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    Is Retributive Justice Justified In A Democracy?: The whole country was rudely awakened to this shocking encounter in the wee hours of 6th December 2019. The four accused of the Disha case who was in the police custody -Apoorva Iyer- Posted: 2019/12/30

    Aadhar: Test of Federalism:A State as defined in International law as an Independent political entity occupying a defined territory, the members of which are united together for the purpose of resisting the external force and presentation of internal order.-Shubhambudhiraja- Posted: 2019/12/29

    Unheard Voices of India’s Collapsed Angels: Women Are Not The Meat That One Can Contentedly Eat When Incomplete Marriages are divine they say but very often they forget to say marriages are not as benign -Kanimozhi Thaninayagam- Posted: 2019/12/29

    Indestructible Union of Destructible States: Article 1 of the Constitution of India (the Constitution) describes India as a “Union of States. Although, the Constitution is federal in structure -Utkarsh Mishra- Posted: 2019/12/29

    Extradition To And From India: A Detailed Analysis On Its Provisions And Challenges:The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India defined extradition as “the delivery on the part of one State to another of those whom it is desired to deal with for crimes of which they have been accused or convicted and are justifiable in the Courts of the other State. -Utkarsh Mishra- Posted: 2019/12/29

    IAS aspirant’s family blames UP cops for Suleman's death in Anti-CAA stir:As you know that, The family of the IAS-aspirant named Suleman, 20, who was allegedly killed in police firing during the Anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protests December 20 -Trilok Singh- Posted: 2019/12/29

    Post Mortem Changes In Dead Bodies: After the death, some natural changes occurs in human body. To understand some common post mortem changes and the conditions that affect them to allow the forensic pathologist to estimate the post mortem interval. -Aakanksha Singh- Posted: 2019/12/29

    Delhi witnessed second coldest day since 1901: According to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), The National capital has witnessed the coldest day of the season on Dec 28 with temperature hovering around -Trilok Singh- Posted: 2019/12/28

    Suicide Law In India:It's not uncommon to see students stressed, anxious and under pressure in a society that believes in keeping students in check by pushing them beyond their limits towards higher achievements. -Prakriti Ramakrish- Posted: 2019/12/28

    The Doctrine Of Judicial Review And Its Scope In India Writ Legislation, Administrative And Constitutional Amendments: The Judicial Review[1] means overseeing by the judiciary of the exercise of power by other co-ordinate organs of the government with a view to ensuring that they remained confined to the limits drawn upon their powers by the constitution.-Pallavi Pal- Posted: 2019/12/26

    Tributes to Bharat Ratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji on his 95th Birth Anniversary, Atal Bhujal Scheme launched: Bharat Ratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji may be gone, but his ideals and thoughts are here that today's polity - both the ruling & the opposition - desperately need to follow in this time of animated disagreements and name calling.-Trilok Singh- Posted: 2019/12/25

    Criminal Law Amendment Act,2013 - Changes In Rape Laws: Section 370 of Indian Penal Code (IPC) has been substituted with new sections, 370 and 370A which deals with trafficking of person for exploitation.-Krishna Prasad- Posted: 2019/12/24

    6 Reasons of Why Attestation Is Essential For Legal Visitation in Angola: Angola is known for welcoming foreigners for various Educational, personal and commercial purposes. Angola Embassy Attestation is essential for the legal pursuance of various purposes.-Vishank Goel- Posted: 2019/12/24

    Economic Slowdown As An Effect of GST: Economic slowdown is a situation where GDP rates slow down but does not decline. The Indian economy recorded highest growth rates of the world at 8.2% in FY16-17 & 7.2% in FY17-18.-Aakriti Srivastava- Posted: 2019/12/23

    New Delhi International Arbitration Centre: Boon To Businesses: Institutional arbitration has achieved a significant place the world over. Due to various well reputed arbitral institutes and competitiveness inter se, these institutes tend to afford greater facilities -Akarsh Chaturvedi- Posted: 2019/12/23

    Divorce grounds for Hindu marriage:Section 13 in The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, 13 Divorce. -Vamsi Krishna- Posted: 2019/12/22

    The Unholy marriage between CAA and NRC:There are widespread protests against Citizenship Amendment Act and NRC after Parliament had passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019. -Chandra Sekhar Anjuru- Posted: 2019/12/22

    Salute To CAA: Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 amends Citizenship Act 1955 which laid down some methods for acquisition of Citizenship. Citizenship can be acquired by 5 methods -Ritika Kataria- Posted: 2019/12/21

    Illegal Trafficking and Poaching Laws in India: Earth is the only planet known to support various forms of life, which includes of animals, birds, plants & trees, fishes, reptiles, insects and most importantly human life. -Shreya Srivastav- Posted: 2019/12/21

    Contempt of Court:In general terms, contempt of court is the conduct that disrespects or insults the authority or dignity of a court. It can takes place either in the presence of court -Yogita geol- Posted: 2019/12/20

    Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code, 2016: A Critical Analysis:Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (IBC) under which its basic structure, its effect on legislations, impact on the Indian debt market, objective of IBC and key aspects with major challenges it faced are mention. -Yogita geol- Posted: 2019/12/20

    Attorney Client Privilege Under Section 126 Of Indian Evidence Act, 1872:The attorney client privilege is a crown jewel of the legal profession. -Utsav Srivastava- Posted: 2019/12/19

    The Ayodhya Verdict-Are Findings Recorded In Civil Case Binding on Pending Criminal Case:The dispute emanated from the fundamental belief and assertion that Lord Ram was born 9,00,000 years ago in the Treta Yuga, in a room located under what was the central dome of the Babri Masjid. -N Pradhan- Posted: 2019/12/18

    Rule of Law By Joseph Raz: Application In India:In India, the concept has been traced as far back as the Upanishads, where it states that law is the king of kings. It is more powerful and rigid than the kings, and there is nothing higher than the law. The weak shall triumph over the strong and justice shall prevail by its powers. -Abhishree Manikantan- Posted: 2019/12/18

    Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in India:With the dawn of globalisation, India has become a notable player in the global market making it paramount and befitting to appraise law relating to foreign judgment in India. -Mounika U- Posted: 2019/12/18

    International Law and Humanitarian Interventions:Whether international law recognizes a right and/or a duty for states to pursue humanitarian intervention by military force. -Navni Sisodia- Posted: 2019/12/18

    Dissolution Of Partnership Firm and It's Income Tax Liablilty:A firm in it's simplest term is where people come together as partners and work. However, at times things do not go as planned, and the partnership comes to an end along with the firm.-Sukriti Nigam- Posted: 2019/12/18

    How To File For Mutual Divorce In Delhi:Mutual Consent Divorce is the Simplest Way to Obtain a Divorce decree in India. Mutual Consent Divorce is Granted by The family Court when Both parties to marriage i.e. Husband and Wife Mutually agree to Divorce. -Adv.Tapan Choudhury- Posted: 2019/12/17

    Marital Rape-A Crime Committed By Our Own:Which is not a crime both in the eyes of the society and family of the victim as well as the culprit. The law does not treat marital rape as a crime a bit but has given it some place under IPC section 375 -Kartik Srivastava- Posted: 2019/12/16

    The Dissenting Opinion In The Sabarimala Judgment Using The Feminist Perspective:Analyzing the dissenting opinion in the Sabarimala judgment using the feminist perspective along with existing feminist theories.-Navni Sisodia- Posted: 2019/12/16

    Healthy Divorce: How to Make Your Split as Smooth as Possible:Matrimonial discords are common, but when things spill out of control, the situation becomes intolerable for everyone. -Payal Goyal- Posted: 2019/12/16

    Sardar Patel and States reorganization Man who United India:Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel (31 October 1875 - 15 December 1950), popularly known as a 'Iron Man of India' was born in an agriculturist family of Kaira district. -Trilok Singh- Posted: 2019/12/15

    Section 497 of IPC Adultery:Whoever has sexual intercourse with s person who is an whom he knows or has a reason to believe to be the wife of another man without the consent or convenience -Shubham Mandawat- Posted: 2019/12/13

    Brief of Judgements in light of Section 439 of CrPC:Section 439 of the Code of Criminal Procedure reads as Special powers of High Court or Court of Session regarding bail -Srishti Nigam- Posted: 2019/12/13

    Marital Rape:Though the definition of rape as per Section 375 does not include sexual activity committed by husband against his wife. -Arpit Lahoti- Posted: 2019/12/13

    Bank Guarantee:A bank guarantee is a tripartite agreement between the banker, the beneficiary and the person or the customer, whereby the bank gives an undertaking to pay the beneficiary a definite sum of money -Arpit Lahoti- Posted: 2019/12/13

    Adultery-Joseph Shine v/s Union of India:Whoever has sexual intercourse with a person who is an whom he knows or has a reason to believe to be the wife of another man without the consent or convenience that man such sexual intercourse -Bindiya- Posted: 2019/12/12

    Section 375 of IPC refers to Rape:Section 375 of IPC refers to RAPE which says that The penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim. -Bindiya- Posted: 2019/12/12

    Mukesh Hans v/s Smt.Uma - Case Comment:The case revolves around main issue of lifting of corporate veil ,i.e whether directors of the company M/S Dawson will be personally liable for the default of investments and we come across following concepts of separate legal entity and lifting of corporate veil.-Shivani Turlapati- Posted: 2019/12/12

    Ten important Supreme Court Judgements on Section 10 of The Code of Civil Procedure, 1908:No Court shall proceed with the trial of any suit in which the matter in issue is also directly and substantially in issue in a previously instituted suit between the same parties -Srishti Nigam- Posted: 2019/12/12

    This may be the reason why Desires for Lust and Rapes are increasing:There were days, where human being used to live in peaceful environment but now the days have changed drastically.-Saheb Shaikh- Posted: 2019/12/11

    Environment and Indian Constitution:Right to environment is not expressly provided in the constitution of India, but by a series of judicial decisions, judiciary has taken into account Art 21, Art 14, and Art 19 for protection of environment. -Dhruv Kumar Goel- Posted: 2019/12/10

    Income from House Property:The annual value of the property of which the assessee is the owner is chargeable to Income Tax. It is imperative to note that the purpose of holding such property -Dhruv Kumar Goel- Posted: 2019/12/10

    Residential Status:According to section-5, the incidence of tax depends upon, and is determined with reference to the residential status of an assessee in the previous year.-Dhruv Kumar Goel- Posted: 2019/12/10

    Beggary Laws in India: A Constitutional Analysis:Beggary can be considered as one amongst the most serious social issues in India and need urgent attention. -Shivansh Soni- Posted: 2019/12/10

    Law of Diplomatic and Consular Immunity: With reference to Jamal Khashoggi's murder:The murder of Jamal Khashoggi has become a part of worldwide news as the murder takes into account the international law on diplomatic and consular immunity. -Srishti Nigam- Posted: 2019/12/10

    Case Comment: Marshall Island v. India (Regarding Nuclear Disarmament):The Marshall Island officially known as the Republic of Marshall Islands (Republic of Marshall Island) is an island country near the equator of the Pacific Ocean which is blooming and evolving its diplomatic and cultural ties with India since April,1995. -Shivansh Soni- Posted: 2019/12/10

    Dispute settlement in partnership disputes: A Judicial Approach:The Indian Partnership Act, 1932 is an act to define and amend law relating to partnership. The definition of partnership is given under section 4[1] of the Indian Partnership Act, 1932. -Srishti Nigam- Posted: 2019/12/10

    Protection of Women against Domestic Violence and Maintenance:Domestic violence is regarded as a serious social evil and India is one of the countries with High incidences of domestic violence. -Shivansh Soni- Posted: 2019/12/10

    Financial Hardship among married spouses Issue and Prospects:Marriage is a union of two souls. The supreme gave this definition of marriage in the case of A. Jayachandra v. Aneel Kaur -Srishti Nigam- Posted: 2019/12/10

    Contract of Pledge: Features and Distinctiveness: The Indian Contract Act of 1872 is the act governing the formation and enforcement of contracts in India and its territories.-Omkar Upadhyay- Posted: 2019/12/9

    Why The Public Call to Kill Rapists Must Come to an End:On the 2nd of December, veteran actress and current Rajya Sabha MP, Jaya Bacchan declared angrily amidst a chorus of shouting politicians, These types of people need to be brought out in public and lynched. -Aditya pattanayak- Posted: 2019/12/9

    Why people are celebrating encounter of rapists?:Every time there is a rape incident widely covered by Media, there is public outrage, especially women demand that the accused persons be immediately hanged. -Chandra Sekhar Anjuru- Posted: 2019/12/7

    Electoral Bonds - the legalized form of corruption:This term was not known to the world, especially India until the 2017 union budget announced by the then union finance minister Mr. Arun Jaitley who probably for the first time proposed it and today electoral bonds has been popularized to a great extent.-Hemanth Kumar- Posted: 2019/12/7

    Triple Talaq and its relation with Islam:Triple Talaq is a form of divorce prevailing in some of the Islamic communities, wherein a husband can divorce his wife by reciting the word ‘TALAQ‘ 3 times in a row.-Jitendra Savansha- Posted: 2019/12/5

    Cyber Crime Is A Growing Problem In The Computer Age:Cyber crime is a type of criminal activity in which computer and internet is used either as tool or target, both. This is done through phishing, credit card frauds, bank robbery, illegal downloading, industrial espionage, child pornography, kidnapping, children via chart rooms/scams, cyber terrorism, creation and or distribution of viruses and soon. -Asmita chauhan- Posted: 2019/12/5

    The use and misuse of power of police to arrest- an in-depth study in the light of Supreme Court decisions and Law Commission Reports:Physical liberty is an essential fundamental right ensured by the Article 21 of the Constitution of India[1]. It is the most treasured right for any human being which is the reason why power to arrest is often misused by the police for extorting monies and valuable properties.-Randeep Dahiya- Posted: 2019/12/5

    An Analysis of Blasphemy Laws in India and Abroad:Blasphemy originated from a Greek word meaning to speak evil. It also has its roots in Judeo-Christianity culture where blasphemy is referred to as all the acts which involve verbal abuses or offences against sacred values and sentiments.-Randeep Dahiya- Posted: 2019/12/5

    Whether India a Union of States is an example of asymmetric federalism?:ocus of this paper is to examine whether India is a case of asymmetrical federalism. It enquires into the asymmetrical features of Indian federalism and assess its distribution among states. -Randeep Dahiya- Posted: 2019/12/5

    Why Killing Rapists Is not the Solution: These types of people need to be brought out in public and lynched. [1] She was referring to the ones accused of having committed the heinous rape of a 26 year old veterinarian in Telangana recently. -Aditya Pattanayak- Posted: 2019/12/5

    Delhi Pollution:Air pollution is becoming a major health problem that affects millions of people worldwide. In support of this observation, the World Health Organization estimates that every year -Juhi Chhatlani- Posted: 2019/12/4

    Who Is Reminding us that our Fundamental Rights are not available to us on certain Dates?:our Fundamental Rights are not available to us on a certain dates, particularly on that date when the Constitution was adopted and provided to us ? And who are responsible for turning our celebrations into terror? -Vaishali Rawal- Posted: 2019/12/4

    Cyber Safety and Security for Women:A presentation on Empowerment of Women, this presentation highlights on: Cyber Space and Social media Relevant Legal Provisions in Information Technology (IT) Act Awareness Creation -Adv.tchoudhury- Posted: 2019/12/4

    Doctrine of territorial nexus:Article 245) Extent of laws made by parliament and by the legislatures of states. Subject to the provisions of this constitution, Parliament may make laws for the whole -Vikash Singh Parihar- Posted: 2019/12/3

    All You Need To Know About the Divorce Process in India:The concept of divorce did not exist in pre-independent India the way it does today. This was because the concept of marriage was considered to be a very sacrosanct one and divorce was a concept that was alien to the mandate of their religion.-Payal Goyal- Posted: 2019/12/3

    Transfer of Property For The Benefit of Unborn Child:Where, on a transfer of property, an interest therein created for the benefit of an person not in the existence at the date of transfer, subject to a prior interest created by the same transfer -Vinay- Posted: 2019/12/3

    Child Labour:Child labour is a significant problem in South East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Latin American Countries. These regions are relatively backward as compared to the rest of the world and the problem of child labour.-Rahul Dev Singh Chundawat- Posted: 2019/12/1

    The Role of Judiciary In Promoting Good Governance: The Power of judicial review is necessary to be exercised by judicial system for Establishing ‘Rule of Law’. -Ayush Ranjan Jha- Posted: 2019/12/1

    What is FIR and Chargesheet?:F.I.R. means any information recorded by an on-duty officer given by an aggrieved person or any other person either in writing or made orally about the commission of a Cognizable Offence.-Umaymah Sodagar- Posted: 2019/11/30

    Whether appeal which is dismissed as barred by limitation is decree under section 2 (2) of Code of civil procedure, 1908:An Appeal fled along-with an Application for condoning the delay in filing that Appeal when dismissed on the refusal to condone the delay is nevertheless a decision in the Appeal, held Supreme Court in Shyam Sunder Sarma Vs. Pannalal Jaiswal -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2019/11/30

    Justice For Dr Priyanka Reddy, Demanding:Following the gut-wrenching incident in which a twenty-seven-year-old veterinarian Dr Potula Priyanka Reddy was savagely murdered and her body was set ablaze after allegedly raping her in the Shamshabad neighbourhood of Hyderabad on November 27 night. -Trilok Singh- Posted: 2019/11/30

    Green Marketing: The Way Ahead:The emergence of Green Marketing has struck India as in other parts of the developing and developed countries. It started as a new revolution in India in the late 1990s. -Kunal Bhardwaj- Posted: 2019/11/29

    Mutual Divorce Law for Different Religions in India:In India, just like the marriage laws, even the divorce laws are different for different religions. Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 covers Divorce laws -Harshit Khanna- Posted: 2019/11/29

    How to file an FIR:FIR as we all know is ‘First Information Report’. It is the initial step in a criminal case recorded by the police. It consists of the most basic information regarding the crime committed and is covered under Section 154 of Criminal Procedure Code, 1973. -Harshit Khanna- Posted: 2019/11/29

    Habeas Corpus: A writ of habeas corpus is in the nature of an order upon the person who has detained another to produce the latter before the court, in order to let the court know on what ground he has been confined and set him free if there is no legal justification for the imprisonment. -M.Sumi Arnica- Posted: 2019/11/29

    Cyber Crime A Critical Analysis of Judicial Decisions In India:The importance to understand the world of crime in the Cyber Space and Technology had been given a priority in India as the crime busted unexpectedly in the Cyber Space -Ankit Tandon- Posted: 2019/11/28

    Contempt of Court:The law of contempt is one of the legacies of British Raj that still holds a lot of importance. In E.M.S. Namboodripad v. T.N. Nambiar -Disha Mohanty- Posted: 2019/11/28

    Proposal under Indian contract act and difference between proposal and invitation to treat:Section 2 (a)—when one person signifies to another his willingness to do or to abstain from doing anything with a view to obtaining the assent of that other to such act or abstinence he is said to make a proposal.-Aman Sharma- Posted: 2019/11/28

    Sexual Harassment:Sexual harassment is any form of unwelcome sexual behaviour thats offensive, humiliating or intimidating. Most importantly, its against the law.-Swechchha Goenka- Posted: 2019/11/28

    Legal Admissibility of Narco Analysis And Polygraph Test In India:The term Narco-Analysis is derived from the Greek word marks (meaning Anaesthesia or Torpor ) and is used to describe a diagnostic and psychotherapeutic technique -Pragya Sharma- Posted: 2019/11/28

    Women Empowerment And Constitutional Provisions:People of India used to say this country as Bharat-Mata however never realized the true meaning of it. Bharat-Mata means a mother of every Indian whom we have to save and respect.-Anjali Chandel- Posted: 2019/11/28

    Online/cyber stalking: Critical Study:The use of technology to stalk, sometimes called cyber stalking, involves using the Internet, email, or other electronic communications to stalk someone. Stalking is against the law. -S.selvakumari- Posted: 2019/11/28

    The Major Impact of Rule 36(4) of CGST Rules, 2017 on SME Sector:Input tax credit to be availed by a registered person in respect of invoices or debit notes, the details of which have not been uploaded by the suppliers under sub-section (1) of section 37 -Rakshit Jain- Posted: 2019/11/27

    Adultery:adultery however varies from country to country and statute to statute. While at many places adultery is when a woman has voluntary sexual intercourse -Nameera khan and Pooja Choudhary- Posted: 2019/11/27

    Section 377 decriminalization unnatural offenses:Section 377 refers to Unnatural Offences and says whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animals -Poonam kanwar Chouhan- Posted: 2019/11/26

    Contempt of Court:This fundamentally establishes hatred of court. Oswald characterizes scorn to be comprised by any lead that will in general bring the power and organization of Law into lack of regard -Pranjal Rathore- Posted: 2019/11/26

    Forensic Science In Criminal Investigation:Crime in some from or has existed since the beginning of human race. With advancement in science and technology the concept of crime as well as the methods adopted -Neetha Hira- Posted: 2019/11/26

    Diplomatic Agent And Its Immunities And Privileges:This is the system in international world, this type of person is known as 'DIPLOMATIC REPRESENTATIVE' or 'DIPLOMATIC AGENT'. special importance is given to such person in international law -Mitali Soni- Posted: 2019/11/25

