 2022/12/5

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    Defences of Tort: The term Tort is the French equivalent of the English word wrong and -Nakul Rathee- Posted: 2022/12/3 Dower Under Muslim Law: India is a secular country. The term 'secular' is interpreted as that there is no religion-Naina bansal- Posted: 2022/12/3

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    Aspects of Biodiversity Law: Although it only takes up 2.4% of the Earth's total land area, India is considered-Marisha Mishra- Posted: 2022/12/1

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    Human Rights Concerns During The Pandemic: A Discussion: The COVID-19 pandemic unbridled an unexpected economic crumble and humanitarian cataclysm in India. -Modit Johar- Posted: 2022/11/16

    Laws of Defamation: A person who, through spoken or legible words, symbols, or visual representations -Gauri Singh- Posted: 2022/11/16

    Reorganization Act of states 1956: The state reorganization act of 1956 remains the single most extensive change -Kositina Sibonginkosi- Posted: 2022/11/15

    A Study on: Assault and Battery: Torts in a general sense are concerned with a lesser degree of wrongs -Kashish Khanduja- Posted: 2022/11/15

    Breif Overview On Model Tenancy Act: It is not wealth I seek, it is not fame that I want, I crave for a home expressing the eternal yearning of all living beings for habitat. -Neha gupta- Posted: 2022/11/15

    Analyze: Separation Of Power: The Doctrine of Separation of power was originated by Montesquieu -Surbhi Paul- Posted: 2022/11/14

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    Case Analysis and Patent Laws: In this work one can find a detailed case study of the case Press metal corporation vs Noshir Sorabji Pochkhanawalla -Kumari Manshi- Posted: 2022/11/13

    National Security Act, 1980: An Introduction: Amid the continuing protests in Delhi against the CAA and NRC, Delhi's -Ashutosh Banshwar- Posted: 2022/11/13

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    Marriage Equality: The Legal Age For Both Men And Women Should Be 18 Years: ONE-THIRD of the world's child brides are found in India, where child marriage -Tushar Verma- Posted: 2022/11/12 The Government of India Act 1833 or the Charter Act 1833 -Joyleenmeki- Posted: 2022/11/12

    The Fourth World: A Cursory Glance on More than 370 million people in more than 70 countries are called "Indigenous and tribal peoples."-Sayed Qudrat- Posted: 2022/11/12

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    Aruna Ramchandra Shanbaug v/s Union Of India: My Ultimate Aim Is To Make Euthanasia A Positive Experience -Lavanya Ajaykumar Panicker- Posted: 2022/10/17

    Child Marriage! Sexual And Reproductive Health: Reproductive freedom is not just the ability not to have a child through birth control.-Lavanya Ajaykumar Panicker- Posted: 2022/10/17

    Voyeurism and provisions dealing it in India: Nowadays we have seen a rapid increase in cybercrimes -Amulya Parashar- Posted: 2022/10/17

    Menstrual Leave In Islamic Jurisprudence: A Classical Rhetoric: Everybody has heard how menstruation is a subject that carries -Sayed Qudrat- Posted: 2022/10/17

    National IP Conference, 2022: The National IP Conference 2022 was organized by Office of Controller General of Patents, Design and Trade Marks -Megha Harshwal- Posted: 2022/10/17

    How the Sports Betting Industry Changed in the Last 5 Years?: Over the last 5 years, the sports betting industry adapted unprecedented changes -Manish Sharma- Posted: 2022/10/17

    Universalizing Education In Light Of NEP And Changes Brought By Pandemic: In today's modern era many great discoveries have been made that have revolutionized -Dhairya Kumar- Posted: 2022/10/16

    Withdrawal of CIRP Application At Different Stages: One of the main objects of the IBC is permitting the Corporate Debtor -Subham Tiwary- Posted: 2022/10/16

    Corporate Fraud Under The Companies Act 2013: Corporate fraud consists of illegal, deceptive actions committed either by a company -Shubham Agarwal- Posted: 2022/10/16

    Critical Analysis on Right to Privacy: Why have you closed your door, what's so private -Prerana Rudra- Posted: 2022/10/16

    Protection of IPRs Relating To Computer Based Innovations: The USPTO found that both applications were incomplete because they lacked a valid inventor. -Chandra Sekhar Anjuru- Posted: 2022/10/16

    Growing Popularism Concerning The Indian Federalism: When the constitution of India was designed its makers made it clear that the state has no religion -Subah- Posted: 2022/10/16

    Manual Scavenging: A Social Hindrance To Development: India is the world's largest democracy, where we hear news about developments and growth -Subah- Posted: 2022/10/16

    Minor's Capacity to Contract: Mohori Bibee v/s Damodar Ghose: Indian Evidence Act, 1877 and Indian Contract Act, 1872. -Harsha Tripathi- Posted: 2022/10/16

    Principle, Practice And Procedure Of Adjournment During The Trial Under CPC: An adjournment may be regarded as putting off or conceding of procedures -Yavar Ali Bukhari- Posted: 2022/10/16

    Role Of Legal Education In Western Odisha And Their Impact In Legal Practitioners: Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world -Karan Singh- Posted: 2022/10/15

    Overview and Analysis of Contempt of Court Act,1971: Earlier the man had freedom to act in a way he pleased and his will to do an act depended -Dhairya Kumar- Posted: 2022/10/15

    What Trademark significance attached to Invoices not bearing the Trademark: Its is well known fact that right in a Trademark can be acquired either by way of registration -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2022/10/15

    New Age Economy, Platform Markets And Challenges For Antitrust Enforcement: Digital markets are an integral part of the economy and have become a critical component -Karan Yadav- Posted: 2022/10/15

    Mediation Bill 2021: Issue And Challenges: Committee recommends substantial changes to the Mediation Bill, aimed at institutionalizing mediation -Akshay Mishra- Posted: 2022/10/15

    Shafin Jahan v Ashokan K.M: Hadiya is a girl born in Ezhava Community. -Saurabh Yadav- Posted: 2022/10/15

    A Review Of Places Of Worship Act,1991 And The Gyanvaapi Issue: A legal dispute has arisen around the videography inspection of the Gyanvapi Mosque -Anurag Srivastava- Posted: 2022/10/15

    Death Penalty In India: India is a nation that is rapidly developing, but at the same time, crime rates are rising dramatically. -Anurag Srivastava- Posted: 2022/10/15

    An Analysis: Doctrine Of Eclipse: According to Indian law, any existing law that is incompatible with fundamental rights -Anurag Srivastava- Posted: 2022/10/15

    Doctrine Of Colourable Legislation: Federalism is one of the fundamental ideas in the Indian Constitution -Anurag Srivastava- Posted: 2022/10/15

    Doctrine Of Pleasure: Civil services are considered to be a part of the Executive, with the Crown -Anurag Srivastava- Posted: 2022/10/15

    DNA Bill And Right To Privacy: Right to privacy is a basic human fundamental right that is recognised by various international treaties -Ankush Kalsule- Posted: 2022/10/15

    Soft skills and Hard skills for Legal Profession: Being a Lawyer is one of the few professions that require an equal amount of hard and soft skills -Vibhu Verma- Posted: 2022/10/15

    Claims Tribunal: An Effective Way Of Getting Compensation: A new forum MACT i.e. motor accident claim tribunal also known as "Claims Tribunal" -Prashant Prasad- Posted: 2022/10/14

    Section 498A Indian Penal Code: Most Abused Law In Indian Jurisprudence: There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice -Shivansh sharma- Posted: 2022/10/14

    Legal Maxim: Doctrine Of Ostensible Owner: Ostensible is derived from the Latin ostendere, which means "to show"-Narendra Singh Kushwaha- Posted: 2022/10/13

    Corporate Governance: Role of Company Secretary: The Companies Act of 2013 (the Act) modifies corporate governance -Shubham Singh- Posted: 2022/10/13

    Oppression And Mismanagement In India: Effects And Analysis: The liberalisation of the Indian economy attracted foreign investors interested in the market's potential. -Shubham Singh- Posted: 2022/10/13

    Refugee Law: International Refugee Law is one of the most important pillars of international law.-Vineeta Narayan- Posted: 2022/10/13

    Abridgement on Legal Due Diligence: A legal due diligence is scrutiny of all, or specific parts, of the legal affairs -Ankit Tiwari- Posted: 2022/10/13

    Mergers, Acquisitions and Amalgamations: With a few highs and lows, the merger and acquisition activity in India -Abhinav Chandra- Posted: 2022/10/12

    Legality And Impact Of Artificial Intelligence In Social Media And Marketing Platforms: Artificial intelligence is a relatively new technology that emerged in the twenty-first century. -Abhinav Mahlawat- Posted: 2022/10/12

    Human Rights Of Minorities In India: An Ethnic group is a collection of people who share a culture -Saurabh Yadav- Posted: 2022/10/12

    OBC Reservation In India: An Analysis: The Indian Constitution is the ultimate legislation of the country. -Abhay Singh Yadav- Posted: 2022/10/12

    An Outline Of The Draft Indian Telecommunication Bill, 2022: Telecommunication is a key driver of socio-economic development.-Shyam Bhageria- Posted: 2022/10/12

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    Sedition Laws In India: A Critical Analysis: Sedition is overt behaviour that aims toward revolt against the existing -Aditya Kumar- Posted: 2022/10/11

    Rise of NFT's in India: Legal Implications: Fancraze started a marketplace for cricket Non-Fungible Tokens -Nilesh Beliraya K- Posted: 2022/10/10

    Codification: A Brief Understanding: Some 65 years ago, there was a UNESCO sponsored survey looking into the basic source of various legal systems.-Avula Veerabhadra Reddy- Posted: 2022/10/10

    Capitalism: A Plague To Society: A welfare state is one in which the government actively promotes the economic -Yuvraj Trivedi- Posted: 2022/10/10

    Statutory Authority As Defence: Statutory authority is the type of authority that has its roots in the legislation -Aryan Parashar- Posted: 2022/10/10

    Right Against Self-Incrimination: Miranda's Right: Being aware of your rights is not always as simple as it may seem -Kamlesh Singh- Posted: 2022/10/10

    Validity Of Registered Trade Mark In Suit For Infringement: infringement of registered Trademark, the Trademark registration is prima facie evidence of validity.-Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2022/10/10

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    Critical Analysis Of Jurisprudence Idea On Tokyo War Trial: The allied Power consisted of the member country France -Priya Jha- Posted: 2022/10/9

    Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process: CIRP: On 6th October, 2022, the Mumbai Bench of the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) allowed a petition -Adv. N D Gawade- Posted: 2022/10/9

    Laws Against Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence market is anticipated to expand at a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.2 per cent -Neeraj Kumar Rohilla- Posted: 2022/10/9

    Competition Amendment Bill, 2022: Generally, competition refers to vying between individuals, economic and social groups -Aditya Kaul- Posted: 2022/10/9

    Role Of Judiciary In Controlling Criminalization Of Politics: Criminalization of Politics means that the criminals entering the politics and contesting elections -Shaikh Moeen Shaikh Naeem- Posted: 2022/10/7

    Due Process Of Law: Indian Interpretation On The Dicey's Perspective: Before going to the details of due process of law -Kamlesh Singh- Posted: 2022/10/6

    Ejusdem Generis: A Legal View With Respect To India And USA: Ejusdem Generis (ee-joose-dem gen-ris) is a Latin phrase -Narendra Singh Kushwaha- Posted: 2022/10/6

    MNRE:Imposed The Basic Customs Duty On Import Of Solar PV Cells AndModules And Also Hiked In Rates Of GST Under Change-In-Law: MNRE, with effect from 1st April, 2022, imposed 25% Basic Customs Duty -Adv. N D Gawade- Posted: 2022/10/6

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    Environmental Crime And The Law In India A Critical Analysis: The term "Environmental Crimes" does not have a universally accepted -Ashok Kumar Choudhary- Posted: 2022/10/5

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    An Overview Of Cyber crimes and Cyber Laws In India: Since the invention of the Internet, communication throughout the world has advanced. -Anurag Srivastava- Posted: 2022/10/5

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    Analysis on Hate Speech: Hate speech was born in the early 1990's through a strange civil union -Deepika Yadav- Posted: 2022/10/4

    Right To Privacy As A Fundamental Right And Their Related Conflicts: The adage "Man's house is believed to be his castle" -Dhriti Kanojia- Posted: 2022/10/4

    Shayara Bano v/s Union of India: Shayara Bano case or Triple Talaq case led to a landmark judgement -Anupam Roy- Posted: 2022/10/4

    Private Limited Company Registration: The shareholders of a Private Limited Company Registration Online are given limited liability -Ayush Gupta- Posted: 2022/10/4

    Administrative Action And Doctrine Of Proportionality: Judicial review of legislative and executive action has been one of the most important developments -Utkarsh Sahu- Posted: 2022/10/4

    Criminal Procedure Identification Bill 2022: Police to take measurements to tag those who have been convicted, arrested or detained -Khayamul Hassan- Posted: 2022/10/4

    Curious Case of 10th Schedule: Anti-defection law (also known as the 10th schedule) was included -Shubham Singh- Posted: 2022/10/4

    Twelve Digit Password To Unlock Privacy?: Over time, the legal framework around the right to privacy changed -Shubham Singh- Posted: 2022/10/4

    Validity Of Assured Returns Clauses Under FEMA: FDI into the Indian market is governed by the Foreign Exchange Management Act -Siddharth Sengupta- Posted: 2022/10/4

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    Prohibition Of Child Marriage (Amendment Bill) 2021: Recently the cabinet passed a proposal, to increase the minimum age of marriage -Khayamul Hassan- Posted: 2022/10/3

    Delegated Legislation In The Army Act, 1950: Administrative law is the legal framework that controls administrative activity. -Mohammed Arafat Mujib Khan- Posted: 2022/10/3

    Tackling Illegal Sports Broadcasting: A Nexus with Copyright Law: With the advent of technology, the broadcasting -Manvee- Posted: 2022/10/3

    Finding Of IPAB Is Not Binding In An Action For Passing Off Action: If a registered trademark of a party is cancelled by the Intellectual Property -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2022/10/3

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    Overview Of The Transplantation Of Human Organs (Amendment) Act, 2011 And The Exigency To Amend It: The emergence of medical science has led to numerous crucial breakthroughs -Saransh Jauhari- Posted: 2022/10/3

    En Route To Dispute Resolution Outside Judiciary: Arbitration In India: Commercial conflicts in India have increased significantly -Modit Johar- Posted: 2022/10/3

    Occupational Health And Safety Legislation In India: HO, Occupational health deals with all aspects of health and safety -Isha Aggarwal- Posted: 2022/10/2

    A Critical Analysis Of Mediation Bill, 2021: The Future Of Dispute Resolution In India: Mediation is a form of ADR. ADR, or Alternate Dispute Resolution -Anshika Sah- Posted: 2022/10/2

    Doctrine Of Eclipse: Doctrine effectively seeks to overcome the following conundrum -Ishika- Posted: 2022/10/2

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    Impact Of Regulation Of Cryptocurrency By Governments: Since the end of 2021, cryptocurrencies are in a freefall.-Kartikay Singhal- Posted: 2022/10/2

    Impact Of Regulation Of Cryptocurrency By Governments: Since the end of 2021, cryptocurrencies are in a freefall.-Kartikay Singhal- Posted: 2022/10/2

    Trending Issues And Challenges In Adjudication Of Cyber Crime: Digital Technology has taken control over everything around us and it's a part of our daily life -Shubhankar Banerjee- Posted: 2022/10/2

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    Legal Aspects Of HIV: HIV/AIDS is one of the biggest challenges faced by the world. -Shivani Bhasin- Posted: 2022/10/1

    Tort of Assault and its Remedies: The term tort is derived from the Latin term "Tortum" which means Twist.-Anurag Srivastava- Posted: 2022/10/1

    Rules of Interpretation of Statutes: Interpretation of statute is one important task assigned to the courts by which they interpret -Aditya Chaubey- Posted: 2022/10/1

    An Analysis Of Forest Conservation Act, 1980 And Challenges In Its Application In India: A sizable area primarily covered in trees and vegetation -Deepika- Posted: 2022/10/1

    India's Law of Sedition: A Critical Analysis: The recent use of sedition laws has brought up new concerns about their undemocratic nature -Anurag Srivastava- Posted: 2022/10/1

    Surveillance Laws in India: Surveillance means monitoring, collecting or intercepting data of the individual by a third person -Abhishek Yadav- Posted: 2022/10/1

    Citizenship And Rights Of Citizen Of India: After 3 June 1947 when lord Mountbatten announced his intention to scrap the cabinet mission plan -Jivesh Nandan- Posted: 2022/10/1

    Constitutionality of UAPA Amendment: The roots of unlawful Activities (prevention) Act,1967 -Sankalp Mirani- Posted: 2022/09/30

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    Case Analysis: Bennett Coleman v/s Union Of India: Democracy can thrive through vigilant eye of Legislature but also care and guidance -Shobhit Rawat- Posted: 2022/09/29

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    Violation Of Constitutional Rights: Acid Attacks Against Women: Women comprise half of the world's population.-Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2022/09/28

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    An Analysis on Sedition Law: Whoever, by words, either spoken or written, or by signs, or by visible representation, or otherwise -Sankalp Mirani- Posted: 2022/09/27

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    Laws of Forgery: Forgery is the making of a false document with the criminal intention to cause damage to any person -Aditya Ojha- Posted: 2022/09/25

    Small Causes Courts: Section 7 and 8 of Civil Procedure Code , 1908 deals with Small Causes Courts.-Arsheema R- Posted: 2022/09/25

    Election Commission Of India: Critical Analysis: The Election Commission of India is an independent Constitutional body constituted -Arshpreet kaur- Posted: 2022/09/25

    The Dowry System In The Present Era: The dowry system includes giving the groom's family cash -Vidhan Singh- Posted: 2022/09/25

    LA Act 1894: Can A Court Award Higher Compensation Than Claimed? Would Deficit Court Fee Be A Deterrent?: Landowners, whose lands are compulsorily acquired under the Land Acquisition Act 1894 -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2022/09/24

