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Author Topic: I need really help in this issue, require some one expertís advice. Please help  (Read 1669 times)

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Hello sir/madam

This is a very serious issue for me and my family and I really need help for this. I need advices from someone having good knowledge legally, which can help me and my family to solve this issue. Bellow I described the complete incident.

The incident happen around 10 years back. My father doing a business (gold manufacturer) and he had a provider who supply works. The work was going well for 1 year but after sometime the provider started claiming he suppose to get more gold from my father. And after a year account calculation the guy claimed he will get near about 800 gram of gold from my father where my father deliver all gold he got from this provider. My father is really honest, hardworking man and he is a well known respected person here, all I know my father never can cheat. He make many peopleís life itís a long story so I want to write down in short. But my father is not very well educated so this all like a created thing or changes in account or may be any time my father deliver something to them but forget to put that note.

So in the end they claimed they owe around 800 gram gold from my father and as my father had no proper documents/accounts he has nothing to proof he is innocent so he kept quiet and started to clear his debt to this guy. But as you know 800gm gold is a lots of money. Also to mention in their business there have no proper accounts like proper bills etc, just notes putted on diary to calculate all these.
So this thing keep on for 10-8 years and the guy keep pressuring my father. We all knows this buy is a cheat man, he did this same thing earlier with another two person and everyone knows about that. And at the end around 6 month back my father committed suicide, somehow we recover him from a very critical condition, any one at his place shouldnít alive.

When he was in hospital police came to investigate but we didnít say anything and kept quite as no one want to take a legal mess also we thought after this incident that guy will stop. So he recover and spent around 6 month after he return from hospital but still now he is in rest and not completely healthy person.
When my father was in hospital and almost everyone knows about that, that guy of anyone of them never came to check how was he, it was like they all scared. But as time passed by this guy again started the same thing and trying to put pressure. Also my father is now a retired person and he has no ability to work anymore.

So please suggest what legal steps we can take. I have all documentation of hospital, which is enough to proof that my father committed suicide and it was a major suicide attempt, not a showoff. He was 10 days in complete ventilation and one math in hospital before release.

Thanks in advance


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