    Judges Are Not Above Law; Judicial Appointment Process Must Be Made Transparent; holds Supreme Court:The importance of transparency is paramount, and it is identified in the Lilongwe Principles and Guidelines as an overarching principle that should permeate every stage -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2019/11/25

    Interpretation of Insanity As A Defence By The High Court of Rajasthan In Past 38 Years:Rajasthan Court has interpreted insanity in the past 38 years (1980-2018) and on what grounds can the accused be entitled to the benefit of the said defence. -- Posted: 2019/11/25

    Overview of Competition Law And IPR:India and the world was going through a new phase of globalisation, liberalisation and privatisation and these changing times were bringing newer challenges and the existing MRTP Act -Shirish Shigwan- Posted: 2019/11/24

    Medical Negligence And Law In Global Perspectives:Ignorance of the law is no excuse. The rule is Applied everywhere. A doctor in particular should have the knowledge of law which belongs to the medical profession. -Dr.Surendra C. Sapale- Posted: 2019/11/24

    Corporate social responsibility(CSR):Corporate social responsibility (CSR) concerns both the public and the business community. The current global financial crisis has ignited public concerns with corporate social responsibility. -Vaishali Muke- Posted: 2019/11/24

    Legal Status of Women In India:The Constitution of India not only grants equality to women but also empowers the State to adopt measures of positive discrimination in favour of women for neutralizing the cumulative social economic, education and political disadvantages faced by them. -Yesh Patil- Posted: 2019/11/23

    Registration and Conditions under Muslim Law:Muslim law is an uncodified civil law. In Muslim law the marriage is a civil contract where there is no prescribed religious ceremony for the marriage.-Vrinda Mittal- Posted: 2019/11/23

    Institutional Response To Corruption And Victimization of Whistle blower:Constitution of India provides for a duty to the holder of public towards public. Nonetheless, the constitutional principles do not depict the reality.-Himanshu Mishra- Posted: 2019/11/23

    Capital Punishment In India: The Infinite Enigma:Capital punishment also known as death penalty, is the legal practice in India in which a person is put to death by state for serious crimes.-Shivam Sharma- Posted: 2019/11/23

    International History of Competition Law:Competition law is the body of legislation supposed to stop market distortion caused by anti-competitive practices on the part of businesses. -Vallarasu- Posted: 2019/11/23

    Climate change is a critical issue:Climate change is a critical issue. It will likely to impact every part of the planet and many aspects of our lives. Climate changes is one of the most challenging problem we face today-Vanshaj- Posted: 2019/11/22

    Judicial Activism in India: Basic Structure, Collegium, Due Process and Consequences:The doctrine of separation of powers propounded by Montesquieu and subsequently theorized by various scholars have given a lot of importance to the concept of an independent judiciary.-Sanjay E- Posted: 2019/11/22

    What Is Company:he word Company has no strictly technical or legal meaning . it may be described to imply an association of persons for some common object or objects -Sunita Meena- Posted: 2019/11/22

    Case Analysis - Independent Thought v/s Union of India:The petitioner is a society registered on 6th August, 2009 and has since been working in the area of child rights. The society provides technical and hand-holding support to non-governmental organizations -Pragya Sharma- Posted: 2019/11/21

    An Analysis of Generic/Descriptive Trademark Acquiring Distinctiveness:A trademark is created when a new meaning is added to the existing word or when a new word is invented in order to establish the source of a product -Kartik Rustagi- Posted: 2019/11/21

    Juvenile Delinquency: Juvenile is the period of life from birth till the person becomes major that means a person from birth to 18 years of age is a juvenile the basic meaning -Bharat- Posted: 2019/11/21

    Marital Rape - Criminal Justice System in India And Initiative Steps Towards Exigency:Marital rape has been widely debated in India. India unlike other developed nations has yet to criminalize marital rape.-Bharat- Posted: 2019/11/21

    Office Of Chief Justice Of India Is a Public Authority Under the Right To Information Act, 2005:The adage, sunlight is the best disinfectant is often used to delineate the need for disclosure of matters relating to public interest through the Right to Information mechanism. -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2019/11/21

    Anti-Competitive Agreements A Greater Awareness of Competition Law: Anti-Competitive Agreements A Greater Awareness of Competition Law Helps and Prevent Practices Which Harm The Economy, Businesses and Consumers Alike.-Debbrat Banik- Posted: 2019/11/20

    Withdrawal From Prosecution Under Section 321 CrPc:he above line contains within itself the principle on basis of which a Public prosecutor proceeds to apply for withdrawal from prosecution. This principle lies entrenched in the section 321 of Criminal Procedure Code of 1973. -Umang Arya- Posted: 2019/11/20

    Denotified Tribes And State Sponsored Prejudice: washing off the blot of criminalisation of tribal and nomadic communities, the Indian State has invariably continued with its policy of criminalising these communities, albeit in an indirect and more subtle manner. -Umang Arya- Posted: 2019/11/20

    Dimensions of Cyber Defamation: Critical Study:Cyber Defamation is one of the worst forms of cybercrime which engulfs all walks of life into its fold and endangers and causes damages upon the individual and institution’s name and fame, to a larger extent. -Adv.S.Selvakumari- Posted: 2019/11/20

    The Rise And Fall of Federalism In India:It is very obvious that we cannot feel the pressure and excitement of the constitution-makers during its making but there are certain special features which clearly show the intention behind its drafting. -Ishan Shahi- Posted: 2019/11/19

    Sabrimala Case Verdict:The five-judge bench of the Supreme Court on Thursday, with a 3:2 majority, referred Kerala's Sabarimala Temple Case to a larger bench of seven judges. -Vanshaj- Posted: 2019/11/19

    Challenging blue whale legally:At present, the internet has more negative impacts on children than positive. There has been an alarming death rate based on challenges that go trending on social media.-Sanskar Singhal- Posted: 2019/11/19

    Impact of Climate Change on Human Being:Climate change is one of the complex problems facing mankind today. The overriding complexity of the problem is attributed to its deeper global ramifications on a vast range of issues impacting the very survival of life on Earth. -Sanskar Singhal- Posted: 2019/11/19

    Triple Talaq bill, 2019:Recently with the verdict of the Supreme Court calling the practice of Triple Talaq as unconstitutional has paved a golden way towards religious reforms in the Muslim personal laws against the practices that were derogatory to a woman's dignity.-Sanskar Singhal- Posted: 2019/11/19

    Courts' take on translated marks: An analysis of Mr. A D Padamsingh Issac and M/s Aachi Masala v. Aachi Cargo Channels (P) Ltd.:The submission of the appellants was with respect to being the registered proprietor and therefore having the exclusive right to use the word Aachi and that the respondents cannot use the word -Karthika Nair- Posted: 2019/11/19

    Law of Contract- When is the contract of indemnity enforceable:According to section 124 of the Indian Contract Act, a contract of indemnity means, a contract by which one party promises to save the other from loss caused to him by the conduct of the promisor himself or by the conduct of any other person. -N Pradhan- Posted: 2019/11/18

    Analyzing The Nexus Between Huawei Crisis And Indian Telecom Sector:In modern world technology has become the most important part of human life, human cannot survive without technology.-Aditya Shekhar- Posted: 2019/11/17

    Love and let love - An analysis of Section 294A of IPC,1860:Starting from the days of traditional thoughts, India has never accepted the expression of love, in its entirety although our society believes that love knows no boundaries -Debmallya Sinha- Posted: 2019/11/16

    Further demand slowdown on the cards, Says NCAER:Economic think-tank, “National Council of Applied Economic Research” (NCAER) on Nov 16 stated that, India is likely to see a further slowdown in aggregate demand and GDP growth during 2019-20.-Trilok Singh- Posted: 2019/11/16

    National Press Day 2019: People need to know about the day:As per the, National Press Day 2019 has observed across India on November 16. The day is observed on this day every year. Historically,-Trilok Singh- Posted: 2019/11/16

    Privileges And Exemptions Available To Private Limited Companies:A private company is theoretically positioned between a public listed company and sole proprietorship. Being situated this way.-Sanjay E- Posted: 2019/11/15

    The Beginning of Colonial Legal System in India: Codification:The British East India Company acquired the Diwani of Bengal in 1765 and thus, began the process of assuming semi-state functions and codification along with it. -Sanjay E- Posted: 2019/11/15

    Consideration: Analysis of UK Jurisprudence:The doctrine of consideration, which has been explained by Justice Brown in the Carlill v. Carbolic Smoke Ball case, is a mandatory requirement in English Law before a contract can be enforceable -Sanjay E- Posted: 2019/11/15

    Surrogacy in India:With the advancements in science and technology the human race has achieved a lot of things which were unachievable or even unimaginable to our ancestors three centuries ago. -Sanjay E- Posted: 2019/11/15

    India to cross 200 GW renewable energy capacity mark by 2022, Says MNRE Minister:Ahead of the BRICS Energy Ministers meet in Brasilia, Brazil on Nov 12, Minister of State (IC) Power and New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) Minister Mr R K Singh exuded confidence that the country-Trilok Singh- Posted: 2019/11/14

    Right to equality and equal protection of laws - Article 14 to 18:Article 14 to 18 is defined equality of our country's citizens and race, caste, sex, religion, place of birth. Our Indian Constitution is liberal. And each and everything persons has equal right to speech.-Seema Teli- Posted: 2019/11/14

    Decoding the scope of Arbitration and analysis of Section 7 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act,1996:The law of Arbitration in India is governed by the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (the Act). The act has its origins based on the UNCITRAL Model Law, 1985 on International Commercial Arbitration and the UNCITRAL Conciliation Rules, 1980. -Vignesh Kumar- Posted: 2019/11/13

    Forensic Law: A Developmental Study:Law is a product of fiats of a particular country or community recognized by the regulating members of it, to control its citizens by measures of imposing penalties. -Khushi Sachin Shah- Posted: 2019/11/13

    Role of Plea Bargaining for ensuring access to justice- A Critical Analysis:Over a long period of time justice has been seen a balance between the right and the wrong. It has always been in perspective that no matter what there will always be an authority -- Posted: 2019/11/13

    A brief insight into Indian Bankruptcy and insolvency law:India's banking enterprise is experiencing exceptional pressure as the numbers of debtors are on a rise. The number of stressed resources among residents/citizens have increased tremendously in the last few years, 14.5% as per stats.-Ahlawat Associates- Posted: 2019/11/12

    Advocates Resorting To Strikes is Failure of Contractual and Professional Duty:The statement, A lawyer is and must ever be the High Priest at the Shrine of Justice, a Religious Metaphor, reflects the view of the Lawyers Special Role on the administration of justice as contemplated by the American Bar -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2019/11/12

    Right To Equality: The purpose of this research is to identify the meaning of Equality before law which is defined under Article 14 of the Indian Constitution.-Garima Patel- Posted: 2019/11/11

    Child Labour Is Child Abuse For Which You Have No Excuse:Childhood is the most memorable time of one’s life. It’s the period to relish and cherishing every moment.-Sumit Soni- Posted: 2019/11/11

    Dowry And Dowry Death:Marriage in India is steeped in traditions and deep-rooted cultural belief practices are passed down by word of month and in some case, with the changing times.-Monika Soni- Posted: 2019/11/11

    Extradition:Extradition is an act where one jurisdiction delivers a person accused or convicted of committing a crime in another jurisdiction -Avneet Singh Kalra- Posted: 2019/11/11

    Work Contracts Under GST Law: Is The 46th Constitutional Amendment In Consonance: It should be recorded here that the Seventh schedule of Constitution of India is a classic evident of federal character of Indian Constitution. -Shubham Budhiraja- Posted: 2019/11/10

    Trade Dress Protection Position In U.S And India An Analysis:Trade dress is overall commercial image of a product that identifies the product and its source and distinguishes it from other products.-Pragya Sharma- Posted: 2019/11/10

    The Elusive Ram Mandir: 212 Pillars, 128 Ft High, 5 Entrances:As per the Top Court has cleared decks for temple in Ayodhya, the Ram Janambhoomi Nyas along with the help from VHP will like to start its construction at the earliest.-Trilok Singh- Posted: 2019/11/10

    All of Hindu Marriage and Divorce: Concept of marriage started when problems regarding the paternity of a child was questioned. As mother of the child was known but father was unknown.-Dheeraj Tanwar- Posted: 2019/11/10

    Article 21 of the Constitution of India – Right to Life and Personal Liberty:No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law.-Alefiya Kurabarwala- Posted: 2019/11/9

    Uniform civilcode: A practical panorama or illusion of law makers:The Nation of Bhinnata Mei Ekta ‘Bharat’ has always accepted the truth of religion being sole code of conduct of human beings.-Pratistha Jain- Posted: 2019/11/8

    Judicial Contribution In Enhancing Environmental Jurisprudence In India: A brief understanding:It is the dream of every person to have healthy environment because environment is the most important factor to support not only human life but also life of many species.-Koneru Anuradha- Posted: 2019/11/8

    Air pollution affects children's brain development, Says Unicef Executive Director:Meanwhile, Unicef Executive Director Henrietta H. Fore has warned that air pollution toxicity can affect children's brain development and called for urgent action to deal with the crisis gripping India and South Asia. -Trilok Singh- Posted: 2019/11/7

    Ayodhya Verdict: RPF Issues Advisory; Security Heightened At 78 Major Stations:The railway police on Nov 7 issued a seven-page advisory to all its zones giving them a slew of instructions on security preparedness ahead of the Top Court verdict on the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid dispute case.-Trilok Singh- Posted: 2019/11/7

    The Air Prevention And Control of Pollution Act, 1981:The first measure to control pollution was the Water Act, 1974. After seven years of gap government further realized that there is air pollution as well and for that purpose.-Sushmita Kumari- Posted: 2019/11/7

    Bureau of Immigration in India:There are 82 Immigration Check Posts all over India, catering to international traffic. Out of these, 27 ICPs are functioning under the BoI, while the remaining is being managed by the concerned State Governments. -Tarun Choudhury- Posted: 2019/11/7

    Regulation For E-Loans:FinTech is the new applications, processes, products, or business models in the financial services industry, composed of one or more complementary financial services-Kulin Dave- Posted: 2019/11/7

    Section 377 Repealed:The constitution of India is highest authority in country , adopted by our country in 1950.The constitution lays down structure of country ,procedure ,the fundamental and duties of citizens along with the principles. -Nadeem Sindhi- Posted: 2019/11/6

    What License Required To Open A Hospital In India And Their Procedure:The set-up of hospitals in India re mainly of two types: i.e. Government hospital and Private Hospitals. Furthermore, they could be general, specialty or multi-specialty hospitals. -Aurosikha Priyadarshini- Posted: 2019/11/5

    How to Draft and Review a Privacy Policy: All You Need to Know:Your Privacy Policy describes how you collect, use and disclose information of your mobile app or website users and what choices your users have with respect to the information.-Aditi Katyan- Posted: 2019/11/5

    Dissolution of Marriage under Muslim law:The separation of relation of husband and wife is called dissolution of marriage. Talaq is the method of dissolution of marriage but now –a-days the word Talaq is more vogue in place of dissolution of marriage.-Sahil Uddin Shaikh- Posted: 2019/11/5

    Doctrines of Severability and Eclipse:he Fundamental rights provided to the citizens of India are prestigious and their eminence is above any of law.-Neeti Vaid- Posted: 2019/11/5

    Triple Talaq- A Transformative Constitutionalism:The rapid development of the society demands secured and impregnable laws to protect the voices that are curbed for bringing virtuous and upright transformation.-Meghna Buchasia- Posted: 2019/11/4

    Attempt to Commit Suicide:Attempt To Commit Suicide. the concept of attempt to commit suicide is define under section 309 of Indian penal code 1860. this provision given for the purpose that- NO One Can Harm To Themeselves.-Deepty suealk- Posted: 2019/11/4

    Constitutionality of reservation in matters of education and public employment:Originally the fundamental rights in the constitution of India to do not provide for reservation of any kind on the grounds of caste, or social and educational backwardness.-Mohammad Haris Mir- Posted: 2019/11/3

    Noise Pollution- A slow Poison:When sound becomes annoying, it's Noise. Pollution caused by such an annoying sound is termed as Noise Pollution.-Achyut Swaroop Mishra- Posted: 2019/11/3

    Analysing The Nexus Between Huawei Crisis And Indian Telecom Sector:In modern world technology has become the most important part of human life, human cannot survive without technology. -Aditya Shekhar- Posted: 2019/11/2

    Independent Directors - Leveraging Governance:Increasing stakeholder’s activism has stimulated the role of Independent Directors. It has been decided in the case of Central Government vs Sterling Holiday Resorts (India) Ltd. and Ors -Vignesh Kumar- Posted: 2019/11/2

    Why should the Special Allowance Judgement be applied prospectively:The apex court on 28th February 2019 delivered a revolutionary judgement that has changed the Employee Provident Fund deduction structure entirely.-Vivan Jhaveri- Posted: 2019/11/1

    Taxation overview with respect to non-residents:The tax structure in India is divided into direct and indirect taxes. While direct taxes are levied on taxable income earned by individuals and corporate entities -Kulin Dave- Posted: 2019/11/1

    ase Analysis of Wood v. Leadbitter, [1845] 13M & W 828:Wood had bought a ticket to view horse race that was held on property owned by Lord Eglintoun( Lord E.) . The ticket entitled Wood to enter Lord E.’s property -Tharun Chowdary- Posted: 2019/10/31

    An analysis of State of Madras v. N. Mudaliar:Whether Imposition of unequal tax rates among states ultra vires to the Art 301 of the Constitution. -Tharun Chowdary- Posted: 2019/10/31

    Can a Settlement be allowed once the Insolvency resolution mechanism is initiated-f Ultra Foods and feeds v/s Mona Pharmachem:Mona pharmachem supplied pharma products to Uttara foods and feeds pvt. Ltd. The Petitioner states that the amount is due in respect of medicines supplied -Tharun Chowdary- Posted: 2019/10/31

    What constitutes a Dispute under the IBC- Mobilox Innovations v/s Kirusa Software:The appellant (Mobilox innovations pvt. Ltd) was conducting tele-voting process for a program in Star TV which is named as NachBaliye. -Tharun Chowdary- Posted: 2019/10/31

    Whether Venue of the Arbitration is the Seat-An analysis:Venue of Arbitration, though not defined anywhere in the Arbitration and conciliation act of 1996, is the place chosen by the parties of the arbitration agreement to conduct the arbitration proceedings.-Tharun Chowdary- Posted: 2019/10/31

    Admissibility And Relevancy of Expert Evidence:Law related to expert evidence is mentioned particularly in S.45 to S.51 of Indian Evidence Act and restricted to the interpretation of these sections only. -Abhiraj Singh Shekhawat- Posted: 2019/10/30

    Status of Unpaid Dower Under Muslim Law: A Critical Analysis:Dower is an important subject matter under the Islamic Law. It is a unique concept of Islamic matrimonial Law[1] and different from other systems of law because no other law prescribes anything about dower.-Abhiraj Singh Shekhawat- Posted: 2019/10/30

    Rights of Animals under the Indian Legal System: Justifiable Amendable Curative Reformative:The posit of supremacy by man over nature has led to conflicts with nature. The burgeoning human population and its multifarious requisites are leading to an elevation in the conflicts between man and natural resources/lives.-Abhiraj Singh Shekhawat- Posted: 2019/10/30

    Andhra Pradesh versus Karnataka Krishna River Water Dispute:India is a Federal democracy consisting of various rivers that cross interstate boundaries. It is thus, essential to evolve a mechanism that is efficient-Abhiraj Singh Shekhawat- Posted: 2019/10/30

    Honey Let's Get You Married And Divorced And Get Back Together: Halala or Haram?:When I read or hear the words triple talaq, there conjures up in my mind an image of a world where instant-ification is the norm. -Safiyat Naseem- Posted: 2019/10/30

    Interpretation of Human Rights In India:When you deprive people of their right to live in dignity, to hope for a better future, to have control over their lives, when you deprive them of that choice, then you expect them to fight for these rights.-Ansh Arora- Posted: 2019/10/30

    Rights of A Deity:The Recognition of Deities as a Juristic person was introduced in India in the British Era. The Britishers conferred on deities the ownership of the wealth of the temple with the Shebait or manager only acting as trustee.-Umamageswari Maruthappan- Posted: 2019/10/30

    G.K. Krishnan and ors. v. State of Tamil Nadu and ors: Article 301 of the Constitution states that subject to the other provisions of Part-XIII, trade, commerce and intercourse throughout India shall be free.-Kunal Bhardwaj- Posted: 2019/10/29

    Case Analysis of- Kanhaiyalal Agrawal versus Union of India and ors:The British maxim, King can do no wrong gave absolute immunity to the Crown in England. However, in India, this immunity was not extended to the East India Company.-Kunal Bhardwaj- Posted: 2019/10/29

    No One Can Transfer A Better Title Than What He Himself Possesses: Judicial Interpretation:The general rule of law, as stated by Willes. J., is that no one can transfer a better title than what he himself possesses.-Kunal Bhardwaj- Posted: 2019/10/29

    Comprehensive Study of Judgments: Sections 37-45:The Indian Legislature frames statutes to cater to the needs and protection of the people at large to achieve goals such as for its security, subsistence, abundance and equality.-Kunal Bhardwaj- Posted: 2019/10/29

