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Author Topic: About the validity of candidature in rgglv  (Read 2425 times)

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About the validity of candidature in rgglv
« on: March 11, 2013, 09:38:32 AM »
I have applied for Rajib Gandhi Gramin LPG Vitarak on 15.03.2012 of HP oil company. To be eligible for the dealership one should has (i) Rs 2 Lakh in Savings Bank Account as on the date of application and(ii) Clear ownership of a suitable land at the proposed area. Before I applied for the dealership I had bought a land at the proposed area. After one and a half month of application I returned the land through registered sale deed to the seller, my cousine. Before returning the title of the land he gave me a notarized affidavit, where he declares that he is bound to provide me the land at once I require the same. and that in the meantime I shall have the hold on the land, and the entire procedure was done to rectify the errors in the initial sale-deed.  Now, I have been selected for the dealership through a draw of lots on 25.02.2013 . Now I have taken back the same plot once again on 04.03.2013 . Now if I can provide all necessary documents of the same land(i,e. clear ownership) during the field verification of the said company,does the terms of eligibility affects anyway?  Land related clauses are as follows:

3.9.  Should own a suitable land (plot) of minimum 20 meter X 24 meter in the
identified location for construction of LPG cylinder Storage Go-down.

Own means having clear ownership title of the property in the name of
applicant / family member of the ‘Family Unit’ as defined in multiple
distributorship norm. In case of family member, consent letter from the
family member will be required. "

Land for construction of Godown will be suitable, if it is freely accessible
through all weather motorable approach road and should be plain, in
one contiguous plot, free from overhead power transmission or telephone
lines. Pipelines / Canals / Drainage / Nallahs / Public Roads should not
pass through the plot."
3.8 Fulfill Multiple dealership/distributorship norm
Multiple Dealer/Distributorship norms means that none of the individuals
would be entitled to a new dealership/distributorship if any other
individual in a ‘Family Unit’ already holds a dealership/distributorship or
LOI for a dealership/distributorship of a PSU oil company i.e Only one
Retail Outlet / SKO-LDO dealership / LPG distributorship of PSU oil
company will be allowed to a ‘Family Unit’.

Family Unit in case of married person/ applicant, shall consist of individual
concerned, his/her Spouse and their unmarried son(s)/daughter(s). In
case of unmarried person/ applicant, ‘Family Unit’ shall consist of
individual concerned, his/her parents and his/her unmarried brother(s)
and unmarried sister(s).

Now my query is whether eligibility criteria effects anyway? Has the notarized affidavit have any legal validity.
Please answer early to ease my tension. 

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About the validity of candidature in rgglv
« on: March 11, 2013, 09:38:32 AM »


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