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    India: An Emerging Superpower: The present article tries to draw a real picture of India's dream of becoming a superpower, India's emerging -Prime Legal- Posted: 2020/12/31

    Impact Of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) On Indian Companies: GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It is a legal framework that sets guidelines for protection -Evlyn Nisha Hamshavarshini- Posted: 2020/12/31

    Tax Pertaining On Capital Gains From Stocks In One Financial Year: Capital gain from stocks is not taxable unless the net annual income of the financial year is more than 2.5 lakhs. -Aniruddha Roy- Posted: 2020/12/30

    Love-Jihad In India: Few days ago, one incident took place in Uttar Pradesh where police received an information that Muslim man -Ritik Jain- Posted: 2020/12/30

    Decriminalization of Attempt of Suicide: Attempt to suicide in a layman's understanding is trying to kill oneself, here it can even be understood or be -Aayushi Priya- Posted: 2020/12/30

    Consumer Protection Act, 2019: A relief for the buyers: The objective of the article is to help understand the need and demand for a new Consumer Protection Act -Aayushi Priya- Posted: 2020/12/30

    Transgender rights regime in India: Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Rules, 2020. The following article summarises the Transgender Rights regime in India.-Shivam Kene- Posted: 2020/12/30

    Belittle Right To Compensation For Wrongful Conviction: There is no bitter tyranny than that of which is perpetrated under the shield of the law in the name of justice -Shifa Khan- Posted: 2020/12/30

    Evolution of Public International Law for Self Defence from 1837 to 2005: The right to self-defense for a state specified in the United Nations charter is one of the most controversial-Anand R Moon- Posted: 2020/12/29

    Essence of ideas and Conceptualization of the key terms in relation to Diplomatic Science theory: Pre-literate societies regarded envoys as sacred. This Sacro sanctity may stem in part from early man's attitude -Jonah Elisa Shiny- Posted: 2020/12/29

    Void Marriages Under Hindu Law: The term void means null and which ceases to be enforceable by law and the term marriage is considered one of the most important institutions -Pooja- Posted: 2020/12/29

    Article on Bury the Ghost of Ex-Post Taxation: In the Wealth of Nations' published in 1776, Adam Smith postulated four canons of taxation; Equity, Certainty, Convenience and Efficiency.-Ayush Sarna- Posted: 2020/12/29

    Arbitrability: The term arbitrability is basically classification of disputes into ones which may be resolved by arbitration and ones which belong exclusively to the realm of courts.-Karthik Sridhar- Posted: 2020/12/28

    The Impact Of Drugs On Teenagers: Every society give strong response to criminal act and legal system which is controlled and run by several organs -Harshni Slathia- Posted: 2020/12/28

    Graphic Account Of Travel To Kashmir - In The Reign Of Maharaja Ranjit Singh And His Sway Over The East India Company: Thakur-Das, when I asked him whether he would accompany me to Kashmir -- Posted: 2020/12/28

    Conceptual Study of Law of Torts and General Defences: The law of tort is a branch of civil law, which consists of various torts or wrongful acts that violate some legal rights vested in a person by law. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/12/28

    Group Company Insolvency Framework: Is It Still Too Soon?: The Insolvency and Bankruptcy code 2016 (Code) was developed utilizing the UNCITRAL Legislative Guide -Karthik Sridhar- Posted: 2020/12/28

    Status and Role of Guarantors under the Indian Contract Act, 1872 and Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016: For a layman to understand a contract of guarantee is a contract to discharge the liability of a third person in case he defaults.-Aayushi Priya- Posted: 2020/12/28

    Real Estate Sector of Law: Before we go into the detail of real estate sector of law, it essential for us to understand the India legislatures governing the same.-Aastha Vyas- Posted: 2020/12/28

    The British Era Annals Of The Records Of Travellers To Kashmir: The great mystery of language, which by one sound can bring before us not a single image only, but a multitude of objects and events -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2020/12/27

    Animal Protection: Animals are that large group of living beings which include us Human beings.-Sradha Mohan- Posted: 2020/12/27

    Rape by HIV+ positive patient doesn’t amount to attempt to murder: Sabhajeet Maurya v. State (NCT of Delhi)[1] ruled that an HIV positive patient cannot be convicted for an offence punishable under Section 307 IPC.-Syed Aatif- Posted: 2020/12/26

    A Bird’s Eye View Of Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019: In contemporary times, we are stepping towards an era of Digital Data Transfer. -Vanshika Sharma- Posted: 2020/12/26

    Increase in Domestic Violence Cases in India during Lockdown: Domestic Violence cases in India is no new story. It has been so long since we are experiencing Domestic Violence cases and its surge. -Prime Legal- Posted: 2020/12/25

    Right to be forgotten: Privacy and Cyberspace: The rule of privacy is encapsulated with the phrase Right to be Left Alone -Sumedha Ganjoo- Posted: 2020/12/25

    A Conceptual Study of Punishment and Compensation under Indian Panel Code: When a person commits any offence, then he or she is punished, so that such act or omissions do not repeat -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/12/25

    The Role of Defence of Necessity in Saving Vendors’ Right to Livelihood: Street vendors and hawkers have formed an integral part of the Indian economy since ancient times.-Samridhi Shukla- Posted: 2020/12/24

    Liability Of State In A Contract: All the courts in England were under the Crown and hence Ould not be sued. -Shifa Khan- Posted: 2020/12/24

    Limitation Act: A foster parent to section 37 of the arbitration and conciliation act 1996 and its limitation by the Supreme Court: Section 37 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act with Article 116 and Section 5 of the Limitation Act -Nikit Bala- Posted: 2020/12/24

    Stay Order No Longer Eternal: Stay order is nothing short of sounding a death knell, to a proceeding before the trial court.-Nikit Bala- Posted: 2020/12/24

    Copyright Protection of Dance and Choreography in the United States: The United States has seen a tremendous growth in the field of IPR, so much that the IP related industries -Manya Ahuja- Posted: 2020/12/24

    Tracing Ancestors - Through Maps And Local Histories: When you research your family tree, you will discover not just who your ancestors were, but also where they lived. -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2020/12/24

    Genealogy Of Slave Ancestry: Many British people, black and white, have ancestors who were black slaves in the Caribbean -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2020/12/24

    Discovering Ancestors-Through Land Registers: Records to do with land can frighten people because of their esoteric names and legal jargon -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2020/12/24

    Prosecutors In Criminal Justice System: A Comparative Analysis Between Indian, US And English Criminal Justice System: Prosecutor is not the representative of the victim, not of the accused, even not of the government -Varnika Singh- Posted: 2020/12/24

    Insider Trading under SEBI(prohibition of insider trading) Regulation Act: Role of insider trading, where it also focuses on the background of insider trading, elaboration on what is insider trading is all about.-Pooja Dhruve- Posted: 2020/12/24

    Jurisdiction Of Administrative Tribunals: Administrative Tribunals are quasi judicial authorities established with the duty to discharge adjudicatory functions. -Shifa Khan- Posted: 2020/12/24

    Analysing Legal Practice in India and future of Indian Legal Profession: In contemporary legal India, it is critical to obtain a deeper understanding of the pre-existing structure of Legal Practice in India. -Pragyanshu Gautam- Posted: 2020/12/23

    Men-Victim Of Sexual Assault: We live in a 21st century where men and women is treated equally, enjoys equal freedom of speech and expression.-Harshni Slathia- Posted: 2020/12/23

    Law on dominant position - they are likely to be tested more in near future: The Competition Act, 2002 prohibits an enterprise in a ‘dominant position' to abuse its position of strength in the relevant market in its favour.-Priyanshi Chakraborty- Posted: 2020/12/23

    Res Ipsa Loquitur: makes difficult for that person who wants to escape from liability.-Greeshma reddy- Posted: 2020/12/23

    Capital Punishment and human rights perspective: The issue of death sentence or capital punishment is hotly debated in not only our country but also worldwide.-Parul Saxena- Posted: 2020/12/23

    Tweet and Contempt of Court: One can exercise the right of Free speech and expression, but it does not give the right to scandalise the Court.-Rohit Pradhan- Posted: 2020/12/23

    Sepulchre, Gravestones And Memorials - As A Means For Tracing Ancestory: Gravestones found in Churchyards and cemeteries (and sometimes called monumental inscriptions -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2020/12/23

    Discovering Ancestors - Through Electoral Registers: Records for who voted for what, or who was entitled to vote where, can be interesting in their own right -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2020/12/23

    Genealogical Co-Ordinates - Traced Through Censuses: The first mention of censuses is familiar to many of the Christmas stories. -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2020/12/23

    Offences under Indian Penal Code: An overview: Offence is an action which harms others, disturb the tranquility of a society, waging war against the State -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/12/23

    Documents only Arbitration: The flexible nature of arbitration means that it is well-placed to adjust, not just to short-term disruption -Bhaswat Prakash- Posted: 2020/12/23

    People using internet or internet using People: Since, past 10 years the Internet has taken over the world and it's still increasing. Data is the most demanded -Divij Barolia- Posted: 2020/12/23

    Immigration Justice in closed and open borders in globalizing world: Social justice is not only limited to humanitarianism. Social justice provides basic principles of equity -Mitisha Kotecha- Posted: 2020/12/22

    The History And Development Of Human Rights In India-Comparative Study Between India And USA’s Human Rights Laws: The present research paper aims at understanding the concept of evolution of human rights in India -Smriti Agrawal- Posted: 2020/12/22

    Tracing Ancestry - Through Newspapers And Magazines: Many of our ancestors appeared in newspapers and magazines, in birth, marriage and death announcements -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2020/12/22

    Tracing Genealogy Through Directories And Almanacs: Directories are published lists of peoples' addresses and occupations, which in the 18th, 19th and early-mid-20th centuries -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2020/12/22

    Prevention of Sexual Harassment for Women at Workplace: Sexual harassment at a workplace is considered violation of women's right to equality -Supriya Shamrao Kulkarni- Posted: 2020/12/21

    Muslim law of Inheritance and Succession: The most important event after the independence of India has been to frame and adopt the constitution -Adithya Shri- Posted: 2020/12/21

    NRI's Power of Attorney to sell property in India: There might be numerous occasions in an individual's life wherein he may be required to manage assets -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2020/12/21

    Criminal Lawyer For Supreme Court: The arguments which include formal allegations against the individual, who is blamed for a wrongdoing -Narender Singh- Posted: 2020/12/21

    Manorial Records - Substitute For Parish Records For Genealogy: Manorial records can be a marvellous complement to or substitute for parish records -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2020/12/21

    Parish Records - Foundation Of Modern English Genealogy: In the early Middles Ages, manorial lords would keep a priest in their household, and usually ended up building -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2020/12/21

    Reasonability to CAA, NRC: In the very inception of time people migrated looking for conducting survival needs.-Parthsarthi Hirani- Posted: 2020/12/21

    Universe - A Space of Disorder: Numerous conventions, treaties, International agreements make Space Law -Govinda Raj Parlerla- Posted: 2020/12/21

    Lives Less Ordinary - Illegitimacy Defined: People think of illegitimacy as a modern phenomenon, but between 1837and 1965, -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2020/12/21

    Karta in a Joint Hindu Family: They are the position holders who manage the major affairs of the company and the team, and also governs their proper functioning.-Somya Goel- Posted: 2020/12/20

    Constitutionality Of Bandh, Hartals And Chakka Jams: Bandhs, Hartals, agitations and civil disobedience are frequent in India as they are considered as a famous -Jyoti Tiwary- Posted: 2020/12/19

    Effects of Article 370: The Article 370 came into effect in 1949 according to which the state of Jammu and Kashmir enjoyed a special status until 5th August 2019. -Mohit Garg- Posted: 2020/12/19

    Insider Trading In India: Insider Trading is one of India's most prominent financial crime, which was prevalent since the early 1920's.-Prime Legal- Posted: 2020/12/19

    Decoding the Procedure for Partition of an Ancestral Property in Reference to Hindu Succession Act,1956: There are some criteria for any property to fall into the ambit of ancestral property.-Bhumani Tyagi- Posted: 2020/12/19

    Data Protection Under Information Technology Act: In recent times there has been a lot of tension between China and other countries like India, U.S.A, Taiwan etc. -Vishesh Kumar- Posted: 2020/12/18

    Does the Indian legal system support Arbitration?: A country is as strong as its judicial system. when you read about the appalling reports that about 2.5 Crore cases -Aryan Puri- Posted: 2020/12/18

    Master's Indemnity: The concept of Vicarious Liability: In Law of Torts, the person is liable for his own wrongful acts but there exists a different concept also. -Vaasawa Sharma- Posted: 2020/12/18

    498A a boon or a bane to society?: The society from the beginning have always being patriarchal.-Siddhant Dutta- Posted: 2020/12/17

    Trial Of Warrant Cases Under The Code Of Criminal Procedure, 1973: Though the term trail is not defined in the Code, it can be said to be a judicial proceedings in acquittal or conviction -Sidharth Ranjan Behera- Posted: 2020/12/17

    Abuse And Misuse Of Patent Rights: On the debate of abuse of patents it can be said that assignment of patents/IPRs in itself is not the problem -Sidharth Ranjan Behera- Posted: 2020/12/17

    Medical Device Negligence: Man is the solitary animal who puts stock in maintaining control in his reality.-Sidharth Ranjan Behera- Posted: 2020/12/17

    Choice Of Jurisdiction: There are significant purposes behind an away from of law condition to make assurance for the gatherings, and includes -Sidharth Ranjan Behera- Posted: 2020/12/17

    Indian Patent Office Law and Practice for obtaining Foreign Filing License: Different jurisdictions by way of their national laws have different restrictions over Patent Application filings -Vishal Bhardwaj- Posted: 2020/12/17

    Decriminalization of Homosexuality: The society often discarded homosexuality and is considered as a social stigma -Vaasawa Sharma- Posted: 2020/12/17

    Ticketmaster Corporation vs. Microsoft Corporation: A Case Comment: Plaintiff Ticketmaster Corporation ("Ticketmaster"), by its undersigned attorneys, complains of Defendant Microsoft Corporation ("Microsoft") and alleges -Sidharth Ranjan Behera- Posted: 2020/12/16

    Choice Of Jurisdiction: There are important reasons for a clear choice of law clause to create certainty for the parties, and involves -- Posted: 2020/12/16

    Constitutional Jurisprudence developed by Supreme Court on Environment: In the quest for development, man since time immemorial has been continuously trespass upon the environment -Gautam Raj- Posted: 2020/12/16

    Supreme Court Agrees to Examine Whether the Constitutionality of Declaration of 1975 Emergency Is Feasible After 45 Years: The Supreme Court agreed to hear the plea of a 94-year-old woman seeking to declare the proclamation as ‘wholly unconstitutional’, made in 1975 by the Congress government led by Indira Gandhi.-Riddhi Kapadni- Posted: 2020/12/16

    Marital Rights Of Same Sex Couple: A Socio-Legal Issue In India: Marriage is the oldest and most common institution in the world. Matrimony is a standard that society accepts -Vishakha Wadne- Posted: 2020/12/16

    All You Need To Know About CONSENT Under Rape Law: The Nirbhaya act or Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013 defines consent as the unequivocal voluntary agreement -Pink Legal- Posted: 2020/12/16

    Case Summary: M/S Embassy Property vs Karnataka - Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code: A company named M/s Uddhyaman investments Pvt Ltd claimed itself to be the financial creditor -Somya Goel- Posted: 2020/12/16

    The Origin Of Wills Under The English Law: Wills are written by people to express how they wish their property and money to be inherited -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2020/12/15

    Infanticide in India: An Analysis: Women represent approximately one-half of the global population, but because of gender disparities and bias -Pranati Sinha- Posted: 2020/12/15

    Case Analysis: Anokhi Lal v. State of Madhya Pradesh AIR 2020 SC 232: The un-fateful Nirbhaya case in 2012 paved the way for the creation of controversial fast track courts -Sarabjit Kaur- Posted: 2020/12/15

    General Exceptions of Indian Penal Code, 1860: The criminal law outlines different punishments for various crimes. But a person may not always be punished -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/12/14

    Tort Law: Compensation For Damage: The Tort law: Compensation for damage is characterized by the presence of a fault causing damage to be repaired -Dilip singh- Posted: 2020/12/13

    Zero FIR: The information given to a police officer and reduced to in writing as per the provisions of Section 154 -Syed Aatif- Posted: 2020/12/13

    Judicial System of Calcutta under East India Company: The judicial administration in Calcutta was controlled by the Nawab of the Calcutta, prince Azim-ush-shah grandson of Aurangzeb.-Nitesh Singh Kushwaha- Posted: 2020/12/13

    Summary: Rhea Chakroborty vs. State of Bihar. Can court transfer the investigation?: Whether this Court has power to transfer investigation (not case or appeal) under Section 406 of the CrPC -Nitesh Singh Kushwaha- Posted: 2020/12/13

    Article 356 – President's Rule: Article 356 of the Constitution of India is based on Section 93 of the Government of India Act, 1935.-Gautham Krishna- Posted: 2020/12/13

    Humanitarian Crisis in Ethiopia: When the whole world is crumbling under the pandemic, Ethiopia, famously known as the horn of Africa, is heading towards the civil war which is axiomatically leading the humanitarian crisis in Tigray region.-Kartikey Mishra- Posted: 2020/12/13

    National Green Tribunal (NGT) Act-Jurisdiction: Under section 14 of the NGT act, tribunal has given power to entertain all civil cases related substantial question -Koustubh Desai- Posted: 2020/12/12

    Criminal Liability: Crime, Stages Of Crime and Inchoate Crime: In our society, a crime often takes place which are against the principle of humanity. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/12/12

    Critical Analysis On Criminalization Of Seafarers: Each day passing, we see the world is executing globalisation in the most significant manner. -Anshdha Sharma- Posted: 2020/12/11

    No Conviction Under Section 304B IPC If Unnatural Death Not Established: A Bench of the Honorable Supreme Court of India in Sandeep Kumar and Others versus State of Uttarakhand and Another -Syed Aatif- Posted: 2020/12/11

    Evolution Of The Workers Rights:In 1802, a primary benevolent statute in favour of the working class was passed by the British Legislation -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2020/12/11

    Rape And Sexual Violence: Inside Prison Life: Every act done against the will of a person, is done without the consent and any such act done without the consent -Vidhi Gupta- Posted: 2020/12/11

    Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law: Human rights are inherent in human beings, they are a must for a person to live a dignified life. International humanitarian law -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/12/11

    Teenagers And Sexual Abuse: Every society give strong response to criminal act and legal system which is controlled and run by several organs -Harshni Slathia- Posted: 2020/12/10

    Employment Contract – Validity of Employment Bond: An employment contract is an agreement that discusses in detail the working rapport of a company -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2020/12/10

    Indian Perspective on Plant Varieties and Farmer’s Rights 101: In 2001, India introduced a special legislation titled Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers' Rights Act -Jahnavi Taneja- Posted: 2020/12/10

    Autism: A General Summary: Neurodevelopmental Disorders have become mainstream in not only in India but also in many parts of the world.-Anish Bachchan- Posted: 2020/12/10

    Trademark Class 2: Paints, varnishes, lacquers, Dyes, colorants, pigments and inks: Products and services are classified by according to specific categories -Aaron O'Hara- Posted: 2020/12/9

    Tokyo Convention,1963: The Convention on Offences and Certain Other Acts Committed On Board Aircraft, commonly called the Tokyo Convention -Sandeep Rana- Posted: 2020/12/9

    Prevention of oppression and Mismanagement: Powers of NCLT and Central Government: The word oppression has not been defined anywhere in the Companies Act, 2013. -Snehal- Posted: 2020/12/9

    National Human Rights Commission (NHRC): National Human Rights Commission, abbreviated as NHRC, is a public body which is constituted -Adv.Priya Dabas- Posted: 2020/12/9

    Development of Arbitration Law in India: The judicial system in India is plagued by inordinate delay. Quick redressal has become an elusive target -Adv.Priya Dabas- Posted: 2020/12/6

    The Lagging Indian Judiciary: The laws are codified, and different types of punishment are given depending upon the crime of the culprit -Ishan Sachdeva- Posted: 2020/12/8

    Concept of Recognition, Nationality and Extradition under International Law: In the sphere of international law, many concepts are used such as recognition of states and governments, nationality -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/12/8

    The concept of contributory negligence: one of the most significant case laws pertaining to this concept was Butterfield v Forrester, (1807) -Aryan Jawaharprasad Madhavan- Posted: 2020/12/8

    Safeguards for Victim Compensation Scheme: An Analysis: Crime takes an enormous physical, financial and emotional toll on its victims. -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/12/7

    Anticipatory Bail under CrPc: Anticipatory bail means bail in anticipation of an arrest.-Khaliqul Azam- Posted: 2020/12/7

    Calcutta High Court Directs Action Against Investigating Officer For Misuse Of Section 41A CrPc: reflexive piece which would delve into the order of the Calcutta High Court whereby it came down heavily on an investigating officer -Aryan Jawaharprasad Madhavan- Posted: 2020/12/6

    Impact Of Covid-19 On The Food And Hospitality Industry: The outbreak of the novel coronavirus and the consequential lockdown has placed the global economy -Nirali Deepak Parekh- Posted: 2020/12/6

    Can a victim or his lawyer be allowed to conduct prosecution in a criminal case?: The provisions of Sections 225, 301 and 302 are in consonance with the concept of fairness of trial as enshrined in Article 21 -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/12/6

    Characteristics And Features Of Stridhan And Woman’s Estate: The Dowry system is one of the most common societal evils which has inflicted our modern society. -Raj Kapadia- Posted: 2020/12/4

    Tribal situation in contemporary Indian: Two sides of same coin: Tribes are basically the section of society which are living away from civilized world.-Riya Navin- Posted: 2020/12/4

    Stereotyping: An Absurd Truth: Our society has a bunch of thoughts regarding how we anticipate that people should dress -Rupal dubey- Posted: 2020/12/4

    Protecting Consumer Interest in Banking Services: In an order dated December 2, 2020, RBI has asked HDFC Bank, one of the biggest -Rashmi Priya- Posted: 2020/12/4

    International Law: Evolution and Its Sources: International law, also called public international law or law of nations, is the legal body describing rules, norms -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/12/4

    Trial By Media - A Threat to Our Judicial System?: Trial by media is a phrase which is as equal as to the statement that who so ever controls -Bhaswat Prakash- Posted: 2020/12/3

    How To Institute A Summary Suit- Order 37: Summary Suit is the specific fast track procedure for enforcing a right in an effective manner -Anuja Waykar- Posted: 2020/12/3

    What extent is terrorism defined under International Law and under different jurisdiction of the world?: Criminal Acts expected to provoke terrorisation in the public for political purposes in situations -Muhammad Haroon- Posted: 2020/12/3

    Power of the court to summon additional accused under section 319 Cr.P.C: The constitutional mandate under Articles 20 and 21 of the Constitution of India provides a protective -Kanishk Khullar- Posted: 2020/12/3

    Surrogacy In India: An agreement by a woman (Surrogate mother) to undergo pregnancy so as to produce a child -- Posted: 2020/12/3

    Need For Statutory Restrictions On Witchcraft: Heart wrenching isn't it? It seems so grotesque reading such news headlines. Such are the practices -Eshaan datt- Posted: 2020/12/3

    Analysis Of National Policy For Prevention Of Narcotics And Psychotropic Substance Abuse: A House Hold Survey was conducted by the Government in all 36 states and Union territories covering around 200,000 households, with the sample population of all between the ages of 10 -75. -Chahana Charles- Posted: 2020/12/2

    Video Games: An Overview: Video Games as a medium has become a force to be reckon with in the Pop Culture -Anish Bachchan- Posted: 2020/12/2

    Medical Negligence and the legal compensation: Safety of patients from incompetent and negligent doctors and safety of doctors from undue harassment -Vaibhav Sachdeva- Posted: 2020/12/2

    Judgments Rendered By SC Under The Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code, 2016 Need Reconsideration: Innoventive industries V/s. ICICI Bank[1] and Pioneer Urban Land and Infrastructure Ltd. V/s. Union of India -Robin Jaisinghani- Posted: 2020/12/2

    Suspension Of IBC-An Operational Creditor Perspective: The Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code (BC the Code) was introduced as a tool for consolidation -Rashmi Priya- Posted: 2020/12/2

    Various Concepts of Administrative Law and Judicial Review: Administrative law deals with the legal control of the government and related administrative powers. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/12/2

    Anti Love Jihad Law- (Review): On Tuesday 24th November 2020, The Uttar Pradesh government passed an ordinance to deal -Damini Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/12/1

    Vanishing Coral Reefs- Need For Efficient Global Marine Legislation: Coral reefs are under assault and we need to voice their pain or else it might get too late, to make amends for them.-Rhea Banerjee- Posted: 2020/12/1

    Right To Bail Under The Whip Of Covid-19: The right to bail is a method to ensure the fundamental right to liberty of the citizens. -Aditya Kumar Mishra- Posted: 2020/12/1

    False allegations of impotency against husband is cruelty: A false allegation of impotency against the husband amounts to cruelty, the Delhi High court -Syed Aatif- Posted: 2020/12/1

    Police Clearance Certificate: A Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is an official record given to a person by the Indian Police or an approved Indian -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2020/12/1

    Victim Participation Needs To Be Strengthened By Providing Private Counsel With A Greater Say In The Trial Conduct: The principal aim of the administrative and judicial processes is to provide a mechanism to protect the interests -Damini Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/12/1

    Demonetization: Demonetization is the act of relieving a currency unit of its status as a legal tender.-Unnati Sarangi- Posted: 2020/11/30

    Administrative Tribunals in India: In Administrative law, the term tribunal is used in a significant sense and refers to only the adjudicatory bodies -Sagnik Chakraborty- Posted: 2020/11/30

    The Fallout Of India And Chinese APPS: As the tensions between China and India's forces continue to escalate ever since their melee over -Adityaraj Patodia- Posted: 2020/11/30

    Demand Notice Form 3 Of IBC- Legal Opinion: An operational creditor is empowered to invoke the insolvency resolution process in terms of the provisions -Riti Gupta- Posted: 2020/11/30

    A Comprehensive Study on Executive and Legislature Branches Of Constitution Of India Act 1950: According to the Constitution of India, the executive branch i.e., the Council of Ministers shall be collectively -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/11/30

    Legitimacy in Banning Chinese Apps in India: In this eve of Covid-19, as and when we were striving for Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in PUBG -Anto Robert- Posted: 2020/11/30

    A Critical Analysis On Animal Welfare In India: Animal welfare denotes to the quality of life that experienced by animals and how well they are coping -Sagnik Chakraborty- Posted: 2020/11/29

    What is the Role of a Lawyer in Society?: A lawyer is a client representative or a neutral third party, a law enforcement officer -Jones Smith- Posted: 2020/11/29

    The Dissolution of the Soviet Union: The Soviet Union was the relic of the 20th century. It influenced the century no other -Anish Bachchan- Posted: 2020/11/29

    The Registration Of The Designs In India Under The Designs Act, 2000: The word design is defined under the Designs Act, 2000 which constitutes the 2D or 3D model -Riti Gupta- Posted: 2020/11/29

    Ubi Jus Ibi Remedium: Law of Tort is characterized by the acts which are civil wrong and the remedy for such wrongs -Vaasawa Sharma- Posted: 2020/11/29

    Insanity Plea: Need For Reform: Nothing is an offense which is done by a person who, at the time of doing it -Jithendran. S- Posted: 2020/11/29

    Human Rights Violations - A Curse to Society, Culture and Humanity: Almost every day there are chilling instances of violence, ethnic cleansing, heinous torture -Bhaswat Prakash- Posted: 2020/11/29

    Sedition Law: A Mechanism to curb free speech?: Section 124A of Indian Penal Code (IPC) is the prince among the political sections designed to suppress the liberty of the citizens -Safeeya Sabeer- Posted: 2020/11/28

    A Summary on Existing Labour Laws in India: Labour law also known as employment law is the body of laws, administrative rulings, and precedents -N. Asmitha- Posted: 2020/11/28

    Right To Choose A Partner Is A Fundamental Right: The Honourable Allahabad High Court recently in Salamat Ansari and others versus State of UP and others -Syed Aatif- Posted: 2020/11/28

    Anti-Conversion Law: Anti- conversion which is also referred as 'love jihad' in a layman's language has always been a hotly debated -Aditi Gupta- Posted: 2020/11/28

    Trail by media and its impact on public conscience and judicial trial along with case laws: Media is regarded as the fourth pillar of democracy besides the executive, legislature and judiciary.-Bharat- Posted: 2020/11/28

    Black Magic and Witchcraft cases: A Legal Analysis: The Practice of Black Magic is a social evil existing in our country fueled by religious beliefs -Vagish Yadav- Posted: 2020/11/28

    The National Security Act of 1980: The National Security Act (NSA) dates back to the colonial era where, in 1818, Bengal Regulation III -Shreya Saxena- Posted: 2020/11/28

    Understanding The Blue-Pencil Rule Of Severability Under Contract Law: Many a times, parties to a contract find, much to their dismay, that some parts of their contracts -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/11/28

    Reservation of Scheduled Tribes in Union And State Services: While framing the Constitution of India due consideration was given to that fact that certain communities -Bhawna Gandhi- Posted: 2020/11/27

    Sexual Harassment Vis-A-Vis Work From Home: As the nations around the world grapple with the global pandemic COVID-19 by imposing lockdown -Bhawna Gandhi- Posted: 2020/11/27

    Third Party Litigation in India: Litigation, as has been seen, is a costly and lengthy affair for most of the population, especially in India.-Surabhi Arora- Posted: 2020/11/27

    Corporate Fraud and Corporate Criminal Liability: A business is a distinct legal entity set up by a statute or registration process.-Unnati Khajanchi- Posted: 2020/11/27

    Pertinence Of Forensic Science In Criminal Justice System In India With Accentuation On Crime Scene Examination: Criminal justice system involves a specific division or the arrangement of procedures, bodies and foundations -Rupal Dubey- Posted: 2020/11/27

    Violence against women in India and the remedies as per the Indian Constitution - A Critical Analysis: violence against women in India, the factors responsible for such violence -Vidushi Singh- Posted: 2020/11/26

    Constitution - A Liberal Democracy: It is correct that the Constitution of India is not the constitution of dreams of Babasaheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar.-Sahil Chaudhary- Posted: 2020/11/26

    A Comprehension Study On Constitution Of India 1950: The Preamble serves as the introduction or the preface to the Constitution and contains -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/11/26

    Interdependence Between The Primary Market And Secondary Market: Liquidation of financial assets could be made by means of securities. -Soumi Saha- Posted: 2020/11/25

    Women Trafficking And Its Effects On Society- A Socio-Legal Study: It's a basic human right to live with dignity and have rights protected. But since time immemorial -Baishali Das- Posted: 2020/11/25

    Universal Basic Income: A Weapon for the People: Universal basic income is being debated over not only in the develop countries but also in the developing -Madhavi Lakhotia- Posted: 2020/11/25

    Prashant Bhushan Case: Prashant Bhushan is a public interest lawyer in Supreme Court of India. -Saksham Ahlawat- Posted: 2020/11/25

    Interfering In Government Tender’s With Writ Jurisdiction-A Perspective: The Government is the largest litigator in the land, and Writ Petitions account for a majority of these litigations.-Advait ghosh- Posted: 2020/11/24

    An Unsigned Arbitration Agreement Is Not A Bar To Arbitration: The Court has explained the meaning & significance of an arbitration agreement. -Rohit Arya- Posted: 2020/11/24

    Poverty And Social Exclusion: Poverty and social exclusion continue to pose major challenges to governments across the world.-Akhil Shrivastava- Posted: 2020/11/24

    Regulating Matrimonial Relationships of Consenting Adults Will Be Unconstitutional: Recently, several states including Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Haryana have announced enacting a law prohibiting -Priyanshi Chakraborty- Posted: 2020/11/24

    M.P Sharma and others v/s Satish Chandra, District Magistrate: In the present case, there was a company was owned by Dalmai group namely Dalmai airways ltd.-- Posted: 2020/11/24

    Motor Vehicle Act,2020 (Amended): In today's world as things and technology are developing fast. We have developed a lot to provide people -Yash Vikram Singh- Posted: 2020/11/24

    What is Law?: Do we ever think about it that what would happen if there is no law in society or in the state? -Jagpravesh Singh- Posted: 2020/11/23

    Evolution of World Trade Organization: The World Trade Organization (WTO) came into existence on 1 January 1995 which replaced the General Agreement -Vaasawa Sharma- Posted: 2020/11/23

    Corona – Assassin of Dead’s Dignity: In this age of pervasiveness, not only life but also death has changed. Increasing deaths during Covid-19 -Ayesha- Posted: 2020/11/23

    The Procedure For Filing A Complaint Against A Lawyer: Lawyers are the medium through which his client connects with the judiciary. -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2020/11/22

    Legal To Kill People If They Trespass: In most states, the property line, not the entrance to the home, is the boundary for trespass.-Kelothdilipsingh- Posted: 2020/11/22

    The Big Question on 370: It was the beautiful morning of August month in India with soothing cold breeze flowing with some drizzling -Dhruv Sahu- Posted: 2020/11/22

    The need for an Asylum Law: Refugees are not terrorists. They are usually the primary victims of terrorism-António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres.-Pranav Avinash Wadhawankar- Posted: 2020/11/22

    The Evidentiary Value Of First Information Report: A criminal case is actuated by filing of an FIR. It is the moment that a complaint is filed with a police station -Rasleen Kour- Posted: 2020/11/21

    The Citizenship Amendment Act,2019 And its relation with The Indian Constitution: The true concept of citizenship first grew and arose in the towns and cities of Ancient Greece -Sujai Shukla- Posted: 2020/11/21

    Execution Of Foreign Decree/Judgements In India: An Explainer: Execution of foreign judgements/decrees in India is a grey area of law in which a lot more is needs -Hari Mudgil- Posted: 2020/11/20

    Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and online dispute resolution (ODR): In the contemporary day and age the whole nine yards can be bought with the potentiality of paper money -Samarth Nair- Posted: 2020/11/20

    The Emergence Of Human Rights: Man is a social animal. He lives in a society and among his fellows. Because a man cannot survive in the absence -Rasleen Kour- Posted: 2020/11/20

    The International Credit Transfer, 1992: Recent years have seen considerable growth in cross-border and overseas banking activities.-Arushi sharma- Posted: 2020/11/2

    Vicarious Corporate Liability Of A Parent Company: Critical Analysis In Relation To Direct Liability And Lifting Of The Corporate Veil: Concept of vicarious liability and the provision of vicarious liability of a parent company for the acts of a subsidiary company. -Sanyukta Agrawal- Posted: 2020/11/20

    Section 497 IPC Why It Was To Go: Section 497 of the Indian Penal Code, which deals with the offence of Adultery -Rasleen Kour- Posted: 2020/11/19

    Media Trial: Erosion Of Ethical Journalism: An element which is expected to publish and report the happenings in the world truely and patiently. -Rasleen Kour- Posted: 2020/11/19

    Modernisation in Industrial Policies: Legal and Business Perspective: With Economic Reforms taking place in India, many states are offering incentives to potential investors -Ashish Kumar- Posted: 2020/11/19

    LGBTQ Community And Succession Laws In India: In Navtej Singh Johar v. Union of India[1], a Bench of the Honorable Supreme Court of India -Syed Aatif- Posted: 2020/11/19

    Prison, Prisoners And Psychology: Role Of Psychiatrist, Psychoanalysts And Social Workers In Prison In India: When another person makes you suffer, it is because he suffers deeply within himself, and his suffering is spilling over. He does not need punishment; he needs help.-Rudrakshi M. Mendhe- Posted: 2020/11/19

    Restrain on Transfer of Property: The Transfer of Property Act, 1882 governs the law relating to property in India. -Raj Kapadia- Posted: 2020/11/19

    Evolution Of The Arbitration Law In India: Frances Kellor, the only female founder of the American Arbitration Association -Hitesh Vachhani- Posted: 2020/11/17

    Plea Bargaining: Whether A Legal Necessity Or A Mere Imitation: Bargaining basically means setting up of an agreement or understanding between two parties -Rasleen Kour- Posted: 2020/11/17

    Concept of State Recognition Under International Law: Main addressors of the international law are the sovereign states. For an entity of being called a state and to enjoy -Sunil- Posted: 2020/11/17

    Immigrants From Mexico Border To U.S.A: Human Rights Dilemma: History of the world is a long tragic tale of aggressions, wars, class-community conflicts and violence.-Manu Gupta- Posted: 2020/11/16

    Indian Bond Market: The East India Company played a huge role in bringing the concept of public borrowing. -Soumi Saha- Posted: 2020/11/15

    Is There Something Wrong With Hindu And Muslims Marrying Each Other? Should Government Have A Say In Who We Marry?: Marriage is the foundational relationships for our society. Good marriage is the bedrock of strong society -Vivek raj- Posted: 2020/11/15

    The status of Euthanasia under the light of Aruna Ramchandra Shanbaug vs. Union of India & Ors: The Constitution of India guarantees the‘ Right to Life' to all its citizens.-Sandeep Rana- Posted: 2020/11/15

    Contempt of Court: Recently, the Supreme Court of India started the procedures for criminal contempt of court against attorney -Himanshu- Posted: 2020/11/15

    Novus Actus Interveniens (Isolated Torts): In the Law of Delict 6th Edition, Neethling states that a Novus actus interveniens is an independent event -Aradhya Singh- Posted: 2020/11/15

    Honour Killing Or Shame Killing: Shouldn't there be a separate law for honour killing Honour killing is the murder of a family member -Swati kesarwani- Posted: 2020/11/14

    Order 2 Rule 2- A Bar to Splitting of Evil: he archaic term suit in law is found in only a small number of laws still in effect today. The term suit -Avnish Mittal- Posted: 2020/11/13

    Lobbying: Lobbying is a very misconceived notion. It is the process of influencing the government -Kanika Dutt- Posted: 2020/11/12

    Frivolous Complaints under the Sexual Harassment Act: Inappropriate behaviour at the workplace does not only make the workplace unreliable and threatening -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2020/11/12

    Adultery under the Indian Law: To corrupt. According to the dictionary meaning, a married man commits adultery -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2020/11/12

    Division of Family Assets - Relinquishment Deed – NOC by Coparceners: Division of assets, also commonly known as division of property, is one of the most debatable topics in India -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2020/11/12

    Casinos And Gambling Laws In India: Quit while you're ahead. All the best gamblers do.-Baltasar Gracián y Morales The thing which Amygdala -Samarth nair- Posted: 2020/11/11

    Res Subjudice Under CPC: The preliminary source for legal provisions in relevance with restriction of multiplicity of suits -Sujan Ganesh- Posted: 2020/11/11

    Legality Of Same - Sex Marriages: The Netherlands became the first country to legalise same-sex marriage in December 2000 -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2020/11/11

    Relation Of Mental Health And Suicide In Adultery Cases: Indian laws provide various acts which give us the provision on constructive liability, joint liability of two -Muskaan Dargar- Posted: 2020/11/10

    Bullying And Suicide: it's legal and psychological aspects: From the vantage point of adulthood, bullying is mean-spirited and pointless, but it is unfortunately -Rudrakshi M. Mendhe- Posted: 2020/11/10

    Dark Side Of The Dark Net: In a major drive against drug abuse in the city, the Central Crime Branch (CCB) police of Bengaluru -Aryan Jawaharprasad Madhavan- Posted: 2020/11/9

    Female Abuse Through Social Networking Sites: A Critical Analysis Of It Act 2000: With the passage of time, internet has become a major part of lifestyle. From using social networking sites -Meha Dad- Posted: 2020/11/9

    Scams that shook India: Corruption is a political and economic disaster which causes social inequality and economic efficiency -Gaurav- Posted: 2020/11/9

    Murderer Kills The Body Rapist Kills The Soul: The term “Rape” in a laymen language can be defined as ravaging or devouring women -Soniya. R- Posted: 2020/11/9

    Force Majeure: A way around or a necessity?: Supervening events like Covid 19 today has resulted in shut down of many economies across the world which has led to non-performance of contract by many businessmen.-Richa Gandhi- Posted: 2020/11/9

    Strained Landlord-Tenant Relationship in the times of Covid-19: The World Health Organization officially declared Covid-19/ coronavirus as a pandemic on the 11thof March 2020. -Nirali Deepak Parekh- Posted: 2020/11/9

    Territorial Scope - GDPR: The need of the hour for the businesses today is data and regular data analysis for enhancement of their product -Praful Shukla- Posted: 2020/11/9

    Blackmailing On Social Media: Blackmail is an act of coerion using the threat of revealing or publicizing either substantially true or false -Nancy Maggo- Posted: 2020/11/9

    Prashanth Bushan Contempt of Court case: The 2009 case against Bhushan was filed by senior advocate Harish Salve in connection with an interview -Gautham Krishna- Posted: 2020/11/8

    E-Governance In Higher Education Institutions: E-governance can be defined as giving citizens the choice of when they access the government information -Saksham Ahlawat- Posted: 2020/11/8

    Electronic Governance:The use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the field of Governance is called e-governance. -Saksham Ahlawat- Posted: 2020/11/8

    Women Protection In India: India is a country known for its rich beautiful culture and tradition. Women are given the place of goddess Lakshmi -Rajat Singh- Posted: 2020/11/7

    Analyzing The Case Of BCCI Vs. Kochi Cricket Board: Arbitration in its today's dimension is a phenomenon that represents an alternative system to a state organized -Rudrakshi M. Mendhe- Posted: 2020/11/7 f;l'/

    Social Issues, Global Development and Modernism In The Light Of Jurisprudence: The law affects every sphere of human lives, as it governs the conduct of human beings from the cradle -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/11/6

    Rights Of A Hindu Widow: The proprietary position of woman in any system of law represents the thought and the feelings of the community.-Zeenat Ul Kubra- Posted: 2020/11/6

    Natural Law Theory by Thomas Hobbes: The rule of law is a significant marker of the solidness, security, and vote based nature of nations around the globe.-Soumil Singh- Posted: 2020/11/6

    Protection for Women against Domestic Violence (PWDVA), 2005: Domestic violence, otherwise called domestic abuse, spousal abuse, or cozy accomplice violence -Soumil Singh- Posted: 2020/11/6

    The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013: In India sexual harassment at work environment is one of the most widely recognized violations -Soumil Singh- Posted: 2020/11/6

    Fading Colours Of Our Mother Earth: Just look around your surroundings for a moment. How colorful and vibrant it is, isn't it? -Atchaya Subramanian- Posted: 2020/11/6

    India Deletes Schedule VIII That Banned Foreign Legal Professionals From Sitting As Arbitrators In India Seated Arbitration: ordinance brought in two major changes to the existing arbitration and cancellation act 1996 -Law Senate- Posted: 2020/11/6

    Psychosocial Aspect of Feminist Criminology: Masculine and Feminine roles are not biologically fixed but socially constructed. (Judith Butler) Criminology -Gouri Rajendra Uplenchwar- Posted: 2020/11/5

    Consumer Protection E-Commerce Rules 2020: The Consumer Protection E-Commerce Rules, 2020 shall apply to all merchandise and enterprises -Priya Singh- Posted: 2020/11/5

    Anti-Defection Law: departure of the loyalty of one individual from his party' or fundamentally it signifies ‘when a chosen delegate joins another party without leaving his current party for benefits. -Priya Singh- Posted: 2020/11/5

    Capital Punishment for Henious Crime vs Human Rights: As there is an increase in the number of crimes in the society, to have control of the crimes the Judiciary plays -Shubhashish Das- Posted: 2020/11/5

    Significance of the Evolution of the Swiss Constitution: The Republic of Switzerland is a small country, about one –third of the area of New York State -Jonah Elisa Shiny- Posted: 2020/11/5

    Leterm Mortem: Evidence play a crucial role in courtrooms, it helps to concludes & solve complexity in cases -Akhil Shrivastava- Posted: 2020/11/5

    The Concept of Property, Ownership, Possession And Liability In The Light Of Jurisprudence. An Overview: The concept of property has an important place in the life-of human being because it is impossible to live -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/11/5

    Online Harassment and the rise of Social Media Trial and Online Witch Hunt: After the end of the Cold War in the 1990s, the internet became a part of our life. People from all walks of life began -Anish Bachchan- Posted: 2020/11/4

    Exigency Of Patent Laws: The Indian Aspect: Patent is one of the most used, or rather abused terms that is associated with the domain of Intellectual Property. -Hrithik Kumar- Posted: 2020/11/4

    China And The International Law: China has an interesting association with the international law. After years of rejecting the international law -Major Nirvikar Singh (Retd)- Posted: 2020/11/4

    Case Analysis: Rakesh Kumar Agarwalla v/s National Law School of India University, Bengaluru: National Law School of India University (NLSIU), a member of CLAT Consortium announced its own entrance test -Bhargavi Nagendla- Posted: 2020/11/4

    Brief - Social Security Code, 2020: To consolidate laws referring to Social Security with aim to increase Social Security to all -Monar Purohit- Posted: 2020/11/4

    How Gender and generations see sexual harassment differently?: Sexual harassment is any form of unwelcome sexual behavior that's offensive, humiliating or intimidating. -Aayushi Selot- Posted: 2020/11/3

    Contractual and Tortious Liability for Professional Negligence: Professional negligence is a subsection of the general laws on negligence in the English law of tort -Mayank Singh- Posted: 2020/11/3

    Quasi Contracts: A voluntary act from which derives obligations subject to a regime close to the contractual one imposing -Raveesha Chadha- Posted: 2020/11/3

    Conditions And Warranties Under Sale Of Goods Acts 1930: The modern era is full of sophisticated technology, trade and industries. Its is like an age of technology -Raveesha Chadha- Posted: 2020/11/3

    Enforcement Of Foreign Award Under Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code: Claims arising out under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (Arbitration Act) has always behaved -Vaibhav Sriastava- Posted: 2020/11/3

    Access To Justice: Rule of law is meaningless unless there is access to justice for the common people.-Akhil Shrivastava- Posted: 2020/11/3

    COPRA: State Commission: Consumer Protection Act has been implemented(1986) or we can bring into existence to protect the rights -Himanshu Sharma- Posted: 2020/11/2

    Data Protection Bill and Right to Privacy: The progression of the innovation and the dynamism of lawful world gives viewpoint of data protection -Biswdarshan Sahoo- Posted: 2020/11/2

    Importance of Delegated Legislation in the light of COVID-19: delegated legislation is an ongoing topic in today's time and it holds importance in the Indian Constitution. -Sonali Sinha Naik- Posted: 2020/11/2

    Important Concepts Of Law, Morality, Right and Duties, Legal Personality And Theories: The real credit for the development of human civilization goes to law and its prohibitive provisions -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/11/2

    Overview of the Companies (Amendment) Act, 2020: The Companies Act has been amended for the fouth time since 2013, the Act was amended in 2015 -Shashank Rohira- Posted: 2020/11/2

    Uniform Civil Code: Not A Need Of An Hour: Indian constitution always inclines towards providing Uniform Civil Code to its citizens -Shashwat Jain- Posted: 2020/11/1

    Suppression Of Facts Made In Proposal Form Will Render Insurance Policy Voidable By The Insurer: a Proposer who seeks to obtain a Policy of Life Insurance is duty bound to disclose all material facts having bearing upon the issue -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/11/1

    The Coronil Case: Tinge of Equity in Trademark Law: The Supreme court has refused an appeal by Arudra Engineers Pvt. Ltd (Plaintiff) who manufactures -Nishtha Shrivastava- Posted: 2020/11/1

    Live-In Relationship in Various Countries: The 1990s was a changing decade. With the end of the Cold War, a lot of things have changed everything -Anish Bachchan- Posted: 2020/11/1

    Dying Declaration: The dying declaration is generally considered to be admissible because the victim is a sole eye witness -Chinmayee S.P. Nayak- Posted: 2020/11/1

    Marital Rape: A Non-Criminalized Crime In India: rape codified in Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) incorporates all types of rape -Anas Yawar- Posted: 2020/11/1

    Case Comment: Arudra Engineers Private Limited v/s. Pathanjali Ayurved Limited: The general principles that are applicable in the case of infringement are that the comparison among -Tanishka Khandewal- Posted: 2020/11/1

    Blockchain And Smart Contracts: We are living in the 21st century, a century in which technology is advancing/evolving with the speed of light -Samarth Nair- Posted: 2020/10/31

    Implied Condition In Sale Of Goods Act, 1930: Implied condition contract law presumes certain conditions of the contract exist -Kalyan Ginka- Posted: 2020/10/31

    Case Analysis of Sinochem International Co. Ltd. v. Malaysia International Shipping Corporation: On 5th march 2007, the U.S. Supreme Court declared its conclusion in Sinochem International Co. Ltd. v. Malaysia International Shipping Corporation -Kalyan Ginka- Posted: 2020/10/31

    Case Analysis of Chartier vs. Chartier: In the month of November 1989, the parties started a relationship i.e. common law relationship. -Kalyan Ginka- Posted: 2020/10/31

    Legal Maxims: Forum Non Conveniens, In Loco Parenti: A legal maxim is a principle that is established or proposition of law, and a types of truism and general maxim -Kalyan Ginka- Posted: 2020/10/31

    Restriction On Advocates To Undertake Alternative Employment: Applicability Post Covid Era: After completion of Legal Education often the person considers getting registered with a respective State Bar Council -Aadarsh Kothari- Posted: 2020/10/31

    Women In Criminal Justice With Reference To Special Legislation: Special Legislation connotes a piece of legislation which applies to a particular class of person -Suyash Rastogi- Posted: 2020/10/31

    Environmental Degradation vis-à-vis Collective Responsibility of Nations: Environment degradation is bare terms signifies depletion and deterioration of environmental assets -Manu Gupta- Posted: 2020/10/31

    Scope And Extent Of Disciplinary Committee: The Law Commission, presided over by Mr. M.C. Setalvad, then Attorney-General of India -Pradyum Chaudhary- Posted: 2020/10/31

    Nature, Sources and Schools of Law under Jurisprudence: It is well known that law being a dynamic concept, it changes with the evolution of society under different socio-economic -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/10/31

    Constitution-When Does A Tax Liability Arise? An Analysis Of Various Ratios Laid Down By The Apex Court: Article 265 of the Constitution of India provides that no tax shall be levied or collected -Ashish Parashar- Posted: 2020/10/30

    Breach of Contract under Sale of Goods Act,1930: Before the introduction of Sale of Goods Act, 1930 laws governing the sales were sections 76 to 123 -Jai Mishra- Posted: 2020/10/30

    The Implications Of Covid-19 On Cyber Security In The Post-Corona World: While people across the world are struggling to keep safe from the Novel Coronavirus in this post-COVID-19 era -Indraneel Chakraborty- Posted: 2020/10/30

    Mukund Martand Chitnis vs Madhuri Mukund Chitnis: On the wedding night itself, the husband suspected the chastity of the wife. The bitterness that commenced -Deeksha Tiwari- Posted: 2020/10/29

    Raghav Gupta vs State (NCT Of Delhi): Rule 32(e) of the Prevention of Food Adulteration Rules, 1955, framed under the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act 1954.-Deeksha Tiwari- Posted: 2020/10/29

    Contract of Indemnity and Guarantee: An indemnity contract is a legal arrangement between two parties -Deeksha Tiwari- Posted: 2020/10/29

    Covid 19 And The Doctrine Of Frustration And Force Majeure: The effect on the businesses has been serious, and the force majeure provisos will assume a vital job -Deeksha Tiwari- Posted: 2020/10/29

    Censorship Of Online Streaming Services: OTT or Over-the-top, services refer to the content that is streamed/downloaded -Deepasha Rath- Posted: 2020/10/29

    Statutory Interpretation Of Injunction Procedures: elucidate certain intricate provisions relating to the law of injunctions -Deepasha Rath- Posted: 2020/10/29

    Women Playing Victim Card: The problematic gender they say! Quite agree to them at some point -Riya Navin- Posted: 2020/10/29

    Women Rights In Parsi Community: India is a huge and extraordinary nation having a population over 1.3 billion -Srajan Kapil- Posted: 2020/10/29

    Critical Analysis Of Proclaimed Emergencies In India: The founding fathers of our constitution felt that, the power to control and direct -Srajan Kapil- Posted: 2020/10/29

    Death Penalty In India: We have come across various rise and fall of different dynasties through the passing centuries. -Aiswarya Lakshmi.J.S- Posted: 2020/10/29

    Constitutional Right to Education: Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today -Jeel Pathak- Posted: 2020/10/29

    Modes of Removal of a Company: A Discussion: Different business structures available in India under which one can establish its business are sole proprietorship -Pushkaraj- Posted: 2020/10/29

    Conflict Between Law And Matrimony: Though law and matrimony are two different concepts but they are still interlinked -Aashimaraj Trivedi- Posted: 2020/10/28

    Analysis of Literal Rule of Interpretation: The Literal Rule of Interpretation is the oldest rule and is followed to date by the Judges across the globe. -Abhinav Palsikar- Posted: 2020/10/28

    Critical Analysis of the Golden Rule of Interpretation: In case of any ambiguity, the court interprets the law. The word interpretation means a simple explanation -Shambhavi sinha- Posted: 2020/10/27

    Implications Of The Mental Health Act As Regards To Bullying: The mental health is defined as a person's condition with regard to their physical, psychological, and emotional well-being.-Hitesh Vachhani- Posted: 2020/10/27