    K.M.Nanavati v/s State Of Maharashtra, 1961 AIR 112: One of the most popular landmark cases in the history of the judiciary -Angad Singh- Posted: 2022/09/24

    Doctrine of Election: Doctrine of Election is based on principles of equity. Under any instrument -Ayush Upadhyay- Posted: 2022/09/23

    Judicial Control Over Administrative Action: In all the countries with developed or developing democracy -Kirti Garg- Posted: 2022/09/24

    Case Analysis Of Vineeta Sharma v/s Rakesh Sharma: Section 6 of the Hindu Succession Act, 1956 was amended in the year 2005 -Chahak Kanojia- Posted: 2022/09/24

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    Pamela Williams v/ s Patrick Cyril Martin on 19 December, 1969: IRAC Analysis: If a ward leaves or is removed from the custody of a guardian of his person -Mohammed Arafat Mujib Khan- Posted: 2022/09/23

    Legal Analysis Of Revision Under Section 115 Of The Civil Procedure Code, 1908: Jurisdiction is not given for the sake of the judge, but for that of the litigant -Mohammed Arafat Mujib Khan- Posted: 2022/09/22

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    The Psychology of Adoption: Children have been known to bring light to any parent's life.-Vibhu Verma- Posted: 2022/09/21

    Maintenance Of Dependants: Granting of maintenance is a measure of social justice -Vibhu Verma- Posted: 2022/09/21

    High Courts And Right To Privacy Post-Puttaswamy: Case Study Of 2019: In 2017 a nine-judge bench of India's Apex Court unanimously held that the Right to Privacy -Rashika Bodh- Posted: 2022/09/21

    Chandigarh University Girls Hostel Controversy: one female student from the hostel has captured the videos of girls in the same hostel while involving in the private activities and shared the same with her male friend.-Anshu Singh- Posted: 2022/09/20

    Right To Equality: Does The Court Treat The Right To Abortions Of Married And Unmarried Women Equally: A woman is said to have over ten pairs of hands, the roles she plays throughout life -Pranavi Challa- Posted: 2022/09/20

    Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2002: SC verdict upheld the Constitutional validity: The purpose of the Act is to prevent money laundering and to confiscate the property -Bindu Gowda- Posted: 2022/09/20

    Transfer Petition: No Longer A Conundrum: The relief sought in a 'Transfer Petition' is essentially transfer of case either from one subordinate court -Falgu Mukati & Tanmay Karmarkar- Posted: 2022/09/20

    A Comparative Analysis Of The Process Of Prevention Of Oppression And Mismanagement Within Companies Between India And Canada: A court of law has described it as "activity that constitutes a noticeable deviation -Mohammed Arafat Mujib Khan- Posted: 2022/09/20

    Patent: A Basic View: The word Patent was derived from the Latin term Patere -Aditya Grandhi- Posted: 2022/09/20

    On The Brink Of Collapse: The Inefficiencies And Challenges In The Indian Health System: Right to health is a fundamental right in India[1] and has been constantly -Simran Rao- Posted: 2022/09/20

    Bourgeoning Unemployment And The Dire Need For NEP In India: Unemployment in India is at an all-time high, rapidly moving from bad to worse -Simran Rao- Posted: 2022/09/20

    Right to Food and Covid-19: It seems like yesterday, but we are just shy of a year from when the world -Simran Rao- Posted: 2022/09/20

    Rights And Duties Of Seller And Buyer: Most of the property cases are between family members, leading to the diffusion -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2022/09/20

    Show Cause Notice Is An Essential Feature In Administrative Action: The purpose of this article is to pronounce the Show Cause Notice -Vishnu- Posted: 2022/09/20

    The Republic Of Nicaragua v/s The United States Of America (1986): Case Analysis: Under President Taft 2, the United States launched its first armed intervention in Nicaragua.-Mohammed Arafat Mujib Khan- Posted: 2022/09/20

    Dissecting Supreme Court's Verdict In A.G. Perarivalan v/s State Of Tamil Nadu: B.R. Ambedkar while addressing the Constituent Assembly -Dubey- Posted: 2022/09/19

    Human Rights Violations With Regards To The Blockade Of The Gaza Strip With Particular Reference To The UDHR: Human Rights Violations With Regards To the Blockade of the Gaza Strip -Mohammed Arafat Mujib Khan- Posted: 2022/09/19

    Rights Of Trade Union In India: Trade union is based on the concept of collective bargaining -Savita Yashvant Kale- Posted: 2022/09/19

    Criminal Liability Under Section 64 Of The Copyright Act 1957: Under the provisions of copyright Act 1957, criminal complaint can be filed in order -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2022/09/19

    Great Flexibility In Patent Statute: Opportunity For Courts To Take Account Of The Needs And Characteristics Of Different Industries Courts Can And Should Apply The General Rule: A patent is an exclusive right that is granted for the purpose of invention -Shubham Nema- Posted: 2022/09/19

    Mosaicing Of Prior Arts, When Permissible To Defeat A Patent?: What are the circumstances where a defendant could be allowed to use the principle -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2022/09/19

    Separation of Powers: Probably, the principal doctrinal barrier to the development of the administrative process has been the theory of separation of powers.-Sankalp Mirani- Posted: 2022/09/19

    Study Of Marriage Reforms In India: A Comparative Analysis Throughout Timelines: Marriage in India is an event filled with customs and traditions -Sankalp Mirani- Posted: 2022/09/19

    Citizen's Right To Transparency In Administration: An Analysis: Transparency is the guideline of permitting those impacted by administrative -Sankalp Mirani- Posted: 2022/09/19

    Tendering Shares In Open Offers: An Legal Analysis: Open offers are offers made by companies to public shareholders -Sankalp Mirani- Posted: 2022/09/19

    Circumstantial Evidence And The Last Sight Theory With A Detailed Analysis Of The Aarushi Talwar Case: According to Section 3 of the Indian Evidence Act -Kaushiki singh- Posted: 2022/09/19

    Forgery: I'm here to share what I learned today about forgery -Shubhi Singh- Posted: 2022/09/18

    Sarfaesi Act: An Overview: The financial Assets for Indias effort to achieve success rapidly developing its economy.-Shubham Agarwal- Posted: 2022/09/18

    Terrorism And Its Influence In Creating A Legal And Economic Mayhem: The tryst to acquire new ways of knowledge of society is not new to human conscience -Sucheta Mondal- Posted: 2022/09/17

    Impact of Maneka Gandhi Case on Criminal Justice Administration in India: The well known Maneka Gandhi case changed the Criminal Justice Administration.-Mihir Trivedi- Posted: 2022/09/17

    Freebies, Hospitality, Cash/Monetary Grant To Doctors By Pharma Companies And Diagnostic Centres Is Prohibited By Law And Against Public Policy: Recently there was news of the alleged scam of unethically prescribing Dolo-650 -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2022/09/17

    Basis For Award Of Compensation In Motor Vehicle Accident Cases: Under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, an individual injured in a car accident -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2022/09/17

    Amit Kumar v/s Suman Beniwal, 2021: Re-Interpreting Section 13B (2) of the Hindu Marriage Act: The Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 [1] was the first to recognize divorce among Hindus -Philip John- Posted: 2022/09/17

    A Comparative Historical Analysis Of Strikes Law In India And France: Workers of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but your chains -Mohammed Arafat Mujib Khan- Posted: 2022/09/17

    When ZERO FIR Was Launched And Under Which Section?: Earlier you might have heard this in real or in movies, police -Anshu Singh- Posted: 2022/09/16

    PUDR v/s Union Of India: This case comment talks about how an organization named PUDR -Shubhangi- Posted: 2022/09/16

    Indian Laws And The Menace Of Rape: Home is supposed to be a snug place where we seek comfort, control -Rishav Sharma- Posted: 2022/09/16

    Review under CPC: Review is covered under S. 114 of CPC. -Mudunuri Jahnavi Lahari- Posted: 2022/09/16

    Austin And Analytical School Of Law: Sir John Austin was born on March 3, 1790.-Aaliyah Mirza- Posted: 2022/09/16

    Commissions: Rule 1 talks that any individual who lives within the jurisdiction -Mudunuri Jahnavi Lahari- Posted: 2022/09/16

    Analysis on: Temporary Injunction: In general, the court has ample authority to issue a temporary restraining -Mudunuri Jahnavi Lahari- Posted: 2022/09/16

    Non Filing Of Legal Proceeding Certificate In A Suit For Trademark Infringement: Amrish Aggarwal Vs Venus Home Appliances Pvt. Ltd -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2022/09/16

    Meaning, Definition And Characteristics Of Company: he word company is derived from the combination of two latin words, com and panis,' com' means together and 'panis' means bread.-Ankit Kumar Yadav- Posted: 2022/09/15

    A Look Into Euthanasia: The right to die is a concept that closely contradicts the concept of the Right to life under article 21 -Janmesh Mehra- Posted: 2022/09/15

    Maintenance And Welfare Of Parents And Senior Citizens Act, 2007: God cannot be available everywhere so that's the reason why he made parents.-Janmesh Mehra- Posted: 2022/09/15

    Empowerment Of Women In The Legal Profession In Independent India: Women empowerment in judiciary sector doing the legal practice in work place.-Karan singh lodhi- Posted: 2022/09/15

    Prisoners Of War: if the man were whole I could turn him over to the police without difficulty.-Akshita Tandon- Posted: 2022/09/15

    Rights of LGBT Community in India: The Supreme Court of India made history with its decision in National Legal Services Authority v. Union of India -Soumya Ranjan Prakash- Posted: 2022/09/15

    Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA): It contains the essential regulations governing the company's formation.-Mudunuri Jahnavi Lahari- Posted: 2022/09/15

    Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021: Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021 -Sidharth Malhotra- Posted: 2022/09/15

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): The 2013 Act aims to instill a corporate social responsibility (CSR) culture in Indian businesses -Mudunuri Jahnavi Lahari- Posted: 2022/09/15

    Characteristics Of A Company: It transforms a corporation into a "Legal Person".-Mudunuri Jahnavi Lahari- Posted: 2022/09/15

    Corporate Personality And It's Theories: Corporate personality is a legal concept.-Mudunuri Jahnavi Lahari- Posted: 2022/09/15

    Company And Its Types: As per S 3(1)(ii) of CA 2013, Company means a company formed and registered under the Companies Act-Mudunuri Jahnavi Lahari- Posted: 2022/09/15

    Media Trial: The expression "Trial by Media" was common in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries -Mudunuri Jahnavi Lahari- Posted: 2022/09/15

    Charge: Section 2(16) of CA 2013 defines charge.-Mudunuri Jahnavi Lahari- Posted: 2022/09/15

    Law and Justice: Judge Robert Bork, in his book "The Tempting of America (1990)" -Dawood Khan- Posted: 2022/09/15

    Why Mediation And Conciliation is used synonymously in India: India's history of out-of-court settlements dates to the period of Arthshastra -Sidharth Malhotra- Posted: 2022/09/15

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    Role Of Juvenile Justice System In India: The provocation for choosing this topic for detailed analysis is the presentation of problems -Akansha Barua- Posted: 2022/09/14

    Sedition Law: An Analysis: 76 sedition cases were registered across the country in the year 2021 -Akankshya Kaushik Mishra- Posted: 2022/09/14

    LGBTQ: Fight for Rights: With the 75 countries around the world that outlaw homosexuality -Syed afreen hussain- Posted: 2022/09/13

    The Biggest Shortcoming Of Indian Penal Code Section 375: The Marital Rape Exception And Marital Rape Laws Of Some Other Countries: The Dictionary's meaning of Rape is to violate or ravish a lady.-Mitul Sharma- Posted: 2022/09/13

    How To Search Indian Patent: The legal meaning of the term patent is an exclusive right granted regarding an invention -Rashmita- Posted: 2022/09/13

    Can A RWA Of A Colony Legally Restrict Public From Using The Parks Of The Colony?: It is common knowledge that Residents Welfare Associations of the colonies generally -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2022/09/13

    Gun Ownership In India: Flourishment In The Process To Get License: India became free in 1947, however it still took twelve years before this act -Ashutosh Banshwar- Posted: 2022/09/12

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    How Indian Patent Law Regulates Pharmaceutical Industry: The Indian pharmaceutical industry has witnessed constant growth as a thriving high technology -Rashmita- Posted: 2022/09/12

    Prospectus: Any document released for advertising or other document requesting bids from the general public -Mudunuri Jahnavi Lahari- Posted: 2022/09/11

    Doctrine Of Ultra Vires, Doctrine Of Constructive Notice And Doctrine Of Indoor Management: The Doctrine of ultra-vires was given under s. 4(1)(c), s. 245(1)(b) of the Companies Act, 2013-Mudunuri Jahnavi Lahari- Posted: 2022/09/11

    Independent Director: As per s. 149(6) of Companies Act, 2013, a director who meets the requirements -Mudunuri Jahnavi Lahari- Posted: 2022/09/11

    Protection Provide To Patient Under Consumer Protection Act: As far as the rights of consumers are concerned, the International Organization of Consumers Union -Deepanshu Mishra- Posted: 2022/09/12

    Weaker Sections Of The Society: Protection Of SC's And ST's Interests: The position of schedule caste and schedule tribe is always a question mark for the society -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2022/09/11

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    Marijuana-The Story So Far: People have contrasting views related to legality of Marijuana -Vaishali- Posted: 2022/09/11

    Principles Of Natural Justice: Natural justice is an expression of English common law -Ankit Kumar Yadav- Posted: 2022/09/11

    Legislation: Meaning, Definition, Kinds: The term legislation has been derived from latin word lagis+latio, lagis means law and latio means making or settling thus legislation means making and settling of law.-Ankit Kumar Yadav- Posted: 2022/09/11

    Definition And Essential Elements Of Decree: Section 2 (2) of the code of civil procedure, 1908 -Ankit Kumar Yadav- Posted: 2022/09/10

    Criminal Intimidation, Insult, And Annoyance Are Crimes Under The IPC: The offense of criminal intimidation, insult, and annoyance -Amresh H Singh- Posted: 2022/09/10

    Copyrightability And The Art Of Dance: This is authentic that the work is believed to be copyrighted at the time it is created -Saloni Sharma- Posted: 2022/09/10

    Non Disclosure Of Communication With Distributor Is Not Fatal: In disputes pertaining to intellectual property right, orders of interim injunction plays Vitol role -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2022/09/10

    Juvenile Delinquency And Its Causes: Juvenile delinquency means the the contribution of an adolescent for criminal operations -Nandini gaur- Posted: 2022/09/10

    Selvi v/s State Of Karnataka: Considered whether several techniques for acquiring evidence were constitutional -Amar Nagsen- Posted: 2022/09/10

    Satyam Scam: Why Was It Not Added To The Bad Boy Billionaries: In 1987, Hyderabad based IT company, Satyam Computers was established by two brothers -Radha Pundir- Posted: 2022/09/10

    CBSE Not A Statutory Body: Disciplinary Action Against CBSE School Teacher Cannot Be Challenged In Writ Petition Raising Service Disputes: The Supreme Court has held that a writ petition raising service disputes against private educational institutions are not maintainable -Damini Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2022/09/10

    Regulatory Obstacles To Hostile Takeovers: An international acquirer no longer faces any inconvenient hindrances to execute a hostile -Nandini gaur- Posted: 2022/09/9

    Current Competition Law Framework Governing Hostile Takeovers: Any expected merger or acquisition that falls inside the models set down under section 5 -Nandini gaur- Posted: 2022/09/9

    Takeover Defence Strategies: Takeover defences incorporate all activities by directors to oppose having their firms -Nandini gaur- Posted: 2022/09/9

    Hostile Takeover in India: Hostile takeover in its fundamental quintessence implies a takeover which conflicts with the desires of the objective -Nandini gaur- Posted: 2022/09/9

    Cyber Fraud And Abuse: An Analysis: India's ambition is to convert its society into an information society by implementing 'Digital India'.-Ishika Agarwal- Posted: 2022/09/9

    Per Incuriam And Sub Silentio: Oliver Wendell Holmes, an American Judge, once said that "The life of the law has not been logic; it has been experience." -Vasundhra Porwal- Posted: 2022/09/8

    Recent Developments In The Insolvency And Bankruptcy Laws In India: Recent developments in the Insolvency and bankruptcy laws in India -Gnanavel L- Posted: 2022/09/8

    Case Summary of Sharad Birdhi Chand Sarda v/s State of Maharashtra: In this case one-woman naming Manju Shri found dead at her Husband's Apartment.-Ashutosh Banshwar- Posted: 2022/09/8

    Ground Reality Of The Right To Privacy In India Vis-A-Vis USA And UK: There were recent report in Hindustan Times on August 26 titled 'Kobe widow awarded dollar 16 million for invasion of privacy by publishing crash photos'.-Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2022/09/8

    Guarantor's Right To Subrogation Under The Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code, 2016: In a recent judgment dated June 27, 2022 in Orbit Towers Pvt. ltd against Sampurna Suppliers Pvt. Ltd.-Veddant Majumdar- Posted: 2022/09/8

    Are Matters Of Fraud Arbitrable?: Resolution of disputes via arbitration has increased in the recent past -Lohitaksh Shively- Posted: 2022/09/7

    18 Or 21? Analysis Of Legal Age Of Marriage Of Women In India: Indian The government has proposed raising the minimum legal age of marriage for women -Arjun Maheshwari- Posted: 2022/09/7

    Globalization: Nature and Scope: Globalization is the process of worldwide integration -Mohit Mandloi- Posted: 2022/09/6

    Non Aligned Movement: The initiative aims to offer a thorough analysis with conclusions and proposals -Mohit Mandloi- Posted: 2022/09/6

    Religion And Caste Politics In India. Case Study Of Our Election Practices And Harmful Impact On National Integrity: India may be a Brobdingnagian country of diversity.-Mohit Mandloi- Posted: 2022/09/6

    Political System: A Comparative Study of Parliamentary and Presidential System: These two styles of government each use their own distinct characteristics -Mohit Mandloi- Posted: 2022/09/6

    Circumstantial Evidence Its Elements And Application: Injustice somewhere jeopardises justice everywhere.-Mohit Mandloi- Posted: 2022/09/6