    Suhail Bhat v. State - A Case of Improved Judgment and Cogent Reasoning:With Article 370 being revoked and the surprising number of independents who swept the Block Development Elections in Jammu and Kashmir, the valley has been a hot topic of discourse throughout the nation in the past few days.-Shikhar Yadav- Posted: 2019/10/29

    Exploring Explosive Act:During a Diwali festival time, we keep hearing these word frequently explosives, fireworks -Vana Narayanan- Posted: 2019/10/28

    :India Urgently needs major copyright reforms, especially with regard to online piracy and protected content, such as movies, TV shows and music.-Adv.Tarun Choudhury- Posted: 2019/10/26

    The Transgender Community in India: Who are they?:Transgenders in India have waited to gain equal status in the society and have been targeted by the laws in our country for a long time, the persecution of transgenders -Sneha Sadekar- Posted: 2019/10/26

    Section 27: Doctrine of Confirmation Theory by Subsequent Facts:Sir James Stephen defined confession: As an admission made at the time by a person charged with the crime stating or suggesting the inference that he committed a crime.-Pranjal Mishra- Posted: 2019/10/25

    Causes for Litigation Pendency in India: The judiciary is the assay mark for the great nation. Indian judiciary system is considered to be the most powerful judiciary system in the world.-Sandeep- Posted: 2019/10/25

    National Emergency: Indian constitutions emergency provisions are taken from Germany's Weimar Constitution. Indian constitution part 18 explains Emergency provisions from Article 352- 360.-Saloni Dungarwal- Posted: 2019/10/24

    Concept Moratorium Section 14 Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code:The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (also known as IBC) has enumerated various concepts and has also prescribed the terms which have been used under the code.-Saheb Shaikh- Posted: 2019/10/23

    Dishonour of Cheque under Section 138: Reverting back to Civil Liability:Dishonour of Cheque under Section 138 Section 138 of the Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881 was introduced in Chapter XVII of the Act -Abhinav- Posted: 2019/10/23

    Indian Practice In Recognition:Recognition is a free will of a state to recognise the new state. Nowadays trade relation between the states are increasing day by day.-Sachin Trivedi- Posted: 2019/10/22

    Principles and Procedure of Conciliation:Part 3rd of the Act deals with conciliation. Conciliation means the settling of disputes without litigation. Conciliation is a process by which discussion between parties is kept going through the participation of a conciliator.-Divya Upreti- Posted: 2019/10/21

    Bhopal Gas Tragedy: A Disaster Which Shook India:On December 3rd 1984 when gas leaked, and through that leakage thousands of people killed and permanently disabled the survivors. The gas effected almost 3787 people who are killed through the leakage of gas.-Meghna Gupta- Posted: 2019/10/21

    Powers And Functions Of Central And State Boards For Prevention And Control Of Water Pollution:In this article we cover the constitution of central and state boards and also the powers and functions of both the boards under The Water (Prevention And Control Of Pollution) Act, 1974.-Divya Upreti- Posted: 2019/10/20

    Pollution of River Ganga, Case Study: Pollution of the Ganges (or Ganga), the largest river in India, poses significant threats to human health and the larger environment.-Navnit Kumari- Posted: 2019/10/20

    State emergency: Article 356 Indian Constitution:Article 355- It’s the duty of the centre to protect state from this three things-External aggression, Internal disturbance, Respecting constitutional provisions.-Ruchika Bhalotia- Posted: 2019/10/19

    Preamble and its features:When the Constitution of India was drafted by The Drafting Committee under the Chairmanship of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar it was needed in the views of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru -Saurabh Rohilla- Posted: 2019/10/19

    Role of Ambassadors and High Commissioner:The use of ambassadors today is widespread. States andnon-state actorsuse diplomatic representatives to deal with any problems that occur within the international system.-Ayushi Detha-Posted: 2019/10/18

    Election Commission:The Election Commission of India is an autonomous constitutional authority responsible for administrating Election processes in India.-Saloni Dungarwal- Posted: 2019/10/17

    Qayas Ahmad v/s State of Uttar Pradesh: His Child Or Her Child? Your Child:petitioners to apply for custody in a court with requisite jurisdiction and under the appropriate law, viz Guardians and Wards Act, 1890. GWA while deciding the guardianship inter alia considers the personal laws of the child, if they are not in contravention of the act -Prakhar Raghuvanshi- Posted: 2019/10/17

    A Profiling and Indian Legal System:DNA profiling is not a new term for Indian Criminal Investigation, but certainly a direction-less one. DNA tests are admissible in India courts and over the time it has developed to a good level of accuracy.-Silky Mittal- Posted: 2019/10/17

    India And Afghanistan Ties Are As Ancient As History:The relations between the people of Afghanistan and India traces to the Indus Valley Civilisation[1] Following Alexander the Great's brief occupation, the successor state of the Seleucid Empire controlled the region known today as Afghanistan.-Sayed Qudrat- Posted: 2019/10/16

    Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law Explanations to the Section 5(8) of the IBC:The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (hereinafter known as the IBC or Code) has been establishing a knowledge-based approach in the Indian legal system.-Saheb Shaikh- Posted: 2019/10/16

    Corporate Personality:Corporate personality is the fact stated by the law that a company is recognized as a legal entity distinct from its member.-Saloni Dungarwal- Posted: 2019/10/15

    Euthanasia: I choose to end the suffering:These were only lines to me till the day I saw my Grandmother suffering from her illness. She was bed ridden for a month She often asked me to end her suffering.-Kumud Dwivedi- Posted: 2019/10/15

    Reality Check of Communalism And Secularism:The concept of secularism in India is sui generis, though our religious belief is very much strong but unfortunately our religious sentiments is so weak because it hurts and breaks so much early in comparison of rest of the world. -Shubhanshu Das- Posted: 2019/10/15

    Initiation of corporate insolvency resolution process (CIRP) by financial creditor - Section 7 of IBC:Section 7 of the IBC stipulates about the initiation of Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process (CIRP) by financial creditor. Let us discuss the process and initiation steps.-Saheb Shaikh- Posted: 2019/10/15

    Exploring The Relationship of Sale of Goods With Constitution of India:The Constitution of every nation shares interdisciplinary relationships with each subject not only in a strict academic sense but also in a pragmatic sense. -Rajesh Ranjan- Posted: 2019/10/14

    Role of United Nations In Pursuit of Peace In Afghanistan:Role of UN in building peace in Afghanistan can be traced back to 1980s when an emergency session of UN Security Council, held between 10 and 14 January 1980 -Sayed Qudrat- Posted: 2019/10/14

    Continental Shelf under the U.N. Convention on the Law of Sea,1982 UNCLOS:A continental shelf is the edge of a continent that lies under the ocean which extends from the coastline of a continent to a drop-off point called as shelf break. -Shivangi Saxena- Posted: 2019/10/14

    Fair Trial In Adversarial System:A trial is a process by which a court decides on the innocence or guilt of an accused person. Fair trial is not a favour afforded to the supplicant at law but a bundle of legally -Sayed Qudrat- Posted: 2019/10/14

    Anticipation for increased NPAs and FEO:A strong banking sector is essential for a flourishing economy. In a submission to this, the author in this essay tries to discuss more the non-performing asset (NPA) which bad loan affecting our economy.-Manvendra Verma- Posted: 2019/10/13

    Triple Talaq:Talaq-e-sunnat means a divorce based on traditional form and it is of two types: Talaq-e- Ahsan -Saloni Dungarwal- Posted: 2019/10/13

    Office of Profit In India:In India, the office of profit disqualifying the holder was imported from Britain and made its appearance for the first time in the Act of 1909 which embodied the Morley- Minto Reforms proposals -Rajesh Ranjan- Posted: 2019/10/13

    Role of Jharkhand In Freedom Movement:Jharkhand played a significant role in the Indian freedom movement. It provided financial support to the struggling coal mines and industrial workers and contributed generously to the Congress funds.-Rajesh Ranjan- Posted: 2019/10/12

    Good Samaritan Law - Protecting the Bystanders from Liability:Rising cases of road accidents have significantly increased the number of deaths around the world. In the last ten years, 13 lakh people have been killed due to road crashes in India.-Harshita Palrecha- Posted: 2019/10/11

    Hostile Witness A Challenge to Criminal Justice:The sanctity of oath taken before the Goddess of Justice by a witness in a Temple of Justice is a laudable and appraisable ideal, but an unrealistic expectation which lost its purity and sanctity.-Sumayya H- Posted: 2019/10/11

    Whether Stranger To Consideration Can Sue?:In context of Indian law, as long as there is consideration for promise, it does not matter who furnishes the consideration. Which means in Indian law doctrine of Privity of Consideration does not applies.-Saurabh Rohilla- Posted: 2019/10/7

    India as a Secular State: India taught the world about the meaning of secularism which attracted the people all over the world. India is a secular nation with no state religion -Ayushi Detha- Posted: 2019/10/7

    Decriminalization of Adultery In India:Section 497 of Indian Penal Code provides the law relating to adultery. Adultery is an incursion on the right of the husband over his wife. -Lakshita Sootrakar- Posted: 2019/10/7

    Who is benefited by repeal of Law of Adultery?:The case which relates to the constitutionality of Section 497 was filed as Writ Petition (criminal) no. 194 of 2017 before Supreme Court by Joseph Shine and Ors. Earlier this Section came under challenge on several occasions.-Chandra Sekhar Anjuru- Posted: 2019/10/7

    Custom:Custom can simply be explained as those long established practices or unwritten rules which have acquired binding or obligatory character. -Sagargujjar- Posted: 2019/10/7

    Stikes:Strike and lock-out are two powerful weapons in the hands of the workers and the employers. Strike signifies the suspension or stoppage of work by the worker while in case of lock-out the employer-Sagargujjar- Posted: 2019/10/7

    Jenry Bentham:The physical sanction is purely natural because no interference by Being occurs and it comes from the course of nature. -Sagargujjar- Posted: 2019/10/7

    Company Meeting: Meaning, Characteristics and Kinds:The word meeting is not defined anywhere in the Companies Act. Ordinarily, a company may be defined as gathering, assembling or coming together of two or more persons (by previous notice or by mutual arrangement) for discussion and transaction of some lawful business. -Sagargujjar- Posted: 2019/10/7

    Arrest Before Judgment:One of the modes of executing a decree is arrest and detention of the judgment debtor in a civil prison. The decree holder has an option to choose a mode for executing his decree -Sagargujjar- Posted: 2019/10/7

    Maintenance of Divorced Women Under Muslim Personal Law:Under Muslim law, a husband is obliged to maintain his wife and family, and the term maintenance signifies the amount he is liable to pay for the same.-Mohammad Haris Mir- Posted: 2019/10/6

    Winding up of LLP:A limited liability partnership (LLP) is a partnership in which some or all partners (depending on the jurisdiction) have limited liabilities.-Anita Kush- Posted: 2019/10/5

    Right of Complainant To Produce Any Additional Witness At Pre-Charge Evidence Stage:Section 244 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (Hereinafter referred to as Cr.P.C., 1973) provides an answer to if it is obligatory for the Court to take into consideration all such evidence that may be produced by the complainant in support of his case?-Sahil Modi- Posted: 2019/10/5

    Shreya Singhal V. UoI Analysis:Writ petition is filed impugning section 66A and 69A of Information Technology Act (added by the Amendment Act of 2009).-Sanjay E- Posted: 2019/10/5

    Different Concepts of Wages:A wage is monetary compensation (or remuneration, personnel expenses, labor) paid by an employer to an employee in exchange for work done.-Anita Kush- Posted: 2019/10/5

    Kinds of Arbitration:Arbitration, a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), is a way to resolve disputes outside the courts. The dispute will be decided by one or more persons (the arbitrators , arbiters or arbitral tribunal), which renders the arbitration award. -Anita Kush- Posted: 2019/10/5

    Judicial History of Article 370: SC Rulings On Jammu and Kashmir Special Status:At the heart of everything is The Constitution (Application to Jammu and Kashmir) Order 2019 (C.O. 272), which constitutes the basis for everything that follows. -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2019/10/3

    Digital Economy: Opportunities and Challenges:The economy of a country means a combination of all the activities like production, consumption, import-export of goods and services that lead to the progress of not only the country -Meghna Buchasia- Posted: 2019/10/3

    Abortion Laws in India:Abortion till date has been one of the most controversial matters in the arena of biomedical ethics. It is a subject that has been heavily discussed around the world and holds extremely divergent opinions -Sneha Mohanty- Posted: 2019/10/1

    The Homecoming of A Prisoner Under The Repatriation of Prisoners Act, 2003:This Article is in light of the recent repatriation and human rights violation faced by Indian citizens imprisoned in foreign prisons.-Dhruv Nyayadhish- Posted: 2019/10/1

    Living WILL - A Partial Way:A living will is a document prescribing a person's wishes regarding the medical treatment the person would want if he/she was unable to share his/her wishes with the health care provider.-Ankush Saraf- Posted: 2019/9/30

    Article 370 and 35(a):Article 370 acknowledges the state of Jammu and Kashmir as the special status in terms of autonomy and its ability to formulate laws for the state’s permanent residents.-Saloni Dungarwal- Posted: 2019/9/30

    Gandhiji to return to life at UNESCO:Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi Ji is set to return to life in the form of a hologram at UNESCO, Paris to mark the International Day of Non Violence 2019. -Trilok Singh- Posted: 2019/9/29

    India acquired dominant position in space arena:The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has lauded India’s historic Chandrayaan-2 mission, adding that the Indian Space Research Organisation’s -Trilok Singh- Posted: 2019/9/29

    Towards $5 Trillion Economy by Jan Connect: 100 days of Modi 2.0 report card:Ahead of the 100 days of Modi 2.0 administration, The Union Government of India has taken various landmark and historic decisions at an unprecedented scale.-Trilok Singh- Posted: 2019/9/29

    12th India Security Summit Towards New National Cyber Security Strategy:According to a Data Security Council of India (DSCI) report in May, India saw the second-highest number of cyber-attacks in 2016-2018-Trilok Singh- Posted: 2019/9/29

    India GDP growth slumps to 5% Measures to Achieve Higher Growth:As per the, Central Statistics Office (CSO) has been released India’s economic growth datas for the April-June quarter ( Q ) of financial year 2020 -Trilok Singh- Posted: 2019/9/29

    Misuse and Violation of Section 138 Negotiable Instrument Act 1881:The Dishonour of Cheque, envisaged under Section 138 Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881 is the worst misuse in the present era.-Sahil Chaudhary- Posted: 2019/9/29

    TRIPS and compulsory licensing problems in developing countries India, Sri lanka, Myanmar and Bangladesh:Currently, international protection for intellectual property is provided within the framework of the TRIPS agreements, this agreement is signed in Uruguay Round of the World Trade Organisation in 1994 -Ishita gupta- Posted: 2019/9/29

    Section 5: condonation of delay under The Limitation Act, 1963: In India, the legislation which governs and regulates the period within which a suit is supposed to be instituted is known as the Limitation Act, 1963.-Ishita gupta- Posted: 2019/9/29

    Article 370 The Only Bridge Which Connects The People of J&K To The People of India:The most important feature of Federalism in the United States of America was the compact between the erstwhile 13 British Colonies that constituted themselves -Damini Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2019/9/28

    Public Interest – An Arrangement Perspective:National Spot Exchange Ltd (NSEL), then 99.99% subsidiary of Financial Technologies India Ltd (FTIL) had shut down its operation after payment default and was ordered not to enter into any fresh contracts by Forward Market.-Mandar- Posted: 2019/9/28

    Access of Justice by Marginalized People of India:Access to Justice-Law is the means and justice is the end and to achieve that end the law must have legal system accessible to all. Access to justice gives life and meaning to law.-Aditya Nath Sharma- Posted: 2019/9/28

    Issues Concerning the Mass Surveillance of Indian Public based on the proposed DNA Bill:In the 21st century, concerns regarding mass surveillance have become a hot topic for discussion in academia and especially in the sphere of law.-Sanjay E- Posted: 2019/9/27

    World Trade Organisation and Human Rights:The World Trade Organization is an organisation for the liberalisation of international trade, where trade agreements are negotiated and trade disputes are solved.-Pragya Gupta- Posted: 2019/9/27

    From Sullivan To Shreya Singhal The Evolving Free Speech:Chilling effect is stifling of legitimate speech through excessively broad laws.[4] In its pith and substance, it is the unwanted prohibition of one’s free speech for the fear of criminal sanction.-Prakhar Raghuvanshi- Posted: 2019/9/26

    GST Annual Returns:-The Hue and Cry:As per section 44 of the CGST act 2017, every registered person, except an Input Service Distributor, a person paying tax under section 51 or section 52, a casual taxable person.-Radhe krishna- Posted: 2019/9/26

    Closing of Limited Liability Partnership Firm:Business is an important rather very important aspect in today’s growing modern world. And LLP is such to make a person grow and understand the importance and uses of LLP -S. Vaishnavi- Posted: 2019/9/26

    Ganga The Forgotten Soul of India:Ganga is the most sacred river in the world. For Indians Ganga river water is pious as Amrit.-S. Vaishnavi- Posted: 2019/9/26

    Privacy and Surveillance:The idea of mass surveillance is favored by the majority of the governments worldwide because they claim that it would help them in ensuring better national security. On the contrary, there is a stiff opposition against this because it violates the privacy of individuals.-Sanjay E- Posted: 2019/9/26

    Judicial Review of Preventive Detention under J and K Public Safety Act, 1978: Eighty-three year old Dr. Farooq Abdullah, has been J&K’s Chief Minister in 1982-1984, 1987-1990 & 1996-2002. He was elected as a member of the Indian Parliament (Lok Sabha) as well as (Rajya Sabha) and also remained Union Cabinet Minister.-Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2019/9/24

    Abrogation of Article 370 of Constitution of India consistent with the Principles of Indian Federalism:The constitutionality of the Constitution (Application to Jammu and Kashmir) Order 2019 ("C.O. 272") and the Constitution (Application to Jammu and Kashmir) Order 2019 -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2019/9/24

    Blasphemy Law In India: Thou Shall Not Blaspheme:A widely accepted definition for blasphemy could be an irreverence towards God, religion, a sacred icon, or something else considered sacred-Prakhar Raghuvanshi- Posted: 2019/9/20

    Relation between Indemnity and Insurance whether insurance contracts are contracts of indemnity:According to section 124 of the Indian Contract Act, a contract of indemnity means, a contract by which one party promises to save the other from loss caused to him by the conduct of the promisor himself -N PRADHAN- Posted: 2019/9/20

    Amendment in Article 370 of Indian Constitution:Article 370 was inserted in the constitution of India in part XXI as temporary provisions with respect to the state of J&K.-Kirti Vardhan Shukla- Posted: 2019/9/20

    A Look At The Draft New Education Policy 2019:The first National Policy on Education was broadcast by the government of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1968.-Yagya Bharadwaj- Posted: 2019/9/20

    Juvenile Justice Act, 2015: A Major Backward Step In Juvenile Justice System:The beautiful lines from Bible show the element of innocence ingrained in every child. A child is source of innocence and hence is completely unaware of the actions it performs-- Posted: 2019/9/20

    Scares of Acid Attack in Criminal Law Justice System: A Case Comment:According to Thomson Reuters Foundation survey India is the fourth most dangerous place in the entire world for women live in. I think the offences like gang rape, domestic violence and acid attacks -Chetana J. Arikatti- Posted: 2019/9/20

    Social Security of Garment Workers in India: An empirical survey of Bengaluru Garment Industry:The textiles sector in India contributes about 14 per cent to industrial production, four per cent to gross domestic product (GDP)-Chetana J. Arikatti- Posted: 2019/9/20

    Should India Start Taxing The Religious Institutions:Despite possessing characteristics of being uncritical, irrational and heavily dogmatic, religions have played an undeniably crucial role in shaping the history of mankind.-Sanjay E- Posted: 2019/9/20

    Role of Governor:The head of the state is the governor and the executive power of the state is vested in him. He is appointed by the president of India -Ayushi Detha- Posted: 2019/9/19

    Unfair Trade Practices And Passing Off In Economic Torts:What Trade Practices are considered to be Unfair and Deceptive? As there exists a duty of good faith and fair dealing in the law of contracts, there also exists a duty of carrying on trade in good faith by fair and lawful means under economic torts by businesses -Priyanka Dhage- Posted: 2019/9/19

    Let the Seller be Aware: Product Liability under Consumer Protection Act, 2019:The famous traditional rule Caveat Emptor wherein buyer has to take the responsibility of the products and services that he’s been purchasing and availing -Avanti Moghe- Posted: 2019/9/19

    Privatized Form of Governance in Globalized Era: In 2000, China’s GDP at market prices was $1.21 trillion, and represented only about 3.6% of world GDP; by 2009 these values had reached $11.06 trillion and 17.52%, respectively.-Chetana J. Arikatti- Posted: 2019/9/19

    Liquidation Process And Asset Distribution Under IBC:The year 2016 witnessed the enactment of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016; a legislation which was much needed.-Ayushi Singh- Posted: 2019/9/16

    Right to Information - The Current Legal Status:A Democracy is popularly defined as a Government of the people, by the people and for the people. This was the definition given by Abraham Lincoln, former President of the United States of America-Sohum Dua- Posted: 2019/9/18