    Contracts in the Sports Industry: Enumerating and analyzing popular clauses: The sports industry is growing exponentially. In fact, today, the sport industry is regarded as one of the largest -Samarth Luthra- Posted: 2020/10/27

    Marital Rape: Need To Review The Rights Of Women: The following article takes into consideration the often undervalued crime of Marital Rape -Roshi Surele- Posted: 2020/10/27

    Trademark Licensing - Indian Context: Trade mark Licensing refers to the mode of transfer of rights wherein the actual proprietary rights -Monar Purohit- Posted: 2020/10/27

    Right To Protest or Right to Obstruct: An analysis of the Shaheen Bagh Judgment: The Supreme Court of India, in a landmark judgment, recently held in the case of Amit Sahni vs. Commissioner of Police -Pragadeesh Vishwanathan Iyer- Posted: 2020/10/26

    Covid-19 –An Unforeseen Pandemic And A Shock To Humanity: The rapidly spreading pathogen and the subsequent lockdown has disturbed the functioning -Nirali Deepak Parekh- Posted: 2020/10/26

    Recent Amendment of Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010: Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010 (FCRA) was amended through enactment of Foreign Contribution -Harikrushna Gohil- Posted: 2020/10/26

    Doctrine Of Severability: A Scalpel Rather Than A Bulldozer: This Doctrine of Severability is also known as the Doctrine of Separability. -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/10/26

    World Trade Organization: The great depression was a severe worldwide economic depression that took place -Saksham Ahlawat- Posted: 2020/10/26

    Remedies For Breach Of Contract Under Specific Relief Act And Code Of Civil Procedure: A Critical Study: A contract is an agreement enforceable by law. In a generic sense, a contract is a collection of corresponding -Urja Joshi- Posted: 2020/10/25

    The Unorganized Workers’ Social Security Act, 2008: The unorganised worker's social security Act was enacted by the parliament of India in 2008 by president's assent. -Urja Joshi- Posted: 2020/10/25

    National Policy on Software Products, 2019: MIETY fast-tracks work on funds for India's software products infrastructure -Urja Joshi- Posted: 2020/10/25

    Marijuana legalization = control and regulation: There’s always been concern over legalization of marijuana. -Hridya Nambiar- Posted: 2020/10/25

    Structuring A Sustainable Environment In The Covid Era: The novel coronavirus disease though is a cruelty to the world’s society and economy -Vishnupriya B- Posted: 2020/10/24

    Analysis The Notion Of Juristic Personality With Respect To Inclusion And Exclusion Of Artificial Intelligence: The term 'person' and 'personality' means in Roman law that other institutions or group who had certain rights -Rakesh Sharma- Posted: 2020/10/24

    Media Trial And Its Impact On Evidence: Whenever a sensational or a controversial or a case with high profile parties come to a court for trial -Shalu Shravan Singh- Posted: 2020/10/24

    The Hanafi Law of Succession: There is no uniform civil code for law of inheritance. Every religion is governed -Hridya Nambiar- Posted: 2020/10/23

    RERA: A Boon Or Bane For Real Estate Sector: It is a well-known fact that housing is one of the basic needs of humans. -Muskan Joshi- Posted: 2020/10/23

    A Study On The Impact Of The World Constitution In The Framing Of Indian Constitution: Although the Indian Constitution is obtained from pretty much every constitution of the world -Afshan Ahmad- Posted: 2020/10/22

    Media Trial Does It Have An Effect On Our Justice System?: Media has a great influence over the public of the country. Newspapers, news channels -Palak Sinha- Posted: 2020/10/22

    Role of Media: Street Crime v/s Corporate Crime: Crime can be of many types but, only two have been discussed in the article. -Kunjal Jawaria- Posted: 2020/10/22

    Social Media: Over the years, there has been drastic improvement in the technology. -Aiswarya Lakshmi.J.S- Posted: 2020/10/22

    Faceless Assessment And Appeals Under The Income Tax Law: The Finance Minister had proposed the introduction of a scheme of faceless e-assessment -Hitesh Vachhani- Posted: 2020/10/22

    Anti Competitive Agreements under Competition Act, 2002: The main objective of competition law in any country is to provide a level field to various enterprises -Shishank Shaw- Posted: 2020/10/22

    European Merger Law: are many countries within the EU and every country has its own company law provision with respect to merger -Trishit Kumar Satpati- Posted: 2020/10/22

    Sexual Assault and Rape: Sexual assault and rape is a heinous crime against the society -Aryan Jawaharprasad Madhavan- Posted: 2020/10/21

    Courts, Corruption And Judicial System: Corruption in our society is like cancer, which if not detected soon within the time it will surely spread -Palak Sinha- Posted: 2020/10/21

    Bona Fide use in Trademark: Intellectual Property is the creative work of the human intellect and, the right to intellectual property -Nandini- Posted: 2020/10/21

    Shareholders Activism in India: An Analysis: The last two decades have seen a major move towards enhanced standards of corporate governance in India -Mohammad Sameen- Posted: 2020/10/21

    Implications of the Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code, 2020: The Central Government in its effort to rationalize labor law and to brought different kind of employees -Monar Purohit- Posted: 2020/10/21

    Provisions for Seafarers to get Compensation in cases of Death and Injury: Every now and then we get to hear in the news that one or two Seafarers got injured or died whilst -Aditya Rai- Posted: 2020/10/21

    Standard DBS Check Works To Provide Background Details: The joblessness scene in the UK moved from awful to more awful, and there is no way -Sanath Pollemore- Posted: 2020/10/21

    Indira Gandhi vs Raj Narain: A Case that Shook India is Celebrating 45 years: Indira Gandhi v/s. Raj Narain, 1975. The year 1975 had witnessed mesmerising developments in the judicial arena -Rudrakshi M. Mendhe- Posted: 2020/10/21

    Unsaddling The Unruly Horses- A Peek Into The Antitrust Enforcement Mechanism Against Mammoth Saddling Sport’s Bodies: Sports, especially cricket in the Indian subcontinent is a religion, and cricketers are often worshipped -Advait Ghosh- Posted: 2020/10/21

    Is Life Worth Ending Section 309 Of IPC Suicide: Section 309 of Indian Penal Code provides that Attempt to commit suicide -Shubhani Choudhary- Posted: 2020/10/21

    Data Interception by the Government by Information Technology Act, 2000: According to the Webster dictionary, surveillance means keeping a watch or look at somebody -Meenakshi Gupta- Posted: 2020/10/21

    Marine Pollution In India And Its Laws: The ocean constitute almost 70% of the globe. It is estimated that around 50-80% of Oxygen -Purunjai Tewari- Posted: 2020/10/20

    Interpretation Of Offences Affecting Life: In India, The Indian Penal Code, 1860 was introduced which contains various provisions -Suman Moharana- Posted: 2020/10/20

    Asian Resurfacing Of Road Agency v/s Central Bureau Of Investigation: That an F.I.R. dated 7th March 2001 had been recorded with the Delhi Special Police Establishment -Hitesh Vachhani- Posted: 2020/10/20

    Labour Laws Amidst Covid-19: The law relating to labour and employment in India is primarily known under the broad category of “Industrial Law” -Rupal saxena- Posted: 2020/10/20

    It is not mandatory for financial creditor to submit financial information to information utility: The petitioners have challenged the order dated May 12, 2020, issued by the approval -Vaibhav Sriastava- Posted: 2020/10/20

    The Shady Business – IPR And White Collar Crimes: White-collar crime is a daily topic in the news but by no means a new phenomenon. -Rudrakshi M. Mendhe- Posted: 2020/10/19

    Kesavananda Bharati Case, 1973: Kesavananda Bharti v/s state of Kerala 1973 is a landmark case in the judicial history of India -Saksham Ahlawat- Posted: 2020/10/19

    Critical Analysis Of Statutory Interpretation: Interpretation means the art of knowing the real sense of an enactment by giving its natural and ordinary -Saisree Priyadarshini- Posted: 2020/10/19

    Scrutinizing India and China Relations: Leading towards the path of Dharma for endeavoring humanity and inculcating the principles of righteousness -Samiksha Ahlawat- Posted: 2020/10/19

    Nanobiotechnology: Therapeutic Approaches and Legal Regulation: The prefix nano derives from the Greek word for dwarf. -Shirley Ghosh- Posted: 2020/10/19

    The Standard DBS Check Works To Provide Background Information Before Hiring An Addition To The Team: The unemployment scene in the UK moved from bad to worse, and there is nothing much the Government -Sanath Pollemore- Posted: 2020/10/19

    What is homophobia?: Homophobia encompasses a spread of negative attitudes and feelings toward homosexuality -Aryan Jawaharprasad Madhavan- Posted: 2020/10/18

    International Law: Covid-19: The globalize World which was already undergoing an economic decline of approximately 3 to 2.4 per cent -Aryan Jawaharprasad Madhavan- Posted: 2020/10/18

    Legal profession and Ethics: Lawyers throughout the world are specialised professionals who place the interests -Aryan Jawaharprasad Madhavan- Posted: 2020/10/18

    Political background of Vikas Dubey: Vikas Dubey was a gangster turned politician, based in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, with a long criminal record -Aryan Jawaharprasad Madhavan- Posted: 2020/10/18

    Gender equality in Hindu succession laws, 1956: In the Vedic times, women had the liberty to exercise various privileges and rights just like men.-Aryan Jawaharprasad Madhavan- Posted: 2020/10/18

    Understanding The Evolution Of Violence Against Women: Offences towards women have existed since the beginning of time. Women have been considered meek -Aryan Jawaharprasad Madhavan- Posted: 2020/10/18

    Illegal Termination of an Employee during Covid-19: Due to the current lockdown being exercised by order of the Government of India for maintaining physical distance -Aryan Jawaharprasad Madhavan- Posted: 2020/10/18

    Bail and Suspension of Sentence in POCSO Act: The brief facts of the case is that Petitioner/accused and prosecutrix both residing in the same locality -Aryan Jawaharprasad Madhavan- Posted: 2020/10/18

    Judicial Delays in Administration of Justice: Distinguished Panelists, the Principal of Kristu Jayanti College of Law, Faculty Members, academicians -Aryan Jawaharprasad Madhavan- Posted: 2020/10/18

    Circulation of Fake news and laws related to it in India: In the present times, there is an increase in spread of fake news. Conventional types of media -Aryan Jawaharprasad Madhavan- Posted: 2020/10/18

    Domestic Violence: Women have had to deal with both mental and physical abuse since time immemorial.-Aryan Jawaharprasad Madhavan- Posted: 2020/10/18

    An Analysis of IBC Ordinance, 2020: The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (Code) was introduced in 2016 to expedite the process of recovery of loans.-Tanishka Ranga- Posted: 2020/10/18

    Application of Volenti Non-Fit Injuria: Through this article, I seek to analyse in detail the defence of the maxim of ‘Volenti Non-Fit Injuria' -Divya Singh- Posted: 2020/10/17

    Case Analysis on The Coca-Cola Company vs. Bisleri International Pvt.Ltd: The plaintiff is the largest brand of soft drinks operating in 200 countries and the defendant in this case -Dhruv Pandya- Posted: 2020/10/17

    Continuing guarantee: Nature and modes of revocation: A continuing guarantee is given in respect of a series of transactions to be undertaken between the principal -Anesh Kumar- Posted: 2020/10/17

    Mental Health law in India: Psychological wellness enactment has existed in India since the mid-nineteenth century -Shivani Rathour- Posted: 2020/10/17

    RBI : MPC meet and Monetary policy Implication: RBI is the Central Bank of India, responsible for formulating the Monetary Policy of the country. -Shivani Rathour- Posted: 2020/10/17

    Value Of Trademark Registration: Trademark registration legalized consultants regularly get posed the very same inquiry -Ustadrod Sleurem- Posted: 2020/10/16

    Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2020: Doing more harm than good?: Surrogacy has often been treated as a taboo topic due to the moral and legal complexities entwined -- Posted: 2020/10/16

    Foreign National Doesn't Automatically Become An Indian Citizen After Marriage: The Constitution of India in Article 5 to 11, only talks about as to who was a citizen -Aryan Jawaharprasad Madhavan- Posted: 2020/10/16

    Death Penalty and Inordinate Delay: In recent times there have been a lot of cases where convicts in 'rarest of rare' cases -Akshat Sharma- Posted: 2020/10/15

    Legal and Moral Implications of Surrogacy in India: Experiencing the feeling of parenthood is a dream of every couple, but due to infertility -Pratibha Kumari- Posted: 2020/10/15

    Implications of De-criminalization of Adultery: Adultery was considered as the criminal act in India before 2018. Sec. 497 -Pratibha Kumari- Posted: 2020/10/15

    CSR during times of COVID 19: Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is mandated by the Section 135 read with Schedule VII -Aryan Jawaharprasad Madhavan- Posted: 2020/10/15

    Environmental Laws: Our environment is the most valuable and rich jewel to endure, on this planet EARTH. -ANP Chambers, Advocates & Solicitors- Posted: 2020/10/15

    IP Laws And COVID-19 Vaccine: Intellectual Property Laws and takes into account the Coronavirus Vaccine in the same regard -Aryan Jawaharprasad Madhavan- Posted: 2020/10/15

    Doping: The usage of banned substances in the competitive sports is called doping -Aryan Jawaharprasad Madhavan- Posted: 2020/10/15

    Prostitution A Social Study: Women in India are in danger from the time they are conceived until the time they die -Aryan Jawaharprasad Madhavan- Posted: 2020/10/15

    Polluter Pay Principle: The polluter pays principle is the commonly accepted practice that those who produce pollution -Ranveer Gond- Posted: 2020/10/14

    New Labour Codes, 2020: The Parliament has passed three Historic and path-breaking Labour Codes -Megha Sharma- Posted: 2020/10/14

    Precautionary Principle: The precautionary principle is accepted in India as a fundamental tool to promote sustainable development -Anurag singh- Posted: 2020/10/1

    Assessing The Role Of The State In Collective Bargaining By Trade: An individual is free to bargain for himself and safeguard his own interest. -Gazala Noor- Posted: 2020/10/14

    Daughter’s Right To Property: In India, every child whether son / daughter has many rights as a legal heir/ share in the ancestral properties. -Gazala Noor- Posted: 2020/10/14

    Abuse of dominance under Competition Act: Abuse of a dominant position occurs when a dominant firm in a market, or a dominant group of firms -Gazala Noor- Posted: 2020/10/14

    Signing Up For Virtual Courts But Real Justice-A Need For Delicate Balance In India: The Novel Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic had a significant impact on the operation -Vranda Agarwal- Posted: 2020/10/13

    Should Pharmaceutical Institutions enforce Patent on Covid-19 vaccine?: As the world faces the global pandemic, it has affected all the parameters world-wide and the permanent -Kayomi Rajeev Tumdi- Posted: 2020/10/13

    Risk allocation clause in a contract cannot interpreted liberally by Arbitrators: In a recent Judgment of Supreme Court of India in the matter of South East Asia Marine Engineering -Law Senate- Posted: 2020/10/13

    Custodial Death A Glaring Violation Of Human Rights: Custodial Torture is virtually a world-wide phenomenon inflicted upon individuals regardless of sex, age or state of health -Chinmoy Patra- Posted: 2020/10/12

    Supreme Court Of India Settles Law Relating To Limitation To Enforce Foreign Awards In India: In the matter of Vedanta Supreme Court settled the law relating to limitation to enforce foreign commercial arbitration awards in India. -Law Senate- Posted: 2020/10/12

    Most Important Environmental Law Judgments in India: The Indian Heritage and Culture has a special connection with the preservation and security of the environment. -Avinash Ranjan- Posted: 2020/10/12

    Online Dispute Resolution: A Way To Digital Justice: Digital technology has brought major transformation in the arena of dispute resolution. -Radhika Verma- Posted: 2020/10/12

    Challenging Dimension Of The Problem Of Drug Abuse In India: A Socio-Legal Analysis: Drug abuse is a process of misuse of the drug in various ways, addicts are using a substance -Rudrakshi M. Mendhe- Posted: 2020/10/12

    Constitutionality Or Unconstitutionality Of Media Trial: Dr.Bhimrao Babasaheb Ramji Ambedkar, the maker of the Indian constitution -Neha Garg- Posted: 2020/10/12

    Journalistic Freedom vs. Right to Equality of Others: The Hon'ble Supreme Court has restrained the telecast of show UPSC Jihad on the ground of vilification of the Muslim community.-Vipul Pathak- Posted: 2020/10/11

    Industrial Relations Code: A Step In The Right Direction?: The Government recently notified the Industrial Relations Code, 2020 (code) which seeks to consolidate -Eshvar Girish- Posted: 2020/10/11

    Uniform Civil Code – India's Requirement: India is a diverse country with multiple religions and ethnicities living within border.-Mayank Chandra- Posted: 2020/10/10

    Age of Consent for Marriage In India: What must be the ideal age for boys and girls to enter into marital relationship? -Prince Chandak- Posted: 2020/10/10

    Blooming Rainbow Dreams- Reminiscing The Abrogation Of Inhumane Archaic Law: Laws enforcing sexual morality may cause misery of a special degree -Sujith George- Posted: 2020/10/10

    South China Sea Dispute: The South China Sea dispute is ostensibly over jurisdiction and sovereignty of islands, reefs and Exclusive Economic Zones -Divyanshi Sharma- Posted: 2020/10/10

    Internet And Mobile Association of India v. Reserve Bank Of India: In a judgment of Supreme Court of India, given on 4rth march, 2020 in the case of Internet and Mobile Association of India v. Reserve Bank of India -Anirudh Gupta- Posted: 2020/10/9

    Constitutional Provisions For The Protection Of Environment: The history of legislative started with Indian legal code, 1860. Section 268 -Gaurav Pandey- Posted: 2020/10/9

    Crime Against Environment and Wildlife- A Crime against Humanity: Crimes that are against environment, with a close emphasis with law -Adhyatmik Khanna- Posted: 2020/10/9

    Constitutional Right to Education: Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today -Jeel Pathak- Posted: 2020/10/9

    Divorce Under Muslim Law: One single revocable divorce is pronounced by the husband who has consummated the marriage -Prajjwal Singh- Posted: 2020/10/9

    Stages In Commission Of Crime: It would be futile to start discussing the Stages in the Commission of Crime' without giving some -Prajjwal Singh- Posted: 2020/10/9

    Constitutional provisions for protection of Environment: Our Constitution has enormously grown and evolved over the years -Pranshuta Pandey- Posted: 2020/10/8

    Legal Language is Exclusionary: One of the basic pillars on which the legal profession stands is language. -Jerrin B. Mathew- Posted: 2020/10/8

    Interpretation of statute: Critical analysis on Golden Rule of Interpretation: Interpretation is the primary function of the court. Whenever there is a dispute regarding the true meaning -Sweta Bhattacharya- Posted: 2020/10/8

    Farm Bill, 2020: 1st bill allows barriers free intra and interstate trade of farm produce and previously -Saksham Ahlawat- Posted: 2020/10/8

    Talaq-E-Sunnah: Self-Centred Men Sailing Under False Colours: What is sinful under religion cannot be valid under the law, said Justice Kurian Joseph, Justice Rohington Nariman and UU Lalit. -Zahoora Hamdule- Posted: 2020/10/8

    Trade Secrets and Patents: Everything You Need To Know: Trade secrets are the Intellectual Property Rights on confidential information that are capable of being stolen -Abhishek Sharma- Posted: 2020/10/7

    Procedure For Trial For Offence Of Hunting Wild Animals: Wildlife means the native wild fauna and flora of a region. -Arunima Shrivastava- Posted: 2020/10/7

    BotChain Technology-An Intricate Study of the AI Based Blockchain Platform: The Article on BotChain Technology aims to surface those technological advancements that are away from the limelight -V. Krishna Laasya- Posted: 2020/10/7

    Prohibited to Sale of Junk Foods Inside the School Campus: The FSSAI has issued guidelines in response to the PIL filed by the Uday Foundation Vs UOI , FSSAI & others Delhi High Court. -Vana Narayanan- Posted: 2020/10/7

    Investment Slowdown With Reference To Collapse Of Debt Mutual Funds: As the disclosure states Mutual fund investments are subjected to market risk is not just a mere caveat -Aadarsh Kothari- Posted: 2020/10/7

    Exemplary costs may be imposed on habitual offenders: A case analysis of Glenmark v/s Curetech: Intellectual Property Rights grant exclusive rights of ownership to their holders, along with the right to sue -Sarthak Kaushal- Posted: 2020/10/7

    New Assisted Reproductive Technologies, Reproductive Rights & Freedom Of Choice Of Women - A Social Legal Enquiry:Infertility is a major public health concern in developing and developed nations. -Maariya Munnavar- Posted: 2020/10/7

    Central Bureau Of Investigation - A Caged Parrot: An Analytical Comparison with the United States Of America's Federal Bureau Of Investigation: The Central Bureau Of Investigation (CBI) is the chief investigation agency of India established in the year 1963 -Maariya Munnavar- Posted: 2020/10/7

    Comparative Study of Prevention of Sexual Harassment Laws/Regulations in India, China and Canada: Sexual harassment is one such incident that is hard for someone to forget but also makes it even worse when remembered.-Anguluri Yogeetha Sai- Posted: 2020/10/

    Comparative Study On Evidence Law: Evidence basically means anything which helps to prove or disapprove a matter of fact in a case -Anguluri Yogeetha Sai- Posted: 2020/10/7

    Corporate Funding In Indian Political Structure: A risk to Indian Democracy: Possession of power makes men blind and deaf, they cannot see things which are under their very nose -A R Adheeth Lal- Posted: 2020/10/7

    Harassment on men: We do not realize that harassment can happen to anyone despite age, gender identity, religion, and attitude.-Anguluri Yogeetha Sai- Posted: 2020/10/7

    Civil Suit Process: Civil suit is the name given for the case that is filed under the civil law by a Civil Lawyers -SSK Law Firm- Posted: 2020/10/6

    Analysis on TVS Motor Company Limited v/s Bajaj Auto Limited (2009) Supreme Court: Bajaj Auto Limited which filed a suit under Section 108 of the Patents Act, 1970 -Milind Parikh- Posted: 2020/10/6

    Internal Restructuring of a Company: Causes, Modes and Procedure: The provision of reduction of share capital, which was earlier available under Sections 100-105 of the Companies -Pushkaraj- Posted: 2020/10/6

    Contract Management-Its Emerging Significance: Every business agreements should be finalized with a contract and to reduce any risks in those agreements -Arathi Sindhunath- Posted: 2020/10/6

    Overview of Basel Norms: Basel Norms are the norms issued by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision -Vedant Jain- Posted: 2020/10/6

    Do Stamp Papers have an Expiry Date?: Stamp Duty refers to the duty levied by the State for the purpose of registering a document. -Priyam Sharma- Posted: 2020/10/6

    What Do You Need to Know About Domestic Violence in Canada?: Domestic violence can occur to anybody at any stage of life. It is not only physical abuse that comes under domestic -Adeline Walker- Posted: 2020/10/6

    42nd GST Council meeting outcome: Key highlights dated 5th October, 2020: The 42nd GST Council met under the Chairmanship of Union Finance & Corporate Affairs Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman -Lalit Rajput- Posted: 2020/10/6

    Law Changing with Changes in the Modern World-Faheema Shirin R K V/s Kerala: The technology in these modern times has been an indispensable part of human life -Sinu Sunil Kattikaran- Posted: 2020/10/5

    Section 66A: The Controversial Mechanism: Laws alone cannot secure freedom of expression; in order that every man may present his views without penalty -Ankush Saraf- Posted: 2020/10/5

    Case Comment on B.Vishwanathiah and Company v/s Karnataka: B. Vishwanathiah and Company and Ors. v. State of Karnataka and Ors. is a 1991 Supreme Court Judgement -Jerrin B. Mathew- Posted: 2020/10/4

    Interpretation Of Constitution Of India Vis-a-vis Doctrine of Constitutional Morality by Supreme Court: The Constitution of India is a living document as per the old saying and, therefore -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/10/3

    Bio-Medical Waste: Waste produced in the healthcare sector may in significant part be considered as the hazardous waste. -Nidhi Pant- Posted: 2020/10/3

    Hazardous Waste Management Issues And Laws During Covid-19: Today our lives have changed due to COVID-19 pandemic in many ways. -Devika Singh- Posted: 2020/10/3

    Surrogacy: An Legal Issue: Nowadays, India is facing never ending legal issues at large scale, of which surrogacy is one -Aayushi Shah- Posted: 2020/10/3

    Application Of Constitutional Obligations On Non-State Actors: The even utilization of basic freedoms to non-state entertainers (NSA) is an advancing and challenged lawful region -Shifa Khan- Posted: 2020/10/3

    A Case Study Of Vodafone International Holding v/s Union Of India: The landmark judgement was made by the Supreme Court of India in Vodafone International Holding (VIH) v. Union of India (UOI) -Saif Ali Ansari- Posted: 2020/10/2

    Prostitution is Not an Offence-A B C v The state of Maharashtra: The Petitioners were three women, aged 20, 22, and 23 respectively who were caught in a trap laid by the social -Aradhya Singh- Posted: 2020/10/2

    Order XII Rule 6-A Decree by Consent and the Challenges Ahead: A decision of a civil suit culminates into a decree and the party in whose favour suit is decided -Avnish Mittal- Posted: 2020/10/2

    Why Victim Cannot Appeal Against Inadequate Sentence Under Section 372 CPC?: Since 2009, the victim has officially entered in the textbook of Criminal Law. For the first time, a victim -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/10/2

    Filing Of Documents By Companies: Examination Of Companies Fresh Start Scheme, 2020: Any company which is established in India has to go through a protracted set of legal procedures -Sonalika Singh- Posted: 2020/10/2

    Concept of Plea Bargaining under Criminal Procedure Code: The famous saying Justice delayed is justice denied holds utmost importance while the concept of Plea bargaining. -Simran Gill- Posted: 2020/10/2

    Intellectual Property (Rights And Its Benefits): As we already know, a machine inventor, a music writer or a book author -Nitish Shrestha- Posted: 2020/10/2

    Role Of Statutory Bodies Viz. National Green Tribunal, Pollution Control Boards In Environmental Regulation: Statutory bodies are an organisation of government which are not mentioned in the constitution -Rohit Singh- Posted: 2020/10/2

    Has A Relook On The Contempt Jurisdiction Of Indian Courts Become The Need Of The Hour?: The recent Supreme Court verdict in the Prashant Bhushan Contempt case has resuscitated debates -Lakshmi Raj C- Posted: 2020/10/1

    Minorityism-Sectarianism In An Education System: I do not use that word lightly but with full responsibility and seriousness out country was partitioned -Tushar Shukla- Posted: 2020/10/1

    Violations of Human Rights during Lockdown: A human crisis that is fast becoming a human rights crisis these are the words of United Nations Secretary-General -Bhadresh Damor- Posted: 2020/10/1

    Manual Scavenging In India: Manual Scavenging is a job that is highly dangerous Act. It is the act of cleaning sewers or removal -Shashank Shekhar Singh- Posted: 2020/10/1

    Expansion in Media and Entertainment Industry through Merger and Acquisition: Merger and acquisitions are transactions in which the ownership of companies and various business -Amrita Ghosh- Posted: 2020/10/1

    Media and Entertainment (M&E) Industry in Times Covid 19: The beginning of the new decade started with the world wide spread of the novel coronavirus -Amrita Ghosh- Posted: 2020/10/1

    The Evolution And Historical Background Of Capital Punishment In India: The inception of the Death Penalty can be traced back to Eighteenth Century B.C -Sandeep Rana- Posted: 2020/09/30

    Environment Protection Act, 1986: The Act endeavored to accommodate an administrative component of release of natural poisons -Mohd fahad- Posted: 2020/09/30

    Sustainable Development: Since from the beginning, the phenomenon of globalization has captured world attention -Mohd amaan- Posted: 2020/09/30

    Impact Of The Pandemic On Sports Law: The onset of the Novel Coronavirus or COVID19 has taken a toll on almost all the sectors of the economy -Ishita singh- Posted: 2020/09/30

    Role Of Indian Judiciary Regarding Environmental Protection: The environment protection was not a crucial subject in the post-independence era of India -Vineet Tripathi & Pawas Tripathi- Posted: 2020/09/30

    The Banking Regulation Amendment Bill, 2020-In Brief: The Banking Regulation Amendment bill,2020, introduced by the Minister of Finance, Smt.Nirmala Sitaram -Arathi Sindhunath- Posted: 2020/09/29

    Access of Justice for the Poor Through Free Legal Aid: The Constitution of India guarantees to every human being certain fundamental rights which are enshrined -Chinmoy Patra- Posted: 2020/09/29

    House hold waste throughout COVID-19-Speeding unfold of deadly Virus?: CPCBs revised guidelines are keeping a check on management of general solid waste and Bio medical waste -Syed Mohd Ghazi rizvi- Posted: 2020/09/29

    A Compendium Study Of Provisions Related To Environmental Protection In India: India is the first country to provide the constitutional protection to environment. -Irish Ranjan- Posted: 2020/09/29

    Ambedkar’s Idea Of Social Justice- Some Reflections: One man one value was the egalitarian message of Dr. BhīmraoBabasaheb Ramji Ambedkar -Pannaga Vijaykumar- Posted: 2020/09/29

    Trademarks an Overview: Intellectual Property Rights (I.P.R) are the legal rights governing the use of creations of the human minds. -Kavya Nargund- Posted: 2020/09/29

    Quashing Of FIR- Legal Rights For False And Forged First Information Report And Complaints: A law is made for the welfare of the people, safety and security of the state.-Anuja Waykar- Posted: 2020/09/29

    Social Context Adjudication - A Social Welfare Approach: The Constitution of India has appointed the Judiciary as the sole protector of the fundamental rights -Vipul Pathak- Posted: 2020/09/29

    Legal Entity - Status to the entire Animal Kingdom: The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated -Yashvi Singh- Posted: 2020/09/28

    Minimum Wages Act 1948- Objectives, Components, Case law's: Workers with a high unemployment rate in developing countries like India can be exploited by employers -Saif Ali Ansari- Posted: 2020/09/28

    Eggshell Skull Theory: Consider that a French football player named Zizou, during a match, had a scuffle with an Italian football player -Rishabh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/09/28

    Right Of Maintenance In Same Sex Relationships: The Honorable Supreme Court of India in the case of Navtej Singh Johar v. Union of India -Syed Aatif- Posted: 2020/09/28

    Registration of trademarks in India: Intellectual property is a category of property that includes intangible creations of the human intellect -Kavya Nargund- Posted: 2020/09/28

    Liability of a Partner by Holding Out in Partnership Act, 1932: A Partnership arises out of Contract and hence is governed by general principles of both Contracts -Ridhima Chadda- Posted: 2020/09/28

    Marital Rape: An Unfair Treatment To The Fairer Sex: rape is defined as the unlawful carnal knowledge of a woman by a man forcibly and against her will. -Rishabh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/09/28

    White Collar Crimes: My father used to always say to me that, you know, if a guy goes out to steal a loaf of bread to feed his family -Rishabh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/09/28

    Corporate Social Responsibility in India: As per Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013 the CSR provisions will be applicable companies -Chandramouli Ghoshal- Posted: 2020/09/28

    Laws And Regulations Of The Indian Media And Entertainment Industry: The system if 'Mass Media' vary from place to place all around the world in accordance to political, economical -Amrita Ghosh- Posted: 2020/09/27

    International Maritime Disputes Of India: In spite of clearly defined boundaries, maritime disputes are common where countries compete over inhabited -Adv.Tanvi Mathur- Posted: 2020/09/27

    Gender Neutral Rights and Laws in India: Every human being has the right to be treated equally with dignity, no matter what caste, gender, creed, and religion that person belongs to -Sandeep rana- Posted: 2020/09/27

    Role of Lawyer in Financing and Banking: Finance and banking are the lifeblood of trade, commerce, and industry.-Sandeep rana- Posted: 2020/09/27

    Maintenance Under Section 125 CrPC with reference Uniform Civil Code: Section 125 of the Code of Criminal Procedure provides for a speedy, effective and rather inexpensive -Shreya aggarwal- Posted: 2020/09/27

    Sri Sri Ravi Shankar World Cultural Festival Case: An Event That Befouled The Yamuna Floodplains: Amidst the phenomena of its evolution, via a layered system of development and drastic climatic changes -Deeksha Baghel- Posted: 2020/09/26

    River Pollution: Issues and Laws Regulating it in India: Rivers in India are much more than a large flowing water body, it is religious faith and also a lifeline -Nikhil Singh- Posted: 2020/09/26

    Court Marriage In India: Step By Step Procedure: In India, a court marriage takes place under the special marriage act, 1954 and is common across the nation -Sandeep Rana- Posted: 2020/09/26

    Mining Scams in India: Gone are the days when it was so easy for any person or entity to do the scam and just run away -Sandeep Rana- Posted: 2020/09/26

    Standard Pharmaceuticals Ltd. vs. Gyan Chand Jain: A Case Study: Standard Pharmaceuticals Ltd. vs. Gyan Chand Jain & Anr., 97(2002) DLT290' related to Delhi Rent Control act.-Sandeep rana- Posted: 2020/09/26

    Entertainment Industry in peril due to Covid-19?: As the society continues to combat the detrimental effects of Covid-19, it can be perceived -Nirali Deepak Parekh- Posted: 2020/09/26

    In the Closet: The Underground LGBT Community: Human rights for all is the most raised issue around the world to enclose the human dignity. -Pravanshi Yadav- Posted: 2020/09/26

    Need of Two Child Policy in India: India was one of the first countries to launch official family planning scheme in 1952 -Prasoon Shekhar- Posted: 2020/09/26

    The Jurisdictional Dispute in Trademark and Copyright Infringement Litigation: court's territorial jurisdiction is to be invoked when it comes to the disputes under the Trade Marks Act, 1999. -Masumi Dave- Posted: 2020/09/25

    Rights Under Copyright: Copyright legislation is part of the wider body of law known as intellectual property (IP) which refers broadly -Divyam- Posted: 2020/09/25

    Adoption And LGBTQ Community: Adoption is a process that impacts the life of a child and changes it completely. It has great implications -Syed Aatif- Posted: 2020/09/25

    Overview Of The New Consumer Protection Act 2019: In India, Despite the presence of plethora of laws to check the supply of poor-quality products -Saksham Jain- Posted: 2020/09/25

    Generic term → Domain name registration → Trademark registration. A loophole perhaps?: With the colossal progression in the e-commerce world, most businesses have exponentially expanded -Devika Arora- Posted: 2020/09/25

    Sexual Harassment in the Dynamic Workplace: During these unprecedented times, Work from Home has slowly but steadily become the new normal. -Stuti Gupta- Posted: 2020/09/24

    Ayodhya Dispute: At the time of British rule in India the dispute between Hindu and Muslim got started in 1528 -Saksham Ahlawat- Posted: 2020/09/24

    Greater scrutiny of Chinese investors in India: The concept of beneficial ownership has assumed renewed significance for Chinese companies in India -Link Legal India law Services- Posted: 2020/09/24

    Amendments bought in Labour Law- The Nation's Plight: Satisfied labours are a vital factor to any firm's growth. No firm can prosper without the support of its employees -Shruti Kulshrestha- Posted: 2020/09/23

    Lex Mercatoria In International Arbitration: Lex Mercatoria is a latin word which was used by the merchants in the medieval times. -Kartikay Singh- Posted: 2020/09/23

    Spring Board Doctrine: A Critical Study Of Trade Secret Protection: An information which is used in trade or businesses, has to be kept confidential for the business to stay -Kartikay Singh- Posted: 2020/09/23

    Role Of Micro-Loan In Modern Financing Industry: Even though today the procedure and conditions of loan advancements from banks or other financial institutions -Prakhar Chandel- Posted: 2020/09/23

    Contempt of Court in District Courts: Contempt of Court or Contempt has been defined as any conduct which tends to disrespect or overlook -Rohit Arya- Posted: 2020/09/22

    Enhancement and Illumination made by the Intellectuals of the 21st century: The history of mankind is a perennial struggle between rational and irrational forces -Jonah Elisa Shiny- Posted: 2020/09/22

    Development Of Administrative Law In India: The principle objective behind the study of administration law is to unwind how these administrative authorities -Anushka gupta- Posted: 2020/09/22

    Attachment Before Judgement Before Indian Courts: There are times and situations which comes before the Court during the proceeding of the suit when the Court -Harkrishan Sharma- Posted: 2020/09/22

    Right to Property and its Evolution in India: In order to protect people fundamental rights are given to them in Constitution -Parashar- Posted: 2020/09/22

    Existence and enactment of DPSPs: The change in time demands change in needs and facilities as we upgrade with time we need ameliorate -Divij Barolia- Posted: 2020/09/22

    Sarfaesi Act, 2002 Legal Position Of The Authorised Officer: The Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002 -Radhakrishnan Ramachandran- Posted: 2020/09/22

    Non-Performing Assets and The Recovery Mechanisms: India is facing a growing problem of non-performing assets (NPA) which is dangerous -Aditya Shendye-Posted: 2020/09/21

    Conditions That Can Be Imposed While Granting Bail: deals with provisions related to bail & bond. As per the given provisions offences are classified either in bailable or in non-bailable category. -Jayesh Gurnani- Posted: 2020/09/21

    E-Waste And It's Impact On Environment: Electronic waste or e-waste is defined as removed electronic devices which is of no use anymore. -Jash Raj Gupta- Posted: 2020/09/21

    It’s Centre’s Force Majeure on GST compensation says Gautam Khaitan: Recently, the Centre described the pandemic as an act of God and abandoned the states to bridge -Priyanshi Chakraborty- Posted: 2020/09/21

    Gender Inclusivity In The Indian Laws: It has been multiple decades now that we are talking about Equality.-Radha Sharma- Posted: 2020/09/21

    Stages Of A Civil Suit: The Code Of Civil Procedure was enacted on 21st March 1908 and came into force on 1st January 1909 -Shubham Ranjan- Posted: 2020/09/21

    The Environmental Mandate And Judicial Activism In India: Indian Constitution, the State is under the prime responsibility to ensure justice, liberty, equality and fraternity in the country.-Ritoprita Ghosh- Posted: 2020/09/21

    Suits Against Foreign States And Interests In India As Doctrine Of Sovereign Immunity: This paper will be looking at the facet of Sovereign Immunity. -Venuka Rai- Posted: 2020/09/20

    A Study Of Indian Law On Protection Of Right To Privacy In The Cyber World: In Today's fast-paced life, technology has spearheaded the central function of human behavior -Chinmoy Patra- Posted: 2020/09/20

    Special Marriage Act And Privacy Concerns: As a socially supported and sanctified union involving to individual as partners in a personal relationship. -Vivek raj- Posted: 2020/09/20

    POCSO Act: Each and every child has by birth has capability to grew up and gain his full potential and contribute -Pranjal Rai- Posted: 2020/09/20

    Individual Criminal Responsibility Under International Criminal Law: Before we talk any about above mentioned topic let's first talk about minor aspects and concepts -Shivam- Posted: 2020/09/20

    Marital Rape- Current legal scenario in India in comparison to the world: If no permanent injury has been inflicted, nor malice, cruelty nor dangerous violence shown -Ritoprita Ghosh- Posted: 2020/09/19

    Unresolved Complaints: Remedies available against the E-Commerce Platforms: If any person had purchased a product online in India, he or she must have faced a doubtful -Chirag Singla- Posted: 2020/09/19

    Contradiction between sections 135 and 137 of Indian Contract Act, 1872: Discharge of surety when creditor compounds with, gives time to , or agrees not to sue -Kartik sangal- Posted: 2020/09/19

    Interplay between Force Majeure Clause and Covid19: Force Majeure translates into a superior force that prevents parties from performance -Adeeti Singh- Posted: 2020/09/19

    Apex Court suggests ways to contain Litigation- Rules in favour Mediation And Advance Ruling System in Tax matters: The Apex Court in a Landmark Judgment dated September 11, 2020 in National Co-operative Development -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2020/09/18

    New Education Policy, 2020: From changing our perception to building our opinion, education provides us with the knowledge and power -Saksham Ahlawat- Posted: 2020/09/18

    Navtej Singh Johar And The Curious Case Of Same Sex Marriages: The Indian Penal Code (hereinafter, the IPC) is the principle legislation dealing with substantive criminal law in India. -Syed Aatif- Posted: 2020/09/18

    Confidentiality In Arbitration Proceedings: Arbitration as an alternate dispute resolution mechanism has seen a substantial rise in the last decade -Link Legal India law Services- Posted: 2020/09/18

    Organised Crimes in India:The base of organized crime is provided by the deadly combination of criminals and politicians. -S Shakthi Jayanth- Posted: 2020/09/18

    Re modelling of Indian Labour Industry with the upshot of COVID-19: The global pandemic has shown us the evident largest shock in the economy worldwide - Pari Prajapati & Puneet Jangid- Posted: 2020/09/18

    The Impact of Pandemic on Mergers And Acquisitions:The unprecedented pandemic that hit the mankind with great gravity as witnessed after a century -Disha Shenoy- Posted: 2020/09/18

    Dream11: Fantasy to Reality: While fighting its way through a number of regulatory challenges, Dream11 has emerged as India's premier online fantasy sporting platform -Shrey Khanna- Posted: 2020/09/17

    Post-Retirement Jobs Bring The Independence Of Judiciary Under Suspicion: Nothing is to be done which creates even a suspicion that there has been an improper interference with the course of justice. -Jaiman- Posted: 2020/09/17

    Bio Medical Waste: It may be in the form of solid or liquid. Basically, biomedical waste is generated from biological or medical activities -Tusharika Singh Gaharvar- Posted: 2020/09/17

    Doctrine of Harmonious Construction: The term harmonious construction refers to such construction by which harmony or oneness amongst various -Tusharika Singh Gaharvar d- Posted: 2020/09/17

    Is India poised to become a global manufacturing hub?: COVID-19 pandemic has been accompanied by not just business disruption of monstrous proportions -Link Legal India law Services- Posted: 2020/09/17

    Is RBI Loan Repayment Moratorium A Missed Opportunity- Impact On Individual Borrowers:RBI’s decision to not grant further extension of moratorium on repayment of term loans which ended -Jaiman- Posted: 2020/09/17

    Supervision Of Co-Operative Banks By RBI: The Government ordinance to empower Reserve Bank of India to supervise the Urban Co-operative Banks -Radhakrishnan Ramachandran- Posted: 2020/09/16

    Two Sides Of Euthanasia: Supreme Court judgment of Aruna Shanbaug Vs. Union Of India, passive euthanasia has been allowed. There are various kinds of euthanasia such as active and passive euthanasia.-Shubham Ranjan- Posted: 2020/09/16

    Patents and Disruptive Technologies (Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Drones): This paper features a diagram of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) in India and their patterns.-Kartik Harit- Posted: 2020/09/16

    Is Coronavirus A Biological Weapon: Since the time the news of coronavirus has spread on social platform, it has been a controversial question -Shriya Mishra- Posted: 2020/09/16

    Trust - Creation of trust as per Indian law: Trusts, in general, under Indian law have a statutory basis, namely the Indian Trusts Act, 1882. -Umesh Olekar- Posted: 2020/09/16

    Ritesh Sinha v/s. Union Of India Needs A Recheck: The decision laid down in Ritesh Sinha vs State of UP [i], which declared that a Magistrate has the power -Sanjana Narang- Posted: 2020/09/16

    Emergence of the Rules of Interpretation of Statues: Interpretation is the method by which the true sense or the meaning of a word is understood -Architi Batra- Posted: 2020/09/16

    IPR Law-History: Intellectual Property; sounds like a very complex and complicated idea, but is something that we come across -Yash Jain- Posted: 2020/09/16

    Article 356: Proclamation Of Emergency And Its Open Misuse By Political Party: The dead letter of the Constitution, said B. R. Ambedkar. Here the topic of my research is Article 356 -Zahoora Hamdule- Posted: 2020/09/16

    Tax Evasion and Controlling Tax Evasion by Indians: Given the explosion in this work, a natural question to ask now is: what do we really know about tax evasion? -Sunil- Posted: 2020/09/16

    Indian Police-Resolute or Temperamental: India Police is believed to enforce law in our country, to help the needy and penalize the criminal.-Avinash Jeena- Posted: 2020/09/15

    Swachh Survekshan,2020: India’s Cleanliness Survey: Swachh Survekshan 2020 is the 5th edition of the annual urban cleanliness survey -Sandeep Rana- Posted: 2020/09/15

    Aarogya Setu App: A Desecration Of Privacy: Privacy is of paramount importance in the days of technological advancements as any person can gain access to the personal information -Sanjana Narang- Posted: 2020/09/15

    Virtual Legal System: A court is a place where trials and other legal cases are decided by an abjudicating body consisting of judges -Harsh Agrawal- Posted: 2020/09/15

    Rhea Chakraborty- Accused Or Victim?: It has been more than two and half months now of SSR's death and from then till now, the media -Dhriti Sharma- Posted: 2020/09/15

    Registration Process for a Patent Under Patent Act,1970: The Procedure for Patent starts even before an application is filed with the patent office in India.-Aarti Laddha- Posted: 2020/09/1

    The Aarogya Setu App Appeases the Test of Privacy: The sudden outbreak of the pandemic has caused some major health care concerns due to the high population -Jai Dogra- Posted: 2020/09/1

    Essentiality Of Plasma Transfusion Similar To Regeneration Of Stem Cell Technology: Plasma is the often forgotten part of blood. White blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets -Jonah Elisa Shiny- Posted: 2020/09/14

    Exploring The Wide Nuances Of Informational Privacy: Analyzing Justice Kaul’s Opinion In Justice K.S. Puttaswamy v/s UOI: Right to Privacy has gained tremendous strength (Momentum) in India and the last few years -Kritika Tailor- Posted: 2020/09/14

    Patents and Public Health: An exclusive intellectual right for an invention that can either be a product or process -Rashi Tolani- Posted: 2020/09/14

    Media: How Watchdog is becoming a Pet dog of Money and TRP: There are mainly four pillars of democracy, which are Judiciary, legislative, executive and media. -Abhiraj D. Vaghela- Posted: 2020/09/14

    Judicial Activism in environment legislation in India: The Indian judiciary always wanted to exercise its power whenever the other two organs of the government -Isha Mittal- Posted: 2020/09/14

    Journey of Right To Privacy in India: Privacy is a right guaranteed to every human being which determines that there will not be any kind of intervention -Anjali Agarwal- Posted: 2020/09/14

    International Court for Environment: The Cure for Environment?: Environmental disputes are not new on the international stage; rather they date back to late 19th and early 20th century.-Medha- Posted: 2020/09/13

    The Concept of Tax Evasion and its Impact on National Economy: We often come across this kind of terms on our daily basis we hear about them in news and in newspapers -Anshika sharma- Posted: 2020/09/13

    Is Partnership Firm a Legal entity or a Body Corporate?: In a layman's term Partnership firm is an association between two or more persons -Dimpal Jangid- Posted: 2020/09/13

    Kulbhusan Jadhav Petition: Kulbhusan Sudhir Jadhav (reported as Hussain Mubarak Patel) born on 16th April 1970 -Shubham- Posted: 2020/09/12

    Right To Education Amidst Of Covid-19 Situation: The outbreak of coronavirus forced everybody to shift indoor. This witnessed migration of so many people -Rashmi Sanjay Nikam- Posted: 2020/09/12

    Acknowledgement of Child under Muslim Law: Once a child is born, the relationship it shares with his/her mother and father is known as parentage. -Tanish Arora- Posted: 2020/09/12

    A Fresher’s Dilemma, A Lonesome Litigator: The smallest stone makes a ripple in the water. This particular stone was big, destructive, indiscriminative -Ankit Chatterjee- Posted: 2020/09/12

    Historical perspective of Payment of Wages Act, 1936: The current paper seeks to analyse the historical perspective of the Payment of Wages Act, 1936 -Prateek Jindal- Posted: 2020/09/12

    From Right To Die To Right To Die With Dignity: The Indian Penal Code 1860 (hereinafter referred as The Code) has been in effect for over a century now -Prateek Jindal- Posted: 2020/09/12

    Ambit of Intoxication As Defence: Intoxication is the condition of having physical or mental control markedly diminished by the effects of alcohol -Dhananjay Mishra- Posted: 2020/09/12

    Theories On The Legal Status Of Air Law: There were a variety of theories prior to the First World War with regard to the status of the airspace -Sandeep Rana- Posted: 2020/09/12

    Who is responsible for clogging of Courts? Suggestions for Speedy unclogging: India ranks second in the most populated countries of the world but as far as the number of litigations -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2020/09/12

    Witch-Hunting: A Barbaric Practice that Threatens Women Even Today: If a man has put a spell upon another man and has not justified himself, he upon whom the spell is laid shall -Suvarna Dubey- Posted: 2020/09/12

    Hindu Succession Act,1956: A Manoeuvre to Gender Equality in India: The Hindu Succession Act, 1956 was enacted to amend and codify laws relating to intestate or unwilled succession -Shrija Verma- Posted: 2020/09/11

    Doping in Sports: Doping is a general medical problem and not just an issue inside the pro athletics network. -Shubham- Posted: 2020/09/11

    Difference Between Assignment And License: Nobody has the right to use the copyrighted work without the permission of the copyright owner. -Shreya Manjari- Posted: 2020/09/11

    Significance Of Compulsory Licensing Under Copyright Law: Compulsory license is a statutory license that gives the liberty to use the copyrighted work without permission -Shreya Manjari- Posted: 2020/09/11

    Understanding The Concept Of Licensing Under Indian Copyright Law: Transfer of interest in copyright is known as a license in copyright.-Shreya Manjari- Posted: 2020/09/11

    Challenges Faced Under Third Party Funding In Arbitration: The nature of international arbitration, and in particular the mechanism for the appointment of arbitrators -Shreya Manjari- Posted: 2020/09/11

    Third Party Funding In Arbitration Proceedings: Third party funding at present is one of the most controversial topics in ICA. -Shreya Manjari- Posted: 2020/09/11

    Is It Compulsory For An Arbitral Tribunal To Decide An Objection To Its Jurisdiction At The Very Threshold?: Section 16 envisages the concept of Kompetenz-Kompetenz, in other words it is recognition -Advait ghosh- Posted: 2020/09/11

    Secularism and Right to Religion: Secularism is defined as the divorce between the state and the religion, in the western concept. -Nitesh Singh Kushwaha- Posted: 2020/09/11

    Enforcement of Foreign Judgements in India: In India, the procedure for enforcement and execution of judgements and decrees -Vanshika Gupta- Posted: 2020/09/11

    Bengaluru Development Authority V Mr. Sudhakar Hegde-Case Analysis: The appeal was filed against the judgment of Principal Bench of National Green Tribunal (NGT) -Aishwarya P- Posted: 2020/09/11

    Copyright As An Economic Source: Copyright is a legal device that provides the creator of a work of art or literature, or a work that conveys information or ideas, the right to control how the work is used -Archana Upadhyay- Posted: 2020/09/10

    Access To Justice As A Fundamental Right During Covid 19: The novel coronavirus also known as Covid-19 has created ravages and wreckage all around the globe. -Richa Mishra- Posted: 2020/09/10

    Animals Right to Dignity and Fair treatment with respect to experimentation and testing: Over the years the Right to live with dignity has been protecting the individuals from all odds -Anindita Angadi- Posted: 2020/09/10

    A Strong Woman Is a Commendable Omen: For overhauling the society and thus, creating a revolution of SELFLESS SACRIFICE -Samiksha Ahlawat- Posted: 2020/09/10

    Collegium System in India: This article deals with the methods of appointment of judges in the Judiciary. -Deepshikha Garg- Posted: 2020/09/10

    I agree–Customer’s Behaviour towards almost all contracts (agreements): Customer rarely reads boilerplate or takes it or leaves it contracts that firms offer (example: assignment clause -Anjali Agarwal- Posted: 2020/09/10

    Why Cryptocurrency can’t be adopted in Banking Sector of India?: Bitcoin is a kind of Computer-generated code which can be used by its owner who has a unique password -Anjali Agarwal- Posted: 2020/09/10

    RBI’s Role In Disaster Management: RBI transferred 1.76 lakhs Crores to the Central Govt based on the Bimal Jalan Committee -Anjali Agarwal- Posted: 2020/09/10

    Legal Validity of Prenuptial Agreement: It is basically an agreement in writing between Two spouses which states that in the event of death or divorce -Vishesh Kumar- Posted: 2020/09/10

    Illegalizing Convicted of MP's and MLA's: In India it is a known fact which has been debated since a long time that the nexus between the criminality -- Posted: 2020/09/9

    Stings: The Quintessential Of A Flawed Legal Framework: A sting operation is an operation designed to catch a person committing a crime by means of deception. -Aditya Bhatnagar- Posted: 2020/09/9

    RTI and Judiciary: Right to Information (RTI) is a Fundamental Right guaranteed to the citizens of India. -Hardik Batra- Posted: 2020/09/9

    PM Cares Fund in the light of Right to Information: Do PM really Cares?: Novel coronavirus has affected most of the countries in the world. It led to infection of over 1.29 crore -Prasoon Shekhar- Posted: 2020/09/9

