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Author Topic: Need Very Urgent Help In Very Technical Problem And Tough Time In Property Relat  (Read 1613 times)

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Respected Sir,
            Actually i am trapped in very very big trouble, related to property matter, very dramatically, no one will going to believe me, but its true and each word is true,
   My brother and mother lives in America from the last 10 years and have green card, he was in love with a Indian girl born in America from the last 5 years, they got married last year here in india, both families came from America to complete marriage ceremony. From the girl side her (father, mother,brother, brother’s wife, her taiya and chaha came from America in the marriage ceremony )
 They lived here here in india for 25 days, and girl and my brother went back.
I was very upset from my life due to my family problem, my bhabhi’s father and her brother along with her mama instigated me that they can get me in America, they can arrange visa for me, but i have to spend 45 lakhs, but i refused that i have not that much amount, somehow they played with my emotions and controlled my mind, and i arrange somehow my all savings of 15 lakhs and gave to them, they said ok no problem other amount you will have to pay when you will enter in America, and you have to pay that amount in instalment after working there. I agreed with them , they told me not to tell anyone about this in your family not even your brother, we will surprise them about your arrival in America, then they all went back to America, and then after 2 months they told me that i have to arrange balance amount to get visa, i spoke with them you told me other amount i have to pay after my entrance in America, then they told me no you have to arrange balance amount otherwise you will have to lose your 15 lakhs which you gave us, we have forwarded that amount to some agent who is doing all the work for you. I was very very upset, because i lost my all savings and even didnot talked on this matter in my family. I told them i have no any money now, please understand me, then they again played with my mind and told me that they will arrange money on my behalf and will give that money in American to agent, but i have to give my property to them , i had no any other solution, either give my property to them or i have to lose my 15 lakhs , i agreed with this hope i will be in America soon, i made two sale deeds of my two properties under their daughter’s name (my brother’s wife) my bhabhi, as they told me and my bhabhi’s mama told me,  and when i was doing sale deed , my grandfather stood in the place of my bhabhi. (that was sale deed) and that sale deed these lines was written i received the sales amount in cash.  (and in that sale deeds no any words were written that i am making sale deed under my bhabhi’s name or she is living in America, only wittenn that name of my bhabhi, w/o my brother’s name s/o my father name  and resident of our Indian house address) and other side my name s/o my father name s/o my grandfather name r/o of my other Indian house address.
              Then after many months , and their again and again excuses, i was very fed up, and very mentally upset because i lost my properties, i lost my 15 lakhs, and nobody knows about it , not even my own family members, i was under very very depression, and i did not got any visa, they did fraud with me and played with my emotions, they i gave threats to my brother’s father in law that i will complaint in police and gave threat to her mama i will do complaint in police here in india, he was a government employee in electricity department (J.E) he and my brothers’ father in law told me not  to worry we will give back your property to you, just follow our instructions, i was in very hurry to get back my properties, then after 10 month’s sale deed i made, they called my bhabhi from America, and she came from America in her’s mama’s house , and her mama prepared  all the sale deed’s papers in the tehsil , he told me just come at this time directly in the tehsil and your bhabhi will made a sale deed in your grandfather’s name i agreed, my grandfather is 86 year old , cannot understand everything, i was witness in that sale deed and that girl (as my bhabhi’s mama told me) made a sale deed under my grandfather ‘s name, but when we went to tehsil complex, i met that girl but she did seems my bhabhi, i told her mama , but he told me no no she is, , she have changed her hair cut  and you only met once to her in the marriage, you forget her, (because i only met 1 time to my bhabhi in the marriage, after marriage my bhabhi and my brother went to honey moon and then directly to America)
              i was to depressed and was in very much hurry to get back my property, i did not inquire everything just i had in my mind one thing just to get back my property, then they went back after making sale deed then again come after 5 days to make second sale deed under my grandfather name and same thing happed they came directly to tehsil complex and called us directly to tehsil complex.
            Then my both properties once again come back to me under my grandfather name. And my bhabhi, her mama (living in india), her one chaha (living in india), her father, mother, brother promised me over the phone they will soon give back my 15 lakhs to me. But after 3-4 months passed they refused to give my money, and openly gave threat to me that they will complain against me and my grandfather that i did fraud with them , with there property which they purchased from me, because that girl was not my bhabhi, she did not even come to india to make any sale deed, that girl her mama arranged, and they made a complaint in the NRI police station from America, then i talked to my brother , mother and father in America, and told them my all problem and what happened in the last 9-10 months, that father in law of my brother, mama, chaha instigated me, won my trust , and told me that donot tell anyone about your America visa we will surprise your brother and father mother in America, when you will ring a door bell of your famliy’s hosue in America, and this way they cheated me, and now made a complaint against us here india, then a very big surprise again came again, my brother told that , that girl cheated them also, she won their trust and they brought 2 hosues in America under her name too. And now she filed divorce case in America and living separately from my brother from the last 7 months.
            Now sir, suggest me what i do, how i save my properties, how i save myself and my grandfather from the 420 case, which we did accidently to get back our lost properties.  what type of case i file to cancel/challange  both the registries , what i do, i consulted  many lawyers, but all told me you will in criminal case now, nobody will going to believe you. But this is true word by word.  I am in very bad situation now, police is calling me to police station , but i just gave them time that i am out of station will come back next week. But its already 3 weeks passed now, no any lawyer suggest me what i do now, all shows hopeless views now, How i can get my property back please help,..  I lives in Punjab.


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