    Liabilities And Duties Of Director: A Comparative Analysis Of British Companies Act 2006 And Indian Companies Act 2013: The following is the study goal for the subject 'Liabilities and Duties of Directors -Mohit Mandloi- Posted: 2022/09/6

    Judicial Activism: To understand the essence of true judicial activism in the rendering of decisions -Mohit Mandloi- Posted: 2022/09/6

    Understanding The Difference Between Act Of God And Force Majeure: The word is one of the defences in the Unavoidable Accident defence.-Mohit Mandloi- Posted: 2022/09/6

    Contingent Contract: The investigator employed both an empirical research technique and an analytical rescarch method.-Mohit Mandloi- Posted: 2022/09/6

    Contract Of Indemnity: Rights and Liabilities Rights of an Indemnity Holder: The first step in discussing Contracts of Indemnity and Guarantee is to define both types of Contracts -Mohit Mandloi- Posted: 2022/09/6

    Presumption Of Facts And Presumption Of Law: Courts use presumptions[1] to form conclusions about the existence of particular facts.-Naivedhya Kumar- Posted: 2022/09/6

    Actus Reus And Mens Rea Essential To Attract Offence Under Section 2 Of The Prevention Of Insults To National Honour Act, 1971: The Indian National Flag, with the tricolours of Saffron, White and Green, and with Asoka Chakra at its Centre -Damini Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2022/09/6

    Understanding Concept Of Coparceners And Their Rights: It is very important to understand the property rights of individual Coparcener -Chanchal Patre- Posted: 2022/09/6

    Marxism: Karl Marx(1818-1883) was a philosopher, social theorist and economist. -Divya- Posted: 2022/09/6

    Article 61: Impeachment of President: Deals with election, power and removal of the president explaining in detail about the process of impeachment of the President. -Divya- Posted: 2022/09/6

    How To Evaluate Inventive Step In A Patent?: There are many grounds on the basis of which a patent can be attacked -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2022/09/6

    Child Exploitation In India: The modernist phase in world culture has marked many tracks in the understanding -Radhika Sharma- Posted: 2022/09/5

    Use Of Narco-Analysis Results As Evidence: Selvi V State Of Karnataka: The term 'Narcotics' is defined as a drug or other substances that affects mood or behavior and relieves pain. -Shubhangi Gupta- Posted: 2022/09/5

    Vidarbha Industries Power Limited v/s Axis Bank Limited: The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 (Code) was enacted at a time when there was no unified law -Veddant Majumdar- Posted: 2022/09/5

    WRITS In Indian Constitution: It is a legal document issued by the court that orders a person or entity to perform specific act -Atharv Singh- Posted: 2022/09/5

    Custodial Deaths and Human Rights: An Insight: Human rights include rights which are at disposal to all the fellow human beings -Enakshi Sarkar- Posted: 2022/09/5

    An Analysis: Place Of Suing: The term place of suing, simply refers to the location of the trial. -Mudunuri Jahnavi Lahari- Posted: 2022/09/5

    Pre Suit Institution Mediation Proceeding Under Section 12-A Of Commercial Court Act 2015: Directory Or Mandatory?: Section 12-A of the Commercial Court Act 2015 provides for pre-institution mediation proceedings -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2022/09/4

    Inter-Pleader Suit: The terms of inter-pleader litigation are covered under Order 35, s. 88 of the CPC 1908 -Mudunuri Jahnavi Lahari- Posted: 2022/09/4

    Appointment Of The Receiver: The goal of appointing a receiver is to ensure that the property in question is protected. -Mudunuri Jahnavi Lahari- Posted: 2022/09/4

    Caveat: In cpc, the term "Caveat" isn't specified. However, S. 148 A, a person has a right to lodge a caveat.-Mudunuri Jahnavi Lahari- Posted: 2022/09/4

    Anti-Defection Law: Initially, Anti-Defection Law was not in the Constitution of India.-Rohit Arora- Posted: 2022/09/4

    Rights And Remedies Of Private School Teachers: Every individual has certain rights, and any infringement of those rights constitutes an attack on the state -Shobhit Rawat- Posted: 2022/09/4

    Role Of Indian Judiciary In Promoting Constitutional Values: A Critical Analysis: The founding fathers very wisely, therefore, incorporated in the constitution -Agam Gupta- Posted: 2022/09/3

    Cyber Bullying: Cyberbullying refers to the bullying or harassment on media platforms.-Akshita Tandon- Posted: 2022/09/3

    Property Crimes And Their Legal Provisions In India:Any offense that is related to private property of any individual or group of individuals is known as property crime. -Vineeth Nallakadi- Posted: 2022/09/3

    Critical Analysis Of District Court Situation In India: District courts are lower than High Courts or Supreme Courts.-Vaishali- Posted: 2022/09/3

    Is There A Conflict Between The Principle That A Creditor Is Not Required To Exhaust His Remedies Against The Principal Debtor And Section 141 Of The Indian Contract Act, 1872?: There lies no conflict between the principal that a creditor -Aamina Maryam- Posted: 2022/09/2

    Use Of Spyware By Government Agencies: National Security Or Cybercrime, A Huge Dilemma: The right to privacy is one of the most essential element of several legal systems -Gaurav Sharma- Posted: 2022/09/2

    Analysis of K.M. Nanavati v/s State of Maharashtra 1962 AIR 605 1962 SCR suppl: The case of K.M. Nanavati v. the State of Maharashtra is regarded as a turning point in Indian legal history. -Deeksha Srivastava- Posted: 2022/09/2

    The Evolution Of Anti-Defection Law In India And Its Future: A Legal Perspective: The change of political loyalty by an elected public representative is known as defection. -Aditi Pangarkar- Posted: 2022/09/1

    Succession Of Sharer And Residuary Under Muslim Succession Law: The term Sharia Law,which refers to Islamic Law, will likely become familiar to many of you. -Naivedhya Kumar- Posted: 2022/09/1

    An Analytical Study Of Human Rights In Islam: Human rights are rights that are generally available to everyone, irrespective of their gender, caste, nationality and colour.-Shaikh Moeen Shaikh Naeem- Posted: 2022/09/1

    Need To Study Insurance Laws In India: Insurance as a sector received impetus by the nationalisation of the Life Insurance Corporation of India -Isha Dhanda- Posted: 2022/09/1

    Does S. 27 Of The Indian Evidence Act Violate The Terms Of Article 14? Analysis Through State Of U.P v/s Deoman Upadhyaya: Deoman Upadhyaya was married to one Dulari -Abdul Haseeb- Posted: 2022/08/31

    Female Succession under Hindu Succession Act, 1956: There have been various theories of the emergence of the concept of property -Garisha Sharma- Posted: 2022/08/31

    Doctrine of Reasonable Classification: An Exception to the Right to Equality: Equality is one of the most important goals provided in the Preamble -Lakshita Bhati- Posted: 2022/08/31

    Space Laws In India: The body of law which deals and governs with space-related activities -Akshita Tandon- Posted: 2022/08/31

    Article 21 of the Indian Constitution: The Constitution of India is the supreme law of the country -Karan yadav- Posted: 2022/08/31

    How The Legal Construct Of National Honour Encourages Toxic Nationalism?: The Flag Code of India, 2002 opens with a declaration that the Indian National Flag -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2022/08/31

    The Supreme Court Lifts Moratorium On Crypto Currencies: A Bonanza Or Scourge: RBI's 2018 round dated April 6, 2018, wherein it coordinated -Shreya Singh- Posted: 2022/08/31

    Reality Of The Realty Sector Post Covid-19 Pandemic: When the country was enveloped by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Real Estate sector -Nirali Deepak Parekh- Posted: 2022/08/30

    Trademark Entitlement Of Combination Of Ordinary Words: What could be the fate of those trademarks which are comprised of ordinary words -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2022/08/30

    Essentials of a Valid Contract: Under the Indian Contract Act, 1872 Section 2(h) (a) -Manav Puri- Posted: 2022/08/30

    Protection Of Digital Content On Social Media: An IP Perspective: In the contemporary world, the most widely used source of information is social media platforms. -Annany Mamgain- Posted: 2022/08/30

    The Impact Of IBC On the Customs Act: ABG Shipyard's "Corporate Debtor" worked in the shipbuilding industry. -Raja A K- Posted: 2022/08/30

    Recognition Of Place Of Residence Under Article 15: A Judicial And Constitutional Dilemma: Equality is the prime principle and absolute source of all other liberties. Indian Constitution contains Code of Equality -Tanmay Chandra Das- Posted: 2022/08/30

    Ticking Time Bomb: Can Torture Be Justified?: In the Immediate aftermath of the devasting 9/11 attack on the twin towers -Parth Rathore- Posted: 2022/08/30

    India May End Up With Exploitation Of Natural Resources In Year 2050? Does That Disasters Link With Any Other Reasons Other Than Usual? Why And How? A Lawyer’s Shriek: India has claimed recently to be one of the youngest work force among the world -Ravikumar Vellingiri- Posted: 2022/08/30

    Section 432 of CrPc: Why in the News?: Power to Suspend, remit or commute the sentence of accused. -Chetan Mahesh Dodia- Posted: 2022/08/29

    Tackling Human Rights Crisis In Democratic People's Republic Of Korea By Humanitarian Intervention: Humanitarian intervention is a measure taken by "a state, group of states or an international organisation -Simran Rao- Posted: 2022/08/29

    An Analysis On The Effectiveness Of Lok Adalats In India And The Measures That Can Be Taken To Increase Their Efficiency: Lok Adalat means 'the court of the people'. It is a unique form of alternate dispute -Simran Rao- Posted: 2022/08/29

    Non Fungible Token: Legal Standing On Copyright And Taxation: The term NFT stands for "non-fungible token". NFTs is basically digitalised asset -Siddharth- Posted: 2022/08/29

    Contracts Development at Pre-Production: Film contracts and agreements protect the rights of your film -Abhinav Chandra- Posted: 2022/08/29

    Unnatural Sexual Offences: NCRB (National Crime Record Bureau) in 2015, for the first time -Divya- Posted: 2022/08/28

    An Interpretation Of The Fundamental Rights With Reference To Indian Constitution: Washington was "monitoring some recent concerning developments" in India -Kamlesh Singh- Posted: 2022/08/28

    Divisional Patent Application And Test Of Enhanced Therapeutic Efficacy: What is significance of enhanced efficacy in relation to devisional Patent Application -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2022/08/28

    Prevention Of Sexual Harassment Act: A woman has a legal right to a safe workplace. Violation of women's rights -Ishika Agarwal- Posted: 2022/08/28

    Need Of Uniform Civil Code For Adoption Laws In India: A Critical Analysis: India is known for its diversity and respect for every religion in the way of having personal laws -Utkarsh sharma- Posted: 2022/08/28

    Person Occupying A Constitutional Position Must Take Oath In The Format Of Solemnly Affirm or In The Name Of God To Protect The Idea Of Secularism Enshrined In Constitution Of India: One of the last issues vigorously debated in the Constituent Assembly -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2022/08/28

    Price Difference of Medicinal Products: In Pharmaceutical Industry it is a normal tendency amongst the manufacturers -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2022/08/28

    Plea of Publici Juris and Trademark application filing by Defendant: In case a party itself has applied for obtaining Trade mark registration, can he take plea of the Trademark being common to Trade?-Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2022/08/27

    Case Analysis: KM Nanavati v/s State Of Maharashtra (1961): Laws and Acts Applied: Indian Penal Code, 1860: Sections 88, 300 Part I, 302 Code of Criminal Procedure -Akshita Tandon- Posted: 2022/08/27

    Cartel: There are some agreements which are assumed to be unreasonable -Niveditha VP- Posted: 2022/08/27

    Founders and Co-founders Agreements: Beginning a new business involves a lot of risks.-Abhinav Chandra- Posted: 2022/08/26

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    Study Of Intellectual Property Laws In Sports Industry Specifically Focusing On Copyright And Trademark: Intellectual property rights in sports industry has been an under looked area from long. -Ritvik Nigam- Posted: 2022/07/23

    Lala Lajpat Rai v/s The Englishman Ltd: Just over a month after his release from prison, Lala Lajpat Rai, the plaintiff -Ayushmaan Vashishth- Posted: 2022/07/22

    Humanitarian Law On The Sheds Of Human Rights: The Concept of Humanitarian Law is derived from the after-war situation that arose following the scene of post-World War. -Prarthona Roy- Posted: 2022/07/22

    Registration Of Will: Property is a state subject, therefore each state has its own requirements -Neha Gupta- Posted: 2022/07/22

    Analysis on: Right Of Arrested Person: There are various rights when a person gets arrested -Neha Gupta- Posted: 2022/07/22

    Cryptocurrency: A cryptocurrency is a digital currency, which is an alternative form of payment -Neha Gupta- Posted: 2022/07/22

    Process For Changing A Company Into An LLP: Where the shares of the company are held privately is known as a private limited company.-Neha Gupta- Posted: 2022/07/22

    Differences Between A Guarantee And A Warranty: When a manufacturer promises a buyer that if there is any fault -Neha Gupta- Posted: 2022/07/22

    Legal Aid 2.0 (Nyaya Bandhu And Tele - law service): The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be honourable, to be compassionate -Yash Ghatpande- Posted: 2022/07/22

    Revenge Pornography: A Socio Legal Impacts: Pornography is a depiction of erotic behavior which has the intention to rose the sexual excitement.-Sanika Atul Jadhav- Posted: 2022/07/22

    Casteism In Indian Society: Casteism is an inequality that is prevalent in many areas of India -Adnan Ansari- Posted: 2022/07/22

    Arbitrability Of Anti-Trust Claims In Light Of The Mitsubishi Motor Case: When a court is asked to decide a dispute, the court's first task is to determine whether the parties -Astha Thapliyal- Posted: 2022/07/22

    MSMED and Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR): Arbitration has become the most prevalent Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) -Abhinav Chandra- Posted: 2022/07/21

    Feasibility Of Mediation In Matrimonial Disputes: A Way In Or A Way Out?: In the current times, where there is a backlog of nearly 27 million pending cases -Vishakha Raghuwanshi- Posted: 2022/07/21

    Mitakshara School of Hindu Law: The codification of laws in numerous areas has occurred under modern Hindu law. -Sujeet kumar- Posted: 2022/07/21

    Adjudicating Authority Not Bound To Accept Financial Creditor's CIRP Application: IBC-Section (7)(5)(A) Is Not Mandatory: In a recent case by the name of Vidarbha Industries Pvt. Ltd. vs. Axis Bank -Maruti Nandan- Posted: 2022/07/21

    Impact Of Government Intervention On M&A: In today's business environment, the merger and acquisition (M&A's) deals have drastically increased. -Nancy Sethia- Posted: 2022/07/21

    Reconstruction of Yes Bank: Rana Kapoor and Ashok Kapur started a private bank called Yes Bank in 2004 -Ayantika Bhattacharyya- Posted: 2022/07/20

    Analysis Of Forest Conservation On Act, And The Recent Proposed Amendments: The recent amendments proposed by Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change -Ayantika Bhattacharyya- Posted: 2022/07/20

    Laws Governing Marriages in India: The governing of all marriages in India is done under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. Every aspect of marriage is covered under this act. -Ayantika Bhattacharyya- Posted: 2022/07/20

    Law on False Imprisonment: False Imprisonment is the total restrain on a person's movement with the use of unlawful force -Ayantika Bhattacharyya- Posted: 2022/07/20

    Staying The Sedition Law: The recent order in S.G Vombatke vs Union of India has been a monumental moment -Ayantika Bhattacharyya- Posted: 2022/07/20

    An Analysis: Memes And Copyright Laws: Memes are protected by copyright law. Memes generally influence the opinion of the general public. -Neha Gupta- Posted: 2022/07/20

    Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill: Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill, 2016 was passed by Lok Sabha. During the winter session -Neha Gupta- Posted: 2022/07/20

    Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process: A situation when an entity or a person or family, or company cannot pay its lenders back on time.-Neha Gupta- Posted: 2022/07/20

    Same Sex Marriage: In laymen's language marriage is a term used when two people of different gender marry-Neha Gupta- Posted: 2022/07/20

    Cheque Bounce: Cheque bounce has been a familiar financial offence - it can bring civil as well as criminal charges -Neha Gupta- Posted: 2022/07/20

    Procedure Of Divorce: When both the parties i.e. husband and wife mutually agree to live separately -Neha Gupta- Posted: 2022/07/20

    Constitutional Morality: Need To Uphold It: Constitutional morality means the adherence to the norms of the Constitution in a democracy. -Akshay Waman Fand- Posted: 2022/07/20

    Patent Pre Grant Opposition Proceeding Opponent Must Be Aware Of The Final Claims Of The Patent: In a Patent pre grant Opposition proceeding, the Opponent must be aware of the final claims -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2022/07/20

    What Is The Effect Of Use Of A Registered Trademark By Third Party In A Smaller Font In Addition With Other Words?: Is it possible for third party to use registered Trademark of other party in smaller font in conjunction with other words -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2022/07/20

    Why India Needs Judicial Reforms?: Our State has three organs through which it functions, the first organ -Preeti Sharma- Posted: 2022/07/20

    Ostracisation Of De-Notified Tribes In India: A Legal Perspective: The legacy of British rule can be seen through specific notification that designated peculiar groups -Akshay Waman Fand- Posted: 2022/07/20

    Education System in Afghanistan; A Comparative Analysis on Evaluation Policy and Equivalent System: In Afghanistan, there are 34 provinces. Nearly 35 million people call Afghanistan home -Sayed Mahdi Sadat Nasiri- Posted: 2022/07/20

    Introductions to Mergers and Acquisitions: Mergers and Acquisitions occurs when two companies join in their resources -Mahi Solanki- Posted: 2022/07/19

    Reaction Paper on Article 13: Article 13 is one of the most important articles in the constitution -Tushar Dhavale- Posted: 2022/07/19

    Judicial Review In Times Of Covid Crisis: Throws Light Upon The Constitutional Obligations During Coronavirus: On March 31, 2020, Prime Minister Modi addressed a country of 135 crore people -Tushar Dhavale- Posted: 2022/07/19

