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Author Topic: please help me.  (Read 2389 times)

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please help me.
« on: August 21, 2013, 08:45:22 AM »
Hi all,
I got married last year march. Its an arranged marriage. Once i went to my hubby home, my mother in law and sister in law got all jewels and kept with them saying as safety. I too gave them. Later they started demanding for more jewels for them to wear. They were asking for more home appliances. I told my dad to buy and give. My parents also accepted. But meanwhile my in laws gave me more pressure and torture urging me to get even property share from my home. My parents living in that house so they cant give and go to streets.  So i refused. I told my husband about what they ask for and how they torture. But he just ask me to do what they ask for. Lot of physical mental tortures and verbal abuse. They started to create fight between me and my hubby. To save marriage life i compelled my husb for separate home next to his street. He too accepted after a month separation. I thought hereaft no prob will be there. But my husb started listening to their words. He beats me scratch my vein and throw things on me. I gave my salary thinking that this would be the cause for all tortures.  That day he was happy and next day started stories that he need huge sum for his business. By then only i came to know that he quit his job in tcs. I used my salary for food rent and other expense. I got conceived in august so i told him that i am gong to quit job until 2 years. He sent me out of the house saying that he cant spend for me and medical expense. My parents relatives went to his home to talk with him but his parents relatives ended it into a clash. His mom scratched her hand with key tore her dress and gave compliant on my brother that he cut her hand with big knife. After investigation police found the truth from their neighbours and cancelled all cases on my broth and just put 75 case. We took out my broth after 2 days on bail. My broth without any enemity talked with him to live with me but no use. So we lodged complaint. Police arranged counselling for him and told that fault is on his parents. Warned him not to torture again and his parents not to interfere. After a month we started to live again. Wen i am 5 month preg all started a big fight and sent me out by nigh 1. My parents informed same inspector and took me home. Next in station my hubby said that they cant spend for rent and medical so asked me to stay in my mom home till delivery. In station they scolded him badly for his behaviour. He earn a lot in his business but his parents not allowing him to spend for me as they dint get property.  After 2 days he accepted for a separate home near my mom home for my safety. My dad saw a new house gave advance rent and shifted all things. But my husb refused to come as his mom threatened that she will commit suicide. Again he went to station saying the same story. We went for compromise saying that we will live together after baby born. Baby boy born in april. For a month he came only four times to see baby. During naming function his parents again started about property or else they wont allow his son to live with me. They threatened that they ll kill me and baby f i come back to their home.After then he stopped visiting baby. Now 2 days back he is calling me back but his parents threatening me. I am scared to go that they ll do something to my baby. But my husb is threatening me that he will get baby back f i dont come. He is saying that he will spoil my life. I want to live to save my marriage. I forgive all his tortures and want to live happily with baby. I am scared that he will take my baby away. What shall i do? I dont know what to do. Will he go for divorce. Will they give him divorce leaving me and my baby suffering. Please help

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Re: please help me.
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2013, 03:10:41 AM »
you should approach caw cell, there after file under DV act 2005.
once you have done so let us know in this law forum we will guide u for the next step

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Re: please help me.
« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2013, 11:55:27 PM »
Thanks for ur reply karthik sir. My husb told tht he ll come by sept 9 to call me back home. On sept 9 i should come if not i ll meet the consequence. Shall i wait till sept 9 or approach caw cell now itself. I am residing in chennai. Can you please guide me where is caw cell? 

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Re: please help me.
« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2013, 11:55:27 PM »


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