    Hate Speech in India:When for the first time the right to Freedom of speech and expression was tabled in the Constituent Assembly, from then to now, there have been demands for putting limitations on this freedom that led to the Constitution (First Amendment) Act, 1951 and the Constitution (Sixteenth Amendment) Act -Meghna Buchasia- Posted: 2019/9/16

    Right To Seek Solitude: The Forgotten Right of Tribal Communities:The modern men and women considers themselves to be civilized, they brand themselves to be the upholders of the human rights and liberties.-Arjun Philip George- Posted: 2019/9/16

    Domestic Violence: Overview of the Most Vulnerable Population:Domestic violence, also referred to as intimate partner violence, is a serious public health problem worldwide. This term refers to a pattern of aggressive and abusive behavior performed by one of the intimate partners -Kritik- Posted: 2019/9/16

    Campus Violence: as news nowadays are overfilled with the examples of violence in colleges and universities that range from mass shootings to incidents of rape, assault, burglary, etc., parents and education professionals are becoming more concerned about the atmosphere in which students -Saanwal- Posted: 2019/9/16

    Custodial Violence In The Aspects of Criminology:here are different types of violence taking place around us and one of them is custodial violence. Custodial violence is the violence which takes place in the judicial and police custody -Varghese- Posted: 2019/9/16

    Sexual Harrasment At Workplace:Sexual harassment is considered as an employment discrimination among the men and women that consists of verbal and physical abuse of sexual nature at the workplace -Ankit Kumar Mishra- Posted: 2019/9/16

    Cyber stalking in India:Cyber stalking is a type of a crime. In the cyber stalking there is a involvement of two persons- Firstly, the stalker is also known as attacker who do the crime and Secondly, the Victim who is harassed by that stalker.-Rohitlohia- Posted: 2019/9/16

    Sexual Harassment A Vicious Crime Done To Women:A sexual harassment is a various deep rooted for larger society and must not be campaign is absent in India villages -Ritik Mehta- Posted: 2019/9/15

    Differential Association Theory:In criminology, differential association is a theory developed by Edwin Sutherland (1883–1950) proposing that through interaction with others, individuals learn the values -Anand- Posted: 2019/9/15

    Is there really any accountability for the crime:In the time where people are giving their hundred percent to land on the moon and be past of history, same time people are killing each other out of hatred and in the name of god.-Akram Khan- Posted: 2019/9/15

    Traffic Laws Enhanced Penalties Under The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019 Will Work Only If Enforced Honestly:The remarkable growth in the vehicle population has resulted in traffic congestion, pollution, longer journey time and increased the number of fatalities and injuries in road accidents.-Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2019/9/15

    India Needs New Civil Procedure Code Or Not:Laws can be divided into two groups-(i) Substantive Law, and (ii) Procedural Law or Adjective Law. Whereas substantive law determines the rights and liabilities of parties, adjective or procedural law prescribed the practice, procedure and machinery for the enforcement of those rights and liabilities.-Aditya Nath Sharma- Posted: 2019/9/14

    Workplace violence a threat to professionalism:A workplace is a place where people should be ensured proper safety and proper aid. However, unsafe working environment have clear consequences for both the individuals and the organization.-Veerain Sharma- Posted: 2019/9/14

    Weaponization of Artificial Intelligence:rtificial intelligence in its most basic sense means an artificial or computerized system which acts like a human brain, at times even far more accurate and dangerous. -Trishit Kumar Satpati- Posted: 2019/9/14

    A Study on Parliamentary Power To Exempt An Office of Profit From Disqualification Retrospectively:Article 102 (1) (a) and Article 191 (1) (a) of the Indian constitution provides this restriction. -Arjun Philip George- Posted: 2019/9/13

    NRIs Can Alter Single Status to Married in Aadhar in India-How?:The Aadhaar Card is for every Indian. Like social security number system in the USA, this card bears a unique 12-digit number. -Lovely Sharma- Posted: 2019/9/13

    Defamation and Defenses:Defamation is considered to be a civil wrong or a tort. A person that has suffered a defamatory statement may sue the person that made the statement under defamation law.-Amit Singh- Posted: 2019/9/13

    The Companies (Amendment) Act, 2019: An overview:The Companies Act of 2013 (Principal Act) was passed after due consideration. However, in spite of the intense scrutiny of the Act by the standing committee before its enactment -Dhiraj Yadab- Posted: 2019/9/12

    Salient Features of The Industrial Disputes Act, 1947:During the 18th- 20th century, a new branch of jurisprudence known as industrial jurisprudence has developed across the world and subsequently in our country. -Twinkle- Posted: 2019/9/12

    Brief Analysis On Open Prison system in India:Before India got its independence Britishers were known to put Indians behind bars where they tortured Indian freedom fighters.-Bhumika Trehan- Posted: 2019/9/12

    Domestic violence:Domestic violence can be physical or psychological, and it can affect anyone of any age, gender, race, or sexual orientation. -Dev Inder Singh- Posted: 2019/9/12

    Concept of white-Collar Crime:almost all societies have certain norms, beliefs, customs and traditions which are implicitly accepted by its members as conducive to their well being and healthy development.-Vishal Sharma- Posted: 2019/9/11

    Reforms In Haryana Police System:The word Policeis derived from a Latin term Politia which means state or administration. The Police is primarily concerned with the maintenance of law and order -Anurag- Posted: 2019/9/11

    Scope of Criminal Psychology:In today’s world, crime became an essential element of the society without which we can’t even imagine of a crimefree society.-Mahima Sharma- Posted: 2019/9/10

    Importance of Cyber Law In India:The computer-generated world of internet is known as cyberspace and the laws prevailing this area are known as Cyber laws -Vinit Verma- Posted: 2019/9/10

    Res Judicata and Res Sub Judice:In the common law, several principles have been laid down which formed the foundation of the present legal system in India.-Sagar Gujjar- Posted: 2019/9/10 offences and their punishments have been given under Indian Penal Code, 1860 (hereinafter referred as IPC) and the procedure for the same has been given in the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 -Sagar Gujjar- Posted: 2019/9/10

    Steps to curb cyber crime related to Banking fraud in Gurugram:Cyber crime is a criminal activity done by using computer and the internet.-Ronik Jangra- Posted: 2019/9/10

    Honour killing in India:Honour killing is killing a person, maybe a male or a female who chooses her marital life according to his/her wish. Thinking about the honour of the family.-Ishant Bhardwaj- Posted: 2019/9/10

    Drug Abuse:The concepts related to drug abuse and its connection with the crimes, and this research paper also tells about the role of family members and peer group in drug abuse.-Manisha Yadav- Posted: 2019/9/10

    The Evolution of Labour Law in India:Discussion of Indian labour law and industrial relations is commonly divided into separate time periods, reflective vital stages within the evolution of the Indian state moreover as stages of economic development and policy.-Prashant chaturvadi- Posted: 2019/9/10

    Benefits Of Marriage Consulting With Family Lawyers: We all know it not easy for a person to completely change his life after marriage. It takes both time and patience.-Mohammed far- Posted: 2019/9/10

    Industrial Dispute Settlement Machinery Labour And Industrial Law:Some of the major industrial dispute settlement machinery are as described:- Conciliation, Court of Inquiry, Voluntary Arbitration and Adjudication -Kushal- Posted: 2019/9/9

    Impacts of Cesare de Beccaria on Criminology: Classical Theory:Criminology is the known as the study of the human behavior and the crime in which it studies the reason that why a person commits crime.-Medha Tiwari- Posted: 2019/9/9

    Patent Protection For Future Technologies:A Patent is a grant of monopoly power by the state to an inventor who is given the exclusive right to commercially exploit his or her invention for given period of time.-R S Devkumar Unnithan Advocate- Posted: 2019/9/9

    Schools of Criminology:To understand criminology, a person must first know what crime is. A violation of criminal law, for example breaking the code of conduct set forth by a state, is how Thorsten Sellin defines crime.-Pragya Pathak- Posted: 2019/9/9

    Alcoholism and Drugs A criminal aspect in Criminology:Alcoholism and drugs (A criminal aspect in criminology) Introduction Alcoholism and drugs are the two major aspect which not only harm the society but it also harm -Radhika Singh- Posted: 2019/9/9

    Diverse Laws: Making India One Nation:The Constitution is a living organism. It has no limitations, it keeps on evolving with the time. Lawmakers have interpreted it in various ways and when any bill, bye laws are passed -Sanya Singh- Posted: 2019/9/8

    Anti-competitive Agreements and the Competition Act, 2002:Competition Act, 2002, was enacted by Parliament of India to establish a commission, to protect the interest of the consumers and guarantee freedom of trade in markets in India-Ayushi Chhirolya- Posted: 2019/9/8

    Right To Seek Solitude: The Forgotten Right of Tribal Communities:Although abductions by non-family members receive more public attention, a significant number of child abductions are committed by family members or non-custodial parents commonly called parental kidnapping. -Neerajlohia- Posted: 2019/9/8

    An overview on Workmen compensation Act 1923:The Workmen Compensation Act, 1923 is an enactment that was issued by the tral Government and was implemented by various State Governments.-- Posted: 2019/9/8

    An overview on directive principle under Labour and Industrial Law:The Directive Principles of State Policy of India (DPSP) are the guidelines or principles given to the federal institutes governing the state of India.-Navnit kumari- Posted: 2019/9/8

    Principles of Business Efficacy and Contra Proferentem and their application in interpretation of commercial contracts:In the modern world, with every passing year, the volume of commercial transactions keeps increasing. The advent of technology and the ever-increasing means of communication -Mudassir Husain- Posted: 2019/9/7

    Criminalization of politics in India: In today's world the rate of crime is increasing day by day. No matter in which form crime takes place but it affects whole of the society.-Akash Kumar- Posted: 2019/9/7

    Importance of Criminology:Law was there when people used to live in tiny family groups taking everything that they needed. It was the Sacred Law.-Jatin Aggarwal- Posted: 2019/9/7

    Child Pornography: A Comparative Analysis:The word pornography comes from the Greek pornographic literally meaning writing about prostitutes. One of the commonly accepted definitions of pornography -Shivika Bakshi- Posted: 2019/9/7

    Evidentiary Value of A Dying Declaration:One of the cardinal principles of law of evidence suggests that facts must always be proved by direct evidence. Section 60 of the Evidence Act-Shanay Shroff- Posted: 2019/9/7

    Psychological Theories of Crime:The main motive of this research is that what are the reasons behind the crime done by an offender or group of offenders, what are the psychological factors behind the act what is the intention behind the act -Meghna Gupta- Posted: 2019/9/7

    An Overview of Social Processes Theory Under Criminology:Social processes theory shows criminality as a function of peoples interaction with various organizations, Institutions, and process in society -Navnit Kumari- Posted: 2019/9/7

    Human Trafficking in India:Trafficking means a trade which is illegal. Human trafficking is carrying out a trade on humans.-Divya Upreti- Posted: 2019/9/7

    Labour courts: The industrial disputes Act 1947:Labour is a subject in the Concurrent Listunder the Constitution of India where both the Central and State Governments are competent to enact legislation.-Nikita Sharma- Posted: 2019/9/7

    Doctrine of Constructive Notice:The Doctrine of Constructive Notice is the principle of presumption of the knowledge of that particular subject or information in the eyes of law. -Meghna gupta- Posted: 2019/9/7

    An Overview of Criminology In Relation With Domestic Violence:Violence against Women is a major threat in India. Unfortunately, despite remarkable achievements in the field of women’s development and bearing a noble history of women’s movement, incidences of violence against women are still burning issues.-Saksham Aggarwal- Posted: 2019/9/6

    Urbanization and Environment in Developing Countries:Cities have expanded and multiplied rapidly in Developing countries worldwide due to urbanization. Urbanization can be a boon as well as a bane to the Environment.-R.Niveditha- Posted: 2019/9/6

    Mercy Petition vs Death Penalty:Mercy petition has been one of the most debated and stressed topics in the arena of law and justice at domestic and international levels.-Satendra Pratap Singh- Posted: 2019/9/6

    Cyber Crime:Cyber crime is any criminal activity that involves a computer, networked device or a network.-Hardik Soni- Posted: 2019/9/5

    Pre-Nuptial Agreements In India:The High Court of Bombay at Goa, in the matter Sunita Devendra Deshprabhu v. Sita Devendra Deshprabu took the Pre-nuptial agreement into consideration for deciding the issue of separation of assets among the parties.-Siddharth Manocha- Posted: 2019/9/5

    A Watch of Criminology on Open Jails System In India:Criminology is the study of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice system. While Criminal Justice and Criminology are certainly related fields but they are not identical. -S.Vaishnavi- Posted: 2019/9/5

    Settling the Issue of Domestic Double Taxation - State of Bombay v. United Motors (India) Ltd.:an appeal from the judgment and order of the High Court of Bombay, declaring the Bombay Sales Tax Act, 1952 as ultra vires the Constitution of India and consequently issuing a writ of mandamus against the State of Bombay and the Collector of Sales Tax, Bombay, directing them to desist from following the provisions of the impugned Act. -Sohum Dua- Posted: 2019/9/4

    Judicial Adventurism is real manifestation of Judicial Abdication:Habeas Corpus is Latin for. you (should) have, the body (person). A Writ of Habeas Corpus [which literally means to produce the body is a Court Order demanding that a Public Official (such as a Warden) deliver an imprisoned individual to the Court and show a valid reason for that persons detention.-Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2019/9/4

    The Doctrine of Repugnancy In The Indian Constitution:A study of the Indian Constitution is absolutely essential for any person attempting to study and understand the law of the country. -Arshi Alam- Posted: 2019/9/3

    a class="pagelink" href="/legal/article-963-terrorism-as-a-crime-in-different-countries.html">Terrorism as a crime in different countries:Terrorism is, in the broadest sense, the use of intentional violence, generally against civilians, for political purposes. It is used in this regard primarily to refer to violence during peacetime or in context of war against non-combatants (mostly civilians and neutral military personnel-Aman Raj- Posted: 2019/9/3

    Kulbhushan Jadhav Case (India vs. Pakistan):Kulbhushan Jadhav, 49, who is waiting for capital punishment in Pakistan on charges of spying for India's intelligence agency, the Research and Analysis Wing, is a retired Indian Navy official -Priya Pandey- Posted: 2019/9/2

    Domestic Violence:Domestic violence can be defined as a pattern of behavior in any relationship that is used to gain or maintain power and control over an intimate partner.-Akanksha- Posted: 2019/9/2

    Whether the Exception II of Sec. 375 of IPC, 1860 Constitutionally Valid or not:Sec.375 of Indian Penal Code, define the term Rape, which provides that, to constitute the offence of rape the essentials are required.-Manvendra Verma- Posted: 2019/9/1

    Industrial and National Tribunal:Industrial Law relates to the laws governing industrial enterprises. These can include a wide range of legal topics, from employment laws to environmental concerns, contracts, industrial relations, and worker safety regulations.-Rupali Yadav- Posted: 2019/9/1

    Redundancy of Interstate Migrant Workmen Act, 1979:Migration of human beings in the search of better opportunities is an ongoing cosmopolitan process which started almost 1.75 million years back by Homo erectus in Africa.-Sanjay E- Posted: 2019/8/31

    Alternative Dispute Resolution in India: The Strategy of Alternative Dispute Resolution in India is a push to structure a serviceable and reasonable alternative to our customary legal framework. Need of ADR in India. The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 -Anand- Posted: 2019/8/31

    Lok Adalats And Parmanent Lok Adalat:The word Lok Adalat means ‘Peoples Court’ and it has statutory status under the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987.-Anita Kush- Posted: 2019/8/30

    A Study On Crime Against Animals And Laws That Prevalent To Combat This Issue: how human being is affecting the animal’s life through his cruel action towards them. The animals do have the special rights given by the Central Government that too provide many laws.-Vani Adhana- Posted: 2019/8/30

    Battered Women Syndrome:Domestic violence is a common problem that may affect more than a quarter of women.-Deepika- Posted: 2019/8/30

    Recusal of Judges in India: Need for More Regulations:Judiciary is the ultimate authority in ensuring justice in most of the liberal democracies and Indian judiciary is one of the most powerful and proactive ones in the world.-Sanjay E- Posted: 2019/8/30

    Pricing Decision and understanding the role of Predatory Pricing:By the term pricing decision, we mean the choices of business entities taken into consideration by them while setting the prices for their products and services. -Pushp Kumar Sahu- Posted: 2019/8/29

    The Doctrine of First Sale in Indian Copyright Law: Doctrine of First Sale. This doctrine tries to balance the claims of owners of IPR and the general welfare of the society in the long run.-Disha Jain- Posted: 2019/8/29

    The Emergence of New Jammu And Kashmir:India’s independence on August 15, 1947 was a great event, India got freedom from British Imperialism and became a Sovereign Democratic Republic. -Ayushi Chhirolya- Posted: 2019/8/29

    Supervisory Power of The High Courts Under Article 227 of The Constitution of India:The purpose of the present write up is to draw a distinction between the Scope of the Supervisory Power of the High Courts under Article 227 of the Constitution and its Writ Jurisdiction under Article 226 -Ajay Kohli- Posted: 2019/8/28

    Industrial Disputes Act, 1947:The main purpose of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 is to ensure fair terms between employers and employees, workmen and workmen as well as workmen and employers -Akshay Batheja- Posted: 2019/8/28

    Authorities And Dispute Settlement Mechanism Under Industrial Disputes Act,1947:Though the concept of labour was prevalent in India since 2250 B.C. from the code of Hamurabi, its importance is realized only after the industrial revolution and the rise of communism.-Pushpender- Posted: 2019/8/28

    Insurable Interest on Life-Insurance and Non life-Insurance:Insurable interest means an interest which is protected by a contract of insurance. This interest is considered as a form of property in the contemplation of law.-Priyanshi shah- Posted: 2019/8/28

    There is slow down in economy even if they don't address it:In the time where the economy of the country is slowing down and unemployment rates are breaking 45 year old records.-Akram Khan- Posted: 2019/8/27

    Mob Lynching: Blemishing The Democracy:Lynching refers to the conscious killing of a person by government authorities or individuals without any legal sanction.-Yagya Bharadwaj- Posted: 2019/8/27

    Human Rights And Environment:Melting ice, rising sea levels, and changing weather patterns attributable to climate change increasingly affect daily life for millions, and perhaps billions, of people.-Dinesh- Posted: 2019/8/27

    The Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 Authorities And Their Functions:The Industrial disputes Act 1947, was enacted in the post-independence era with a view to regulate the relationships of the employer and employee and to maintain peace and harmonious relations between the two.-Sagar Gujjar- Posted: 2019/8/26

    Characteristic features of One Person Company Comparison of OPC and sole proprietorship: The concept of One Person Company (here-in-after referred as OPC) is a new dimension that is introduced by the Companies Act, 2013.-Anagha S S- Posted: 2019/8/26

    Professional Ethics And Accountancy For Lawyers:Professional Ethics consist of an ethical code of conduct of persons in the field of legal sector and persons who practice the law.-Aarshi R Kapoor- Posted: 2019/8/26

    BJP stalwart leader and Former FM Arun Jaitley made India world's fastest growing economy:The former finance minister (FM) and a stalwart senior leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), passed away on August 24. BJP veteran leader Arun Jaitley Ji -Trilok Singh- Posted: 2019/8/24

    Reforms In Delhi Police System:The word Police is derived form a latin term Politia which means state or administration. This is very essential to maintain peace and keeping law and order maintain in the society which led to the establishment -Anita Kush- Posted: 2019/8/24

    Demystifying Arbitral Awards:Alternative dispute settlement mechanisms often require assistance of the legal system in order to be effective. Arbitration is also one of them. -Pooja Vohra- Posted: 2019/8/24

    An Arbitration Agreement-Simplified:Arbitration is an adjudicatory dispute resolution process by a neutral third party, governed by the provisions of The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (The Act). -Pooja Vohra- Posted: 2019/8/224

    Towards Safe Workplaces:Richa is a bright team leader in a multinational company. She turned down a proposal made by a Manager. While she kept quiet about this experienc -Priyanka Ghorawat- Posted: 2019/8/23

    Procedure for Compensation to Road Accident Victims:The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019 is the remedy available before all the victims and their families via which they can place the offender behind bars and seek justice.-Niharika Bodla- Posted: 2019/8/22

    Dying declaration or Statements Relating to Cause of Death:Dying declaration or statements relating to the cause of death section 32(1) of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 -Aryaman Tyagi- Posted: 2019/8/22

    Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSPs): Unlike Fundamental Rights, the Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP) are non-justiciable which means they are not enforceable by the courts for their violation.-Lovely Tokas- Posted: 2019/8/22

    Difference between Letter of Intent and Memorandum of Understanding:Difference between MOU and Letter of Intent -Lovely Tokas- Posted: 2019/8/22

    Pornography As Cyber Crime:Cyber crime is a very wide term which involves offences related to computers or the computer networks for the purpose of communication and to transfer the information to another person in a very short span of time.-Aarshi R Kapoor- Posted: 2019/8/22

    Well-functioning Multilateral Trading System Is An Effective Dispute Resolution Mechanism:This statement was given by Peter Van den Bossche, who was the departing Appellate Body member of World Trade Origination. -Shanu lamba- Posted: 2019/8/21

    Professional Ethics For Lawyer:All-India Bar Committee and taking into account the Law Commission's recommendations relating to the legal profession.-Shanu lamba- Posted: 2019/8/