    The Enigma Surrounding The Security In The Entertainment Industry: It is surprising to see how many talents the entertainment industry has lost -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2022/07/19

    Clamour For Uniform Civil Code: India is a democratic and secular country with no official religion. as a result, an Uniform Civil Code -Vineet priyadarshi- Posted: 2022/07/19

    Constitutional Validity Of Alcohol In India And It's Scientific Proven Reality: The demand for Alcohol in India has grown into a rapid pace, and India -Sritam Kumar Mohapatra- Posted: 2022/07/18

    Modern Uses Of Indian Trust Act 1882: Mutual funds are registered under the Indian trust act 1882. They are private trusts that are publicly traded on the stock exchange. -Madhavraje Patwardhan- Posted: 2022/07/18

    Execution Of A Foreign Decree In India: Enforceability And Its Amplitude Over A Period Of Time: The rapid growth in digitalisation and globalisation of all the sectors in the Indian economy -Divyam Gaur- Posted: 2022/07/18

    Abortion In America: An Overview: Abortion has been a controversial issue in American culture, society -Ravneet Singh Gill- Posted: 2022/07/18

    Are Homebuyers Within The Ambit Of Financial Creators In IBC, 2016?: In order to efficaciously initiate Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process -Esa Panda- Posted: 2022/07/18

    Monarchy: A monarchy is a form of government led by an individual who holds the position for life -Anupriya Roy- Posted: 2022/07/18

    The Prohibition Of Child Marriage (Amendment) Bill, 2021: A Critical Analysis: Child marriage has a significant impact on the Indian economy and can lead to a poverty -Arya Srijan Verma- Posted: 2022/07/17

    Cyber Terrorism And Laws In India: Computers and the internet are becoming an essential part of this modern era. -Sukriti somya- Posted: 2022/07/16

    The Burning Island: Sri Lanka: State of emergency has been declared in Sri Lanka. Social media websites have been banned -Kartikey Gupta- Posted: 2022/07/16

    Whether Claim For Payment Of License Fee Of Immovable Premises For Commercial Purpose Is Operational Debt?: The National Company Law Appellate tribunal, Delhi vide its recent judgment -Rajiv Kumar Dubey- Posted: 2022/07/16

    Basic Advertising Agreements: An advertising is a written agreement between a person who wants to place -Abhinav Chandra- Posted: 2022/07/16

    Domain Name Registrants (DNRs) Are Directed To Devise A Mechanism For Participation Of Right Holder In Grant Of Domain Name Process: This is a case where the Hon'ble High Court of Delhi has directed the DNRs -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2022/07/16

    The Dishonesty In Adoption Of A Trademark: Its a case where the Hon'ble High Court of Mumbai was pleased to grant an ex parte order -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2022/07/16

    Removing Mangalsutra Mental Cruelty Of Highest Order Towards Husband: The Madras High Court noted that removing the "thali" (Mangalsutra) -Subham Tiwary- Posted: 2022/07/15

    Legacy To An Executor Under A Will: The main concept to which a Will is dedicated is the concept of 'legacy',-Sharia Shoaib- Posted: 2022/07/15

    A Study Of Constitutional Validity Of Search And Seizure In The Indian Criminal Justice System: The subject matter of this study is "a constitutional aspect of search and seizure in the Indian criminal justice system".-Chaaru Chithra Boominathan- Posted: 2022/07/15

    The Amendment For Infrastructure Projects In Specific Relief Act: The Specific Relief Act was originally introduced and enacted in the year 1877 -Ragini Sehgal- Posted: 2022/07/15

    How Is Black Magic Governed In India: Black magic has been practised in India for a long time and is a social evil in our country supported -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2022/07/15

    A Descriptive Trademark Can Not Protected Without Acquired Distinctiveness: The Plaintiff has filed the subject matter Suit on the basis of proprietary rights in the trademark NOTURN in relation to mattress.-Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2022/07/15

    Passing Off Remedy Can Not Be Stayed Under Section 124 Of The Trademarks Act 1999: The Defendant has filed application under Section 124 of the Trademarks Act 1999 -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2022/07/15

    Dexorange v/s Hemorange Trademark: The Plaintiff filed the subject matter Suit on the basis of proprietary rights in the Trademark/Colour Combination/Trade Dress Dexorange -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2022/07/15

    SC: Contempt of Court on furnishing false statement/false affidavit/ false undertaking to deceive the Court: It is commonly believed that disobedience of order of the Court tantamount to Contempt of Court. -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2022/07/15

    Need A Solid Precedent To Decriminalize Attempt To Suicide In India: As we all know that life is a gift of God and no one is entitled to end that life even if that person -Shlok Mishra- Posted: 2022/07/15

    What Action Can Be Taken By A Legal Metrology Officer After The Inspection?: After conducting the inspection, under the act as per the Legal Metrology packaging rules -ELT Corporate- Posted: 2022/07/15

    Gyanwapi Mosque: Gyanvapi mosque, located close to the iconic Kashi Vishwanath temple in Varanasi -Arshi- Posted: 2022/07/15

    Intellectual Property Right In An Advertisement Campaign: Several decades ago, there were many advertisements that were extremely popular among the public -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2022/07/15

    Art of Cross-Examination: In a judicial proceeding or a trial, the examination of witness is a crucial part to discover -Golak Bihari Mahana- Posted: 2022/07/13

    Abortion laws In India: Earlier there used to be huge number of induced abortions and due to unsafe abortion -Rohit Kumar- Posted: 2022/07/13

    Pharmaceutical Patent Regime And Public Access To Health: A Legal Conundrum: A registered patent grants monopoly right, approved by the government -Mandeep Singh- Posted: 2022/07/12

    Joint Hindu Family: Hindu law emphasises the importance of a joint family.-Vaibhav Chandak- Posted: 2022/07/12

    Surrogacy in India: Surrogacy is a method or agreement whereby a woman agrees to carry a pregnancy for another person -Preeti Sharma- Posted: 2022/07/12

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    Employee Stock Option Plan: An Ideal Model for Protecting the Rights of Employees?: In the current fast-moving world where companies are competing with each other on a day-to-day -Monarch Mittal- Posted: 2022/07/12

    Cyber Crimes Against Women: Cyberspace is the name given to the computer-generated world of the internet, and cyber laws -Parth Rastogi- Posted: 2022/07/12

    Don't Be A Slacker, Bin That Wrapper: Worldwide, 1/3rd people don't have access to safe drinking water and 2 out of 5 people -Shubhangi gupta- Posted: 2022/07/12

    Oral Evidence: Evidence act is considered the bible of the justice system. the origin of the word evidence -Stephin Davis- Posted: 2022/07/12

    Operation Of Interpretation Of Statutes: Operation of statutes in general means usage of statutes which we bound to use law maker -Ramya Lekha Mandu- Posted: 2022/07/11

    Case Analysis: Poonam Devi v/s Oriental Insurance Co.Ltd: This case was initially heard by the Commissioner, Workmen's Compensation Act/Assistant Labour Commissioner -Sarthak Chauhan- Posted: 2022/07/11

    Case Analysis: S.P. Singla Constructions (Pvt) Limited V. State Of Himachal Pradesh: court made explicitly clear that once the arbitrator is appointed under the agreement made between the parties, then the section 11 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 cannot be enforced -Sarthak Chauhan- Posted: 2022/07/11

    LGBT And Their Rights In India: LGBT is a English people term within which the primary letter "L" stands for Lesbian suggests -Swati Singh- Posted: 2022/07/11

    IRAC analysis Haynes v/s Harwood: On 24th August, 1932, a man named Bird, who was the defendant's servant, was driving a two-horse carriage -Tanisha Tyagi- Posted: 2022/07/11

    The US Ad Valorem tariffs on steel and aluminium are in fact safeguard measures?: A Section 232 investigation led to the decision to impose duties/tariffs on steel and aluminium.-Anshu Kumar Rai- Posted: 2022/07/11

    President's Rule On The Ground Of Failure Of Constitutional Machinery Vis-A-Vis Federalism: Although federal, India has strong unitary features to help us cope and fight unanimously with emergencies.-Aabhas soni- Posted: 2022/07/10

    Transgender Legal Marriages: In Respect To Indian Society:A person whose sense of personal identification and gender does not correlate with their natal sex -Aabhas Soni- Posted: 2022/07/10

    Different Identities of an NDA: NDA stands for Non-Disclosure Agreement whichis utilised to safely share personal data -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2022/07/10

    Violation Of Fundamental Rights Of Males As Victims Of Sexual Harassment: An Analysis With Reference To India: Sexual harassment is a term that is used to describe all uninvited and unwanted verbal and or physical acts -Aditya Paul- Posted: 2022/07/10

    Agreements Opposed To Public Policy: Section 2 (g) of the Indian Contract Act 1872 states that an agreement enforceable by law is a contract.-Prashant Sharma- Posted: 2022/07/9

    India and Afghanistan's Time-Tested Friendship in the Shadow of History: Afghanistan is a key state from a geopolitical and geostrategic perspective.-Sayed Qudrat- Posted: 2022/07/9

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    Law And Social Transformation: Change is the only constant", very rightly said by Greek philosopher Heraclitus.-Tanisha Tyagi- Posted: 2022/07/8

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    Beyond Territorial Sovereignty: Determining the scope of exclusive Flag-State Jurisdiction under Art.92 of UNCLOS: The freedom of the high seas is one of the cornerstone principles of the international maritime regime -Anshu Kumar Rai- Posted: 2022/07/8

    Abrogation of Article 370: Some Questionable Aspects: Article 370 can be found in part 21 of the constitution of India. -Harsh Pandey- Posted: 2022/07/8

    NFT's And Its Current Scenario In India: There's nothing like an explosion of blockchain news to leave you wondering what the NFT's -Vaibhav Chandak- Posted: 2022/07/7

    Corporal Punishment And Child Rights In India: It is not an exaggeration to state that any form of Corporal punishment is evil, degrading, unjustifiable -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2022/07/7

    Determining One's Guilt: Subjective And Objective Tests: Before declaring a person guilty, one has to test his ordinary prudence.-Farrukh Khan- Posted: 2022/07/7

    Realism And Its Relevance In Indian Law: Realism or the Realist Theory of Law is a natural way of analysing law. -Farrukh Khan- Posted: 2022/07/7

    Digital Platforms And Competition Law: A Conflict?: Technology has delved into almost every aspect of our daily lives making sure that traditional fields -Yuvraj Francis- Posted: 2022/07/7

    Acquisition of Companies concerning Disney, Microsoft and Sony: When it comes to the legal definition, the acquisition means that a party would buy and control -Anish Bachchan- Posted: 2022/07/7

    Case Analysis of Swiss Ribbons v/s Union of India: Affirming the IBC's constitutional legitimacy is the subject of the current case study.-Jessica Aggarwal- Posted: 2022/07/7

    Protecting Intellectual Property in Media And Entertainment: India is a member nation to many international agreements, covenants, treaties that regulate intellectual property -Jessica Aggarwal- Posted: 2022/07/7

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    A Mere Dissatisfaction Of The Minority Does Not Constitute Oppression: Critical Appraisal: The working of a company when it pertains to decision making always follows the Majority Rule -Sugyanee K- Posted: 2022/07/6

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    Legal Protection Of Digital Contents Under Indian Copyright Law In The Lights Of International Conventions: a significant amount of mental effort to create, it is called an invention -Anshu Kumar Rai- Posted: 2022/07/6

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    Criminal Trespass Under IPC And Recent Judicial Rulings: Enjoyment of one's property without any interference is the right of every individual and the act of limitation of such right is what makes trespass actionable.-Sajal Soni- Posted: 2022/07/5

    Right To Adult Franchise And Role Of Youth: Adult Franchise plays an extremely important role in a democratic set up -Prachi Ray- Posted: 2022/07/5

    Reunion of Partition under Hindu Law: Reunion of a family; a situation in which the specific family members regain their position -Sajal Soni- Posted: 2022/07/5

    Majority Rule In Company Law: In today's world it is observant that the place of a nation is being taken by a corporation -Yash Vardhan Gupta- Posted: 2022/07/4

    Work From Home: Is it an emerging Legal Right?: Right is freedom allowed and power conferred by law -Ananya Trivedi- Posted: 2022/07/4

    Analysis on Weapons of Mass Destruction (Amendment) Bill, 2022: The prevention of nuclear proliferation and large-scale manufacture remains one of the most pressing foreign -Arryan Mohanty- Posted: 2022/07/4

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    Alternative Dispute Resolution: Role Of Mediation In Music Industry: Courts are an important institution without which society would result in confusion and chaos. -Gaurav Purohit- Posted: 2022/07/3

    Impact of Education in Preventing Child Labour in India: Due to COVID-19, all the efforts made by the Indian government to provide children -Adv. Aishwarya Pradeep Bhakta- Posted: 2022/07/3

    An Analysis Of Marital Rape: Marital Rape or Conjugal assault is a part of marriage that is exclusively not dealt with by the present existing laws. -Gaurav Purohit- Posted: 2022/07/3

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    Case Comment: Satyabrata Ghose V/S Mugneeram Bangur: This case is related to the sale of land and the question before the court was certain supervening events -Indrajeet K Singh- Posted: 2022/06/30

    The Relationship Between Rights And Duties: As with any sport that has its own set of rules, each country has its constitution.-Indrajeet K Singh- Posted: 2022/06/30

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    Hussainara Khatoon vs Home Secretary, State of Bihar: The Right to Speedy Justice: timely justice as an integral part of fair trial, thus widening the scope of article 21. -Ayantika Bhattacharyya- Posted: 2022/06/29

    Rights Of Transgenders Under Human Rights: The identity of an individual is often determined by the moral dictates and judgments of the society. -Ankita Ravindra Sancheti- Posted: 2022/06/29

    Tax Evasion in Cyberspace: When a person or entity willfully avoids paying their true tax obligations -Sanidhya Kulshreshtha- Posted: 2022/06/29

    Law Of Limitation: Is It Exhaustive?: Interest Reipublicae Ut Sit Finis Litium which means that in the interest of the state as a whole there should be a limit to litigation -Arqish Hussain- Posted: 2022/06/29

    Commercialisation and Intellectual Property Rights in India: Intellectual property (IP) is an intangible property, where a person uses his own intellect -Simran Kumar- Posted: 2022/06/29

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    Procedure For Amendment In Constitution Of India: The amending process in our Constitution of India is envisaged by the makers -Preeti Dalal- Posted: 2022/06/28

    Meta Links or Meta Tags: The Invisible use of a Trademark: What happens if a trademark is not utilized in connection with a tangible good? -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2022/06/28

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    What You Must Know About Auto-Accidents In Pennsylvania: Auto accidents account for a large percentage of personal injury cases in the United States. -- Posted: 2022/06/28

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    M Ravindran vs The Intelligence Officer: The complainant was arrested and remanded in custody -Sumit Gupta- Posted: 2022/06/28

    Green Banking in light of COVID-19: In today's world, where we are facing severe environmental crises and climate changes -Ritika Bansal- Posted: 2022/06/28

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    Copyright of The 21st Century Art: Video Games: Video games, the word itself drives the attention of the youth of today's generation. -Shivangi Paliwal- Posted: 2022/06/27

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    Cross examination in Contempt Petition: When a matter is yet to be finally adjudication, it is appropriate to pass any order -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2022/06/26

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    Online Gaming Regulations In India And Online Gaming (Regulation) Bill, 2022: Online gaming industry in India has grown exponentially in the past few years, with this growth -Manya Sharma- Posted: 2022/06/25

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    How Does Posh Act Affect the Organization?: The POSH Law is established for women's safety and a healthy work environment.-Pratibha tripathi- Posted: 2022/06/24

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    Res Judicata: Res means "subject matter" and judicata means "adjudged" or decided and together it means "a matter adjudged".-Arqish Hussain- Posted: 2022/06/17

    Jurisdiction: Jurisdiction is defined as the limit of judicial authority or the extent to which a court of law can exercise its authority over suits, cases, appeals etc.-Arqish Hussain- Posted: 2022/06/17

    Gender Equality: Rights of Women: Women do not need to be polite to someone who is making them feel uncomfortable. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2022/06/17

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    Acquittal And Discharge: As per Section 227, if, upon consideration of the record of the case and the documents submitted-Arqish Hussain- Posted: 2022/06/13

    Police Custody And Judicial Custody: Know The Differences: Police custody or remand means that the physical custody of the accused-Arqish Hussain- Posted: 2022/06/13

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    Raising the age of Marriage: A Critique on Recent Legal Developments: The Union Government has decided to raise the legal age of marriage for women from 18 to 21 years -Shreyansh Gupta- Posted: 2022/06/5

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    Compulsory License under The Indian Patents Act: Compulsory licences are permissions granted by the Controller General to a third party -Shreyansh Gupta- Posted: 2022/06/5

    Power of Further Investigation Under Code-Limits: The Code of Criminal Procedure defines the term "investigation" in Section 2(h) -Shreyansh Gupta- Posted: 2022/06/5

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    Live In Relationships And Nuptial Agreement: A Critical Analysis: India a country of cultural values and ritual ceremonies cannot afford to plunge into western society.-Harsha C- Posted: 2022/06/5

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    Protest Petition-Rights of Complainant And Accused: Sole motive of every investigation and trial is not only to administer and secure the ends of justice -Rajinder Goyal- Posted: 2022/06/1

    Dominion To Purna Swaraj: A Tale of Struggle for Constitution: Freedom comes in heritage to those who have previously sacrificed the most. -Tarun- Posted: 2022/06/1

    Role Of Permanent Lok Adalat (Public Utility Services ) As A Means Of Alternative & Efficacious Dispute Settlement Mechanism: The Legal Services Authority Act 1987 was enacted to constitute legal services authorities for providing free -Chinmoy Patra- Posted: 2022/06/1

    Taxation v/s Cross Border Mergers: With the intent of attracting foreign investors, the Indian government has always responded by liberalising -Arvind Manohar- Posted: 2022/06/1

    An Insight Into Qualitative v/s Quantitative Methods: Legal research methodology denotes the exposition, the description or the explanation -Nalin Choudhary- Posted: 2022/06/1

