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Author Topic: here is a List of Copyright concerns when creating a web site  (Read 1619 times)

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here is a List of Copyright concerns when creating a web site
« on: August 10, 2013, 08:13:22 PM »
One is guilty of copyright infringement if one violates one of the following exclusive rights given to copyright owners under the Indian Copyright Act.

Included in those rights are the
1) right to prevent others from reproducing (or copying) a work,
2)  publicly displaying a work,
3) or distributing a work.

As a result, webmasters or website owners should take care not to copy the work of others. Even an ISP  or Your host can also be found liable for copyright infringement even when they are not directly engaged in the copying of protected materials.

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Re: here is a List of Copyright concerns when creating a web site
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2013, 08:20:05 PM »
o   Licensed images from the Internet.
Some images, such as The google's "Crome" logo, may be copied, but only if the would-be copyist accepts the stipulations of a right defining the allowable uses of the statue. Often such licenses procure that the copyist cannot change the coming of the statue in any way, and may use the statue as a bond only to certain designated sites.

o   Cut-art Libraries Provided with Software.
 Other sources of licensed images contain cut-art files, such as those provided with Claris Abode Boy-servant, Microsoft Forehead Boy-servant, and Adobe PageMill software. Incorporating cut-art from these libraries into a boy-servant does not injure copyright law, as these images are licensed to the buyer of the software for this drift. To be shy of bounden duty, however, a webmaster must be anxious to obey the stipulations of all adjustable right agreements. For impulse, the right may not allow a user to change the images in any indicative way.

o   Absolute Images Off the Internet.
 Some web sites procure images that are for use by others. These images may be used in a web boy-servant, as lengthy as the stipulations proposed by the statue originator are followed. Typically, these sites only exact that some stamp of reliance is given to the author, including a bond back to the author's website. However, there scraps the potentiality that the images were misappropriated at some sharp end and were not primary creations of the alleged author. In these cases, use of the images may break through the copyright rights of the primary author.

   Developing body for a web boy-servant.
 The guidelines for body disclosure are like to those for obtaining images. Truly primary body, developed by the originator of the web-website, may be used without copyright concerns. As with images, appropriating body from third-parties without consent is unlawful, unless there is some actual "unspotted use" defence for the taking. Use of third-clique body pursuant to a right agreement should tread on the heels of the stipulations of the right agreement. As for common dominion works, one should never assume a act is in the "common dominion" without absolute inquisition.

   Developing website programming, JavaScripts, and asp scripts.
 Like body and pictures, it is normally a interruption of copyright law to appropriate scripting or programming from someone else without consent. Many parties have made their scripts and applets available for use by the common. In these cases, use is allowed as lengthy as any requirements set forth by the programmer are followed.
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