    Unwanted Arrest and Human Rights: All people in general have the right to enjoy respect for his or her liberty and security.-Bhumi. R. Tejra- Posted: 2020/09/9

    Creating Policies which will address issues of new 4IR technologies in Employment Law: Innovation and creativity is gaining acceleration day by day, leads to emergence of new technologies. -Rajat Kaushik- Posted: 2020/09/9

    What Are The Grounds For Approaching RERA?: In the last few years, there has been an improvement in the Consumer Redressal process -Parul Sardana- Posted: 2020/09/9

    Online Dispute Resolution: These technologies and techniques have a huge impact on our day to day work. -Parul Sardana- Posted: 2020/09/9

    Conundrums Of Pre-Packaged Insolvency In The Indian Scenario: The Insolvency and Bankruptcy code enumerates provision for insolvency resolution process -Jumanah Kader- Posted: 2020/09/9

    Communication of Consent in Rape Cases: Consent is at the centre of the definition of rape in most jurisdictions, India included -Aditi- Posted: 2020/09/9

    An Overview Of The NDPS Act With Provisions Regarding Bail And Confession: The NDPS Act has been enacted to consolidate and amend the law relating to narcotic drugs -Aditya Rai- Posted: 2020/09/9

    Case Comment on Navtej singh Johar v. Union of India: There are so many countries in the world who have legalized homosexuality -Pratham Joshi- Posted: 2020/09/8

    Drugs and Medicines in Contemporary Patent Regime: The idea of a better ordered world is one in which medical discoveries will be free of patents and there will be no profiteering from life and death. -Rajat Kaushik- Posted: 2020/09/8

    Violence against women in India and some changes: Violence against women in India refer to physical or sexual violence committed against Indian women -Gazala Noor- Posted: 2020/09/8

    Status of women in Islam: The status of women is neither a new issue nor is it a fully settled one. -Gazala Noor- Posted: 2020/09/8

    SC, ST Act- A tool to protect the vulnerable or a weapon to wield vengeance?: The Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 -Indu Priya Kamesh- Posted: 2020/09/8

    Article 21 and legal position of Euthanasia: Article 21 states that: No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to the procedure established by law. -Rohan Raj- Posted: 2020/09/8

    Ehics in Media: A Thing of the Past?: Media is considered as the fourth pillar of democracy and as such, it plays a great role -Prasoon Shekhar- Posted: 2020/09/7

    Economic Crisis an Act of God?: In life and death matters such s the COVID-19 pandemic, focus on financial matters can be seem misplaced.-Palak Sinha- Posted: 2020/09/7

    Government Duty Bound To Provide Timely Medical Assistance: In Parmanand Katara v. Union of India[1], the Honourable Supreme Court of India -Syed Aatif- Posted: 2020/09/7

    Registering a Partnership Firm: A Partnership is one of the most important forms of a business organization -Riya Gupta- Posted: 2020/09/7

    The Company Establishment Act: A Brief Review: bill is subjected to rationalize the punishments prescribed under the Act and to decriminalize the compoundable offences under the Companies Act, 2013 (the Act).-Riya Gupta- Posted: 2020/09/7

    The Concept Of Partition Is A Threat To Social Fabric Of India: Family is one of the main socializing institutions of the society and basis of which is cooperation -Anushka gupta- Posted: 2020/09/7

    Marital Rape - More than just a Myth: Marital Rape has not been recognised in Indian Laws since the main object marriage is to procreate -Mansi Batra- Posted: 2020/09/7

    EIA 2020 a boon or bane?: India is one of the biggest countries in this world and the mega biodiversity region.-Sandeep Harish- Posted: 2020/09/7

    Theory of Extraterritoriality of States and Jurisdiction In International law: There are many provisions laid down in international law in relation with the state territorial jurisdiction -Anshika Sharma- Posted: 2020/09/7

    COVID and its Economic and Legal perspective: The profound impact of the measures being taken by the Government to comprehend the rapid surge -Anuuj Taandon- Posted: 2020/09/7

    Case Analysis: Raghav Gupta vs state NCT of Delhi: Here in this small case analysis I have discussed case analysis of the recent judgement from Supreme Court -Koustubh Desai- Posted: 2020/09/7

    Practical Aspects of Data Protection in India: In today's world, data has become Property of every person. Data[1] includes personal data (name, age, date of birth etc -Jyotsna Jain- Posted: 2020/09/7

    Drone Regulation:Now a days Drones are utilized for different reason, for example, observation, military, logical -Mayank Singh- Posted: 2020/09/6

    Euthanasia: Right to Life vs. Right to Die: The word Euthanasia means a good death. Today there is growing debate over the contention -Divya Shree Nandini- Posted: 2020/09/6

    Need of secular law in Succession:Intestate succession and Testamentary succession. Intestate succession means a person -Dhwani Dharmesh Bhavsar- Posted: 2020/09/6

    Medical Negligence In India: Laws And Remedy: It is an undeniable fact that medical profession is a noble profession as it deals with human life -Janane Magesh- Posted: 2020/09/6

    Wrongful Restraint And Wrongful Confinement:Section 339 to 348 of IPC deals with the offences of wrongful restraint and wrongful confinement. -Pragya Sharma- Posted: 2020/09/6

    Dispute in EPC Contracts: Usually, the construction industries are known to use different types of contracting modules based -Sachin Singh- Posted: 2020/09/6

    Life, Law And The Pandemic: The consciousness of law for a common man is narrow and cramped to the legal principle of 'Ignorantia Juris non excusat'-Akansha Somani- Posted: 2020/09/5

    Marital Rape An Unjust Law: India is ranked 133 out of 167 countries in terms of women's equality and women's safety. -Siddhant Chhabra- Posted: 2020/09/4

    The Hindu Undivided Family:India is a pluralistic nation; one which has managed to encompass multitudes of religion, language and ethnicity.-Y.Keerthana Reddy- Posted: 2020/09/4

    The Principle Of Rarest Of Rare: A Critical Analysis: The first form of punishment under Section 53 of The Indian Penal Code -Syed Aatif- Posted: 2020/09/4

    If Any Rape Is A Crime So Why Is Not Marital Rape?: Marital Rape means any unwanted sexual act by a spouse that is committed without the other person's consent -Pragya Sharma- Posted: 2020/09/4

    Constitutionalism is the road ahead: If ever a colossus strode over the Indian legal system, it would undoubtedly be the Constitution of India. -Anam Khan- Posted: 2020/09/4

    Application Of Theory Of Separation Of Powers In India: The concept of Separation of Powers in its truest sense refers to a structural and functional framework -Ishita Agarwal- Posted: 2020/09/4

    The Principle of Non-Refoulement as Jus Cogens: evolution and development of the principle of non-refoulement under international law applicable to refugees and asylum seekers.-Tanisha Papdiwal- Posted: 2020/09/4

    Roots for Better, Easier, Faster Divorce Laws: With a change in society, marital relations have undergone a sea change.-Alokprworks- Posted: 2020/09/4

    Who has the Jurisdiction?: family court has jurisdiction under section 3 of the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act, 1986 -Priyanshi Gupta- Posted: 2020/09/4

    Idea Of Religion Based Reservations: The idea of reservations in general is to provide the just and equal opportunities to those who belong -Pranjal Hans- Posted: 2020/09/4

    Theories of Punishment: Top Ten Economies: Punishment or sanction is a force used by the state in order to provide a peaceful society and to enforce law -Nitish Shrestha- Posted: 2020/09/4

    Law And Human Rights: A Cardinal Parallel Relation: Human rights are an umbrella of ethical principles that apply to everybody. -Abhishek Tripathi- Posted: 2020/09/3

    Assessment of the independence of Indian Judiciary: State in international law is defined as an independent political entity occupying a defined territory -Neha Mishra- Posted: 2020/09/3

    Constitutionality of Lockdown: Pandemic occur when epidemic spreads between the countries. -Vibhu Raj Gupta- Posted: 2020/09/3

    Legal aspect to the India Nepal border dispute: Borders that were meant to bring peace, today stand as the major reason of contention between the nations.-Vibhu Raj Gupta- Posted: 2020/09/3

    Misinformation: The Evil Eye: All these platforms have become so beneficent especially during the outbreak of COVID-19 -Pranjal Hans- Posted: 2020/09/3

    Changes In The Indian Constitution In The Past Five Years: It is a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic with a parliamentary system of government. -Pranjal Hans- Posted: 2020/09/3

    Domestic Violence In The View Of Covid-19: COVID-19 which has been declared a global pandemic, many countries are making policies -Priyanshi Bainwala- Posted: 2020/09/2

    Marital Rape And The Way Forward: The institution of marriage is a sacrosanct. It is a holy bond of togetherness between two equal individuals -Neha Mishra- Posted: 2020/09/2

    F.I.R.: First Information Report [F.I.R] is a written document prepared by the police when they receive information -Greeshma Reddy- Posted: 2020/09/2

    No damage for delay clause in Arbitration Contract: contract that are mutually agreed by the parties of such contract. -Vartika Singhania- Posted: 2020/09/1

    Virtual Courts: Challenges and Opportunities: We believe in the potential of technology enabled delivery system. -Yashvi Singh- Posted: 2020/09/1

    Unilateral arbitration clause- to be or not to be, that is the question?: To be or not to be, that is the question? this phrase from Hamlet's soliloquy reflecting indecisiveness -Prachi Bhatia- Posted: 2020/09/1

    Recruit And Retrench: A key HR issue for the BPO and the re-appropriating industry is recruit and fire. -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2020/09/1

    Critical role of NABARD in Rural Development of Country: After the independence there was a large increase in number of banks and Indian banking sector spur -Varnika Singh- Posted: 2020/09/1

    Privacy Rights and Data Protection: A nine-judge bench of the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice JS Khehar, ruled -Yash Gupta- Posted: 2020/09/1

    The Doctrine Of Basic Structure - Developed Gradually And Been The Strong Base: Basic structure is meant to be an unwritten law.-Thota Sai Srinija- Posted: 2020/09/1

    Underwriters And Underwriting Commission And Judicial Remedies Present In Cases Of Illegal Acts Committed By The Underwriter: Risk denotes the exact probability of the particular eventualities. -Mayukh Mandal- Posted: 2020/09/1

    The Case Of Speluncean Explorers: Jurisprudence Theory: The case involves five explorers who are caved in following a landslide. -Rohan Raj- Posted: 2020/09/1

    Evolutionary Theory Of Rape: The ink-horn term of rape and its respective theoretical formulations contrasts from state-to-state -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2020/09/1

    Ayodhya Ram Mandir: Unknown Facts and Construction Work Revealed: One of the most remarkable constructions under progress is the Hindu Temple, Ram Ayodhya Mandir -Wasim Reja- Posted: 2020/09/1

    Methods of Acquiring and Losing of Citizenship under Indian Citizenship Act: A Citizen of a State is a person who enjoys full civil and political rights. State and Citizens -Vishnu Kavya- Posted: 2020/09/1

    Judicial Analysis of the Power and Functions of the Administrative Tribunals: power and functions of the administrative tribunals -Harkrishan Sharma- Posted: 2020/08/31

    Stepping Towards Women Empowerment: In a patriarchal society like India, where women are generally considered as worthless -Vishesh Kumar- Posted: 2020/08/31

    Ambush Marketing: Ambush means a surprised attack by a person waiting in a concealed position -Pranjal Hans- Posted: 2020/08/31

    Judicial Review: Judicial review is originated in the USA. It was propounded for the first time in the famous case of Marbury v. Madison -Supriya- Posted: 2020/08/30

    Beef Hormone - EC Hormones Case Comment: The dispute in this case was an issue with the beef hormone trade which involved six hormones -Agrima Bhatotia- Posted: 2020/08/30

    Virtual courts- Challenges and a way forward: The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has been identified as a public health emergency -Vartika Khantal- Posted: 2020/08/30

    Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal Act, 2013: The act was passed in pursuance of Vishakha guidelines given by Supreme court. In the case Vishakha and others v. State of Rajasthan -Anirudh Gupta- Posted: 2020/08/30

    The New Education Policy: The first education policy was introduced in 1968 under the president-ship of Indira Gandhi -Anirudh Gupta- Posted: 2020/08/30

    How Enforcement Of Law Of Torts Can Save Environmental Degradation: Environmental degradation or ecological despoliation is significantly known to be an umbrella -Rupkatha Sarkar- Posted: 2020/08/30

    Vizag Gas Leak: Vizag Gas Leak. It includes the happenings, reasons and the preliminary investigations -Richa Mishra- Posted: 2020/08/30

    Documents required for registration of Patent: Patents are a techno-legal document which provides the details of new, non-obvious -Richa Mishra- Posted: 2020/08/30

    What does it take for our country to criminalise-Marital Rape: A women's privacy and rectitude is degraded by any kind of sexual offence against her. -Palak Sinha- Posted: 2020/08/29

    Migrant Labour Crisis In India: COVID-19, a pandemic as declared by WHO is defined as spreading -Shraddha saxena- Posted: 2020/08/29

    White Collar Crime V. Violent Crime: Crime is Commission of an act which is Forbidden or prohibited by law and makes -Usha Solanki- Posted: 2020/08/29

    Compulsory License Under Patents Act, 1970: Bayer Corporation v. Union of India[1], in 2019 passed to resolve the issue of granting of a compulsory license under Section 84.-Shraddha Saxena- Posted: 2020/08/29

    Family pressure of marriage on daughter and Indian laws: Family pressure on marriage is a common crime that takes place into 80/100 Indian families -Vaishnavi shekhar pawar- Posted: 2020/08/29

    Union Budget 2020-21: The Union Budget 2020-21 is passed during the tenure of Finance Minister namely, -Shraddha Saxena- Posted: 2020/08/29

    Application of Rule of Law in India: Rule of law as prescribed by many scholars is supremacy of law. -Pratibha Kumari- Posted: 2020/08/28

    Whether Preamble of Indian Constitution needs any further modification: n one word, we can term Preamble as Soul of Constitution. It is the basic introduction to our Indian Constitution -Pratibha Kumari- Posted: 2020/08/28

    IPR Law-History: Intellectual Property; sounds like a very complex and complicated idea -Yash Jain- Posted: 2020/08/28

    Judicial Evolution of Directive Principles of State Policy:Directive Principles of State Policy as the etymology suggests are the principles which act as a direction -Akanksha Awasthi- Posted: 2020/08/28

    Concept of reasonableness in alternative dealing in the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG): In alternative dealing and transactions, the parties ' actions for a second transaction shall be constrained -Alireza Ghaderi- Posted: 2020/08/28

    Award Of Death Sentence For Heinous Crimes In India: A Critical Study: Death sentence is a process where a crime so grievous has been committed that the state condemns the act -Shikha Verma- Posted: 2020/08/28

    Decriminalized adultery in India: Joseph Shine v/s Union of India: The existing dominance of one sex over the other sex must be patronized as the dignity of individual sex -Shikha Verma- Posted: 2020/08/28

    Cyberbullying: An Incessant Threat In Today's Digitalized World: Traditional bullying has evolved because of the pervasiveness and easy accessibility of electronic media.-Samikshya Mohanty- Posted: 2020/08/27

    Impact of COVID- 19 on Education System: Year 2019- 2020 will be the remarkable period in the upcoming history. -Pratibha Kumari- Posted: 2020/08/27

    Legal Aid In India:Legal Aid Provides free legal services to the poor and needy peoples who cannot afford the services -Pushpak Pandurang Buktare- Posted: 2020/08/27

    Erosion of Humanitarian Rights of Prisoners: India on 5th July 2020[1] had become the third country with the largest number of COVID-19 cases -Yash Chhikara- Posted: 2020/08/27

    A landmark judgment on coparcenary which paves the way for gender equality: Our legal system moves slowly but surely. And this was once again proved -Alokprworks- Posted: 2020/08/27

    Rape:It is found that rape emerges from a culture that involves the domination and objectification of women. -Harkrishan Sharma- Posted: 2020/08/27

    Operational Creditor under IBC: An Introduction: There are two kinds of creditors under the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code , Financial Creditors and Operational -Tanishka Khandewal- Posted: 2020/08/27

    Nambi Narayanan: Excavating The Espionage Case Of India’s Unsung Hero: Reputation of An Individual is An Insegregable Facet of His Right to Life with Dignity -S.Teja Sri- Posted: 2020/08/26

    Animal Cruelty And Laws for Protection of Animal Rights: One must have seen people shooting birds, hurting stray dogs and leaving harmless and innocent animals -Radha Mehta- Posted: 2020/08/26

    Act Of Negligence: In day to day practices, the act or omissions due to carelessness i.e. not to take proper care resulted into loss -Pushpak Pandurang Buktare- Posted: 2020/08/26

    Euthanasia: Right To Die With Dignity:A good and meaningful life is the goal of every person and they constantly thrive to achieve it. -Arjun Kohli- Posted: 2020/08/26

    Assessing How Article 51 of United Nations Charter Prevents Conflict Escalation: Since its inception in 1945, Article 51 of the UN Charter forms one of the most important sections of the Charter.-Saloni Gupta- Posted: 2020/08/25

    International Law for the protection of Cultural Heritage: Culture refers to the way of life of a specific group of people. -Divya Dahare- Posted: 2020/08/25

    Marital Rape: A Rape which is legal:A women in her day to day life faces a lot of problems women are being exploited since ages. -Archita Srivastava- Posted: 2020/08/25

    Precedents: As a source of Law: The doctrine of precedents is centred on the ratio decidendi and obiter dictum -Akriti Sharma- Posted: 2020/08/24

    Case Analysis: DSC Ventures Pvt. Lmt. v/s Ministry of Road Transport and Railways:The judgment touches upon the virtue of the appointment of a substitute arbitrator within the purview of a petition -Kritika Sharma- Posted: 2020/08/24

    Justice System and the Juvenile:Justice System and The Indian Constitution envisages a healthy society where children -Sonal Narayan- Posted: 2020/08/24

    Covid-19: Epidemic To Pandemic: With the primary notice by China of an obscure infection and virus which causes pneumonia -Pallavi Mohta- Posted: 2020/08/24

    The Current State of International Criminal Law and the Necessity for an International Anti-Corruption Court: The International Criminal Court (ICC) is a permanent court which was established on 1st July, 2002 under the Rome statute. -Sneha Sadekar- Posted: 2020/08/24

    Marital Rape: A Legal Crime: Marital rape is the act of sexual intercourse with spouse without the consent of that spouse forcefully. -- Posted: 2020/08/24

    Verbal And Emotional Abuse: An overlooked dynamic in times of the pandemic: The COVID-19 pandemic has spread to most of the countries and territories of the world -Aneri Thaker- Posted: 2020/08/23

    Case Analysis of State of AP vs. Rajah Ram Janardhana Krishna Rangarao Bahadur Varu:There is one company called Guntur Vegetables Oil Industries Ltd., which went into liquidation. -Kadimisetty Sai Sreenadh- Posted: 2020/08/23

    Adoption-Legal and Welfare Perspectives: Even though India has no general law of adoption, the concept of adoption has its recognition -Ashish Jain- Posted: 2020/08/23

    Constitutional Law: Changing Times and Changing Needs of India:Certain times and places are better suited to one theory of constitutional interpretation than are other times and places.-Neeti Gupta- Posted: 2020/08/23

    Case study: Poppatlal Shah v/s State of Madras: Interpretation of statutes is a vast area which basically means that statue be interpreted in such a way -Baikunth Gupta- Posted: 2020/08/23

    Adultery: In our country if we look at the institution of marriage then we'll realize that morality is attached to it -Sapna Kumari- Posted: 2020/08/23

    Invocation Of Bank Guarantees In Times Of Covid-19: A Letter of credit is a globally accepted payment method and is indispensable in international trade -Utkarsh Kumar Mishra- Posted: 2020/08/23

    International Court of Justice and Contemporary Cases:In this era of globalization where every country is running after the money and power, a draw line -Abhyudaya Raj Mishra- Posted: 2020/08/23

    A Comment On Bijoe Emmanuel v/s Kerala: Man's relation to his God was made no concern of the State.-Rahul Kumar- Posted: 2020/08/23

    Consumer Protection Act,2019: The Parliament passed the Consumer Protection Bill, 2019 on 06.08.2019 to replace the Consumer Protection Act -Srishti Jain- Posted: 2020/08/22

    Consumer Rights And Protections: I (consumer) and you (consumer). A person who buys a good or service for his own personal use and not -Sapna kumari- Posted: 2020/08/22

    Why India must take a stand against FGM: The concept of gender-based violence is not a new one; the female population has been oppressed in numerous -P Sriya- Posted: 2020/08/22

    Contract-Concepts Of Force Majeure, Readiness And Willingness:A valid contract requires voluntary offer, acceptance, and consideration -Avnish Mittal- Posted: 2020/08/22

    Memes and copyright: An image, video, any quote, etc., by imitation when passed from one individual to another -Anirudh gupta- Posted: 2020/08/21

    Circumstantial Evidence: Beyond Reasonable Doubt: Conferring to a basic principle of common law, criminal convictions can be obtained if the guilt of the defendant -Neeti Gupta- Posted: 2020/08/21

    RERA v. Consumer Courts: The Delhi High Court has held in a batch of petitions moved by several real estate companies (petitioners) against -Aditya Kumar Upadhyay- Posted: 2020/08/20

    Powers of Police in Investigation: Whether the Investigation process carried out by the Police Officers are in compliance with the sections under the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973? -Lamya Hussaini- Posted: 2020/08/20

    Arrest Without Warrant: For decades across the globe, there has been a debate regarding the validity of preventive arrest -Pooja Agarwal- Posted: 2020/08/19

    Whether Post-Facto Environmental Clearance under Draft EIA Notification 2020 legally permissible?: The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change recently introduced the Draft Environment Impact -Yuvraj Francis- Posted: 2020/08/19

    Commission of Inquiry: To enable the administration to discharge effectively the multifarious functions entrusted to it -Pooja Agarwal- Posted: 2020/08/19

    Vicarious Liability: It is that liability of one person for the act done by another person -Pooja Agarwal- Posted: 2020/08/19

    Will under Muslim Law: The law of wills is contained in Part–VI of the Indian Succession Act, 1925. -Pooja Agarwal- Posted: 2020/08/19

    Morality in Rule of Law: Jurists have defined law differently from different point of views. It has been called Dharma -K Sumanth Gowda- Posted: 2020/08/19

    Admissibility Of Evidence Of Electronic Record In India: By a recent Judgement dated 14.07.2020, the Supreme Court of India while deciding Arjun PanditRao Khotkar -Law Senate- Posted: 2020/08/18

    Transgender Rights - The Long Cry: The Gender inequality is one such brutal happening around the world. -Femina Shanmugh R.- Posted: 2020/08/18

    Plea Bargaining: Many members of the Tablighi Jamaat belonging to different countries have obtained release from court cases -Suraj Vaibhav- Posted: 2020/08/18

    Implementation of the Environmental Conservation insisted in the Spiritual Dictionary during the Ancient vedic Age: The Gita's call for selfless action inspired many leaders of the Indian independence movement -Jonah Elisa Shiny- Posted: 2020/08/18

    Circumstantial Evidence and The Doctrine of Last Seen:The circumstances from which the conclusion of the guilt is to be drawn should be fully established -Aastha Vyas- Posted: 2020/08/18

    Development of Sports Law from Sports and Law in India: Sports have been an integral part of human advancement, not just physically but more importantly mentally.-Kajal Dhaval Shah- Posted: 2020/08/18

    Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India: An Underrated Performer: The enactment of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 was a game changing move which enabled -Sumanth Gowda- Posted: 2020/08/18

    Human Trafficking And Fundamental Rights: Slavery was, in a very real sense, the first international human rights issue to come to the fore -Ishant Jain- Posted: 2020/08/18

    Mumbai Gag Order: Criticism against the State a crime?:The Constitution of India guarantees several fundamental rights to the citizens out of which the right to freedom -Muskaan Ahlawat- Posted: 2020/08/18

    Cake under Intellectual Property Law: The ancient Greeks called cake πλακοῦς (plakous), which was derived from the word for flat -Shivani Vora- Posted: 2020/08/18

    Critical Analysis of Doctrine Of Proportionality: Doctrine of proportionality finds its place in the Administrative Law and is used at the stage of Judicial Review. -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/08/18

    Section 6, Hindu Succession Act- Creating Gender Equality:The Constitution of India grants rights to every Indian Citizen, especially in the shape of fundamental rights, -Avnish Mittal- Posted: 2020/08/18

    Custodial Bloodshed In Indian Jails: Custodial violence is basically the mis-use of the power by the police officer as their tendency to fast tract solving -Ginit Pal Kaur Bal- Posted: 2020/08/17

    Dr B. R. Ambedkar - The Father Of Indian Constitution And Social Justice: A just society is that society in which ascending sense of reverence and descending sense of contempt is dissolved -Kamlesh Patel- Posted: 2020/08/17

    Structuralist and Comparative Interpretation of the K.S.Puttaswamy v. Union Of India: Right to Privacy is one of those subjects upon which the Indian legal system has seldom delved. -Snehil Siddharth Khadia- Posted: 2020/08/17

    Understanding Crimes Against Men: It is often said that we live in a male dominant or a patriarchal society. -Mansi Batra- Posted: 2020/08/17

    Temporary injunction (Order XXXIX):There is nothing in the law to prevent a man from owning property before he is born.-Pooja Agarwal- Posted: 2020/08/17

    An analysis of the violation of Separation of Power: In India, the doctrine cannot claim any historical background. The legislature did not appear as a body separate -Pooja Agarwal- Posted: 2020/08/17

    Capital punishment for heinous crime v/s Human Rights: Human right or right to life is a phrase which describes the belief that a human being has essential right to live -Meet Deepak Ramaiya- Posted: 2020/08/17

    A Critical Analysis Of Provision Of Section 125(3) OF CrPC VIZ., Procedure Of Execution Of Order Of Interim Maintenance: Laws are necessary to maintain the individual and social behavior in particular manner -Kiran Pawar- Posted: 2020/08/17

    Secularism: A sensitive issue: Secularism way that everyone enjoys the complete religious freedom because of this that government -Malay Dixit- Posted: 2020/08/17

    A Note on Andhra Pradesh Renewable Energy Policy, 2020: Andhra Pradesh Renewable Energy Export Policy, 2020 (the Policy) in concurrence of Finance -Link Legal India law Services- Posted: 2020/08/17

    Revised Guidelines Issued for Disposal of Bio-medical Waste during the COVID-19 Pandemic: The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced the Indian Government to frame more stringent laws relating to disposal of Bio-medical waste. -Anita Shekhar Castellino- Posted: 2020/08/17

    Ban On Chinese Apps: Need And Impact: India and China were maintaining good relationships with each other in several ways economically, -Prerna Yadav- Posted: 2020/08/17

    Need of Merger and Acquisition:All over the world, many M&A decisions have become lopsided towards strategy for growth only -Pooja Agarwal- Posted: 2020/08/17

    Cyber Crime And Scams: Today is the Era of Technology in which computers and mobiles are crucial resources -Abhinav Manan- Posted: 2020/08/17

    Sociological school of jurisprudence: Law is a social function i. e: there will be coming to society and leaving the society but society remains - Lalitha Sree- Posted: 2020/08/16

    Procedure Of Publication Of Industrial Design In India: A thing of beauty is a joy forever, these golden words have a very great significance in today's materialistic world, -Tina Sarda- Posted: 2020/08/16

    Daughter's Right to Property: Rights to daughters in the coparcenary property of the father -Sandeep Rana- Posted: 2020/08/16

    Need For A Witness Protection Law In India: The Honorable Supreme Court of India in the case of Mahendra Chawla v. Union of India -Syed Aatif- Posted: 2020/08/16

    Exercise of Prerogative of mercy by the President of Bangladesh: An Interpretation with Comparative Study: The president of Bangladesh has all the right to pardon which implies an exclusive judicial power -Mahmudul Hasan Sabuz- Posted: 2020/08/16

    Cross Examination In Criminal Proceedings-An Overview: Cross examination is one of the highest act of an advocate and can only be acquired after years of observation and experience -R.Rajarathinam- Posted: 2020/08/16

    Sustainability versus the EIA Draft Notification Of 2020: The economic development and environmen­tal sustenance are two aspects, -Asmitha-Shuaib-Enock- Posted: 2020/08/16

    Right To Privacy Its Sanctity In India: Privacy is very important for every citizen who are living in any part of the world -Divya Dahare- Posted: 2020/08/15

    Article 15 Of The Indian Constitution: An Insight: Article 15 of the constitution do prohibits the discrimination only on the grounds of caste, sex, religion, place of birth and race. -Anirudh gupta- Posted: 2020/08/15

    How India Was Formed And How Did J And K Became An Integral Part Of India: In 1947 when Pakistan attacked Jammu and Kashmir( J &k) , then out of fear the ruler of the princely state J&K -Anirudh gupta- Posted: 2020/08/15

    Article 13 Of Indian Constitution: An Overview: Article 13 of the constitution do upholds the supremacy over Indian constitution and do paves the way to judicial review. -Anirudh Gupta- Posted: 2020/08/15

    How Can We Make District Courts More Effective In The Age Of Internet And Virtual Revolution?: To improve the quality of imparting justice at lower judicial level in Tehsils and trial courts, has been a prime importance of Judiciary since long. -Sanjay Manchanda- Posted: 2020/08/15

    Aatmanirbhar Bharat Has Become Mantra For New India: PM stated about several issues ranging from management of the Covid-19 pandemic, measures to boost domestic manufacturing as part of the Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan -Trilok Singh- Posted: 2020/08/15

    How To File A Civil Suit In India:For filing a Civil Suit, the detailed process is laid down in Code of Civil Procedure, 1908. -Anuja Waykar- Posted: 2020/08/15

    Media: Fourth Pillar Of Democracy: Democracy is described as the government by the people, for the people or it is considered to be the rule of the people through their elected representatives.-Shivansh Agrawal- Posted: 2020/08/14

    What Is The Need Of NOTA And Why It Is Implemented In India:Paper on the Option of NOTA (None of the above), why we need the option of NOTA and how it is implemented in India.-Neha Singhal- Posted: 2020/08/14

    International Social Justice In Pandemic Preparedness: In the wake of the Ebola crisis that began in West Africa in 2013 -Puneet Jangid- Posted: 2020/08/14

    Gift Under Transfer Of Property Act: Transfer of property is an act of conveyance of property between living persons, in present or future. -Puja Das- Posted: 2020/08/13

    Deadly Delhi Riots: History was made on December 9, 2019 when the Lok Sabha passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB)-Diya Mehta- Posted: 2020/08/13

    Analysis Of The Mind Of Serial Killers: The crime of murder has been known to be present in our society since the early 1660s. -Pooja Agarwal- Posted: 2020/08/13

    Unraveling Media Policy 2020 after scrapping of Article 370: It is not new that Freedom of press and media is enshrined under Article 19 (1) of Constitution of India -Medha- Posted: 2020/08/13

    Juvenile Justice In India: Who is a juvenile? Any person below the age of 18 years and is not able to understand the right or wrong -Simran Yadav- Posted: 2020/08/13

    Patent Licensing: Patent is an exclusive right granted to the inventor for his invention which is either a process or a product. - Dr.Jayashri Bangali- Posted: 2020/08/13

    Sedition Law - A Tool To Suppress The Voices: 124 A. Sedition: Whoever, by words, either spoken or written, or by signs, or by visible representation, or otherwise, brings or attempts to bring into hatred or contempt, or excites or attempts to excite -Femina Shanmugh R.- Posted: 2020/08/13

    Martial Law: Martial law is a law managed by the Martial as opposed to a regular citizen government.-Yashika Jain- Posted: 2020/08/13

    Development of IT Sector of Law: The concerned article involves the growth, development and importance of IT sector of law.-Aastha Vyas- Posted: 2020/08/13

    Time To Repay: When serious debate takes place between development and environment the question arise -Deepak Garg- Posted: 2020/08/13

    Change in the landscape of Mediation- The Indian Perspective.: The courts of this country should not be the places where resolution of disputes begins.-Parul Saxena- Posted: 2020/08/12

    Anarchism And Naturalism Jurisprudence - A Critique: The present segment sheds light on the research methodology and the techniques employed by the researcher -Nilang Soni- Posted: 2020/08/12

    Marriage Registration Procedure: Marriage is a sacred tie and last of ten sacraments that can never be broken.-Deepak Garg- Posted: 2020/08/12

    Feminism and the Society: tradition and cultural practices, which leads to violation of women rights in region-Mohammad Wahid- Posted: 2020/08/12

    International Peace And Security: World And India:As Buddha said, Peace comes from within. Simply the term peace means freedom from disturbance -Yuvraj Kashyap- Posted: 2020/08/12

    Synchronised Trading: its meaning, effect and the law: Stock exchanges take great care to ensure that their price discovery mechanism-Vijeet Trivedi- Posted: 2020/08/12

    Article on Evaluation of Epidemic Diseases Act,1897: Since contemporary times, India has witnessed many large outbreaks of infectious and dangerous diseases -Shubhi Singh- Posted: 2020/08/11

    Marital rape: The social reasoning why it is a legal exception: A Man will be held guilty of rape if he does any of the acts mentioned in Section 375 of The Indian Penal Code -Prashasti Mishra- Posted: 2020/08/11

    Reservation Policy in India after 73 years of Independence: A State Obligation or a Constitutional Ambiguity?: Reservation policy has been an integral part of public policy of both the British India and princely India -Arshdeep Singh Chahal- Posted: 2020/08/11

    Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006: How much more the Parliament needs to travel: With the Executive rolling out the red carpet for MSMEs in AATMANIRBHAR BHARAT, does Parliament need to make any introspection in the existing law -Gagan Gupta & Ankit Swarup- Posted: 2020/08/11

    Essential Commodities Act: Implications on the Indian Economy and Impact of COVID-19: Essential commodities are those that the Central Government may notify -Janvi parihar- Posted: 2020/08/11

    Related party transactions: Related Party resembles that it talks about someone related but when we talk about the legal -Pooja Agarwal- Posted: 2020/08/11

    Cannibalism And Its Linkage With Criminology: cannibalism as a crime noticed rarely in today's scenario in India as well as globally -Aviral Agrawal- Posted: 2020/08/11

    Critically Analyzing different types of Jurisdiction under The Code Of Civil Procedure, 1908: The legal maxim, Ubi Jus Ibi Remedium meaning Wherever there is a right, there is a remedy has also been adopted by our Indian legal system -Anirudh Agarwal- Posted: 2020/08/11

    The Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019: As The citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 has created a lot of controversies -Kratee aggarwal- Posted: 2020/08/11

    Kedarnath singh v. State of Bihar: Sedition law was drafted by Thomas Babington Macaulay and was included in the Indian Penal code -Tushti Pande- Posted: 2020/08/11

    Status Of Life In Oceans: Does Life Underwater Provide Sufficient Protection: It is a sad situation in the seas that, from where life arose and sustains-Anam Khan- Posted: 2020/08/10

    Cartelization In Railways Sector: Chief Materials Manager, South Eastern Railway v/s Hindustan Composites Limited: the Competition Commission of India (CCI) was in receipt of references under Section 19 of the Competition Act, 2002 -Prashansa Agrawal- Posted: 2020/08/10

    Disqualification, Personal Liability and Other Penal Consequences for Directors of a Company: Section 164 of the Companies Act, 2013 prescribes certain conditions which make a person ineligible-Madhavi Lakhotia- Posted: 2020/08/10

    Law On Domestic Violence: The Rusted Sword: Men, their rights, and nothing more; women, their rights, and nothing less - Susan B Anthony, Known for her feminist rights -Shubhambudhiraja- Posted: 2020/08/10

    The Telemedicine Practice Guidelines, 2020: On 25th march, 2020, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare issued the Telemedicine Practice Guidelines, 2020 -Nidhisha Garg- Posted: 2020/08/10

    Moratorium: Discretionary, Directory or Mandatory?: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), on March 27, 2020[1] permitted all commercial banks, co-operative banks -Qasim Saif- Posted: 2020/08/10

    Legality Of Banning Chinese Apps In India: Does it violate Article 19 (1) of Indian Constitution? As people uses Tik Tok and various other Chinese Apps as a form of expression -Jai Rakshita - Posted: 2020/08/9

    Sexual Offences under the IPC-Section 375-377: Sex related offences has been recognized as a crime by almost all cultures and religions -- Posted: 2020/08/9

    Article 12 and 13 of the constitution of India: Article 12: Article 12 of the Indian Constitution defines a State. -Ishika jain- Posted: 2020/08/9

    Status Of Migrant Workers During Covid 19: Recently, the recent uproar was regarding the exodus of Migrant workers-Kirty ranjan rani- Posted: 2020/08/9

    Article 311 Acting As A Safeguard: Art 310 of The Indian Constitution speaks about how every member who is a civil servant -Shubham Ranjan- Posted: 2020/08/9

    Abortion Politics: The Journey Of Reproductive Rights From Exile To Want Of Acceptance: Reproductive health, is a crucial part of health sector in any country -Parul Saxena- Posted: 2020/08/9

    Interface Between Gender Justice And The Family Courts Act,1984: A Critique: The Constitution of India enshrines the principle of equality before law and equal protection of law -Malika Tiwari- Posted: 2020/08/9

    Horse-trading and Political Opportunism: a big threat to Democracy of India: Representative democracy, which is unanimously conceived as a suitable form of government -Hanuman Prasad Singh- Posted: 2020/08/8

    The Concept of Online Kidnapping with Reference to the Indian Laws: With the advent of technology and easy access to the internet, the world has been confronted with a new form of kidnapping termed as online kidnapping -Priyam Sharma- Posted: 2020/08/8

    Introduction To Voting Rights In Reference To Prisoners And Tribes: When we look back in 1951-52, near the bank of Hoogly stray cows moving with a slogan painted -Ankitha P S- Posted: 2020/08/8

    How To File A Police Complaint?: A Criminal Complaint is of two types. One being FIR (First Information Report) and other being a private complaint (one given to a Magistrate).-Anuja Waykar- Posted: 2020/08/8

    Covid-19 And Commercial Lease Agreements: The Novel Coronavirus (COVID -19) has raised many questions on its consequences over the contractual obligations -Bhawana- Posted: 2020/08/8

    Legal aspect and approach to mediation in India: Mediation is an out of court settlement which is voluntary and two parties undergo this process to reach -Sahana R- Posted: 2020/08/8

    Biological Weapons Convention: The Biological Weapons Convention is the result of an international effort to address -Ujjwal Vats- Posted: 2020/08/8

    Deciphering Natural Guardian Under the Hindu Law: Guardianship can be defined as a relationship between a person and his child/ward -Arshdeep Singh Chahal- Posted: 2020/08/8

    Technology Transfer Contracts and the clauses covered under it: The concept of transfer of technology is becoming a mondial issue specifically in developing countries -Komal Chowbey- Posted: 2020/08/7

    National Education Policy, 2020: The Indian government has brought a revolutionary change in the Indian education system. -Sandeep Rana- Posted: 2020/08/7

    Legal Regime of Space Debris and Legal Proposals to mitigate the negative effects of Space Debris: Earth is surrounded by a cloud of space debris which consists of non-functional satellites -Anirudh Agarwal- Posted: 2020/08/7

    Media and entertainment laws: Media and entertainment industry have various fields involving tv serials -Diksha Devera- Posted: 2020/08/7

    Women Rights Under Indian Labour Laws- A Socio-Economic Study: Women in India from antiquity were accorded the most exalted and respectful place in the society -Pooja Agarwal- Posted: 2020/08/7

    Effectiveness Of Control Over Legislative Functions Of Administrative Bodies: Administrative law is a result of rising state socio-economic functions of the state -Prateek Kumar Patel- Posted: 2020/08/7

    Major Changes required in Criminal laws: Criminal laws in India are very old, despite some amendments from time to time it has not been updated -Rohan Raj- Posted: 2020/08/7

    Procedure Of Divorce By Mutual Consent: In a mutual consent divorce, the husband and wife mutually agree to separate and end the marriage. -Anuja Waykar- Posted: 2020/08/7

    Basics And Analysis Of Rental Laws: There are separate and exclusive Acts for each sector in the Indian real estate which has been framed -Yazhini- Posted: 2020/08/7

    Judicial Separation In India: Judicial Separation is a provision under Indian law which gives marriage a chance by not ending the marital ties -Anuja Waykar- Posted: 2020/08/7

    Censorship Of OTT Platforms: A Boon Or Bane: Over the top (OTT) media service is a streaming media service offered directly to viewers via internet. -Astha Nagori- Posted: 2020/08/7

    A Step by Step Guide to Court Marriage in India: Court Marriage is the solemnization of marriage between a male and a female who are eligible to marry -Anuja Waykar- Posted: 2020/08/7

    Joint And Constructive Criminal Liability: It refers to the liability of two or more persons for an offence. -Vatsala shukla- Posted: 2020/08/7

    Surrogacy: A Short Lived Intimacy: The origins of Surrogacy in India are evident with the birth of worlds second and first of India's IVF baby -Srirupa Choudhury- Posted: 2020/08/6

    Decriminalizing 497: In October 2017, Joseph Shine, an NRI from Kerala, filed a PIL (public interest litigation) under Article 32 -Tanisha- Posted: 2020/08/6

    Settlement of Boundary Dispute: Article 1 of the Indian Constitution describes India as a Union of States, and provides that the territory of India is comprised -Mehak Goel- Posted: 2020/08/6

    Writ Jurisdiction to district Judge: A much needed Reform: Tezpur, the third largest city of Assam. The state of Assam, has a total area of around 78,000 square kilometers and is very rough in terrain geographically. -Hari Mudgil- Posted: 2020/08/6

    Outbreak Of Rape Cases In India: Rape is an offence against the women. It is the most heinous crime in India -Swami RS Ganeshan- Posted: 2020/08/6

    Rights of Disabled Persons: Despite there are many legislative efforts and judicial creativity pertaining to the upliftment -Kriti Kumari Aggarwal- Posted: 2020/08/5

    The Consumer Protection Act, 2019 compared with the Act of 1986: buys any goods for a consideration which has been paid or promised or partly paid -Payal Mehta- Posted: 2020/08/5

    Onerous Gifts - Legal and Judicial trend in India: Where a gift is in the form of a single transfer to the same person of several things of which one -Rohit Arya- Posted: 2020/08/5

    Habeas Corpus: The Constitution of India provides powers to the Supreme Court and the High Courts -Shalu Shravan Singh- Posted: 2020/08/5

    Industrial Dispute Act 1947: The Industries in a country play a very important role in maintaining the economy of the country -Shalu Shravan Singh- Posted: 2020/08/5

    Innovate For A Green Future: Green innovation-is defined as an innovation which consist of new and modified process -Uditi Patel- Posted: 2020/08/5

    BOIS Locker Room - A Juvenile Perspective: Across the world, including India, for most purposes, all young persons in the age group of 0-18 years -Priyanshi Chakraborty- Posted: 2020/08/5

    CoronaVirus: A Virus of Communalism and Racism in India: The deadly virus which has captured humans globally, has no religion, no caste, no gender -Shruti Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/08/5

    Legal Aspects Of Ethical Hacking: Internet and computer networks are the most widely used in the current era of technology worldwide.-Shreya Srivastava- Posted: 2020/08/4

    Be Energetic Do Yoga:Yoga came long back from the Indus Valley Civilization around 3000 BCE. -Simran Kanwar- Posted: 2020/08/4

    Crimes Against Women: An attempt has been made to debate the crimes against women in contemporary modern times. -Prateek takkar- Posted: 2020/08/4

    Legalization of Prostitution In India:The word prostitution comes from the latin word called prostituere which means to expose publicly. -Yashi Verma- Posted: 2020/08/4

    Socio Legal Aspect Involved In Rise Of Domestic Violence Against Women Amid Lockdown: While scrolling Instagram, there are very fewer chances of not coming across quarantine hobbies started by people -Jeetika Aggarwal- Posted: 2020/08/4

    Women Centric Laws: Consequences faced by Males:It is very well said that excess of anything is very dangerous. Same is here that women -Pratibha Kumari- Posted: 2020/08/4

    Attorney General V. Adolf Eichmann-Case Brief:Adolf Eichmann (defendant) was a German Nazi officer involved in the internment and extermination -Swati Kadyan- Posted: 2020/08/4

    Supreme Court Says Death Due To Insect Bite Will Not Be Covered Under Accident Insurance: The Supreme Court of India has made an observation that any diseases caused or transmitted -CHANDRU MAYA- Posted: 2020/08/4

    Regulation of Social Media in Constitutional Governance:The first question arises after hearing the topic name is What Is Social Media? -Malay Dixit- Posted: 2020/08/4

    Case Analysis on Indra Sawhney v. Union of India and Ors: Right to Equality is one of the basic fundamental rights of the Constitution of India -Shreyansh Chopra- Posted: 2020/08/4

    Mediation As A Form Of Alternate Dispute Resolution And Its Advantages:The global population is rising every second and so are the number of people knocking the doors of courts of law. The pendency of suits cannot be dealt unless the common law system is reformed. -Hrishikesh Jaiswal- Posted: 2020/08/4

    Forgery for the purpose of cheating: offence of forgery for the purpose of cheating as mentioned under IPC. -Siya Jalan- Posted: 2020/08/4

    The Doctrine of Issue Estoppel: Nemo debet bis vexari pro una et eadem causa and interest rei publicaeutfinislitium -Chitransha Singh- Posted: 2020/08/4

    The Battle Of Priority Between Financial Creditors and Operational Creditors Under The IBC, 2016: A Revisit To Binani Industries And Swiss Ribbons Rulings: Despite the corporate laws in India showing a trend towards being more market-centric -Namrata Chakraborty- Posted: 2020/08/4

    Legal provisions and Constitutional validity of the Restitution of Conjugal Rights: Marriage is one of the main important vital roles in all human life. -Sandeep Harish- Posted: 2020/08/3

    Covid-19 In Refugee Camps - A Problem Untackled: Around this point the world is facing the greatest humanitarian catastrophe of all time -Prakhya shah- Posted: 2020/08/3

    Difference Between Judicial Separation And Divorce: Matrimonial disputes take place due to misunderstanding or indifferent behavior between husband -Aarshi R Kapoor- Posted: 2020/08/3

    The pothole crisis- An inconspicuous issue:Pothole deaths are quite common and have always been on the rise. -Medhiyaa Ramesh- Posted: 2020/08/3

    Constitutional Tort-Judicial Analysis: The basis of tortious liability is the violation of duty primarily fixed by law.-Anuroopa D- Posted: 2020/08/3

    CAA-A Critical Analysis: India is the largest democracy in the world. It should always maintain the spirits mentioned -- Posted: 2020/08/3

    Gambling And Its Related Legislation: games to Chausar and modern days Casinos, everything comes under the influence of gambling. -- Posted: 2020/08/3

    Reproductive Rights for Women in India:Historically, the reproductive rights movement in the U.S. has seen many controversies due to the moral -Adv.Tanvi Mathur- Posted: 2020/08/3

    Why Data Protection Bill, 2019 is important for India: The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019, which seeks to regulate the use of individual data by the government -Rohit Arya- Posted: 2020/08/3

    Marital Rape - Power Relations And Legality! - A Case For Lex Feranda: The existence of spousal exemption in today's laws indicates an acceptance of the archaic power relations -Ravi Singh Chhikara- Posted: 2020/08/3

    Need of patent prosecution highway in India: challenges and opportunities: The number of patent applications in the world is increasing along with the globalization -Anirudh gupta- Posted: 2020/08/3

    Jayaraj And Bennicks Case: Long Due Amendments To Ensure Police Accountability And Render Justice: The recent case of custodial torture and death of father-son duo in Tamil Nadu -Harshul Khadiya- Posted: 2020/08/2

    Relation Between Article 21 and Right to Clean and Pollution-Free Environment, Water and Air: right to clean pollution-free environment, air, water and Article 21 -Yash Dhyani- Posted: 2020/08/1

    Sea Level Rise in relation to International Law: Since the advent of fire, Man has been advancing unprecedently. -Pranav Avinash Wadhawankar- Posted: 2020/08/1

    An Overview Of Crimes Against Women And Available Remedies: In 2014, 25,8,51,563 crimes under IPC were committed among which 3, 25,327 i.e. 11.4% -Swapana Kode- Posted: 2020/08/1

    214(b) Visa Rejection- What it means and how to overcome it: Under the various sections that a consular officer at an U.S. Consulate or Embassy a can deny your Visa -Caro Kinsella- Posted: 2020/08/1

    Surrogacy In India And Other European States: Comparative Analysis:Infertility is a biological snag for the couple to conceive a child. Surrogacy is a foremost technique addressing -Nisha Nandini Singh- Posted: 2020/08/1

    Certificate Under Section 65-B (4) Of Evidence At Is A Condition Precedent To The Admissibility Of Electronic Evidence; Supreme Court:The Supreme Court recently, Vide Judgment & Order dated July 14, 2020 in Civil Appeal Nos. 20825-20826 of 2017 -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/08/1

    Shafin Jahan v/s K.M. Ashokan: To Uphold The Freedom Of Choice And Religion: The dilemma of identity is a foremost alarm for man. Being the same we have come across with an idea -Shakshi Agarwal- Posted: 2020/08/1

    Absence of provision Condonation of Delay in Banking Ombudsman Scheme of Reserve Bank of India at original side:The Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006, which was constituted by Reserve Bank of India by virtue of Section 35A -Rishabh Paliwal- Posted: 2020/08/1

    Gender Biased Laws In India:It has been multiple decades now that we are talking about EQUALITY. -Harsh Kumar- Posted: 2020/07/31

    Is Humanity Still Alive?:I hope the readers are aware of the recent news about the female elephant, who was carrying a precious gift of the almighty -Arunim Kathuria- Posted: 2020/07/31

    The Indian Bankruptcy Laws and how are they different from UK and US:Bankruptcy refers to a legal position where a Company, Individual, or a Partnership Firm is unable -Harshal Sadhwani- Posted: 2020/07/31

    Admissibility of Electronic Evidence recovered from an accused:Consider a case where an investigating officer recovers a compact disc from the possession of an accused person -Ashwinkumar A- Posted: 2020/07/31

    Institutional Paralysis: International Criminal Court: In the history of International Organization, we have seen the establishment of the League of Nations -Ashok Kumar- Posted: 2020/07/31

    White-Collar Crime:Prof. Sutherland has resented his concept of White-collar crime in his address to American sociological society -C. Amirdha Varshini- Posted: 2020/07/31

    Personal Information of Public Servant and Right to Information Act: Our participatory democracy requires to give access to its citizens for a role in governance to the governed. -Prem Kumar- Posted: 2020/07/31

    Double Taxation Mitigated: Double taxation refers to a situation where taxes are paid twice on the same income.-Yashas Malik- Posted: 2020/07/31

    Essentials of Valid Contract: Indian Contract Act, 1872 administer law about the contract. Section 2(h) of the Contract Act -Rajshree Shekhar- Posted: 2020/07/31

    Internationalizing Indian Education by New Education Policy: a step has been taken by HRD Ministry for the improvement of the Education system of India -VisheshKumar- Posted: 2020/07/30

    Flattening the curve or Flattening the human rights?:In early March 2020, as the COVID-19 set to mark its presence all around the globe. -Faisal Rahmani- Posted: 2020/07/30

    Rights and Status Of Unborn: Unborn means who is not born, as dim-witted as anyone could have outlined this intelligence.-Sandeep Kumar- Posted: 2020/07/30

    IBC (Amendment) Ordinance, 2020: Seemingly Innocuous Or Detrimental?: In May of 2016, the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (hereinafter referred to as IBC) was implemented -Sanat Prem- Posted: 2020/07/30

    Human Rights in the Digital Age:Focusing on human rights in the digital age is key to a better world. On a very large scale data collection -Marshan- Posted: 2020/07/30

    Doctrine of State Arbitrary Action: Arbitrarily in doctrine means an unreasonable manner, as fixed or done at pleasure, without -Shreya patel- Posted: 2020/07/29

    A Perpetual Legal Analysis on Relation between India and China: Historical background of India and China is very much familiar; India and China -Shreya patel- Posted: 2020/07/29

    Major 2019 Judgments On The Rights Of Prisoners: The jurisprudence of rights of prisoners in India has been an evolving one. -Shrutika Garg- Posted: 2020/07/29

    Artificial Intelligence Vis A Vis Technology: Changes In Priorities For Science And Research In Future Due To Complete Standstill In A Few Weeks Due To COVID-19 -Prashant Yadav- Posted: 2020/07/29

    Role of judiciary in maintaining a gender just world:The Indian judiciary plays an important role in interpreting and applying the law. -Aishwarya Sinha- Posted: 2020/07/29

    RERA - What is RERA Importance and Related issues: In India, especially in civil matters exceedingly large number of cases are pending. -Koustubh desai- Posted: 2020/07/29

    Guidelines/Court Marriage in Delhi: We all know today Court Marriage has become one of the simple & easiest ways -Vikash Rajput- Posted: 2020/07/29

    Interrelationship Of Law And Society: Law is the order of the Sovereign. Law is a lot of tenets. Law must spill out -Hrishikesh Jaiswal- Posted: 2020/07/29

    International Laws regarding the Legality of the Indian Military Strikes on Pakistan:Military strikes or surgical strikes are only designed to deal with specific targets. -Priyanka Ojha- Posted: 2020/07/29