    Merger And Acquisitions Of A Company In India: Governmental businesses in India had been the primary source to endorse company restructuring -Debesh Pattnaik- Posted: 2022/06/1

    Casteism in India: A Critical Analysis: talks about the caste system, as prevalent in Indian society -Krishan Jangid- Posted: 2022/05/31

    Custodial Rape: A Human Rights Concern: For decades now, custodial violence has been a significant hindrance to democracy and the development of human -Nileena Banerjee- Posted: 2022/05/31

    Remodeling of Government School setting of India to prevent Juvenile Delinquency: In September 2013 a 12-year-old girl was allegedly gang-raped by five minor boys in Guwahati's Hatigaon area.-Nikita Tanpure- Posted: 2022/05/31

    Understanding the concept of False Imprisonment under Torts law: There have been a lot of recent cases in the country, whereby the liberty of a person was compromised -Shikhar Chauhan- Posted: 2022/05/31

    Remuneration for Labour and Minimum Wages: On August 8, 2019, the Ministry of Law and Justice of the Government of India -Abhinav Mahlawat- Posted: 2022/05/31

    Critical Analysis Of Regulatory Failures In Satyam Computer Scam: Corporate frauds are unlawful, and they are usually done by the betrayal of trust by those who have a fiduciary -Abhinav Mahlawat- Posted: 2022/05/31

    Patenting Biotechnical Life Forms: Analyzing Bioethics And Challenges Of Law: Biotechnology and genetic engineering have enabled the creation of new life forms -Abhinav Mahlawat- Posted: 2022/05/31

    The Doctrine of Public Accountability: Accountability refers to the process of holding people or organizations accountable for performance -Abhinav Mahlawat- Posted: 2022/05/30

    Undergraduate law student to write the constitution of India Book: The constitution of India is the biggest constitution in the world. -- Posted: 2022/05/30

    Crime And Its Crime: Crime and its causes: the intentional commission of an act that is usually deemed socially -Ankit Pathania- Posted: 2022/05/30

    All about bail of Jurisprudence: Introduction: A bail hearing is a court proceeding that must be performed fairly and judicially -Ankit Pathania- Posted: 2022/05/30

    Trademark Law In India: Trademark is a branch of intellectual property rights. Intellectual property -Siddhartha Mohanty- Posted: 2022/05/30

    Case Analysis: Sujanmal v/s Radhey Shyam Agrawal: The laws relating to contract of sale of goods in contained in The Sale of Goods Act, 1930 -Garisha Sharma- Posted: 2022/05/30

    Relevant Market: An Important Factor in Determining Abuse. Competition Act, 2002:Individual sellers compete to obtain the favour of purchasers in order to improve their revenues -Abhishek Singh- Posted: 2022/05/30

    Women's property: Stridhan: The Hindu Women's Right to Property Act of 1937 established a set of new inheritance rights -Abhishek Singh- Posted: 2022/05/30

    Article 14: Equality Before Law And Equality Protection Of The Law: Article 14 to 18 of the constitution guarantee the right to equality to every citizen of Indian -Vikrant Surya- Posted: 2022/05/30

    Does Places of Worship Act prevents disharmony or hinders the right of those facing injustice: There has been a lot of debate regarding the Places of Worship Act.-Rohan Kumar Tolani- Posted: 2022/05/29

    The Broken Indian Criminal Justice System: There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice -Shruti- Posted: 2022/05/29

    Coparcenary Property-Rights Of Daughters: There was a conflict of opinion in two Division Bench Judgments delivered by Supreme Court of India in. Prakash v. Phulavati -Rajinder Goyal- Posted: 2022/05/29

    Input Tax Credit: How To Claim It Under GST?: Since GST has been discussed across the country, the input tax credit -Madhur Pasricha- Posted: 2022/05/29

    Company Law: Brief Study: The subject of company law is codified in the Companies Act, 1956.-Debesh Pattnaik- Posted: 2022/05/29

    Intrinsic of Human Rights: Human rights are the basic rights which every citizen should avail his/her rights -Vinayak Deo Pathak- Posted: 2022/05/28

    What Is Effect On A Suit For Infringement Of Design, In Case Registered Design Expires During Pendency Of Suit Proceeding?: The Plaintiff namely Vikas Jain filed Suit seeking the relief of inter-alia permanent injunction on the basis of their registered Design under No.194631 dated 23.02.2004. -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2022/05/28

    Noida Comes Under Operational Creditor And Not Financial Creditor: Sc, An Analysis: In the case of New Okhla Industrial Growth Authority vs. Anand Sonbhadra -Ketan Aggarwal- Posted: 2022/05/28

    Adoption: Adoption means a child is born in other family but is given to other family to raise. -Sanika Atul Jadhav- Posted: 2022/05/28

    Historical Analysis on Rule of Law: Rule of law is the fundamental principle of governance in any civilized democratic country -Swati Nair- Posted: 2022/05/28

    A Historical Perspective On Universal Adult Suffrage And It's Importance: Universal adult franchise ensures that all adult citizens have the right to vote -- Posted: 2022/05/28

    Protection of Film Director Rights: Though films are made with a collective effort of the writer, screen player -Abhinav Chandra- Posted: 2022/05/28

    Do Beliefs Matter More Than Rights? Recognizing Same-Sex Marriage In The Present Times: 'Love is love'. As people fight toward ensuring same sex marriages, homosexuality is still considered as a crime -Samiksha Agarwal- Posted: 2022/05/27

    Arbitrating Competition And Antitrust Disputes In India: With the increase in international commercial trade and business have also led to the increase -- Posted: 2022/05/27

    Are the SEP Holders prima facie dominant, leading to a per se assumption of abuse under the competition law: A 'Standard' can be understood to be uniform or common technical design specifications which allow a certain -Arghya Samaddar- Posted: 2022/05/27

    A Scenario of Digital Rape in India: Digital Rape is a term used to classify cases of rape. In the case of digital rape -Lokendra Yadav- Posted: 2022/05/27

    An analysis of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Healthcare in India: Healthcare workers face enormous problems as a result of the rapid advancement -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2022/05/26

    Case Commentary on Rajbala v/s State of Haryana: Whether an Act or Amendment can be held Unconstitutional on the ground of Arbitrariness -Prashant Shukla- Posted: 2022/05/26

    Fear is just a choice: Fear, according to psychologists and researchers, is an innate emotion -Srestha Nandy- Posted: 2022/05/26

    An International Dispute Settlement: International Dispute Settlement deals with the settlement of disputes between states, organizations -Abhinav Chandra- Posted: 2022/05/26

    Krishna Janambhumi Dispute/Mathura Court: Mathura Court Directs Plaintiffs To Provide Plaint Copy To Shahi Idgah Committee -Anjali rathore- Posted: 2022/05/26

    Significance of Delay and Alternative remedy in a Writ: The Role of Delay and availability of alternative remedy in deciding the Writ Petition. -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2022/05/26

    Global Warming: Global Warming is a term almost everyone is familiar with. But, its meaning is still not clear to most of us -Siddharth Chalavarya- Posted: 2022/05/26

    Is Sedition Law Threat To Freedom Of Speech: The most argumentative topic in India in today's time is the Sedition Law -Nandita Katiyar- Posted: 2022/05/26

    The Rights of Animals: Animal rights are legal or moral rights to which creatures are believed to be entitled. -Siddharth Chalavarya- Posted: 2022/05/26

    Euthanasia: Indian Perspective: concept of Euthanasia and its legality in India -Mahir shah- Posted: 2022/05/26

    The Advancement of Technology in Deterring Crime: Benefits and Difficulties for Indian Law Enforcement: To deter crime and protect the country's citizens, the Police in India require a compatible technical upgrade.-Unnati Mouar- Posted: 2022/05/26

    Relation Of Police And Politicians In India And Its Impact On Citizens: Politics and politicians will always be a component of a civilised society if democracy is the political baseline -Unnati Mouar- Posted: 2022/05/26

    Three Strikes law: Three strikes law was enacted to control the increase in crimes across the country.-Jitin- Posted: 2022/05/26

    Impact Of CSR On Indian Companies: A Note: Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community -Prarthna Nanda- Posted: 2022/05/25

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    New Degrees Granted UGC Recognition: Twinning, Joint, And Dual Degrees now offered In Collaboration With Foreign Universities: The UGC on 2 May 2022 overhauled the foreign academic collaboration regulations. -Ananya Mukherjee- Posted: 2022/05/25

    Addition of a Prefix/Suffix to a Registered Trademark: Can anyone claim that their mark is different by adding a prefix/suffix to an already registered trademark? -Mehek Arora- Posted: 2022/05/25

    The Art Of Examination Of Witness As Per Indian Evidence Act: In the eyes of the law evidence is regarded as, the most important element necessary to proceed the case -Harshinee Senthil- Posted: 2022/05/24

    Sunni Law of Inheritance: Inheritance or Faraid is a concept related to property. -Gururaj G Udagi- Posted: 2022/05/24

    Unique Aspects of Contract Law: A contract can be also known as an agreement when it becomes enforceable legally. -Srestha Nandy- Posted: 2022/05/24

    All About Section 279 IPC: Rash Driving: The introduction of automobiles gave the opportunity to enjoy a new experience and learn a new skill -Srestha Nandy- Posted: 2022/05/24

    Acid Attack: A Curse For Women: The National Crime Records Bureau reported a staggering increase as the number of cases between 2014 and 2018 -Sujoy Paul- Posted: 2022/05/24

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    Harassment Of Men Vis-A-Vis Protective Laws For Women In India: Domestic violence is always discussed in relation to women. Man is always considered as the perpetrator. -Nilam Sampat Shevkari- Posted: 2022/05/23

    When Can A Matter Be Pursued Despite Res Judicata?: In Latin Res signifies a thing while Judicata means already decided. -Srestha Nandy- Posted: 2022/05/23

    The Doctrine of Privity of Contract under Indian And English Law: The principle of privity of contract provides that, as a general rule, a contract cannot confer rights -Vivekanand Jha- Posted: 2022/05/23

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    Case Analysis of Shayara Bano v/s Union of India: Shayara Bano case led to the ban of the Muslim practice of Triple Talaq.-Divyanshi Beniwal- Posted: 2022/05/21

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    Rape: It Was Not Her Dress, It Was Your Evil Mind: In India, young female is assaulted each 20 min. Maximum of reports uncovers kids is susceptible -Sujoy Paul- Posted: 2022/05/21

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    Marriage: An Institution Under Hindu Law: Marriage is a social practice through which two people and their families unite -Amit Pandey- Posted: 2022/05/20

    Case Analysis of Raja Ram v/s Jai Prakash Singh: The Plaintiff and Defendant were brothers. Their father, since deceased, used to live -Sonali Sinha Naik- Posted: 2022/05/20

    Delimitation in Jammu and Kashmir: Delimitation is the act of redrawing boundaries of an Assembly or Lok Sabha seat to represent -Prerna- Posted: 2022/05/19

    Extortion: Need to Know: Angadia Extortion Case, Two leaders in the state of J & K arrested for extortion -Rohit Kumar- Posted: 2022/05/19

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    Remedy Provided Under Sub-Section (4) Of Section 143 Of Maharashtra Land Revenue Code Viz-A-Viz Jurisdiction Of Civil Court Under Section 9 Of CPC: Section 9 of Code of Civil Procedure is prime in dealing with jurisdiction of Civil Courts.-Kiran Pawar- Posted: 2022/05/18

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    Right to Religion in a Secular State: Secularization is a term which was founded in the 1648 post the end of the thirty-year war in Europe. -Shushmna Sawroop- Posted: 2022/05/16

    Theory Of Relevancy Under The Indian Evidence Act: The term relevancy has been defined under Section 3 of the Indian Evidence Act 1872 -Shushmna Sawroop- Posted: 2022/05/16

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    Parole and Furlough:Parole and Furlough are the rights which are available to the prisoners under Section - 432 -Shushmna Sawroop- Posted: 2022/05/16

    The Crisis In The Sahel: From Domestic Uprisings To Territorial Destabilization: The violence and instability in the region of Mali and its neighboring countries of Burkina Faso -Shushmna Sawroop- Posted: 2022/05/16

    Clean Technologies and Environmental Protection: The Clean Technologies can be described as "products, services and procedures which make usage -Shushmna Sawroop- Posted: 2022/05/16

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    Decriminalization Of Adultery: Adultery means voluntary Sexual Intercourse by a man or woman with someone else's spouse -Mahir shah- Posted: 2022/05/16

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    Sources of International Tax Law: An unfortunate incident can occur anytime which is why insurance is required. Insurance -Shivani Sharma- Posted: 2022/05/15

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    Case Analysis of Bhim Singh v/s State of Jammu And Kashmir: Bhim Singh, a member belonging to the legislative assembly of the State of Jammu and Kashmir, was apprehended on the 9th of September, 1985.-Swarna Mullick- Posted: 2022/05/6

    Detailed Analysis of Dying Declaration under IEA, 1872: Dying Declaration is a legal concept refers to the effect that the statement -Bhaswat Prakash- Posted: 2022/05/6

    Lok Adalat Has No Jurisdiction To Decide A Matter On Merits: The Lok Adalat is a dispute resolution procedure used as an alternative to the traditional court system.-Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2022/05/6

    Dowry Demand: Section 304 b is required to be proved by the prosecution to get the accused convicted under this section -Harneet- Posted: 2022/05/6

    Early Disposal Of Pending Cases By The High Court: Time Limit To Dispose Civil Cases: In multiple cases across multiple courts, the constitution of India recognises the need and right to speedy justice -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2022/05/6

    Law: An Apparatus For Harmonizing Social Change: Law can simply be defined as a set of rules that are used to regulate or control a society.-Ritika Mishra- Posted: 2022/05/5

    Metaverse and the Law: The phrase 'Metaverse' has undoubtedly been heard by any person with an interest in cutting-edge technology.-Kuber Vaidya- Posted: 2022/05/5

    Transfer Pricing Aspects Of Business Restructuring: It is highly essential for multinational enterprises to come up with different workable business strategies -Shivani S P- Posted: 2022/05/5

    Constitutional Safeguards Against Arbitrary Arrest and Detention: Bhim Singh, a member belonging to the legislative assembly of the State of Jammu and Kashmir, was apprehended on the 9th of September, 1985. -Swarna Mullick- Posted: 2022/05/5

    Plea Bargaining: the society and provide for a redress mechanism when a citizen' rights are violated.-Utkarsh kumar Gupta- Posted: 2022/05/5

    Haryana Property Tax Conundrum: A Travesty Of Natural Justice And Right To Equality: Property tax in Haryana is governed by Urban Local Bodies Act 1994 -Col Vishal Bakshy- Posted: 2022/05/5

    The Dilemma Of Death And Burial: A Covid-19 Story:The onset of covid-19 laid various challenge in front of various sectors and affected the very livelihood -Jatin Yadav- Posted: 2022/05/5

    Marriage On Irretrievable Breakdown Can Be Dissolved By Supreme Court In Exercise Of Article 142 of Constitution Of India: Marriage being regarded as a sacrament under Hindu Law is also believed to be made in heaven -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2022/05/4

    Evolution Of Law On Sexual Harassment Of Women: Sexual Harassment has become an issue that is prevalent in both developed and developing countries -Kamya Pandey- Posted: 2022/05/4

    Types Of Consideration: Definition: In common parlance, consideration refers to something paid to a person in get back -Dinesh Kumar Mishra- Posted: 2022/05/4

    Doctrine Of De Minimis In The Context Of Fair Use: A Case Study: Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd. Vs News Nation Network Pvt. Ltd., a recent judgement -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2022/05/4

    Casting Votes: Need For A Caste Census?: The Indian Caste system which has existed for a long time has had a significant role -Sonika Yadav- Posted: 2022/05/4

    Policy Analysis of Proposed National Basic Income: In 2019, during political champing of Rahul Gandhi at Chattisgarh, he promised to introduced and implements Universal Basic Income -Ankit Tiwari- Posted: 2022/05/4

    Air Traffic and Air Traffic Path Dispute: Emerging Challenges in Aviation Law: Aviation laws are one of the least visited laws in India when it comes to legal awareness. -Farrukh Khan- Posted: 2022/05/4

    F.Hoffmann: La Roche Ltd v/s Cipla Ltd: F.Hoffmann La Roche Limited additionally called Roche Holding AG is a Swiss multinational healthcare organisation -Sankalp Mirani- Posted: 2022/05/4

    Raising The Legal Age Of Marriage For Woman In India: To increase the marriage age of woman a bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha -Tanmaya Barik- Posted: 2022/05/3

    Concept of Gift Under Muslim Law: The concept of Gift or Hiba in Muslim law has existed from the very inception of the religion, circa. 600 A.D.-Yash Zanwar- Posted: 2022/05/3

    Treason Law: A Challenge for Democracy: Treason is defined as the act of assaulting a governmental power to whom one is obligated to submit -Samridhi Sharma- Posted: 2022/05/3

    An Analysis of the Schemes of Modernization of Police Forces with special reference to MPF: The concept of modernization of police is not something which is just a phase or which could be achieved -Vipul Kumar Jaiswal- Posted: 2022/05/3

    Case Analysis of Rudul Sah vs. the State of Bihar (1983): The role of judicial activism in the Indian judiciary holds great significance -Akshat Anand- Posted: 2022/05/3

    Human Security In Contemporary World: Discussions about security and vital ideas have held their place at the center of global relations hypothesis -Anisha Arya- Posted: 2022/05/3

    Understanding The Position Of Promoters Under Companies Act, 2013: Finding The Truth: For the purpose of formation of a company there must be a process and that involves several stages -Sujoy Paul- Posted: 2022/05/2

    Guardianship under Muslim Law: Children are known as messengers of God. It is significant to take care of and provide proper nourishment -Abhinav Chauhan- Posted: 2022/05/2

    Forensic Psychology In Juvenile System Versus Protection Law: Minimum Age if Criminal Responsibility or MACR is the age below which a person cannot be held criminally -Trishita Das- Posted: 2022/05/2

    Evolution of General Insurance in India: Any non-life insurance including medical, automobile, or a certain piece of painting -Amlan Panigrahi- Posted: 2022/05/2