    Cyber Stalking And Harassment on Women:term stalking is defined under IPC,1860. Section 354 D provides the defines of the term “stalking” as any man who follows a woman and contact or tries to contact for interaction continuously with disregard of such woman or monitors the women with the use of the internet -Shanu lamba- Posted: 2019/8/21

    Management of Non-performing Asset (Npa) The Concept of Recovery With A Human Touch: The greatest crisis that the banks and financial institutions face now is the recovery of debts and the unabated increase in Nonperforming Assets which affect the performance of the banks and financial institutions and the economy of the nation.-Radhakrishnan Ramachandran- Posted: 2019/8/21

    Is Solar Energy Really Green: A Legal Perspective on E-Waste Management:Solar photo-voltaic rooftop has emerged as a potential green technology to address climate change issues by reducing reliance on conventional fossil fuel based energy.-Sohum Dua- Posted: 2019/8/21

    Case study - The Rajah of vizianagaram v/s Official Receiver and Official liquidator of vizianagaram Mining Co. Ltd:The Rajah of Vizianagaram v/s Official Receiver, Vizianagaram - The company was integrated in England. The company took lease of certain land from the appellant.-Priyanshi shah- Posted: 2019/8/26

    Whether Abrogation of Article 370 And Bifurcation of State of J and K Is Legitimate Or Not?:The President has, on the recommendation of Parliament, issued 'The Jammu And Kashmir Reorganization Act -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2019/8/19

    Types of Jurisdiction of Civil Courts under CPC and Neglected Principle of Equitable Jurisdiction: The term Jurisdiction refers to the power of a court to hear and adjudicate matters and pass consequent orders and judgments.-Sohum Dua- Posted: 2019/8/16

    Gender Justice and Feminism: The word feminism comes from Latin root Femina which means woman, ism is a suffix that has Greek origin which turns a noun into a verb that speaks of a process, belief, practice or view. So, combined feminism basically means a set of ideas or ideology related to women.-Pranshu Agarwal- Posted: 2019/8/15

    ICJ directs Pakistan to review Kulbhushan Jadhavs death sentence: International Court of Justice reiterate the stay on the death sentence for Jadhav, it even granted India's request as well as the entreaty for consular access to the former Indian Naval officer.-Shreya Saxena- Posted: 2019/8/15

    Plea of safety and security of Doctors in govt hospitals: SC agrees: This petition concerning the safety as well as the security of the Doctors in the Government hospitals was filed by Advocate Alakh Alok Srivastava in regard of the incident.-Shreya Saxena- Posted: 2019/8/15

    Articles 370 and 35A of the Constitution of India have now been Buried Ultimately:The President has, on the recommendation of Parliament, issued 'The Jammu And Kashmir Reorganization Act, 2019' [Act No. 34 of 2019] a Declaration under Article 370 (3) of the Constitution of India in exercise of his powers under Article 370 (3) read with Article 370 (1) of the Constitution to declare that all clauses of Article 370 would cease to be operative from August 06, 2019 -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2019/8/14

    Gender Neutral laws: Feminism in Practice:We tried to look through this paper on the emerging concept of gender neutrality which is a debatable issue across the globe.-Rajesh Ranjan- Posted: 2019/8/12

    Talaq-E-Biddat:Triple Talaq, also known as talaq-e-biddat which means instant divorce. It is a form of Islamic divorce used by Muslims in India to end the ties of marriage.-Priya Pandey- Posted: 2019/8/12

    CCI's Ruling in OYO case: Defining Relevant Market Proving to be a Sticky Pitch for the Commission:The Competition Commission of India in its order dated July 31, 2019 held that Oravel Stays Pvt. Ltd., i.e. OYO rooms, is not acting in violation of the Competition Act 2002.-Sumit Jain- Posted: 2019/8/11

    A step towards Conserving Water-Related Eco-System: Lesson from Ancient India: The Union as well as the State government has started looking at means to revive the traditional systems of water conservation- harvesting in the country.-Trilok Singh- Posted: 2019/8/10

    Doctrine of Res Gestae-things said and done in the course of a transaction:Under chapter II of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 (of the relevancy of facts –section 5 to 55) Section 5 provides that in any suit or proceeding evidence may be given of every fact in issue and relevant fact. And section 6 to 55 declare as to which facts are relevant facts.-Shivangi Saxena- Posted: 2019/8/10

    The Intellectual Property Rights And The Human Right To Health:The patent is a reward or an inducement that the State grants the inventor for his contribution to the solution of a problem in technology or industry.-Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2019/8/10

    Retracted Confession under the Indian Evidence Act, 1872:The Concept of Retracted Confession has been derived by the definition of Mr. Justice Stephen in his digest of Law of Evidence and obtains no definite meaning. Confession has been mentioned in the Indian Evidence Act for the very first time under Section 24 of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872. -Akanksha Pandey- Posted: 2019/8/10

    Does Scrapping of Art 370 Poses A Threat to Asymmetrical Federalism In India: The Central government has scrapped the Article 370 of the Indian constitution which was earlier conferring special status to the State of Jammu and Kashmir and the Parliament has also passed the Jammu and Kashmir reorganization bill.-Rajesh Ranjan- Posted: 2019/8/10

    Amendment of Article 370 And Issues Arising Thereof:Article 370 finds its place in the Indian Constitution under Part XXI: Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions. The marginal notes to Article 370 reads Temporary provisions with respect to the State of Jammu and Kashmir. -CA Ayush Saraf- Posted: 2019/8/9

    Section 143-A of Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 Has No Retrospective Effect:The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 came into being as an Act to define and amend the law relating to promissory notes, bill of exchange and cheques.-Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2019/8/9

    The Failure of Semantics of Shared Household:This marital partnership was supposed to assume reality through Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act giving a woman the right to reside in matrimonial household or shared household irrespective of her right or title in it so as to guard her against illegal dispossession-Dhriti- Posted: 2019/8/8

    Medico-Legal Autopsy In Anaphylactic Deaths:Anaphylactic shock is as a fatal condition occurring rapidly after exposure to an antigen and producing clinical features of profound generalized shock, acute respiratory distress, asphyxia, severe hypotension, and death.-Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2019/8/9

    Human Rights And Intellectual Property Rights:The Intellectual Property Rights, as the name suggests, are the rights given to an inventor or the creator as a reward.-Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2019/8/8

    It Is Not About Bhoomi Maatr It Is About Maatr Bhoomi Revocation of Article 370 And Article 35-A:Historical decision of Narendra Modis Government on scrapping of controversial Articles 370 and 35-A and bifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir have opened the debate on legality and propriety of Governments move melodramatically.-Avanti Moghe- Posted: 2019/8/8

    The Aftermath of Marital Rape-Need For Legal Reform: Marital Rape, Since time immemorial, the women have always been treated as the asset of their Husbands and Fathers.-Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2019/8/8

    Medico-Legal Autopsy Protocol:An Autopsy Protocol is a document containing a written record of autopsy findings which can be used as proof for cause of death, manner of death, and time elapsed since death.-Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2019/8/8

    The Era of E-Minutes:Minute taking is a very significant function in an organization. People frequently find themselves called upon to take the minutes of a meeting, with little guidance on how one is expected to produce a precise record of what happened.-Navin Kumar Jaggi - Posted: 2019/8/8

    Provisions of Prevention of Money Laundering Act, Boon or a Bane:Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 is an Act of the Parliament of India enacted by the NDA government to prevent money-laundering and to provide for confiscation of property derived from money-laundering. -Dev- Posted: 2019/8/7

    Why India Is Not Ready To Decriminalize Cannabis Just Yet: Cannabis use has been prevalent from times immemorial, especially in a place like India whether it is in the form of Ganja or Bhang.-Dev- Posted: 2019/8/7

    Jammu And Kashmir No More Special:Focus on Article 370,35A of Indian Constitution, why these articles comes in our Constitution and How Government deals with it in today’s scenario.-Aditya Nath Sharma- Posted: 2019/8/7

    How to obtain a Patent?:A patent is an intellectual property right which provides protection to an inventor for an invention made by him.-Anwesa Mohanty- Posted: 2019/8/6

    Quest for Justice Initiating Criminal Prosecution:Crime is on the rise and so is the police apathy. The recent Unnao rape incident being the most accurate example of the same. -Puneet Varshney- Posted: 2019/8/6

    Brief on Article 370 And President Order Dated 05/08/2019:370. Temporary provisions with respect to the State of Jammu and Kashmir -shubhambudhiraja- Posted: 2019/8/6

    Legal History of Article 370 and 35A and Current Status: In case of State Bank of India v. Santosh Gupta and Anr. Etc.(2016), Supreme Court clearly held that Jammu and Kashmir is not sovereign and Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir is subordinate to Constitution of India. -Aditya Nath Sharma- Posted: 2019/8/6

    Understanding E-Doping and need for fair competition in E-Sports: Esports, as the practice of competitive video gaming has been designated, is a term that represents a variety of different game genres.-Abhiraj Singh Shekhawat- Posted: 2019/8/4

    The Dawn of The Online Divorce:A marriage is a sacred union between two people. Marriage is an institution which has different implications in different cultures. -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2019/8/4

    Career opportunities for law graduates in Indian Judiciary:Today we are here to discuss career opportunities for law graduates in Indian Judiciary. First, let me share my personal experiences with you.-Krati Sachdev- Posted: 2019/8/3

    Obligations of An Agent In A Contract of Agency - A Comparative Analysis: In the modern day society with a lot of advancements and changes taking place in every field almost every minute, the field of law is no exception.-Ayushi Singh- Posted: 2019/8/2

    Administration of Justice:Administration means management and justice means to right and equitable implication. By the administration of justice is meant the maintenance of right with in a political community -Amit Singh- Posted: 2019/8/1

    Section 194-N: TDS on cash withdrawal exceeding INR 1 Crore: The ambitious mission of government of India to drive India towards a cashless economy was boosted with the announcement of demonetization on November 8, 2016.-Nayan Goyal- Posted: 2019/7/31

    Autopsy - Radioactive Cadavers:Radioactivity may be defined as the decomposition of an atom accompanied by the emission of Radiant energy such as alpha, beta and gamma rays.-Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2019/7/31

    Medico-legal Autopsy In Abortion Deaths:in a criminal abortion, it is necessary to follow a different order if evidence of air embolism- the commonest cause of sudden death in such cases- is not to be destroyed. -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2019/7/30

    Sexual Harassment of Women At Workplace:The term sexual harassment had been first coined in USA. This term as a legal concept gained importance in mid 1970s -Roshin Iqba- Posted: 2019/7/28 Audit Quality Should Not Be Compromised By Rendering Non-Audit Services:When a Company fails, the standard of the audit is often called into question. The Auditors are then called into question that they allowed inappropriate accounting treatments -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2019/7/27

    Mob Lynching: A Rising Threat: Mob Lynching is that illegal activity done by the crowd of people who turn aggressive and kill an individual on the assumption that he is a criminal and held him guilty -Muskan Srivastava- Posted: 2019/7/27

    Husband no longer the Master of His Wife A brief study on decriminalization of Adultery by the Apex Court of India: In the legal history India has to mark year 2018 with golden pen. During this year the apex court of India has delivered many significant judgements.-Koneru Anuradha- Posted: 2019/7/24

    Liaibility of persons related to a corporate entity in a cheque bounce case:What is required is that the persons who are sought to be made criminally liable under Section 141 should be at the time the offence was committed, in charge of and responsible to the company for the conduct of the business of the company.-Sahil Modi- Posted: 2019/7/24

    Online Dispute Resolution Mechanism: Prospects and Challenges in India: In era of globalization, people in 21st century have witnessed the ultimate impact of Information and Communication Technology on social, economic, legal and cultural arena of globe.-Avanti Moghe- Posted: 2019/7/23

    Concept And Definition of Public Interest Litigation: By virtue of Universal Declaration of Human Rights,1948, International covenants on civil & political rights, 1966 and on economic, social & cultural rights -Aditya Nath Sharma- Posted: 2019/7/23

    The Pathway To Effective NPA Resolution: To look at is one thing. To see what you look at is another. To understand what you see is third. To accept from what you understand is most important.-Radhakrishnan Ramachandran- Posted: 2019/7/22

    Cyber Law In India: It Act 2000:Cyber law is the part of the overall legal system that deals with the internet, cyberspace, and their respective legal issues.-Prateek Singh- Posted: 2019/7/21

    Law and Technology - An asymptotic relationship:Technology has had a vast impact on mankind and on the society as a whole. Ever since mankind emerged from stone age to the industrial age, and finally to the technological age -Saurabh Kumar Yadav- Posted: 2019/7/21

    Fugitive Economic Offenders and Non Performing Assets in India: India, the second-largest country in the world in terms of economy, having a gross domestic product (GDP) of 2.6 lakh crores USD in 2017-Satendra Pratap Singh- Posted: 2019/7/20

    Cyber Terrorism A Threat to Future: cyber and terrorism. Both if these are regarded as the two great fears of the 20th century, both imply fear of the unknown.-Roshin Iqbal- Posted: 2019/7/20

    Constitutional Validity of 10% reservation for economically backward upper caste citizens:Upper caste citizens are those who belong to the caste superior to scheduled caste and schedule tribe. These category people are also called as forward caste -Ishita gupta- Posted: 2019/7/19

    The Industrial disputes act, 1947 authorities and their functions: The Industrial disputes Act 1947, was enacted in the post-independence era with a view to regulate the relationships of the employer and employee and to maintain peace and harmonious relations -Deeksha Tewari- Posted: 2019/7/18

    Space Penetration Against Will:Legally there are different types of violations of human rights. Certain categories of law has no provisions of crimes in modern world.-Samukiya Mur- Posted: 2019/7/17

    Dowry - A Tormenting Fashion of The Modern Era:As per the historical reports, in ancient India custom, dowry was the necessary count which had to be exercised during the time of marriage.-Nikhil Mishra- Posted: 2019/7/17

    Negotiable Instruments Introduction Act: A negotiable instrument is a piece of paper which entitles a person to a sum of money and which is transferable from person to person by mere delivery or by endorsement and delivery.-Rishav Garg- Posted: 2019/7/17

    Quasi - Federal Nature of Indian Constitution: India was created on the momentous day of 15th August 1947 and since then, there have been numerous thoughts on the nature of the Indian Constitution. -Shivani Trichnopoly Ravi Kanth- Posted: 2019/7/16

    The Symbiosis between IBC & UNCITRAL Model Law in Cross-Border Insolvency: The I&B Code does not envisage the adoption of any law, including the UNCITRAL Model law, but only reciprocal arrangements with countries. This is perhaps the biggest flaw in the current -Soundarya Krishnamohan- Posted: 2019/7/16

    Divorce Cannot Be Granted only on Ground of Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage: Delhi HC: SG Vs RKG held that irretrievable breakdown of marriage alone cannot be a ground of divorce and can only be considered as a circumstance by the Court if it is merged with cruelty.-sanjeevsirohimrt- Posted: 2019/7/12

    The Hazard of Hazardous Waste Management in India: A Legal Overview:Industrial development is playing a pivotal role in India for its economic growth and employment potential. So also Industrialization and generation of Hazardous waste are inevitable scenarios. -Srinet Kothwale- Posted: 2019/7/12

    Recent Developments in the POCSO Act, 2012:Child abuse is one of the growing concerns in today’s world. Amidst all the issues that have been coming up recently, we easily overlook some of the small issues of major importance.-Priyamvada Nair- Posted: 2019/7/11

    The Regional Provident Fund Commissioner (II) West Bengal vs Vivekananda Vidyamandir: All the appeals raise a common question of law, if the special allowances paid by an establishment to its employees would it fall within the expression Basic Wages under Section 2(b)(ii) read with Section 6 of Employees’ Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 (the EPF Act) Posted: 2019/7/10

    Role of NGO In Rehabilitation of Juveniles: The term child in need of care and protection is described under sub-section 14 of section 2 of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of children) Act, 2015.-Tawkeer Hussain- Posted: 2019/7/10

    Section 148 of Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881: Section 148 of Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 providing to deposit such sum which shall be a minimum of twenty per cent of the fine or compensation awarded by the trial Court Has Retrospective Effect.-Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2019/7/9

    An Analysis on Cyber Crime in India: Cyber crime, as the name suggests, is a type of crime that is committed in the cyber world. This crime is a new type of crime that has expanded its roots to almost every aspect of life of the Netizens.-Varsha Mishra- Posted: 2019/7/7

    Amicus Curiae:As per the definition in Merriam Webster amicus Curiae is defined as - One (such as a professional person or organization) that is not a party to a particular litigation but that is permitted by the court to advise it in respect to some matter of law that directly affects the case in question.-Sakshi Rajawat- Posted: 2019/7/6

    GST: An Overview And Analysis: The implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India was a historical move, as it marked a diverse change in indirect tax system in the country.-Prateek Singh- Posted: 2019/7/6

    A Critical Analysis of Interim Budget, 2019 through the glasses of a Legal Apprentice: Anything which falls out of tune with the changing needs of the society, fails to co-exist for long. In this regard, the Union Budget of 2019 has attempted and brought about joy in the hearts of many.-Subhajit chakraborty- Posted: 2019/7/6

    Basic Principles of Victims of Crime with including the challenges and current scenario in India:The Declaration of Basic Principles for Justice of Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power including the current situation of victims of crime at each stage of the criminal process in India along with the challenges and proposal for measures for victims in India -Milind Modi- Posted: 2019/7/5

    The Hidden Mystery Behind Media and Law: Media and law together is very important in today's world. Not because they both are connected with each other but both help us to live our life easily -vivekyadavhbk- Posted: 2019/7/5

    Overriding Effects of Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code Over Other Enactments: Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 (IBC) has an overriding effect over other enactments, recently the news of superiority of IBC over SEBI was an interpretation before the Supreme Court bench in July.-Bhushan Kulkarni- Posted: 2019/7/5

    Concept of Recidivism in criminal law: Recidivism a term used to mean people who are the repeaters of crime. If someone has committed robbery & does the same crime again after getting punishment & after coming out of prison that person is termed as Recidivist.-Subha Sattwa Bandyopadhyay- Posted: 2019/7/4

    Why marital rape must be criminalised: It is a misfortune of our system in that in the case of Rape, Rapist may be punished till the death punishment but if the Rapist is the husband of prosecutrix than No punishment -Rajesh Yadav- Posted: 2019/7/3

    Absolute Liability In Indian Context:the doctrine of absolute liability and its transitional growth from common law to the contemporary times. the article also discusses landmark judgements concerning absolute liability. -saxenaparkhi- Posted: 2019/7/2

    Discriminatory Penal Laws For Transgender Community:The contemporary society in which we live is purely rational and full of logic but while dealing with some issues of sensitive nature the rationality of the majority of the people turn into absurdness and among such issues one issue is transmisogyny.-Fiza Hussain Baba- Posted: 2019/7/2

    How To Record The Evidence of Deaf And Dumb Rape Victim - Bombay High Court: Hanumant v/s Maharashtra - how to record the evidence of deaf and dumb rape victim. It has also remanded the rape case to the Trial Court on the ground that evidence of deaf and dumb victim was recorded without considering the provisions of Section 119 Evidence Act.-Sanjeev Sirohi Advocate- Posted: 2019/7/1

    Right to Untouchability:Untouchables are literally outcastes. They are also known as depressed classes, harijans etc; but today they are more frequently referred to as ‘Dalits’. Dalits, literally meaning “broken people”,-Vishnu Kavya- Posted: 2019/7/1

    SEBI to tighten noose around loans by Mutual Funds - Promoters in jittery: SEBI intends to bring in a new regulation to curb Mutual fund lending to promoters. According to reports published by The Times of India, SEBI is looking to tighten the norms to protect the interests of retail investors.-Priyanka kumari- Posted: 2019/6/30

    Guidelines For Implementation of Section 209 IPC In IPR Matters:Section 209 of IPC has remained unchartered territory in matters pertaining to Intellectual Property Rights, especially pertaining to Trade Marks/Copyright. -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2019/6/29

    How Well is India doing in the field of Regionalism and Multilateralism in International Trade: Regional trade liberalization has swept the world trading system like wildfire while the multilateral GATT talks (“General Agreement to Talk and Talk” as per the regionalists claim) proceeded at a glacial pace.-Sovik Mukherjee- Posted: 2019/6/29

    Ninth Schedule Article 31A-31B of the Constitution through the Kaleidoscope of the Principles it stands on:Judiciary and the Legislature have been in a head to head battle in almost all constitutions. It comes down to being at loggerheads with Legal and political controversy and what ultimately prevails.-Dev- Posted: 2019/6/28

    Case Analysis - All India Tyre Dealers Federation vs Tyre Manufacturers: IRAC method as a tool for legal analysis of a case stands for Issue, Rule, Application / Analysis, Conclusion. It is one way to structure legal analysis. -- Posted: 2019/6/28

    Surrogacy In India: Another name for Surrogacy. Surrogate mother is the substitute for the genetic-biological mother. There are two types of surrogacy- traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy.-Dev- Posted: 2019/6/28

    How religion is affecting the Law making by Judges: The 42nd Amendment of the Constitution of India enacted in 1976 gave our nation the status of a secular state. The Preamble to the Constitution asserted that India is a secular nation and thus the state had no religion of its own and was the promoter of none of the religions but was the protector of all.-Shreya Saxena- Posted: 2019/6/28