    Jurisdiction Of Central Administrative Tribunal For Adjudication Of Service Matters Is Not An Alternative, But The Only Forum: High Court cannot entertain the service writ petition and remedy lies only before the Central Administrative Tribunal.-Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/07/29

    Dying Declaration (Section 32 Of Indian Evidence Act): Dying Declaration is admissible in evidence being hearsay evidence. This piece of hearsay evidence -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/07/29

    Assessment Of Grey Areas In Statutory Framework Of Central Administrative Tribunals In India: The term Tribunal is derived from the word Tribunes, which means Magistrates of the Classical Roman Republic. -Damini Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/07/29

    Analysis of Cyber Jurisdiction In India: The invention of computer and computer networks has made the life easier and above all the internet -Kirty Ranjan Rani- Posted: 2020/07/29

    Critical analysis of Anti-Defection Law: The seeds for anti-defection law were sown in the late 1960s with the infamous turncoat Gaya Lal -Karan Parikh- Posted: 2020/07/29

    Legislative Overruling of the judgments of the Supreme Court: In 2019, the Hon'ble Supreme Court while acknowledging the fact that provisions of the SC/ST Atrocities Act -Shashwat singh- Posted: 2020/07/29

    Evolution Of Indian Apps And Demise Of Chinese APPS: This document discusses the Reasons why Indian Government banned Tiktok and 58 other apps -Vishesh Kumar- Posted: 2020/07/28

    The Art of the Renaissance for Shaping India's future: India lives in a moral Vacuum. Bold Surgery is needed to treat the diseased heart of a nation -Jonah Elisa Shiny- Posted: 2020/07/28

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    E-banking frauds and Indian legal prospective: Information technology became a part of every sphere of human being life. Due to the globalization, privatization and liberalization -Nilutpal Deb Roy- Posted: 2020/07/28

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    Imperative Tips for Patent Drafting: According to World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Patent is an exclusive right -Dr. Jayashri Bangali- Posted: 2020/07/28

    Changing Face Of Corporate Boardroom:The current pandemic, which has challenged businesses like never before, has also got them thinking -Joydip Dey- Posted: 2020/07/28

    Fashion and Intellectual Property: Fashion is form of art. Art is way of expressing yourself.-Shivani Vora- Posted: 2020/07/28

    Public Accountability in India:- Current Scenario: Accountability means being able to provide an explanation or justification and accept responsibility -Bishwendra Narayan Singh- Posted: 2020/07/28

    Justice Delayed is Justice Denied: Justice is rightly called the shield of innocence and guardian of civil rights -Samriddhi Mishra- Posted: 2020/07/27

    Tyranny Of The Unelect Influencing Judiciary?: The doctrine of Separation of powers is a part of the basic structure of the Indian Constitution -Sanchita Namdev- Posted: 2020/07/27

    Personal Liberty Vis A Vis Preventive Detention: Preventive detainment implies confinement of an individual without preliminary and conviction -Rashika Chopra- Posted: 2020/07/27

    The Process Of Liquidation Under IBC 2016: The first order objective of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code is insolvency resolution of the corporate debtor. -Pradhumna Mohan Dixit- Posted: 2020/07/27

    Rising Sea Level and its Implications in International Law: The gradual albeit rapid heating of the earth’s atmosphere has brought about immense adverse effects -Aditi Singh- Posted: 2020/07/27

    Trade Secrets Legislation - A Necessity: In the present era, the companies work in a highly competitive environment -Sparsh Juneja- Posted: 2020/07/27

    The Financial Stability Of The Banking Sector The Bank And The Borrower A Relationship Of Trust, Faith, Hope And Understanding: The advent of banking reforms in India has brought the concept of NPA -Radhakrishnan Ramachandran- Posted: 2020/07/27

    Sealed Cover Procedure in Promotions: As of figures in 2014 the Central government had 47 Lakh employees -Arihant Samdaria- Posted: 2020/07/27

    The Family Medical Leave Act: The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), is a federal law that requires -Sanath pollemore- Posted: 2020/07/27

    Honor Killings - A Curse To The Right To Live With Liberty: Honor killing is the killing of a family member with the mentality that the concerned member -Madhu Modi- Posted: 2020/07/27

    Winding Up Of A Company: The organization wrapping up technique in India incorporates a shutdown -Pradeep Raja- Posted: 2020/07/27

    Article 12 of The Constitution of India, 1950: PART-III of Indian Constitution Act, 1950 includes the fundamental rights of the citizen of India. -Chinmay Singhi- Posted: 2020/07/26

    Rule of Law Under Indian Legal System: Social life requires cooperation and order, and order requires laws. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/07/26

    Arbitration and IPR Disputes: Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are exclusive rights given to creator for use of his/her creations -Koustubh Desai- Posted: 2020/07/26

    Changes in Consumer protection Act: new consumer protection act, 2019 came into effect by replacing the old one i.e. consumer protection act, 1986. -Chinmay Singhi- Posted: 2020/07/26

    Joint Family,Ancestral and Coparcenary Property: Happy Families are all alike, every unhappy Family is unhappy in its own way. That unhappiness often finds its painful way into a courtroom. -Rajinder Goyal- Posted: 2020/07/26

    Are we moving towards Modern Slavery?: Following the COVID-19-induced economic disruptions, up to 135 million jobs -Joydip Dey- Posted: 2020/07/26

    Marital Rape: No Means No Even After Marriage:Marriage is the most sacred social institution in India. When a man and a woman get married -Sakshi- Posted: 2020/07/26

    Migrant Labour Crisis in India during Covid-19: The shock which came in the name of Covid-19 shook the nations all over the world. In the fight -Ananya Trivedi- Posted: 2020/07/26

    Sound marks: an unfamiliar perspective in the books of Indian trademark history: Safeguarding one's ideas and innovations is one of the major aspect of intellectual property rights act,1999 -Anirudh gupta- Posted: 2020/07/24

    Corporate Crimes And Its Role In Economics Depression:Corporate crimes are crimes also known as white-collar crimes and White-collar crimes are those crimes -Nisha Nandini Singh- Posted: 2020/07/24

    Efficiency of International tribunals in addressing war crimes: What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless,-Astha thakar- Posted: 2020/07/24

    Corporate Social Responsibility a Review:Though CSR came as an obligatory measure in India only in 2013 -Shuma Talukdar- Posted: 2020/07/24

    Shortcoming of Sports Law in India:Sports help in advancement of peace, development of children and youth -Arnav Mithal- Posted: 2020/07/2

    Analysis of Copyright Issue in Cyberspace:As we enter into the emerging era of software technology and the ever-growing sphere of the internet and world -Shruti Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/07/24

    Indian Legal Framework on Foreign Investment and Protection:Foreign Investment Policy govern direct investment into production or business -Nikita Raghavan- Posted: 2020/07/24

    Media and Entertainment Laws in India: Over the last few years, the Media and Entertainment Industry (M&E) has grown -Mrunalini Srinivasan- Posted: 2020/07/24

    Protection against child abuse and neglect:Children establish more than 400 million of the one billion or more populace of India -Ismat Chughtai- Posted: 2020/07/23

    Doctrine of Election in Arbitration Law: Arbitration has become the preferred mode of dispute resolution for resolution of disputes amongst the business -Advait ghosh- Posted: 2020/07/23

    The Anathema Of 100 Per Cent Reservation Is Unconstitutional: Case Of Chebrolu Leela Prasad Rao V. State Of Andhra Pradesh: The notification reserved all the posts of teachers in educational institutions of tribal areas of Andhra Pradesh exclusively for the local Schedule Tribes -Pradhumna mohan dixit- Posted: 2020/07/23

    Difference Between Partnership And Company: The members of the partnership firm are called partners whereas the members of company are called shareholders. -Dev Parbhakar- Posted: 2020/07/23

    Equality before Law and Equal Protection of the Laws (Article 14): The concept of equality followed in Indian Constitution is egalitarian equality and not just formal equality -Satyajit S. Sonagara- Posted: 2020/07/23

    Laws Regarding Partition Of Property In India:Partition in Hindu joint family is a process by which joint family status among the coparcener -Angad Singh- Posted: 2020/07/23

    Covid-19 Impact Over Society And Role Of Mass Media: The world is undergoing a tough phase where it faces a huge drop in the economic level -Gayathri V- Posted: 2020/07/22

    A Critical Analysis of provisions of Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act: Fundamental Rights occupy pride of place in Part III of our Constitution -Kiran Pawar- Posted: 2020/07/22

    Litigation in Intellectual Property(IP) Laws: Intellectual Property Rights have made an astonishing progress in both the municipal law -Javvad Shaikh- Posted: 2020/07/22

    How to File a Criminal Complaint in India: Reporting the commission of a crime is the foremost step in setting the criminal law in motion. -Ashwinkumar A- Posted: 2020/07/22

    Dowry Death:A Vicious Act for the Women's of India: Marriage is a fundamental piece of a society, a wellspring of bliss moreover as a fresh out of the plastic new start. -Shagun Vats DSK- Posted: 2020/07/22

    Hire Purchase Act,1972: In this article, I am going to give you the idea about hire purchase topic which comes under the Indian contract act, 1972. -Sapna Kumari- Posted: 2020/07/22

    Specific Relief (Amendment) Act 2018; An Overview: A few years back, India was counted amongst the few worst performing countries in the way it was performing business. -Kumkum Mandhanya- Posted: 2020/07/22

    Female Genital Mutilation: FGM is the name given to procedures that involve altering or injuring the female genitalia for non-medical or cultural reasons. -Prakriti bhagat- Posted: 2020/07/22

    Contributory Negligence Where Person Do Not Wear Safety Gear: Negligence is the omission to accomplish something which a reasonable man -Rahul Tomar- Posted: 2020/07/22

    Right to Advertisement of Legal Professionals in India: Right to Advertisement is one of the intrinsic features of conducting any business, profession -Kartik Gupta- Posted: 2020/07/21

    Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016- Boon or a Bane: In India, many acts were enacted to deal with the issue of debt defaults. -Gaurav Lall- Posted: 2020/07/21

    Scope of Right to privacy for phone tapping: Communication has always been the most significant part and important invention by human being -Nikunj thakkar- Posted: 2020/07/21

    Public Opinion and Role of Media: Media is considered to be the fourth Pillars of Democracy, the other three being Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary. -Dhriti Yadav- Posted: 2020/07/21

    Need For Sentencing Guidelines In India: The essence of democracy and the rule of law has a limitation of the discretion of judiciary -Chandru Maya- Posted: 2020/07/21

    Supreme Court Lifts Ban On Cryptocurrencies: Commerce on the Internet has become almost exclusively on all sectors serving as trustable source -Chandru Maya- Posted: 2020/07/21

    Regulations Of Competitions:The world as we know it thrives on Competition. It is, without doubt, a fundamental incentive's agent -Niti Kumbhaj- Posted: 2020/07/21

    Legal Protection Of Geographical Indications: International And National Perspective: Intellectual property occupies a prominent position in economic and social life in every society. -Dr.Kamaljeet Kaur- Posted: 2020/07/21

    Constitutional Validity of Section 376-E of Indian Penal Code: Rape is the fourth-most common crime against women in India. -Akshita Jaiswal- Posted: 2020/07/21

    Difference Between Sale And Agreement To Sell: Under Sale, ownership passes immediately at the time when the contract is made -Dev Parbhakar- Posted: 2020/07/21

    Legal Development In Rajasthan-The Whip And The Pilot: The dispensation in Rajasthan has not even completed two years in power when its stability is at stake -Sparsh sharma- Posted: 2020/07/21

    Evolution of the concept of Basic Structure: The problem that we faced during the commencement of the Constitution was that on the one hand we had the directive principles of state policy -Komal Chauhan- Posted: 2020/07/21

    Serial Killers In India: The distinctive characteristic of the modern era is its mass urbanization but sometimes -C. Amirdha Varshini- Posted: 2020/07/21

    Criminal Sanctions for enforcement of Competition Law: An Analysis of Issues and Challenges: India has had its own version of competition law for 40 years, which was implemented by a law called the 1969 -Ahilya Pusalkar- Posted: 2020/07/21

    Divorce Laws In India: Marriage is a social legal contract between a spouse who expects to live with each other -C. Amirdha Varshini- Posted: 2020/07/20

    Human trafficking laws in India: Almost 300 years ago, the Indian Slavery Act, 1843 was passed which outlawed transactions -Anuli Mandlik- Posted: 2020/07/20

    Practical Aspect Of Section 156(3) Of Criminal Procedure Code: Section 156(3) – Power of Magistrate u/s 190 to order investigation u/s 156. -Arijit Dey- Posted: 2020/07/20

    India and Belt and Road Initiative: Why India decided to boycott BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) in the first place -Chanchal Sharma- Posted: 2020/07/20

    Why Happening Draws attention rather than a Fore Lasting Prejudice: Racism is a prevailing concept in certain societies, where the societies are divided based on ethnicity -- Posted: 2020/07/20

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    Sexual Abuse Of Refugees: The world is witnessing the highest levels of displacement on record. -Devyani Vijayakumar- Posted: 2020/07/20

    Analysis on Shafin Jahan v K.M Ashokan and role of right to privacy: The purpose behind is not to abuse the profitability of the rights of the religion -Shakshi Agarwal- Posted: 2020/07/20

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    Legal Education System in India: In Dire Straits: Admission into a professional course is not an achievement but an opportunity to hone one's professional skills and one must not let it pass by. -Shagun Mishra- Posted: 2020/07/20

    The Legality of Internet Shutdowns in India: The Citizenship Amendment Act, abrogation of Article 370 etc. which could be resulted in Internal Aggression -Ayush Shukla- Posted: 2020/07/20

    Courts Must Apply Stringent Tests While Understanding The Complexity Of Section 319 Cr. P. C: Initial stage of investigation some time it happens that those who are actually committed the offence easily escape the boundaries of Penal Law -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/07/20

    Migrant Labor Crisis in India amid COVID-19: Poverty is pushing millions of desperate people to resist the lockdown orders. -Ayush Shukla- Posted: 2020/07/20

    Intellectual Property Issues In Cyberspace:The advancement in e-commerce and e-business has led to an important concern to the companies -Abirami- Posted: 2020/07/19

    Constitution And Constitutionalism. A Study Perspective In India:The Constitution is an organic living document. Its outlook and expression as perceived and expressed -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/07/19

    Application of Law of Contracts in the Education Sector: Educational institutions are large organisations that enter into a large number of contracts ranging from employment contract -Shuma Talukdar- Posted: 2020/07/19

    Patent and its role in economy: In the innovation economy, invention determines the future of the nation. -Sandeep Harish- Posted: 2020/07/19

    A complete protocol for the registration of Geographical Indication:Geographical Indication is a sign given to the particular product which is produced within a particular region -Ramki- Posted: 2020/07/19

    Supreme Court’s SEAMAC Decision: Expansive Interpretation of Section 34, Arbitration Act: wide implications when it comes to setting aside arbitral awards under section 34 of the Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996 -Aadil Parsurampuria- Posted: 2020/07/19

    Criminal conspiracy:Criminal conspiracy one of the most discussed topic in the legal field. -Shubham sethi- Posted: 2020/07/19

    The history of so called present controversy: Feminism is the most controversial topic in today's era, it is misrepresented and misused in several different ways. -Aastha Vyas- Posted: 2020/07/19

    Human right issues and Environment: Bhopal Gas Tragedy, it was an industrial accident. The accident took place at the Union Carbide India Limited -Shivani Patel- Posted: 2020/07/19

    Food safety and standards authority of India:Food is something that binds people everywhere in the world, especially in this pandemic where people have reconnected with the art of cooking. -Janhavi Jain- Posted: 2020/07/19

    COVID-19 a death sentence for inmates: Impact of global pandemic over prisons in India:COVID-19 a death sentence for inmates: Impact of global pandemic over prisons in India. -Pankaj Katal- Posted: 2020/07/19

    How Women Misuse Their Rights?:Laws are like ambiguous weapons. If they're created to shield the rights of an individual, they will even be exploited to throttle the freedom of opponents.-Krish bhatia- Posted: 2020/07/19

    Delay In First Information Report– A Critical Analysis:The First Point of a bringing a Crime to the notice of the administrators of justice is lodging of a complaint -Sumana Rao K- Posted: 2020/07/19

    Mumbai Gag Order: Is Criticizing The State A Crime?: the gag order is an order, typically passed by the Court or the government, -Ankur Jain- Posted: 2020/07/18

    The Elephant in the Court Room: Analysis of Ranjit D Udeshi Case: Ranjit D Udeshi v/s Maharashtra The court adjudged the novel as obscene and along with it upheld the applicability of Hicklin's Test in deciding issues related to the same. -Rishabh Paliwal- Posted: 2020/07/18

    Broadcasting Regulations In India And How They Are Different From UK: Every citizen has right to broadcast his article, book, painting and own views through various broadcasting media -Abirami- Posted: 2020/07/17

    Absolute Private Rights Can Not Be Enforced Through Article 226 Of The Indian Constitution:A writ is a formal written order issued by a Court to redress Fundamental Rights -Atish Chakraborty- Posted: 2020/07/17

    Contract of Bailment and Pledge: Features and Distinctiveness:Contract of bailment and pledge are different from each other. According to section 148 -Shuma Talukdar- Posted: 2020/07/17

    Threat to democracy: Loopholes in Pandemic governance: Our country has the longest written constitution running into 448 articles. -Mudit Ahuja- Posted: 2020/07/17

    Death Penalty in India:Capital Punishment refers to awarding death penalty to the accused by the competent court -Gauri Sharma- Posted: 2020/07/17

    Virtual Courts - The New Norm?: Justice must prevail in the toughest times as vocalized by Churchill -Yukta Batra- Posted: 2020/07/17

    Cyber Crime - A Hindrance In Digital World:The internet is one of the fastest growing areas of technical area infrastructure development.-Divya mittal- Posted: 2020/07/17

    Bio-Medical Waste:Any developing country who seek himself to become a developed country his first and foremost -Ashok Kumar- Posted: 2020/07/17

    Should India be renamed to Bharat: India perhaps believes in belief the most. As for an individual so is for the nation -Vranda Agarwal- Posted: 2020/07/17

    Continuing The Squabble Between Encounter And Target Killing: The controversy between encounter and target killing has been in news on and off for over a decade now. -Huzaifa Shaikh- Posted: 2020/07/17

    Inside the Yerwada Jail: Built in 1871, Yerwada Jail is the biggest jail in the Asia. It is situated in Yerwada area of Pune city -Sristi Nimodia- Posted: 2020/07/16

    What are Basel Accords?:The banking industry is the lifeline of any economy. It is one of the most important pillars of the financial sector. -Sristi Nimodia- Posted: 2020/07/16

    Legal Status Of Unborn, Dead Person And Animal:Geopolitical social changes set alterations into social reality providing for the creation of appropriate -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/07/16

    Defamation:One cannot be unmindful that right to freedom of speech and expression is a highly valued -Ramendra pratap singh- Posted: 2020/07/16

    Post Decisional Hearing: Natural Justice is the underlying soul of impartial and unbiased court rulings. The fundamental rule governing the principle of Natural Justice is Audi Alteram Partem -Garima Pahwa- Posted: 2020/07/16

    Decree passed in favour of a dead person under Code of Civil Procedure:Where the court proceeds with the case in ignorance of the fact of death of a person and passes a decree -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/07/16

    Analysis of Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2019:In our society we communicate in the language of rights loud and often -Riyaa Singh- Posted: 2020/07/16

    Electronic Evidence: The Unfertile Crop:Digital images are no different from the droplets of rain that fall, merge, and then divide -Shubhambudhiraja- Posted: 2020/07/16

    The Gram Nyayalayas Act (Nyaya Panchayats, Lok Adalat And Legal Aid Nyaya Panchayats):The village panchayats constitute very old and traditional/administrative institution in India. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/07/16

    The Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 An Analysis: The Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987, was enacted to give a statutory base to legal aid programmes -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/07/15

    Foundation of Tortious Liability: Tort is a civil wrong and it consists of those wrong which violates legal rights or causes legal injury to a person -- Posted: 2020/07/15

    Scope and Applicability of Part 1 and 2 of Section 304 for Culpable Homicide: The Indian Penal Code, 1860 recognizes two kinds of Culpable Homicide. -Satyajit S. Sonagara- Posted: 2020/07/15

    Gaining Custody Of The Accused: Rising No Of Encounters In India: On the night of the 2nd July, a team consisting of 10-12 policemen went to arrest the deadly criminal -Abhyudaya raj mishra- Posted: 2020/07/15

    Pandemic-upheaval in education: Education is fundamental to sustainable development, it is a powerful driver of development -Anamika yadav- Posted: 2020/07/15

    Government Cannot Claim Privileges In Arbitration Matters: Supreme Court Of India:The Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996 (herein after The Act) with its advent has paved way for an effective -Law Senate- Posted: 2020/07/15

    NLU v/s Non NLU - A Dilemma: National Law University could be a dream of almost every law aspirant as they're best -Harshit Khandelwal- Posted: 2020/07/14

    The Upcoming Technology and Legal Industry: Artificial Intelligence blended with legal services is a step forward to create ‘Justice for All' -Ananya Trivedi- Posted: 2020/07/14

    Section 205 CrPC: Intricacies of Trial in Summon Cases: after 3-4 years of experience in legal field (that too on subject of commercial crime -Neha Katewa- Posted: 2020/07/14

    Section 309 of IPC: Section 309 of IPC: It's Constitutionality and decriminalization -Rohan Raj- Posted: 2020/07/14

    John Galsworthy’s Justice: Justice, a drama written by John Galsworthy aimed to bring reforms in the British system of Justice. -Akanksha Shah- Posted: 2020/07/14

    Female Genital Mutilation: Prevalence in India and Need For Appropriate Laws:Several practices carried out in name of tradition violate basic rights of humans, and Female Genital Mutilation -Sunanda Krishna- Posted: 2020/07/14

    Right Of Arrested Person:The Concept of Arrest under the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973. -Akhil Shrivastava- Posted: 2020/07/14

    The Judiciary versus the Legislature - forever and ever: Before addressing the question, it is imperative to have a basic idea of our Constitution -Rukmani- Posted: 2020/07/14

    Has the Central Bureau of Investigation dodged a bullet regarding its Constitutional status?:Central Bureau of Investigation has been the top notch and a premier investigating agency of India -Ajj H. Murjani- Posted: 2020/07/14

    The holding of Press Conference by Supreme Court Judges: A threat to the democracy:guardian and watchdog of freedoms, and the upholder of Constitutional order should be understood to be ill-equipped -Komal Chauhan- Posted: 2020/07/14

    Acquaintance Rape and Categories of Acquaintance Rape: Acquaintance Rape has been seen occurring with more than a normal race in every part of the world. -Rashi Sharma- Posted: 2020/07/14

    Honour Killing: A Deceptive Act to Shame:Every society consists of its own set of rules, regulations and principle which are to be -Ashish Kumar- Posted: 2020/07/14

    Yoga All Over The World: The term Yoga is emanate from the Sanskrit root Yuj which stands for to join or to yoke or to unite or to harness -Aahana Khan- Posted: 2020/07/14

    Contempt of Courts Act, 1971 An Analysis:powers of certain courts in punishing contempt of courts and to regulate their procedure in relation thereto. - Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/07/14

    Act of god as a defence under Tort law:A natural necessity proceeding from physical causes alone without the intervention of man -Preeti Bafna- Posted: 2020/07/13

    Human Trafficking: Human Trafficking means trafficking of persons within a state or across borders without their consent. -Arunabh Srivastava- Posted: 2020/07/13

    Benami Properties: A Critical analysis of the Benami Transactions Act, 1988: The word Benami means anonymous or nameless. Benami transaction means that the person who pays -Kavya agarwal- Posted: 2020/07/13

    Abuse of Dominant Position: The Competition Act, 2002 focuses to sustain competition, protect the interests of the consumers -Kumar Gaurav- Posted: 2020/07/13

    Article 370:Indian constitution is the supreme law of India. It was adopted by the Constituent Assembly -Bhavya Arora- Posted: 2020/07/13

    Consolidation Of Land Holdings In Uttar Pradesh: A Look Into The Uttar Pradesh Consolidation Of Holdings Act, 1953:Land reform constitutes the most important package of measures to improve the economic condition of agricultural tenants. -Vanshika Sharma- Posted: 2020/07/13

    Anuradha Bhasin v/s Union of India:The legality of internet shutdown and movement restrictions are challenged under Article 32 -Bhavya Arora- Posted: 2020/07/13

    Impact Of Covid-19 Pandemic On The Model Timeline Of Insolvency Resolution And Liquidation Proceedings:Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 has been enacted with an objective to consolidate -Rahul Shukla- Posted: 2020/07/13

    Differences Between Summary Suit And Ordinary Suit:suit is understood to apply to any proceeding in a court of justice by which an individual pursues that remedy which the law affords. -Satya prasanth- Posted: 2020/07/13

    Gandhian And The Idea Of Social Justice:Indeed, the life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a life full of experiments with Truth. -Krapanshu Rathi- Posted: 2020/07/13

    Advent of New Regulations in India in the Wake of Globalization: An Overview of a Selected Few: Globalization and economic liberalization in the early 1990s had far reaching effects. -Shuma Talukdar- Posted: 2020/07/13

    An Over View Of The Maharashtra Control Of Organized Crime Act, 1999: The Primary Objective of an effective counter-terrorism is to safeguard humans, strengthen -Swapana Kode- Posted: 2020/07/13

    Preventive Detention against Anti-Social Activities: Need to widen the scope?:Maintenance of law and public order is preliminary function of State -Nidhi Vyas- Posted: 2020/07/13

    Transformative Constitutionalism And Indian Supreme Court: A Study Of Navtej Johar's Case:The Constitution of India also known as Bharatiya Samvidhana is the supreme book of India.-Abhishek Roy- Posted: 2020/07/13

    Crime Against Illiterate Women: no doubt that we are in the midst of a great revolution in the history of women -Dev Parbhakar- Posted: 2020/07/13

    Sale Deed not Void for non payment of part of Sale Consideration:Dahiben vs. Arvindbhai Kalyanji Bhanusali non-payment of a part of sale consideration does not make the registered Sale Deed -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2020/07/13

    5 Online Financial Frauds everyone must know:As we step into the outer world, we are fascinated by a lot of things - Advocate Shrutika Garg- Posted: 2020/07/13

    Domestic Violence: An Overlooked Offence:Domestic abuse is not just physical violence. Domestic violence is any action that is intended -Darshika Lodha- Posted: 2020/07/13

    Designer's Dream?:The topic of the article includes a question as if we look into the intellectual property laws -Aastha Vyas- Posted: 2020/07/13

    Access to Criminal justice:Justice means the sense of being just and fair providing one what one deserve at the real time -Kumar Gaurav- Posted: 2020/07/12

    Insolvency and bankruptcy law case summary on synergies dooray automotive limited:The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 lays down the distinct insolvency resolving procedures for companies -Nikhil agarwal- Posted: 2020/07/12

    Robbery:Section 390 of IPC, 1860 deals with the offence of Robbery -Krapanshu Rathi- Posted: 2020/07/12

    Civil and Criminal Negligence:Negligence in tort law means omitting to do an act, which a reasonable man would do or doing such an act -Anushka Hanotiya- Posted: 2020/07/12

    Black Warrant: Sinful or Not?:Before going through the character of Black warrant, first try and take cognizance of what is a Black warrant -Aman soni- Posted: 2020/07/12

    Concept of Will, Gift And Wakf Under Family Law:Under Muslim law will is known as Wasiyat. A person who will is called testator. Will means strength of mind. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/07/12

    Defense Of Insanity:Section 84 of the Indian Penal Code says that any act done by a person -Angad Singh- Posted: 2020/07/12

    Nepotism: Giving Undue Patronage To One’s Own relations: Nepotism is a practice associated with the special evil of corruption. Nepotism means favouritism shown towards one's own relatives.-Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/07/12

    Broken window theory:Broken window theory is a metaphorical theory according to which petty disorder -Shubham sethi- Posted: 2020/07/12

    Offences against child and ways to tackle it:crime against children as we all know that children are most vulnerable to crime because of lack of physical power -Shubham Sethi- Posted: 2020/07/12

    Separation Of Power And Indian Constitution:The doctrine of Separation of Powers emphasizes mutual exclusiveness of the three organs -Syed Aatif- Posted: 2020/07/12

    Regulation Of Cryptocurrency In India (In Contrast To India’s Proposed Final Ban): digital/virtual currency through written code that relies on cyptography -Sean Mcdonald- Posted: 2020/07/12

    Appeal under Code of Civil Procedure:Appeal means the judicial examination by a higher court of the decision of an inferior court. -Shivani vora- Posted: 2020/07/12

    Right to Food - International Perspective:Hunger, starvation, mal-nutrition, lack of adequate food facilities are often one of the major problems -Dakshika Sarbhoy- Posted: 2020/07/11

    Gender Justice And Violence Against Women:gender equality undoubtedly tops the checkboxes of all the progressive nations.-Vidhyarajamohan- Posted: 2020/07/10

    Concept of Judicial Activism with an example of PPP in India:Under the Indian Constitution, the State is under the prime responsibility to ensure justice, liberty, equality -Abhishek Roy- Posted: 2020/07/10

    Strict Law to Prevent Animal Cruelty: The Need of an Hour:India as a whole is undoubtedly stepping forward in the fields of job growth, economic growth of poor -Neha Kumawat- Posted: 2020/07/10

    Role And Scope Of Chartered Accountant In Online AGM During Covid-19 Era:The concept of Annual General Meeting (AGM) has been defined under Section 96 of the Companies Act, 2013. -Lalit Rajput- Posted: 2020/07/10

    Joseph Shine v/s Union Of India: Adultery is defined under Section 497 of the Indian Penal Code -Somya goel- Posted: 2020/07/10

    An Eye For An Eye Leaves Everyone Blind: Can Employing Reformative Theory Heal The Current Crime Rate And Polish The Punishment System In India?:road to fix the society the conflicts, the relationships between people, and a destination -Vishwa Hemen Shah- Posted: 2020/07/10

    Well Known Trademark:We are living in a society which puts its faith on the one they know and trust the most, that conclusively -Javvad Shaikh- Posted: 2020/07/10

    Prostitution And Slavery-Indian And Worldwide Context:slavery still exists but it is different for men and women -Aparajitha. S- Posted: 2020/07/10

    Offences related to marriage (sec 493 to 498A):Chapter XX of IPC deals with offences relating to marriage. All these offences are within the institution of marriage -Monika. S- Posted: 2020/07/10

    Tribunalisation of Justice in India's Competition Regime:By giving up the traditional theory of 'laissez faire' and the Police State, now the State -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/07/10

    Adverse Possession Boon or Curse:Plea of adverse possession can be used both as an offence and as a defence i.e. both as sword and as a shield. -Rajinder Goyal- Posted: 2020/07/6

    Custodial torture and reforms in Police Administration:A few days back we witnessed a massive movement in the USA and across the world regarding the killing -Rohan Raj- Posted: 2020/07/6

    Hindi As A Global Language:Hindi is written in a script named Devanagari[i] and the third-most spoken language -Aahana Khan- Posted: 2020/07/6

    Introduction & Types of Writs:Art.32 is itself a fundamental right while Art.226 a constitutional right.-Madhu Modi- Posted: 2020/07/6

    Novation-Discharge of Contract by Agreement:A contract can be discharged either by agreement or by a breach. Novation is one way to discharge -Dhriti Yadav- Posted: 2020/07/6

    The Law as a Social Construct:The Law is an institution that has evolved through the years to cater to the needs of society -Hiranya Bhandarkar- Posted: 2020/07/6

    Prevention of corruption in Higher Education:Importance of prevention of corruption in higher education, reduction of in-person contacts in education process -Sadulla Inoyatullaev- Posted: 2020/07/6

    Sports Betting And Laws Relating To It:Sports betting has become very common in today’s world. Sports betting -Shreya chaudhary- Posted: 2020/07/6

    Protection of Action taken in Good Faith in Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019:Protection of Action taken in Good Faith in Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 - A Comparative Analysis with Indian and International Jurisprudence -Umang Gupta- Posted: 2020/07/6

    How much secular our India is?:The preamble to the constitution of India defines India as a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular,Democratic, Republic -Tushar Shukla- Posted: 2020/07/6

    Scrutiny on the CAA:As we are living in a democratic country, the government shouldn't implement any law which collapses -M.Palani Selvi- Posted: 2020/07/5

    Procedures involved in investigating a case of Motor Accident:Consider a situation where a recklessly speeding car collides with a motorcycle -Ashwinkumar A- Posted: 2020/07/5

    Protection of Migrant Workers in India: A Practical Way Forward:A migrant labourer is someone who has moved from one country to another -P.M.Swapna- Posted: 2020/07/5

    Classical Liberalism:Classical liberalism is not a fixed ideology, but a spectrum of views on social, economic -Aman Singh- Posted: 2020/07/5

    Fundamentals of Cyber Crime:Nowadays we can't survive the Internet because we are severely addicted to the internet. -Muskan Jain- Posted: 2020/07/5

    Medical Insurance For Mental Treatment: Legal Angle:The whole world is developing a slew of measures to cope up with COVID-19, India -- Posted: 2020/07/5

    Judicial approach on Plea of insanity in India:insanity means any mental disorder severe enough that it prevents a person from having legal capacity -Ashwinkumar A- Posted: 2020/07/5

    Child Molestation - A study in Developmental Victimology:Child abuse is a major problem in India which can no longer be overlooked, since the impact is uncertain -Saundarya Sinha- Posted: 2020/07/5

    How Women Misuse Their Rights:I believe women are always at an advantage. Being a woman -Mehak Ahuja- Posted: 2020/07/5

    The Role Of Stringent Laws In Deterrence Of Statutory Rape:The criminal laws were made more stringent with the enactment of the Criminal Law -Sahiba Vyas- Posted: 2020/07/5

    A brief notes on Utilitarianism: A study on Bentham and J.S.Mill views:Utilitarianism is a moral and ethical philosophy in political theory. -Koneru Anuradha- Posted: 2020/07/5

    Various Offences Against Property At A Glance: With Reference To Indian Penal Code 1860: According to criminal jurisprudence, crime is an illegal act or illegal omission which is against the society-Aadarsh Shrivastava- Posted: 2020/07/5

    What Happens To The Tenancy Right (Long Term License) If The Property Owner Is Declared NPA And The Property Is Auctioned?:The banking system of India achieved another milestone with the emergence -Dalal- Posted: 2020/07/5

    Concept Of Bails:Bail is not defined in Criminal Procedure Code, however, this term, in the most common sense -Swapana Kode- Posted: 2020/07/5

    Juvenile Justice:A child is born innocent but due to not getting proper care and guidance -Dibakar Banerjee- Posted: 2020/07/5

    Rape-One Of The Biggest Curse To Our Country:Crimes against women are increasing in Delhi. Delhi is now being termed as one of the unsafe places for women in India. -Paras Juneja- Posted: 2020/07/5

    United Nations as a Watch Dog Of Human Rights:Broadly speaking human rights may be regarded as those fundamental and inalienable rights which are essential -Adv.Tanvi mathur- Posted: 2020/07/4

    Deep Analysis of Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999:In the Indian context, Geographical Indications (GIs) has evolved in the past few years as a prominent -Komal Chowbey- Posted: 2020/07/4

    Force majeure - Breach of Contract and damages: Force majeure is an occurrence of Supervening event which not able to control or assumed -Koustubh desai- Posted: 2020/07/4

    An Overview Of Law Of Torts:Earlier the French William the Conqueror’s 1066 Norman conquest of England, -Shardul Srivastava- Posted: 2020/07/4

    World Bank Increases Covid-19 Response:A report by the Institute of Supply Management (ISM) found that employment has dropped to 42.2% -Shardul Srivastava- Posted: 2020/07/4

    World Economy to go into Recession? COVID-19:The recent outbreak of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), which began in Wuhan, China -Shardul Srivastava- Posted: 2020/07/4

    An Overview Of Copyright:To be more accurate copyright simply means right to copy, wherein only the creator/owner or his authorized person-Shardul Srivastava- Posted: 2020/07/4

    SEBI (Investment Advisers) (Amendment) Regulations, 2020:In January, 2020, SEBI had issued a Consultation Paper, on Review of Regulatory Framework -Lalit Rajput- Posted: 2020/07/4

    An Overview of Trademarks:Trademark gives protection to the owner of the mark by assuring the exclusive rights to use in to distinguish the goods or services -Shardul Srivastava- Posted: 2020/07/4

    Chief Justice Bobde: Harley Davidson and Code of Conduct:Very recently social media was flooded with pictures of Chief Justice of India Sharad Arvind Bobde -Hari Mudgil- Posted: 2020/07/4

    Counterfeiting and Infringement of Trademarks in India:Counterfeiting of goods is a common problem worldwide. In the year 2017 -Sandhya Gaur- Posted: 2020/07/4

    Cyber Frauds In The Indian Banking Industry:The Indian Banking industry is old and many changes are brought in this industry since liberalization. -Darshnik Narang- Posted: 2020/07/3

    Power Of Police To Enter The Place To Be Searched Under Section 47 Of The CrPC:The people are the focal point for the State in a democracy. -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/07/3

    Contingent Clause In Rent Deed To Increase Rent Each Year Cannot Be Read To Mean That Tenancy Was For More Than One Year Period: SC:as per Section 17 (1)(d) of the Registration Act, 1908 leases of immovable property from year to year -Damini Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/07/3

    ISCKON: A well known Trademark: Millions are spent by the owners of such marks to build their reputation and maintain their popularity in this competitive globalised world.-Javvad Shaikh- Posted: 2020/07/3

    Marital Rape: How Far? How Long?:Marital rape has not yet shaken the conscience of the legislature of the country -- Posted: 2020/07/3

    Can India Sustain Its Growth If Its Status As A Developing Country Is Revoked?:India is an emerging and developing country. It is the world's largest democracy -Devyani Vijayakumar- Posted: 2020/07/3

    Judicial Remedies, Divorce And Its Theories Under family Law:The above is an oft quoted line when it comes to love and especially marriage.-Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/07/3

    COVID-19: Your Rights in a Quarantine:Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered -Vinay sachdev- Posted: 2020/07/3

    Identity Theft:As we are living in the computer era, it is easy to store our information in the computer -Aditya Krishnan- Posted: 2020/07/3

    Aggravating Factor in Sentencing Policy:In sentencing, the judge's task is to determine the type and quantum of sentence appropriate to the facts -Yash Jain- Posted: 2020/07/3

    Financial crisis:India needs urgent reforms to its financial set up as a result of banks -Rohan Gupta- Posted: 2020/07/3

    Framing of Indian Constitution:Our Constitution exists to secure individual freedom, the essential condition of human flourishing -Akshi sharma- Posted: 2020/07/3

    Right to Health and India's preparedness to deal with health emergency:Right to Health and India's preparedness to deal with health emergencies -Ishika jain- Posted: 2020/07/3

    Environmental Degradation and Challenges Faced in 21st Century:Environmental degradation has become a common concern for humankind over the past few decades -Karan Bansal- Posted: 2020/07/3

    Case Analysis of Pushpalatha N. v/s V. Padma:Sri D.N. Vasantha Kumar, father of the plaintiff, was the owner of all the suit schedule properties -Karan Bansal- Posted: 2020/07/3

    Parallel Import:IP laws award various select rights to the proprietor, for example, a privilege to recreate -Riyaa Singh- Posted: 2020/07/3

    Cross-Examination based on Handwriting:Writing has a long history. It began with simple pictographsdrawn on rock.-Shivani vora- Posted: 2020/07/3

    Procedure of investigation under code of criminal procedure, 1973:The purpose of writing this article is to spread the legal awareness to law students as well deprived section of the society.-Anmol Pandey- Posted: 2020/07/3

    Understanding The Impact Of Force Majeure On Lease Agreement: As India proudly marches towards the goal of flattening the curve of the epidemic the threat -Vaibhav Mishra & Anand Amit- Posted: 2020/07/3

    Critical Analysis of Patent on the life forms: legal regimes governing intellectual property rights in protection of life forms -Tamana Sharifi- Posted: 2020/07/2

    Laws Regarding Divorce In India:Before the commencement of Hindu Marriage Act 1955, it was termed that the union of Husband and Wife is inseparable.-Angad Singh- Posted: 2020/07/2

    Sexual harassment: An Endemic to the society:Sexual harassment is the most common form of harassment that women face -Deepanshu Gurnani- Posted: 2020/07/2

    Exordinate Credit Transactions Under Ibc, 2016: Analysis:Acting as a key figure in the liquidation process, liquidators ensure -Anubhav Das- Posted: 2020/07/2

    Sufficient cause- Section 5, Limitation Act, 1963:According to Section 5 of the Limitation Act, 1963, any appeal or application may be accepted -Dalal- Posted: 2020/07/2

    Amendment of Pleadings:Pleadings can be defined as statements filed by each party to the case in writing -Dalal- Posted: 2020/07/2

    Basics to Contract Drafting and Contract Review:The foundation for every legal relationship between two or more parties is established -Karan Daga- Posted: 2020/07/1

    Mischief:section 425 of IPC Mischief- Whoever with intent to cause -Mohit Bhardwaj- Posted: 2020/07/1

    Types of Cyber Crime and its Causes:Any illegal or unethical activity through internet use or using computer as a tool can be a cyber crime.-Priyanjali karmakar- Posted: 2020/07/1

    Rights of an Employee in Public Limited Company:A public limited company is defined as an establishment or an institution that is able to offer its share -Swarit Advisors- Posted: 2020/07/1

    Does Wearing Sindoor, Bangles, Manglasutra etc Constitute Our Hindu Marriage?:I didn't change the title of this case commentary! Reason behind this is -how it is projected, so that people can co-relate in Indian society -Aarti Bhardwaj- Posted: 2020/07/1

    Cyber Jurisprudence:Our Planet mother nature is not danger. Rather the human being are.Mother Earth -Trisha Chakraborty- Posted: 2020/07/1

    Diluted Feminism In Name Of Modernism:Today modern age feminism is given shape of its own meaning where it sounds anti-men and also against -Bharti Meraman Bhogesara- Posted: 2020/07/1

    Convolution And Intricacies Associated With The Term Police Officers In India:The term Police Officer has not been defined under the Police Act, 1861. -Hardik Gautam- Posted: 2020/07/1

    Case Comment: Sakal Papers Ltd v/s The Union of India:The peculiar evil of silencing the expression of an opinion is, that it is robbing the human race; posterity -Dalal- Posted: 2020/07/1

    Decriminalization Of Section 138 Of The N.I Act, 1881-A Misguided And Unnecessary Proposal:The economic havoc created by the COVID-19 is alarming in ways, more than one can even imagine -Aniket Patni- Posted: 2020/07/1

    COVID-19 and its upshot on Informal sector in India:At the of end of May 2020, the amount of COVID-19 infections had exceeded 59 lac cases -Mayur Jain- Posted: 2020/07/1

    The Rise of International Commercial Arbitration as a practice:Commercial arbitration, as the words suggest, is a means of trade dispute settlement -Yagya Bharadwaj- Posted: 2020/07/1

    India v/s China Digital Strike:The move to ban 59 Chinese applications from Google Play and Apple stores comes -Shivani vora- Posted: 2020/07/1

    Introduction to Copyright Act:IP is an intellectual work which is produced by intellectual human brain -Aarshi R Kapoor- Posted: 2020/07/1

    Has International Labour Organization(ILO) lost its relevance?:India is a founder member of the International Labour Organization. -Joydip Dey- Posted: 2020/06/30

    Criminal Law - An Overview: crimes arise due to the changing nature of it. A number of social and political forces and factors -Madhu- Posted: 2020/06/30

    Case Analysis: K. Balakrishnan v/s K. Kamalam - Gift To Minor:Donor executed a registered gift-deed of 1/8th share of the property inherited by her -Kanishta Naithani- Posted: 2020/06/30

    Tuticorin: Death In Judicial Custody:Police authorities across the world are considered as one of the most significant parts -Chetna Alagh- Posted: 2020/06/30

    Recent development under Insolvency and Bankruptcy code, 2016:Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 is bankruptcy law in India which seeks to consolidate -Shivani vora- Posted: 2020/06/30

    The Negotiable Instrument Act: The Negotiable Instruments Act.,1881 is a common English law.-Shivani vora- Posted: 2020/06/30

    Analysis of Jurisprudential difference between Indian and Singapore courts on Consensual Homosexual Sex:Homosexuality as a crime has been defined in Section 377 of Indian Penal Code, 1860 -Rajshree Shekhar- Posted: 2020/06/30

    Medical Termination Of Pregnancy In India:Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy. It is defined as 'the intentional ending of a pregnancy -Kanak Malik- Posted: 2020/06/30

    The shadow pandemic of domestic violence in India:The implementation of lockdown norms in India, to stop the spread of COVID-19 pandemic -Snehal- Posted: 2020/06/30

    Decriminalization Of Adultery: Implications On Matrimonial And Military Laws:Decriminalization of adultery is in news again. Recently on 25 June 2020 -Hari Mudgil- Posted: 2020/06/30

    Public Interest Litigation And General Problem In It:Public interest Litigation one of the important topic in the legal field. any one who wants-Shubham sethi- Posted: 2020/06/30

    Cruelty to wife for dark complexion punishable under section 498A of IPC - Mia v/s State Of West Bengal:The Black Lives Matter protest which began in 2013 with the use of the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter -Nishka Harshad Prajapati- Posted: 2020/06/30

    Custodial Death : A Strong Punch In The Face Of Democracy:As a child, I always considered police as demigods-whose job is to protect people.-Maruthi Sankar- Posted: 2020/06/30

    Marriage And Dissolution Of Marriage Under Family Law:Conditions for valid marriage under Dharma Shastras and under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/06/30

    Draconian Colonial Sedition Law: Restricting The Fundamental Right To Freedom Of Speech and Expression:In the present day democracy, people are being arrested for voicing out their opinion -Smit Patel- Posted: 2020/06/29

    Custody Of Minor Under Indian Law:child custody in India. When parents get separated or divorced, -Udit Prajapat- Posted: 2020/06/29

    Defamation in the Era of Digitalization:The internet era has revolutionized the publication of content. -Angad Singh- Posted: 2020/06/29

    Voyeurism:We are living in the fastest growing world where the change happens -Prathyusha Singamsetty- Posted: 2020/06/29

    Section 201 IPC- Causing Disappearance of Evidence and Giving False Information:Causing Disappearance of Evidence - Based on the criminal jurisprudence not only person -Koustubh Desai- Posted: 2020/06/29

    Restoration of a trademark: Special Analysis of Section 25(3):Restoration of a trademark is an action or process of bringing back the mark to the register of trademarks -Kahinee Bhatt- Posted: 2020/06/29

    As a business professional/entrepreneur how much time and resources should be invested in giving free consultation to clients:Gaining clients on board is crucial for small businesses. To gain clients, one can offer many -Ujjwal Kumar Jha- Posted: 2020/06/29

    Shareholder Activism:Shareholder activism is the collective use of the rights of the shareholders, aimed at changing -Aayush Jain- Posted: 2020/06/29

    Abortion In India:Abortion is the expulsion of a fetus from the uterus before it reaches the stage of viability. -Abhishek Sharma- Posted: 2020/06/29

    Constitutional Rights and Welfare of Women:Social change is an inescapable occurrence of every consortium as the social circumstances never remain stable. -Tanya Shrotriya- Posted: 2020/06/29

    Doctrine of Frustration:In Taylor v Caldwell,1863(1), the Doctrine of Frustration was established so that the contracts -Darshana Gaggar- Posted: 2020/06/29

    Significance of Force Majeure in light of COVID-19:The aftermath of the closure of commercial and private establishments due to the lockdown deteriorated -Muthyala Soujanya Priya- Posted: 2020/06/29

    Protection of Rights of Unorganized Workers:The unorganized sector in India plays an important role in the development of the economy.-Mrunalini Srinivasan- Posted: 2020/06/28

    Role of Lawyers becomes crucial amidst pandemic says Gautam Khaitan:As the unlocking begins in phases, normalcy has started to resume in the lives of Indians -Priyanshi Chakraborty- Posted: 2020/06/28

    The Unjust Laws: A brief notes on the problem of obedience to unjust laws in Political Science: Though there is a big debate regarding origin and purpose of the State and why people should obey the laws -Koneru Anuradha- Posted: 2020/06/28

    Attempt To Commit Suicide:There are infinite factors like depression, anxiety, traumatic stress which influence one's decision -Dhanashree Varma- Posted: 2020/06/28

    ITC vs. NESTLE Six Year Long Battle To An End For Food Product:A suit was filed by ITC against Nestle India for using the expression magica masala for its Maggi noodles product -Priyanshi shah- Posted: 2020/06/28

    The Narcotics Drugs And Psychotropic Drugs Act, 1985:The act did not directly came into the existence. In the year 1857 opium act came into existence. -Shivani Vora- Posted: 2020/06/28

    Brain Electrical Oscillation Signature Profiling (BEOS) - Forensic Science:BEOS is a technique by which a suspect participation in a crime is detected by electing electro physiological -Nishka Harshad Prajapati- Posted: 2020/06/28

    Presumption Of Guilt, A Brutal Murder Of Essence Of Free Trial: Unconstitutionality Of Section 29 and 30 Of Pocso Act, 2012:Guilt in Protection of Child against Child Sexual Offence Act, 2012. Presumption of guilt is contrary -Vishal Bijlani- Posted: 2020/06/28

    Live-in-relationship: Legal Status with Judiciary Recognition: idea of pre-marital sex and live-in relationships. Live-in- relationships means when two people living together -Jigyasa Agrawal- Posted: 2020/06/28

    The Existence Of Right To Self-Defense Against The Non-State Actors:The legality of exercising self-defence against the non-state actors is one of the disputed concerns -Vaibhav Singh- Posted: 2020/06/28

    Class and Gender Crisis in the wake of COVID-19: circumstances emerged recently due to the outbreak of COVID-19 or coronavirus.-Aastha Khanna- Posted: 2020/06/28

    India’s stand on Euthanasia: Supporting Right to Die with Dignity:The debate on euthanasia is a momentous one. It has been one of the controversial issues -Shivi shrivastava- Posted: 2020/06/28

    Witness Hunting Competency, Reliability And Protection of Witnesses:Witness in a trial is a person who has some relevant knowledge of the dispute and gives evidence -Aastha Khanna- Posted: 2020/06/28

    Branches of Forensic Science:Forensic Science with its multi-disciplinary approach is that essential link that helps -Nishka Harshad Prajapati- Posted: 2020/06/27

    Religion and the One Right Approach of Animal:The recent incident in Malappuram Kerala, (India) on 27th May, 2020 where a pregnant elephant died -Dr.Sangeeta Taak- Posted: 2020/06/28

    Suicide Let's Stop it:Suicide, the moment we hear this word and get to know someone has committed it -Purushottam Kumar- Posted: 2020/06/28

    Civil Contempt Must Establish Disobedience Is Willful, Deliberate And Full Knowledge Of Consequences:To Constitute Civil Contempt, It Must Be Established That Disobedience Is Wilful, Deliberate And With Full Knowledge Of Consequences: SC -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/06/27

    Guidelines for the implementation of witness Protection Scheme 2019:Guidelines for the implementation of witness Protection Scheme 2019 -Abdul Samim Akhtar- Posted: 2020/06/26

    Global Panorama – Maritime Trade and Laws:Today, almost every individual is affected due to the chaotic conditions being created out of COVID-19 effects -Thakkar Nishita- Posted: 2020/06/26

    COVID-19 and Mental Problems:Envisage you went to a party, enjoyed a lot, came back home and after 2 – 3 days, developed fever symptoms -Rishabh Anand- Posted: 2020/06/26

    Trademark Strategies Deployed By Companies Across The World To Protect Their Vital Trademark Assets:Intellectual property is the incorporeal property which is invented or created by human intellect, -Anmol Mishra- Posted: 2020/06/26

    India’s Response to Covid-19: Appalling Apathy Towards Migrants Labourers:On March 24, 2020 India implemented a countrywide lockdown to flatten the curve against the spread of COVID-19. -Kaanchi Ahuja- Posted: 2020/06/26

    Concept Of Maintenance, Dower And Stridhan Under Family Law:The Hindu Law of Maintenance has been codified under The Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act of 1956. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/06/26

    History and Development of Forensic Science in India:The application of science and technology to the detection and investigation of crime -Nishka Harshad Prajapati- Posted: 2020/06/26

    Concept and Principles of Forensic Science:Forensic science may be defined as a science applied to matters of law. Forensic science -Nishka Harshad Prajapati- Posted: 2020/06/26

    Constitutional framework for Independence of Judiciary in India:India practices constitutional governance by rule of law. Be it legislature, executive or judiciary -Nishka Harshad Prajapati- Posted: 2020/06/26

    Does Freedom of Press forms the part of Freedom of speech and expression: Freedom of expression and the press lies as a important civil society factor on the institution -Prakriti bhagat- Posted: 2020/06/26

    Judicial Activism and Judicial Restraint:The Judiciary has been assigned active role under the constitution. Judicial activism and judicial restraint -Nishka Harshad Prajapati- Posted: 2020/06/26

    Investment in India vis-a-vis International Taxation:This article begins with exploring the routes of foreign investment in India. There are primarily two ways. These are the automatic and approval route. -Darshan V- Posted: 2020/06/26

    Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2018 and its enhanced deterrence:In difficult times it is natural for any civil society to demand more security, more stringency-Aditya Ghadge- Posted: 2020/06/26

    Nomination Of Retired Judges To Rajya Sabha: Judicial Propriety On Trial?:Shortly after retirement, Ranjan Gogoi who served as the 46th Chief Justice of India -Subhi Pastor- Posted: 2020/06/26

    Right to Internet and Fundamental Rights:With the escalation in technology Internet portray a significant role, so a primitive question arises -Utkarsh Shara- Posted: 2020/06/26

    Should Gambling Be Legalised in India?:Gambling is a principle inherent in human nature -Aayush Maheshwari- Posted: 2020/06/25

    Should India become a signatory to the UN Refugee Convention,1951:The basic principal of International Law with respect to treaties, states that it would be binding in nature -Parul Dalal- Posted: 2020/06/25

    Role Of Media In Generating Public Opinion:Democracy is usually defined as a government of the people, by means of the people and for the people -Aman Singh- Posted: 2020/06/25

    Transgender And Rights Of Transgender:Every person deserves to be respected in the country despite being of any religion, caste, and gender -Rashi Sharma- Posted: 2020/06/25

    Investigation And Chargesheet:Investigation and chargesheet form the genesis of the Criminal Trial. -Swapana Kode- Posted: 2020/06/25

    Analysis of Violation Of Privacy During Covid-19:The following article addresses the privacy problems that India faces in the wake of this corona pandemic.-Karan Bansal- Posted: 2020/06/25

    Legal Analysis Of Baba Ramdev Claim Of Developing Covid-19 Medicine With 100% Cure:Baba Ramdev the so called Mahatma or Saint is well known businessman selling -Hitender Kapur- Posted: 2020/06/25

    Removal of a Registered Trademark in India:A trademark is a sign which is capable enough at distinguishing one's product or service from another -Kahinee Bhatt- Posted: 2020/06/25

    Criminal Justice Policy Under Indian Constitution:Criminal justice system refers to the structure, functions, and decision or processes of agencies -Prakriti bhagat- Posted: 2020/06/25

    SEBI Extended Timeline Of Annual Secretarial Compliance Report (ASCR) Till 31st July 2020:Annual Secretarial Compliance Report by listed entities due to the continuing impact of the CoVID-19 pandemic-Lalit Rajput- Posted: 2020/06/25

    Taking (Redevelopment) Matters In Your Own Hands:With the ongoing slump in the real estate market and further slowdown in the sector -Heta Modi- Posted: 2020/06/25

    Consolidation Of Holdings : Madhya Pradesh Land Revenue Code:There was a time when all the judgments and orders was passed by -Aadarsh Shrivastava- Posted: 2020/06/25

    Recommendation of GST Council related to Law and Procedure:Covid-19, a lots of businesses, services, facilities got affected.-Gagan Garg- Posted: 2020/06/25

    Overlooked Constrains Of Climate Refugees And Displaced Persons:Many researches demonstrate that the Earth's atmosphere is changing -Rutuja Patel- Posted: 2020/06/25

    Medical Negligence: A Critical Study:Medical negligence has nowadays have become one of the serious issue in India -Mansi Kumari- Posted: 2020/06/24

    Interface and Distinction between Agreement to Sell and Sale Deed:Between the formalities of buying and selling, there are various legal approaches not everyone -Thakkar Nishita- Posted: 2020/06/24

    Functioning of Legal Fraternity post COVID:COVID has opened a new dimension for the legal fraternity.-Ansh Kesharwani- Posted: 2020/06/24

    A Critical Analysis on Dicriminalization of Section 377 of Indian Penal Code, 1860: Article 14, 15, 19(1)(a) and 21 which provides Right to Equality, Non-Discrimination -Amisha Matkar- Posted: 2020/06/24

    Corona v/s Corona (Disparagement of Trademark):In today's emerging and changing world, outcomes of every situations are mere unpredictable -Javvad Shaikh- Posted: 2020/06/24

    Analyzing Digital Human Rights:To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.- Nelson Mandela, South African civil rights activist -Aastha Khanna- Posted: 2020/06/24

    Anticipatory Bail: The Primacy of Personal Liberty: Arrests are generally made to ensure the presence of the accused at the trial and thereafter -Aastha Khanna- Posted: 2020/07/31

    The Bangalore Water Supply v/s R. Rajjapa:The respondent employees were fined by the Appellant Board for misconduct and various sums -Garima Pahwa- Posted: 2020/06/24

    Live-in Relationship and Alimony: Traditionally, the Indian society might have frowned upon live-in relationships.-Adv.Tanvi mathur- Posted: 2020/06/24

    Celebrity Rights:Celebrity is a reference to the fame and wide public recognition, a particular animal-Shivani Vora- Posted: 2020/06/24

    U.S. threatens to ban Vande Bharat Mission - A look at the Air Transport Agreement 2005 between India and U.S.:The world is in the midst of a global pandemic which has caused a blow to the world economy.-Nishka Harshad Prajapati- Posted: 2020/06/24

    State of Rajathan v/s Sahi Ram:State of Rajasthan v. Sahi Ram has acted as a milestone to understand whether non production -Pragya Champawat and Vainy Kacharia- Posted: 2020/06/24

    Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, Amendment Ordinance 2020: Analysis and Implications:The Ordinance provides a relief to the creditors to a great extent by clearly expressing that the newly inserted -Piyashah- Posted: 2020/06/24

    PM CARES- A Scam or Scheme?:The Indian Government, with an objective to tackle any threat or distress posed by the Covid-19 Pandemic -Kandeep Shravan- Posted: 2020/06/24

    Street Art and Copyright:Having been associated with vandalism and activism for a very long time street art was never -Riyaa Singh- Posted: 2020/06/24

    The Need Of Involvement Of Dharma Gurus In Religious Adjudication:This article focuses on the aspect and the method that is being adopted in Indian jurisprudence -Maanish choudhary- Posted: 2020/06/23

    An Overview of Unlawful Activities prevention Act (UAPA), 1967:Unlawful activities prevention act, 1967 was enacted by Parliament of India and passed by both the houses -Nomika Malviya- Posted: 2020/06/23

    Mandatory Mediation In Family Dispute Cases During Lockdown - An Exigency:Social distancing which has become a resultant norm of the covid-19 pandemic.-Dhruv Oza & Forum Parekh- Posted: 2020/06/23

    Trademark Rights: The Underdog आत्मनिर्भर:Indian economy at eve of Independence was characterized as backward and stagnant economy -Shubhambudhiraja- Posted: 2020/06/23

    Nature of the Japanese (Meiji) Constitution - A Triple Divinely Endowed Principles:A Constitution is an aggregate of fundamental principles or established precedents that constitute the legal basis of a polity -Jonah Elisa Shiny- Posted: 2020/06/23

    Olfactory Marks (Smell Marks):The main function of a Trademark is distinguished in three simple reason, i.e. to distinguish own goods from others, to know the origin of that goods or to signify the quality of that good. -Javvad Shaikh- Posted: 2020/06/23

    Death, Marriage and Insolvency of parties:Order 22 deals with the creation, assignment or devolution of interest during the pendency of suits.-Priyanshi Shah- Posted: 2020/06/23

    Supreme Court grant divorce through Virtual Hearing during Covid-19:Due to pandemic of Covid-19, the government taking lots of precaution -Rishabh Malhotra- Posted: 2020/06/23

    Banking And Investment Crypto-Monetary:This expansive development is partly attributable to the fact that cryptocurrencies have become commonplace -Shashank Tiwari- Posted: 2020/06/23

    Copyright Law in India:Copyright is a secured type of intellectual property, under U.S. legislation, by authors of original authors' works -Smriti- Posted: 2020/06/23

    Circulation of Fake news and laws related to it in India:In the present times, there is an increase in spread of fake news. Conventional types of media and news -Divya Aggarwal- Posted: 2020/06/22

    The Interface between Competition Law and Sports in India:The dual aspects of globalization and commercialization have turned sports and sports merchandising -P. Vasishtan- Posted: 2020/06/22

    Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2020: Doing more harm than good?:Marriage, as an institution, is the social order through which a wedded couple wish to give birth to a child -Saumyata Tyagi- Posted: 2020/06/22

    Law Of Succession In Muslim Law:Muslim law recognizes two types of heirs, Sharers and Residuaries.-Ramendra pratap singh- Posted: 2020/06/22

    Study Of Mohammadan Law With Reference To Guardianship:The source of law of guardianship and custody are certain verses in the Quran and a few hadis -Ramendra pratap singh- Posted: 2020/06/22

    Amendments Amid Lockdown: Analysis And Aftermath:Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code is, indisputably, a judicious, well-thought-out, and creditor-friendly piece of legislation. -Anjali Busar- Posted: 2020/06/22

    The Cinematograph Act, 1952: The Guardian of Victorian Morality and Decency:To grant certification (or rejection, as the case may be) and regulate the public exhibition of films -Aastha Khanna- Posted: 2020/06/22

    Prevention of Commercialization of education by Supreme Court of India:Education is at the base of all types of human development and progress. -Nishka Harshad Prajapati- Posted: 2020/06/22

    Dowry In Islamic Marriages:The institution of dowry in India is generally focus on non-Muslim communities. -Ritik jain- Posted: 2020/06/22

    Development of Compensatory jurisprudence by Supreme Court of India:Compensation to victims is a recognised principle of law being enforced through the ordinary civil courts -Nishka Harshad Prajapati- Posted: 2020/06/22

    Comparison of Indian and American Freedom of Press:To preserve the democratic way of life it is essential that people should have the freedom to express -Nishka Harshad Prajapati- Posted: 2020/06/22

    Right to Strike - A Fundamental Right or not?:The history of labour struggle is nothing but a continuous demand for a fair return to labour expressed in varied -Nishka Harshad Prajapati- Posted: 2020/06/22

    National Security Act 1980: Doubt To Democratic Rule:National Security Act (NSA) 1980 is based on the quote, prevention is better than cure -Siddhi Agrawal- Posted: 2020/06/22

    Efforts To Safeguard And Ameliorate Environment By Parliament And Judiciary:The exorbitant catastrophe of the country is environmental pollution that may -Rishabh Anand- Posted: 2020/06/22

    Whether A Screenshot Is Admissible As Evidence?:Not only primary piece of evidence (under Chapter V of the Evidence Act, 1872) -Utkarsh Anand- Posted: 2020/06/22

    Lengthy Judgement: To Express or Impress:Judgement is the statement given by the Judge, on the grounds of a decree or order. It is the end product of the proceedings in the Court. -5155- Posted: 2020/06/22

    Commercial Dispute Resolution: Commercial Courts And ADR:The dispute resolution mechanisms in this country are lacking in many ways. -Kanishta Naithani- Posted: 2020/06/22

    Section 482 CrPc - Quashing Of FIR: Guidelines set out by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India:The Inherent power under Section 482 in The Code Of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (37th Chapter of the code) is wide -Adv.Tapan Choudhury- Posted: 2020/06/22

    What is an FIR?:Fir which is also called first information report is an information of commission of cognizable offence -Deepak Sharma- Posted: 2020/06/22

    The Electoral Interference:We have been saying for the sake of transparency, we have to make it compulsory for political parties to disclose -Rehan Bhasin- Posted: 2020/06/22

    Marriage is a sacrament not a contract:According to R.N. Sharma a Hindu marriage is a religious sacrament in which a man and a woman -Aditi Gupta- Posted: 2020/06/21

    Per Se Rule and Rule of Reason:after finishing the vertical agreements under Section 3(4) of the Competition Act, 2002 -P.vasishtan- Posted: 2020/06/21

    Summarising the Delhi Green Crackers Case:This petition was filed by the fathers of some newly born infants who were concerned about the health -P.vasishtan- Posted: 2020/06/21

    Are Lamborghini and Volkswagen India are separate entities in the Indian Competition Regime?:Exclusive Motors Pvt. Limited (ExMo) is a South Delhi based supercars selling company whose primary -P.vasishtan- Posted: 2020/06/21

    Abuse of Dominance in Relevant Market in Competition Law:Faridabad Industries Association (FIA) is basically a society registered under the Societies Registration Act -P.vasishtan- Posted: 2020/06/21

    The Majority Opinion of Shayara Bano Case:The Shayara Bano case known more popularly by its moniker, the triple Talaq case -P. Vasishtan- Posted: 2020/06/21

    The Right To Information From A to Z:Right to information can be defined as the freedom of the people to have access to the information -P. Vasishtan- Posted: 2020/06/21

    Role of the Auditors to Protect the Audit Interest:Audit is a formal examination and verification of financial accounts and records of any organisation -P. Vasishtan- Posted: 2020/06/21

    How to Assign A Patent License To Another Party? A Model Agreement:Licensee is in the business of wholesale trading of handicap aids and equipment, and desires to obtain -P. Vasishtan- Posted: 2020/06/21

    Carry Forwarding of the Corporate Social Responsibility Funds:The Corporate Social Responsibility policy inception is pursuant to Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013.-P. Vasishtan- Posted: 2020/06/21

    Appointment of a Resolution Professional during Insolvency:When a company declares insolvency, then among one of the first part of the procedure is the appointment -P. Vasishtan- Posted: 2020/06/21

    Banking And Wealth Management Ethical Unethical Practices:Miniscule knowledge or understanding of one's business and its operations impacts the business -Amit- Posted: 2020/06/21

    Indira Gandhi vs Raj Narain Case Analysis:Indira Gandhi vs. Raj Narain was the landmark case that created history and led to the imposition -Saumyata Tyagi- Posted: 2020/06/21

    Institutional Arbitration: Indian Approach:The key behind arbitration is to allow parties to resolve disputes mutually -Smriti- Posted: 2020/06/21

    Women's Role in Management and Utilization of forest resources in Garhwal hilly areas:Women and their Role in management & utilization of forest resources in Garhwal hills areas. -Smriti- Posted: 2020/06/21

    Female foeticide in India: She is a creator of the world don't destroy her. It’s time to give her back what she gives to us -Smriti- Posted: 2020/06/21

    Importance of Education:One fact that educated people live a happier life than those without education -Smriti- Posted: 2020/06/21

    Preamble The backbone of the Constitution:Everything comes in a manual, which defines its purpose, functions and objectives. -Shivani vora- Posted: 2020/06/21

    Criminalization of Marital Rape in India:Marital Rape is a term which is used to describe a sexual act committed by the husband -Harman Grover- Posted: 2020/06/21

    Animal Right: Myth or Reality:The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.-Devjeet Gautam- Posted: 2020/06/21

    Lalita Kumari v/s State of U.P:The present writ petition has been filed in the Supreme Court under Article 32 -Aditya Goswami- Posted: 2020/06/21

    CryptoCurrency:cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange wherein individual coin ownership records are stored in a digital ledger -Shivani vora- Posted: 2020/06/21

    Artificial intelligence and IPR:Artificial intelligence (AI) is progressively driving significant advancements in innovation -Jagriti Rana- Posted: 2020/06/21

    Defamation: Think Before You Act, Be Thoughtful:Every man is entitled to reputation. Jurist Blackstone has added to this proposition -Vasudha Dubey- Posted: 2020/06/21

    PM Cares: Needs, Schemes And Concerns: The main objectives of the fund included undertaking and supporting relief or providing assistance of various kinds relating to a health emergency -Aadrika Parashar- Posted: 2020/06/20

    Transgender (protection of rights) Act, 2019:Transgender community has been wronged in several countries for centuries -Rishabh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/06/20

    A Constitutional Analysis of India under Corona Paralysis:With 8.7 million people in the world directly affected[1] and the entire human race -Mohd Umar- Posted: 2020/06/20

    The Prosecutor v/s Omar Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir: Omar Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir for his arrest, while the second was issued on 12 July 2010. Pre-Trial Chamber I -Gunjan Singla- Posted: 2020/06/20

    Section 498A Of IPC: An Analysis:In India after witnessing the rampant nature and prevalence of reported cases for -Bhakti Rathi- Posted: 2020/06/20

    Increasing Rape on Minors and Psychology of Rapists:Every year the cases of rape in India are on the rise and since the past few years -Nishka Harshad Prajapati- Posted: 2020/06/20

    Internet: A fundamental Right:With almost 176 over the past years and 51st in the year 2019 the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir -Vritant Bhatt- Posted: 2020/06/20

    Duress v. Coercion in law of Contract:If we look into the terminology duress it is often stated that it is same as coercion -Bhavya Bose- Posted: 2020/06/20

    Legislative Commentary Section 58A Representation Of The People Act, 1951:58A. Adjournment of poll or countermanding of election on the ground of booth capturing-Samhitha Sharath Reddy- Posted: 2020/06/20

    Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019: Digital Protection of Fundamental Right to Privacy in the Dynamic World:The bill proposes to protect Personal Data relating to the identity, characteristics trait -Shyam Bhageria- Posted: 2020/06/20

    Bhanu Kumar Shastri v/s Mohan Lal Sukhadia:This case arose from the Appeal under Section 116-A of the Representation of The People Act, 1951 from the Judgment -Samhitha Sharath Reddy- Posted: 2020/06/20

    Legislative Commentary-Article 330, Constitution Of India, 1950:330. Reservation of seats for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in the House of the People -Samhitha Sharath Reddy- Posted: 2020/06/20

    Are Virtual Courts Here To Stay?:The outbreak of COVID-19 and the nationwide lockdown has forced the Supreme Court and High Courts to resort -Aayush Jain- Posted: 2020/06/20

    Boundary Dispute and its Resolution:Happy neighbors are all alike, every unhappy neighbor is unhappy in its own way. That unhappiness often finds its painful way into a courtroom. -Rajinder Goyal- Posted: 2020/06/20

    Constitutional Freedom Of Speech And Expression v/s Sedition:India being a democratic republic, the government is for the people, of the people and by the people.-Hitesh Vachhani- Posted: 2020/06/19

    Drug Addiction and Crime:The epidemic of substance abuse in young generation has assumed alarming dimensions in India -Nishka Harshad Prajapati- Posted: 2020/06/19

    Analysis of Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, 1961, 1972:In recent years, the malady of drug abuse has spread its tentacles in almost every sphere of public life -Nishka Harshad Prajapati- Posted: 2020/06/19

    Types and Patterns of Drug Abuse:Defined simply, drug abuse is the general term used to describe the excessive and habitual -Nishka Harshad Prajapati- Posted: 2020/06/19

    Medical Drug v/s Narcotic Drug:A drug is any substance that causes a change in an organism's physiology or psychology -Nishka Harshad Prajapati- Posted: 2020/06/19

    Evolution Of Antitrust Law In America- Economic Structuralism To Price Theory:Way back in 19th century there were several big giant businesses which were known as trusts. -Utsav sharma- Posted: 2020/06/19

    Drug Trafficking in India:Drug trafficking is one of the most serious problems for most countries all over the world. -Nishka Harshad Prajapati- Posted: 2020/06/19

    How does Copyright subsist in Abstract Art?:Ever thought how just a few sputters of paint, inaccurate shapes and forms on a blank canvass can be protected? -Riddhima Singh- Posted: 2020/06/19

    The Law Surrounding Depression And Suicide:The recent death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, who allegedly committed suicide -Nishka Harshad Prajapati- Posted: 2020/06/19

    Paternity Benefit Laws in India- A Necessity:Work-life balance originated in the U.K. during the time of Industrial Revolution -Jaiman- Posted: 2020/06/19

    UCC and Personal Laws:The women are thought of inferior in most of the private matters as compared to men -Shivani Mishra- Posted: 2020/06/19

    No-refund clause and its enforceability:Contracts form an indispensable part of both our personal and professional lives. -- Posted: 2020/06/19

    The Vienna Convention On Diplomatic Relations And Immunities Of Diploamtic Agents:A treaty is a formally concluded and ratified agreement between States. -Abhishek Taneja- Posted: 2020/06/19

    M.R. Krishna Murthi v/s New India Assurance Co. Ltd: Changing Parameters For Grant Of Compensation: In the present case, the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India was hearing an appeal filed by M.R. Krishna Murthy -Aaksha Sajnani- Posted: 2020/06/19

    Indian Legal System and Mental Illness:Mental illness is the most traumatic illness a person can have. When an individual -Shivani vora- Posted: 2020/06/19

    The Curious Case Of The First Climate Change Refugee: Climate Refugee Case because of its decision pertaining to Kiribati, a Pacific Island Nation -Samhitha Sharath Reddy- Posted: 2020/06/18

    Muslim Law: Origin, Sources and Who Is A Muslim?:Muslim law or Islamic law is known to be originated from the divine and not like the man-made laws -Mahima Mishra- Posted: 2020/06/18

    Case Laws Related To Mergers And Acquisitions Of Banking Companies:We know that Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) play an important role in management -Kadimisetty Sai Sreenadh- Posted: 2020/06/18

    The Unsettled Jurisprudence of Bail and Anticipatory Bail:Bail is the right of freedom of an individual against the imposition of restraint by the State. -Hitesh Vachhani- Posted: 2020/06/18

    Data Protection Bill 2018 and Its Relation To The EUGDPR A Personal Take On Their Comparison:Data protection is a new age concept that arose as the technology grew and synced -Samhitha Sharath Reddy- Posted: 2020/06/18

    Breast Ironing - A Social Evil That Needs To Be Recognize:Breast ironing which is also known as the “breast flattening”, refers to the massaging and pounding -Chetna jain- Posted: 2020/06/18

    Competition Law in India v/s USA and EU:India is hailed as a green-field competition regime. However, India's competition law -Nishita Gambhir- Posted: 2020/06/18

    Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (smart notes with procedure and judgments):The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (IBC) is the bankruptcy law of India which seeks -Abhishek Gupta- Posted: 2020/06/18

    Right To Emergency Medical Services In India - Where Do We Stand?:The onslaught of the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic has awakened the individuals -Uttamkumar Subhash Dubey- Posted: 2020/06/18

    Economic Strategies Impacting The World- A Case Study On China’s Economic Strategies:China sustained an annual growth rate of gross domestic product (GDP) nearly 10 per cent -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2020/06/18

    The Historical Perspective Of The Contempt Of Courts In India:The Contempt of Court is a matter concerning the fair Administration of Justice -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/06/18

    Habitual Dealing Of Slaves: slavery is the activity of legally owning other people who are forced to work for or obey you -Ramendra Pratap Singh- Posted: 2020/06/18

    Criminal Complaint To Magistrate:The code of criminal procedure defines the term ‘complaint' as any allegation made orally -Ramendra pratap singh- Posted: 2020/06/18

    Geographical Indication:Geographical indications mean any indications which define the goods as originating -Ramendra Pratap Singh- Posted: 2020/06/18

    Conciliation In India:The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (the Act) is based on the UNCITRAL Model Law -Ramendra Pratap Singh- Posted: 2020/06/17

    Institutional Arbitration: Indian Approach:The promotion of India as an arbitration hub has been on the agenda of Indian lawmakers for some time now.-Ramendra Pratap Singh- Posted: 2020/06/17

    Doctrine Of Seperability In Realm Of International Commercial Arbitration:In recent years, arbitration has become vital to the resolution of commercial disputes.-Anant Bajpai- Posted: 2020/06/17

    Democracy:Democracy word made from two words- demo and kratos. Demo means people and kratos means power. -- Posted: 2020/06/17

    Understanding Brexit:The culmination point for Britain:Brexit refers to the amalgamation of two abbreviated words i.e. Britain and exist. Brexit refers to Britain's exit/withdrawal from the European Union -Amishreya Gupta- Posted: 2020/06/17

    Corporate Criminal Liability In India:Corporate bodies are more corrupt and profligate than individuals -Abhay Gupta- Posted: 2020/06/17

    Report On Working Of High Court In India:Though the constitution of India provides for single judicial system -Smriti- Posted: 2020/06/17

    The Battle Between Hate Speech And Freedom Of Speech: The anti-hate speech law is a challenge because of its collision with article19 (freedom of speech and expression).-Pratibha Mogha- Posted: 2020/06/17

    Parole In Context Of State Of Punjab:Parole is defined as a temporary and conditional release of a prisoner from the custody -Raminder singh- Posted: 2020/06/17

    International Law: Covid-19:The globalized World which was already undergoing an economic decline of approximately 3 to 2.4 per cent -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2020/06/17

    In Search of Decent Workplace:India is a founder member of the International Labour Organization.-Joydip Dey- Posted: 2020/06/17

    Analysis Of Provisions Related To Post-Mortem In Accordance With The Criminal Procedure Code, 1973:Section 174 of Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 empowers police to enquire and report on suicide, etc. -Vamsi Krishna Bodapati- Posted: 2020/06/17

    Appointment Of Arbitrator:Section 11 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 deals with the appointment of arbitrators. -Ramendra pratap singh- Posted: 2020/06/17

    Basic Principles For Impleadment Of Parties In Civil Proceedings:No Suit shall be defeated by reason of the misjoinder or non-joinder of parties -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/06/17

    Blasphemy and Hate Speech as Synonyms a Misconception:A Blasphemy law is a law prohibiting Blasphemy. Where Blasphemy is the act of insulting -Ameya Shrivaishnav- Posted: 2020/06/17

    Decoding MCA Scheme For Relaxation Of Charges:MCA vide General Circular no. 23/ 2020 dated 17th June, 2020 has issued Scheme for relaxation -Lalit Rajput- Posted: 2020/06/16

    Ageism At Workplace: In this ostentatious world of literate people, jurist, philosopher with certain human rights and fundamental rights -Abhinav kumar- Posted: 2020/06/16

    Blockchain and Cyber Law:Cyber law is an emerging field of law. It has been continuously evolving since its origin in a realm of law.-Bhawna Sachdeva- Posted: 2020/06/16

    Mental Health and Human Rights: A Correlative Study:Mental Health legislation in India has seen a stark improvement over the years since the British Era. -Sourajit Sarkar- Posted: 2020/06/16

    Forum Non conveniens-Which is the most suitable Forum?:Suppose A enters into a contract with B for supply of certain goods. -Devraj Bhattacharjee- Posted: 2020/06/16

    Analysis of AAR Decisions of State of Haryana:The ruling of any advance ruling authority under GST is nothing but the interpretation of GST law. -Vamsi Krishna Bodapati- Posted: 2020/06/16

    Legality of Lockdown: Typically, a lockdown ban is often the first response against an emergency. -Joyjeet Kumar Das- Posted: 2020/06/16

    Validity of Online Marriages, under Hindu and Muslim Personal Laws:in the current case, presuming all the conditions fulfilled prescribed by Section 5 of the Hindu Marriage -Anubhav Lamba- Posted: 2020/06/16

    India's Structured Approaches to Combat COVID-19: An Analysis:The world was first introduced to the novel coronavirus on December 31, 2019, the day WHO -Sujeet Notwal- Posted: 2020/06/15

    Sailing Through The Pandemic: Impact Of Covid -19 On The Shipping Industry In India:The topography of the Indian sub-continent has helped the country emerge as one of the largest -Sharanya V- Posted: 2020/06/15

    Pharmaceutical Mergers and Acquisitions approved by CCI: In recent years, there have been various mergers and acquisitions, specifically in the field of Pharmaceutical Sector.-Devansh Khandekar- Posted: 2020/06/15

    Legitimacy Of Surrogacy In India:Infertility is a medical trim serves to be a huge impediment for the couples after few years of marriage -Chandru Maya- Posted: 2020/06/15

    A Short Study On Extrajudicial Killings:Extrajudicial killing is executing a person illegally. It disregards human rights. -Kesharwani- Posted: 2020/06/15

    Schools of Criminology:The word Criminology is derived from the combination of two Latin words, crimen which means crime and logus which means study or knowledge in the year 1890. -Indulekha K- Posted: 2020/06/15

    Role of Signature in Arbitration Agreement: role of signature in arbitration agreement and how enormously it has validity -Ayushi Verma- Posted: 2020/06/15

    Challenges and Issues of CSR in extractive Industry:Multinational companies usually face many challenges in proper implementation of CSR -Ayushi Verma- Posted: 2020/06/15

    India's Divided Lockdown:This was an unprecedented arrival of new demon, demon which created long lasting silent stampede in the country. -Vasu Kapoor- Posted: 2020/06/15

    Exclusivity Of Jurisdiction Clause In Contracts/Agreements: The laws in India have prescribed certain set of rules by which an aggrieved party can institute a suit in Court -Kinjal Gala- Posted: 2020/06/15

    Mohammed Kasim Hafiz Shaikh alias Kasim Bengali:22-year-old photo journalist was gang-raped by five men namely -Anmol Mishra- Posted: 2020/06/15

    Equal Pay for Equal Work:The phrase Equal pay for Equal Work means that every individual who has been employed for the work -Hari Bharadhwaj- Posted: 2020/06/15

    Consumer Movement in India: Issues, Approaches and Achievements:The Consumer Protection Act of 1986 was by far one of the most thought provoking and innovative -Abhishek Sharma- Posted: 2020/06/14

    Migrant Labour crisis in India:They are casual and unskilled workers who move about systematically from one region to another -Priyanshu Parasar- Posted: 2020/06/14

    Corruption In Indian Legal System:Corruption is considered as a major evil in Indian society. -Lavanayaa Chaudhary- Posted: 2020/06/14

    Mediation In India:Mediation is an age-old procedure of dispute resolution rehearsed since vedic period. -Shardul Srivastava- Posted: 2020/06/14

    Womb’s For Rent: Legality Of Surrogacy In India:Infertility as a medical condition serves to be a huge impediment in the overall wellbeing of couples -- Posted: 2020/06/14

    Industry and Labourers need each other-Observed Supreme Court:Various writ petitions were filed before the Supreme Court of India by different employers, employers’ associations -Deepika Sharma- Posted: 2020/06/14

    International Trade Law Theories:With time, economists have established theories that explain global trade. -Smridhi Duggal- Posted: 2020/06/14

    Socio-Economic And Educational Status Of Tribal Women In India:The tribal population in India, though a numerically small minority, represents an enormous diversity of groups. -Ayush Kumar- Posted: 2020/05/14

    Need For Amendments In Adoption Laws:Children's are always considered as bundle of joy and on whom the country depends -Abhishek kothari- Posted: 2020/06/14

    Law Of Adoption And Guardianship:Ancient Hindu lawyers recognized twelve kinds of sons. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/06/13

    Article 14 And 15 Of The Indian Constitution-Eradicate Discrimination And Bring Equality:India is a secular democratic and republic nation that has created all the necessary provisions -V.S. Kairali- Posted: 2020/06/13

    Abetment:Provoking, encouraging and aiding anyone for doing any criminal act which is punishable by law is known as abetment. -Sharda Kumari- Posted: 2020/06/13

    Reservation Is Not A Fundamental Right:Many political leaders and parties have been left fuming over this remark of the Supreme Court. -Rohan Raj- Posted: 2020/06/13

    Rudiments Of The Doctrine Of Promissory Estoppel:The Doctrine of Promissory Estoppel is an equitable doctrine evolved to avoid injustice -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/06/13

    Case Study on Gajab Singh versus State of Haryana:The matriculation certificate no more enjoys the exclusive privilege the scope of Section 94 (3) of the new Juvenile Justice -Aashimaraj Trivedi- Posted: 2020/06/12

    Lal Chand (Dead) By L.R v/s Radha Kishan: A comprehensive case analysis:Res Judicata as enshrined in Section 11 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 -Aayush Bapat and Zunhaid Tapia- Posted: 2020/06/12

    Suits By Or Against Minors And Persons Of Unsound Mind Under The CPC: A Comprehensive Analysis:A legal system that bases itself in justice, equity and good conscience must have provisions -Aayush Bapat- Posted: 2020/06/12

    The Provisions For Legal Aid Under CRPC And Its Adequacy:Justice P.N Bhagwati rightly described legal aid as a means for providing an arrangement -Mehak Goel- Posted: 2020/06/12

    Humans’ Inhumane Behaviour:In the country where cows are worshipped as mothers. In a country where a probe -Tushar Khandelwal- Posted: 2020/06/12

    Religion: Subordinate to Indian Constitution or Not?:Religion is a matter of faith. In India's history, religion is an integral part of the country's culture.-Shweta Garg- Posted: 2020/06/12

    Corpus Delicti: Establishing Murder in the Absence of Dead Body:There can be no smoke without a fire. Whoever uttered these words of wisdom -Madhav Anand- Posted: 2020/06/12

    Lockdown and the Food Security Act 2013: The Farrago:Harum-scarum the time looks to be, because India in its territory -Subhankar Khan- Posted: 2020/06/12

    Mental health problems during COVID-19 period: Envisage you went to a party, enjoyed a lot , came home and after 2 – 3 days -Rishabh Anand- Posted: 2020/06/11

    Bodo Accord: From Chaos To Peace:It has been stated by many scholars and eminent persons that a long fight -Ved Prakash- Posted: 2020/06/11

    Religion: The Tug Of War Between Liberty and Faith:The term religion is not defined in the constitution and it is a term which is not susceptible -Shubhambudhiraja- Posted: 2020/06/11

    Tort Law and Covid-19: Liability for transmission:Covid-19 is a mild to severe respiratory illness that is caused by a coronavirus -Shania Dash- Posted: 2020/06/11

    Acquaintance Rape:Rape is one of the most brutal crimes on earth and it becomes even more terrible -Dhanashree Varma- Posted: 2020/06/11

    Labour Laws: Working Hours in a Factory:The Factories Act, 1948 lays down all the provisions concerning the working hours in a factory -Kunal Jain- Posted: 2020/06/11

    Constitutional Position Of The President And Governor (Relation With The Council Of Ministers):President is the executive head of India, while the Governor of a State. The position and powers of the two are more or less similar -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/06/11

    Explained: Consolidated Sinking Fund:The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown a long shadow of vulnerability -Harshita- Posted: 2020/06/11

    India-Nepal Border Dispute:India Nepal border dispute has taken an awful turn recently, after the road passing through Lipulekh pass -Harshita- Posted: 2020/06/11

    Epitome of an ideal judge: Manu Needhi Cholan:If you have been to the High Court of Madras, you would have definitely seen the statue -Indulekha K- Posted: 2020/06/11

    Consolidation of Regional Rural Banks:Rural banking institutions play a very vital role in the all-round development of rural areas of the country -Shweta Garg- Posted: 2020/06/11

    Court Can Determine On Physical Appearance Or On The Basis Of Matric Certificate:In the case of, Gajab Singh versus State of Haryana Hon'ble Justice Rajbir Sherawat -Aashimaraj Trivedi- Posted: 2020/06/11

    Walking the Home Buyers Path: A Confused Identity of IBC:The real estate sector plays a catalytic role in pushing any economy along the path of progress. -Ojaswi Shankar- Posted: 2020/06/10

    Medical Negligence explained in fewer than 500 words:Negligence is the breach of a duty caused by the omission to do something which a reasonable man, would do, or doing something which a prudent and reasonable man would not do. -Sunil Khattri- Posted: 2020/06/10

    Free Consent Under Contract:Consent exist when one person voluntarily acknowledge to the proposal or desire of another person -Mgb Balarathna- Posted: 2020/06/10

    Critical analysis of Constitutional Validity of UP prevention of cow slaughter ( Amendment) Ordinance: -Shamarajesh- Posted: 2020/06/10

    Aircraft leasing Agreement and its effects post Covid 19:The lease is an agreement between two or more parties for the temporary transfer of property rights -Anmol Mishra- Posted: 2020/06/10

    Ends without Means or Reasons: Charu Khurana v/s Union of India:The judgement discussed herein is a living testament to Seervai's quote. -Samarth Nayar- Posted: 2020/06/10

    Interpretation of statutes: A complete study to an aids to interpretation:Interpretation and construction is the process by which the court seek to ascertain the meaning of the legislature through the medium of authoritative forms in which it is expressed -Rashi Choudhary- Posted: 2020/06/10

    COVID-19: Does the Indian Aviation Industry Needs a Power Booster?:The pandemic COVID-19 has severely affected the industries of every sector and the aviation sector is one of them -Preveen Pandey- Posted: 2020/06/10

    Fundamental Rights of Property:A citizen's right to own private property is a fundamental human right. -Mansi Arora- Posted: 2020/06/10

    Welfare state:According to kent, A welfare state is a state which provides for its citizens a wide range of social services. -- Posted: 2020/06/10

    Decoding SEBI Relaxations In FPO’S Norms Due To Covid 19:Relaxations from certain provisions of the SEBI (Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2018 in respect of Further Public Offer (FPO's) -Lalit Rajput- Posted: 2020/06/10

    A Critical Analysis on Data Protection and Privacy Issues in India:Data is something that surrounds everyone around and is generated virtually in everything we perform-Rishabh Arora- Posted: 2020/06/10

    The Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty and its Impact on India-US Legal Relations:India and the United States of America (USA) share ties that have only gotten stronger over time. -Danesh- Posted: 2020/06/9

    Rethinking The Practicalities Of Arbitration In The Age Of A Pandemic:In an age when Social Distancing is the new normal and the gospel for survival -Atish Chakraborty- Posted: 2020/06/9

    Judiciary In Times Of Covid-19:In the world full of fraudsters, a common man keeps his trust on the court of the land, irrespective of the dark -Sahejpal Singh Kapoor- Posted: 2020/06/9

    Criminal Complaint:Criminal Complaint is of 2 types. One is FIR (First Information Report) and the second is Private Complaint -Swapana Kode- Posted: 2020/06/9

    Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Act, 2019: An overview:The Government of India wanted to make the country a center of domestic and international arbitration -Meenakshi Gupta- Posted: 2020/06/9

    Men Can Be Raped Too: Why We Need To Revisit The Rape Laws In India:Indian rape law is defined primarily under Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code which eliminates the possibility -Prarthana Gupta- Posted: 2020/06/9

    Role of Intellectual Property in an Acquisition or Merger:Intellectual property (herein referred to as IP) is an incorporeal property that is invented or created by human intellect.-Anmol Mishra- Posted: 2020/06/9

    Hippocratic oath on Ventilator:The outbreak of COVID-19 has arrested the heart of whole world and made the whole world asphyxiate -Chaitanya- Posted: 2020/06/9

    Narcotic Drugs And Psychotropic Substances Act,1985 In Reference With Cannabis:With the changing lifestyle of the upcoming generation, especially teenagers -Pavithricchha Kaur Kapoor- Posted: 2020/06/8

    Violence Against Animals: An Insight:We can make indefinite number of laws but it is very difficult to implement them. We heard news on regular basis -Anvesha Gupta- Posted: 2020/06/8

    Crisis of Distressed Parents during Covid-19:Covide-19 Pandemic gave us time, lots of free-time at home, with family-Pallabi Ghosh Nath- Posted: 2020/06/8

    Abominable rapes in the name of Nikah Halala: An analytical study of Halala with special reference to Rape Laws in India:The practice of Nikah Halala is one of the most misconceived Islamic practices -Gunjan Singla- Posted: 2020/06/8

    Honor Killing:A Century which is known for guaranteed rights to ever individual has a major Knavery still existing in it, known as Honour killing. -Utkarsh Anand- Posted: 2020/06/8

    The Beautiful Nose of Hedy Lamrr:The present article intends to briefly explain three contractual damage remedies available to aggrieved plaintiffs viz., expectation interest, reliance interest and restitution interest. -Kanika Arora- Posted: 2020/06/8

    Case Note On Koodaranji Service Corp. Bank v/s. Smt. M.M. Lissy & Ors:Her services were terminated on the basis of the instructions issued by the higher authorities under the Cooperative Societies Act. -Kadimisetty Sai Sreenadh- Posted: 2020/06/8

    Gender And Indian Penal Code: Analysis Of Section 375: Gender Inequality is one of the most significant exhibitions of inequality worldwide. -Udita Dalal- Posted: 2020/06/8

    Climate Change: Setting Foot In Indian Environment Judiciary: covid 19 that has effected more than millions of people and killed exodus population globally is absolutely appalling. -Rutuja Patel- Posted: 2020/06/8

    Law of rape: A detailed study: rape and its essentials, while section 376 prescribes punishment with death or life imprisonment.-Anmol Pandey- Posted: 2020/06/8

    Traders Registration As Msme's Possible Soon:During a meeting of Shri Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for MSME and Road Transport -CS Lalit Rajput- Posted: 2020/06/8

    Doctrine Of Prospective Overruling:The Honorable Supreme Court of India in the landmark case of I.C. Golaknath and Ors. v. State of Punjab -Syed Aatif- Posted: 2020/06/7

    Right To Food: In Indian Context:Answer would be food. Food is a basic necessity to live, Can you imagine life without food?-Priyanshu Parasar- Posted: 2020/06/7

    An Overview on Force Majeure in relation to COVID 19:The COVID 19 has took over our lives and the apparent normalcy and is now changing -Reecha Agrawal- Posted: 2020/06/7

    Introduction Of Pre-Packs In MSME Sector: The Right Time:Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) is considered to be a vital industry and a strong backbone -Karan Singh- Posted: 2020/06/7

    Meaning, Concept and Historical Background of Doctrine of Res Judicata as contained in Section 11 of CPC: The concept of Res Judicata finds its evolvement from the English Common Law system -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/06/7

    E-Governance: The e in e governance stands for electronic Governance refers to lawful rules for management -Surbhi Sain- Posted: 2020/06/7

    The Saga of Unilaterally appointed Arbitrators:Arbitration as a means of dispute resolution has gained widespread popularity amongst litigants -Advait ghosh- Posted: 2020/06/7

    Important Rights provided to the Employees working in Shops and Commercial Establishments:lockdown necessitated by the Covid19 has not only impacted the Companies -Atif Ahmed- Posted: 2020/06/7

    Drinking and Domestic Violence: After 41 days of the rigorous lockdown, the government has now imposed the opening of the shutters -Simran Bhaskar- Posted: 2020/06/7

    Restriction on Powers of Board of Directors:Company law powers of Company are exercise either by Board of Directors or by Shareholders. -Kunal Madhukar- Posted: 2020/06/7

    An analysis on Kerala Elephant case:You'll be able to make indefinite laws but laws alone can never succeed without a way of responsibility -Adv Tejas Parab- Posted: 2020/06/6

    Regulation Of Prison Labour And The Prisoners Act, 1894:The Prisoners Act, 1894 came into existence in order to regulate the prisoners. It is one of the key legislations where the police & lawyers should understand the process. -Kadimisetty Sai Sreenadh- Posted: 2020/06/6

    The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. An Analysis:In India, under the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is mandatory that every vehicle -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/06/6

    Patenting Of Drugs and Medicines In State Of an Epidemic:Intellectual property rights (IPR) have been characterized as ideas, inventions and imaginative articulations -Riddhiman Roy Choudhuri- Posted: 2020/06/6

    Rule of Caveat Emptor:Caveat emptor is a Latin word and it means buyer beware.-Syed Aatif- Posted: 2020/06/6

    Sedition and Freedom of Speech in India:Section 124A of the Indian Penal Code defines sedition as words, either spoken or written, or by signs -Yagya Bharadwaj- Posted: 2020/06/6

    Concept Of Punishments Under Law Of Crime And Compensation To The Victims Of Crime:The object of punishment is the prevention of crime, and every punishment is intended to have a double effect, -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/06/6

    The struggle of Euthanasia in India:The debate over euthanasia in India has intensified since March 2018. In the ruling given -Joyjeet Kumar Das- Posted: 2020/06/6

    Concepts Of Property, Ownership And Possession:The word property is used in numerous senses in general. If one looks around in the surroundings -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/06/5

    Understanding how FDI in Pharma Sector Takes Place and the Opportunities presented by Covid19: supply of affordable generic medicines across the world and consequently the Pharmaceutical sector -Atif Ahmed- Posted: 2020/06/5

    Offence Against State Under Law Of Crimes:All States have the same right of self-preservation as their subjects, and States like men have from time -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/06/5

    Survivor Of Suicide Attempt: An Offender Or A Victim? A Study Into Suicide Law Of India:India has a population of about 138+ crore and out of which around 2,30,000 people die by suicide -Shreyanshi- Posted: 2020/06/5

    PM CARES and PM NRF: Not a Public Authority?:There has been huge outrage in newspapers and social media on a reply from the Prime minister's office to an RTI -Rohan Raj- Posted: 2020/06/5

    Critical Analysis Of The Role Of United Nations In Promotion Of Rights To Indigenous People Under International Law:In various parts of the world, indigenous people have suffered from various issues and it has a great history of discrimination, lack of women -Aditi Shreenivas Prabhune- Posted: 2020/06/5

    Res Judicata: Section 11 of Civil Procedure Code, 1908:Res Judicata is a phrase which is defined in Section 11 of the Civil Procedure Code has been evolved -Aditi Shreenivas Prabhune- Posted: 2020/06/5

    Marital Rape- A Sacred Crime:our Indian Society which treats women not as humans but as objects of sex.-Devansh Dixit- Posted: 2020/06/5

    Migrant Labours:The plight of migrant labourers is not new in our country, it has come out in limelight during this lockdown period-Rohan Raj- Posted: 2020/06/5

    Marriage Or Live-In?:The relationship between a man and a woman. It is a lawful and social approval as a rule between a man and a woman -Rakhee Gupta- Posted: 2020/06/4

    The Conflict between the Centre and the State amidst Covid-19:The world at present is going through one of the worst medical crisis in the history of mankind. -Shivanshu Goswami- Posted: 2020/06/4

    Women from law's perspective:Women are those who needs no care of attention neither any kind of love and are easy to handle -Shivam- Posted: 2020/06/4

    Role Of Online Education In Current Scenario For Any University:At some point in the second seven day stretch of March, state governments -Gunjan Singla- Posted: 2020/06/4

    Is the Bar Council of India justified in criticizing Lawyers and Retd.Judges for expressing views on working of the Apex Court during COVID-19?: Bar Council of India (BCI) chairman Mr. M.K. Mishra Senior Advocate highlighting the attack by disgruntled lawyers -Sanjay Manchanda- Posted: 2020/06/4

    Contempt Of Court - A Comprehensive Analysis:In this research article, I have made an attempt to examine and explain the genesis of the concept of Contempt of Court -Aakash Batra- Posted: 2020/06/4

    Murder and Culpable Homicide not amounting to Murder-Distinction:The term culpable homicide and murder are the two most confusing terms in the Indian Penal Code, 1860 -Prince Raj- Posted: 2020/06/4

    Constitutionalism and Judicial Activism:Discrimination against LGBT community includes discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation -Aastha Vyas- Posted: 2020/06/4

    Comprehensive Study-Absolute liability on hazardous Gas Leakage:According to blacks law Dictionary absolute liability refers to, Liability that does not depend -Ansh Kesharwani- Posted: 2020/06/4

    Aarogya Setu App-A surveillance tool or a helping hand?:Technology cannot prevent the onset of a pandemic but it can educate, warn and empower people -Bhavik Chheda- Posted: 2020/06/4

    Power Of Contempt Of Court: A Critical Analysis:India is touted as one of the greatest democracies of the world. The supremacy of the Constitution -Divyanshi Maheshwari- Posted: 2020/06/4

    Jurisprudence: Nature And Sources Of Law:Jurisprudence is the theory and philosophy of law. Scholars of jurisprudence hope to obtain a deeper understanding of the nature of law, legal reasoning, legal systems and legal institutions. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/06/4

    Understanding the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 and its after effects:The Citizenship (Amendment) bill, 2019 was passed by the Parliament of India on 11th December 2019, and after receiving the assent from the President of India -Utkarsh Kumar- Posted: 2020/06/4

    Arbitrability in matters of Fraud and Non-Signatory Third Party:what situations does a matter qualify for arbitration and whether allegations of fraud or involvement of a non-signatory third party act as a bar to arbitration -Sheen Kaul- Posted: 2020/06/3

    International Institutional Architecture To Combat Pandemics:COVID19 aka Novel Coronavirus has made us realize how fragile our health systems are, even with the significant -Dev Jain- Posted: 2020/06/3

    Execution of Decree in Civil Court:Implementation of litigation is also known as execution. A decree will come into existence where the civil litigation has been instituted with the presentment of the plaint. -Vedant Jain- Posted: 2020/06/3

    Minor Acts in India every lawyer/ law student must know:The laws play an important role in guiding the behaviour and conduct of the people in a society. -Shrutika Garg- Posted: 2020/06/3

    Legal Rights Related To Traffic Police:If on the road traffic police demands you to show the papers by stopping you then you can clearly refuse -Lomes- Posted: 2020/06/3

    Comparative Study of Legislations on Crime Against Women in India, The United States and UK:Violence against women is perhaps the most shameful human rights violation -Saatvik Srivastav- Posted: 2020/06/3

    Mere Delay In Forwarding First Information Report To Magistrate under Section 157 of Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 By Itself Is Not A Ground To Acquit The Accused: SC:Section 157 of Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 deals with the procedure for investigation, which is reproduced verbatim -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/06/3

    Supreme Court Clears The Air On The Section 13 (2) Of The Consumer Protection Act As Being Mandatory And No Extension Beyond The Said Period:A Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court recently in the case of [New India Assurance Co. Ltd. Vs. Hilli Multipurpose Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd. -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/06/3

    Judicial Widening Of Tort Responsibility:According to Sir Henry Maine, the penal law of ancient communities is not the law of crimes -Diya Nandi- Posted: 2020/06/3

    Social Media Trials: A Hegemony:Social media has found its way into every component and part of our lives. -Madhav Maheshwari- Posted: 2020/06/2

    Poaching: A Dreadful Act:The earth sustains all life forms. At its root, our economic plight is crisis in consciousness because we see ourselves as separate from our environment.-Vasudha Dubey- Posted: 2020/06/2

    Women MUST Not Accept But Challenge:Women empowerment refers to the upliftment of the spiritual, political, social, educational, and economical -Chetna Alagh- Posted: 2020/06/2

    What can be the meanings of the new Aatm-Nirbhar initiative under the Indian Government's recent economic announcements?:Amidst the recent corona crisis, the Indian government announced a package -Ujjwal Kumar Jha- Posted: 2020/06/2

    Data Protection Regulations and Compliance Requirements - Analysis of Regulations from EU, Singapore and India:The modern era has become severely riddled with cyber-crimes, and other offenses related to identity theft and data protection -Saundarya Sinha- Posted: 2020/06/2

    Shedding Light On The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2018: A Change In The Rush?:In the year that has passed, the country has observed several instances -Saundarya Sinha- Posted: 2020/06/2

    Should Marijuana Be Legalized in India?:Marijuana, a drug of considerable conflict in India, is also known to be highly circulated within the country -Saundarya Sinha- Posted: 2020/06/2

    An Insight Into The Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill, 2017:The Fugitive Economic Offender Bill, 2018 that was enacted by the Union Cabinet on March 1, 2018 -Saundarya Sinha- Posted: 2020/06/2

    The UIIC Case And The Supreme Court: Status Quo On Section 11 Of The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996?:The Supreme Court, while deciding the United India Insurance Co. Ltd. v. Hyundai Engineering Co. Ltd. -Saundarya Sinha- Posted: 2020/06/2

    MSME New Definition Applicable W.E.F 01st July, 2020 Notified By MSMED: In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) read with sub-section (9) of section 7-Lalit Rajput- Posted: 2020/06/2

    Expansion of the rights guaranteed to LGBT community in India:The idea of human rights rests on the central premise that all humans are equal. It follows that all humans have dignity and all humans should be treated as equal. -Lahana Das- Posted: 2020/06/2

    Bharat known as India:Today when nation is going through extraordinary discouragement due to this pandemic called covid-19, the Supreme Court has consented to hear PIL -Shreyansh Sharma- Posted: 2020/06/1

    Resolving conflicts of Family Disputes during Covid-19 through Mediation: A positive approach:The expressive ones may show up with many symptoms of anxiety, tension and bewilderment -Arnab Dutt- Posted: 2020/06/1

    Artificial Intelligence In India:Artificial intelligence could spell the end of human race says Hawking -Varshini s- Posted: 2020/06/1

    Facebook's Jio Acquisition Deal through the lenses of Competition Law in India:The aims and objectives of patent and antitrust laws may seem, at first glance, wholly at odds. However, the two bodies of law are actually complementary, as both are aimed at encouraging innovation, industry and competition -Varun Singh- Posted: 2020/06/1

    Union And State Legislature: Distribution Of Legislative Powers:The main characteristic of a federal Constitution is the distribution of powers between the Centre and the States -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/06/1

    One nation, One language:If you think that the concept of One Nation & One Language is new for India then you are wrong because -Chitrangda Sharma- Posted: 2020/06/1

    Suspension of Labour Laws amid Covid-19: Constitutionality Check:In Uttar Pradesh, government suspended almost all labour laws by promulgating ordinance The Uttar Pradesh Temporary Exemption from Certain Labour Laws Ordinance, 2020. -Tanvi Aggarwal- Posted: 2020/06/1

    Sangati: A Subaltern Study on Dalit Women:dalit marginalization, discrimination, isolation and humiliation from common tradition of life especially the tragic condition of dalit women in Indian society -Atish Chakraborty- Posted: 2020/06/1

    Abortion Laws: Role Of Ngo's In Sensitizing Communities And Providing Related Services:The paper investigates the role of NGO'S in India and looking forwards for the policies to be executed effectively, -Sakshi kothari- Posted: 2020/06/1

    Invocation of Pledged Shares and the Impact of Covid-19:Suppose, you are the promoter of a company, and your company needs to raise some finance.-Atif Ahmed- Posted: 2020/06/1