    Space Law In India: A Legal Run Through: A Space Act would help the government deal with legal issues arising from objects put up in space -Maryam Basheer- Posted: 2022/05/2

    The Online Gaming (Regulation) Bill, 2022: Hits and Misses: The Online Gaming (Regulation) Bill, 2022 (Bill) was introduced in the Lok Sabha on April 1, 2022 -Link Legal- Posted: 2022/05/2

    Model Tenancy Act, 2021: Renting housing is becoming more institutionalized, and the Model Tenancy Act -Samridhi Sharma- Posted: 2022/05/2

    Facade of Social Media: One may very easily get absorbed in the lives of others as one scrolls through a Facebook news feed -Samridhi Sharma- Posted: 2022/05/2

    Privatisation Of Government Sector: Privatization of presidency Sector Although in today's time most of the services provided -Samridhi Sharma- Posted: 2022/05/2

    Sapinda Relationship And Prohibited Relations: The word SAPINDA came from the word PINDA which means a ball of rice offered -Harneet- Posted: 2022/05/2

    Child Custody And Support: When parents divorce or separate legally, the custody of their children is often a contentious -Samridhi Sharma- Posted: 2022/05/2

    UP Population Control Bill: Population control is a massive problem in our country therefore in view of this problem -Samridhi Sharma - Posted: 2022/05/2

    Succession Laws of Parsis and Christians: Inheritance or succession points toward the idea of following a particular event or object, places of series -Aakchad Nath- Posted: 2022/05/2

    Critical Analysis Of Baseball Arbitration From The Perspective Of Resolving Transfer Pricing Disputes: Arbitration and specifically Last Best Offer Arbitration, has historically been used to resolve disputes -K.P.S. Sailesh Reddy- Posted: 2022/05/2

    Analyzing The Scope Of Personality Rights Under Indian Copyright Law: With constant developments in the field of intellectual property, people are always looking -Anjali Baskar- Posted: 2022/05/1

    Terrorism And The Role Of Law: Terrorism in an eclectic manner means a group or association of people who are pursuing -Shivansh singh- Posted: 2022/05/1

    Mechanism Of Settlement Of Disputes: Conciliation, often known as mediation, is one of the most well-known means to carry out the settlement -Sahil Verma- Posted: 2022/05/1

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    Domicile-Based Reservations: How Far Tenable?: Reservation has always been a matter of debate, whether educational institutions -Ankit Gautam- Posted: 2022/05/1

    Judicial Activism: Scrutinizing The Activism Of Our Judiciary: The legislature, the executive, and the judiciary are three co-ordinate organs of the state.-Harshit Sharma- Posted: 2022/05/1

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    Muslim Law Of Inheritance: Who is a Mahomedan: A person who professes the Mahomedan religion -Shrishti Shukla- Posted: 2022/04/30

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    Unlawful Activities Prevention Act: An Examination Of The Specific Criticisms Of The Act And Their Counter Justifications:The year was 1967, the Parliament enacted the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act.-Paul Priyadarshan R- Posted: 2022/04/30

    Censorship in the OTT platforms: A close look at the freedom of speech and expression: Assuming we fabricate a rundown of things that are forbidden in India, we'll track down a great deal of things -Sushma S- Posted: 2022/04/30

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    The Evolution Of Cyber Crime: We have learnt to place a great deal of faith in computer systems since they have become a vital -Abhishek Singh- Posted: 2022/04/30

    Changes And Developments In Cyber-Crimes In India: In the 1960s, the development of the internet was a watershed moment.-Aachal Indurkar- Posted: 2022/04/30

    Literal And Golden Rule Of Interpretation: The word interpretation is derived from the Latin word "interpretari," which means to explain, expound -Shubhangi Gupta- Posted: 2022/04/29

    Remoteness Of Damage: Remoteness of damage is an interesting principle. Once the damage is caused by a wrong -Nomaan Quasim- Posted: 2022/04/29

    Analysis Of White-Collar Crimes In The Indian Legal Framework: White-collar crime is a type of crime committed by persons from upper-class -Shivansh Agarwal- Posted: 2022/04/29

    Valapad Co-Operative Stores Vs K.H. Srinevasa Iyer Brothers: Case Analysis: Implied Authority is an authority that isn't communicated or composed into the agreement -Shruti mishra- Posted: 2022/04/29

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    Increased Age For Girls Marriage: It is hoped that the Prohibition of Child Marriage (Amendment) Bill, 2021 -Samridhi Sharma- Posted: 2022/04/29

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    Challenge To Artificial Intelligence In The Field Of IP: The artificial intelligence is advance simulation of intelligence of the human by using the machines and technology. -Rahul Jindal- Posted: 2022/04/29

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    Sedition Law: Vexed Yet Pivotal: Freedom of Speech and expression is a hallmark of democracy. It is Sine Qua Non for the democratic edifice. -Shivansh Sharma- Posted: 2022/04/28

    Legal Rights Of Orphan In India: Children are the best gift from God if children are treated with best human output, -Riya sarraf- Posted: 2022/04/28

    Marital Rape: The Indian judiciary does not penalize marital rape, i.e. the Indian Penal Code, 1860 -Sohini chakraborty- Posted: 2022/04/27

    An Analysis On Femininist Criminology: Women are for the most part considered as nurturers. Women manage the home, their significant -Sohini chakraborty- Posted: 2022/04/27

    Revision: The term 'revision' is not defined under CPC but Section 115 is related to revision.-Shubham Parashar- Posted: 2022/04/27

    Scope of Cases Taken Up by Lok Adalat: Lok Adalat literally meaning 'people's court', is an Alternate Dispute Resolution Mechanism in India -Harsh Warwandkar- Posted: 2022/04/26

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    Position of Western Countries in Russia-Ukraine Battle: NAFTA, a security alliance between North America and Europe, was formed in order to safeguard and defend democratic freedoms.-Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2022/04/25

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    A Brief Overview Of Abortion Laws: MTP ACT 1971 And It's Amendments: According to oxford, language Abortion is defined as the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, -Khushi Gupta- Posted: 2022/04/23

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    Juvenile Justice in India: Kids are the paragon of development and eventual fate of a country. -- Posted: 2022/04/20

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    Joint Hindu Family: The Hindu Succession Act, 1956, governs the Hindu Succession Act, which is an unavoidable and essential principle -Aachal Indurkar- Posted: 2022/04/20

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    Women's property: Stridhan: The Hindu Women's Right to Property Act of 1937 established a set of new inheritance rights on Hindu females -Abhishek Singh- Posted: 2022/04/18

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    Labour Unions: A number of ILO instruments recognise the need of upholding freedom of association.-Ojaswa Pratap Singh- Posted: 2022/04/17

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    Outraging The Modesty Of Women And Sexual Harassment: Under Indian Penal Code, Chapter XVI deals with offences affecting the human body -Madhur Mittal- Posted: 2022/04/15

    Trade Union And Rights Of A Registered Trade Union: The first and the foremost legislation that forms the very basis of introduction of the concept of trade union -Aishwarya N- Posted: 2022/04/15

    Evolution Of Definition Of Industry Under Labour Law: The definition of Industry was under Section 2(j) of the Industrial Dispute Act, 1948 prior to Industrial Relations code, 2020.-Kapuluru Saivarun- Posted: 2022/04/15

    Applicable Intellectual Property Rights in the Fashion Industry: The fashion business is always changing, resulting in new styles and trends that are pushed all over the world.-Riddhi Kumari- Posted: 2022/04/15

    Analysis on Reliance Life Insurance v/s Rekhaben Nareshbhai Rathod (2019): The Doctrine of Uberrima fidesis is the primary doctrine that governs insurance contracts. -Nanda Kishore M- Posted: 2022/04/15

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    Women's Human Rights:Human rights can be defined as the minimum equal and inalienable rights compulsorily obtainable by every human -Aarushi Samour- Posted: 2022/04/14

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    ADR System in India: A Brief Historical Background: Dispute resolution outside of courts is not new; societies world-over have long used non-judicial, indigenous -Ankush Saraf- Posted: 2022/04/13

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    Doctrine of Separation of Power and Appointment of Judges in India: The transition from Medieval to Modern era highlights the setting up of democratic constitution -Gaurangi Mehrotra- Posted: 2022/04/12

    Regulation Code For OTT Content: Regulatory code to be made for the OTT Platforms -Aradhaya Singh- Posted: 2022/04/12

    Social Security Of Workmen: Social Security is the term used for the Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) program -Vishesh Singh Raikwar- Posted: 2022/04/12

    Impunity Of Marital Rape: The current study provides a thorough examination of marital rape, including its legal history as well as numerous -Anandita Patra- Posted: 2022/04/12

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    China: The Good, The Bad, And The Belt And Road Ugly: History is not kind with superpowers. The British and the French saw their empires falling apart -Anish Bachchan- Posted: 2022/04/11

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    Public Policy And An Analysis Of Policy Making Process: Everyone has a way he/she does his/her things and this speaks a lot about the person concerned. -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2022/04/11

    Rampant Police Brutality Against Peaceful Protestors: The growing number of demonstrations regarding violence against peaceful protestor has resulted in rapid -Sakshi Rajawat- Posted: 2022/04/11

    The Bestial Treatment Of Women And The Vicious Truth Of Witch Hunting In India: The memorial of witch-hunt victims in Keonjhar, Odisha read "In memory of all innocents who were killed being -Ritika Mishra- Posted: 2022/04/10

    Cultural Horizon of India's Foreign Policy: A Cursory Glance on ICCR Foundation Day: The present paper highlights the establishment of ICCR and its objectives and attempts to discuss the Indian foreign policy -Sayed Qudrat- Posted: 2022/04/9

    Voting Right Not A Fundamental Right?:In India, it has been a common belief among most of the masses of the country that the Right to Vote -Subhranil Bhowmik- Posted: 2022/04/9

    Accountability Of Traffic Police Personnel: As per the current data, India is home to 138 cr. people. As per the report of Indian express -Subhranil Bhowmik- Posted: 2022/04/9

    Analyzing Copyright Infringement Through PUBG v/s Fortnite Case: Video games are becoming a popular form of entertainment, as well as an important part of the Internet industry.-Shiwangi Kumar- Posted: 2022/04/9

    England No-Fault Divorce Law: Here's all You need to Know about The no Blame Divorce Law: After the No-fault divorce legislation took effect in England and Wales, married couples in England -Aditya Raj- Posted: 2022/04/8

    Data Privacy In Reference To Aarogya Setu App: Aarogya Setu, a COVID-19 tracking Indian app developed by the National Informatics Centre under the Ministry of Electronics -Dinesh Kumar Mishra- Posted: 2022/04/8

    Credit Cooperative Society: A Credit Cooperative Society is an independent group of people belonging to the same class -Dinesh Kumar Mishra- Posted: 2022/04/8

    Types Of Constitution: there is no country which constitution is entirely written or entirely unwritten even in written constitution -Dinesh Kumar Mishra- Posted: 2022/04/8

    What Are The Considerations Before Applying For A Skilled Worker Visa?: If you wish to reside and acquire professional opportunities in the Australian country, migration lawyers -Tessa John- Posted: 2022/04/8

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    Conceptualization Of Feminism And Its Relevancy With The Law: The word "FEMINISM" came from Latin word fēminīnus which means the promotion of women's privileges -Subhranil Bhowmik- Posted: 2022/04/8

    Difference Between Insurance And Indemnity, Insurance And Wager: A contract is a promise which is enforceable by law. The promise may be to do something or not to do something. -Riddhi Kumari- Posted: 2022/04/7

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    Unfair Labour Practices: The main concern of labor relations is on the relationships that exist between the employer -Vishesh Singh Raikwar- Posted: 2022/04/7

    An Overview on Doctrine of Essentiality in light of the Essential Religious Practice Test: Yet another year, another controversy encompassing the doctrine of Essential Religious Practices.-Saman Rizwan- Posted: 2022/04/7

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    Taxation On Intellectual Property Rights: Intellectual Property is an idea, design, creativity, invention, etc., which can ultimately give rise to a useful product -Soumya Bhojwani- Posted: 2022/04/7

    Constitutional Courts Can't Assume Role Of Appellate Authority In Cases Of Disciplinary Inquiries: SC: The State is an artificial juristic entity and like any other juristic entity it can employ persons -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2022/04/7

    Digital Tax Introduced In India For E-Commerce Operators: In the course of the most recent five years, India has been forcefully pushing for expansion -Bhargavi Nigam- Posted: 2022/04/7

    Advocates And Legal Consultants in Dubai: An advocate is an individual who speaks, writes, or defends the client in a court of law. -Mohammad Al Shaiba- Posted: 2022/04/7

    Protection Of Children From Sexual Abuses: Decoding The POCSO Act: Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus -Srishty Pandey- Posted: 2022/04/6

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    Authoritarian: When the rights of one man are challenged, the rights of all men are harmed.-Abhishek Singh Solanki- Posted: 2022/04/5

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    Article On Posh Act: PoSH was enacted on 9 December 2013. The act was made to ensure the safety of women -Taniya Bali- Posted: 2022/03/12

    An Insight Into The Pseudo-Secularism In India: According to a Pew Research Center poll from 2017, almost one-third of Indians (37%) consider communal relations -Harnaman Singh- Posted: 2022/03/11

    Significance Of A Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) In A Pending Accident Case: A Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is an official document issued by the Indian Police -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2022/03/11

    Fantasy Sports: An Overview: Digital gaming industry has seen rapid growth with India recently overtaking the United States of America -Rashi Savla- Posted: 2022/03/11

    Primary Factors To Be Considered For M&A Transaction: Mergers and Acquisitions in a business are crucial to helping a business expand in size or territory -Yashvardhan Yadav- Posted: 2022/03/11

    Student Suicide: Students are those who study for better future, students are those who acquire knowledge -Purusharth Singh- Posted: 2022/03/10

    World Consumer Rights Day and the Developing world: The modern 21st century is interdependent and globalization is contributing to a developed world -Laiba Farroukh- Posted: 2022/03/10

    A Pragmatic Analysis of the Alternative Dispute Resolution: Very often in our daily life, we could hear the term 'See you in the Court -Hardik Jain- Posted: 2022/03/10

    GST Consultant: If you're looking for a Tax Consultant, you can count on Taxcom for high-quality and professional services. -Hardik- Posted: 2022/03/10

    Media And Courts (Contempt Of Courts Act, 1971): The existence of free and fearless media in a democratic society is eminent.-Janvi gupta- Posted: 2022/03/10

    How Undue Influence Invalidates The Free Consent In A Contract: When two parties enter into a contract they should give their consent.-Arnav Ashtikar- Posted: 2022/03/1010

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    Annulment Of Marriage Under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 On Ground Of Impotency: Annulment of marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 lies u/s 11 and 12 -Harsh Vardhan Rathi- Posted: 2022/03/8

    Vade Mecum to Section 498A of Indian Penal Code: Crime against women is not a new-age problem. Women have been subjected to torture -Mehak Ghaloth- Posted: 2022/03/8

    Towards Regulation of AI: The Term Artificial Intelligence (AI) was first coined by John McCarthy -Rishabh Dwivedi- Posted: 2022/03/8

    A System For Fast And Timely Disposal Of Criminal Cases: True that knowledge is endless but endless knowledge is not the end of all sufferings.-Rajkishore Lenka- Posted: 2022/03/8

    Chinese Model Of Socialism Of Governance: Chinese model of socialism and state government recently become very controversial -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2022/03/8

    A Detailed Analysis Of The Soviet Union's Disintegration, Marxism Concept, Foreign Policy And Chechnya Issue: The concept of Justice, International Relations, and Politics has seen a lot of Dynamic changes -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2022/03/8

    Formation of the NATO And NAM: One of the major formations after the 2nd WW was the formation of a regional power -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2022/03/8

    Digital Copyright Law: Law is an ever evolving topic since it is a response to social problems and, social issues -Divya Banerjee- Posted: 2022/03/7

    Doctors And Consumer Protection Act: Doctors being the quintessential god in our society for decades have saved numerous -Kush morghade- Posted: 2022/03/7

    Evolution Of CLAT: Common-Law Admission Test (CLAT) is a centralized national level entrance -Madhvi Patidar- Posted: 2022/03/7

    Constitutional Monarchy without the Monarch: Despite the fact that India is a sovereign, democratic republic -Prashant Sharma- Posted: 2022/03/6

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    Impact Of Welfare Pension Schemes In India: India is considered to be a welfare state and moreover the largest democracy in the world.-Sulaja Rs- Posted: 2022/03/6

    Law Of Crime: The body of law which relates to crime is called Criminal law.-Krishna kant gothwal- Posted: 2022/03/5

    IT Rules 2021 And Its Effect On Social Media Intermediaries: Information Technology Rule, 2021 passed on 25th February 2021 -Abhishek Sahu- Posted: 2022/03/5

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    Uniform Civil Code: A Tyranny Of The Majority Or The Necessity Of The Democratic Nation: This Earth is full of developed nations and developing nations. In which India is a still a developing nation -Harsh Vardhan Rathi- Posted: 2022/03/4

    Powers Of Supreme Court For The Contempt Of Itself: The word "Misconduct" has been used widely, in respect to the advocate it has been broadly divided into two types -Siddharth jain- Posted: 2022/03/4

    Strict And Absolute Liability And Their Distinction: A tort is a legal word that refers to infringing on another person's civil rights by inflicting damage -Vrinda Gaur- Posted: 2022/03/4

    Significance of Fundamental Rights: Fundamental rights, are the rights conferred by the Part III of the Indian Constitution from Article 12 to 35.-Manav Puri- Posted: 2022/03/4

    Human Rights And Sociology: Human rights are the basic rights that are available to every individual around the globe that initiates -Madhvi Patidar- Posted: 2022/03/4

    Why Fundamental Duties Should Be Made Enforceable?: The fundamental duties of the citizens of India are mentioned in Article 51A of the Indian Constitution.-Madhvi Patidar- Posted: 2022/03/4

    Media And Indian Judiciary: An independent judiciary is the bulwork of the free society, so is an independent media. -Janvi gupta- Posted: 2022/03/3