    SC acquitted few men convicted of arson, violence in 1984 anti-Sikh riots case:After the extermination of our then Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards, there broke out a pogrom which directed the attention of the nation towards the response of some people against the Sikhs as a response to the same.-Shreya Saxena- Posted: 2019/6/28

    The Evil of Female Foeticide In India: Causes, Consequences And Prevention: Abortion of female foetus is called female foeticide. This is a major social problem in India and has cultural connections with the dowry system that is ingrained in the Indian culture, despite the fact that it has been prohibited by law since 1961.-Dr. Ishita Chatterjee- Posted: 2019/6/27

    All about CSR Regulations in India: Corporate social responsibility rests on the ideology of give and take i.e. to take scarce resources from the environment for running of business, and in turn to contribute towards economic, social and environmental development.-Ruchi Gandhi- Posted: 2019/6/25

    Uniform Civil Code: Uniform Civil Code is the ongoing point of debate within Indian mandate to replace personal laws based on the scriptures and customs of each major religious community in India with a common set of rules governing every citizen.-Krati Sachdev- Posted: 2019/6/25

    Role of NGOs in Para Legal Services in State of J&K: Non-governmental organizations—also called non-governmental or non-government organizations—commonly referred to as NGOs, are usually non-profit and independent of governments and international governmental organizations -Tawkeer Hussain- Posted: 2019/6/24

    POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) policy for companies :This policy is in accordance with the provisions of The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, and Redressal) Act, 2013.-Niharika Bodla- Posted: 2019/6/26

    Environmental Remedies Under Law of Torts: The environment is the natural surroundings which help life to grow, nourish and destroy on this planet called earth.-Niharika Bodla- Posted: 2019/6/24

    Interrogatories and Privileged Documents: A Discovery Device in Civil Suit: It is important to answer some questions which arise after settlement of issues due to new discovery of information which might be known to one party but not to the other.-Aachal Sah- Posted: 2019/6/24

    Different Between Title and Ownership: Title is the legal way of saying you own a right to something .For real estate purposes, title refers to Ownership of the property, meaning that you have the rights to use that property -Amarthya Ghutke and Co- Posted: 2019/6/23

    Infrastructural Issues Faced By The District Courts: A visit to any lower court of the country reveals the ground reality in our country about the judicial institution. It enlightens us about the pathetic conditions in which the courts functions for the administration of justice.-Damini Pandey- Posted: 2019/6/21

    Safety of Female Advocates: A Rising Concern: Manusmriti (3.56) says: It means, where a women is respected, the place becomes God’s abode, by God’s abode, we mean, divine qualities, good deeds, peace and harmony. However, if this is not done, then all the actions turn out to be fruitless.-Aman Kumat Gupta- Posted: 2019/6/21

    Stone Pelters Need To Be Treated As Terrorists: Terrorism as a tool for separatism seems to have lost its appeal in Jammu & Kashmir. While sporadic incidents of terrorist violence are likely to continue, this may no longer -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2019/6/21

    Ombudsman for Digital Payment Transaction: Go Digital we often hear this word although list out all its benefits not possible to explain due to my confined space availability in the blog. -Vana Narayanan- Posted: 2019/6/20

    GAFA Taxation System: An Introduction: French Finance minister Bruno Le Maire had recently announced the introduction of a GAFA tax— named after Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon—on large technology and internet companies in France from 1 January 2019. -Aman Kumat Gupta- Posted: 2019/6/20

    Why lawyers in India are vital for Corporate finance: While assessing the events in the world of corporate finance, the role of a lawyer is vital. Whether it is an agreement of merger and acquisition, making preparations for a hearing -Ahlawat Associates- Posted: 2019/6/20

    Chamki Fever: Pil, Deaths And Lychee Connection: In June 2019.Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (Chamki Bukhar) has claimed the lives of 100 children in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur in the last fortnight.-Aman Kumat Gupta- Posted: 2019/6/19

    Appreciate the various provisions related to workmen’s Compensation Act,1923: Industrial accidents and diseases are far more frequent and damaging than most people not directly concerned with industry realise. -AACHAL SAH- Posted: 2019/6/19

    Economic Reservation In India: A Panacea or Mirage: Caste based reservation was firstly introduced in 2nd B.C. In Manusmriti when all the laws were based on caste and merit was never considered. -Aman Kumat Gupta- Posted: 2019/6/18

    Article 44 of The Constitution: A Dead Letter: By establishing these positive obligations of the State, the members of the Constituent Assembly made it the responsibility of future Indian government to find a middle way between individual liberty -Vanshika Sharma- Posted: 2019/6/18

    Uphaar Cinema Case Study: A visit to the XYZ theatre in South Delhi became the worst nightmare after the bigger of the two installed transformers caught fire -Bhawna- Posted: 2019/6/18

    Preventive Detention: Preventive detention means to detain a person so that to prevent that person from commenting on any possible crime or in other words preventive detention is an action taken by the administration. -Ishfaq Ahmad Shah- Posted: 2019/6/17

    Preamble To The Indian Constitution: The preamble of the Indian Constitution serves as a brief introductory statement of the Constitution that sets out the guiding purpose, principles and philosophy of the Indian Constitution.-Shubham Mongia- Posted: 2019/6/17

    Tax laws in India: Tax law is the practice of law that relates to the assessment and payment of taxes. Tax laws come from a variety of sources.-Ishfaq Ahmad Shah- Posted: 2019/6/15

    Article 35-A A Biggest Fraud on Constitution of India: A large number of political and defence analysts attribute instability in Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) to India’s inability to fully integrate the State into the Union.-Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2019/6/14

    Plea of Alibi With Reference To Section 103 of The Indian Evidence Act,1872: The term ‘Alibi’ is a Latin term which implies elsewhere or somewhere else. Alibi is used as a defense in criminal proceedings by the accused against the commission of the alleged offence.-Shubham Mongia- Posted: 2019/6/14

    Judicial Review In India: Judicial review is recognized as a necessary and a basic requirement for construction up of a novel civilization in order to safeguard the liberty and rights of the individuals.-Shubham Mongia- Posted: 2019/6/13

    TDS on immovable property u/s 194-IA of Income Tax Act,1961:There is a great need and importance of invoking such provisions in income tax so as to curb the circulation and flow of black money in India.-Pushp Kumar Sahu- Posted: 2019/6/13

    Abortion: Virtue or Sin: Abortion often invites exuberant debates amongst the intelligentsia. The general question around which the discourse revolves is of morality, women's right, the life of foetus and state’s authoritative role in regulating the women’s reproductive rights.-Akshat jain- Posted: 2019/6/13

    Obiter Dicta and Ratio Decidendi-A Tug of War:Over the years there have been many questions raised and a lot has been written on the subject on what determines obiter dicta and ratio decidendi. Legal academics -Dev- Posted: 2019/6/10

    Impact of Insolvency and Bankruptcy 2016 on Indian Industries: The growing world trend and rapid globalisation have led to fast tracking of disposing off the cases related to insolvency, bankruptcy, liquidation etc.-Dev- Posted: 2019/6/10

    Advantages And Drawbacks of Setting Up LLP In India: When you finish planning for your business, it is time to get into some kind of excitement as you put the ideas into work and form a company.-Ahlawat Associates- Posted: 2019/6/10

    Making of Constitution of India: As we all know India was ruled by the British for almost 200 years and the first outburst for freedom was the Revolt of 1857 also called as the Indian Mutiny or the Sepoy Mutiny which began on 10th May, 1857 at Meerut -Ankush Saraf- Posted: 2019/6/8

    Defining the rule of law: India's narrative to the idea of justice: The idea of the ‘rule of law’ has many different dimensions in various jurisprudences, but this idea of the ‘rule of law’ is strictly defined in the context of the Constitution of India -Devarshi Sen Deka- Posted: 2019/6/2

    Freedom of Religion Under Indian Constitution: Whether Freedom of Religion or Freedom From Religion: India has been the birth place of quite number of religions and also it is acknowledged as the country which is the land of spiritual beliefs, culture and philosophical thinking. Perception relating to ‘Religion’ varies person to person; it is entirely a matter of choice and belief.-Shubham Mongia- Posted: 2019/6/1

    Ban on Pornographic Websites In India: Cyber pornography is defined unadorned as an act of manoeuvre creation of cyberspace, display, distribute, import, or publish pornography or obscene materials.-Janani Nagarajan- Posted: 2019/6/1

    Emergence of New Era in Arbitration:Conflicts of interest are part of human life. Human conflicts are unavoidable because society is a multifarious web of social relations where every human at some point deal with other members of the society.-Ansh Arora- Posted: 2019/5/31

    The Doctrine of Rarest of The Rare:While there is baffling subjectivity in imposition of capital punishment in India, globally, 104 countries have completely abolished death penalty whereas 29 others have abolished it de-facto (meaning no execution of any person has been carried out in the last 10 years).-Raashi H Vaishya- Posted: 2019/5/31

    Abortion Laws In India: No woman can call herself free until she can choose consciously whether she will or will not be a mother -Sannaya Ghandhi- Posted: 2019/5/30

    Alternative Dispute Resolution: n order to make our social life peaceful, dispute resolution is an indispensable process. This dispute resolution aids to resolve conflicts so as to enable group and persons to maintain co-operation. -Shubham Mongia- Posted: 2019/5/29

    Adoption Laws In India:In the course of transit from primitive to modern age, the concept of adoption has undergone a radical change. Adoption, being mostly like other social institutions -Shubham Mongia- Posted: 2019/5/28

    Who are minorities: A public interest litigation has been filed before the Supreme Court to declare Hindus as minorities in 8 states in India as they constitute numerical minority in these states.-Aakarsh singh- Posted: 2019/5/27

    Rule of Law:The bedrock of our democracy is the rule of law and that means we have to have an independent judiciary, judges who can make decisions independent of the political winds that are blowing. -Shubham Mongia- Posted: 2019/5/27

    GST on Export of Services Abroad: Five Interesting Points: Trade has been an important and sensitive issue all over the world even before World War II. After World War II world trade took a new shape like the adaptation of General Agreement -Dishari Chakrabarti- Posted: 2019/5/27

    Press Conference: The Unheard Move: Judges Press Conference: A Threat To Indian Democracy J. Chelameshwar, J. Ranjan Gogoi, M B Lokur and Kurian Joseph addressed a press conference for the first time in the history of India at the home of J. Chelameshwar.-Sandeep Golani- Posted: 2019/5/26

    FAQ on Copyright Registration: FAQ on Copyright Registration in India-Jayanthi- Posted: 2019/5/25

    Copyright Societies: Copyright Act, chapter 7 of the Act deal with copyright societies their powers, procedure followed and other related matter, in section 33 to 39-A.-Jayanthi- Posted: 2019/5/25

    Criteria Considered by CCI Before Approval of Mergers, Amalgamation and Acquisition: The Mergers, amalgamations and acquisitions in India are regulated by the Competition Commission of India (CCI). CCI is the statutory authority responsible for reviewing combinations and assessing -Sayanti Chakrabarti- Posted: 2019/5/24

    Constitutional Validity of Land Acquisition In India: The Constitution of India being a supreme law of the country, every citizen should abide by it. It lays down various principles through Fundamental Right and Directive Principle of State Policy to provide basic amenities to its subjects.-Kirthna Madhavan- Posted: 2019/5/23

    Amendment in the definition of Factories: Its consequences on labour and factories: Factories Act is labour legislation that has existed since the late 19th Century and was initially enforced to keep a check on the condition of Industrial workers.-Aakarsh singh- Posted: 2019/5/23

    Constitutional Jurisprudence and The Growth of Alternative Dispute Resolution: The ADR system in India is definitely a great achievement where the judiciary is burdened in terms of quality and quantity, this system is definitely an ease for the people who face various negative impact -Jonah Elisa Shiny- Posted: 2019/5/23

    Women are better off today but still, far from being equal with men:Violence against women and girls is rooted in a gender-based discrimination, social norms and gender stereotypes that perpetuate such unequal society. Given the devastating effect violence has on women, efforts have mainly focused on responses and services for survivors. -Divya morwal- Posted: 2019/5/22

    Supurd-e-khak: Triple Talaq a misconception: Women have upper hand in a marriage. Her assent is sought at the time of Nikah but when everything comes to Talaq is forgotten.-Riya mishra- Posted: 2019/5/22

    Plastic Ban in Uttrakhand: A crucial Enviornment issue:The vendors and retailer around the streets commonly use plastic bags as these bag are economical and easily available, their complete wipe – out is a difficult task. -Piyush Jain- Posted: 2019/5/20

    Rape means Rape: Rape is an unlawful sex without the assent of a man as of physical drive or due to deceitful demonstration of perpetuator. In India, rape by an outsider is considered as a penal offence under section 375 and 376 of Indian Penal Code.-Riya Mishra- Posted: 2019/5/20

    All about Corporate Law: Corporate lawyers could represent a corporation, a partnership association and advise them of their legal rights and duties. Corporate lawyers could be working for a medium or a large law firm or a regulatory body like SEBI, IRDAI or RBI.-Deepa- Posted: 2019/5/20

    Cauvery Water Crisis: This dispute originated for the first time way back in 1892 at the time of Britishers between the Presidency of Madras and Princely state of Mysore. In 1924 Mysore and Madras reached into an agreement which will be valid for 50 years so in 1974 -Aakarsh Singh- Posted: 2019/5/20

    Importance of Sting Operations and the Application of Defamation Law: The High Court of Delhi at New Delhi in the case M/s. Indian Potash Ltd. v. Media Contents & Communication Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. spoke about the importance of the sting operations-Shreya Saxena- Posted: 2019/5/20

    Criminalization of Bouncing of Cheques: Whether An Effective Remedy: A cheque is a bill of exchange drawn on a specified banker and not expressed to be payable otherwise than on a demand.-Shubham Mongia- Posted: 2019/5/18

    A view on medical negligence and medical errors in India: Negligence is a failure to exercise appropriate and or ethical ruled care expected to be exercised amongst specified circumstances.-Sudarsanan- Posted: 2019/5/17

    Alternative Remedies Available For Realizing The Insurance claims: Taking an insurance company to court should be used as a last resort as it can tie up a claim in court for many years and seriously delay receiving needed funds to replace a home or pay medical bills.-Aruanbh Rajan- Posted: 2019/5/17

    Shackle to netflix and chill: It is believed by many that regulating the internet is an oxymoron but the current scheme of things show otherwise as countries like China, Russia are making the internet service providers subject to their local laws.-Aakarsh Singh- Posted: 2019/5/17

    Uniform Civil Code: One Nation One Code: Uniform Civil Code is observed as the same set of secular civil laws so as to govern all people irrespective of their religion, caste and tribe.-Shubham Mongia- Posted: 2019/5/17

    Tripartite Agreement: According to section 2(e) of Indian Contract Act,1872, "every promise and every set ofpromises forming consideration for each other is an agreement.-Shyam Shastri- Posted: 2019/5/17

    CJI - Sexual Harassment Case: Recently, the present Chief Justice of India, Ranjan Gogoi has been accused of Sexual harassment of a woman who was the former employee of the Supreme Court of India.-Shreya Saxena- Posted: 2019/5/17

    Corporate and Commercial Legal Support Ensure Smooth Business Flow: Corporate and commercial relations are an important part of any business. There are several aspects of the business where it has to follow commercial and corporate rules for conducting business.-EminenceLaw- Posted: 2019/5/16

    Intellectual property law and its various types: means intellectual property law and this intellectual property law deals with the rules for securing and enforcing legal rights to inventions, designs, and artistic works.-Ishfaq Ahmad Shah- Posted: 2019/5/15

    A Year of Constitutional Morality: The year of 2018 was the most eventful year for the Supreme Court as it pronounced various decisions affecting various aspects the life of masses for example Victorian-era law criminalising homosexuality and adultery have been decriminalised -Aakarsh Singh- Posted: 2019/5/14

    Analysis of Section 377 of Indian Penal Code, 1860: Heterosexuality was used to refer to morbid sexual practices between men and women such as oral and anal intercourse, as opposed to normal procreative sex.-Tanuj Modi- Posted: 2019/5/14

    Whether Sexual Intercourse Based On Promise To Marry Is Rape?: Marriage is more than a physical union; it is also a spiritual and emotional union. This union mirrors the one between God and His Temple. -Damini Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2019/5/14

    Capital Punishment For Rape:Until 2012, it was considered as a crime only committed by males against females. But in 2012 the definition of rape was changed and now it recognizes victim of every gender. The main ingredient of rape is consent: There must be lack of consent.-Meghna- Posted: 2019/5/13

    Legal Analysis of Right To Privacy In India: The Constitution of India encompasses Right to Privacy under Article 21, which is a requisite of right to life and personal liberty.-Shubham Mongia- Posted: 2019/5/13

    Violence In Agrarian Areas And Its Reform: India is an agricultural land and majortity are employed in agriculture only. The cultivation includes rice, wheat, cereals, fruits and many other food items for consumption only.-Monisha- Posted: 2019/5/12

    Privacy And Corruption, The unspoken nexus: In 2017, the Supreme Court of India, in its landmark judgement categorically held that the Right to Privacy is a fundamental right which is intrinsic to the freedom and liberty of a person. The largely celebrated judgement of Justice K. Puttaswamy (Retd.) &Anr -V/s- Union of India -Swathy Suresh- Posted: 2019/5/11

    Brief on Compounding of Offences Under Companies Act 2013: Petitioner defaulted in filling annual return and financials for the year 2014-15. However, default made good as company filed its financials on 14.11.2017 (i.e, during FY 2017-18).-Shubhambudhiraja- Posted: 2019/5/9

    Data Protection and Privacy: This Article pertaining to the core issue of modern digital economy. It is undisputed fact that the constitution is a living document and so is the environment we live in. -Shubhambudhiraja- Posted: 2019/5/9

    Consumer Protection Act: The Game of Arbitration Clause: The Consumer Protection act, 1986 (hereinafter CPA) is a social legislation and cannot be interpreted in as technical manner as to take away its basic fundamental roots.-Shubhambudhiraja- Posted: 2019/5/9

    Outer Space and it's legal status: The first nation to send a man into space was U.S.S.R and that triggered the very concept of the space law and the space race began -Tanuj Modi- Posted: 2019/5/8

    Rights of Employees of Insolvent Companies Under The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016: The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 has been enacted with an objective of consolidating and amending the laws relating to re-organisation and insolvency resolution of corporate persons, partnership firms and individuals in a time bound manner.-Dulung Sengupta- Posted: 2019/5/8

    Reverse Charge mechanism in GST:In the recent times, After the GST implementation, there is so much of confusion over reverse charge mechanism of tax collection. Reverse charge means the liability to pay tax lies with the recipient of services/supply.-Radhe Krishna- Posted: 2019/5/7

    The Evolution of Admissibility of Tape Recorded Statements As Evidence: The Indian Evidence Act, 1872 has primarily dealt with only 2 types of evidence, i.e. Oral and documentary. In earlier times, it was never realised that with the advancement of technology, tape recorded conversations would eventually play a huge role in providing important evidence in courts.-Rahul Gupta- Posted: 2019/5/7

    Is Indian Society Doing Enough For The Transgender Community: the transgender community in our nation has had to face numerous instances of discrimination and severe segregation whether or not; it was related to exercising the rights, the question of their privacy, their safety and hereby specifying about the safety of transgender women.-Shreya Saxena- Posted: 2019/5/7

    Historical background in wearing Black Robes by Advocates: Dress Code is a 'Symbol of Confidence', a 'Symbol of Discipline' and a 'Symbol of the Profession', a 'Proud Part of an Individual’s Personality' for a professional.-Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2019/5/7

    Delhi High Court’s Recent Judgment on Competition Act undermines its Regulatory Character: Delhi High Court in its judgment dated 10th April 2019 declared section 22(3) of the Competition Act (“Act”) unconstitutional-Sumit Jain- Posted: 2019/5/4

    Right to Die with Dignity and Art 21 of Indian Constitution: No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to the procedure established by law. (Art 21 of Indian Constitution)-Sneha Majumder- Posted: 2019/5/2

    Rape By Women or Rape of Men:At present, if a man files a complaint against a woman for committing offenses like rape, sexual harassment, stalking, voyeurism or outraging the modesty, she goes scot-free as the 158-year-old archaic Indian Penal Code (IPC) believes only men can commit such a crime.-Shubhanshu Das- Posted: 2019/4/29

    Recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards in India: Continuous growth of international commerce has resulted in players from various markets to seek other methods of dispute resolution in order to abstain from litigation -Shray Mehta- Posted: 2019/4/28

    India's Trade With NAFTA: Investment Policies: India’s foreign trade is inclusive of both exports and imports, working both ways, i.e. to and from India. Administered by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry-Ankit Chatterjee- Posted: 2019/4/28

    Decoding Property Tax: One of the unexplored areas of law is Property taxation very few people intent to know why the property tax bills are to levy and charged for -Vana Narayanan- Posted: 2019/4/28

    Constitutional principle-Doctrine of Rule of law-Comparative Analysis: Rule of law is the basic rule of governance of any civilized policy. The scheme of the Constitution of India is based upon the concept of Rule of law.-Preeti Goyal- Posted: 2019/4/27