    Economic, Legal And Social Impact Of Covid-19:When the world has come to a devastating stage due to a pandemic that has left most of the countries in a state of pity -Aadrika Parashar- Posted: 2020/06/1

    Contemporary Issues In India Under Constitutional Law:The Indian Constitution serves as both, a legal and a political document to the country. It has taken quite a while for the people of the nation to be open to the laws -Aadrika Parashar- Posted: 2020/06/1

    Freedom Of Speech And Expression In Indian Constitution With Reference To Morality And Decency:Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution of India guarantees to all its citizens the right to freedom of speech and expression. -Abhishek Roy- Posted: 2020/06/1

    Quarantine-The Law and The Limits:As Covid-19 spreads worldwide, governments have imposed quarantine and travel restrictions on an unprecedented scale.-Joyjeet Kumar Das- Posted: 2020/06/1

    Recession In Democracy:We have often heard the term ‘Recession' in economic aspects. Recession generally means downgrading of certain things. -Rohan Raj- Posted: 2020/06/1

    Procedure to initiate CIRP under IBC, 2016:The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (hereinafter referred as IBC) (31st Act of the year 2016) was enforced on 28th May, 2016 -Pranav Somani- Posted: 2020/05/31

    Dysfunctional Exercise Of Rights In Present Day India:Like all other living beings, men struggle for survival. But whereas the lower beings struggle -Joyjeet Kumar Das- Posted: 2020/05/31

    Trade Mark Assignment Agreement:The intellectual property rights assignment is a transfer of the rights of the owner, title and the interest in certain intellectual property.-Chetna jain- Posted: 2020/05/31

    An analysis of the citizenship (amendment) act, 2019 and un convention to the status of refugees, 1951:Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 which is in contravention to the UN Convention to the Status of Refugees, 1951(Convention').-Tushar Khandelwal- Posted: 2020/05/31

    Constitutional Law: Doctrine of Territorial Nexus:Before going to the legality of the Doctrine, let us get down to the basics of the Territorial Doctrine. -Ukkash F- Posted: 2020/05/31

    Extradition Of Vijay Mallya-A Legal Perspective:Vijay Mallya is one of the most talked-about and prominent business personalities of India. -Ukkash F- Posted: 2020/05/31

    PM Narendra Modi's Election From Varanasi An Analysis On The Allahbad HC Decision: -Ukkash F- Posted: 2020/05/31

    Which Is Better, Arbitration Or Litigation?:The question is which is better means of resolving disputes, arbitration or litigation? There is no definite answer as to which is an inherently better process. -Shardul Srivastava- Posted: 2020/05/31

    Dissertation Of Startup Finance And Risk Control:The Startup has become synonyms for the growth, entrepreneurial traits, vision, and futuristic -Shevaaz Khan- Posted: 2020/05/31

    Case Study On M/s Radha Raman Industries v/s M/s Manoj Trading Company:case to be legal although the same was in the name of the proprietary concern of the sole proprietor, but the concern had sued through its sole proprietor. -Aashimaraj Trivedi- Posted: 2020/05/31

    Whether COVID-19 is a force Majeure event or Doctrine of Frustration?:Force Majeure means the occurrence of any unforeseeable circumstance which prevents the party from performing its obligations under a contract. -Priyanka chandra- Posted: 2020/05/31

    Right To Privacy: A Comprehensive Review:Indian law is very flexible. It works according to the need of the society. Various changes -Abhinav Agrawal- Posted: 2020/05/30

    Revisiting The Forgotten Path To Speedy Trial In Criminal Cases:In this period of CoViD-19 Pandemic, while pondering upon The Code Of Criminal Procedure and having attended webinars of experts, the present article is emphasized -Nilesh Rathi- Posted: 2020/05/30

    Force Majeure under Electricity Laws:The whole nation is going through a pandemic which is named COVID-19. -Soumya Singh- Posted: 2020/05/30

    Article 370 and 35A controversy,the debate and its impact:India's constitution is an affiliation structure. The subjects for foundation are secluded into an Affiliation List, -Arjun Khatri- Posted: 2020/05/30

    Sedition: A Lawful Misconception:Sedition is one of the most debated provisions in India.-Gautham K- Posted: 2020/05/30

    Role of Independent Board of Directors under The Companies Act, 2013:Board of Directors, as per the Companies Act, 2013 means the collective body of the directors of a company -Aditya Agrawal- Posted: 2020/05/30

    Imposition Of Unjust And Improper Conditions Of Bail:There has been notable increase in the erroneous judgments regarding the Conditions of Bail. -Shreyansh Gaur- Posted: 2020/05/30

    General Defences In Law Of Tort:A defence is a plea put forth by the defendant against the claims of the plaintiff. The following are the defences open to a defendant in an action for tortious liability. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/05/30

    Right Of Private Defence:IPC Section 96 to 106 states that the law relating to the right of private defence the body and the property of one's person or another person. -Lomes- Posted: 2020/05/30

    Anti-Defection in Law; In reference to Politics:The anti-defection law in India, also known as the Tenth Schedule to the Indian Constitution, was enacted to address the perceived problem of instability caused by democratically elected legislators -Forum Parekh- Posted: 2020/05/30

    Evolution of Section 11 of The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996:Arbitration has become the preferred mode of Dispute Resolution all over the globe -Advait Ghosh- Posted: 2020/05/30

    Specific Torts: Negligence, Nuisance, Trespass And Defamation:Tort in common law, civil law, and the vast majority of legal systems that derive from them, any instance of harmful behaviour -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/05/29

    How Artificial Intelligence Affects The Due Process In Law Firms:Artificial intelligence is that branch of computer science which is connected with the machines and can perform -Chetna jain- Posted: 2020/05/29

    Cyber Squatting: A Disease Which Has A Cure But Has No Procedure To Treat:Delhi High Court in the case of Manish Vij And Ors. vs Indra Chugh And Ors. (AIR 2002 Delhi 243) defined the word cyber squatting as an act of obtaining fraudulent -Maruthi Sankar- Posted: 2020/05/29

    Need of Regulation in CyberSpace:he internet, an effective means of social interaction that inevitably altered human life -Gunjan Garg- Posted: 2020/05/29

    Death Penalty: A State-sponsored murder or a necessity?:The death penalty or Capital Punishment is the most severe form of Punishment which the State can hand out to its convicts.-Tapamoy Ghose- Posted: 2020/05/29

    Contempt Of Court Act 1971: A Basic Overview:When we read the concept of Democracy, we talk about freedom which is mainly related to having a free -Siddhant Khanna- Posted: 2020/05/29

    Dearth of discretion to refuse evidence obtained illegally in Indian Courts:The essential and fundamental part of a justice delivery system in a dynamic society is Criminal Justice', since it has direct impact on the lives of the individuals.-Chitrangada Singh- Posted: 2020/05/29

    Jammu And Kashmir: As A State And As A Union Territory: After the British withdrawal from India in 1947, the princely states were given the choice of either joining India or Pakistan or to remain independent -Gautham K- Posted: 2020/05/29

    Can companies and/or LLPs trade in derivatives without being registered as NBFCs?:A Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) is a company registered under the Companies Act, 2013 involved in the principal business of advancing loans, acquisition -Piyush Gupta- Posted: 2020/05/29

    Whether The Time Limit To File Written Statement Under Order VIII Rule 1 Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 Is Mandatory Or Directory?:A catena of Judgements by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, interpreting Order VIII Rule 1 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908-Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/05/29

    The Role Of Indian Judiciary In Enforcement Of First Generation Human Rights:Two basic words yet when assembled they establish the very establishment of our presence. -Pooja sharma- Posted: 2020/05/29

    Right To Education: One Fundamental Right At Cost Of Another Fundamental Right?:The Right to education was initially not included as a fundamental right in the constitution of India -Shubhambudhiraja- Posted: 2020/05/28

    Releasing Of Prisoners: Social Distancing Or Social Threat?:Social security is always considered to be a boon for any society. This security is guarded by various pillars like police, law enforcement and prisons.-Farrukh Khan- Posted: 2020/05/28

    Role of Electronic Governance Through ICTs. An Overview: The emergence of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) are rapidly transforming -Ritika Gupta- Posted: 2020/05/28

    Reasons why you should seek professional assistance in RERA Complaints:The advent of RERA has proved to be a paradise for many Allottees who can now approach their respective state Real Estate Regulatory Authorities -Jasleen Kaur- Posted: 2020/05/28

    Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019:Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019 -Falguni Agrawal- Posted: 2020/05/28

    Rethinking The Need For Capital Punishment In India:India being a democratic country is still a developing country. -Falguni Agrawal- Posted: 2020/05/28

    Doctrine Of Frustration:In American Law it is the Theory of Impossibility and Impracticability and in English Law -Anshu- Posted: 2020/05/28

    Is Uniform Civil Code the key to bring Gender Justice?:The Hindu Succession Act 1956 codified laws for intestate succession among Hindus using principles of Mitakshara and Dayabhaga schools. -Sheen Kaul- Posted: 2020/05/28

    Notice For Cheque Bounce: A cheque is a bill of exchange which is payable on demand.-Soham Tayal- Posted: 2020/05/28

    Employee termination during Covid 19:Employment in India is divided into two sections, the labour sector and the employment sector -Soham Tayal- Posted: 2020/05/28

    Space Law in the 21st Century -Unique Structure and Future Strength:India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world and at a growth rate of 7.5% -Jonah Elisa Shiny- Posted: 2020/05/27

    Trademark Infringement in the Food Industry:That is the utility of a trademark? It is the value of a brand -Sheen Kaul- Posted: 2020/05/27

    Comparative Analysis between the current Banking Ombudsman and the abolished Tax Ombudsman: The Banking Ombudsman has been a success to a large extent in catering to the needs of the aggrieved customers of the bank.-Sheen Kaul- Posted: 2020/05/27

    Critical Analysis of the Banking Ombudsman:The essence of any democracy is hollow without accountability and transparency. -Sheen Kaul- Posted: 2020/05/27

    Is crypto currency legalized in India?:The crypto community has won the battle against RBI in Supreme Court -Shamna vadakkethil- Posted: 2020/05/27

    Litigation or Inquiry against China in light of COVID-19?: Keeping in mind the drastic effect that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the daily lives of human all over world -Samarth Dhar- Posted: 2020/05/27

    Law on Amendment of Pleadings in India:Pleadings are an integral part of the first stage of the suit and form the backbone on which the future of the suit rests. -Samarth Dhar- Posted: 2020/05/27

    Do we own our own bodies? An Interplay between the Human Body and Property Rights:If you were to take a survey asking the question do you absolutely own your body? -Samarth Dhar- Posted: 2020/05/27

    Settlement of International Disputes using Coercive means:The current World order as we know it today has not existed forever -Samarth Dhar- Posted: 2020/05/27

    Judicial Review of Administrative Action in India:As seen throughout the evolution of humanity, power sings a song of corruption in man's ear -Samarth Dhar- Posted: 2020/05/27

    Legal Challenges in Internet Banking:traditional banking services through the virtual medium -Rishabh Malhotra- Posted: 2020/05/27

    Case Comment: Samira Kohli v/s Prabha Manchanda And Ors:From last decade in India there is a general perception among the middle class public that private hospitals -Rohan Jain- Posted: 2020/05/27

    A Comparative Analysis of the Land Acquisition Laws in India: 1894, 2013 and 2015:the right of the owner to get compensation and; strict adherence to the purpose of acquisition being limited to a public purpose only -Juhi Senguttuvan- Posted: 2020/05/27

    Interim Reliefs - Section 9 Of The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996:The Indian court system has been burdened with a lot of disputes which in turn creates a lot of pressure -Shivam Kene- Posted: 2020/05/27

    Claimants, Grounds And Right Of Muslim Women:Maintenance is the process of maintaining or preserving someone. A state of providing financial support -Katakamsetty. Umamaheswar- Posted: 2020/05/27

    Plight of frontline warriors in time of pandemic and their right to health and safety:A Greek physician, Hippocrates once coined a phrase “Extreme times call for extreme measures -Dhruv Oza- Posted: 2020/05/27

    Daughters As Coparcener: Danamma V. Amar:The Hindu Succession Act is majorly derived from the mitakshara Hindu law which is patriarchal and patrilineal. -Yashaswini Gautam- Posted: 2020/05/27

    General principles of criminal liability: mens rea and actus reus, mens rea in statutory offences, Joint And Constructive Liability:Maintenance of peace and order is essential in any society for human beings to live peacefully and without -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/05/27

    Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP): Whether Justifiable or not:Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP) or Articles 36-51 under Part-IV -Mudit Goswami- Posted: 2020/05/27

    Dissatisfaction Of Common People With Judicial System:Common people these days are dissatisfied with the Judicial System. -Mukul Bajaj- Posted: 2020/05/27

    Historical Background Behind Designation Of Senior Advocates Under Advocates Act, 1961:Historical Background Behind Designation Of Senior Advocates Under Advocates Act, 1961 -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/05/27

    Supreme Court And Covid’19: Staying Silent Is Not An Option:How can we stop migrants from working one of the judges on the bench commented as the Supreme Court -Siddhi Jayesh Mehta- Posted: 2020/05/27

    Condonation of Delay and Sufficient Cause under the Limitation Act:The Limitation Act (hereinafter referred to as the Act) provides different time periods within which an aggrieved person is permitted -Juhi Senguttuvan- Posted: 2020/05/26

    Amendments to Written Statements under the CPC:Pleadings means a written statement or plaint, forming the backbone of every suit.-Juhi Senguttuvan- Posted: 2020/05/26

    Pleading: Objective, General Principles on Amendment, and Principles and Consideration Involved while Permitting Amendment of Pleadings:Pleadings means a written statement or plaint, forming the backbone of every suit. -Juhi Senguttuvan- Posted: 2020/05/26

    An Outlook Of Vivad Se Vishwas Bill:An Outlook Of Vivad Se Vishwas Bill -Shardul Srivastava- Posted: 2020/05/26

    A Critique On Yashaswini Health Insurance Policy Under Insurance Law: Insurance is a method of spreading over many persons a possible financial loss serious -Riya Jain- Posted: 2020/05/26

    Responses Of Different Political States In A Pandemic:The year of 2020 chooses to become a destroyer for the whole mankind. -Aditya Pandey- Posted: 2020/05/26

    Turbulence In Trade And Economy Amidst A Pandemic:As the new year starts it brings hopes, opportunity, happiness and good vibes to the human life. -Sakshi Soni- Posted: 2020/05/26

    Impediments to Police Investigation:With the conceptualization of the idea of democracy, maintenance of law -Shivani Goyal- Posted: 2020/05/26

    Consent Awards: Settlement through Arbitration: ADR means settlement of disputes outside the court through negation, mediation, conciliation and arbitration.-Tanmay Karmarkar- Posted: 2020/05/26

    Women In Politics:What reason does the world need more women related with all pieces of the political system? -Parnika sharma- Posted: 2020/05/26

    Interpretation Of Contract Vis-À-Vis Contra Proferentem Rule:The judiciary in the recent time is observing a thorough transformation because of diversified civil matters coming up. -Umang Gupta- Posted: 2020/05/26

    Carrier’s Liability in Carriages of Goods by Sea in India:Shipping has always been the oldest mode of transport in India. -Ayushi Sharma- Posted: 2020/05/26

    Section 14 Of Sarfaesi Act Role And Powers Of District Magistrate / Chief Metropolitan Magistrate:Amendment to SARFAESI Act introduced in 2013 brought out certain changes in the Act wherein under section 14 -Radhakrishnan Ramachandran- Posted: 2020/05/26

    Strict/Absolute liability in redressing the issues of compensation post- Chernobyl Period: Role of Conventions in effective compensation: 25 years after the Chernobyl accident, the international community -Juhi Senguttuvan- Posted: 2020/05/25

    Does Promissory Estoppel Serve As A Series Of Legal Doctrines That Act As Both, A Shield And A Sword In Guarding Against The Unconscionable?:Law, being a social institution also evolves with time and changes in society -Juhi Senguttuvan- Posted: 2020/05/25

    The Nondelegation Doctrine: Justice Scalia’s jurisprudence through the lens of Mistretta v. U.S.A. and Whitman v. American Trucking Association:Justice Scalia was one of the most famous dissenters in the history of the United States and, was known for his devotion to the Constitution.-Juhi Senguttuvan- Posted: 2020/05/25

    Domestic Violence amid Covid-19 Lockdown:When the announcement of locking down the whole nation was made by Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.-Darshnik Narang- Posted: 2020/05/25

    Critical Analysis Of The Concept Of Grundnorm:Hans Kelsen is known for the most rigorous development of a positivist' theory of law.-Kanika Jain- Posted: 2020/05/25

    Penal Provisions in IBC - Identification of Issues:The Indian criminal law has always recognized the principle of corporate culpability.-Deboleena Dutta- Posted: 2020/05/25

    Intellectual Property Rights: A legal perspective:Today, law is emerging in various fields and providing the vast opportunity to explore it in every possible aspect.-Abhinav Agrawal- Posted: 2020/05/25

    Plight of migrant workers and their rights:The world wide spread of COVID 19 from China was unforeseeable, so as the crisis of migrant workers in India. -Shreyanshi- Posted: 2020/05/25

    IP Financing: Vindicating the Ruling in Canara Bank v/s NG Subbaraya Setty:As companies continue to look forward to improving their current levels of operations -Rituparna P- Posted: 2020/05/25

    Hydroxychloroquine - The Bone of Contention between India and USA: the efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine as medication for treating COVID-19 -Rituparna P- Posted: 2020/05/25

    Case Comment On Neelavva Somnath Tarapur v/s Divisional Controller KSRTC, Bijapur 2002:Plaintiff was married to a man named Somnath Tarapur, a resident of Bijapur in the year 1982 -Kanika Jain- Posted: 2020/05/25

    Offences Against Property Under Indian Penal Code 1860 (Section 378-460):Property is mainly divided into two parts, namely movable and immovable. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/05/25

    Clubbing Of Cheque Dishonour Cases:Multiple cheques get dishonoured as between same parties. Separate notices would be issued. -M.V.Shanker Bhat- Posted: 2020/05/25

    Emerging Infectious diseases like COVID-19, Laws and Opinion:Coronavirus disease (hereinafter referred to as COVID-19) is the biggest cause of concern all around the world today. -Sparsh sharma- Posted: 2020/05/25

    Public Trust Doctrine In Context Of Climate Change:In this article, we try to look at the importance of climate, the public trust doctrine and jurisprudence corresponding to protection of climate.-Sparsh sharma- Posted: 2020/05/25

    Teen Dating Violence:Teen dating violence is an increasing crime not only in India but across the globe. -Falgu Mukati- Posted: 2020/05/25

    The Judicial Exercise In Weighing Balance Of Convenience In Granting Interim Injunctions:The power to grant a temporary injunction lies at the discretion of the court.-Kanika Jain- Posted: 2020/05/25

    Hindi in Haryana Courts: A tussle between Hindi and English Speakers:The State of Haryana vide notification dated 11th May 2020 notified that Hindi should be used in all Court -Hari Mudgil- Posted: 2020/05/25

    Role Of Corporate Social Responsibility In Organizational Performance:Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has largely contributed to the success of numerous corporate firms -Kanika Jain- Posted: 2020/05/25

    Decongestion of Jails during COVID-19: Realisation of a Pending Reform:The pessimist facet of this pandemic is that it has disrupted the entire human routine and causes major -Nilesh Mulatkar- Posted: 2020/05/25

    Fingerprints: A Forensic Tool For Criminal Investigation:Fingerprints have been the gold standard for personal identification in the forensic community -Vasudha Dubey- Posted: 2020/05/25

    Fate Of Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code Amid Covid-19:Objective of this article is to trace out the implication of covid-19 on provision of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code -Harshit Gupta- Posted: 2020/05/24

    Covid-19 surveillance: Is Personal Privacy Overlooked In The Process?: This infectious disease has posed an unprecedented threat all over the world. -Shinjinee Namhata- Posted: 2020/05/24

    Shreya Singhal (2015) Judgment: Analysis:In this case there were two girls named as Shaheen Dhada and Rinu Srinivasan lived in Thane, Mumbai -Shipra Chaudhary- Posted: 2020/05/24

    Cyber Crime: Are The Laws Outdated In India For This Type Of Crime?:Cybercrime can be defined as the crime where there is use of a computer as an instrument for committing fraud -Gagan Aggarwal- Posted: 2020/05/24

    Death Penalty for Juveniles:The term Juvenile justice as usually narrowly to refers to the term adjudication, reformation and rehabilitation process -Shashank Sridhar- Posted: 2020/05/24

    Online Alternative Dispute Resolution in New Normal-An Age of Settlement:A major advantage of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is the ability to select your own Judge. -Arnab Dutt- Posted: 2020/05/24

    The Other Side Of Equality: In any case or any crime, a woman is innocent until proven guilty and a man is guilty until proven innocent. -Rehan Bhasin- Posted: 2020/05/24

    Analytical Study of Budget allocation to Education sector -Union Budget 2020-21:The activity of planning a budget is considered as the central activity of financial management. Budget -Aakash Sharma- Posted: 2020/05/24

    Cyber Bullying v/s. Roasting: Regulation Of The Uncharted Vis-a-Vis The Carryminati controversy:The term Bullying, in itself, denotes a genus, whereas Cyber Bullying forms its specie. -Shivang Tripathi- Posted: 2020/05/24

    Ordering Committee To Review Demand For 4G Internet In J&K, Supreme Court Has Abdicated its Powers:The Supreme Court rejected three Writ Petitions filed by Foundation For Media Professionals, Private Schools Association of J&K & Soayib Qureshi -Damini Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/05/24

    Temporary Injunction O-39: An Injunction is a judicial process whereby a party is required to do, or refrain from doing, any act. -Priyanka chandra- Posted: 2020/05/24

    Relationship Between Directive Principles Of State Policy And Fundamental Rights Is Mutually Reciprocal And Not Antagonising:Directive Principles of State Policy enjoined in Articles 36 - 51 of Constitution of India are in the nature of Social Policy. -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/05/24

    Rape: Is Marriage a Sanction to Rape:Rape: Is Marriage a Sanction to Rape -Falguni Agrawal- Posted: 2020/05/24

    Registration of Limited Liability Partnership:Partnership is when two or more individuals come together to form an organization or say business by contributing -Pranjal Hans- Posted: 2020/05/23

    The Origin and Growth of Mediation in India:In one's day to day life one often comes across various forms of conflict whether humungous or trivial. -Atish Chakraborty- Posted: 2020/05/23

    Bigamy As An Offense In India:The term bigamy is technically not one that is recognized in any of the laws in India -Sushmitha Ramkumar- Posted: 2020/05/23

    Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961:Dowry means any property or valuable security given or agreed to be given either directly or indirectly -Nancy maggo- Posted: 2020/05/23

    Cyber Crime And Terrorism:In technically driven society, people use various devices to make life simple. Globalization results in connecting -Rajat Singh- Posted: 2020/05/23

    How Absolute Liability got Evolved?:concept of No Fault Liability was not appropriate and a new test was evolved called Strict Liability test in the year 1868 in the case of Rylands v. Fletcher. -Aanemesh Singh- Posted: 2020/05/23

    Malicious Prosecution:The Criminal and civil cases that lack many evidences usually aren't pursued and occasionally criminal charges -Uditi Patel- Posted: 2020/05/23

    The Supreme Court of Judicature 1774:British come here as merchant for doing jobs, slowly they establish their factories and increase the territorial area -Astha Mathur- Posted: 2020/05/23

    Case Summary of Ramanand v/s Dr.Girish Soni:Ramanand v/s Dr. Girish Soni has tried to delve into the legal position of the Force Majeure viz a viz Lease Agreements thereby putting many woes of landlords and tenants at rest. -Ishaan singla- Posted: 2020/05/23

    Article 142 to the Rescue:complete justice as mentioned under Article 142 of the Indian Constitution. -Hariharan Ramakrishnan- Posted: 2020/05/23

    Why Women In Politics Matter:Proof from creating nations around the globe shows that an expansion in women' cooperation -Parnika sharma- Posted: 2020/05/22

    British Regime Law imposed for Covid-19: The Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897:Only because of Coronavirus, wheel of the economy stops, and 1.35 billion people are stuck at their homes -Shantam Patil- Posted: 2020/05/22

    A Brief Report On Yerawada Central Prison Of Pune Located In Maharashtra:Yerawada Central Prison is known as one of the historical prisons in India -Aditi Shreenivas Prabhune- Posted: 2020/05/22

    A Socio-Legal Study On Honour Killing As A Crime In India:Indian Society is a multicultural, multi-traditional society where it exists different types of castes, class, creeds, -Aditi Shreenivas Prabhune- Posted: 2020/05/22

    Section 34 Of Arbitraton And Conciliation Act, 1996: The Journey Of Curtailing Judicial Intervention In The Arbitral Process:An Arbitration Award is a basically a verdict given in an arbitration proceeding by an Arbitration Tribunal and can be associated to the judgement -Poulomi Sen- Posted: 2020/05/22

    The Competition Act 2002 And Its Role In Corporate Sector:Competition is a process of economic rivalry between market players to attract customers. Competition -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/05/22

    Rights Of Accused In Police Investigations And Court Proceedings:Indian Legal System is sustained by the grundnorm' or Indian constitution, which collaborated with Democracy and Rule of Law -Mudit Goswami- Posted: 2020/05/22

    Rumours During Pandemic and Laws Around It:Rumours During Pandemic and Laws Around It -Milind Anand- Posted: 2020/05/21

    Curtailing The Might Of The Pen:All citizens shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression. -Shivani Vora- Posted: 2020/05/21

    Position of Karta: Before and After The Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005:Position of Karta: Before and After The Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005 -Astha Mathur- Posted: 2020/05/21

    Temporary Injunction:An Injunction is a judicial process whereby a party is required to do, or refrain from doing,-Priyanka Chandra- Posted: 2020/05/21

    Role Of Media In Times Of Social Disharmony:India is an emerging society and the growth of socio-economic situation is on the process -Akshaya S- Posted: 2020/05/21

    A Precedent on Doctrine of Frustration, Force Majeure and Contingency appended to Contract: National Agricultural Co-opeartive Marketing Federation of India(NAFED) vs Alimenta SA, Section 32 (Contingent contract) and Section 56 (Agreement to do impossible act) of the Indian Contract Act, 1872-Deepika Sharma- Posted: 2020/05/21

    Differential Voting Rights:Differential voting rights according to section 43 (a)(ii) of Companies Act, 2013 -Jayant- Posted: 2020/05/20

    Protection Of Geographical Indication And Its Judicial Findings:A geographical indication (GI) is a sign used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities -Ritika Gupta- Posted: 2020/05/20

    Seat/Venue/Place of Arbitration: A Detailed Analysis: concept of Seat of Arbitration in International Commercial Arbitrations, with a view to discuss the eternal confusion -Chirag Bhatia- Posted: 2020/05/20

    Analyzing Family Laws: A need of an Evolving Society:The research paper illuminates the issue relating to the uniform civil code -Falguni Agrawal- Posted: 2020/05/20

    Consumer Protection Act, 1986 An Analysis:Consumer Protection Act, 1986 An Analysis -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/05/20

    Seat and Venue of Arbitration-Key Consideration:Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism provides scientifically developed techniques-Deepika Sharma- Posted: 2020/05/20

    Covid-19 And Force Majeure: An Analysis: Coronavirus is the member of the zoonotic community of viruses and it can affect the human beings -Bhavya Kala- Posted: 2020/05/20

    Best Judgement Assessment: An Adherence to the principles of Natural Justice:Assessment in the common parlance means the determination of the value of the assets which has been held by the person -Manmeet Singh Monga- Posted: 2020/05/19

    Representative Suit Under The Code Of Civil Procedure, 1908:Order I Rule 8 of the Code of Civil Procedure 1908 deals with representative suit. -Vanshika Sharma- Posted: 2020/05/19

    Coronavirus And It's Influence On The Prisoners: The spread of CORONAVIRUS is getting exceptionally unforgiving to individuals, this pandemic has kick off -Simran Sharma- Posted: 2020/05/19

    Oubreak Of Covid-19 And Its Impact On Human Rights:The first case of the COVID-19 pandemic in India was announced on the 30th of January,2020 stemming from Wuhan, China. -Aparna Mukherjee- Posted: 2020/05/19

    Constitutional provisions regarding Civil Servants in India:The Civil Services holds the most prominent place in the progress of the country.-Yashraj Bais- Posted: 2020/05/19

    Online Arbitration- India's Step Towards Digitisation And Boon In Adversity: -GNP Legal- Posted: 2020/05/19

    Legal Implications of Lay offs, Retrenchment and Wage cuts during Covid 19:The Covid-19 outbreak has been causing a great economic standstill affecting -Saurabh Agnihotri- Posted: 2020/05/19

    Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises:The Micro, Small and Medium enterprises (MSMEs) have been accepted as the engine of economic growth -Urvika Alpesh Shah- Posted: 2020/05/19

    Right to Food Under Indian Constitution And Its Present Scenario:According to the utilitarian theory, the legislator to ensure the happiness of the community must strive to attain -Ritika Gupta- Posted: 2020/05/19

    A Review on Public Interest Litigation: Public Interest Litigation (PIL) is a significant innovation in justice administration of delivering legal service -Syed Aatif- Posted: 2020/05/19

    Accountancy For Lawyers:Accountancy is the science, art and practice of an accountant. It is a discipline which records, classifies, summarises -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/05/18

    Suspension of Labour Legislation: The long and short of it:To meet with the exigencies arisen out of Pandemic, State of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat -Habiba Sheikh- Posted: 2020/05/18

    Dynamics of Internet Child Pornography - Menace to Legal and Societal Perceptions: Child pornography is multifaceted international concern, and what institutes child pornography is unexpectedly multipart. -Yamini Atreya & Mohit Parihar- Posted: 2020/05/18

    Presumption Of Paternity Under Section 112 Of The Indian Evidence Act, Read With Surrogacy And DNA Regulation Laws In India:Section 112 of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872, states that any person born during the continuance of a valid marriage -Sudharsana Manivannan- Posted: 2020/05/18

    Case Analysis Of Prahlad Saran Gupta v/s Bar Council Of India (Professional Misconduct):IRAC method as a tool for legal analysis of a case stands for Issue, Rule, Application/Analysis -Niharika Bodla- Posted: 2020/05/18

    Conduct/Duties of Advocate: conduct of advocates. Every advocate has rights and duties. -Niharika Bodla- Posted: 2020/05/18

    Advocate's Duty Towards Court: Professional ethics is nothing but the duties which are to be followed by the advocate. -Niharika Bodla- Posted: 2020/05/18

    The Judicial Structure In India And Role Of NJAC:Judiciary is that branch of government which interprets law, settles disputes and administers justice -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/05/18

    Case Comment: Chebrolu Leela Prasad Rao v/s State of Andhra Pradesh: Right to Equality is one of the basic fundamental rights that the Constitution of India guarantees to all the citizens of the country.-Shreyansh Chopra- Posted: 2020/05/18

    Insolvency and bankruptcy law in India: The law of insolvency and bankruptcy came in force on 5, May 2016 by notifying about this law -Saloni singh- Posted: 2020/05/18

    Enforcement of Arbitral Awards: Domestic and Foreign:Before going into the legislative language and judicial interpretation of the enforcement of arbitral awards, whether domestic or foreign, -Harshit Sharma- Posted: 2020/05/18

    Debt Recovery Tribunal The Influencing Factor:The law mimics the human condition in its ambiguities. Great effort has been put forth to project the image -Radhakrishnan Ramachandran- Posted: 2020/05/18

    Advisory Jurisdiction Of Supreme Court:Article 143[1] of the Indian Constitution presents some special features of exchange between the executive-Syed Aatif- Posted: 2020/05/17

    Economic Reservations in India:The Indian constitution itself provides reservation for the upliftment of various groups of people -Muskan Saxena- Posted: 2020/05/17

    Juvenile Tired as an Adult: Need For Legislation:The society has undergone tremendous change in terms of its ideologies, perspectives -Chandru Maya- Posted: 2020/05/17

    Cyber Bullying: A Disregarded Issue In India: These days people are totally dependent on the internet.-Adrita Chakraborty- Posted: 2020/05/17

    Indian Judiciary:Few days before Hon'ble Justice Deepak Gupta took retirement and due to amid lockdown his last farewell speech was conducted online -Shantanu Mishra- Posted: 2020/05/17

    The Relationship Between Stringency Of Law And Deterrence In Crime: Criminal deterrence idea is based on the belief that punishment imposed on the felon shall prevent him from committing further crime -Harini S- Posted: 2020/05/17

    Infodemic Of Rumors On Social Media:The World is reachable in one Single Click. Because of user-friendly features, Social Media platform is becoming quite popular -Ashutosh Kumar Sharma- Posted: 2020/05/17

    Introduction and Overview of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985:he word narcotic refers to different types of substances which makes the senses less effective and soothes pain. -Anaya Jain- Posted: 2020/05/17

    Cyber offences and POSCO Act: Legal Provisions:Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO) Act is specially designed to protect the children from either online or offline offences -Kadimisetty Sai Sreenadh- Posted: 2020/05/16

    Change In Law With Respect To Women:Swami Vivekananda say, Just as a bird can’t fly with one wing only, a Nation can’t march forward if the women are left behind. -Ria Khandelwal- Posted: 2020/05/16

    Right to Access to Justice Amidst Covid-19: Covid-19 has had catastrophic effects on the world so far -Animesh Upadhyay- Posted: 2020/05/16

    Labour laws in the times of crisis: Pro-Make in India or Anti- Human Rights?:While most of the citizens are using the opportunities offered by this pandemic to develop and build on their skills -Muskaan Gopal- Posted: 2020/05/16

    Covid 19 vis-à-vis Labour Laws in India:The labour policy in India has time and again catered to the situational needs of the country -Shivang Tripathi- Posted: 2020/05/16

    Impact On Constitutional Rights In Response To Coronavirus Pandemic: The public health challenge confronting novel Covid-19 has triggered a massive and widespread humanitarian crisis in the country. -Anushka Gupta- Posted: 2020/05/16

    Getting Patent in India and Foreign countries:a patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention, which is a product or a process -Dr. Jayashri Bangali- Posted: 2020/05/16

    General Exceptions Under Law Of Crime. Section 76 to 106 Of Indian Penal Code:Chapter IV of the Indian Penal Code deals with the general exceptions to criminal liability. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/05/16

    Suspension of Right to Default Bail under Section 167(2) CrPC during Lock down Period: posed with legal conundrums which challenges the ability to safe guard the statutory and constitutional rights of the citizens despite the hurdles created by the present crisis. -Ashwinkumar A- Posted: 2020/05/16

    MSME Package Under Atma Nirbhar Abhiyan / Self Reliant India Movement. Questions In Search Of Answers:The Hon'ble Prime Minister under his vision and call for ATMA Nirbhar Abhiyan / Self Reliant India Movement -Radhakrishnan Ramachandran- Posted: 2020/05/16

    Collective failure in protecting the fundamental rights of migrant labours:During this entire period of back-to back 3 lockdowns and 4th version coming soon -Farrukh Khan- Posted: 2020/05/15

    Repatriation of Migrant Workers by UAE Amidst Covid-19:The fight against Covid-19is going to be a long and harsh one. -Animesh Upadhyay- Posted: 2020/05/15

    Role and All-embracing affect of Media during Coronavirus Pandemic:The outbreak of coronavirus has created great havoc all over the globe like causing tens of thousands of deaths -Shalini Pasto- Posted: 2020/05/15

    Interim Arbitral Reliefs in determinable contracts:In the realm of Jurisprudence it has been said that Possession is 9/10 of the Law.-Advait Ghosh- Posted: 2020/05/15

    Utility model and its need for protection in India:Utility model is a generic term which refers to subject-matter that hinges precariously between that protectable -Poulomi Sen- Posted: 2020/05/15

    Forensic Medical Examination (FME): A legal Perspective with proper management and Justice in rape incidents:To maintain the transparency in evidence collection by the way to achieve just from unjust, scientific and forensic -Mudit Goswami- Posted: 2020/05/14

    Principles Governing Grant Of Regular Bail And Grounds For Cancellation Of Such Bail: Every person has a right guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution of India to protection of his life -Sahil Modi- Posted: 2020/05/14

    Insight Oriented Towards Analytical Study Of Freezing Order: Mareva Injunction, the evolution of the writ of Mareva Injunction and how is applied throughout the globe. -Parth Sagdeo- Posted: 2020/05/14

    Kinds Of Human Trafficking:In ancient times there was a prevalent practice called bonded labours or slavery. -Gayathri V- Posted: 2020/05/14

    The Visakhapatnam Gas Leak Case: Lessons Unlearnt From Bhopal Gas Tragedy, 1984:The Visakhapatnam gas tragedy has shaken all of us. Over 11 people -Goutam mishra and Mayank Bhandari- Posted: 2020/05/14

    Power to Pardon, Unbridled?:Since the period of Renaissance right to life and liberty has been held as the most -Ansh Arora- Posted: 2020/05/14

    Fm Announced Special Relief And Credit Support To Worker and Farmer:FM announced Special relief and credit support to Worker and Farmer dt. 14.05.2020 -Lalit Rajput- Posted: 2020/05/14

    Online Arbitration- India's Step Towards Digitisation And Boon In Adversity:Online Arbitration- India's Step Towards Digitisation And Boon In Adversity -Prince Pawaiya- Posted: 2020/05/14

    Contract of Bailment and Hire-Purchase Agreement:The researcher hereby introduces the work done by him, as the paper is divided into three chapters -Kush Aryan Gupta- Posted: 2020/05/14

    Women Safety: More talked than enacted:Feminism is a radical idea that women's safety is more important than men's feelings. -Aman soni- Posted: 2020/05/14

    Reservation in Education System in India:Reservation is an act of withholding certain things for being enjoyed by the particular person/community and no other person/community has the right to enjoy the reserved thing. -Nilesh Mulatkar- Posted: 2020/05/14

    Analysis of the impending Proposal to suspend the IBC Provisions:The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 ('IBC/the Code') was introduced as need of the hour -Dhruv Rohatgi- Posted: 2020/05/14

    Quasi Contract And Its Relation With Contract:A quasi-contract (or implied in law contract or constructive contract) is a fictional contract recognised by a court. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/05/13

    Court Proceeding Taken and Exchanges Of Highly Sensitive Information On Video Or Audio Conferencing Through With The Help Of Zoom:A wider perspective mirror of recent situations of virus has been spread out world wide at large which results collapsed the work system of all over countries. -Abhay Rajesh Gupta- Posted: 2020/05/13

    Section 377: An Arduous Journey For Gay Rights:Homosexuality refers to sexual behaviour between members of the same sex or gender.-Yash Seth- Posted: 2020/05/13

    The Indian Legal System Was Shaken Between Crisis Of Situational Facts and Evidence Of Laws: Biased:During some crisis the Indian legal system freely contrast in the area of​​legal provision. -Abhay Rajesh Gupta- Posted: 2020/05/13

    The Willful Defaulter Syndrome In Banks:When virtue is lost, benevolence appears, when benevolence is lost right conduct appears -Radhakrishnan Ramachandran- Posted: 2020/05/13

    Remoteness Of Damage In The Light Of Tort:Remoteness of damage is an interesting principle. Once the damage is caused by a wrong -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/05/13

    Introduction to the Concept of Alternative Dispute Resolution:Also known as conflict resolution, Dispute resolution is nothing but resolving a matter of dispute between two or more parties. -Amy Jones- Posted: 2020/05/13

    IMDT Act, 1983: The Forging of The Foreigners Tribunal: On October 15, 1983, the Government of India passed an Ordinance to set up tribunals for determination of the question whether a person is or is not an illegal migrant. -Saharshrarchi Uma Pandey- Posted: 2020/05/13

    Relief Measures Under Singapore Covid 19 Temporary Measures Act 2020 And Contrasting Policy In India:COVID-19 is undoubtedly an unprecedented socio-economic crisis -Shubham Garg- Posted: 2020/05/13

    Obligations under Section 15 of the Commercial Courts Act, 2015 and Order XI of the Code of Civil Procedure: parties to a regular suit when it is transferred to the Commercial Courts pursuant to Section 15 of the Commercial Courts Act, 2015 -Tanuj Kakrania- Posted: 2020/05/12

    Lockdown: Constitutional Or Coercive?:The 21-day lockdown that was initially declared by the Prime minister of India -Syeda Sakina Hyder- Posted: 2020/05/12

    Need For Laws Protecting Rights Of Media:India, being a democratic country provides to its citizens certain fundamental rights. -Sakshee saxena- Posted: 2020/05/12

    Force Majeure and Doctrine of Frustration:Today the world Economy is struggling to deal with the effects of Pandemic Covid-19 and India -Komal Sawant- Posted: 2020/05/12

    Offences Against Human Body Under Indian Laws:Under Indian Penal Code, offences against human body is defined. Humans -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/05/12

    Meaning and Relevance of Exclusive economic zone under International Law:An exclusive economic zone is basically an area of coastal water and seabed within a certain distance of a country's coastline -Ajay Mishra- Posted: 2020/05/12

    Seeking Better Internet Speed Can't Override Terrorism Concerns Of The State:Sc:The Supreme Court said it takes with utmost seriousness the sensitive task of balancing national security and human rights -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/05/12

    Anonymity v/s Real Name: Anonymity As A Tool Of Privacy And A Gateway Of Freedom Of Speech And Expression:One of the biggest challenges will be finding an appropriate balance between protecting anonymity -Dr. Dipankar Debnath- Posted: 2020/05/12

    Access To Justice For Marginalized People In India:It is unfortunate to be born marginalised, but worse to be marginalised, -Reeya Khanna- Posted: 2020/05/12

    Ex-Parte Decree and Remedies Available:Under Order 9, Rule 6(1)(a) the court may proceed ex-parte and pass an ex-parte decree -Sachin Bhatnagar- Posted: 2020/05/11

    The Role Of The United Nations In The Development Of Global Law And Justice:The United Nations is an international organization that was founded in 1945 in the wake of the aftermath -Reeya Khanna- Posted: 2020/05/11

    Strict Liability v/s Absolute Liability: Vishakhapatnam Gas Leak Tragedy:On the morning of May 7th, 2020, a major leak of Styrene gas occurred from a polymer plant near Visakhapatnam owned by LG Polymers India Private Limited (Company). -Mantul Bajpai- Posted: 2020/05/11

    Bois Locker Room Controversy And The Law Related To The Liability For Sharing Obscene Material In A Group Chat:Amidst lockdown when the whole nation is fighting COVID 19 -Sparsh Sharma- Posted: 2020/05/11

    Wrongful Prosecution:miscarriage of justice. For precedent, in the case of Ayodhya Dube & Ors. v. Ram Sumar Singh -Amit Subhash Dubey- Posted: 2020/05/11

    MCA Clarification On Dispatch Of Notice By Listed Companies:MCA vide General Circular no. 21/ 2020 dated 11th May, 2020 has issued Clarification -Lalit Rajput- Posted: 2020/05/11

    Guide To File Cheque Bounce Case in Hyderabad:his is a guide for needy, who got Cheque bounce case to file in Hyderabad. -V Aditya Santosh Kumar- Posted: 2020/05/11

    COVID19: An opportunity for the legal reforms:Public Health under the concurrent list of the Indian constitution -Nilesh Mulatkar- Posted: 2020/05/11

    Role Of Microfinance In India:This research article underlines the role of microfinancing in the present time in India.-Aashna Vig- Posted: 2020/05/11

    Analytical Study Of Scope And Application Of Sources Of International Law:International law is traditionally considered to be made by the sovereign states -Shivangi Tiwari- Posted: 2020/05/11

    Guilty Until Proved Innocent-Recent Scenario Of Criminal Jurisprudence:Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat. The latin maxim of criminal innocence is a holy grail -Ajj H. Murjani- Posted: 2020/05/11

    Child Custody:Indeed Honorable Family courts in India ought to be specific with their orders with respect to interim child custody. -V Aditya Santosh Kumar- Posted: 2020/05/11

    Transformative Constitutionalism:The constitution is an organic document which is dynamic and changes the way society desires -Mayank Bhandari- Posted: 2020/05/11

    Surveillance In India Post The Right To Privacy Judgment:Surveillance is a necessary tool for maintaining the sovereignty, integrity, and security -Shashwat Singh- Posted: 2020/05/11

    Judicial Delays: A menace:It implies if justice is not being given out in due time, even if it is given later -Kaustubh Garg- Posted: 2020/05/10

    Right To Wages During Lockdown Period:The Central Government has issued Advisories and Directions under the Disaster Management Act 2005. -Surajit Maity- Posted: 2020/05/10

    International Registration Of Designs:Registration of Designs Internationally, is based on the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs.-Smridhi Duggal- Posted: 2020/05/10

    Contract And E-Contract under English And Indian Laws:The law of contract is intended to ensure that what a man has led to expect shall come to pass; that what has been promised to him shall be performed. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/05/10

    Contempt Of Court: A Fulcrum Of Court-Dignity And Freedom Of Speech:This is an extract of a 1974 judgement of eminent Justice Krishna Iyer -Aanchal Dahiya- Posted: 2020/05/10

    Case Commentary on ABC v/s The State (NCT Of Delhi): has rescued unmarried mothers by its progressive decision in the cases-ABC v. The State (NCT Delhi).-Arunav Seksaria- Posted: 2020/05/10

    Management Of Non-Performing Assets (NPA) The Role Of Bank And Financial Institution: The fundamental lesson of every situation of banking stress -Radhakrishnan Ramachandran- Posted: 2020/05/10

    LGBT acceptance around the country India: LGBTI is basically an acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Intersex peoples.-Priyanka Gambhir- Posted: 2020/05/10

    Quashing of FIR section 498 A of IPC:Quash means to nullify, void or declare invalid; to put an end to a legal proceeding. -Greeshma reddy- Posted: 2020/05/10

    Child Abuse and Pornography:When someone thinks about child abuse the very first thing which comes to their mind is physical -Ayushi Verma- Posted: 2020/05/10

    Court Proceedings On Zoom: A Look At Privacy Policies:The Coronavirus Pandemic or COVID-19 has forced millions of people to stay at their homes over the past two months. -Ayushi Verma- Posted: 2020/05/10

    Exercise Of Territorial Jurisdiction Of High Court Under Article 226 (2) Of Constitution Can Only Be Invoked Where the Cause Of Action Arises:Article 226 of Constitution of India confers a power of judicial review on all the High Courts of India. -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/05/10

    Constitution development of Nepal:Nepal, a South Asian landlocked and India's neighbouring country -Hanuman Prasad Singh- Posted: 2020/05/10

    How Is Amendment In Epidemic Disease Act 1897 Helpful In Tackling Attack On Corona Warriors?:directed [her] Government to take the most stringent measures at their disposal for the eradication of the pestilence. -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/05/10

    The Use of Aarogya Setu App: Perplexing privacy rights?:The recent Central government order, to make Aarogya Setu App - a pan - India mobile application -Yamini Atreya & Mohit Parihar- Posted: 2020/05/10

    Is Supreme Court Favours Humanitarianism By Providing Free COVID-19 Testing?:The world is facing the biggest crisis in the form of coronavirus pandemic due to which the precious lives of many -Astutya Prakhar- Posted: 2020/05/9

    Finding the Legality behind a Lockdown under Indian Legal Framework: it is pertinent to understand the meaning of the term lockdown and understand its origin -Farrukh Khan- Posted: 2020/05/9

    Mortgagor's Right of Redemption:At any time after the principal money has become due, the mortgagor has a right -Manav Sanghvi- Posted: 2020/05/9

    An overview of FOSFA (Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations Limited) International Arbitration:The above said Institution in addition to the other works and services of an association of its members -Law Senate- Posted: 2020/05/9

    Concept Behind Securing The Independence Of Judiciary Vis-A-Vis Article 50 Of Constitution Of India:The term separation of powers or trias-politica was initiated by Charles de Montesquieu. -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/05/9

    Prevention Of Counterfeiting And Piracy Issues Protection Of Public Health Intellectual Property And Traditional Knowledge:The UN is an international organization which aids in international conflicts and resolution between countries. -Sayed Qudrat- Posted: 2020/05/9

    Domestic Violence And ADR: Why To Separate Let's Mediate:The condition of a nation can be defined by looking at the status of women. -Daisy Pallawi- Posted: 2020/05/8

    Procedure For OPC As Per Companies Act 2013: Companies Act 2013. Section 2(62) defines one person company as a private company -Harshita Palrecha- Posted: 2020/05/8

    United Nation And Its Organs In The Light Of International Law:Organization of nations which is the result of treaties based on international law is called international organization. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/05/8

    A Gestalt On The Relaxation Norms Under Various Regulations In India During The Covid-19:The World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11, 2020, has declared the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak a global pandemic.-Jaya Sharma- Posted: 2020/05/8

    Comparative Analysis Of Citizens Suit With Public Interest Litigation:The hue and cry about Citizen's Suit in USA and the Public Interest Litigation in India -Nandadevi Deka- Posted: 2020/05/8

    The US-Iran Conflict and breach of international law: With International Law's aim to minimize global war and foster predictable procedures-Samarth Suri- Posted: 2020/05/8

    The Bride Herself Is Dowry:Marriage in India is considered to be a very holy event with various ceremonies -Sruthi Lakshmi- Posted: 2020/05/8

    Contemporary challenges regarding Will:Will is very important and wide concept under the succession. A person's physical body will destroy due to the -Dhwani Dharmesh Bhavsar- Posted: 2020/05/8

    Analysis of the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2019:Surrogacy is a method or agreement whereby a woman agrees to carry a pregnancy -Pranjali Sharma- Posted: 2020/05/8

    Countdown on Health and Climate Change: Climate change poses a host of threats to the survival of mankind. -Jonah Elisa Shiny- Posted: 2020/05/7

    Cause or gender? A fight against beliefs:Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code defines what and what not comes under the ambit of rape with its seven coded situations.-Shailza Agarwal- Posted: 2020/05/7

    Case Analysis: Satyabrata Ghose v/s Mugneeram Bangur: This case is related to sale of land and the question before the court was certain supervening events which affected -Garima Bothra- Posted: 2020/05/7

    Gender Equality and Violence against Women:Gender Equality is a basic Human Right in India for all genders. -Anvesha Gupta- Posted: 2020/05/7

    Necessary Elements of a Valid Eviction Notice:Necessary Elements of a Valid Eviction Notice -Ridhima Chadda- Posted: 2020/05/7

    Settlement Of International Disputes An Overview:The expression international disputes covers not only disputes between states as such, but also other cases -Mohd Aqib Aslam - Posted: 2020/05/7

    It Would Be Worthwhile To Act On Climate Change, To Prevent Rapid Global Heat Rise: Scientists from China, the US and Europe found that the narrow climate niche that has supported human society -Soham tayal- Posted: 2020/05/7

    Brief Idea About The Changes Brought Upon By The Introduction Of The Companies Amendment Act, 2019 A:The Companies Amendment Act, 2019 was promulgated in order to smoothen the performance -Anubhav Pandey- Posted: 2020/05/7

    Impact of Covid19 on legal Education: Lasting impact of Covid 19 on the future of Legal Education in India. -Trisha Chakraborty- Posted: 2020/05/6

    Business Law And The Need of a Lawyer and an Accountant:Business law deals with the creation of new businesses and the issues that arise as existing businesses interact -Soham Tayal- Posted: 2020/05/6

    Does The Section 124A Of The IPC Satisfies The Golden Triangle Test Under Article 14 19 And 21 Of The Indian Constitution:Section 124A Of The IPC Satisfies The Golden Triangle Test Under Article 14 19 And 21 Of The Indian Constitution -Hrithik Vyas- Posted: 2020/05/6

    Gaming Laws In India:India have a cultural norm where parents expect their children, many of whom live -Hrithik vyas- Posted: 2020/05/6

    Defamation Law in India:Defamation is the act of communicating false statements about a person that injure the reputation -Rashmi Senthilkumar- Posted: 2020/05/6

    Extradition And Asylum Under International Law:The liberty of a state to accord asylum to a person overlaps to a certain extent-Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/05/6

    Scope Of Punishment In The Indian Penal Code And The Importance Of The Three Strikes Rule In The Indian Criminal Justice:Society prepares the crime and the criminal commits it. -Meghana Shivakumar- Posted: 2020/05/6

    Whether s. 30 of the Indian Contract Act 1872 should apply to lotteries?:Our daily life revolves around the making of various contracts. Some turn out to be legal and some void. -Shantanu Mishra- Posted: 2020/05/6

    Criminal Trespass and House Breaking as Under Indian Penal Code:Enjoyment of one's property without any intrusion is the right of every person and the act of curtailment of such right is what makes trespass an offence. -Mehak Parvez- Posted: 2020/05/6

    The Law Of Seas:The law of seas governs all the rules and regulations related to seas. -Raisha Rout- Posted: 2020/05/6

    Oral Gifts under Mahomedan Law:The term Gift is defined under the Transfer of Property Act, 1882 (TOPA) as the transfer -Kinjal Gala- Posted: 2020/05/6

    Precedents as a source of law:Precedent form the primary source of law these days, -G Kusuma- Posted: 2020/05/6

    CCI and Sectoral Regulator: The take on Conflicting Jurisdiction:The Competition Act, 2002 was sanctioned to meet the necessities of evolving time -Alivya Sahay- Posted: 2020/05/6