    Case Analysis: Rylands v/s Fletcher: In cases of torts, the general rule is that the person who causes damage -Anubhav Sharma- Posted: 2022/03/3

    Bail Under Protection Of Children From Sexual Offences Act, 2012 Vis-a-Vis Presumption Of Guilt Under Section 29 Of The Act:Section 29 of the POCSO Act bring into existence 'Presumption of guilt' vis-a-vis any person prosecuted -Ausaf Ayyub- Posted: 2022/03/3

    Substance Abuse/Addiction: Drug addiction, also called substance use disorder, is a disease that affects a person's brain -Ashish Kumar Pandey- Posted: 2022/03/3

    The Concept of Strict and Absolute Liability and their distinction: The theory of strict liability can be characterised as acts or omissions that are judged accountable -Vrinda Gaur- Posted: 2022/03/3

    Nemo Debet Bis Vexari Pro Una Et Eadem Causa: supposed to originate from old administrative law in Rome.-Altamash Kadir- Posted: 2022/03/3

    Defamation In IPC: Section 499 of IPC deals with defamation. Defamation arises when a person makes or publishes any wrong or false -Javed Shaik- Posted: 2022/03/2

    Fair Dealing: A Right Or An Exception An Analysis Of The Threshold Of Fair Dealing Through DU Photocopy Case: The exception to the protection of Copyright, Fair dealing or Fair use depending on the jurisdiction -Samreen Ahamed- Posted: 2022/03/2

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    GDPR: Growth Hacking and Cambridge Analytica: Growth hacking is a marketing discipline concerned with a company's rapid expansion.-Samreen Ahamed- Posted: 2022/03/2

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    Course curriculum on Comparative Health Law: Subject Code: Comparative Health Law (LW 6112) -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2022/03/1

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    The Concept Of Juche Or Kimilsungulism: In the 21st century, one legal system which has very strongly come into prominence is the concept of Juche or Kimilsungulism. -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2022/03/1

    Reproductive Autonomy Of Women In India: An Emerging Challenge Of Society: In general terms, Reproductive rights are the rights of individuals to decide whether to reproduce -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2022/02/28

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    Withdrawal Of Prosecution In Criminal Cases Under Section 321 Crpc, 1973 And Judicial Scrutiny: The framers and drafters of various legislations make laws keeping in mind the intended objectives -Manish Awana- Posted: 2022/02/20

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    Problem Of Terrorism And State Sponsored Terrorism: One of the biggest problem today which os being faced by the entire humanity -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2022/02/16

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    Wife Who Has Visited To The Matrimonial Home For The Last Rituals Of Mother-In-Law Can Be A Proving Factor To Show The Resumption Of Marital Relation Between Husband And Wife: desertion is proved because both never went to consummate the marriage and were living separately from beginning till today.-Shubhambudhiraja- Posted: 2022/02/16

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    Transfer By Ostensible Owner: Transfer of property act - 1882(TPA): Transfer By Ostensible Owner: where, with the consent, express or implies, of the persons interested -Shashank H Singh- Posted: 2022/02/15

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    FDI Regulation In India: Foreign investment has poured into India due to policies pursued and executed -Anuj- Posted: 2022/02/15

    Hegemony After 1991: The ideals and idealism of regional hegemony and super-power status since 1991 have been one of bitter -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2022/02/15

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    Forced Labour in Supply Chain of Fashion Brands: The Indian society reeks of hypocrisy. We see children forced to work in households -Anish Bachchan- Posted: 2022/02/15

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    Indian Law Trade Secrets: There is no substantive legislation to govern the privacy and data protection matters yet. -Sankalp Mirani- Posted: 2022/02/11

    Impact of GST on Banking Sector: The Banking sector plays an important role in generating revenue in our economy. -Kritika Pandey- Posted: 2022/02/11

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    An Insight Into Patents: Intellectual Property: Intellectual property is considered to be the most essential element for economic development of a country. -Anjali- Posted: 2022/02/10

    Right To Privacy: Every individual has his own secrets, talks, planning etc. which they don not want to show -Anshu Bansal- Posted: 2022/02/10

    Foreign Certifying Authorities: Certifying Authority (CA) is a third-party organization that issues an electronic document also called a digital certificate -Abhishek Sahu- Posted: 2022/02/10

    Recording Contracts Under The Music Law: A record contract enables a record label to sell license and distribute and artist's recordings -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2022/02/10

    The Right to Be Forgotten: In an era where the right to privacy is protected as a fundamental right, the right to be forgotten -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2022/02/9

    An Overview of the Account Aggregator Framework in India: India has over 572.2M internet users as of 2021[1]. The increase in technological usage -Koushik Chittella- Posted: 2022/02/9

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    All You Need To Know About Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 Australia: Australia is an immensely well-known goal among forthcoming settlers over the world. -Migration Agent Perth, WA- Posted: 2022/02/8

    General Guidance For Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887: The Skilled Regional visa subclass 887 is the subsequent stage visa giving perpetual habitation -Migration Agent Perth, WA- Posted: 2022/02/8

    Sales Of Goods Act: Remedies Available For The Breach Of Contract: Until 1930, the law governing the sale of goods was governed by Sections 76 to 123 of the Indian Contract Act of 1872. -Satya Srivastava- Posted: 2022/02/8

    500 Words Case Analysis of Shanta Bai v. State of Bombay, 1958: The case revolved around petitioner A whose husband B, the owner of a forest -Sandhya Prabhakaran- Posted: 2022/02/8

    Review: Marital Rape: The idea that striking down exception 2 of Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 -Shubham kumar- Posted: 2022/02/8

    Criminal Conspiracy: Section 120, IPC: Conspiracy means a combination of two or more persons for unlawful purposes. -Gurmeet Singh- Posted: 2022/02/7

    Law Of Torts: tort is a civil wrong for which the only remedy is common law action for unliquidated damages -Gurmeet Singh- Posted: 2022/02/7

    Judgments In Favor Of Husband: Corporate Governance has been a central issue in developing countries long -Gurmeet Singh- Posted: 2022/02/7

    Rights Of Arrested Person: Every human being has to be treated as a being despite the fact he has committed a criminal offence. -Gurmeet Singh- Posted: 2022/02/7

    Corporate Governance In India: Corporate Governance has been a central issue in developing countries long -Gurmeet Singh- Posted: 2022/02/7

    Bail: Bail denotes the provisional release of an accused in a criminal matter in which the court -Gurmeet Singh- Posted: 2022/02/7

    Privacy / Right To Privacy Law: Privacy is the ability of an individual or group to seclude themselves -Gurmeet Singh- Posted: 2022/02/7

    Matrimonial Rape: Rape in marriage is a serious and prevalent form of violence against women -Gurmeet Singh- Posted: 2022/02/7

    340 CrPc / Perjury: there with the main purpose to ensure effective administration of justice -Gurmeet Singh- Posted: 2022/02/7

    Annulment Of Marriage In Hindu Marriage Act (In Favour Of Men): Annulment is a process in which the marriage is declared as null and void due to some reasonable -Gurmeet Singh- Posted: 2022/02/7

    Criminal Breach Of Trust: The offence of criminal breach of trust, is similar to the offence of embezzlement under the English law. -Gurmeet Singh- Posted: 2022/02/7

    The Contempt Of Court: It is the offence of being disobedient to or disrespectful towards the court of law -Gurmeet Singh- Posted: 2022/02/7

    Cyber Crime in India: Cybercrime, as the name suggests, is a type of crime committed in the cyber world.-Anukriti- Posted: 2022/02/7

    Hijab A Soul Racist: The heading of the article itself defines or reflects what I meant to analyze or review the way forward -Intekhab ahmad- Posted: 2022/02/7

    Article 131 of the Indian Constitution: Nature, Scope and Judicial Trend: The Supreme Court has exclusive and original jurisdiction over legal issues originating between states -Vanshika Sharma- Posted: 2022/02/7

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    Same-Sex Marriage: We cannot disagree that the most debatable topic in most of the countries -Varleen Kaur Saluja- Posted: 2022/02/7

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    IDDAT Uner Muslim Personal Law: Iddat or Iddah, is one of the mandatory rituals under Muslim personal law that every married -Varleen Kaur Saluja- Posted: 2022/02/7

    Democracy Ends The Day We Cast Our Votes?: An election is a moral horror, as bad as a battle except for the blood; a mud bath for every soul concerned in it. -Swostik Nayak- Posted: 2022/02/7

    Rights of An Agent: An agent could keep, out of any sums received on account of the principal -Sahin parbeen- Posted: 2022/02/7

    Lok Adalat: The Most Efficacious Tool: Lok Adalat, People's Court - Lok, means people, and Adalat means court. -Sakshi Kumari- Posted: 2022/02/7

    Ache Kaam And Gande Kaam: Article 15 A Movie Review: Our country has always been parted into two groups: victims of discrimination -Aaditya angrish- Posted: 2022/02/7

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    History Of Democracy: Democracy means rule by the people. The name is employed for various sorts of government -Aditya Yadav- Posted: 2022/02/5

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    Article 21-The procedural Magna Carta Protective of Life and Liberty in India: Constitution of India is the longest constitution in the world, it has 470 articles. -Naman Kapoor- Posted: 2022/02/4

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    Domestic Violence: The Hidden Pandemic: Domestic violence refers to any form of harassment that occurs between adults or adolescents -Sai Sindhura- Posted: 2022/01/28

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    Concept Of Liberty: Every citizen has the right which is enforced by the state and protected by the state and ensures freedom or liberty. -Chinmay Giri- Posted: 2022/01/26

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    OBC Reservation In Neet PG: Did Supreme Court Violate Principle Of Stare Decisis?: In Common law jurisprudence, doctrine of Stare decisis is inherently imbibed in the roots of justice system -Nishant Khatri- Posted: 2022/01/23

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    An Overview of Article 14 of the Constitution's Right to Equality: The goal of this study is to determine what the broad concept of Right to Equality is. The term Right to Equality -Abhinav manan- Posted: 2022/01/23

    Strict Liability And Absolute Liability: theories of strict liability and absolute liability. In the first part -Nancy Singh Suryavanshi- Posted: 2022/01/23

    Understanding Contract of Agency: In India, the agent and principal share a relationship that is contractual in nature -Bhavana Tewari- Posted: 2022/01/23

    Joint Co-Authorship in Copyrights: In today's modern world, Intellectual Property (IP) rights have gained immense popularity. -Shilpa Sodhi- Posted: 2022/01/22

    Competition Law: The Rule of Per-Se Illegality: Competition law has become an important aspect for the growth of economy -Shilpa Sodhi- Posted: 2022/01/22

    Legislative Analysis: Sexual Harassment Of Women At Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition And Redressal) Act, 2013: Globally, sexual harassment of women began as an historical element in enslavement -RS Sanjanaa- Posted: 2022/01/22

    Nature And Scope Of Mortgage Law In India: It appeared to Sir Edward Coke[1] that this had something to do with transferor's inability -Satakchhi Verma- Posted: 2022/01/22

    Rights Of Accused: To Know The Ground Of Arrest; Right To Free Legal Aid:The legal principle states that a person is considered 'innocent unless proven guilty-Satakchhi Verma- Posted: 2022/01/22

    Mukesh v/s NCT Of Delhi: Critical Analysis: Prosecutrix was a 23-year-old woman and a para-medical student.-Satakchhi Verma- Posted: 2022/01/22

    Critical Evaluation of Doctrine of Separation of Power in Indian Context: In a democracy like India, it is very difficult to establish a precise separation of power, and the function -Satakchhi Verma- Posted: 2022/01/22

    Constitutional Validity Of Establishment Of NCLT And Its Role In Dispute Resolution: National Company Law Tribunal is the outcome of Eradi Committee, intended to be introduced in Indian legal system -Satakchhi Verma- Posted: 2022/01/22

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    Analysis Of Provision Established In Case: Lal Chand (Dead) By L.Rs. v/s Radha Kishan: Lal Chand (Dead) by Lrs. and Ors. vs. Radha Krishan. Section 11 of the Civil Procedure Code, which enshrines the idea of res judicata -Shefali sangwan- Posted: 2022/01/18

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    Are Girls Legally Competent To Enter Into A Marriage?: Earlier in1955 it has been stated that the valid age for girls to getting married is 18. -Rahul Sadana- Posted: 2021/12/28

    AI For Smart Policing: Unfortunately, crime is everywhere around us. Every city has a police department tasked with apprehending -Aditi Chauhan- Posted: 2021/12/28

    Murder And Culpable Homicide, Difference Between Murder And Culpable Homicide: The word Murder comes from the Germanic word morth, which literally means hidden slaying. -Dhairya Mamtora- Posted: 2021/12/28

    Anuradha Basin v/s Union Of India: An Analysis based on Natural Law: Natural law is often depicted as an abstract structure suspended in the heavens, of which positive law -Lavanaya Anee- Posted: 2021/12/27

    Apex Court Not To Interfere Under Article 136 With The Findings Of The High Court If Two Plausible Views Are Possible: normally in exercise of its discretionary jurisdiction under Article 136 of the Constitution does not interfere with the findings of the High Court. -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/12/27

    Demand Fo Right To Health: Health justice is integral to any society. Our health care system is in private hand so it is very important -Vishwajeet Kumar- Posted: 2021/12/27

    The Requirement And Relevance Of Comparative Research For Better Outcomes: process of finding the law that governs an activity and materials that explain or analyze that law. -Ishita- Posted: 2021/12/27

    An Overview Of Protection The Life Forms And Plant Varieties Under Intellectual Property Laws; A Comparative Study Between India And Afghanistan: This work describes and analyses the various international legal regimes governing intellectual property rights -Sayed Arsalan Sadat Nasseri- Posted: 2021/12/26

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    Section 10 Res Sub Judice Or Stay On Suit: Res sub judice is Latin word which res means matter and sub judice means pending but in legal language -Shubham- Posted: 2021/12/26

    Overview Of Afghanistan Legal System: prior to the Taliban Regime: Afghanistan is a landlocked, war-torn and aid-dependent economy. 652864 square kilometres -Sayed Qudrat- Posted: 2021/12/26

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    Doctrine Of Res Sub Judice In Civil Procedure Code 1908: Res sub judice is Latin word which res means matter and sub judice means pending but in legal language res sub judice -Shubham Jaiswal- Posted: 2021/12/23

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    Consent Or Character? Consent In Rape Cases Overridden By The Victims Character: An Inherent Approach By The India Courts Through An Evidence Law Perspective: Psychologists have claimed that the perception of attributing one's character on the basis of a unitary action carried out by them leads to a fundamental attribution error -Stevewaugh Stephan- Posted: 2021/12/16

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    Personal Data Protection (Draft) Bill: Includes a representation of information, facts, concepts, opinions or instructions -Gokul Suresh Nair- Posted: 2021/12/15

    Central Vigilance Commission Amendment Bill, 2021: The Central Vigilance Commission was set up in the year 1964 upon the recommendation of the report -Gokul Suresh Nair- Posted: 2021/12/15

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    Marital Rape: An Overview: Violence against women is not new to our society, a place where a woman is expected to remain silent -Mohini Ghose- Posted: 2021/12/4

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    Concept Of Inheritance And Its Necessity: A Family Settlement Agreement (FSA) is usually used to resolve disputes about the return of family property. -Srishti Jain- Posted: 2021/12/1

    Rights of An Accused in India: In India, the justice framework is based on the concept that "innocent unless proved guilty. -Srishti Jain- Posted: 2021/12/1

    The Procedure For Arrest Of Persons: The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 establishes the procedural elements of the arrest process -Srishti Jain- Posted: 2021/12/1

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    Female Foeticide: Female foeticide is the procedure of determining the gender of a foetus and aborting it if it is a girl.-Sanskar Singhal- Posted: 2021/11/27

    Case Ananlysis: Vishaka v/s. State Of Rajasthan: Sexual harassment is an unwelcome behavior of sexual nature. -Aiswarya Lakshmi.J.S- Posted: 2021/11/26

    Standard Form Contracts: An Overview: In layman language, a standard form of contract is a 'take it or leave it' kind of contract. -Aparna R Krishnan- Posted: 2021/11/26

    For Every Child, Every Right: A fundamental element of protection of these rights is the recognition that States have the primary responsibility of protecting the human rights -Deepak Sharma- Posted: 2021/11/26

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    Dayabhaga and Mitakshara Succession laws: The word Hindu is foreign origin as it was used to identify individuals living east of the Hindu River -Satya Sai Srija - Posted: 2021/11/22

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    Analysis Of Mutual Funds And Portfolio Management In Mutual Funds: An investment trust is a trust that pools the savings of many investors who share a common financial goal.-Vrunda Parekh- Posted: 2021/11/21

    All India Judicial Service: India is a quasi-federal state having single unified judicial system with three tier structure -Ayush Sarna- Posted: 2021/11/21

    Role Of ICCR Inpre-Post-Taliban 2.0, Regime To Afghan Students: Nothing is more important for a nation than its human resources. -Sayed Qudrat- Posted: 2021/11/21

    Recent Trends and Developments in the case of Polygraph: With the consistent and constant advancements in science and technology -Prijwal Kumar- Posted: 2021/11/20

    Custodial Violence in India: The Supreme Court recently convicted two police officers for mercilessly beating a man leading -Rohit Parashar- Posted: 2021/11/20

    POCSO Act, Its Need And Relevance In India: Children are an important marginalized group who, frequently get suffer from various types of exploitation -Saman Rizwan- Posted: 2021/11/19

    Business Negotiation:Business negotiation comes under the negotiation types -Presha Naik- Posted: 2021/11/19

    Pendency of Cases And Shortage of Judges in Courts And Tribunals: Pendency of cases, their problems and possible solutions are talked about.-Atul Kumar- Posted: 2021/11/18

    An Elaborate View Of Cyber Crimes: India, is a vast country with a population of over 138 crores it has millions of internet users. -Koushik Chittella- Posted: 2021/11/18

    Physical Abuse Of Women Behind The Bars In India: Navdeep Kaur, a 23 years old women activist was arrested on the 12th of January during the ongoing -Nidhi Srivastava- Posted: 2021/11/18