    Property Rights of The Infant of Assisted Reproductive Technology: In countries like that of Ukraine, California, United States, and India, there is no hard and fast rule over Surrogacy. Over a period of time, India has evolved as an excellent market-Vasundhara Singh Gautam- Posted: 2019/4/25

    Use And Misuse of Section 498A:According to a BBC report in 2013, around 309,546 crimes were reported against women, of which 118,866 were for domestic violence alone. Section 498 A, of Indian Penal Code, is one of the greatest rescues for Violence against woman (VAW) -Vasundhara Singh Gautam- Posted: 2019/4/24

    The Less Talked Gender (on Abuse and Harassment): Living in a patriarchy society, Indians seems to be overburdened by the patriarchal pride to an extent, that even the most focused and preferred gender is being ignored -Vasundhara Singh Gautam- Posted: 2019/4/24

    Section 124A Was A Colonial Weapon of Britisher:The Liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil constitution, are worth defending against all hazardous: and it is our duty to defend them against all attacks -Adv Younis- Posted: 2019/4/24

    Juvenile Justice system in Jammu and Kashmir: Section 6 of the Act clearly specifies the Procedure in relation to boards and juvenile courts[A]; still we see such incidents whereby the police department of the state is reluctant to abide by these rules and regulations. They treat those juveniles as any other adult in the state.-Tawkeer Hussain- Posted: 2019/4/22

    Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code, 2016: The Biggest Economic Reform In India Post New Economic Policy Of 1991: The New Economic Policy of 1991 had marked the development of the Indian economy in big way including in its scope liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation (LPG)-Rahul Gupta- Posted: 2019/4/22

    The grey aspects of input tax credit under GST regime: Ever since the beginning of the system of input tax credit (be it MODVAT/ CENVAT credit under central excise/ service tax regime or ITC under GST regime), it has always been one of the biggest source of litigation under the indirect taxation system in India.-Radhe Krishna- Posted: 2019/4/22

    Fair Trial In Summons Cases: Sec 2(w) of Criminal Procedure Code defines summons cases cases not being a warrant case. Summons cases are less serious cases, which are non–cognizable, bailable and compoundable.-Sumayya H- Posted: 2019/4/20

    Adultery - Decriminalization of Section 497 of IPC A Way Towards Legalism Prostitution: Adultery means sexual relationship of a married person other than with spouse. In modern times, most of the countries opted out to decriminalize adultery but from ancient times.-Anamika- Posted: 2019/4/19

    Prisoners Right To Vote: To Be Or Not To Be:In Anukul Chandra Pradhan v UOI, on the ground that it seeks to achieve the objective of decriminalization of politics. The petitioner argues that the decision is per incursion as the decision did not take into account the fact that right to vote is a constitutional right as per Article 326 -Safiyat Naseem- Posted: 2019/4/18

    Brexit Delay: Its official:Another Brexit delay? Yes indeed. From 29th March 2019 to 12th June 2019 and now 31st October 2019, Brexit has seen more delays than the UK visa decision-making process.-mmigration Advisor- Posted: 2019/4/18

    Advantages And Drawbacks of Setting Up LLP In India: When you finish planning for your business, it is time to get into some kind of excitement as you put the ideas into work and form a company.-Ahlawat Associates- Posted: 2019/4/17

    Cyber Crime In India: Are Women A Soft Target: The internet is fast becoming a way of life for millions of people and also a way of living because of growing dependence and reliance of mankind on these machines.-Deepshikha Sharma- Posted: 2019/4/17

    The Scenario of Standard Essential Patents in India: An Essential Patent or Standard Essential Patent is a patent that claims an invention that must be used to comply with a standard.-Aditi Jaiswal- Posted: 2019/4/17

    Right To Death: Article 21 of the Indian constitution is one of the most important Articles in the Indian constitution, which accords sanctity to the human life. Article 21 casts an onerous duty on the state to preserve the life of each person within its realm. -Ishfaq Ahmad Shah- Posted: 2019/4/15

    Right to Information Act- A Brief Introduction:Democracy requires an informed citizenry and transparency of information which are vital to its functioning and also to contain corruption and to hold governments and their instrumentalities accountable to the governed -Sannaya Ghandhi- Posted: 2019/4/14

    Introduction to Environmental law in India:India had an ancient tradition of paying constant attention to protection of the environment. There are writings galore, to show that in ancient India every individual had to practice the dharmato protect and worship nature.-Sannaya Ghandhi- Posted: 2019/4/14

    Advocates Are The Only Recognized Class of Persons Entitled To Practice The Profession of Law:Under the Advocates Act 1961, only advocates enrolled in India are entitled to practice the profession of law - which includes not only appearing before Courts and giving legal advice as an attorney-Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2019/4/14

    Evolving Jurisprudence around Section 10 and its interplay with other provisions of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016:This article deals with evolving jurisprudence around Section 10 of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (hereinafter referred as IBC) and its interplay with other provisions of the IBC. -Ritesh Kumar- Posted: 2019/4/13

    Persons Who Seek Employment From Inter governmental Organizations, Embassies And Diplomats: Persons Who Seek Employment From Inter governmental Organizations, Embassies And Diplomats Should Approach Their Gates With Their Amber Lights On -Greg Karungo- Posted: 2019/4/11

    Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Indian Legal System: Artificial Intelligence [AI] is a computer system able to perform tasks that ordinarily require human intelligence. Many of these artificial intelligence systems are powered by machine learning, some of them are powered by deep learning and some of them are powered by very boring things like rules.-Mirza Aslam Beg- Posted: 2019/4/11

    Triple Talaq And Its Essential In Islam: Triple Talaq a debatable issue nowadays and also now the Government of India has introduced a bill in parliament which will criminalize the giving of Triple Talaq that is given instantly Talaq three times without observing the rules prescribed by holy Quran -Ishfaq Ahmad Shah- Posted: 2019/4/9

    Judicial Review of Industrial Awards: Sec. 2(b) of the Industrial Dispute Act defines the term as follows award means an interim or final determination of any industrial dispute or of any question relating thereto by any Labour Court, Industrial Tribunal or National Industrial Tribunal and includes an arbitration award made under Sec. 10-A.-Chandni Gautam- Posted: 2019/4/9

    Triple Test for Grant of Anticipatory Bail in India: What purpose the prosecution would achieve by sending an accused in custody is an important point to be considered. Simply because an individual is alleged to have been involved -Kapil Chandna- Posted: 2019/4/7

    Frustration of Contracts: The Indian Perspective: Section 56 first lays down the simple principle that an agreement to do an act impossible in itself is void. For example, an agreement to discover a treasure by magic, being impossible of performance, is void.-Varun Singh- Posted: 2019/4/7

    Triple Talq And Its Essential In Islam: Triple Talaq a debatable issue nowadays and also now the Government of India has introduced a bill in parliament which will criminalize the giving of Triple Talaq that is given instantly Talaq three times without observing the rules prescribed by holy Quran -Ishfaq Ahmad Shah- Posted: 2019/4/7

    Law on Firearm: The law on firearms in India is governed by Indian Arms Act 1959 which provides guidelines for keeping arms. It is an act of parliament which has repealed the earlier act of 1878 -Ishfaq Ahmad Shah- Posted: 2019/4/7

    Human Rights and Judicial Endeavour for its protection: Human Rights and judicial endeavours for its protection - Justice delayed is justice denied. Human right, a basic right, is for all.-Rachana Dalal- Posted: 2019/4/7

    All about the Sabrimala Temple: he Apex Court in its recent verdict regarding the Sabarimala Temple issue has lifted the ban regarding the entry of menstruating women from age 10 to 50.-Chandni Gautam- Posted: 2019/4/5

    Judicial Review of Awards With Reference To A & C Act: It is necessary to understand ambit of award to be defined for judicial review. The court left open the question whether the order granting interim relief by the adjudicator would be a ward, within the meaning of Sec. 2 (b). -Vinod Singh Parmar- Posted: 2019/4/4

    An Overview of Dishonoured Cheque Case: In common parlance a cheque is a financial instrument which is written by its owner, to order his bank to pay a certain sum to another person from his account. -Mervyn Vivek Tamby- Posted: 2019/4/4

    Mediation: Clearing the Minefield of Matrimonial Disputes: In tales of Maryada Ramanna people used go to a gentleman, who heard their disputes and settled amicably by applying common sense. The traditional 'Justice Delivery System' all over the world has come over burdened, due to explosion of litigation which necessitated again to search for 'Alternative Dispute Resolution' System.-Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2019/4/4

    Power to summon under the taxation laws including the new GST Act: The tax officials often act as quasi-judicial authorities in disposing of taxation disputes between the taxpayer and the government. -Radhe Krishna- Posted: 2019/4/3

    Judicial Review of Awards under Articles 136 of the Constitution:In 1956, a new provision, Section 10A, was added to the Industrial Disputes Act of 1947 providing an option to the parties to refer their industrial dispute to an arbitration of their choice.-Vinod Singh Parmar- Posted: 2019/4/2

    Brief Study of Section 269ST of Income Tax Act, 1961: In this article we will understand why section 269 ST is introduced and what is the need of invoking such provisions.-Pushp Kumar Sahu- Posted: 2019/4/2

    Appreciation of The Evidence of An Inimical Witness - Raju alias Balachandran v/s Tamil Nadu: Oral evidence has been greatly relied on in establishing the truthfulness of the events over decades in Criminal Law around the world. However, there are instances when the credibility of such witness is put to test owing to the nature of their relationship with the victim and the accused. - Shivani Trichnopoly Ravi Kanth- Posted: 2019/4/1

    Human Rights Versus Gender Violence In The American Society: A Socio-Legal Approach:Violence against women constitutes the single most prevalent and universal violation of Human Rights. Around the world at least one woman in every three has been beaten, coerced in to sex or otherwise abused in her lifetime - Dr. N. Krishna Kumar- Posted: 2019/4/1

    Periodic Tenancy: The law of property is one of the most important spheres of law in India. It is the source of most of the litigation in India.-Sakshi kachhotia- Posted: 2019/3/31

    Fleeing Persecution: The Situation of the Rohingyas in India: Millions of people are today forced to flee their homes as a result of conflict, systematic discrimination, or other forms of persecution.-Katiyani Juneja- Posted: 2019/3/30

    From Chaiwala to Chowkidar: India is going to face it’s 'Seventeenth Parliamentary Elections', in the recent year. On March 27, Election Commission (EC) released a show case notice to a member of BJP’s for sharing an Audio-visual advertisement titled, “Main Bhi Chowkidar Hoon” -Trilok Singh- Posted: 2019/3/30

    Psychological hurdles faced while prosecuting white collar crimes: The term White Collar Crimes (WCC) was propounded by a famous criminologist and sociologist Edwin H. Sutherland in the year 1939. The idea behind this new term was that - Necessity is not always the motive behind commission of a crime.-Dimple Garg- Posted: 2019/3/30

    Trade Secret: Limited Approach to Protect Traditional Knowledge: All societies have a knowledge base which forms a foundation for the activities of everyday life. Almost all of this knowledge is practical knowledge -Anuprita Mishrikotkar- Posted: 2019/3/29

    Does the Insolvency Code undermine the priority of EPF dues: o institute a comprehensive insolvency regulatory mechanism relating to corporate entities and the individuals, the Parliament enacted the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016.-Chidambaram Ramesh- Posted: 2019/3/29

    IRAC on State of Himachal Pradesh v Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd: Judgement by the Supreme Court about energy conservation and infrastructure laws in the state of Himachal Pradesh.-pranitha- Posted: 2019/3/29

    New Measures Dealing With Bank Frauds: the Fugitive Economic Offenders Act: Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi, PNB Bank Fraud are the three things that filled the newspapers, news channels and news-feeds for quite some time. In the past few years, the instances of banking frauds have increased manifold.-Megha Sahni- Posted: 2019/3/28

    Why one should not Vote For BJP - Save The Nation: Between 2014 to 2019 never Before has India's Image received such a Gigantic Blow from Being a nation of accepting new ideas and Embracing all faiths and beliefs to that of shutting down and shunting away anything that isn't acceptable to the ruling class ideology.-Rajya Sabha MP Shanta Chhetri- Posted: 2019/3/28

    Human Rights in the Modern Era: Privacy Rights: A Commonwealth Perspective: The doyens of 20th century human rights declarations and conventions could never have envisaged a world so interconnected as ours, where information is shared globally and instantaneously, and many people live their lives online.-Barrister Colin Nicholls and Genevieve WOOCIS- Posted: 2019/3/28

    Party Politics and Saving the Institutions of Democracy: Democracy is the only form governance which gives scope for self-correction (Universal Declaration of Democracy, IPU). -Kriti Parashar- Posted: 2019/3/26

    P and H HC Directs Protection Of Honest Officers While Setting Aside CM s Remarks On Khemka: Dr.Ashok Khemka V/s Haryana upheld the integrity of eminent IAS officer because of his upright and impeccable credentials has emerged as an eyesore for politicians of all hues but also very rightly expunged Haryana Chief Minister ML Khattar adverse remarks in his Personal Appraisal Report-Sanjeev Sirohi- Posted: 2019/3/27

    The Role of Indian Judiciary In Promoting Good Governance: In modern period all countries adopting democratic polity and welfare state concepts, where the administrative authorities are vested with vast discretionary powers. The exercise of those power.-Koneru Anuradha- Posted: 2019/3/26

    Cross-Examination and Digital Evidence in the world of Artificial Intelligence: The synergy and the interplay between the fields of Computer Science, Robots and AI has given to among others the regulatory and ethical issues -Pradeep Kumar- Posted: 2019/3/26

    Citizens Right to free Legal Aid: Legal Aid means giving free legal services to the poor and weaker section of society who cannot afford to take the service of advocate to conduct a case or any legal proceeding in the court of law-Ishfaq Ahmad Shah- Posted: 2019/3/26

    Impact of hostile Witness on Acquittal: Witnesses and their role in determining outcomes of cases are very essential for trials in courts. A favorable witness in providing favorable testimony works for strengthening the case of the party producing that witness.-Ishfaq Ahmad Shah - Posted: 2019/3/26

    Is CBI unconstitutional Organization?:Central Bureau of Investigation CBI is at the centre of serious controversies in pre-election-2019 dynamics of political decisions. It’s uses if not abuse, by the party in power -M Sridhar Acharyulu- Posted: 2019/3/25

    Mystery around defence deals and Rafale secrecy: When the political executives, government departments and officers are hell bent on not sharing the public information with the members of the public, only hope appears to be the judiciary.-M Sridhar Acharyulu- Posted: 2019/3/25

    Prior restraints-The battle between throttling speech and protecting societal interests: The Constitution provides freedom of speech and expression vide Article 19(1) to all its citizens but in the same breath imposes restrictions reasonable enough to act as a check on the use of this freedom. -Kritika Narayan- Posted: 2019/3/24

    From Chaiwala to Chowkidar: As India gears for its seventeenth Lok Sabha elections in 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, On March 16, tweeted a fire brand campaign series with the hashtag #MainBhiChowkidar- Trilok Singh- Posted: 2019/3/24

    Whether Caveat Application is legally permissible to be filed under section 148(a) of CPC: Whether in a criminal proceeding a Caveat Application is legally permissible to be filed as provided under section 148 (a) of the code of civil procedure, 1908?-Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2019/3/23

    ross Border Merger: The Procedure And Challenges: Merger is a kind of arrangement under Section 230 of the Companies Act 2013, which takes place through the consolidation of shares of different classes and then its division into separate classes.-Lubhanshi Rai- Posted: 2019/3/22

    Role of Decisions Law In Developing Concept of Compensatory Jurisprudence: The torture in the police captivities, unchallenged and unopposed, has become a 'usual routine’ or 'legitimate practice’ all over the entire nation.-Dr. N. Krishna Kumar- Posted: 2019/3/20

    Pramod Sawant sworn in as 11th Goa CM: The final stalemate over the Appointment of New CM:Now former speaker of Goa Legislative Assembly namely, 'Pramod Sawant' takes 'oath' as the new young Chief Minister (CM) of Goa, at the Raj Bhavan on march 19 (Late Night), 11 leaders -Trilok Singh- Posted: 2019/3/20

    Strikes By Advocates In India: The purpose of this research article is to analyze the issue of frequent strikes that were called by advocates in India in recent years.-Kirty Ranjan Rani- Posted: 2019/3/15

    Concept of Independent Directors In India With Relevance To Increasing Corporate Governance Mechanisms: Independent directors (ID) play the role of upholding the interests of shareholders and ensuring that the company runs lawfully which includes its equitable functioning. -Krishnadas Saiju- Posted: 2019/3/13

    How the Lok Sabha Polling 2019 schedules has created a widespread controversy: As India gears for its seventeenth Lok Sabha elections in this year, The announcement of National General Election 2019 schedules-dates on March 10 by the Election Commission of India -Trilok Singh- Posted: 2019/3/12

    Judicial Precedent Is Source of Law: Precedent is based upon the principle of stare decisis et non quieta movere, more commonly referred to as ‘stare decisis’, meaning to “stand by decided matters-Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2019/3/11

    Advisory jurisdiction of the Supreme Court-Is the court bound to give its opinion:Articles 124 to 147 of the Constitution of India lay down the composition and jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of India. -N Pradhan- Posted: 2019/3/9

    Remand by a Judicial Magistrate if Investigation is not completed within 24 hrs: The dictionary meaning of the word remand is to return or send back. However, in the legal world, it has two different meanings-Dimple Garg- Posted: 2019/3/8

    Tort-Lawful Act and bad motive-Motive, Malice, Intention and tort:A good motive is no justification for an action otherwise illegal and a bad motive does not make wrongful an act otherwise legal. Discuss the statement with its exceptions -N Pradhan- Posted: 2019/3/7

    Various Definitions of The Term Tort And Comment on Any One Better Known To You: The word Tort is derived from the Latin term Tortum which means “twisted”. The term is French equivalent of the English word ‘wrong’ and the Roman law term ‘delict’.-N Pradhan- Posted: 2019/3/6

    Constitution of India-Freedom of speech and expression: The Right To Freedom of Speech and Expression Under The Article 19 With The Help of Decided Cases. What Are The Grounds on Which This Freedom Could Be Restricted-N Pradhan- Posted: 2019/3/6

    Muslim Divorce In India: An Analysis of Triple Talaq Bill of 2018: The word "divorce" is well-known all around the globe and the concept of dissolution of marriage is found in every religion and language. Marriage-Anam Wasey- Posted: 2019/3/5

    Awards and Settlement: The Industrial Dispute Act, 1947 which extends to the whole of India came into operation on the first day of April 1947.-Neha Chaudhary- Posted: 2019/3/4

    Awareness on Woman Rights: International and Indian Perspective: In order to live with dignity certain basic rights and freedoms are necessary, which all Human beings are entitled to these basic rights are called Human Rights.-Ankush Saraf- Posted: 2019/3/4

    Whether The Judges Must Give Their Reasons In Writing For Recusing Themselves From Specific Cases: Historically, Justices have refrained from offering their opinions on public figures and salient events to avoid the appearance of bias or prejudice on issues that could come before the Court -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2019/3/4

    Precautions to be taken while entering into a Real Estate Transaction: There are two brothers namely Pushp Kumar Sahu and Uday Kumar Sahu who have entered into a transaction of immovable property worth 48 lacs INR in cash.-Pushp Kumar Sahu- Posted: 2019/3/2

    Cyber Security in Corporate Governance: The National Cyber Security Policy, 2013 came into existence on July 2, 2013 aiming to protect information and creating a secure cyberspace ecosystem to strengthen the regulatory framework of corporations.-Dippyaman Bhattacharya- Posted: 2019/3/1

    Media As A Legal Framework- An Analysis: The legal framework of the freedom of press in India has been in true sense inspired by various international bodies such as the United Nations, US constitution and the British Constitution.-Ahsan Zaman Laskar- Posted: 2019/3/1

    Consumer Rights: Consumer rights are generally a reference to a body of law that pertains to things the producers of goods must do to protect customers from harm.-Kawalpreet kaur Chhina- Posted: 2019/2/28

    Evolution of Audit Committee In India - An Insight To The Various Recommendations And Reforms: Good corporate governance nurtures a system of transparent accountability. In the wake of various corporate scandals like Sahara, Satyam, Enron, both in India and around the globe, corporate governance -Meha Dad- Posted: 2019/2/28

    Analysis of Order 33 of the Civil Procedure Code. 1908: Order 33, C.P.C, deals with the suit filed by Indigent persons. Previously, the expression “Pauper” was used. Further, the expression “Indigent person” was substituted in places where the word “pauper” had occurred -Shambhavi Sinha- Posted: 2019/2/28

    Ethical and Moral Implications - Is Artificial Intelligence a Monster or our Friend: This Millennial is a convergence of Technology and Human Interaction and the interface shall only diminish with time till all communication becomes Virtual.-Lubna Yusuf- Posted: 2019/2/28

    Film and Media Laws for Script Writers: Section 17 of the Copyright Act 1957 statutorily recognizes the author of the work to be the first owner of the copyright therein. -Lubna Yusuf- Posted: 2019/2/26

    Assessment of Partnership Firms under income tax act,1961: In entire income tax act,1961 partnership is not defined any where, therefore we can refer section 4 of Indian partnership act,1932-Pushp Kumar Sahu- Posted: 2019/2/25