    Data Protection Law - India and Foreign Perspective:The right to privacy is a fundamental right embodied in many constitutions -Arvind Singh- Posted: 2020/05/6

    7 Faq's On ECR Filing And Payment Of Contributions:Employees' Provident Fund Organization, India Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India -Lalit Rajput- Posted: 2020/05/6

    Legal Aid under the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908: An analysis of Suits by Indigent Persons:Lawyers have a license to practice law, a monopoly on certain services. -Vanshika Sharma- Posted: 2020/05/5

    Challenging the impact of COVID 19 on economy :impending threat of recession is looming large over the entire world affecting the world economy -Radhakrishnan Ramachandran- Posted: 2020/05/5

    Coronavirus Covid-19 Legal Aspect:The coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) is impacting every aspect of our lives all over the world -Soham Tayal- Posted: 2020/05/5

    Technology and its Impact on Female Foeticide in India: India has always possessed the hateful legacy of killing the female child. -Ritika Gupta- Posted: 2020/05/5

    Addition Made Under Section 144 Is Invalid When The Penalty Proceedings Stand Quashed Under Sub Section 3 Of Section 145 Of Income Tax Act 1961 Sc:Supreme Court in Civil Appeal No. 6110 of 2009 titled Basir Ahmed Sisodiya Vs Income Tax Officer -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/05/5

    Patent Licensing: A Guide For Licensor's Point of View:Licensing is a procedure through which the inventor gives authorization to a manufacturing entity -Kavya B- Posted: 2020/05/5

    Recognition Of States And Governments An Analysis:According to Phillip Jessup, recognition means that an existing State acknowledges the political entity of another State, by overt or covert act -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/05/5

    Concept of One Person Company(OPC) under Companies Act, 2013:The J.J Irani Committee in its report suggested the formation of One Person Company.-Sejal Makkad- Posted: 2020/05/5

    Not All Money Claims Constitute Offence Of Cheating:A growing trend is observed by the judiciary in the usage of criminal prosecution as a tool of harassment -Ravi Kapoor- Posted: 2020/05/5

    Judicial Review In India:Judicial review originated in the United States but is now accepted as one of the basic -Syed Aatif- Posted: 2020/05/4

    GSTN Alert To Taxpayers On Fake Messages On GST Refund:GSTN has issued an alert notification dated 03rd May. 2020 -Lalit Rajput- Posted: 2020/05/4

    Will Covid-19 Terminate Your Employment:The world is facing catastrophic situation due to the outbreak of Covid-19. World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Covid- 19 -Kinjal Gala- Posted: 2020/05/4

    Aarogya set app and Exploring the dimensions of the Indian privacy framework: On account of controlling the ongoing pandemic crisis due to the highly contagious COVID-19 virus -Nayanika Chakraborty- Posted: 2020/05/4

    Can A Magistrate Arrest A Person If Yes What Is The Procedure?:There is only one provision in the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 under which a Magistrate himself can arrest an accused. -Damini Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/05/4

    Sources Of International Law An Overview:At its most abstract level, international law concerns norms that govern the conduct of States and the relations between them. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/05/4

    Human Rights: The Inherent Rights:Human Rights: The Inherent Rights-Parvathy srikumar- Posted: 2020/05/4

    Suits Barred Under Code Of Civil Procedure: Rule Of Res Sub Judice And Res Judicata:Ubi jus ibi remedium is the fundamental principle of English law which means wherever there is a right, there is a remedy. -Nishita Gambhir- Posted: 2020/05/4

    Essential Elements Of A Contract:section 2(h)[1] defines contract as an agreement enforceable by law -Astha Dehariya- Posted: 2020/05/4

    Covid-19: The Current Legal Challenges And Important Strategies Of World Health Organization Globall:The Novel Coronavirus, Covid-19 is caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 -Jonah Elisa Shiny- Posted: 2020/05/3

    Evidence of Tattoo marks: Is it reliable?:Tattoos became a new trend these days. We are seeing in our daily life that many of us -Kadimisetty Sai Sreenadh- Posted: 2020/05/3

    Paradigm Shifts In Family World:India is a country with numerous beliefs, customs and values. -Hari Bharadhwaj- Posted: 2020/05/3

    Inter State Migrant Workers Act: A Critical Analysis: The labour laws regulate the procedure and employment for the workers engaged in an organisation.- Nikhil Mogha- Posted: 2020/05/3

    RBI Extends Due Dates of Regulatory Returns due to COVID19: RBI Extends Due Date of regulatory returns -Lalit Rajput- Posted: 2020/05/3

    Precedent Under Article 141 Of The Constitution Of India:Law has its origin mainly from four sources, i.e., Customs, Precedent, Legislation and Conventional Law - Advocate Kapil Kishor Kaushik- Posted: 2020/05/3

    Monarchical Form Of Government An Overview:Plato as advocated the rule of philosopher kings (in his Republic) for the existence of an ideal state. -Ritika Gupta- Posted: 2020/05/2

    White Collar Crimes In India: Field Of Medicine:the present running world, every individual aims to get fit in a comfortable position in their career - Akshayan K S & Deepak N S- Posted: 2020/05/2

    Revenge Pornography: exhibition of others' personal space. Revenge pornography or non-consensual dissemination of intimate image -Aditya Krishnan- Posted: 2020/05/2

    Crises In Global Tourism Industry And Economy Revival Post Covid Pandemic:Tourism in India is a massive revenue generating sector in the country’s economy. -Siddharth Addy- Posted: 2020/05/2

    No Woman Shall Be Arrested After Sunset & Before Sunrise:Section 46 of Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 provides for the mode of arrest. -Damini Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/05/2

    Copyright: An important element of Intellectual Property Rights:he Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) has its own economic value when it puts into any market place. -Dr. Jayashri Bangali- Posted: 2020/05/2

    Delay In Delivery Of Possession Is Not A Criminal Act:Homebuyers in India have to face troubles. But, what upsets home buyers the most is the delay -Abhay Gupta- Posted: 2020/05/2

    Capital Punishment: Justice For Murder Or Murder For Justice:India is a developing country with increasing rate of crime each and everyday. -Aieshwaryaa.N- Posted: 2020/05/2

    Information Technology:Information Technology is the use of computers to store, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data or information. An information technology system -Devyani Dixit- Posted: 2020/05/2

    Does Abduction And Murder Of Eight Year Old Child Falls Under The Category Of Rarest Of Rare Case Arvind Singh v/s Maharastra:You are to be hanged not because you have stolen a sheep but in order that others may not steal a sheet -Ayush Mittal- Posted: 2020/05/1

    A Brief Outline About The Basic Concepts Of Jurisprudence:Every legal system contains power conferring laws and duty imposing laws.-Jonah Elisa Shiny- Posted: 2020/05/1

    Legal Remedies Available To A Home Buyer Against The Builders:Buying Home is a pleasant event for every person and owning a beautiful Home -Sigma Legal- Posted: 2020/05/1

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    International Law: Definitions, Nature And Basis:The term International Law or Law of Nations has been used in contradistinction-Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/05/1

    Understanding and distinguishing between Hindu Adoption And Maintenance Act v/s Juvenile Justice Car:Adoption is one of those fictions of law which have been marshalled for the furtherance of individual interest -Aditi Shreenivas Prabhune- Posted: 2020/05/1

    Analyse The Concept Of Intra-Territorial And Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction In IPC:The Indian Penal Code, 1860 is one of the most comprehensive penal code anywhere in the world -Aditi Shreenivas Prabhune- Posted: 2020/05/1

    Oscar Winning Movie Parasite: Explores Class Disparity:Not rich, but still nice. She's nice because she's rich. Hell, if I had all this money. I'd be nice, too! -Nishant Hari- Posted: 2020/05/1

    Is There A Need For Financial Emergency Now?:Part XVIII of our Indian Constitution puts forth certain situations wherein an emergency can be declared. -Farrukh Khan- Posted: 2020/04/30

    Development of the Law of Torts in India:The objective of this write up is to discuss ‘torts’ in general, its origin and development as a branch of legal studies in India.-Rajarshi Maity- Posted: 2020/04/30

    Nature Of A Deed Lease Or Licence With Reference To The Test Laid Under Associated Hotels Of India Ltd V S R N Kapoor Case:Associated Hotels of India Ltd. case, is a landmark decision which expounds the test for ascertaining -- Posted: 2020/04/30

    Present scenario of live in relationship And Its judicial Findings An Analysis:India has witnessed a drastic change in the way the present generations perceive their relationships.-Ritika Gupta- Posted: 2020/04/30

    Cross Border Demergers In The Light Of The Sun Pharmaceuticals Case:Cross-border mergers are an increasing phenomenon in light of these concepts. -Rakshitha Naik- Posted: 2020/04/30

    Globalization and Public Policy:Public Policy has been in a vigorous debate for the past few decades.-Aditya Vemulakonda- Posted: 2020/04/30

    Humanism: M.N. Roy's Radical Humanism In India: Humanism is a philosophical stance that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/30

    Whether Deemed To Be University Is Covered Under The PC Act In Light With The Case State Of Gujarat v/s Mansukhbhai Kanjibhai Shah:An FIR was filed against the four accused person including the current respondent. -Ayush Mittal- Posted: 2020/04/29

    Critical Analysis of the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019:The Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 is a policy reform since the 2004 Amendment of the Citizenship Act, 1955. -Abhik Saha- Posted: 2020/04/29

    Doctrine of Clog on Redemption: Instances and Exceptions: The term mortgage plays a vital role in understanding the property law. -Sejal Makkad- Posted: 2020/04/29

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    Preamble of Indian Constitution. An Overview:The Preamble to our Constitution declares: WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/29

    When Can Court Issue Non Bailable Warrant Of Arrest Process For Declaring A Person Proclaimed Offender And Order Attachment Of Property Under Section 82 Crpc:Chapter VI of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 deals with the process to compel appearance. The said chapter is divided in four parts -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/04/29

    Living In Adultery A Bar To Seek Maintenance under section 125 (4) of code of Criminal Procedure, 1973:specifically envisage the betterment of women under the wider ambit of social justice -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/04/29

    Judges And Law Making:This Visible Constitution floats in a vast deep ocean Crucially and invisibly in an ocean of ideas and experiences. -V.S. Kairali- Posted: 2020/04/29

    A Rocking Chair: Seat Of Arbitration Under The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996: Deciphering as to where shall be the seat of arbitration as per the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 -Veddant Majumdar- Posted: 2020/04/28

    PM CARES and Constitutional Mandate:The author has tried to bring forward her assessment of the recently launched PM CARES Fund in the light of Constitution of India.-Kanika Arora- Posted: 2020/04/28

    Evolution Of The Concept Of Diplomatic Immunity With Reference To Economic Diplomacy And Public Dipl:This sacrosanctity may stem in part from early man's attitude toward strangers and the traditional code of hospitality. -Jonah Elisa Shiny- Posted: 2020/04/28

    A Stake in The Heart:As a law student, most of us has scratched our heads over the difference between culpable homicide and murder. -Kanika Arora- Posted: 2020/04/28

    The Dysfunctional relation between Public Policy and Arbitral Awards in India:In India, Arbitration is a process for the resolution of disputes outside the judicial courts, wherein the parties to the dispute -Indrayudh Chowdhury- Posted: 2020/04/28

    Rights of employer to carry on the Business :A Case analysis of Meenakshi Mills Ltd:The great poverty and mourning of the Indian people is not only foreign exploitation in India, but also the socio-economic system -Kadimisetty Sai Sreenadh- Posted: 2020/04/28

    20 Faq's On EPF Advance To Fight Covid-19 Pandemic:Employees' Provident Fund Organization, India, Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India has issued Frequently Asked Questions On Epf Advance To Fight Covid-19 Pandemic -Lalit Rajput- Posted: 2020/04/28

    Case Study: Nirbhaya Reforms Introduced in Rape Laws:This case is one of the landmark judgments of India which has brought many changes in the rape laws of india as it involves extraordinarily gruesome and barbaric.-Bharat Kumar- Posted: 2020/04/28

    Impact Of Divorce On Children:This article evaluates the traumatic experience of the children of divorced parents. -Gunjan Singla- Posted: 2020/04/28

    Protection Of Refugees And Asylum Seekers:It is a general conception that refugees are vulnerable people, who come to seek protection from prosecution -Sayed Qudrat- Posted: 2020/04/28

    Organ Trafficking- Problem And Possible Solutions:No country is left unaffected by the black market organ trade and organ trafficking. -Sayed Qudrat- Posted: 2020/04/28

    Inequality In Access To Education:In developing nations, the path to development and advancement is easily carved by those who have access to an education. -Sayed Qudrat- Posted: 2020/04/28

    International Instrument for Tackle Climate Change and Sustainable Development:The impact of climate change are being felt today by every country, as the catastrophic climate events are already affecting hundreds of millions of our -Sayed Qudrat- Posted: 2020/04/28

    Reforming of International Monetary System, Regulation International Trade And Intellectual Property Rights:The UN is an international organization which aids in international conflicts and resolution between countries. -Sayed Qudrat- Posted: 2020/04/28

    Impact Of Information Technology On International Security:The world's reliance on information and communications technology -Sayed Qudrat- Posted: 2020/04/28

    Children In Armed Conflict:Thousands of children are serving as soldiers in armed conflicts around the world.-Sayed Qudrat- Posted: 2020/04/28

    Prevention of Child Labour, Sexual Harassment, Protect Interest of Migrant Worker and Third Gender Under International Law:he UN is an International Organization which aids in International conflicts and resolution between countries. -Sayed Qudrat- Posted: 2020/04/28

    Case Study:The Last Case Of Jury System Of India:This case is one of the landmark judgements of India which received unprecedented attention of the media as this case involves Kavas Manekshaw Nanavati -Bharat Kumar- Posted: 2020/04/27

    Laws for startup entrepreneurship:Startup in India is like the face of a new innovative idea under practical application and expression of an idea that is implemented to be worked on.-Drishti Gupta- Posted: 2020/04/27

    Transfer of property Act (TOPA) (TPA):The Transfer of Property Act [TPA] or TOPA came into existence in 1882. -N Pradhan- Posted: 2020/04/27

    Provisions regarding the withdrawal and adjustment of the suit as provided under the Civil Procedure Code:The withdrawal and compromise of a civil suit is provided by Order 23 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 -Abhik Saha- Posted: 2020/04/27

    Power of court to issue commission under CPC:The purpose of issuing commission by the court is to impart complete justice to the parties to the suit. -Abhik Saha- Posted: 2020/04/27

    A Comparative Analysis Between Direct Democracy In Switzerland And Indirect Democracy In India:A democratic system provides the people with the ability to participate in the decision-making process and take their views into consideration -Aditi Shreenivas Prabhune- Posted: 2020/04/27

    Doctrine of Relating Back: An Analysis:An adoption is concept under which a child is transferred from a family in which he is born to another family -Yash Gupta- Posted: 2020/04/27

    A Legal Analysis Of Rights Of Female Prisoners Under Constitution Of India:Every person in the society is born with equality and they are endowed by their creator with similar basic rights. -Aditi Shreenivas Prabhune- Posted: 2020/04/27

    Different laws related to startup: A startup venture could be defined as a new business that is in the initial stages of operation, beginning to grow and is typically financed by an individual or small group of individuals. -Gunjan Singla- Posted: 2020/04/27

    Doctrine of Renvoi:The Doctrine of Renvoi is a legal doctrine which applies when a court is faced with a conflict of law -Archita Satsangi- Posted: 2020/04/27

    Key Highlights of RBI Liquidity Support to Mutual Funds due to COVID-19:Reserve Bank Of India, vide press release 2019-2020/2276 dated 27th April, 2020 has Announces Rs. 50,000 crore -Lalit Rajput- Posted: 2020/04/26

    Rule Of Law And Indian Constitution:The doctrine of Rule of Law is ascribed to Albert Venn Dicey, a British jurist and constitutional theorist. -Syed Aatif- Posted: 2020/04/26

    Arbitration How Ineffective In India:Settlement of disputes by Arbitration is on the increase in India. In this article the writer intends to examine -M.V.Shanker Bhat- Posted: 2020/04/26

    24 Faq's On Scope / Eligibility Of Direct Tax Vivad Se Vishwas Act, 2020:Government of India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue, Central Board of Direct Taxes -Lalit Rajput- Posted: 2020/04/26

    Analysis of Foreign Methods And Its Scope For Adoption:The reform of criminal justice systems has become a priority for the international community in its efforts to assist transitional and post-conflict societies in re-establishing the rule of law.-Syed Shabaz S- Posted: 2020/04/26

    Analysis of Main Provisions of the Statute: Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act, 2019:For the Bifurcation of the State of J & K into two distinct UTs, a Bill was set in motion by Mr. Amit Shah, Home Minister on 5th August, 2019 which was passed with 125 votes -Rishabh Jain- Posted: 2020/04/26

    Prison Reforms and Auditing In India:In the rule of law, advisors sometimes overlook the fact that the State was part of the problem in the first place.-Syed Shabaz S- Posted: 2020/04/26

    Evaluating Judicial Character in decisions making and clearing backlog Cases:Judges are the axle on which the wheels of justice turn. They manage pre-trial proceedings, mediate settlement conferences -Syed Shabaz S- Posted: 2020/04/26

    History of Criminal Law Procedure and Criminal Justice Reforms in India:he Sumerian people from what is now Iraq produced the earliest known example of a written set of criminal laws. -Syed Shabaz S- Posted: 2020/04/26

    The Constitution of India And Its Socio-Economic Philosophy:In modern times, the concept of State has undergone a radical change. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/26

    Minority and Guardianship:In Muslim law there is a different law of guardianship and the age of minority -Khushbu Rafiq- Posted: 2020/04/26

    Mob Lynching: A Barbarous Act Under A Lunatic System:The incidents of mob lynching are not new in India -Aditya Kumar Mishra- Posted: 2020/04/26

    The Perceived Mandatory Nature Of Section.10: Review Of Lohia v/s Lohia:Carrying on business activities entails many issues one of which is parties entering into various contracts that lay down the terms and conditions. -Nikhil Parakh- Posted: 2020/04/25

    Leap of Law And Landing of Fear:Snooping down the history, the society from the very beginning of its civilization has witnessed discriminations, exploitations and indignations -Subhankar Khan- Posted: 2020/04/25

    Senior Advocates Section 16 Advocate Act, 1961:Section 16 provides that there shall be two classes of advocates, namely, senior advocates and other advocates. An advocate may, with his consent -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/25

    An Exigency To Review Epidemic Laws In India:There is an exigency to review the epidemic laws in India. An ordinance brought by the president in 2020 is like an instant amendment. -Kadimisetty Sai Sreenadh- Posted: 2020/04/25

    T.M.A. Pai Foundation v/s State of Karnataka: Right Of Minorities To Establish Educational Institutions: right of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice under Article 30(1)[1] read with Article 29(2)[2] of the Constitution. -Syed Aatif- Posted: 2020/04/25

    Screenshot Is Admissible Evidence. Section 65-B:Documentary evidence under Chapter V of the Evidence Act, 1872 is of great importance during the course of trial as the same is the primary piece of evidence. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/25

    Strikes and Lockouts-A Contemporary Analysis:In any Industrial endeavour co-operation of labour and capital is quite essential for its success, although they have interests contrary to each other. -R.Arunkumar- Posted: 2020/04/25

    Whether entering into Consultation amounts to improper exercise of discretion under Section 19 of Prevention of Corruption Act:A body when given with the authority to exercise discretion or with the authority to act judicially -Devarsh Pandya- Posted: 2020/04/25

    How Extra-Judicial Execution Has Become The New Normal?: Encounter of the four accused in gang rape and murder case of 26-year old veterinarian in Hyderabad ignited a nation-wide debate on the Indian criminal justice system. -Divya Mann- Posted: 2020/04/25

    Constitution Of India - The Nation's Safety Valve:The Constitution of India is the cornerstone of a liberated nation. Constitution of India is the soul of our country -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/04/25

    Analysis of Draft Competition (Amendment) Bill, 2020:Free and fair competition is one of the piers of a structured market economy. -Riya Gulati- Posted: 2020/04/25

    Judicial Independence: Developments that Tell Us Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair:It was unwise for a Chief Justice of India, whose controversial tenure strengthened the perception that the Judiciary -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/04/25

    Constitutionality of Execution of Death Penalty in India:The Indian Penal Code, 1860 prescribes the sentence of capital punishment in six different Sections -Archita Satsangi- Posted: 2020/04/25

    Suits By Or Against Government Or Public Officers In Their Official Capacity:Suits by or against the government or public officials in their official capacity is a type of special cases in the code of civil procedure. -Abhik Saha- Posted: 2020/04/25

    Do Not Treat Registry: Do Not Fly Registry that penalizes passengers who found misbehaving with the crew member. -Riya Mishra- Posted: 2020/04/24

    Informed Consent:The paper contains introduction to the informed consent and its basic format as a procedure, with feature -Riya Mishra- Posted: 2020/04/24

    Denial of Service as per the terms of Contributory Provident Fund Scheme:The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 was enacted to provide simple and quick access to the redressal of consumer grievances -Ravi Kapoor- Posted: 2020/04/24

    Plaint Can Either Be Rejected As A Whole Or Not At All Under Order VII Rule 11 (d) Of Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 Reiterates Supreme Court:Section 9 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 recognizes the power of ultimate jurisdiction of the Civil Courts to try all Suits of civil nature. -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/04/24

    Preferential Transactions Under IBC: A Much-Needed Course Correction:recent Supreme Court ruling in the case of Anuj Jain v. Axis Bank Ltd.-Shubham Nahata - Posted: 2020/04/24 Supreme Court of India decriminalized homosexuality by declaring Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code unconstitutional.-Shalu Sharma- Posted: 2020/04/24

    Settlement of International dispute:Article 2, paragraph 3 of the UN Charter requires -Puhumi Aditya- Posted: 2020/04/24

    Right To Property And Judicial Findings Article 300-A:The right to property is one of the most controversial human rights, both in terms of its existence and interpretation. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/24

    Decoding MCA Relaxation on Holding Of AGM:Holding of annual general meetings by companies whose financial year has ended on 31st December, 2019. -Lalit Rajput- Posted: 2020/04/24

    Evolution of Consumer Laws Around The Globe And In India:A Consumer is defined as one who consumes or uses any commodity or service available to him either from natural resources or through a market.-Bharat Kumar- Posted: 2020/04/24

    Judicial Activism:A judiciary is an independent body that is evenhanded, unbiased, and unprejudiced. -Vishal Jain- Posted: 2020/04/23

    Aadhar Is Valid And Constitutional: Conditions Apply - Analysis With Special Respect To The Apex Court’s Judgement:Without a doubt, in its march towards enhancing digital footprint across world's largest democracy. -Deeksha Chaudhary- Posted: 2020/04/23

    Copyright Infringement of Boroloker Biti Lo Song By Badshah’s Genda Phool: Sectional Analysis of Copyright Act 1957 And Similarity Therein:The lyrics of the song Genda Phool, which was released by singer Badshah on 26 March 2020 came under controversy -Sparsh Sharma- Posted: 2020/04/23

    Administrative Law Droit Administratif:In the present time in almost in every country irrespective of its political philosophy the administrative process has increased too rapidly that today we are living not in its shade but shadows.-Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/23

    Litigation in the time of Covid-19 and the road ahead:The outbreak of Covid-19 has brought the world to its knees and the Indian judiciary is also facing its brunt.-Parnika Mishra- Posted: 2020/04/23

    Law of Waqf:Islam encourages stress on working hard and investment for earning a livelihood. For extremely poor who have no means to meet basic needs -Puhumi Aditya- Posted: 2020/04/23

    Individual Insolvency Law Regime In India:The Indian regulation that dealt with insolvency law was initially found in Government of India Act, 1800.-Vanshika Gupta- Posted: 2020/04/23

    Transfer of Property to Unborn Child: Transfer of property Act which clearly state under section 13 that deals with transfer of property to unborn child -Aarti Bhardwaj- Posted: 2020/04/23

    MCA Extends timeline for Name Reservation / Re-submission for Companies &and LLP's:In view of the situation arising due to COVID-19 pandemic and extended lockdown period, Ministry of Corporate Affairs vide notification -Lalit Rajput- Posted: 2020/04/23

    Hydroxychloroquine decisive or a tool of desperate times? In view of right to dignified life and health:whether this elixir stands the test of Article 21 of the Constitution of India in view of Right to dignified life and Health being a Fundamental Right? -Shashaank Bahadur Nagar- Posted: 2020/04/22

    Female Coparcenary -A Review of Law:The object of this article is to examine the scope of impact of female coparcenership on Hindu law, both traditional and statutory. -M.V.Shanker Bhat- Posted: 2020/04/22

    Contempt By Lawyers And Its Consequence:The Court has power to punish every person, body or authority found guilty of the contempt of Court. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/22

    The Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 And Its Interplay With National Register Of Citizens (NRC):Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 that what was the need for introducing the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 -Priya Singh- Posted: 2020/04/22

    Advisory Jurisdiction:The term jurisdiction is defined as the power of the court to hear the matter. -Vijayant Goel- Posted: 2020/04/22

    Adjournments Are The Bane of Civil Proceedings: How CPC Attempt To Answer This Criticism?:Denial of timely justice amount to denial of justice itself. -Mohammed Ismail Kamal- Posted: 2020/04/22

    Legal Perspective on Citizenship Amendment Act and the NRC Exercise:The Citizenship Amendment Act which has been widely criticised for its exclusion of muslims applying for Citizenship -Sanket Mohapatra- Posted: 2020/04/22

    Agents Duty To Avoid Conflict Of Interest:An agency basically divided into three essential components, that are principal, agent and the third party, under agency for one contract to be successful -Vidur Thanawala- Posted: 2020/04/22

    Additional RBI FAQ's on TLTROs 2.0 dated 21.04.2020: The funds availed under TLTRO 2.0 can be deployed within 45 days of availment, against 30 days for TLTRO 1.0 -Lalit Rajput- Posted: 2020/04/22

    Security Cheque Review of SC Rulings:In a cheque dishonor case, while an accused is prosecuted, the complainant gets persecuted. -M.V.Shanker Bhat- Posted: 2020/04/22

    Human Trafficking:Human Trafficking is one of the most ugliest and hidden dark truth of this rapidly advancing world. Human trafficking is an illegal trade practicing -Bharat Kumar- Posted: 2020/04/21

    Election Commission of India (Articles 324 to 329):The body administers elections to the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, state Legislative Assemblies, state legislative Councils -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/21

    Binding Nature Of Supreme Court Decisions:comprehends the following principle; that the Supreme Court is the final interpreter of the law and its declaration -Syed Aatif- Posted: 2020/04/21

    SEBI Relaxations from ICDR Regulations, 2018 in respect of Rights Issue:From certain provisions of the SEBI (Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2018 in respect of Rights Issue -Lalit Rajput- Posted: 2020/04/21

    Case Analysis: Pandit M.S.M. Sharma v/s Shri Sri Krishna Sinha:M.S.M. Sharma, the petitioner, was a renowned journalist and editor of the English newspaper ‘Searchlight' which is published and circulated in the State of Bihar. -Mohammad Atif Ahmad- Posted: 2020/04/21

    Role of Force Majeure in COVID-19:The global outbreak of COVID – 19 has turned on to a disastrous turn of events, endangering the human race at large. -Pranav R- Posted: 2020/04/21

    Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (Amendment) Act, 2019:According to it, the State shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of six to fourteen -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/21

    Maintenance - Changes After the case of Shah Bano:A long history of maintenance in itself, women have always been considered less than men, whether in pre-Islamic Arabia or now -Naman Jain- Posted: 2020/04/21

    Fashion Law And Its Scope With Reference To Important Case Laws:Fashion law, otherwise called apparel law, is an evolving forte or talent so to speak that includes issues encompassing the life of a piece of clothing -Jonah Elisa Shiny- Posted: 2020/04/21

    Maintenance In Live-In Relationships:Live-in relationship is an arrangement of living, where unmarried couples agree to live together and conduct a long going relationship like marriages, without getting married formally.-Raunak Sood-Posted: 2020/04/21

    Is Abrogation Of Article 370 Unconstitutional:On October 17, 1949, Article 370 was included in the Constitution of India. It exempted Jammu-Kashmir from the Indian Constitution (except Article 370 and Article 1)-Anubhav Lamba- Posted: 2020/04/21

    The Prevention of Money-laundering (Maintenance of Records) Third Amendment Rules, 2020:Third Amendment Rules, 2020 in exercise of the powers conferred by section 73 read with section 11A and section 12AA of the Prevention of Money-laundering Act, 2002. -Lalit Rajput- Posted: 2020/04/21

    The Debate Between The Duty To Respect The National Flag And The Anthem Versus Using Them As Symbols Of Protest: Freedom doesn't always signify physical confinement of an individual to a place but it gives a feeling of liberty of thoughts, expression -Aarti Bhardwaj- Posted: 2020/04/20

    Joint Responsibility in Crime:The joint criminal responsibility doctrine appears more as the ‘magical weapon' in the prosecution of crimes. -Aarti Bhardwaj- Posted: 2020/04/20

    Is Domestic Violence Act Enough To Protect Women During Pandemic:Neeta, 28-year-old women who is a mother of a 2 years old girl, lives in a village located at 2 km distance from the city of Indore, Madhya Pradesh -Anubhav chaudhary- Posted: 2020/04/20

    How Lease is different from License:Under section 108 of the said Act, the lessee is entitled to be put in possession of the property. A lease is, therefore, a transfer of an interest in land. -Ravi Kapoor- Posted: 2020/04/20

    How designs are registered internationally?:Design refers to a characteristic feature of any object like shape, pattern, color etc[1]. A design may comprise of two-dimensional or three-dimensional characteristics-Prateek Jain-Posted: 2020/04/20

    Initiative To Boost MSME Sector By MSME Ministry:Micro and Small Enterprises Facilitation Councils (MSEFCs) have been set up in all States/ UTs to resolve the delayed payments cases -Lalit Rajput- Posted: 2020/04/19

    A Hand Invincibly Indispensable:Over the years criminal justice administration has taken various rides across the tides of time to unleash and reach the justice rendering mechanism -Subhankar Khan- Posted: 2020/04/19

    Requisite Circumstances For Payment Of Gratuity Under Payment Of Gratuity Act, 1972: Justice R. Banumathi and Justice A.S. Bopanna, observed in a case titled as Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation Ltd. & Ors. Versus Smt. Mohani Devi & Anr -Advocate Kapil Kishor Kaushik- Posted: 2020/04/19

    How Sale is different from Agreement to Sale:A contract of sale is a generic term and it includes both sale and agreement to sell. Where under a contract of sale -Ravi Kapoor- Posted: 2020/04/19

    Case Analysis: Ravi S. Naik vs Union of India:This is a celebrated case in the field of Anti-Defection law where it has been discussed by the honorable Supreme Court about the validity of the decision -Prateek Jain- Posted: 2020/04/19

    Essentials of a Valid Notice of Eviction:In this article we are are going to discuss essentials of a valid notice in light of several judicial decisions. -Ravi Kapoor- Posted: 2020/04/19

    Settlement Between Victim And Accused Not A Valid Ground To Quash FIR/Charge - Sheet When Offences Are Serious And Against Society:Supreme Court of India once again in a latest and laudable Judgment titled Arun Singh & Others Vs. State of U.P. & Anr -Damini Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/04/19

    Object Of Section 133 Of Code Of Criminal Procedure, 1973 Is To Protect Public From Public Nuisance:Traditionally, in India environmental problems used to be addressed through private law doctrines such as trespass, nuisance, strict liability -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/04/19

    Whether Judicial Service Is An Essential Service Amid COVID-19 Lockdown?:Corona Virus (COVID 19) has engulfed the World into an unprecedented crisis forcing most of the countries to enforce lockdown which appears -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/04/19

    Freedom Of Press And Media And Its Role Amid Pandemics Like COVID-19:Freedom of press is a deduced or implied fundamental right in India, which Indian citizens are having by virtue of Article 19(1)(a). -Poulomi Sen- Posted: 2020/04/18

    Case Analysis of L.C. Golak Nath and Others v. State of Punjab and another: The son, daughter and grand-daughters of Late Henry Golak Nath hold around 500 acres farmland in the state of Punjab but through Punjab Security of Land Tenures Act, 1953 -Rishabh Jain- Posted: 2020/04/18

    Constitutional Validity of the Minimum Wages Act, 1948:In 1928, the International Labour Organisation while referring to the wages of the workers of the industries where the wages were considerably low -Rishabh Jain- Posted: 2020/04/18

    ADR - An Alternative Method to Avoid Litigation: India vs Abroad:It is an uncontroversial fact that our country is suffering from acute problem of population explosion. -Sparsh Agarwal- Posted: 2020/04/18

    Marital Rape: Choosing Custom Over Consent?:A woman is the companion of man, gifted with equal mental capacities. -Anjali Busar- Posted: 2020/04/18

    Novel Coronavirus And The Novel Courtroom:The Hon'ble Apex Court and High Courts in various states are hearing matters involving extreme urgency through -Mukul Kumar- Posted: 2020/04/18

    Special Provisions For Certain States In Indian Constitution:A special Category Status (SCS) is a classification given by Centre to assist in the development of those states that face geographical and socio-economic disadvantages -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/18

    Rumor Mongering And Laws Related To It:Rumor, hearsay, or gossip is an uncorroborated statement in transmission that emerges in obscurity and can create panic among individuals. -Nevadya Bhateja- Posted: 2020/04/18

    J&K Centralization of Recruitment: An Undemocratic Call:The Jammu and Kashmir Civil Services (Decentralisation and Recruitment) Act on March 31 by substituting the term domiciles of J&K for permanent residents. -Ishant Khatri- Posted: 2020/04/18

    Buddhism And Its Political Thoughts Of Ancient India:Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, was a Kshatriya, son of Suddhodana, the Maharaja of the Sankyas of Kapilavasthu. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/18

    Rendezvous with Group of Companies Doctrine: The Supreme Court of Texas has said that consent is the cardinal principle of the practise of arbitration. -Advait ghosh- Posted: 2020/04/18

    Key Highlights of RBI Press Conference dated 17.04.2020:RBI governor vide Press Conference dated 17.04.2020 thanked Corona Warriors, forefront of the battle against COVID-19 and discussed about various relaxation due to COVID19 -Lalit Rajput- Posted: 2020/04/18

    Need of Time one nation one ration card in India An Impact of COVID 19:Ration cards are an official document issued by state governments in India to households that are eligible to purchase subsidized food grain from the Public Distribution -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/17

    Promulgation of Ordinances and Abuse of Provisions:Under the constitution of India the task of making laws rests with the legislature of the country. But there are times when the two houses -Subrata Saroj- Posted: 2020/04/17

    Counterfeiting the Indian Coins and Government Stamps:The term offence is defined as a thing which is punishable under the Indian Penal Code, 1860 ('the Code') or any other special or local law. -Pareekshit Bishnoi- Posted: 2020/04/17

    Judicial Review of Administrative Actions An Overview:This paper deals with the broader aspects of administrative law and various methods of judicial control through writs. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/17

    Triple Talaq: A historical and legal analysis: The said and the unsaid:Laws are the rules and regulations strive for the conflict-free living and development of the human race within a society relevant in many forms -Paras Jindal- Posted: 2020/04/17

    Law of Marriage and Indian Women:The institutional of marriage is the foundation of civilized society. It is intended to be an adjustment of psychological, racial and human factors. -Shashank- Posted: 2020/04/17

    Essence of Being A Woman And Equal Status of Women:Women empowerment actually means the fostering of a woman's sense of self-worth, her decision-making power, her access to opportunities -Jonah Elisa Shiny- Posted: 2020/04/17

    CBRN Emergencies: How India is equipped legally:CBRN ( Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) emergencies are now not new to Indian or world citizenary. When whole of the world is grappling -Hari Mudgil- Posted: 2020/04/17

    Transfer for the benefit of Unborn Person A Legal Analysis:The provisions of transfer for the benefit of unborn person is contained in Section 13 of the Transfer of Property Act and Section 113 of the Indian Succession Act.-Ravi Kapoor- Posted: 2020/04/16

    Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 An Overview:The word ‘Epidemic' has come from Greek word epidemios means epi(on) and demos (people), the word epidemic already existed in ancient Greek around 430 BC (5th century BC). - Ankit Kumar- Posted: 2020/04/16

    Communalism In Secular India: Threat To Minorities: The antagonism practiced by the people of one community against the people of other community and religion can be termed as communalism.-Sparsh Agarwal- Posted: 2020/04/16

    Can A Minor Become Party To The Transfer Of Property An Analysis:Through this article, an attempt is made to discuss the legal position of a minor (a child under the age of 18 or 21 in case a guardian -Ravi Kapoor- Posted: 2020/04/16

    LGBT - A Rainbow in the Skies: india is a country bound rigidly by several varied social and cultural norms. -K C Trisha Sammrita- Posted: 2020/04/16

    Doing Business: Road Ahead: The doing business has its origins way back to 2002 where first paper published in Quarterly Journal of Economics (Harvard University) by Simeon Djankov and others on titled -Shubhambudhiraja- Posted: 2020/04/15

    Deficiency in Service - Essential Elements:The present article deals with the concept of Deficiency in Service under the gamut of Consumer Protection Laws -Ravi Kapoor- Posted: 2020/04/15

    Various Theories of Justice Reflected In Indian Judgments: In India from the very old period itself Justice was followed and it was even considered to be the very embodiment of God itself where its sole mission -Aneesha Dominic- Posted: 2020/04/15

    Force Marriage: A Failure to Marital Life:Marriage is a state of being united as spouses in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law. -Deepa Rohilla- Posted: 2020/04/15

    Prohibition Of Smoking In A Public Place In India:The English word tobacco originates from the Spanish and Portuguese word tabaco. -Advocate Kapil Kishor Kaushik- Posted: 2020/04/15

    The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2019 In Brief:The altruistic surrogacy model is based more on moralistic assumptions than any scientific criteria -Meghna Buchasia- Posted: 2020/04/15

    Impact of Globalisation on Indian Development:Globalization has been defined as the process of rapid integration of countries and happenings through greater foreign trade and foreign investment. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/15

    Res Ipsa Loquitur And Its Application In Medical Negligence:Medical negligence is seen to be a recurrent venture within the field of medical practice. -Harshita- Posted: 2020/04/14

    Contracts and COVID19:COVID19 aka Novel Coronavirus is the probably the biggest threat that mankind has faced in the present century. -Dev Jain- Posted: 2020/04/14

    Nature And Schools Of Jurisprudence An Overview:Jurisprudence analyzes legal concepts. It also tries to find out the essential principles of law. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/14

    Revocation of Article 370:special status granted to Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370 of indian constitution. -Devansh Dixit- Posted: 2020/04/14

    National Emblem-A Pride Within Ourselves:Whenever we see our national emblem our heart fills with pride and glory. Every nation has an emblem -Kapil Kishor Kaushik- Posted: 2020/04/14

    Maritime Law-Ships and their Flags:Registering a ship simply means giving identity to the ship. -Adv Roshni Manuel Kiran- Posted: 2020/04/13

    Madras HC - Restricting Publication Of Newspaper Is To Muzzle Media - Plea Against Exemption Of Print Media From Covid-19 Lockdown Dismissed:The print media acts as one of those organs in the society that is responsible to maintain accountability of the government and provide access to the public about information -Aviral Agrawal- Posted: 2020/04/13

    Right To Equality: New Dimension and New Version - Part One:Liberty and equality are words of passion and power. -Shubham Budhiraja- Posted: 2020/04/13

    Section 145 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 is purported to meet an emergent situation where there is an apprehension of the breach of the peace:The Executive Magistrate at any time after making the order under sub-section (1) of Section 145 in the Code Of Criminal Procedure, 1973 -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/04/13

    A Glaring Look At Some Of The Major Legal Challenges: Post Covid-19:Immediately after declaring lockdown amid the Pandemic of COVID-19 the Central Government through gazette -Neha Karnik- Posted: 2020/04/13

    Indian Courts Amid Covid-19:Coronavirus Disease (COVID19) finds its origin in the Wuhan, Hubei Province in China in December 2019. -Kushagra Sharma- Posted: 2020/04/13

    The New Equality Doctrine:The Indian Constitution guarantees the right to equality vide Articles 14 to 18. Equality is one of the magnificent corner-stones of Indian democracy. -Syed Aatif- Posted: 2020/04/12

    Social Media amid The Virus: For the first time, we are asked to stay away from a battle because the power of this enemy increases when we confront it.-Vidushi Singh- Posted: 2020/04/12

    Protection of Life and Liberty by the High Courts of India:The concept of life and personal liberty often becomes a strong basis for the smooth functioning -Shreya Saxena- Posted: 2020/04/11

    Rising Cases Against Doctors:Medical field is one of the most important fields in any given country. -Natasha K- Posted: 2020/04/11

    Criminal Justice System in India And Initiative Steps Towards Exigency:Marital rape has been widely debated in India. India unlike other developed nations has yet to criminalize marital rape. -Bharat Kumar- Posted: 2020/04/11

    Concept of Liability In The Light of Jurisprudence An Overview:In civilized societies, most of the relations between the individual and the state are governed by rules made or recognised by the state -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/11

    Rupa Ashok Hurra v/s Ashok Hurra And Anr- The Birth Of Curative Petition:Indian jurisprudence has ever since seen some landmark developments either through the legislature or the judiciary. -Syed Aatif- Posted: 2020/04/11

    An Overview of Section 56 of The Indian Contract Act: An agreement to do an act impossible in itself is void. —An agreement to do an act impossible in itself is void.-Preeti Ahluwalia- Posted: 2020/04/11

    Terminated Employees (Welfare) Bill, 2020: Practically Unworkable and Ill-timed:In the present era where the role of the private sector has escalated substantially and the role of the public sector is plummeting -Anita Verma- Posted: 2020/04/10

    The Importance Of Administrative Tribunals In Legal System And The Issues Being Faced:In administrative law, tribunal is a body that practices power to adjudicate. -Syed Aatif- Posted: 2020/04/10

    CAA: A Constitutional Quagmire?:We the members of this august democratic nation exult and frolic in our individual freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. -Srikar Jonnalagadda- Posted: 2020/04/10

    A Critical Analysis On Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019:The citizenship Amendment Act 2019, which has been passed as bill by obtaining majority from both the houses of the parliament -Nirmal Aditya- Posted: 2020/04/10

    Rights And Duties In The Light Of Jurisprudence. An Overview:Generally, a duty is an obligation and a right is an entitlement. They may exist as a moral or a legal matter. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/9

    Post-tenure Political Appointment of Judges: A Judicial Impropriety?:The independent nature of the judiciary is a quintessential feature of liberal democracies around the globe -- Posted: 2020/04/9

    Women Growth Is A Process Or Responding Positively To Change:Women are the backbone of the society. They are soul of their family, society and nation. -Deepa Rohilla- Posted: 2020/04/9

    Do Members Of Armed Forces In India Enjoy Their Fundamental Rights:The Constitution of India confers fundamental rights upon every citizen of India, which are enshrined in Part-III (Article 12 to 35) of the Constitution of India. -Kapil Kishor Kaushik- Posted: 2020/04/9

    A National Legal Framework on Climate Change:Climate Change is not a recent phenomenon, it has been happening since the industrial ages but in the recent time the effects of it have become evident. -Suyash Gupta- Posted: 2020/04/8

    Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts:The purpose of this article is to find out what exactly are Blockchain Technology (BT) and Smart Contracts -Preeti Ahluwalia- Posted: 2020/04/8

    Caring For Children In Conflict With Law Under The Juvenile Justice-Care And Protection Of Children-Act, 2015-An Analysis:In India, laws dealing with child delinquency have a long history. It begins with the Apprentices Act, 1850 which preferred training over imprisonment -Syed Aatif- Posted: 2020/04/8

    Section 66A of The It Act:upreme Court in a landmark judgment struck down section 66A of the Information Technology Act, 2000 which provided provisions for the arrest. -Sanchi Shandilya- Posted: 2020/04/8

    Legal Personality In The Light of Jurisprudence:Personality in the philosophic sense means the rational substratum of a human being. In law it means a right and duty bearing unit. Personality -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/8

    Flaws In The Existing Schemes Of Compensation For Acid Attack Victims:Female victims are solemnly and attentively studied under various Acts and assistance is given as compensation under various schemes for the damages -B Bhanukesh- Posted: 2020/04/8

    Impact of corona virus outbreak on commercial contracts:COVID-19 has been declared a public health emergency of International Concern by the World Health Organization on January 30, 2020. -Poulomi Sen- Posted: 2020/04/7

    Evolution of Section 497 IPC, 1860 - Trespass to Burial Sites:Trespass to Burial Sites is the one of the least discussed and litigated sections of the Indian Penal Code among such light tone of jurisprudence -Ritam Khanna- Posted: 2020/04/7

    Right To Lien And Bailment: Judicial Interpretation:The researcher has conducted the research on the Right to Lien which is granted to the Bailee under a Contract of Bailment. -Jaanvi Singh- Posted: 2020/04/6

    Law And Morality In The Light Of Jurisprudence:ever since law has been recognized as an effective instrument of social ordering there has been an ongoing debate on its relationship with morality. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/6

    Contract of Indemnity vis -a -vis Insurance:The Study of Principle of Indemnity with respect to Insurance is of much importance as insurance is a Social security and Indemnity in insurance compensates -Smriti Tiwari- Posted: 2020/04/5

    Rise of Legal Education In India And Its Present Scenario:Legal education in the India generally refers to the education of lawyers before entry into practice. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/5

    Maintenance Under Hindu Law:Maintenance is the financial support that a husband needs to pay to his wife. -Khaliqul Azam- Posted: 2020/04/5

    Parsi Law Regarding Marriage And Divorce. An overview:The Parsi Marriage is also regarded as a contract through a religious ceremony of Ashirvad is necessary for its validity. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/5

    Advocate General of The State:Under the Constitution of India Article 165 has provided for the office of the advocate general for the states. He is the highest law officer in the state. Thus he corresponds to the Attorney General of India.-Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/5

    Legal Consequences and Implications of recent Airstrikes in Iraq:On December 29th, the U.S. Military forces conducted Air strikes against five Iranian facilities in Iraq and Syria. The airstrikes aimed at degrading Iran’s ability to conduct future attacks -Devansh Sharma- Posted: 2020/04/5

    Legitimacy of Marginal Notes Under Interpretation of Statutes.:Marginal notes are inserted at the side of the sections in an Act and express the effect of the sections stated. In the past, the marginal notes were also referred to as aid to construction -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/5

    Legal Regulations On Human Trafficking In India Major Issues And Future Prospects:he United Nations defined human trafficking in 2000 through the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’s Palermo Protocol to Prevent -Swati Anand- Posted: 2020/04/4

    Legal Sector Post CoViD-19- Challenges And Remedies:The crisis that the world in general and our country is facing due to the rapid and seemingly uncontrollable spread of coronavirus is not only unprecedented -Farrukh Khan- Posted: 2020/04/4

    Sources Of Muslim Law: Muslim law is a personal law which is applied only on Muslims. It is applied by courts in India to mohamedans not in all -Kirti Pamar- Posted: 2020/04/4

    Historical Background In Enacting The Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 And Its Application To Fight Covid19 Pandemic:Historical background in enacting the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 and its application to FIGHT COVID19 PANDEMIC -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/04/4

    Laws relating to NRI marriages in India:The institution of marriage gives rise to obligations, conjugal relations and certain rights between the spouses and this is the reason why law seeks the discharge of those marital obligations -Milind Rajratnam- Posted: 2020/04/4

    Irretrievable Breakdown Of Marriage Vis-A-Vis Hindu Law In India:The marriage is an integral part of well balanced society and is considered as the most important sacrament for human being in a peaceful, gracious -Kapil Kishor Kaushik- Posted: 2020/04/4

    Feminist Jurisprudence In Patriarchal Society:Describes a structure between men & women in which men hold power over women generally. Society is the entirely of relations of a community of caste, creed, culture, religion, sex, the ideology of elders, myths e.t.c -Divy Shivpuri- Posted: 2020/04/3

    Covid 19: Epidemic To Pandemic:With the first notification by China of an unknown virus which causes pneumonia on Dec 31, 2019, the world had the first introduction to the unknown enemy. -Aakriti Srivastava- Posted: 2020/04/3

    The Main Spark Behind Hong Kong Protest:Hong Kong which was originally a British colony was returned to China in 1997. But it retained its status of Special Administrative Region.-Aakriti Srivastava- Posted: 2020/04/3

    Analysis: The Unnao Case:Just a few days post the horrifying news of the brutal rape and murder of a Veterinarian, another terrifying news causing trauma was caught by the eyes of the public -Ayushi Bharti- Posted: 2020/04/3

    The Rule of No-Fault Liability:The concept of strict liability was introduced in the late nineteenth century. The principle originates from the idea of negligence which means having lack of care for any act.-Ayushi Bharti- Posted: 2020/04/3

    Bigamy: Statutory Provisions and Judicial findings On Bigamy:Bigamy is the act of entering into a marriage with one person while still legally married to another. A legal or de facto separation of the couple does not alter their marital status -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/3

    Gender Injustice And Its Impact On Indian Society:We all know that men and women are different, but the fact remains that there lie certain ambiguities about how different are they? -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/2

    Why KYC compliance is important for virtual assets dealers:Fraud is on the rise and unfortunately, businesses are still unable to fight these frauds with efficiency. One of the major reasons behind this is a lack of uniformity -Liam Smith- Posted: 2020/04/2

    Feminist Jurisprudence and Its Impact In India. An Overview: -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/2

    Sexual Harassment At Workplace Is An Affront to Women's Fundamental Rights: SC:Sexual harassment of women is a global phenomenon prevalent both in developed as well as in developing countries. -Damini Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/04/2

    Covid-19: More Ammunition For China Conspiracy Theory:The Biological Weapons Convention needs to be ARMED so that nations can be DISARMED of their Biological and Chemical weapons. -Mukul Kumar- Posted: 2020/04/2

    Constitutional Framework For Judicial Review And Administrative Action In India:The doctrine of judicial review has been originated and developed by the American Supreme Court, although there is no express provision in the American Constitution for the judicial review. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/04/2

    COVID-19 V Law:After the alarming conditions in the world from the outbreak of the corona virus (COVID 19) the WHO few months back called this virus a pandemic. -Aarshi R Kapoor- Posted: 2020/04/1

    Whether Coronavirus (Covid-19) Is A Trigger Threshold For Force Majeure Event-Under Indian Scenario:oronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome -Aman A Ohri- Posted: 2020/04/1

    The Desideratum of Gender Neutral Laws in India:Section. 375 and Section.376 of the Indian Penal Code talks about conviction of a man for the offense of rape against a woman. -Shivani Nair- Posted: 2020/04/1

    Guns Licensed For Self Protection Cannot Be Used For Celebratory Firing: SC:While sentencing a man accused of killing two persons in a celebratory firing to ten years rigorous imprisonment, the Supreme Court expressed its concerns about the rising incidents of celebratory firing. -Damini Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/04/1

    Status Of Other Backward Class And Reservation Policy In Jammu And Kashmir After Scrapping Of Article 370:In simple terms, reservation in India is all about reserving access to seats in the government jobs, educational institutions -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/31

    The Position of India’s Transgender - Third Gender:Some people feel that the sex they were assigned at birth doesn’t match their gender identity, or the gender that they feel they are inside.-Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/31

    Non-performing Assets (NPA) The Role Of Bank and Financial Institution:The fundamental lesson of every situation of banking stress in recent years across the world is to recognise and flag the problem loans quickly and deal with them -Radhakrishnan Ramachandran- Posted: 2020/03/30

    Mohd Iqbal: Pan-Islamism And Concept of state:Mohd. Iqbal who was born in Sialkot in 1873 (British India) proposed the concept of Pan-Islamism, an Islamic Internationalism. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/30

    Rape: Killing Of Human Soul By Barbarous Action:Rape is a highly gendered violent behavior whereas the majority of the sexually violent perpetrators are men and the majority of their victims are women.-Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/30

    Trial Before A Court Of Session Under Code Of Criminal Procedure 1973:District court referred to as sessions court when it exercises its jurisdiction on criminal matters under Code Of Criminal Procedure 1973 -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/30

    Injunctions: Summed Up:Firstly, it is important to know what is meant by injunction. In general, it is a legal order whereby a person is either restrained from doing an act -Gunjan Kathuria- Posted: 2020/03/30

    Power of Attorney and Laws: An overview:As man became busier in the present world and it becomes more necessary for him to depend upon other to do those acts -Raminder Singh- Posted: 2020/03/30

    Peaceful Means of Dispute Settlement:The peaceful resolution of international disputes constitutes a continuous, uninterrupted process based on international law -Mohit Choudhary- Posted: 2020/03/29

    Nomination of former CJI Ranjan Gogoi to Rajya Sabha Sounds Warning Signals for Judicial Independence:It was unwise for a Chief Justice of India, whose controversial tenure strengthened the perception that the Judiciary could not take on the Government on crucial issues -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/03/29

    Revisional Jurisdiction Of High Court: Section 115 Code Of Civil Procedure:Revision: Section 115 of the Code deals with the revisional jurisdiction of the High Court.-Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/29