    Who Is A Proclaimed Offender: Effect Of Declaring A Person A Proclaimed Offender: When a person accused of an offence do not appear before a police officer during investigation -Khanduri- Posted: 2021/11/18

    Nuisance Under Law Of Torts: Nuisance as it is most frequently pled common law action in environmental litigation. -Pranjal Singh- Posted: 2021/11/17

    Was The Introduction Of DPSP Into India's Constitution Really Significant?: India's Constitution is the world's longest written constitution of any independent country. -Tanya srivastava- Posted: 2021/11/17

    Contract of Agency: Agency is a relationship which exists where one individual (the principal) approves another (the agent) -Vrunda Parekh- Posted: 2021/11/17

    Analysis Of The Offence Of Murder With Relevant Case Laws: There is no offense of "homicide" in that capacity. An individual can't be accused of or indicted for homicide. -Vrunda Parekh- Posted: 2021/11/17

    Legislative Procedure of Parliament: All legislative proposition is brought previously Parliament as Bills -Vrunda Parekh- Posted: 2021/11/17

    Labor Rights And Standards For Migrant Workers: The increasing development and encouragement of technology made the workers run from one place to another -Dhruv Kumar- Posted: 2021/11/17

    The National Human Right Commission An Enforcement Mechanism Of Human Right In India: Why was it is required to safeguard the basic right of human in our society? -Puru Saxena - Posted: 2021/11/16

    Same-Sex Marriage And Homosexuality In India: An Insight: Human sexuality is complicated. Accepting the distinction between desire, behaviour, and individuality affirms -Saman Rizwan- Posted: 2021/11/16

    Elder Abuse, Maintenance And Welfare Of Parents And Senior Citizens Act, 2007: Abuse of the elderly by family members dates back to many centuries -Saman Rizwan- Posted: 2021/11/16

    Uniform Civil Code In Foreign Countries: Its Evaluation From The Perspective Of India: The Uniform Civil Code lays down a set of laws governing the personal affairs of all citizens, irrespective of religion -Saman Rizwan- Posted: 2021/11/16

    Role of Security Exception in the Unprecedented COVID-19 Pandemic: The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the healthcare sectors all over the world -- Posted: 2021/11/15

    Street Food Vendors And Their Flickering Right To Livelihood In Time Of Pandemic: India, one of the worst-affected countries by COVID-19 has eased most lockdown restrictions -Saman Rizwan- Posted: 2021/11/15

    Anti-Torture and Custodial Death: Our constitution has embedded fundamental rights to ensure certain fundamental freedoms rights -Saman Rizwan- Posted: 2021/11/15

    Section 207: Inalienable Right of Accused: As the topic suggests, the present article mainly deals with the scope of Section 207 of the Criminal Procedure Code. -Satwinder Singh- Posted: 2021/11/15

    Custodial Violence and Deaths: Custodial violence is referred to as the violence, torture, rape or death of the person -Khushi Yadav- Posted: 2021/11/14

    Allied And Healthcare Professional Bill 2018: Healthy things are good for life and a healthy person makes a good country. -Shamir Mehra- Posted: 2021/11/14

    Redesigning Public Administration In The Changing Global Environment: Traditionally, one of the powers of public administration was the clear-cut hierarchal system developed -Shamir Mehra- Posted: 2021/11/14

    Juvenile Justice and the Convention on The Rights of the Child: The United Nations Convention on the rights of the child is a human rights treaty that helps to define children's political, economic, social, health and cultural rights. -Vaishnavi Ramesh- Posted: 2021/11/14

    Unethical Practices by News channels: A Light on Criminal Jurisprudence: Media is the fourth pillar of democracy. It plays an important role in keeping the citizen informed -Ayantika Bhattacharyya- Posted: 2021/11/13

    Understanding The Misuse Of Laws By The Weaker Sections Of Society: Prathvi Raj Chouhan v/s Union OF India: The people in India have familiarized themselves with the word discrimination. -Anish Bachchan- Posted: 2021/11/13

    Right To Die: Article 21 of the Indian Constitution, 1950 provides: No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law.-Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2021/11/13

    Historical Background Of Evidence Law In India: With Special Reference To The Indian Evidence Act, 1872: The evidence, in simpler terms, is the eye and ear of a court.-- Posted: 2021/11/13

    Article 370: It is the first provision of the Constitution's Part XXI. Temporary, Transitional, and Special Provisions'-Suryansh Shukla- Posted: 2021/11/13

    Covid-19 The New Normal And How It Is Affecting Children: The sudden outbreak of Covid-19 in the world left everyone with speculation as to how to react -Devansh Rao- Posted: 2021/11/12

    The Role Model Of Journalist: Danish Siddiqui (19 May 1983 16 July 2021) was an Indian photo-journalist based in Delhi -Brij Chaurasiya- Posted: 2021/11/12

    Single Parenting: Single parenting has always been a different task in Indian society.-Kalash Jain- Posted: 2021/11/12

    Comparative Analysis Of The Traditional And Modern Definitions Of International Law: Law of Nations or International Law is the name for the body of customary and conventional rules -Tanu Mehta- Posted: 2021/11/12

    Trial Of Person With An Unsound Mind: Procedure And Provisions: The Indian Penal code shows the safeguard of insanity under Section 84 and CrPC -Erathi Anudeep- Posted: 2021/11/12

    When Rape Is Allowed By Law: Domestic violence in India is an entrenched problem, and it has only become more exacerbated in recent years. -Abha Chauhan- Posted: 2021/11/11

    Capital Punishment In India: India is one of the largest country in the world which also has so numerous crimes and culprits -Garima Bairagi- Posted: 2021/11/11

    Narcotic Drugs And Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985 Act (LXI) Of 1985 At A Glance: Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances have a variety medical and scientific uses. -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2021/11/11

    Sudan Humanitarian Crisis (Darfur Genocide): First and foremost things to understand the meaning of human rights that what are human rights. -Akshay vashist- Posted: 2021/11/11

    Insanity Defence: A Loopholes For Criminals: Insanity defense is by and large utilized in crook prosecutions.-Vaidehi gupta- Posted: 2021/11/11

    Concept of Guardianship under Muslim personal Law: Guardianship (Wilayat) denotes the guardianship of a minor. -Priyanshu Yadav- Posted: 2021/11/11

    Cruelty: As A Ground For Divorce: Matrimonial matters are matters of delicate human and emotional relationship. -Archana Bamaniya- Posted: 2021/11/11

    IPR Law in India: Creation of new things is in the hand of people.-Priyanki Dasgupta- Posted: 2021/11/11

    Actionable Claim: Actionable claim is defined under section 3 of the Transfer of Property Act 1882. -Jayesh Yadav- Posted: 2021/11/11

    Right To Life: This means that nobody, including the Government, can try to end your life.-Sheikh Sameer- Posted: 2021/11/11

    Inclusion Of 4th Category Offences Into Serious Offence: the fourth category of offences into the serious offences to keep the Child in conflict with law with High degree & Low degree crimes -Meghna Sudheer- Posted: 2021/11/11

    Food Security In The Era Of Globalization: food security call attention to fundamental antagonism at the heart of the globalization project. -Simran Kanwar- Posted: 2021/11/10

    Humanatarian perspective: Syrian Crisis: somewhere down the line were responsible for the devastated situation in Syria -Simran sharma- Posted: 2021/11/10

    Overview Of Women's Rights In The Workplace In India: he discussion around the rights of women in the workplace and society at large has increased over the past years.-Shivam Singh Bhadoriya- Posted: 2021/11/10

    Trademark Infringement: A Case Analysis Of Tata Sons v/s Hakunamatata Tata Founders: One of the saviours of the intellectual property (IP) is Trademark.-Preesha Vaswani- Posted: 2021/11/10

    Article 15: Right to Equality: Article 15 prohibits the discrimination on the basis of faith, sex, caste, race and place of birth -Vishesh Sharma- Posted: 2021/11/9

    Cracker Ban: Reality or Hoax: Historically, Diwali is one of the most awaited festivals of the year. It brings in an eerie of joy -Richa Adwani- Posted: 2021/11/9

    Procedure Of Arrest, Search And Seizure Under The NDPS Act 1985 And Legal Rights Of A Person: The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985, or in short the NDPS Act -Khanduri- Posted: 2021/11/9

    Shareholders' Rights Under Companies Act, 2013: A shareholder is any person or company that has the ownership of a minimum -Jasdeep kaur- Posted: 2021/11/9

    Victim Protection Guidelines For Sexual Assault Survivors Not Implemented Effectively: Kerala High Court: Is any form of unwelcome sexual behaviour that's offensive, humiliating or intimidating -Shraddha malviya- Posted: 2021/11/9

    Critical Analysis Of Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines And Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules 2021: The Government of India formulated the new Information Technology Rules 2021 -Susan- Posted: 2021/11/9

    Unethical Publication Practices And Code Of Ethics To Be Followed By Publishers: An Overview: Research conducted has to be published or documented; otherwise, it is rendered undone or incomplete.-Abhinav Sharma- Posted: 2021/11/9

    Right to Bail in Money Laundering Cases: The Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 being the parent and sole definite law that engages -Singh- Posted: 2021/11/9

    Negotiations: When there is a dialogue in between two or more parties that addresses the issues of all the concerned parties -Jayesh Yadav- Posted: 2021/11/9

    Legal Reasoning: Legal reasoning is about various factors and has various components attached to it. -Jayesh Yadav- Posted: 2021/11/9

    Comparative Analysis Of Irretrievable Breakdown In India And UK : the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband and wife in a legal -Jayesh Yadav- Posted: 2021/11/9

    Analysis of the Land Acquisition (Amendment) Bill, 2015: The practice of land acquisition related regulations for public purpose dates back to the British Raj -Swastik Shukla- Posted: 2021/11/9

    Drugs Addiction: Drugs addiction is the worst social evil of modern civilization. -Kalpana Neti- Posted: 2021/11/8

    Agency Contracts Explained with Reference to Ratification and Doctrine of Relation Back: Section 182 of ICA defines Agency- A contractual relationship between an Agent and a Principal -Amritanshu Pushkar- Posted: 2021/11/8

    Implementation of the principle of natural justice in quasi-judicial authority: Justice is a natural virtue. Well-functioning humans are just, as are well-ordered human societies -Ankur Singh- Posted: 2021/11/8

    Marital Rape in India: An Undefined Crime: Despite the fact that India has celebrated its 75th year of independence, women -Jitendra singh Bhadouriya- Posted: 2021/11/8

    Role of Punishment: As a Tool for Revenge or Method of Reformation: If we see from the point of view of today's society, then the purpose of punishment is to improve the criminal -Rishabh Kumar- Posted: 2021/11/8

    Why Is It Necessary To Pay Women For Household Works?: In our culture, it is been taught to our daughters that learning house chores is much important -Shreyanshi Basediya- Posted: 2021/11/8

    Custodial Rape, How Much More Real Can It Get: Rape is a form of illegal activity or unlawful act, which is often in form of sexual intercourse without the consent of the victim -Anmol Kapoor- Posted: 2021/11/8

    The Reality And Existence Of Martial Rape In India: Sexual intercourse or any sexual act by a husband with his wife cannot be rape even if it was by force or against her wish -Saif Amaan Ahmed- Posted: 2021/11/8

    Overview Of Force Majeure In India In Times Of Covid-19: The Indian Contract Act, 1872 proclaims under section 37 -Vikram Jain- Posted: 2021/11/8

    Cancer Awareness: Screening and Early Detection: Cancer is a major burden of disease Worldwide. -Srishty Bhagat- Posted: 2021/11/7

    Property Rights Of Transgender Community In India: Transgender persons are people whose identities are different from the stereotypical gender norms -Saanvi Upadhyay- Posted: 2021/11/7

    Law Of Partnership: Nature And Definition: Partnership is a form of business organization in which two or more persons come together to carry out business.-Abhijeet Ujjwal- Posted: 2021/11/7

    Murder (Section 302) Under IPC: Whoever kills any person, shall be punished with death or with imprisonment for life, as well as with fine. -Abhijeet Ujjwal- Posted: 2021/11/7

    Ancient Judicial System: India has a unique legal history stretching back to the Neolithic era (7000 BC to 3300 BC) -Utsav Mandal- Posted: 2021/11/7

    Rape Culture is a Factual Statement: Rape culture is an environment in which rape is prevalent in which sexual violence against women -- Posted: 2021/11/7

    Analysing The Scope Of Revision Under Section 125 Of Crpc: Section 125 of the Code of Criminal Procedure is one of the most summoned and talked about arrangements -Jasdeep Kaur- Posted: 2021/11/7

    Marital Rape: Rape is defined as non-consensual intercourse with a woman in section 375 of the Indian Penal Code -Payal Bhagchandani- Posted: 2021/11/7

    Disciplinary Enquiry Before Dismissing A Work: The State Of Uttarakhand V. Sureshwati, the state of Uttarakhand challenged the judgment passed by the high court of Uttarakhand -Charishma.K.S- Posted: 2021/11/7

    Whether Sexual Intercourse Promise to Marry is Rape?: whether sexual intercourse with the women amounts to rape if the consent was obtained by a false promise of marriage -Vishal jarodia- Posted: 2021/11/6

    Role Of Judiciary In Protection Of Child Rights In India: Children are the priceless assets of mankind. They must be spruced from a young age.-Monisha Roy- Posted: 2021/11/6

    Violence Against Women: Now a days, crime rate is increasing rapidly not just murders or theft but violence against women -Yashovardhan Singh- Posted: 2021/11/5

    Contract of Bailment: The word Bailment has got its origin from a French word baillier which means - to deliver.-Saurabh Dhar Dubey- Posted: 2021/11/5

    Supreme Courts Directive For The Welfare Of Prisoners: The deplorable condition of Indian Prisons has often attracted the attention of the international community -Ayantika Bhattacharyya- Posted: 2021/11/5

    How Can We Make Lives Better For Senior Citizens: There was a time when Covid-19 was at its peak, several senior citizens became homeless -Rashi Choudhary- Posted: 2021/11/5

    Rights of Juvenile in Juvenile Justice system in India: Juveniles are the person who has not attained the age of majority that means who is below 18 -Anita Mishra - Posted: 2021/11/5

    Commentary On Cohabitation In India: To many India is synonymous to Bollywood. The industry with flashy dance numbers, of heroes -Sanjana Ratkal- Posted: 2021/11/4

    Case Analysis: Rajendra V Pai v/s Alex Fernandes: That in the instant case the appellant is an advocate by profession and is also a member of Bar Council of Maharashtra -Zainul Rizvi- Posted: 2021/11/4

    John Doe Order: A John Doe order is a type of pre-infringement injunction used to safeguard the creator's intellectual property rights -Divisha Srivastava- Posted: 2021/11/3

    Differences And Overlapping Of Contempt Of Court And Freedom Of Speech And Expression: Judiciary has been blessed with the attorney of delivering punishments in case of any contempt -Shrishti Singh- Posted: 2021/11/3

    Case Analysis Of Dilip Pandey v/s State of Chhattisgarh-2021: The marriage between the applicant and the complainant was solemnized back in 2017 where the applicant -Amritanshu Pushkar- Posted: 2021/11/2

    Comparison Of Trial Procedure Between Common And Civil Law Countries: Adversarial And Inquisitorial Systems: The Criminal Justice System is the process of arresting offenders, followed by stages of inquiry to find proof -Utsav Mandal- Posted: 2021/11/2

    Is Our Privacy At Risk?: The most controversial topic that we come across today is Right To Privacy Vs National Security. -Himanshi - Posted: 2021/11/2

    Marriage under Hindu Law: valid void and voidable: Unlike the Islamic law which considers marriage as a contract or agreement between the two parties under Hindu law marriage -Adeeba faheem- Posted: 2021/11/2

    Equal Remuneration Enforcement: The constitution of India was framed in the year 1946 by the constituent assembly.-Dhruv Kumar- Posted: 2021/11/2

    Basel Norms: The need for banking law conceives its roots within the subject towards the socio-monetary prices -Shambhavi Shailendra- Posted: 2021/11/2

    Inherent Powers Of Court Under Code Of Civil Procedure 1908: The inherent power of the court is that which is inherent in a court by the very fact of its being empowered -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/11/1

    Provisions Relating To First And Second Appeal Against Original Decrees Laid Down In The Code Of Civil Procedure, 1908: Normally, one cannot except the final decision in the case. It is natural that any error of law or procedure -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/11/1

    Powers Of Commissioner And Circumstances Commission Can Be Issued Under Civil Procedure Code 1908: It is well established rule of jurisprudence that all judicial proceedings must be conducted in the presence of parties -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/11/1

    Notice: Section 79 and 80 under Civil Procedure Code,1908: Section 79 to 82 and Order 27 of the Civil Procedure Code, 1908 lay down procedure where suits -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/11/1

    Code Of Civil Procedure 1908, For Deciding Relating To Execution, Discharge And Satisfaction Of The Decree And Attachment Of The Property During The Execution Of The Decree: The execution of decree is very important but a very difficult task, it is not so easy as it is considered. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/11/1

    Concept And General Principal Of Execution Section 38 To 46: Execution is the medium by which a decree-holder compels the judgment-debtor to carry out the mandate -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/11/1

    What is an injunction? what are the various kinds of it? When it can be granted?: Normally, the case lasts for a very long time and if the case is related with the property -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/11/1

    Pious Bloodshed: Religion is a categorized system of beliefs used to worship a god or goddess. Freedom of religion -Shubhankar Mishra- Posted: 2021/11/1

    MSME Debt Recovery Provisions: Micro, small and medium enterprises have always been one of the main growth engines of the Indian Economy. -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/11/1

    Dowry System In India:dowry means any property or valuable security given or agreed to be given either directly or indirectly- Khushi Seth - Posted: 2021/11/1

    The Indian Forest Act, 1927 - An Overview: Forests are considered as a pivotal natural resource of our nation as they help in supplying raw materials -Abhinav Sharma- Posted: 2021/11/1

    Equality Is A Myth: We all talk about equality but we don't talk about how to implement it in society -Udit Singh Solanki- Posted: 2021/11/1

    Introduction to Venture Capital: In finance world, other than Banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, etc. -Sakshi Singh- Posted: 2021/11/1

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