    Pay to put Behind Bars: The concept of pay to put somebody in jail in a civil case is well defined in the code of civil procedure 1908.-Vana Narayanan- Posted: 2019/2/21

    Marital Rape - A Justified Crime In India:The word ‘rape’ has been derived from the term ‘rapio’, which means ‘to seize’. It is a forcible seizure or the ravish of women without her consent. -Vaishali- Posted: 2019/2/25

    The need to empower Right To Information and Whistleblower Protection Act: The complicated mechanism of governance, corporate structures & other non governmental organizations that hold and exercise abrupt power, make a lot of profit by rendering public services, have a huge investment from tax payer's money-Harshita Shah- Posted: 2019/2/23

    Dowry-An analysis of its uses and misuses under the Indian legal system: In ancient time the family of bride use to give the bride during her marriage a valuable security in the form of cash, Jewellery, ornaments etc as token of love & affection for the financial benefit of the bride which also constituted as Stridhan -Subha Sattwa Bandyopadhyay- Posted: 2019/2/23

    Evolution of Section 11 of Arbitration Act- Pre Konkan Railway to 2018 Amendments:The laws regarding arbitration in India has come a long way but the main aim of the Arbitration Act,1966, which is to expedite the arbitration process and curtail judiciary’s intrusion -Shambhavi Sinha- Posted: 2019/2/23

    Cyberspace A Two Edged Sword For Copyright: Copyright is a protection provided to the author or the owner of the work may it be published or unpublished literary, dramatic, musical, artistic work in any form provided that they are expressed in a tangible and material form -Vibhav Vinay Kumar- Posted: 2019/2/21

    A Brief Idea of Article 20: Protection Against Conviction of Offences: Art. 20 of Indian Constitution provides for protection in respect of conviction of offences. In other words, it lays down certain safeguards to the person accused of crimes -Juhi Sachdeva- Posted: 2019/2/19

    Commissioner Appeals And Revisions Under Income Tax Act,1961: The Constitution of India guarantees the citizens of the country certain fundamental rights. Therefore, under any system of rule of law -Pushp Kumar Sahu- Posted: 2019/2/19

    Public Interest Litigation: Genesis and Evolution: Judiciary, being the sentinel of constitutional statutory rights of citizens has a special role to play in the constitutional scheme.-Ankush Saraf- Posted: 2019/2/19

    Law of Writs In Indian Constitution: In common law, Writ is a formal written order issued by a body with administrative or judicial jurisdiction. In modern times, this body is generally a Court.-A Arun- Posted: 2019/2/19

    Adoption in Islam Prohibited: Adoption is the transplantation of a son/daughter from the family in which he/she is born, into another family by gift made by his/her natural parents to his/her adopting parents.-Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2019/2/19

    The Menace of Deceptive Similarity: Deceptive Similarity is the major threat that looms in the world of Trademark Proprietor, which also infringes his intellectual property rights.-Anjali Sethi- Posted: 2019/2/17

    Scrutiny selection on the basis of AIR transactions under income tax act, 1961: Scrutiny Selection on The Basis of Air (Sft) Information the era of fast changing technology and data analytics, Income Tax Department too empowered itself with one of the most enabling-Pushp Kumar Sahu- Posted: 2019/2/17

    Hostile Witness - Jeremy Bentham: Hostility is the state of bad feeling and ill will. A hostile witness is an unfavourable witness.-Neha Chaudhary- Posted: 2019/2/17

    The Liability of Online Marketplaces under the Consumer Protection Bill, 2018: Globalisation, increase in trade, emergence of new ways of transactions and e-commerce have created new and convenient options for consumers.-Priamvada Surolia- Posted: 2019/2/17

    An In-sight into the PIL to Review Kendriya Vidyalaya Prayer: The writ has been filed under Article 32 of the Constitution of India, and Supreme Court has also referred this matter to the constitutional bench which means that this is a matter of utmost importance that needs to be tackled by the Judiciary.-Varun Singh- Posted: 2019/2/17

    Alibi-A plea of an accused under the indian evidence act: Alibi is a Latin word, which means elsewhere. It is used when the accused takes the plea that when the occurrence took place he was elsewhere.-- Posted: 2019/2/15

    Changing Dynamics in Constitutional Interpretation: Interpretation is the art or process of discovering and expounding the intended signification of the language used in a statute, will, contract, or any other written document, that is, the meaning which the author designed it to convey to others.-Reeya Khanna & Paras Arora- Posted: 2019/2/15

    White Collar Crime: Detail Study: This research article analyzes a critical study on white collar crime in India. And to understand the concept of white collar crime in India.-Parkash Chaudhary- Posted: 2019/2/13

    Transferability of A Mere Right of Re-Entry For The Breach of A Condition Subsequent: The Transfer of Property Act, 1882 contains specific provisions regarding what constitutes transfer and the conditions attached to it.-Aditya Saurabh- Posted: 2019/2/13

    Remix culture: Impact on Copyright owner of musical works: Basically, you have a copyright from the moment you create something and it needs to have two things: it needs to be original and it has to be fixed in a tangible medium of expression as copyright protects your expression and not your idea.-Mayukha Parcha- Posted: 2019/2/13

    FIR Its Evidentiary Value, Consequences on Denial By The Police To Lodge:What is a an FIR? An FIR is the first mechanism which initiates criminal proceedings to punish the offender. However section 154 of the CrPc -Subhajit Chakraborty- Posted: 2019/2/9

    Transferable And Non Transferable Property: The Transfer of Property Act 1882 is an Indian legislation which regulates the transfer of property in India. It contains specific provisions regarding what constitutes a transfer and the conditions attached to it.-Ruth Diya Chattopadhyay- Posted: 2019/2/7

    Corporate Criminal Liability - White Collar Crime: A corporation is considered as a separate legal entity distinct from its shareholders. It can be described to imply as an association of persons for some common object and it has no strictly any legal or technical meaning.-Kumar Saurav and Krupa Savajiyani- Posted: 2019/2/6

    Adultery: A Reason or The Symptom of Broken Marriage: The word ‘adultery’ is derived from the latin word ‘adulterium’. The ideology behind this word is similar to ‘adulteration’ which means ‘the action of making something poorer in quality by the addition of another substance’. -Rama kumari- Posted: 2019/2/4

    Culpable homicide versus Murder: Homicide is unlawful when the death is caused by an intentional act. Whoever causes death by doing an act with the intention of causing death.-Neha Chaudhary- Posted: 2019/2/3

    John Doe Order And Intellectual Property Right: Trademark and Copyright infringement has been rampant throughout the world including in India.-Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2019/2/1

    Changing Dimensions of Hindu Marriage: Marriage as an institution is very old and popular in most parts of the world. Marriage is very well accepted and supported by the society as it involves many religious rituals which strengthen the family system.-Milind Anand- Posted: 2019/2/1

    Marital Rape: Safeguarded by the Constitution of India: Marital rape is an aspect of marriage that is solely not taken care of by the present existing laws.-Sneha Mohanty- Posted: 2019/2/1

    Licensing of Intellectual Property in India: A Detailed Study of its Working: Licensing is a contract between a minimum of 2 parties wherein the licensor agrees to allow the licensee to share the rights enjoyed by the former subject to consideration by the latter.-Manas Mutatkar- Posted: 2019/2/1

    Right to Information Act, 2005: A democratic government is of the people, for the people by the people. People’s involvement in the governmental activities is an important aspect of administration as the government is accountable only to the people.-Manas Mutatkar- Posted: 2019/2/1

    IRAC on Tamil Nadu Film Exhibitors Association v. CCI:This appeal has been combined from two different cases by the High Court of Madras. The appellants through two different writ appeals had approached the High Court, but the court combined both these cases as they arose from the same cause of action.-Pranitha Pai- Posted: 2019/1/31

    Arbitration v. Mediation: Methods of Resolving Business Disputes: Arbitration and mediation are different methods of dispute settlement that can be broadly placed under the category of alternate dispute resolution (ADR) methods-Manas Mutatkar- Posted: 2019/1/31

    Sexual Harassment at the Workplace:unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favours, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature in relation to conditions of employment -Manas Mutatkar- Posted: 2019/1/30

    Effectiveness of Arbitration in Copyright Disputes: Intellectual property rights are the backbone of commerce and allows various brands and companies to thrive in a unique manner.-Manas Mutatkar- Posted: 2019/1/29

    Uniform Civil Code: The Indispensability and the Absurdity: India is a secular state and nation, which means that it does not follow any particular religion or there is no official religion as such for the country.-Ayush Pratap- Posted: 2019/1/29

    Critical Analysis of The Trafficking of Persons (Protection, Prevention and Rehabilitation) Bill, 2018: The Trafficking of Persons (Protection, Prevention and Rehabilitation) Bill, 2018, hereinafter refer as Bill, was introduced by the Minister of Women and Child Development and passed by the Lok Sabha last year. -Amaan Ahmed- Posted: 2019/1/29

    Action For Infringement, Passing off And Third Party Use: When ever a Plaintiff institute a Suit for infringement of Passing off against the Defendant, then normally the Defendant takes the defense of user of same or similar trade mark-Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2019/1/29

    Amendment to Leniency Regulation, Competition Law 2002:The main aim to introduce Competition Act, 2002 was not only to protect the consumers from all sorts of market abuses but also to create consumers by increasing the purchasing power of the people living in poverty.-Arshnit Sandhu- Posted: 2019/1/29

    Res Gestae - A Judicial Analysis: The most complicated area of criminal jurisprudence is the tool of proving, what type of evidence is presented for proving in court of law. Here is one of the principles of law of evidence is Res Gestae.-Sharren.A- Posted: 2019/1/29

    Copyright Registration, No proof of user: In a recent Judgment dated21.01.2019 passed by Hon'ble High Court of Delhi in Writ bearing W.P.(C) 7983/2012 titled as Khushi Ram Behari Lal Vs Jaswant Singh Balwant Singh, the Hon'ble Court has returned the finding that Copyright Registration is no proof of user.-Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2019/1/28

    A Look through the Mist Article 35A of the Constitution: It is more since 2014 that Article 35A of Constitution of India has been under lively discussions and debates since when some pointed questions on the very exitence of this article as being part of Constitution of India -Daya Sagar- Posted: 2019/1/27

    A Judicial Officer Is Not An Ordinary Government Servant And Must Be Above Suspicion: Sadhna Chaudhary v U.P. has upheld the dismissal of a judicial officer on grounds of misconduct, on the basis of two orders passed by her in land acquisition cases. This has certainly sent shockwaves across Uttar Pradesh especially in judicial circles.-sanjeevsirohimrt- Posted: 2019/1/22

    Evidentiary Value of Accomplice In The Light of Procedural Laws In India: Everything which does not keep pace with the changing needs of the society does not last for a long time and as such law should not be static in nature it should meet the demands of the changing society. -Subhajit Chakraborty- Posted: 2019/1/24

    Real Men Don't Rape: When virtue and modesty enlighten her charms, the lustre of a beautiful woman is brighter than the stars of heaven, and the influence of her power it is in vain to resist.-Rama Kumari- Posted: 2019/1/23

    Lazy Analysis: The ignorance of crucial perspectives in judicial decision making: Criminal Law must just be based on a few principles which I have to memorize and apply so in order to derive the answer.-Shreeja Athota- Posted: 2019/1/22

    Mere Allegations of Harassment Without Proximate Positive Action Not Sufficient For Conviction U/S 306 IPC:Rajesh v State of Haryana conviction under Section 306 of the Indian Penal Code (Abetment of Suicide) is not sustainable on the allegation of harassment without there being any positive action proximate to the time of occurrence on the part of the accused, which led or compelled the person to commit suicide.-Sanjeev Sirohi Advocate- Posted: 2019/1/21

    Rape And Murder of 8 Year Old Girl: SC Commutes Death Sentence To 25 Years Imprisonment Without Remission: Nand Kishore v Madhya Pradesh has commuted to life imprisonment the death sentence which was earlier confirmed by the Madhya Pradesh High Court of a convicted for the rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl.-Sanjeev Sirohi Advocate- Posted: 2019/1/21

    Dying Declaration: Dying Declaration had been a significant instrument of administration of justice since time immemorial. The common principle on which this class of evidence is admitted is that they are declarations made in edge -Arundhati And Shubhangi- Posted: 2019/1/21

    Journey to the Triple Talaq Verdict: The Supreme court in a Landmark verdict of 22nd August 2017 struck down the practice of Triple Talaq. A constitutional bench of five judges, belonging to different faiths – Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, and Zoroastrianism – ruled by a 3:2 majority that there was no constitutional protection for Triple Talaq.-Ali Naqvi- Posted: 2019/1/21

    Injunction and Extra Judicial Remedies under Tort Law:An injunction is an order of a court restraining the commission, repetition or continuance of a wrongful act of the defendant.-Ayushi Singh- Posted: 2019/1/20

    Supreme Court Collegium: Setting the Clock Back?: Independence, impartiality and fearlessness of Judges are not the private rights of the Judges but citizen's rights. Ultimately judicial legitimacy/ power rests on people’s confidence in Courts.-Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2019/1/20

    Powers of Indian President and Its Abuse: Since 1950, India has come under presidential ship of several reputed personalities and now we are at our 14th President, Ram Nath Kovind The president being the head of the nation and First Citizen of the nation. -Pourna Vijay- Posted: 2019/1/18

    Hybrid ADR: With the passage of time , there have been a tremendous increase in the number of cases that came up before the judiciary. -Pourna Vijay- Posted: 2019/1/18

    A Critical Analysis of the Proposed the Consumer Protection Bill, 2018: The technology has changed tremendously the way of our lives especially shopping. To buy all of our basic necessities we usually allocate not only amount-Vana Narayanan- Posted: 2019/1/16

    Case Comment: Raju Thapa vs. State of Uttarakhand: Law does not operate in vacuum. It is not a set of mechanical rules, but requires subtle application and interpretations based on provided situation.-Lakshya Goyal- Posted: 2019/1/16

    Provision of The Selection of Forum - Commercial Contracts: The Indian Contracts Act of 1872 has delineated under section 28, about the conditions when the clause of forum selection can make a contract void, leaving out room for two exceptions explicitly.-Shivam Sharan- Posted: 2019/1/15

    Administrative Direction: A state being a humongous entity comprised of various elements and notions, is circumstantially dynamic and it is quite challenging to deal with such changing scenarios and exigencies.-Pourna Vijay- Posted: 2019/1/15

    Origin and Development of Designs Act, 2000: Designs act was enacted to protect and safeguard the original industrial designs which are applied to particular articles manufactured by industrial process or means.-Pourna Vijay- Posted: 2019/1/15

    A Criminological analysis to the crimes against women: In India, one in every three women faces physical / sexual violence. While 33.5% of the women face domestic violence with 8.5% includes sexual violence.-Shreeja Athota- Posted: 2019/1/14

    Contempt of Court: Analysis: According to the Oxford Dictionary, contempt is the state of being despised or dishonored; disgrace.-Vidhik Kumar- Posted: 2019/1/14

    What Is A Letter Trademark?: This article deals with the Trade Marks, comprised of Letters. Though normally trademarks are comprised of device, colour combination, letters, image etc.-Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2019/1/14

    Sabrimala - Prejudices, Misconceptions and Ignorance: Supreme Court has given a verdict on "unrestricted entry for all regardless of the gender or age or reproductive health", citing Women's rights and gender discrimination against Hindu women, feeling noble to have attempted to establish equality among Hindu men and women.-Akriti Tyagi- Posted: 2019/1/13

    Summoning of Registrar of Trademark To Prove Trademark Registration: In a Civil Suit proceeding pertaining to Intellectual Property Right in India, when ever matter is listed before the Joint Registrar or Court for purpose of evidence of the parties -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2019/1/10

    Declining heinous crime rates in Delhi but at the same time raised 6% theft cases: Amulya Patnaik, Delhi Police commissioner has argued that his force was able to control the heinous crimes such as dacoity, attempt to murder, robberies, rioting and rapes, which showed an overall decline of 11.72% compared to the previous year.-Trilok Singh- Posted: 2019/1/16

    The Economic Reservation Bill: A Political sham under the garb of Public Policy: The Supreme Court in Indira Sawhney (1992) had put a 50% cap on caste based reservations and ruled that no provision of reservation or preference can be so vigorously pursued as to destroy the very concept of equality.-Harsh Singh- Posted: 2019/1/10

    Input tax Credit laundering and parallel economy in GST regime: GST was thought to be the economic integration of the nation with the slogan of one nation one tax. The system of GST taxation has undergone a roller coaster ride since the day of its implementation.-Radhe Krishna- Posted: 2019/1/8

    Operation Creditor under IBC: Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (IBC) defines Operational creditor as a person to whom an operational debt is owed including the debt that has been legally assigned or transferred.-Mandar- Posted: 2019/1/2

    Differential association:an effect of association with criminal: Sutherland advocated theory of differential association which describes the association with criminal how influences behavior of individual.-Prashant Bhimrao Maske- Posted: 2019/1/2

    How Does Criminal Background Check Take Place in India?: You will have to come across this verification to ensure security in the latest government job that you have got. After cracking the government job examination, it should be a primary point of concern.-Lovely Sharma- Posted: 2018/1/2

    The need for review of the caste based reservation system in India: Our Constitution ensures equity and fairness of chance to every one and so it turns into an obligation of state to make a move to accomplish this goal.-Divya Aggarwal- Posted: 2019/1/2

    Eyewitness Testimonies: A Gateway to Wrongful Convictions: This paper is written as a reaction to the judgment delivered by the Supreme Court of India in the case of Daya Singh versus the State of Haryana-Zico bahl- Posted: 2019/1/2

    Inherent Jurisidiction of Civil Courts in India: Jurisdiction means the power and authority conferred by law upon a court, judge or tribunal to decide the disputes and make judgments/orders authorised by law-Moksh Ranawat- Posted: 2019/1/2

    Software patentability in India and other countries: Patenting software is a hotly debated topic in the current intellectual property (IP) context because of the expanding nature of software industry which has caused difficulty in classifying as to what kind of IP must be granted to software related inventions. -Nupur Priyadarshi- Posted: 2019/1/2

    The Probation of Offenders Act- An Analysis: The object of Criminal Law is more inclined towards the reformation of the offender than to punish him. Instead of keeping an accused with hardened criminals in a prison, the court -Ayushi Singh- Posted: 2019/1/2

    The Blurry Line Between Defamation And Role Of Media: The scope of this article extends to how media and defamation are connected with each other. This article gives an idea about how any of the information published by media can lead to defamation of the concerned person.-Rutu Mistry- Posted: 2019/1/2

    Health as a part of Fundamental Right under Article 21: A pursuit by India: Health has been much regarded as the basic and fundamental human right by the international community under international human rights law.-Anisha Jhawar- Posted: 2019/1/2

    Start-Ups: Tax or No Tax?:In last week, a controversy was again created when the Revenue Authorities sent notices to start-ups for their income earned from ‘share premium’ or the famous ‘angel tax’. -Priyanshi Joshi- Posted: 2019/1/2

    Woman And Not Wo-Man!:Whenever we see a powerful, strong and independent lady, why we do perceive that she will either be a feminist or there may be a man who has supported her in getting the position where she stands today. Why a lady is subjected to so many questions like her choices, decisions, sexual desire, opinion or for any other matter.-Sahina Mumtaz- Posted: 2019/1/2

    All You Need To Know About NFRA: The National Financial Reporting Authority (NFRA) is a body constituted under the provisions of Section 132 of the Companies Act, 2013.-Monisha. L- Posted: 2019/1/2

    Consumer Protection Bill, 2018 Key Highlights:The new Consumer Protection Bill, 2018("Bill") aiming to replace the present Consumer Protection Act, 1986("Act") is passed by the Lok Sabha on 20th December, 2018.-Neha Priya- Posted: 2019/1/2

    Difference Between Fine and Penalty Companies Act, 2013 and Company Ordinance, 2018: There is always confusion between �Fine and Penalties. Through, this editorial author made an attempt to elaborate the difference and basic meaning of between Fine & Penalties. Lets first see the meaning as -Divesh Goyal- Posted: 2019/1/2

    FAQ on basis of decided case laws - Insolvency Bankruptcy Code, 2016: decided case laws of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016. Author shall endeavor to prepare the analysis of important case laws of IBC, 2016 decide in 2018 in FAQ’s basis.-Divesh Goyal- Posted: 2019/1/2

    Indian Laws Relating To Maintenance: The word maintenance is of wide connotation.-Gursimran Kaur- Posted: 2019/1/2

    Types of Age Discrimination in the Workplace: Employment law in the UK depicts age discrimination as an instance when an individual is subjected to an unfair disadvantage for reasons relating to his or her age, without any objective justification. Age discrimination has been illegal in the UK since 2006. -Tribunal Claim- Posted: 2019/1/2

    Death Penalty and Human Right:Now recent day This debate has been going in the society that whether Death penalty should be abolished or not ? -Rajesh Yadav- Posted: 2019/1/2

    Why blasphemous laws should be abolished?: The word blasphemous laws means law relating to hurting the religious sentiment of the people. In India There is no special law like domestic violence Act 2005.-Rajesh Yadav- Posted: 2019/1/2

    The Surrogacy Bill, 2016: The Surrogacy (regulation) bill, 2016 was introduced in Lok Sabha on 21st November, 2016 and on 12th January, 2017 it was referred to standing committee.-Simran Mehta- Posted: 2019/1/1

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