    Implementation of Value Added Tax In India: Advantages And Disadvantages:Value-added tax, popularly known as VAT, belongs to the family of sales taxes. A general sales tax and turnover tax can be compared with value-added tax.-Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/29

    Sarvodaya Movement And Its Impact On Indian Politics: Sarvodaya is a term meaning Universal Uplift or Progress of All. The term was first coined by Mohandas Gandhi as the title of his 1908 translation of John Ruskin's tract on political economy,-Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/29

    Lok Adalat: Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism In India:Lok Adalat is one of the alternative dispute redressal mechanisms, it is a forum where disputes/cases pending in the court of law -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/29

    Conciliation And Mediation Through Social Action Groups In India:Mediation and Conciliation are two methods of conflicts resolutions in which a third-party is involved. His role varies from one method to another. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/29

    Enforceability of Force Majeure Clause (FMC) in Commercial Contract amid destructive COVID-19 - An Indian Perspective:The world is undergoing a global crisis and outbreak of COVID- 19 which is wreaking havoc globally and turns out to be an unprecedented event in world history.-Aishwarya Anand- Posted: 2020/03/29

    India's Legal Response To Covid-19:The pandemic has once again made us realised the importance of health. The coronavirus has grappled the world so badly that many countries have resorted to long months of Lockdown and emergencies.-Aniket Sachan- Posted: 2020/03/29

    The Practice of Adjournments And Tactics Used By Advocates Leading To Delay In Justice:The age worn plywood takes repeated battering of the Judge's gravel as the same case goes on and on in a courtroom for years and years.-Shreya Shrivastava- Posted: 2020/03/28

    Social Media and Online Defamation:In general term defamation means a false statement presented as a fact that causes injury or damage to the character of the person it is about.-Aarshi R Kapoor- Posted: 2020/03/8

    Rivers, Lakes- Living Entities Having The Status of A Legal Person:Kia Ora or Welcome is the New Zealand way of greeting it's visitors. Apart from being one of the most picturesque countries of the World, New Zealand has extremely stringent laws -Mukul Kumar- Posted: 2020/03/28

    Damnum Sine Injuria And Injuria Sine Damnum: Law of torts is said to be a collection of circumstances in which remedy is given by the court by way of damages for the legal harm caused by one person to another.-Shubham Mongia- Posted: 2020/03/28

    Dying Declaration Under The Indian Evidence Act, 1872: At a Glance:What is dying declaration? The term ‘dying declaration’ is nowhere precisely defined in the Act. -Gunjan Kathuria- Posted: 2020/03/28

    Competition law in India:Many countries of the world have formulated their own competition laws so as to curb anti-competitive etiquette or unfair trade practices. -Mouni Karney- Posted: 2020/03/28

    Women in islam Chapter 4 Surat-I-NISAA:In the Midst of the dark ness that engulfed the world, the divine revelation enchoed in the wide desert of Arabia with A fresh, noble and universal message to humanity -Gazala Noor- Posted: 2020/03/28

    The Hidden face of geographical Indications: Human Rights Dimensions:Geographical Indications (GI) are a type of intellectual property right associated with place-based names. In other words Geographical indications -Gazala Noor- Posted: 2020/03/28

    Mob Violence: The Way Forward:For the smooth functioning of a democracy, it's important to have an efficient administration of law and justice. It was for this purpose that a Union Judiciary -Rakshitt C Bajpai- Posted: 2020/03/27

    Rape: Challenges Before The Indian Judiciary And Society:Rape: Challenges Before The Indian Judiciary And Society. As an institution, the Indian judiciary has always commanded considerable respect from the people of this country. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/27

    Reconstruction of Yes Bank: Emerging Issues And Challenges:Yes Bank Ltd (hereinafter referred to as YBL) is engaged in providing a range of banking and financial services. The Bank operates in four segments -Aadarsh Kothari- Posted: 2020/03/27

    Theories of Punishment:Punishment refers to the infliction of penalty, castigation by the judicial arm of the state. The purpose of punishment is not only to cause physical pain -Shubham Mongia- Posted: 2020/03/27

    Constitution of India Vis-A-Vis Environment:The history of legislative started with Indian Penal Code, 1860. Section 268 defined what is public nuisance. Abatement of public nuisance is also a subject of Section 133 to 144 of I.P.C.-Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/27

    Corona effect: Increasing the threshold to file insolvency application before NCLT- A needless change?:A brief history of the minimum threshold to invoke insolvency proceedings bring out that in the year 2003, an amendment to Section 271 of Companies Act, 1956 -Harsh Tikoo- Posted: 2020/03/27

    Indian Registration Act: Practice Oriented:Article, item or thing owned with the rights of possession, use, and enjoyment and which the owner can bestow, collateralize, encumber, mortgage, sell or transfer, and can exclude everyone else from it.-Dheeraj Tanwar- Posted: 2020/03/27

    Types of Bail In India And Conditions For Grant For Bail:The term ‘bail’ is originated from an old French verb ‘bailer’ which means ‘to give’ or ‘to deliver’. Bail refers to the provisional release of the accused in a criminal case -Shubham Mongia- Posted: 2020/03/27

    Analysis of Tata-Mistry case Judgment: Analysing it through the lens of established principles of corporate law:NCLAT in a protracted legal battle between ‘salt to software’ conglomerate Tata and its former executive chairman Cyrus Pallonji Mistry has presented a serious challenge to the established principles of corporate law.-Chaitanya Kumar Verma- Posted: 2020/03/27

    Nationwide Lockdown To Eliminate Covid-19:The National Disaster Management Authority being satisfied that Covid-19 is a serious threat posed to the country today, has considered it important to take steps for protecting the health of the citizens. -Nirali Deepak Parekh- Posted: 2020/03/27

    CoViD-19 Outbreak And Regulatory Update By MCA:The law must be interpreted as per the requirement of changing times. - Justice Dhananjaya Y. Chandrachud, Supreme Court of India -Vignesh Kumar- Posted: 2020/03/27

    Section 173 (8) Cr. P. C; Courts Not Obliged To Hear Accused While Considering Plea For Further Investigation; SC:The Supreme Court reiterated that a Magistrate is not obliged to hear the accused before any direction for further investigation is made under Section 173 (8) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973. -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/03/27

    The sagacity of law to combat COVID-19:The spread of COVID-19 globally, or new coronaviruses, has led to a rare, perhaps unprecedented, death of close to 2300 globally.-Manvendra Verma- Posted: 2020/03/26

    Inherent Jurisdiction of A Civil Court Section 151:Since laws are general rules, they cannot regulate for all time to come so as to make express provisions against all the cases that may possibly happen.-Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/26

    Analysis of Companies (Significant Beneficial Owner) Amendment Rules, 2019: The Companies (Significant Beneficial Owner) Amendment Rules, 2019 was introduced by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in order to make certain amendments to the 2018 Rules to remove the ambiguities that existed earlier -Drutika Upadhyay- Posted: 2020/03/26

    Tortious Liability: Sovereign And Non Sovereign Functions Of State:State is not a living entity but a legal entity which cannot function without human agency. It is therefore, that the state has to act through its servants.-Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/25

    Major Exponents of Natural School of Jurisprudence in a Nutshell:Natural Law has from time to time vary according to its purpose and the function to be exercised to meet the needs of the time and circumstances. -Kabir Jaiswal- Posted: 2020/03/25

    Nirbhaya Case History And Present:Jyoti Singh, victim, a 23-year old female physiotherapy intern who was a medical student was beaten, gang-raped & tortured on 16th December 2012 in Munirka while she was traveling with her friend, Awindra Pratap Pandey. -Arjun Khatri- Posted: 2020/03/25

    Privileges And Immunities of Government In Legal Proceeding Under Administrative Law:The sanctity of promises in our society lies in the societal and moral conventions that allow a promissory to be treated as bound to his promise.-Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/25

    Codification of Roman Law:The Roman imperial government was always inefficient in collecting and harmonizing the enactments of emperors, the opinions of the jurists and the other legal sources recognized by the courts.-Priya Chaudhary- Posted: 2020/03/25

    Plea Bargaining In India: A Ship With Holes:Plea bargaining, alternatively known as trial wavers, refers to an agreement with the defendant to waive full trial rights in exchange for a concession by the state -Anshika Chadha- Posted: 2020/03/24

    Barbarous Rape Incident In India Nirbhaya Case:The law of rape is not just a few sentences. It is a whole book, which has clearly demarcated chapters and cannot be read selectively. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/24

    Types of Bills In India:The Indian Parliament legislates with the use of governmental acts. Only after the draft bills are passed by the Parliamen.-Shubham Mongia- Posted: 2020/03/24

    We need to get high in these low times:The outbreak of novel Coronavirus disease primarily in China (Wuhan and Hubei) and now considered a global health emergency -Akram Khan- Posted: 2020/03/23

    Identity Theft - A Threat to Society:Identity theft is one of the pressing issues faced by all the countries in the world. No country is spared as identity theft -Sanjay Krishnan S.S- Posted: 2020/03/23

    Sanction Theory of Jurisprudence Solution To Covid-19:In 1832, John Austin lectures were published under the title- The Province of Jurisprudence determined where it defied Law, properly so called, as a command of sovereign backed by the sanction.-Shubhambudhiraja- Posted: 2020/03/23

    Corona Virus (COVID-19) And Indian Penal Code 1860: The outbreak has been declared an epidemic in more than a dozen states and union territories, where provisions of the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/23

    The Dissection of The Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897: Medical And Legal Negligence:Although this expression is quite archaic, cliched and comical, much like the medical legislature, statues and Public Health Law of our country -Shrey Kumar- Posted: 2020/03/23

    Child Rights: Socio-Economic and cultural Dimensions: While India being a secular and democratic county, gives privileges and protection for various religions that flourish under the protection of the Constitution. People of different religions -Gazala Noor- Posted: 2020/03/23

    Womens Status In Industrial Set-Up:There is vision and values of founding fathers behind every constitution in the world which is based on peoples’ faith and aspirations and socio-economic status of people in that country.-Aarshi R Kapoor- Posted: 2020/03/23

    Role of Dictionaries In Interpretation of Statutes:the meanings of words and expressions used in an Act must take their colour from the context in which they appear -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/23

    Role of Article 21 in Development of Legal Aid in India:Article 21 of the Constitution of India states, No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law. -Aarshi R Kapoor- Posted: 2020/03/23

    Contractual Obligations And Implications During Coronavirus:Total count of victim's to the Corona Virus has totaled to 8800 cases with India having 169 patients being infected with the virus.-Brinda G Lashkari- Posted: 2020/03/23

    Christian Law Regarding Marriage And Divorce In India: Indian Christian Marriage Act, 1872:Many Centuries ago, Christians came to India and settled in this country. When East India Company assumed ruling power in India and established its own courts. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/22

    One Nation One Election: Constitutional challenges:From past few years it is observed that election take place frequently in some states of India. According to NITI Aayog, In the last 30 years -Amit Singh- Posted: 2020/03/22

    Shaheen Bagh protest amid Covid-19:Shaheen Bagh protest is an ongoing protest which is currently lead by women, against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act -Muskan Srivastava- Posted: 2020/03/22

    Novel Coronavirus A Legal Challenge:After scrutinizing the alarming conditions in the world from the outbreak of the corona virus (COVID 19) the WHO few days back called this virus a pandemic.-Sahejpal Singh Kapoor- Posted: 2020/03/22

    Direct Selling Business Compliance In Maharashtra:Direct Selling means marketing, distribution and sale of goods or providing of services as a part of Network of Direct Seller -Radhika Khandelwal- Posted: 2020/03/22

    Mutations Hidayat Intiqalat Rules Under Revenue Laws Jammu And Kashmir:The Oxford Dictionary defines the word mutation as an action or process of change in the form or structure. In revenue parlance, mutation is the transfer of right or ownership by any legal mode of transfer -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/21

    Peaceful Settlement of Disputes:The purpose is to provide a general survey of the practice among States of the peaceful settlement of international disputes. -Mohit Choudhary- Posted: 2020/03/20

    Why Intellectual Property Rights protects only expression and not the idea?:The kinds of Intellectual Property Rights that can be protected are trademark, patent, copyright, design, trade secrets and geographical indications.-Suchandrima Maity- Posted: 2020/03/20

    Harvest Inspection Girdawari Rules Under Revenue Laws Jammu And Kashmir:When the crops ripen and become ready for harvesting, it is the duty of the Patwari to visit each field and to record the result of crops in the register of Khasra Girdawari.-Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/20

    Record of Rights Jamabandi Under Land Revenue Laws Jammu And Kashmir:Under section 21 of the Land Revenue Act Svt. 1996, a record prepared at the time of settlement or revision of an Estate, is known as Record-of-Rights.-Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/20

    Sexual Harassment of Women. Exploring The Concept with Types, Effect And Legal Provisions For Protection of women:Sexual harassment is any form of unwelcome sexual behaviour thats offensive, humiliating or intimidating. Most importantly, its against the law. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/20

    Comparative analysis of Psychiatric Injury:The increasing knowledge in field of medical science has made the courts accept the fact that the harmful injuries can be caused to the man and numerous illnesses -Ajitesh Arya- Posted: 2020/03/20

    Competition Law in Automobile Sector:We always fear competition; it appears to be something which brings a lot of tension, stress and anxiety. But this is not the case when we look at the market. -Ajitesh Arya- Posted: 2020/03/20

    Arrest and Rights of arrested person:The code has not defined the term arrest. The term arrest means apprehension of a person by legal authority so as to cause deprivation of liberty.-Muskan Lalwani- Posted: 2020/03/20

    Concept And Essentials of A Valid WAKF:The institution of wakf is a unique feature of the socio-economic framework of Mohommadan law. To wakf a property means to dedicate a movable or immovable property in the name of Allah for religious -Hitaishee Gaur- Posted: 2020/03/20

    United Nations Security Council Responsibility To Protect And Its Implementation Case Studies:The Responsibility to protect norm is a norm that was propounded based on established principles of international law.-Sayed Qudrat- Posted: 2020/03/19

    ICCR Is A Premier Cultural Institute Enhancing India's Soft Power:ICCR’s role in enhancing the strong and productive relationship between the nations is worth mentioning. India is mother country to most of its neighbor -Sayed Qudrat- Posted: 2020/03/19

    Use of Force in International Law:The use of force has been a long-standing phenomenon in international relations and has been considered to be directly linked to the sovereignty of states-the limitless -Ananya Singh- Posted: 2020/03/19

    Afghans See Long Road To Peace Still,They Hope:The first real attempt to reconcile the Taliban was the formation of the Afghan High Peace Council in 2010.This was a group of politicians, civil society activists and former Mujahideen -Sayed Qudrat- Posted: 2020/03/19

    Language Reforms In The Indian Legal Education System:In contemporary times when Legal education is gaining importance as a very rich and progressive field of education, its language of instruction is becoming a major hindrance.-Harsh N Dudhe- Posted: 2020/03/19

    Constitutional validity of NCLT: in light of Madras Bar Association Case:The National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) was constituted by the Central Government by exercising the powers conferred upon it by section 408 of the Companies Act, 2013 -Ananya Singh- Posted: 2020/03/19

    Foundation Of Torts Law In Britain And India:The law of torts or civil wrongs in India is thus almost wholly the English law which is administered as rules of justice, equity and good conscience.-Sangram Singh- Posted: 2020/03/18

    Need for change in Henry VIII Clause - Indian Scenario:The legality and necessity of removing the doubt or difficulty clause, also known as the Henry VIII clause, has been a subject of controversy in several jurisdictions. -Milind Anand- Posted: 2020/03/18

    Why Should The Use of Cannabis Be Legalized And Commercialized In India?:Cannabis, rather popularly known by its name marijuana is a drug used for meditative, recreational or religious purposes.-Prajakta Pradhan- Posted: 2020/03/17

    Major Criminal Law Amendments relating to rape laws in India:Criminal law in India governs and prohibits the offences/crimes and punishes those who commit crime(s) in accordance with the laws.-Indulekha K- Posted: 2020/03/17

    The Literal Rule of Interpretation of Statute:The term Interpretation has been derived from the Latin term interpretari which means to explain or understand. Every statute has to be interpreted by the judge the way it is meant to be understood.-Indulekha K- Posted: 2020/03/16

    Concepts of Fiduciary Relationship In Indian Laws:A fiduciary relationship is where one person places some type of trust, confidence, and reliance on another person. The person who is delegated trust and confidence would then have a fiduciary duty -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/16

    Review Under Code of Civil Procedure An Overview:The dictionary meaning of review is to examine or to study again. So, the review of judgment is to examine or study again the facts and judgment of the case. Review of judgment -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/16

    Good Samaritan The Hope For Survival of Mankind:The Importance of Good Samaritan Act In Regards To Protection of The Informants Identity And Effect on Crime Prevention-Gautham K- Posted:2020/03/16

    Changing Dimensions of Administrative Tribunals In India An overview: Administrative Tribunal is a body constituted under a Statute to perform adjudicatory functions of the management of the affairs of an organization or executive branch of a government.-Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/15

    Juvenile Delinquency in India Causes and Prevention: Juvenile Justice Act, 2015 aims to replace the existing Indian Juvenile Delinquency Law, Juvenile Justice Act, 2000, so that juveniles -Kashish Mathur- Posted: 2020/03/15

    What Agreements Are Contracts:This Article define us what agreements are contracts and the provision that deal with this in Indian Contract Act, 1872 i.e. Section 10.-Ayush Chaurasia- Posted: 2020/03/15

    Tort For Sexual Harassment:The word tort is derived from the Latin term tortum which means to twist, and implies conduct which is twisted or tortious. -Bhumitra Dubey- Posted: 2020/03/15

    Nervous Shock and Liability of Psychiatric Damages in India and In Common Law Countries:This project talks about liability in case of psychiatric damages in India and also the present scenario of awarding compensation in common law countries also.-Kalyani Pandey- Posted: 2020/03/15

    Uniform Civil Code Boon to Our Society: Merits:Law and order are the medicine of the body politic and when the body politic gets sick medicine must be administrated.-Saket Mangla- Posted: 2020/03/14

    The Conundrum Surrounding Invocation of Contempt Petition in India:The usual process of civil litigation broadly involves the presentation of plaint by the plaintiff against the defendant, providing evidence, exchange of oral arguments -Prince Todi- Posted: 2020/03/14

    Scrapping of Article 370 give path for implementation of Whistle Blowers Protection Act 2014:Anti-corruption movement is all set to get major boost in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh as whistleblowers, who exposes corrupt practices by public servants, would get legal protection -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/14

    The US-Iran Conflict and Breach of International Law: When it comes to the negligence of a sense of duty towards International statutes no other man made quarrel can be held as guilty as the conflict of interests that arises between rival nations -Pratik Dutta- Posted: 2020/03/13

    Relationship Between Constitutional Law And Administrative Law An Analysis:Constitutional and administrative laws are the areas of law which establish and regulate the institutions of government within states. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/13

    Mediation in Family and Matrimonial Disputes:Families are found in all the diverse patterns, creeds, sizes and colours and they form the heart and soul of the human society.-Yash Dhawan- Posted: 2020/03/12

    The Concept of Halala in Islam - Truth Versus Falsity:Nikah means marriage and Hala means to make something Halal, or permissible.-Khaliqul Azam- Posted: 2020/03/12

    Constitutional Provisions Regarding Taxation:Even though the customs act 1962 regulates the duties and taxation, The Constitution of India provides for the provisions relating to the taxation. Article 265 to Article 289 deals with the constitutional provisions relating to taxation. -Divya Narayanan- Posted: 2020/03/12

    Case Laws on Legislative Relations Relating to Industry:This case presented a conflict between the operation of two Acts, namely, Tobacco Board Act, 1975 enacted by the Parliament, and the Bihar Agricultural Produce Markets Act, 1960 -Saumya Sinha- Posted: 2020/03/12

    Judicial perspective of law on adultery in India:The beauty of the Indian Constitution is that it includes I you and we. Such a magnificent, compassionate and monumental document embodies emphatic inclusiveness which has been further nurtured by judicial sensitivity when it has developed the concept of golden triangle of fundamental rights.-Ishfaq Ahmad Shah- Posted: 2020/03/12

    Gender Stereotype and Gender Sensitive Content:Media is the fourth pillar of democracy and has immense power to act as the torchbearer of the society. It acts as a mirror of society and reflects the trends and attitude of the society. -Vartik Raj Srivastava- Posted: 2020/03/12

    Significant Economic Presence In Explanation 2A of Section 9(1)(I) of The Income Tax Act, 1961:The Finance Act, 2018 enlarged the scope under the domestic law of the term ‘Business Connection’ to include a new nexus to tax benefit profits of non-residents having Significant Economic Presence -Krishna V.S.- Posted: 2020/03/12

    Insight of Rule of Law:The Rule of Law is measured on multiple factors like Government Powers, Absence of Corruption, Open Government, Fundamental Rights, Order, and Security -Ankit Tiwari- Posted: 2020/03/11

    Constitutional Rights of Senior Citizen And Maintenance And Welfare of Parents And Senior Citizen Act, 2007: An Analysis:Matree devo bhava, Pitree devo bhava-these Sanskrit proverbs rightly reflect and emphasize the importance of parents.-Suravi Ghosh- Posted: 2020/03/11

    History of Law Reporting In India An overview:According to theory of Precedent and the theory of stare decisis, the law pronounced by the Superior Court of the Country is followed by its subordinate Courts.-Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/10

    Judicial Intervention on Religious Matters-A Threat to Secularism?:India being a land of rich cultural heritage, numerous beliefs and various practices, has diverse types of customs and religions being practiced since time immemorial.-Prithvi Ganesh- Posted: 2020/03/10

    Ambit of industrial employment (standing orders) Act 1946:The industrial employment standing orders act is the piece of labour legislation which lays the model standing orders applicable to every industrial establishment under the act.-Divya Narayanan- Posted: 2020/03/9

    Constitutionality of Henry VIII Clause An Overview:Generally any legislature, while delegating its power of law making to the executive does not confers power on the executive to amend or vary the Parent Act. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/03/8

    Trade Union Registration And Immunities Behind It:Trade union in layman’s term means an association of workers. The trade union is based on the principle of union is strength and united we stand divided we fall. -Divya Narayanan- Posted: 2020/03/8

    From Nirbhaya to Disha Act: A Preventive Action or a mere Corrective Approach?: the country was found to be known as one of the world’s most dangerous places for women – with estimates that a woman is raped in the country every fifteen minutes, out of which 99% of the rapes go unreported -Shefali- Posted: 2020/03/8

    The Doctrine of Part Performance:Doctrine of Part Performance is an equitable doctrine and it is incorporated to prevent fraud and from taking illegal advantage on account of non-registration of the document. -Shefali- Posted: 2020/03/8

    Constitutionality of abortion laws in India:The right to control her body, fertility and motherhood choices should be that of a woman alone and nobody else can dictate it to her.-Lisa Coutinho- Posted: 2020/03/8

    Understanding on Rule of Law:As per World Justice Project Rule of Law Index 2019 rule of law adherence in 126 countries, India ranked 68 -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/03/8

    Preamble the Spirit of Constitution of India:The Preamble to Constitution of India is more than just 63 words perfectly arranged and catalogued (in a certain way) in some normative sentences; -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/03/8

    Independence of The Judiciary: A Constitutional Response:The place of Justice is a hallowed place, and therefore not only the Bench, but also the foot space and precincts and purpose thereof ought to be preserved without scandal and corruption -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/03/8

    Decoding Juvenile Justice:The propensity to crime is at its maximum at the age when strength and passions have reached their height ; yet when reason has not acquired sufficient control to master their combined influence. -Shishank Shaw- Posted: 2020/02/29

    #MeToo: A Controversial Social Justice Movement:Women’s testimony has for a long time been given very less recognition in broader social context because of their emotional character and lack of rationality.-Nigam- Posted: 2020/02/29

    Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR):The process by which disputes between the parties are settled or brought to an amicable result without the intervention of Judicial Institution and without any trail is known as Alternative Dispute Resolution ADR.-Khaliqul Azam- Posted: 2020/02/29

    World Rare Disease Day 2020, Are they more common than you think:The World Rare Disease Day is observed every year on the last day of February, It is also known as Orphan Disease. -Trilok Singh- Posted: 2020/02/29

    Role of lawyers and Jurists in Establishment and Functioning of Clinics:The legal education is the basis of an efficient legal profession which is the basis of a well organized and sound judicial system. -Jonah Elisa Shiny- Posted: 2020/02/29

    Comparative Study Of Animals In India and USA With Special Reference To Abandoned Pets And Stray Dogs:In Hindu culture, we are taught that the same soul that is in a human being is the same in all animals. So we have to treat everything equally. -Kriti Kumari Aggarwal- Posted: 2020/02/29

    Robert Vadra Money Laundering Case:CC Thampi a UAE based NRI businessman is associated in the money laundering case of Robert Vadra as stated by the Enforcement Directorate. -Falgu Mukati- Posted: 2020/02/29

    Section 59 of Companies Act, 2013: A Question of Jurisdictions:The term jurisdiction has not been defined in law. It is derived from the latin terms- juris & dicto which means – I speak by the law.-Shubhambudhiraja- Posted: 2020/02/28

    BJP wants NRC to be conducted across India. By ordering it be carried out in Assam, has SC opened a can of worms?:NRC is National Register of Citizens. It is a register which is maintained by the Government of India, and it contains the names and several other relevant information for identification of Indian citizens in Assam.-Falgu Mukati- Posted: 2020/02/28

    General Guidelines With Respect To Sexual Harassment Of Women At Workplace:The POSH Act, 2013 came into the picture after the major shook off which caused due to the change in corporate governance as a result of the changes brought forward in the working of the corporates due to the amendment brought in line with the Companies Act, 2013.-Anubhav Pandey- Posted: 2020/02/28

    Principles Of Natural Justice In The Light Of Administrative Law:Natural justice is an expression of English common law, and involves a procedural requirement of fairness. The principles of natural justice have great significance in the study of Administrative law.-Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2020/02/25

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) puts:The death toll from the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in China crossed 2,000-mark on feb 19, with 136 new deaths, bringing the totals to 74,185, China's health authorities attributed. -Trilok Singh- Posted: 2020/02/23

    Nature of Muslim Marriage Sacrament or Civil Contract: Nikah is an Arabic word or term used for marriage which means union of the series and carries a civil contract for the purpose of legalizing sexual intercourse and legitimate procreation of children.-Khaliqul Azam- Posted: 2020/02/22

    Insolvency and Bankruptcy (Amendment) Ordinance, 2019: A Critique:Since its inception, the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (hereinafter referred to as the Code) has ushered in a new financial culture, which is responsive and vibrant.-Tejaswini Tripathy- Posted: 2020/02/22

    Relevant Date For The Determination of Compensation Payable Under Employees Compensation Act, 1923 Is The Date of The Accident:The Supreme Court reiterated that the relevant date for the determination of compensation along-with interest at the rate of 12% payable under Employees Compensation Act 1923 is the date of the accident.-Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/02/22

    Occupier's Liability In Law Of Tort:Tort liability can take on various different forms depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident. In general, tort liability is associated with monetary awards -Ananya Bhargava- Posted: 2020/02/21

    Mob Lynching: Tainting the Democracy:In the past decades, India has experienced several painful and poignant incidents of Honour Killing, Religious Riots, Kidnapping, Murder etc.-Yashraj Bais- Posted: 2020/02/21

    Crime Against Women Who Is To Be Blamed?:The number has increased by 6 % as compared to 2016. And the heart wrenching fact is that majority of cases were under Cruelty by husband or his relatives. -Anuj kanungo- Posted: 2020/02/21

    Neuroscientific Evidence In Courtroom Symposium:Neuroscience is the study of the nervous system for understanding how the brain regulates the body and behavior of an individual giving rise to his/her consciousness.-Shailja Mishra- Posted: 2020/02/21

    Crime Against Women Who Is To Be Blamed?:s per the national crime record bureau (NCRB) report 2017 around 3,59,849 cases of crime against women reported in the whole country. The number has increased by 6 % as compared to 2016. And the heart wrenching fact is that majority of cases were under ‘Cruelty by husband or his relatives’. -Anuj kanungo- Posted: 2020/02/21

    Comparable Injuries Should Be Compensated By Comparable Awards While Granting Compensation In Motor Accident Cases; Supreme Court:Under Common Law there was no right to claim damages in case of death. Right to claim damages was however always recognized in case of personal injury.-Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/02/20

    Identity Theft: A Modern Crime:dentity thieves make a lot of money a typical headline that we read almost every day. What is the true picture? It’s not where an individual steals an identity but the same individual using identity as a means to steal money -Akanksha Shah- Posted: 2020/02/19

    National Security Act, 1980:This research paper is based on the recent law under which Delhi, India might face a lot of violence and violations of law. -Komal Chhajer- Posted: 2020/02/19

    The Preamble To The Indian Constitution:The term Preamble means a preliminary or introductory statement, especially attached to a statute or constitution setting forth its purpose. -Sannaya Ghandhi- Posted: 2020/02/18

    Medical Professionals Should Not Be Dragged Into Criminal Proceedings Unless Negligence of A High Order Is Shown: SC:In Criminal Appeal No. 770 of 2009 titled Anjana Agnihotri , Vs. State of Haryana, directed against the Judgment dated 23.04.2008 of the Punjab & Haryana High Court -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/02/18

    Defamation:A publication of false and defamatory statement, either written or oral, which tends to harm a person's reputation, decreases the respect, regard or confidence in which a person is held, without any lawful justification, is known as defamation. -Siddharth Sharma- Posted: 2020/02/18

    Stop Acid Attack:Some time ago I was running social media in my phone and I saw a post on Acid Attack when I search that incident was from U.K. After that, when I started doing research, on Acid Attack.-Sanyam Jain- Posted: 2020/02/18

    Medical Professionals Should Not Be Dragged Into Criminal Proceedings Unless Negligence of A High Order Is Shown: SC:Anjana Agnihotri , Vs. State of Haryana, discharging the appellants for having committed offences under Section 304-A Indian Penal Code, 1860 and Section 18-C/27-B of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, was set aside,referring to Judgment in Jacob Mathew Vs. Punjab observed that to prosecute the medical professionals for negligence under criminal law, something more than mere negligence had to be proved. -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/02/18

    Private Placement of Securities in India Under Companies Act, 2013:A Company shall need to raise funds for purpose of setting up of projects or new venture / expansion of the existing business or for funding the working capital requirements.-Parvinder Sharma- Posted: 2020/02/16

    Director Disqualification : The Evil Of Proviso:ecent developments in area of directors disqualifications and subsequent vacancy arises therein. At the very outset, it is important to note that India is having concept of mixed economy whereby which the executive strikes an optimum balance of socialistic and capitalistic features as domination of either of them would negate the contribution of other. -Shubhambudhiraja- Posted: 2020/02/16

    Ridiculous Drafting of Section 311A of CrPc 1973:I was reading up the law on Section 311-A Cr.P.C. (inserted by way of an amendment in 2006 in code criminal procedure 1973) which empowers Magistrates to compel individuals to give handwriting samples.-Hari Mudgil- Posted: 2020/02/16

    Divorce By Mutual Consent:A decree for divorce by mutual consent can be passed and is liable to be passed where the parties seek divorce by mutual consent only by resort to the specific provisions of Section. 13-B and not otherwise.-Adv.Tapan Choudhury- Posted: 2020/02/16

    Growing Indecencies or Obscenity In Cyber World And Legal Regime In India:Obscenity is a global and complex issue because it involves other related issues like decency and morality which varies from society to society.-Kriti Kumari Aggarwal- Posted: 2020/02/16

    The cost of cybercrime damage expected to reach $8 trillion by 2022, FB most affected brand for phishing attempts:The concept of cyber security has itself undergone huge transformation in the wake of 'modern technologies' and increasing influence of 'social medias' such as facebook and twitter etc. It has assumed proportions; external as well as internal threats. -Trilok Singh- Posted: 2020/02/13

    RTE - 71 Years And Still A Distant Dream:The journey of providing Universal Elementary Education Right to Free and Compulsory Education in our country began in the year 1946, during the task of the framing of our Constitution. -Rajesh J- Posted: 2020/02/13

    Use of Judicial Review:Judicial review means the power of the judiciary to pronounce upon the validity of the acts of the public authorities both executive and legislature. -Adv Younis- Posted: 2020/02/13

    RERA: A One-Roof Solution:The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA), 2017 (the Act) is enacted to ensure efficiency and transparency in the real estate sector and provide a speedy redressal mechanism -Rajesh J- Posted: 2020/02/12

    On The Possibilities of a Deconstructive Approach to Jurisprudence:Scholars like Duncan Kennedy, Martti Koskenniemi and Jack Balkin have used deconstruction as a tool for analysing the larger structures at play in the workings of international law and transcendental justice.-Sanjay E- Posted: 2020/02/11

    Role of Mediation In Preventing Divorce Cases In Jabalpur Between 2018-19:There are two ways of solving dispute resolution, one of them is adjudication by a public forum and the other one is adjudication by a private forum. Mediation comes in the second form of dispute resolution. -Yashika Goplani- Posted: 2020/02/10

    Ram's Ayodhya:The day the Government plans to lay the foundation of the temple, it should also announce mega projects as this will create jobs and bring prosperity to the city-Rohit- Posted: 2020/02/10

    Andhra Pradesh Assembly Passes Disha Act-2019:Andhra Pradesh Assembly Unanimously Passes Disha Act-2019. My dear friends in today's article, I will tell you about Andhra Pradesh Assembly Unanimously Passes Disha Act-2019. -Rohit- Posted: 2020/02/10

    Real Estate Regulation and Authority Board (RERA): Real Estate Regulation and Authority Board (RERA), If you encounter any problem reading this article, you comment the same. -Rohit- Posted: 2020/02/8

    Islamic banking: A non-conventional Banking:The main purpose of every religion is to fill the ethical value in its believer that is also about the Islam. Islam considers everyone equal either he is king or a laborer. -Arshi Hayat Gangohi- Posted: 2020/02/8

    #MeToo Movement:In 2006 Tarana Burke a social activist and a community organizer set up a campaign known as „ Metoo campaign‟ against the sexual harassment and sexual abuse particularly those who were of color and belong to underprivileged communities. -Tsering Laskit- Posted: 2020/02/7

    Case Analysis on V. Subramaniam Vs.Rajesh Raghuvandra Rao:A Partnership is formed when two or more people join to carry out a business and share the profits thereof.[1] Indian partnerships are governed under the Indian Partnership Act of 1932 -Renuka Mishra- Posted: 2020/02/6

    Case Comment: State of Kerala v. V D Vincent:The present case is a civil appeal in the High Court of Kerala, by the State of Kerala and its Revenue Officers, against the decision of single bench judge of high Court of Kerala.-Aarya Deshpande- Posted: 2020/02/5

    Nexus Between Law And Morality:In this article, the author examines whether there occurs a role for law in moral matters and traces the interrelation of law and morality through ancient times.-Nehal- Posted: 2020/02/4

    Changing trends after enforcement of SEBI (Investment Advisers) Regulations, 2013:The capital market in India is extensively large and comprises of commercial banks, credit guarantee corporations and insurance companies amongst various other businesses.-Jasleen Kaur- Posted: 2020/02/4

    Sustainable Economic Development And Foreign Investments:Sustainable economic development actually refer to the economic growth with the resources available. It’s the point of equilibrium between the economic needs of a country and the resources available to satisfy them. -Shivani Turlapati- Posted: 2020/02/3

    Critical Analysis of Section-138 of Negotiable Instruments Act:Cheque is a bill of exchange drawn on a specified banker and not expressed to be payable otherwise than on demand and it includes the electronic image of a truncated cheque and a cheque in the electronic form. -Satya Prasanth- Posted: 2020/02/3

    Case Comment: Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd v/s Saw Pipes Ltd:Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.[1] v. Saw Pipes Ltd.[2] is a case in which the Supreme Court delivered a landmark judgement. -Saushthav Guha- Posted: 2020/02/3

    First Information Report And It's Importance In Legal System: The information given to the police officer and reduced into the writing as required by section 154 of CrPC is called as First Information Report.-Suman Raj- Posted: 2020/02/2

    Law and Liberty: An Analysis: The system of rules which a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and which it may enforce by the imposition of penalties. -Saushthav Guha- Posted: 2020/02/2

    Agreement Involving Injury To A Person: Jurisprudential Aspects of Section 23 Of Indian Contract Act, 1872: Businesses and transactions around the globe are based on just a common thing; mutual trust. And in this mutual trust, if anything illegal and unlawful makes way, then such activities get hampered.-Romit Bhattacharjee- Posted: 2020/02/2

    Consent Note, Matrimonial Remedies and the Family Courts: Accentuation of sacred character of marriage in India and positioning of this sacred bond profoundly in social, cultural and religious facets of Indian circumstances -Sourabh Balwani- Posted: 2020/02/2

    Is being an absolutely professional lawyer a peril in India: When an advocate takes an oath before obtaining their license, they promise to help anybody who is in need for legal support. -Trishit Kumar Satpati- Posted: 2020/02/1

    Section: 115BAC – Incentives in Tax rates to Individual and HUF (Proposed): In the Budget 2020 presented on 1st February 2020 by Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman. It has been proposed to provide option to individual and HUF by insertion of section 115BAC -CA Nayan Goyal- Posted: 2020/02/1

    Concept of Natural Justice: The concept of natural justice though not provided in Indian Constitution but it is considered as necessary element for the administration of justice. Natural justice is a concept of common law which has its origin in Jus Natural -Tsering Laskit- Posted: 2020/02/1

    A Synopsis of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir/Babri Masjid Case: India is a unique country which is experiencing rapid advancements but also is known for its diversity. It has so strong influence that people, including the leaders, get themselves-Umamageswari Maruthappan- Posted: 2020/02/1

    How To Select Cases In Scrutiny And Need For The Same: here was a great need and importance of scrutiny selection by department, as all the assesses who file their return do not disclose their true income and mostly understates the income by showing bogus expenses -Pushp Kumar Sahu- Posted: 2020/01/31

    Case Analysis on G.Sekar v/s Geetha: The factual matrix of the present case as provided for before the forum was that one Govind Singh died on 9/1/1996, leaving behind his son and four daughters. -Avishek Mehrota- Posted: 2020/01/30

    Case Analysis: Sarojamma v/s Neelamma:This present case the plaintiff is the 2nd wife of Kuruvathi Basavarajappa who had two sons who are plaintiff number 2 and 3 in this present case. -Soumyadip Ghorai- Posted: 2020/01/29

    The Concept of Possession- its meaning, elements, kinds and modes of acquisition:The institution of property has a crucial relationship with mankind. There are two important rights related to property: possession; and ownership. -Shivangi Saxena- Posted: 2020/01/2

    Case Comment: Lakshminarayan Ram Gopal and Sons v/s Government of Hyderabad:1954. Here two appeals from the judgment and decision of the High Court of judicature of Hyderabad answering questions referred at the instance of the appellants by the Commissioner of Excess profits Tax, Hyderabad in regard to the amounts received by them as remuneration from the Dewan Bahadur Ramgopal Mills Company Ltd. as its agents. -Romit Bhattacharjee- Posted: 2020/01/29

    IBC Ordinance, 2019 – Relief for Prospective Investors:The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (Amendment) Ordinance, 2019 came to an effect on December 28, 2019. It seeks to remove certain ambiguities in the IBC 2016.-Jaya Sharma- Posted: 2020/01/29

    A New Dimension To Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996:There has been lot of changes taking place across the country from decriminalization of adultery to the present citizen ship amendment.-Shivani turlapati- Posted: 2020/01/28

    Rule of Law In India: An Analysis:The term Rule of Law is derived from a French phrase La Principe de Legalite meaning the Principle of legality and referring to a Government based on principles of Law and not men. -Renuka Mishra- Posted: 2020/01/27

    Properties And Rights Which Are Transferable And Which Are Non-Transferable:The Transfer of Property Act (hereinafter mentioned as TOPA, 1882) was enacted in the year 1882 to regulate the process of transferring of property and various other conditions associated with it.-Renuka Mishra- Posted: 2020/01/27

    Corporate laws in India - Exhaustive List:Corporate law is also known as company law or corporate law. It is the potential study that determines how consumers, the community, and the environment interact with one another.-Amol Ghodake- Posted: 2020/01/27

    Indian Constitution: Federal or Unitary:Usually the constitution is either federal or unitary in nature. In a unitary constitution the powers of the government are centralised in one government -Anuj kanungo- Posted: 2020/01/27

    An Analysis of Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2018:The paper specifically discusses about what are the changes in the law and why these changes have brought about. -Soumyadip Ghorai- Posted: 2020/01/26

    Minors As Partners of Firm:Indian Partnership Act, 1932 defines persons as a partner who have agreed to share profits of the business carried on by all are any of them acting for all. -Soumyadip Ghorai- Posted: 2020/01/26

    Saving India's Vibrant Democracy from criminal smudges: A Legislation is justified:Constitutional functionaries who pledge to uphold constitutional framework from the smudges of corruption, tend to disrupt the very ethics when criminalization strikes politics.-Abhishek Iyer- Posted: 2020/01/26

    Case Analysis on Danamma v Amar Singh:The present case is an appeal from the judgment of the High Court who while upholding the decision of the Trial Court, refused to hold the appellants as Coparceners due to being born before the date of the enactment of the Act. The appellants being the two daughters of Mr. Gurulingappa Savadi. -Renuka Mishra- Posted: 2020/01/26

    71st Republic Day:Within few days we Indians are going to celebrate Our 71st Republic day. Republic day celebration is not an ordinary celebration for any country which is republic or has been republic recently -Kartik Srivastava- Posted: 2020/01/24

    Decoding Constitutional Morality in the light of Sabrimala Judgement: Constitutional Morality is a concept or a doctrine, which simply commands the judges to interpret this wide constitution in a moral way subject to the Constitution and not to the public morality.-Aasheer Pandya- Posted: 2020/01/23

    Devastating Effect Of The Domestic Violence Act 2005:Since ages the social status of women has remained pitiful and worrisome. The stance of the society towards feminine gender was not as broad as today. -Neha Karnik- Posted: 2020/01/21

    Section 115BAA: Tax on Income of Certain Domestic Companies:India's economic growth is sitting at a six-year low and the government has taken a series of steps to boost the economy.-Aditi Sisodiya- Posted: 2020/01/21

    Feigning dispute under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code:Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (I & B Code in short) which is a consolidated Act dealing with re-organisation and insolvency of corporate persons, -Ashishjha- Posted: 2020/01/21

    Bailees Duty to Return the Goods under the Indian Contract Act, 1872: Explained:Chapter IX of the Contract Act deals with Sections 148 to Section 171 which pertain to the Contract of Bailment.Section 160 of the Act lays down the duty on part of the bailee to return the bailed goods.[3] Section 161 clarifies the obligations of the bailee if the goods are not returned -Abhinav- Posted: 2020/01/18

    Section 144 of CrPc, 1973 cannot be used to curb non-violent dissent: Supreme Court:In its Judgment in Kashmir Lock Down case, the Supreme Court observed that the power under Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure, 1973 cannot be used as a tool to prevent the legitimate expression of opinion or grievance or exercise of any democratic rights. -Damini Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/01/18

    Section 498A of IPC:According to article 16 of the universal declaration of human rights, marriage means men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. -Greeshma Reddy- Posted: 2020/01/17

    Diversity in Arbitral Tribunals:The words which appear above embrace within them, the multi-millionaire inventor of the World Wide Web, Professor Tim Berners Lee’s ideology,-Jasleen Kaur- Posted: 2020/01/16

    Net Access Is Constitutionally Protected Right; SC:The restriction upon such fundamental rights should be in consonance with the mandate under Article 19 (1)(a) and Article 19 (2) and (6) of the Constitution, inclusive of the test of proportionality. -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/01/16

    How to check abuse of Police Power:Transparency of Action and Accountability perhaps are two possible safeguards which we must insist upon. Attention is also required to be paid to properly develop work culture, training and orientation of the police force consistent with basic human values. -Harshit Sharma- Posted: 2020/01/15

    Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019: Persecuting the Religious Minorities:The amendment to the citizenship act 1955 known as the citizenship amendment act 2019 (CAA) provides that any person belonging to Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi or Christian community from Afghanistan, Pakistan or Bangladesh, who have entered India on or before the 31st of December 2014 shall not be treated as illegal migrant for the purpose of this act.-Tanisha Mishra- Posted: 2020/01/1

    How To File Special Leave Petition (SLP) In The Supreme Court of India:Special Leave Petition (SLP) holds a chief place in the Judiciary of India. Supreme Court has been provided a residual power that is to be exercised only in cases where arises a substantial question of law or gross injustice has been done. -Shubham Mongia- Posted: 2020/01/14

    Vital Constitutional Amendments:The Constitution of India is a principle document that formulates rights, duties and powers of citizens, government and officials. -Shubham Mongia- Posted: 2020/01/14

    Agreement Without Consideration Is Void-Exceptions:Section 2(d) of Indian Contract Act defines consideration as follows -Usha Mudi- Posted: 2020/01/14

    Karnataka Real Estate Appellate Tribunal:The Karnataka Real Estate Appellate Tribunal (KA-REAT) is a tribunal which was formed by the Government of Karnataka under Section 43 of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016. -Jasleen Kaur- Posted: 2020/01/14

    Prison Administration In India: Prison is defined as a place properly arranged and equipped for reception of persons who by legal processes are committed to it for safe custody while awaiting trail or for punishment. -Roshin Iqbal- Posted: 2020/01/14

    Need for Comparative Criminal Law:As Durkheim noted: Comparative sociology is not a special branch of sociology; it is sociology itself. -Harshit Sharma- Posted: 2020/01/13

    North South imbalances in Foreign Trade - Impact on Sovereignty of States:At this point of time a conference is going on in Osmania University on the topic North-South Imbalances: A Global perspectives and Challenges. -Chandra Sekhar Anjuru- Posted: 2020/01/13

    Conditions For A Valid, Void And Viodable Hindu Marriage:Section 5 of Hindu marriage act, 1955 says conditions for a Hindu marriage ; a marriage may be solemnized between any two Hindus -Kamesh.k- Posted: 2020/01/13

    All about Child Support and Spousal Support:If you both have Child, you need to know about Child Support as well. Because after getting a divorce, you have to pay Child Support and Spousal Support at the same time according to court order. -Adam Smith- Posted: 2020/01/12

    157th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda Ji, Happy National Youth Day 2020:Swami Vivekananda is the ultimate youth icon, If we followed him with dedication there would be a new India and a new humanity. -Trilok Singh- Posted: 2020/01/12

    Right of Accused To Be Released on Bail If Investigation Not Completed Within Prescribed Period - Supreme Court:An indefeasible right accrues in favour of the accused for being released on bail if the police fails to complete the probe and no charge-sheet is filed within the period of 90 days or 60 days as the case may be, under Section 167 (2) of Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973. -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/01/12

    Sale of Property Through Power of Attorney Not Valid; Supreme Court: Suraj Lamp & Industries Pvt. Ltd. v/s Haryana, after interpreting various provisions of the law concerning Property Sales, held that the sale of immovable property through Sale Agreement, Will, General Power of Attorney is not valid. -Damini Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/01/12

    Housing Rights of Lepers:- A Disgruntled Indian Legal Pledge:leprosy is not a disease of the poor, yet it affects poor to a much greater extent because of their social and economic vulnerability. -Dushyant Mainali- Posted: 2020/01/11

    What Are The Grounds To Impose Restrictions Under Section 144 Cr. P. C:Section 144 of Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 gives power to a District Magistrate, a Sub - Divisional Magistrate or any other Executive Magistrate -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/01/10

    LGBT Rights:Gone are the days of movements around the world where we had to hustle around the bustling streets to fight for equal rights of the LGBT community, but it is most disheartening that even though we live at a time where their rights are legalised, they are still subjected to discrimination. -TS Sneha- Posted: 2020/01/9

    Environmental Degradation A Burning Global Issue:his Research Paper describes the present day situation in India with respect to environmental problems. According to the Researcher India's environment, natural or man-made, is in poor shape and still deteriorating. -Dr.Surendra C. Sapale- Posted: 2020/01/8

    Industrial Revolution of India and Labour Policy: Labour rights or workers' rights are a group of legal rights and claimed human rights having to do with labour relations between workers and their employers, usually obtained under labour and employment law. -Dr.Surendra C. Sapale- Posted: 2020/01/8

    Evaluation of Bio-Medical Waste Management In Government Hospital-A Critical Study:It has been a growing awareness of the need for safe management of biomedical and healthcare waste all over the world. Biomedical waste and Healthcare wastes which pose the greatest risk to human health are infectious waste (or biomedical waste) which constitutes 15 – 25 percent of total healthcare waste. -Dr.Surendra C. Sapale- Posted: 2020/01/8

    Child Rights and the Constitution: Here, we will look into various legislations, other statutes, rules, regulations and laws in place regarding child rights and also look into the problems faced by children and the solutions to it -TS Sneha- Posted: 2020/01/7

    Review Petition v/s. Curative Petition v/s. Mercy Petition With Special Reference To Nirbhaya Case:In India, a binding decision of the Supreme Court/High Court can be reviewed in a review petition. A review petition cane be filed by the parties aggrieved by the decisions of Supreme Court.-Shubham Mongia- Posted: 2020/01/7

    Owner's Risk Clause Will Not Exempt Hotel From Liability For Theft of A Vehicle Given For Valet Parking: SC:Supreme Court of India in a recent Judgment titled Taj Mahal Hotel Vs United India Insurance Company Ltd. held that in a case of theft of a Vehicle given for Valet Parking, the Hotel cannot claim exemption from liability by arguing it was due to acts of third parties beyond their control, or that they are protected by an Owner's Risk clause -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/01/7

    The Hierarchy of Judges In District Courts:Being the largest democracy in the world with a population of 1.2 billion, and a population as varied as Indian and yet having a single integrated system of judiciary is an achievement.-Aakriti Srivastava- Posted: 2020/01/6

    Previous Sanctions To Prosecute Corrupt Sarkari Babus - Section 19 of Prevision of Corruption Act, 1988:Corruption causes considerable damage to the economy of the nation. The roots of corruption are so deep that it is an uphill task to eradicate them.-Aniket Tanwar- Posted: 2020/01/6

    Conflicts of Dual Judicature: Trial of Raja Nand Kumar:The case of Nand Kumar stands in a class by itself. It brings out the conflicts between Warren Hastings and the majority in the council on the hand -Surbhi Narang- Posted: 2020/01/6

    A brief analysis of Anticipatory Bail under Section 438 of The Code of Criminal Procedure 1973:Law can be broadly categorized into two types, substantive and procedural law. Substantive law defines how the facts in the case will be handled, as well as how the crime is to be charged.-Vanshika Sharma- Posted: 2020/01/6

    The Politics of Defection:The members of the Legislative Assembly indulged in multiple floor crossings which earned them the epithet, Aaya Ram Gaya Ram (I have come, I have gone). Defections have not been something new to the working of the Indian democracy. -Devansh Sharma- Posted: 2020/01/5

    Constitutionality of Pre-bail conditions provided in PMLA, 2002:Money laundering refers to the act of conversion of illegally obtained money and presenting it in such a manner that it appears to be obtained from a legitimate source. -Devansh Sharma- Posted: 2020/01/4

    Consumer Fora have Jurisdiction to decide the legality of Statutory Fees; Supreme Court:Three Judges Bench comprising Honble Mr. Justice V. Ramana, Honble Mr. Justice Mohan M. Shantanagoudar & Honble Mr. Justice Ajay Rastogi while deciding Punjab Urban Development Authority Vs Ram Singh, over-ruled the Judgment in HUDA Vs Sunita -Damini Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/01/4

    Citizenship Amendment Bill-2019 And Legal Consequence in India:The act says the person become a Indian citizen he/she must fulfil the conditions 1.By Birth(section-3) 2.By Registration(section-5) 3.By Naturalization(section-6). But, the citizenship amendment act, 2019 providing for citizenship only sex religion. Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi and Christians only mentioning the bill. -Kamesh.k- Posted: 2020/01/4

    Why do we need Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019:Why do we need this Bill today? After independence, if Congress had not done partition on the basis of religion, then, today we would have not needed this Bill. Congress did partition on the basis of religion- Home Minister Shri Amit Shah on Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019 in Lok Sabha on 9th Dec, 2019 -Anirban Ganguly- Posted: 2020/01/4

    Blazing issues of CAA and NRC:According to the CAA, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh and Parsi migrants who have illegally entered India i.e. without visa on or before December 31, 2014 from the Muslim- majority countries of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh and also they have stayed in the country for five years are eligible for applying Indian citizenship.-Shubham Mongia- Posted: 2020/01/3

    Policy Decisions Of The State Are Not To Be Disturbed/Interfered With Unless They Are Found To Be Grossly Arbitrary Or Irrational:Policy Decisions of the State are not to be disturbed/interfered with unless they are found to be grossly arbitrary or irrational; Supreme Court -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2020/01/3

    The Story of First Law Minister of Pakistan who Died as a Refugee:All of us know that the first Law Minister of India was a Dalit but do we also know that the first law minister of Pakistan was also at Dalit. -Adv.Tapan Choudhury- Posted: 2020/01/3

    Persecuted refugee and the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019:CAA is about giving citizenship to persecuted refugees & not about taking anyone’s citizenship away– Persecuted refugee and the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 -N Pradhan- Posted: 2020/01/1

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